Teach Talk: Devices are taking over the classroom - so what next?


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The revolution has arrived. Mobile devices are in our classrooms, but after technical issues have been resolved, how do you actually use devices as a teaching resource? Hear how schools are using devices in the classroom to improve learning and increase student engagement.

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Teach Talk: Devices are taking over the classroom - so what next?

  1. 1. Devices are taking over the classroom…so what’snext?The de Ferrers AcademyGreg HughesAssistant PrincipalNinestiles School-An AcademyChris Silverton, eLearning ManagerBluecoat AcademyCath McCarney, Assistant PrincipalTeach Talks
  2. 2. 1:1 iPads @deferrersGreg HughesAssistant PrincipalDevices are taking overthe classroom - sowhat’s next?
  3. 3. We have done theimpossible…and thatmakes us mightyJoss Wheedon
  4. 4. 1:1LEARNINGIndependenceEfficiencySpeedEngagement24/7 access to learning resourcesCreativity & CollaborationHOTSPersonalisationAll in 1 deviceResearchAFL & ModellingNext StepsDifferentiationCost savingsEnvironmentally-FriendlyUp to date & 21st Century1:1 Benefits
  5. 5. Main HeadingIf you always do whatyouve always done,youll always get whatyouve always gotHenry Ford
  6. 6. Skin deep…?Main HeadingRuben Puentedura (2011)
  7. 7. Simple tools tomanage effectiveworkflow on iPads, tosupport:• Modelling• Content creation• AFL• Assignments• Self-Study/ResearchWorkflow
  8. 8. Flipped Learning1) Teachers make the best use of their face-to-facetime with students2) The classroom uses student-centered pedagogy3) There is an intentional focus on higher-levelthinking, rather than rote memorisation
  9. 9. Learning interfaces
  10. 10. Create an iTunes U course – 1:1 learning hubUse Explain Everything for flipped learning/modellingRun Socrative quizzes to assess student learning (AFL)Develop student communication using Edmodo/TwitterUse Showbie to enhance student feedback/Next StepsDistribute resources using Dropbox and iBooksiPad 1:1 Checklist
  11. 11. I do not fearcomputers, I fearlack of themIsaac Asimov
  12. 12. • All sixth form courses next year to be available on line (iTunesU) with supporting resources (Dropbox).• Flipped learning common. Create our own e-books/videos.• Action research on iPad use & effectiveness• More staff training/CPD + involve student digital leaders• Creation of our own apps for learning & communication• Investigate potential of Frog OS• 2 staff selected as Apple Distinguished Educators 2013• Application to be an Apple Regional Training Centre (RTC)• Provide ALL teaching staff with iPads by July 2013• Expand 1:1 iPad scheme into other years as part of asustainable, phased programme – Y10/Y11 next• Massive cost-savings in printing & laptop replacements –reduce these and reinvest money in infrastructure/staffingDevelopments 2013 - 2014
  13. 13. Please indicate the impact havingan iPad has had in terms ofpreparing you for further study:Please rate the effect that having aniPad has had on your learningexperince:74% = more/significantly moreprepared82% positive orvery positiveStudent feedback
  14. 14. 1:1 iPads @deferrersGreg HughesAssistant Principal@deepexperience1 @deferrersipadwww.ideferrers.com
  16. 16. 1450 students105 Teachers72% 5 A*-C incl. En & Ma47% FSM students94% access to the internetNINESTILES SCHOOL
  17. 17. December 2011 talks started regarding which direction we wouldin go as a school in the use of ICTEaster 2012 we decided to move to a BYOD environment, not toreplace the current provision, but to enhance.July 2012 Teaching staff received iPadsSummer Break 2012 our existing school WiFi was replaced to copewith huge increase in devices.September 2012 Students were allowed to bring their own devicesand we introduced a scheme to buy an iPad over 2 years.ICT PROVISION
  21. 21. Taking photos of work or the boardTaking notes and organising for revisionShowing work on a projector or by uploading toa shared areaRecording voicesDEVICES IN THE CLASSROOM
  22. 22. DEVICES IN THE CLASSROOMI use the ShowMe App to create a short explanatory videoof the main points of a lesson, which I can easily upload tothe ShowMe website.I then take that web address provided and go toqrcode.kaywa.com, paste the address, click generate andthen save the QR Code image.I can then use this QR Code to make a poster for theclassroom or to cut out and tape into a students book whomay have missed the lesson or wants a reference to go withthere notes.There are several QR Reader Apps the students can use toscan the posters or their exercise books.
