GIL 2013: Silicon Valley - Smart Cities Solutions Think Tanks


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GIL 2013: Silicon Valley - Smart Cities Solutions Think Tanks

  1. 1. The Journey to Visionary InnovationFive thousand strong and growing, weare the melting pot of innovation fromaround the world. Our community is focusedon leveraging innovation as a resource to helpshape a better future for our world, and forthe growth of our companies and careers.Join us, and be a part of what makes GIL sospecial: its participants!Smart Cities SolutionsThinkTanksThese sessions will frame the platforms and technologiesthat are coming to the forefront to enable the SmartCity, and allow it to move from concept to reality.Attendees will receive highlights of game changingtechnologies, including:n Insight into how the smart grid is an intrinsic elementof the Smart Cityn A guide to where the interactivity with other citysupport services come into play: health and wellness?Security? Traffic? Waste and resources? Water?n A clear understanding of why the "city as a customer"is an important factor in making the solution a successn Ways to avoid the pitfalls that some suppliers have facedin recent yearsn How many systems need to interact before a city canbe truly considered "smart"?Join Frost & Sullivan and the global community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership forgil-events.gilcommunity.comThe Journey to Visionary Innovation
  2. 2. Past Participant ProfileVice President / Director 80%C-Level / President 15%Other 5%Roberta GamblePartner, Energy and EnvironmentFrost & SullivanMiki CaleroChief Security OfficerCity of ColumbusRandy Frazier, Jr.Vice President and CIO,Information TechnologyMetropolitan Transit Authority ofHarris County,TexasHoustonMozhi HabibiStrategy Manager,Energy & Utilities IndustryIBMPeterTorrellasChief Technology OfficerSiemens Mobility & LogisticsThe sessions will feature key industry insight from:Who You Will Meet:Additional insight to gain from the Smart Cities SolutionsThinkTanks:n Lessons learned by the cities and utilities: understand what they would have done differently, how they recommend avoidingpitfalls and how their outcomes are aligning with their initial intentn Insight into what makes a city decide to go down this path – competitiveness for new businesses? Improving the bottom line?Increasing overall quality of life?n Thought processes that compel a city to make an evolutionary – and sometimes radical – change to a "smart" cityn Effective ways to sell to an entire city: suppliers will bring their perspective on the suite of solutions and approach and discussindustry best practicesGROWTH TEAM MEMBERSHIP TMGROWTH MBERSHIP TMFrost & Sullivan’s covers a range of global Energy and Environment themes, including:Market GlobalizationEnergy and EvironmentCarbon Reduction and Renewables Smart GridPower GenerationContact: Britni Myers | P: 210.477.8481 | E: