Big Data Analytics and its Future Prospect


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Information procurement is gradually becoming very critical in businesses for the extraction of values from various data sources such as mobile devices, Web, automated sensory technologies, RFID, social networking websites, and so on. Big Data platforms can help organizations achieve these requirements.

Why You Should Attend:
- Recognize the security issues hindering Big Data adoption.
- Understand the key trends in the industry.
- Identify various opportunities available for software vendors and application developers across industries.
- Discover new opportunities of technology convergence.
- Learn about investment opportunities in the Big Data space.

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Big Data Analytics and its Future Prospect

  1. 1. Big Data Analytics and its Future ProspectsBig Data Analytics and its Future Prospects Convergence and its role in managing data effectively across industriesConvergence and its role in managing data effectively across industries Swapnadeep Nayak Sr. Research Analyst Technical Insights - ICTTechnical Insights - ICT 26-09-2013 © 2013 Frost & Sullivan. All rights reserved. This document contains highly confidential information and is the sole property of Frost & Sullivan. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, copied or otherwise reproduced without the written approval of Frost & Sullivan.
  2. 2. Functional Expertise Experienced research and consulting professional in information and communication technology domain. Specific functional expertise in: - Analyzing and tracking recent technology developments in ICT across the globe - Providing strategic recommendations on marketing strategy, market feasibility and competitor profiling - Proposal writing, Client presentations - Strategic support to the sales team - Analyzing Case Studies on marketing and technical topics Industry Expertise - Diverse experience base in various information and communication technology markets including: • Enterprise communications and infrastructure, mobile and wireless communication, network security with specific emphasis on projects on technology/ R&D management, funding analysis and roadmapping SWAPNADEEP NAYAK 2 specific emphasis on projects on technology/ R&D management, funding analysis and roadmapping What I bring to the Team - In depth understanding of both technology and management - Extensive client interaction skill while working on research and consulting projects - Teamwork & team management skills Career Highlights Prior to Frost & Sullivan, market research experience with Ensine Knowledge Systems Pvt. Ltd Market research and product promotion experience with Philips Electronics India Ltd. as part of internship Software and website development experience through freelance and academic projects Education Master of Business Administration specialised in Marketing and System from West Bengal University of Technology (Kolkata, India) B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from West Bengal University of Technology (Kolkata, India) Swapnadeep Nayak Sr. Research Analyst Technical Insights Information and Communication Technologies swapnadeepnayak @ Frost & Sullivan South Asia Kolkata India
  3. 3. Focus Points Agenda • Why is Big Data Analytics important today ? • Big Data Value Chain • Security issues hindering Big Data adoption • Recent trends in Big Data technology 3 • How Big Data converges with technologies in other industries • Potential Convergence Scenarios • Potential opportunities for developers • Conclusion
  4. 4. Why is Big Data Analytics Important Today ? Big DataBig Data AnalyticsAnalytics Efficient information procurement is increasingly critical for businesses to extract value from various data sources. Big Data Analytics refers to a set of data management tools, appliances and techniques for effective analysis of these aggregated business data from various data sources. 4 Big Data Analytics abolishes the limitations in scalability and slow processing speed which exists in traditional data warehousing processes. Big Data Analytics is capable of processing both structured and unstructured data from various sources. Big Data Analytics empowers enterprises with real-time extraction of data from various sources. Importance of Big Data Analytics Big Data Big Data Analytics BI
  5. 5. Big Data Value Chain Big Data Integrated Platform End UsersStorage Technology Processing Technology Application Focused Technology Distributors Securing information at data acquisition level Securing information at data management level Securing Big Data with Security analytics application integration Security Technology Vendors This slide represents various segment of Big Data which facilitates development of applications (analytics) for end users across various industries 5 Computing Power VendorsStorage Vendors Analytics Application Developers Source: Frost & Sullivan
  6. 6. Security Issues Hindering Big Data Adoption Key operational and technical issues (1/2) Operational Issues • Inter-node communication • Deployment is done with only minimal amount of security like password protection • Addressing several critical issues with the architectural and operational flaws could ameliorate the overall security of Big Data platform. Core issues of security 6 Technical Issues Issues communication • “Sharded” data • Distributed cluster • No Scalable security Source: Google Source: Google • Nodes and application authentication • Data protection at Rest • Monitoring and Audit log
  7. 7. Security Issues Hindering Big Data Adoption Key operational and technical issues (2/2) Less secured Protocol Lack of TLC and SSL Absence of choke- point Constant movement of data Operational Issues Limitation with Kerberos Security flaws with 7 HDFS Proxy limitation Model lacks scalability Technical IssuesTechnical Issues Security flaws with cloud environment Lack of encryption with NoSQL Absence of in-built monitoring features