  24. 24. DEVICES IN THE CLASSROOMIn English, students videoed an advert for a new type ofphone, which was to be created with free apps that theyfound during a 10 minute find an app slot‘SloProStop-motionCameraiMajiCam
  25. 25. In Chemistry I demonstrated a sciencepractical in silence.Students videoed the demo and thenadded their own voice overThey used their video in order to carryout the experiment.With higher groups, the original democontained 3 deliberate mistakes thatthe students had to spot before theywere allowed to carry out theexperiment.DEVICES IN THE CLASSROOMVideo created withTime Lapse Camera HD
  26. 26. MULTI DEVICE USEAnimotoTake your photos, add an awesome video style, choose your music and words and youcan create amazing videos to share with friends and family!WebDAV NavigatorManage your files on your own cloud serversSocrative Teacher/StudentEngage the entire classroom with educational games and exercises while gettingstudent results in real-time.SpringpadSave anything from all your devices so you can be more organized and productive.Save ideas, notes, checklists, project tasks, photos, products, movies-then Springpadenhances them with relevant suggestions so you can get what you need, when andwhere you need it.
  27. 27. WHAT NEXT?
  28. 28. WHAT NEXTContinue show and tell sessions during briefing.Increase Staff Training specifically for a multi device classroomincluding: classroom management and ways enhanceteaching and learning.Introduce Student Training including: Acceptable use of theirdevices and ideas of how they can use them in school.
  29. 29. AND FINALLY!
  31. 31. Devices are taking over theclassroom – so what’s next?Cath McCarneyAssistant PrincipalBluecoat Academy
  32. 32. Devices at Bluecoat• Mobile Technology requests via helpdesk• Bookable iPads• Staff T&L Working Party• SLT devices• Sixth form project with Local Company• Training Required– Staff Inset– Working Party
  33. 33. • Sixth form– PE– Creative and Media– Science• Key Stage 3 and 4– English– Humanities– Sci– PastoralUtilisation of devices
  34. 34. • Large App collection• Forefront of technology• Established brand• Ease of use• Testing of device on Academy infrastructureWhy iPads??
  35. 35. • Excellent Variety of Apps• Great enthusiasm by staff and studentswanting to use them• Increased engagement and enthusiasm fromstudents• Flexible learning more readily available, i.e.traditional lesson mixed with new technology• Most use for research and presentation ofwork.Experiences
  36. 36. • Access to network drives• Management of Apps• Sharing of student resources• Licensing• SecurityObstacles
  37. 37. The journey to our vision…• Feedback from staff and students• Marketplace event• Research• School and Academy Visits• Conferences• Device Trials• Consultation with staff (admin, support incnetwork team and teaching) and SeniorLeadership Team
  38. 38. • Hybrid of devices to be supported– Apple - iPads– Windows – tablet and ultrabook type devices• Directorate demand in regards to teaching andlearning• Use of mobile phones• BYOD at Sixth form• All requiring a strong Wifi Infrastructure!Outcomes
  39. 39. • Use of Apps to improve engagement in class– Nearpod– Explain Everything• Helps to improve active reading• Helps to improve flexible learning• Improvement on research skillsImproving student engagement
  40. 40. Combining learning through deviceswith regular learning• Devices should not be used because they areavailable – should only be used when relevantfor learning.• Typicality – it may not go right the first time,that doesn’t mean it won’t again.• Important to try out what is to be achievedand keep that at the forefront!• Technical Help on hand!
  41. 41. Learning and Attainment• Give students ownership for their learning• Could flipped learning work for you?• Devices must be used in conjunction with yourestablishments T&L and Assessment Practices.• Devices are not the sole answer, they canenhance what is already being used.
  42. 42. Outstanding learning and education• Staff have the ability to share good practice inthe classroom.– Video tutorials– Blogging– Discussion Forums– Resource Sharing• Frog has been a vehicle for doing this withinthe Academy, as well as other packages.
  43. 43. Future Learning for Bluecoat• Establishing the immediate vision anddeveloping our Cloud based solutions withinthe Academy.• Working towards our long term vision• Continual support and training for staff
  44. 44. Any questions?Teach Talks