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July 11, 2010 Dead Leader Running
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July 11, 2010 Dead Leader Running


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Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. Dead Leader Running -
    Wayne Cordeiro
    Message length: 00:39:40
    Message Details
    Wayne Cordeiro shares his recent pain of ministry fatigue, and with his unique
    perspective, identifies warning signals of burnout and ways to create or rebuild a
    sustainable life.
    Speaker Introduction
    Dr. Wayne Cordeiro is Founder and Senior Pastor of New Hope Christian
    Fellowship in Honolulu, Hawaii. Recently Outreach Magazine listed New Hope
    fellowship as one of the top 25 most influential churches in America and one of the
    top ten most innovative. As a motivational speaker for businesses and civic
    organizations, Cordeiro speaks on leadership, building relationships, and
    restructuring for success.
    Message Beginning
    I’d been going for 22 years as a Senior Pastor. I was flying at
    mach 4. And one of the things about being an entrepreneurial person is that
    by default, everything you start you’re now the leader of it. You start a church
    you’re the pastor, you start a bible college, you’re the president, you start a
    church planting organization you’re the director. You start whatever --you’re
    the cheese. So by default you’re running all of these different departments….
  • 2. When the drain flows faster than the input your levels decrease and as they decrease there are a few warning signs.
    1st Anxiety Attacks
    If this continues next is the Emotional breakdown.
    Finally you get to the Nervous breakdown.
    Anxiety Attacks
    Emotional breakdown
    Nervous breakdown
  • 3. Questions to ask yourself…
    What Fills me?
    1. _____________________________
    2. _____________________________
    3. _____________________________
    4. _____________________________
    5. _____________________________
    What Drains me?
    1. _____________________________
    2. _____________________________
    3. _____________________________
    4. _____________________________
    5. _____________________________
    Who am I with?
    What am I doing?
    Where am I doing this?
  • 4. Understand Balance
    Move your heart in towards the area that the Holy Spirit leads you to. What needs your attention?
    All of your life is Ministry, including your family. Be sure to include time for your family!
  • 5. Lead out of Rest
    In Genesis the day begins in the evening.
    Your rest comes before your activities
    Sleep in at the front end of your day (go to bed early).
    Schedule breaks ahead of time by putting them on your calendar now.
  • 6. Find a lightning rod
    A lightning rod is someone who is grounded.
    A person you can talk to about your struggles and frustrations who can handle the lighting bolts you throw out at them.
    They help you process the things that are going on.
  • 7. Be disciplined in your
    daily devotions
    Deuteronomy 17 – God required of the kings that they read and write the law daily.
    Start a Journal for your devotions.
    S – Scripture – Write the scripture in your journal
    O - Observation – Write an observation A - Write out how it applies to meP - Write a Prayer about what this scripture has spoken to you.
  • 8. The goal isn’t to get there before anyone else faster and brighter it’s
    to make sure he runs in such as way that, he what, protects the flame. Some
    of you are running, but you’re running with an extinguished wick. You’re
    running fast. But it’s not going to help. You say, how do we re-ignite that
    torch. Because that soul that was once me is not there. I’m still running. My
    heart’s not there. What do I do? You have to reignite that flame. Where do
    you do that? That’s why God says come to me all ye who are weary and
    heavy laden, how often, He says, for we have not a high priest that can
    sympathize with our weakness but in all cases been tempted. Therefore we
    can draw near with confidence to the thrown of grace.