Australian Smart Grid Market - Utility Survey


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Frost & Sullivan Analyst Briefing: Australian Smart Grid Market - Utility Survey

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Australian Smart Grid Market - Utility Survey

  1. 1. Australian Smart Grid Market - Utility SurveyMoving from smart meter focused deployment to holistic solutions Sarah Wang, Senior Consultant Energy & Power Systems 15 June 2012
  2. 2. Focus Points Section Definition and What Each State is Doing Key Drivers Key Restraints Utilities’ Responses Criteria for Vendor Selection What the Rest of The World is Doing 2
  3. 3. Utility Survey Smart Grid Utility Survey: Smart Grid Development Stage, Australia, 2012 Smart Grid Smart Grid Utility Utility Development Stage Development Stage Energex, Qld United Energy* Ergon, Qld CitiPower* AusGrid Jemena* Integral Energy (Endeavour Energy) ETSA Essential Energy Aurora ActewAGL Western Power Powercor* Horizon Power SP Ausnet* Power & Water *: the five distribution utilities in Victoria have completed their smart grid infrastructure construction. Smart meter rollout is to be completed in mid of 2013.No plan Implementation Stage Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis 3
  4. 4. What is each state doing? Customer base of approximately ETSA has been exploring the Successful business case on 75,000. Is the smallest market opportunities presented by demand control. Ongoing and across all states. demand side management, planned grid automation Distribution network heavily conducting small scale ‘defined projects focusing on demand under-invested. No immediate area trial’ using commercially control and management. smart grid roll-out plan. available devices. The trial will Network: Proprietary network. continue focus on demand side management. Network: 3G and 4G.Has a much lower customerdensity than other states. After Northernthe successful 12,000 AMI-basedtrial project, a larger rollout Territory Smart grid smart city projectinvolving ~250,000 smart meters piloted by AusGrid. Project value:is being planned (subject to the A$100 million; exploring AMI,regulatory approval). Network: electric vehicle, renewable energy,Wireless Mesh Radio Network and storage technologies. Queensland Other small scale AMI-based trial is on going. Network: WiMax and Western South a backbone fibre network Australia (AusGrid), Australia New South Wales • Forms nearly 25.0 percent of total Australian electricity market in terms In 2010-11 Aurora Energy was of subscriber base. Victoria focused on remote network • Regulatory mandate to deploy smart meters for all consumers by 2013, monitoring, remote control and which would amount to over 2.5 million Meters. automation. AMI-based trial project • Focus is on AMI, but the utilities are looking to build scalable produced failed business case. . infrastructure that could involve other technologies in future. • Network: WiMax and Wireless Mesh Radio. Tasmania Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis . 4
  5. 5. Key Drivers SummaryPreparing for potential regulatory changes Increasing The Growing demand for energy replacement of adoption of efficiency and analogue power alternative and capital investment meters drives the distributed reduction smart meter energy systems rollout Source: Frost & Sullivan 5
  6. 6. Key Restraints Summary Negative Disaggregation experiences from Financing difficulty of the power previous projects supply chain in Australia Untested technologies Source: Frost & Sullivan 6
  7. 7. Smart Grids in Australia – Utility Responses• Reasons for adopting the smart grids• Major challenges encountered by the utilities• Key areas of interests• Technology focus• Benefits 7
  8. 8. What Do the Utilities Expect From Vendors Track Record Professional People Price Appropriate Technology Procurement Process 8
  9. 9. Technological Trends Key Takeaway: The future trend is a strategy using AMI combined with technology upgrades in the traditional power network. AMI-based Comprehensive AMI-based Approach power network automation Technology strategy replacement based 2015 and Before 2010 Current beyond Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis 9
  10. 10. Global Perspective North America: Europe: 17.9% 23.2% Rest of the World: 58.9% 10
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  14. 14. Today’s Presenter Sarah Wang, Senior Consultant Frost & Sullivan Australia and New Zealand Sydney• With over 7 years of experience in industry research and business consulting, Sarah has undertaken research and consulting projects in renewable energy, environment, power generation and transmission, building technologies, and chemicals and materials.• She is now a Senior Consultant at Industrial Practice, Australia and New Zealand; focuses on managing and conducting research on industry trends and data analysis, to generate client-focused reports, briefings, and other content for the subscription services. For any other enquiries, email us: 14
  15. 15. For Additional Information Donna Jeremiah Carrie Low Corporate Communications Corporate Communications Asia Pacific Asia Pacific +61 (0) 8247 8927 +603 6204 5910 Jessie Loh Corporate Communications Asia Pacific +65 6890 0942 15