How Rain+ can benefit Animal Feed industry


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This slide deck explains how the Rain+ solution can be used by Animal Feed industry worldwide. Rain+ is on-demand supply chain solution offered by FrontalRain Technologies for the agribusiness and food industry.

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How Rain+ can benefit Animal Feed industry

  1. 1. ? How Rain+ can benefit Animal Feed Industry Sreeram P Founder & Director +91 98867220051 © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  2. 2. Content How Rain+ can benefit Animal Feed Industry  Manage high volume Production Operations  Control Raw Material Cost and Quality  Manage high volume sales through Dealer Network  Monitor Feed Performance on the Farm  Improve Feed Quality  Run Geo distributed Operations through collaboration2 © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  3. 3. Benefits for Animal Feed IndustryHigh Volume Production Operations :Plan, execute and monitor High Volume (100,000 MT+/Year) production operations with very lowdowntimes and high efficiencies.Raw Material Cost and Quality :Manage sourcing of several raw materials from multitude of vendors and control raw material landedcost with strict quality control and nutrient tracking information.Manage high volume Feed sales & distribution :Manage feed sales with a dealer network servicing a geographically distributed farmer base.Monitor Feed Performance on the Farm :Monitor feed performance (FCR) by collecting periodic data from the farm including farm conditions,feeding patterns and average daily growth rates.Improve Feed Quality :Improve feed product quality by tracking nutrient information and other attributes of end product forevery production batch and associated feed performance.Run geographically distributed operations efficiently :Source from anywhere and any channel, process anywhere and execute sales anywhere. Bring real-time information to all your employees, suppliers, partners and customers. © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  4. 4. High Volume Production Operations Quality Sourcing - Manage fluctuating Quality and - Manage rising Ingredient Costs Nutrient content of Raw Materials Materials Management by tracking raw material prices - Monitor Nutrient (Protein %) and - Maintain adequate Days of Supply for incl. shipping, storage etc. quality of Feed manufactured Raw Materials - Track Vendor supply Quality - Capture Nutrient (e.g. Protein %) info of performance and delivery Gate Stock Trader Stores Purchase Production Demand-side Sales - Capture Daily Demand Feed Mill Operations - Translate to Daily or Weekly production Plan - Decide Product-Mix for Production Rain + Value propositionMinimize Cost of Goods Ensure greater nutrient Ensure Energy and Produced utilization equipment efficiency © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  5. 5. Raw Material Cost & Quality GateVendor Management Trader- Manage diverse Vendor base- Get Price quotes and manage Purchase Contracts/Orders- Track Vendor supply performance and delivery Purchase Truck Arrivals @Gate - Capture Yard samples for Quality tracking Vendor - Capture raw material receipts quantity and discrepancies PO Tracking - Track all PO for deliveries, pending deliveries, pending invoices and payments - Track Quantity and Quality discrepancies and make payments accordingly Rain + Value proposition Save direct material Ensure timely availability Ensure high Quality costs of raw material of raw material © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  6. 6. Feed Sales & Distribution Feed Mill Super Distributor DealerDealer Management- Capture Dealer Orders and ship to Dealer/Farmer- Track Dealer Credit and Receipts- Incentivize Dealer network to build farmer base Dealer- Support Dealer Sales with Product Info and Technical Service Feed Delivery - Deliver direct to Farm or Deliver to Dealer warehouse - Plan and execute delivery of Feed - Track proof of Delivery Rain + Value proposition Increase Sales Efficient Transport Revenue and grow Manage Dealer Credit logistics for timely farmer Base and Collections Delivery of Feed © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  7. 7. Monitor Feed Performance on the Farm Technical Service Personnel Farm Visits Feed Performance Tracking (e.g. - Plan Farm visits - Capture all Farm Visits data by Service personnel Aquaculture) - Measure Service personnel Performance - Maintain Farmer and Pond database - Track Farmer satisfaction levels - Track Species, stocking density, - Track travel expenses - and feeding patterns - Record Trial Net, Average daily growth rate - Track Harvests quantity, mortality rates - Track medications and feed supplements - Measure FCR Rain + Value propositionMonitor and improve Efficient Service delivery Improve Product and Feed Performance to the Farmer grow Farmer Base © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  8. 8. Improve Product Quality (e.g. Aqua Feed) Raw Material Production Farm Raw Material samples In-Process Quality Farm audit samples Raw Material Process Records FG Quality Records - Truck Samples - Unloading Samples - Production process parameters - Protein % - Granule sizes - Moisture - Bulk density - Fat & Fiber - Moisture Raw Material - Die outputs Farm records for Feed - Track Nutrient Information Protein, Fat, Fiber, Moisture - Oil Coating temp Performance - Oil Mixing temp - FCR - Others - Avg Daily Growth rates - Yield Rain + Value proposition Feedback cycle fromMonitor Raw Material Monitor Process Quality Farm to improveQuality and Nutrients and FG quality Product Quality © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  9. 9. Collaboration across geographies Customer Distributor Distributor Consumer Consumer Processing Plant Farm FarmManage the complete operations – growing, sourcing, processing,quality control, marketing, finance with Rain+Seamless collaboration across all geographical locations – anybusiness function can be any locationCollaborate with suppliers, partners, experts and customers © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  10. 10. Rain+ Value benefits (e.g. 100 Crore company) Business scenario before Rain+ INR (crores) Percentage Revenue (sales) 100 Cost of Goods Sold Direct Material 50 50 Direct Labour 20 20 Overhead 20 20 Total Cost of Goods Sold 90 90 Gross Profit 10 10Bottom line Impact- 10% reduction in Direct Material Costs Business scenario after Rain+ and 5% savings on Direct labour can increase Y-O-Y Profitability by 60% INR (crores) Percentage Revenue (sales) 100Top line Impact Cost of Goods Sold Direct Material 45 45- Higher production due to reduced Direct Labour 19 19 production down-time Overhead 20 20- Better Sales Management increases Total Cost of Goods Sold 84 84 Product Sales Gross Profit 16 16 © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  11. 11. Rain+ Advantage Agribusiness and Food – Solution built specifically for Agribusiness and Food Industry with deep domain knowledge and for industry requirements. Proven for your industry with reference clients. Business software – Founding team brings wealth of Business software experience with a combined experience of over 50 years in solving complex worldwide ERP software product development and implementation . Cloud Computing – Cloud Computing technology for Agribusinesses and Food Industry which significantly reduces IT costs by eliminating need for hardware and in-house IT personnel. © FrontalRain Technologies Pvt Ltd.