  8. 8. Security Issues Hindering Big Data Adoption Strategies to address challenges Encryption Node validation Scalable Security Strategies to 8 Kerberos Usage Evaluate Log activities SSL/TSL Layer security Strategies to address Big Data security issues
  9. 9. Recent Trends in Big Data Technology Big Data space is experiencing rapid changes across various segments -- big data framework, storage, data processing and analytical application segment. Enhancement of distributed architecture framework for Big Data. Development of novel platform. Scalable data storage for Big Data leveraging cloud computing technologies. 9 Trends in Big Data Space Scalable data storage for Big Data leveraging cloud computing technologies. Improving data processing power with real-time data stream engine. Analytics application development targeted towards specific industry segments such as health & wellness and energy.
  10. 10. Technology Clusters Benefitting due to Big Data Convergence Big DataBig Data Clean and Green Energy Health & Wellness Materials & Coating Information & Communication Technology Advanced Manufacturing & Automation • Clusters benefitting due to Big Data convergence are 10 Big DataBig Data AnalyticsAnalytics Coating Sustainable Energy Sensors & Control Microelectronics Medical Device Technology Technology convergence are highlighted (in red).
  11. 11. Four Health and Wellness Technologies from the Top 50 Technology Pool Benefit due to Big Data Convergence Big Data Analytics Biomarkers Targeted Drug Delivery Targeted case specific drugs for better treatment. NextBio, a key player in the space. Computational and laboratory analysis of biomarkers. Determines diseases during test phases. 11 Analytics with Health & Wellness Next-Gen Sequencing Personalized Medicine Handling huge terabytes of data coming from next-gen DNA sequencing. BDA simplifies the process. Leverages predictive BDA to address challenges for specific diseases like cancer. GNS Healthcare is one of the key participants.
  12. 12. Six Information and Communication Technologies from the Top 50 Technology Pool Benefit due to Big Data Convergence Big Data Analytics with Information and Cloud Computing Semantic Virtualization Data New concept emerged through Big Data Analytics-as-a-Service and Hadoop-as-a-Service. Predictive analytics successfully enrich the results of Providing visual support to enterprise data for better Server virtualization helps to bring down cost for storage and computing resources thus enabling cost-effective analytics solution. 12 Information and Communication technology Semantic Search Augmented Reality In-Memory Computing Data Visualization the results of semantic search. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is being used as the backend store for in-memory Data grids for real-time applications. BDA helps to process huge data collected from mobile devices to render deep insights for Augmented Reality applications data for better understanding.
  13. 13. Big Data Convergence with Energy, Remote Patient Monitoring and Non-Volatile Memory Big Data Analytics with Microelectronics, Medical Device Technology and Sustainable Next-genAdvanced Other technologies from clusters like Sustainable Energy, Microelectronics and Medical Device Technology are also experiencing convergence in recent days. These technologies are still in their emerging phase with few initiatives from developers working on the specific clusters. Energy efficient Resistive RAM (RRAM) helps Big Data for development of advanced analytical applications. Ex: Crossbar Inc. BDA enables efficient monitoring of energy storage, thereby helps in reducing the electricity cost through convergence. Ex: Stem. 13 and Sustainable Energy Next-gen Non-Volatile Memory Advanced Energy Storage Remote Patient Monitoring Grid Energy Management Drives actionable insights to health professionals monitoring remote patients through monitoring systems. Ex: Qualcomm Life Big Data helps to manage large decentralized power network and enables development of Smart Grid and Smart Meters.
  14. 14. Potential Convergence Scenarios Convergence with Advanced Manufacturing & Automation, Medical Device Technology and Sensors & Control Big Data Analytics Ubiquitous Wireless Sensors Ubiquitous wireless sensors could converge with Big Data Analytics for faster processing of sensor data and facilitating new applications and services for home and office automation. 3-D Printing BDA could be leveraged to analyze and identify potential trouble during 3-D printing. 3D printing being a new technology needs quality control tool before mass production. 14 This convergence will elevate surgical accuracy. Surgical Robots are likely to be capable of diagnosis and performing fully automated complicated operations successfully . Surgical Robots Energy HarvestingR&D activities on converging BDA with energy harvesting has just started to enhance process control and monitoring. Wireless sensor platform and Big Data would enable predictive analysis at remote location monitoring for oil and gas industry
  15. 15. Potential Convergence Scenarios Convergence with Sustainable Energy and Sensors & Control Big Data Analytics CBRNE Detection With gradual collection of data at battlefields, big data analytics can be used to map trends and patterns in CBRNE detection across war zone as well as vast geographies. Superconductors Superconductor applications across various industries like transportation, healthcare could leverage Big Data analytics to monitor electric power efficiency and diagnosis of propulsion systems and Magnetic Resonance Imaging system. 15 Resonance Imaging system. Wind Power Applying analytics and harnessing big data will allow utilities to tackle the intermittent nature of renewable energy and forecast power production from wind.
  16. 16. Potential Opportunities for Developers Viable Segments for New Entrants to attract investors Analytics for Logistics Big Data Analytics in Banking and Insurance Smart Energy Management 16 Analytics Applications Analytics in Retail Supply Chain Analytics Green Telematics Source: Google
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