GIL 2014 Latin America - The World Moves Fast and Data is Driving - Big Data & Analytics


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  • Padrao big data – template da Frost -
  • principaiscaracterística de Big Data: volume, variedade e velocidade dos dados (Definicionoficial de Frost)Volume:10 connected devices per house by 20205 connected devices per user by 20205 billion internet users by 2020Variety:Smartphones and tablets increasing data accessM2M, RFID, smart devices4G, video call, streaming, Wi-FiVelocity:Real time analysisPro-active strategyCapitalize on new opportunitiesValue:Big Data is positioned to revolutionize many industries. Companies are sitting on a gold mine of information, however, few have been able to leverage it. Big Data allows individuals to make real-time decisions based on analytics model that take into account all this data
  • GIL 2014 Latin America - The World Moves Fast and Data is Driving - Big Data & Analytics

    1. 1. “THE WORLD MOVES FAST, AND DATA IS DRIVING: BIG DATA AND ANALYTICS’’ Cristiano Zaroni Managing Director Frost & Sullivan Latin America
    2. 2.  “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Peter Drucker 2
    3. 3. What is Big Data & Analytics ? Big Data & Analytics (BDA) represents the ability to extract, store, transform and analyze a massive amount of structured and unstructured data, enhancing decision making through predictive modeling and (semi) autonomous response HIPPO-trap 3
    4. 4. Connected World: Over 80 billion devices will be Connected in Future 10 Connected Devices for Every Household by 2020 190Mn Pay TV In India LatAm= 1.3 Billion Devices 10 Connected Devices for Every Household by 2020 5 connected devices for China 877Mn every user by 2020 Internet Users 800Mn Internet Users in Africa China = 5.1 Billion Devices Connected World 5 billion internet users by 80 billion Devices 2020 by 2020 5 connected devices for every user by 2020 5 billion internet users by 2020 IPv6 500 devices with unique digital IDs (Internet of things) per square kilometre by 2020 1 Geopbyte = 15267 6504600 2283229 4012496 7031205 376 bytes 4 4
    5. 5. Challenges of this new World - Personal Information Awareness - Give up privacy for convenience – PDA 2.0 - Digital archive of your entire life - Who controls what ? - 3rd Power – forget media, this can monitor and influence you instantaneously - Digitalization of relationships – between individuals, families, institutions and countries 5
    6. 6. Volume Variety Velocity Source: Frost & Sullivan 6
    7. 7. The race has already started: uncovering Big Data Source: Frost & Sullivan, Google 7
    8. 8. Understanding data as a survivial act: Online businesses were born on a data-driven environment Source: WSJ, Yahoo FInance 8
    9. 9. Are you lost? LOST ? 9
    10. 10. Taking your 5 first steps into Big Data & Analytics 1 You don´t need to implement BDA in your entire company at once. Pick a department , select a small group of data-friendly executives to oversee the experiment … and just do it 2 Brainstorm with your team – what is the problem you are trying to solve and what process should be targeted (BDA is not only about customer info – it can be applied to manufacturing, maintenance, inventory management…) 3 Experiment. Do a Proof of Concept (POC) and measure the results. Share the insights with your staff and other departments – what are the initial assumptions ? Is this a process that can be replicated in other areas ? 4 Interaction with people from the outside is also essential– they will have different perspective and will allow you to refine/reconstruct the problem AND the analysis 5 Embrace BDA immediately – there is a significant learning curve and you cannot wait to long to benefit from it. Your competitor might be already doing something :-) 10
    11. 11. “Computers are useless. They can only give you answers” Pablo Picasso 11
    12. 12. Q&A Cristiano Zaroni Latin America Managing Director (55) 11 3065-8424 12