Global Mobile Data Monitoring Market

Global Mobile Data Monitoring Market






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    Global Mobile Data Monitoring Market Global Mobile Data Monitoring Market Presentation Transcript

    • Frost & Sullivan: Expansive Increase of Smartphone Use Creates a Need for Mobile Data Monitoring Solutions Research PREVIEW for the Global Mobile Data Monitoring Market
    • Executive Summary • Data traffic is expected to continue to increase exponentially in the next five to 10 years because of the growing adoption of smartphones globally. • The growth of data traffic is expected to continue putting a tremendous strain on the communications providers’ network and information management systems. • In 2013, the global mobile data monitoring market witnessed a healthy growth rate of 23.4 percent over 2011, and is expected to have a growth rate of 22.4 percent and generate a revenue of $312.4 million in 2013. According Frost & Sullivan’s research, the market is expected to reach 1,103.4 million in 2020 growing at CAGR of 19.8 percent from 2013 to 2020. • In addition to growing smartphone adoption, OTT applications are contributing to the growing demand for mobile data monitoring solutions as the need to achieve end-to- end monitoring to see a realistic picture of what end user is experiencing is on the rise. This trend is expected to continue increasing in the next 5 to 10 years. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
    • Executive Summary • As global population continues to grow, combined with the trend of urban migration, most cities will become connected smart cities. This trend of physical translation into the digital world will generate vast amounts of data. • This study provides insight into the global mobile data monitoring market. • There is increasing demand for mobile data monitoring solutions globally, due to the explosion of mobile data usage. Mobile data monitoring solutions were identified as a critical tool to improve overall mobile data performance and customer experience. Service providers (SPs) use this tool to monitor and analyze mobile data and optimize the performance of their network. • The mobile data monitoring solutions covered in this study include the performance of 2G, 2.5G, 3G, and 4G telecommunications and the networks of GSM/GPRS, CDMA, and LTE. These solutions optimize and improve efficiency by analyzing data in detail. Mobile monitoring solutions include 2G, 2.5G, 3G, and 4G, while network monitoring solution includes GSM/GPRS, CDMA, and LTE. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
    • Executive Summary (continued) • The mobile data monitoring market is segmented into hardware and software solutions. Participants compete on the basis of quality, reliability, technology development, performance, and distribution channels. • The Tier I companies in the market include Alcatel-Lucent, Anritsu, Compuware Corporation, Ericsson, InfoVista S.A., Nokia Siemens Networks, and Tektronix Communications. Tier II vendors include Astellia, Empirix, JDSU, EXFO, NetScout, Polystar, RADCOM Ltd., and so on. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
    • Executive Summary—Market Engineering Measurements Market Stage Growth Market Revenue $312.4 (2013) Market Size for Last Year of Study Period $1,103.4 M (2020) Base Year Market Growth Rate 23.4% Compound Annual Growth Rate 19.8% (CAGR, 2013–2020) Stable IncreasingDecreasing Note: All figures are rounded. The base year is 2013. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. Total Mobile Data Monitoring Market: Global, 2013 Market Overview
    • 6NC23-30 The Last Word
    • The Last Word 2 Communications SP must invest into mobile data monitoring solutions in order to ensure positive end-user experience and prevent customer churn. 3 VoLTE adoption will continue creating opportunities for mobile data monitoring vendors. 1 Increasing smartphone adoptions, Big Data, OTT applications and LTE deployments are expected to offer tremendous opportunities for mobile data monitoring equipment vendors. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
    • Details of the Full Analysis
    • The Full Analysis Features the Following Content Section Slide Numbers Executive Summary 4 Market Overview 10 Total Mobile Data Monitoring Market — • External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints 22 • Forecasts and Trends 36 • Market Share and Competitive Analysis 47 The Last Word 51 Appendix 54 Decision Support Database 61
    • Market Overview—Key Questions This Study Will Answer Is the market growing? How long will it continue to grow and at what rate? Does the global mobile data monitoring market present future opportunities to vendors? What are the key drivers and restraints that will affect this market during the forecast period? What are the technology trends in the global mobile data monitoring market? Do the existing mobile data monitoring solutions meeting customer needs? Which are the companies to watch for in the global mobile data monitoring market space? Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
    • Additional Sources of Information on the Mobile Data Monitoring Market Source: Frost & Sullivan research. • Analysis of the Global Customer Experience Monitoring Market • World Wireless Protocol Analyzers and Network Monitoring Systems Market
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