How Rain+ can benefit food exporters


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This slideck explains how the Rain+ solution can be used by Food Exporters worldwide. Rain+ is on-demand supply chain solution offered by FrontalRain Technologies for the agribusiness and Food Processing sector. If you want to trial Rain+, write to us at Visit us at

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How Rain+ can benefit food exporters

  1. 1. How Rain+ can benefit Food Exporters Sreeram P Founder & Director +91 98867220051 © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  2. 2. Content Introduction What is Rain+ How Rain+ can benefit Food Exporters  Export Order Execution  Food Safety Compliance  Food Traceability  Run Geo distributed Operations through collaboration  Improve Revenues  Improve Branding  Reduce Costs2 © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  3. 3. Introduction - FrontalRain  Founders with 50 years of combined enterprise experience  35 yrs of experience in designing supply chain projects in SAP for large transnational corporations Read more about the team @  Established FrontalRain to deliver world class software for SMBs in Agribusiness and Food Industry3 © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  4. 4. Our Product Food Supply Chain Software on the cloud Grower Process Collaborative Specialized Logistics Management Manufacturing Trading Service Solution Solution Solution Solution Solution Fulfilling the information needs of a complete food supply chain4 © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  5. 5. What is Rain+  Software to run the complete operations of any Agribusiness and Food Company from Farm to Fork.  Software to help collaborate with customers, suppliers and partners seamlessly. Unmatched features at compelling price point – available as monthly user based subscription pricing  Easy for project team start small and scale big without impacting operations  Live System up and running in a week for all departments  It is a Web-based software and hence requires no additional hardware or software installation  No in-house IT team necessary to manage the software5 © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  6. 6. Benefits for Food ExportersExport Order Execution :Capture export customer’s product specifications, prepare an order execution plan, fulfill the exportorder within the lead time.Food Safety Compliance :Meet stringent Food Safety compliance requirements by testing, capturing quality and safetyrequirements throughout the process from sourcing, processing, storage, packing and shipment.Traceability :Adhere to internal and chain traceability requirements by tracking and tracing every product, rawmaterial, processing steps from farm/source to customer shipment.Improve Revenue :Capture all leads and opportunities coming through different channels like trade shows, webenquiries and email marketing. Send product samples to prospects and convert into customers.Improve Branding :Showcase the execution information, your process and traceability information to the exportcustomers or consumer to improve branding.Run geographically distributed operations efficiently :Source from anywhere and any channel, process anywhere and execute sales anywhere. Bring real-time information to all your employees, suppliers, partners and customers.Save on Costs :Track raw material direct costs accurately. Pay suppliers based on exact quantity and qualitydelivered and save money. Track wastage in production, storage and packing and minimize losses. © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  7. 7. Export Order Execution process Farm Test Lab External Job Work Farm Quality Gate Stores Trader Processing Pla Production Purchase Export Order Execution Finance Sales CEO Distributor CustomerManage the execution based on- process templates and workflow- Seamless collaboration © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  8. 8. Food Safety Compliance Farm Primary Processing Production Retail Farmer samples Post-harvest samples Raw Material samples Shelf samples Supplier Samples Ingredient Samples Pre-shipment samples Production samples Manage Quality testing across the Supply Chain : Collect samples, conduct quality inspections, record quality test results and improve quality Support for Process Standards : Comprehensive audit and certification system to manage different FSMS processes like HACCP, ISO 22005 and other private standards Support for Product Standards and Certifications : Manage different product standards like Organic Standards, HALAL, Q & S © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  9. 9. Traceability Processing Plant Distributor Farm Customer Consumer Trader Trace back, Recall Management Farm Batch Traceability Shipment Records - Inspection - Raw Materials - FG Batch numbers - Audits - Ingredients - Packing details - Certifications - Finished Goods - Labeling - Harvest recordsTrader traceability Process Records Quality Test Recordsdocumentation - Process parameters - Quality Specifications- Certifications - Recipe used - Quality Test results- Quality Test results - Usage decisions © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  10. 10. Collaboration across geographies Customer Distributor Distributor Consumer Consumer Processing Plant Farm FarmManage the complete operations – growing, sourcing, processing,quality control, marketing, finance with Rain+Seamless collaboration across all geographical locations – anybusiness function can be any locationCollaborate with suppliers, partners and customers © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  11. 11. Increase Revenues • Marketing Leads – Trade shows, Emails. • Web Enquiries Marketing • Run Campaigns, Generate Leads • Qualify Leads and Track Opportunities Sales • • Identify Up-sell opportunities and execute Identify Cross-sell opportunities and execute • Send Product Samples and convert to Opportunities • Generate Opportunities by providing real-time Product availability info on the web © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  12. 12. Improve Branding Improve Product Brand:  Increase transparency by providing product nutrition, batch, expiry, sustainability info to Consumers consumers on mobile phone through barcode scan Improve Corporate Brand:  Increase confidence by providing access to Traceability dashboard  Improve transparency by Corporate B2B providing Order execution status to customers through Customers customer portal © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  13. 13. Reduce costs Potential Benefits Cost Structure: Operations: Compliance: Raw Material Order Planning & Execution Compliance Assurance Reduced raw material inventory Increased throughput due to improved Reduced cost for regulatory planning & scheduling compliance Reduced annual raw material Shortened execution time due to usage improved Collaboration Reduced cost for waste management Correct Raw Material Usage decision based on quality and certification Quality Management Assets: Procurement Cost Reduced off-spec production costs Reduce Cost by accurately measuring quantity and quality Asset Management deviations and pay Vendor Improved margin from on-spec Increased production uptime from production accordingly improved maintenance planning & scheduling Increased uptime due to improved spare parts inventory © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.