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Indonesian owned and foreign managed Bali based consulting services company

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Spectrum Consulting Services Brochure

  2. 2. SP E C TRUM CONSULTING SERVICES elcome to Spectrum Bali Consulting Services, an experienced Bali based consulting services company, for local and foreign investors. The company is registered under Indonesian law and known by its legal name as PT. Selaras Cipta Harapan. Every year, the thriving local and foreign investor’s community in Bali expands. Retirement, investments, headquarters re-location or lifestyle changes are the most classic causes for living the enjoyable life in Bali. Spectrum Bali Consulting Services make these objectives possible. Our main aim is, to provide dependable, straightforward and reasonably priced recommendations. We can demonstrate to you, how to live just as autonomous here as you would in any other part of Indonesia or developed country. Buy land, build or buy a home, support your own visa and working papers, establish and manage your own company, all this, with total freedom, security and by your own choice. Over time we have assisted locals and foreigners by making the success of their intentions possible and at the same time giving them absolute control over their company and or real estate investments. Spectrum Bali Consulting Services, being an Indonesian owned and by an expatriate, Frits Henskes, managed consulting services company is among one of the most reputable companies on the Island. Frits having over 35 years of experience in Indonesia, which, combined with his local network and relations, can give you the assurance you need, to protect yourself and your business venture in Bali. “Spectrum Bali Consulting Services can help you make the most of what you have today and ensure your success tomorrow”. Spectrum® Bali Consulting Services . Please contact Frits, on his mobile +62 812 383 4428, for a free and at no obligation first consultation, before deciding on any investment or business venture in Bali.
  3. 3. Spectrum Consulting Services Arbitration Commercial start-up Procedures - Feasibility Studies Company Structures Concession Agreements Export Production and Exclusivity Agreements Financial Services - Loans and Mortgages Franchise Opportunities and Agreements Hotel - Restaurant Concepts - Designs and Start Up Hotel Management Immigration Visas and Working Papers Land - Property Acquisition and Leases Land - Property Due Diligence - Environmental Management Legal Assistance Manpower and Labor Documents Materials Management and Sourcing Services Mergers and Acquisitions Permits Project and Construction Management Real Estate - Property Management and Acquisitions Tax Assistance Trademarks - Copyrights and Patents Weddings - Separation and Divorce Procedures
  4. 4. Real Estate Consulting Services Spectrum Bali Consulting Services offers Real Estate projects for high-value and retirement investors. We have all the necessary knowledge and experience in the real estate industry to enable our investors to make sound decisions regarding their real estate investments. Our expertise in the field of real estate consulting includes a complete understanding of financial options, environmental concerns, demographics, market information, property management, and many other factors which allow us to help you make decisions that will add value to your real estate investments. We understand the factors that both, positively and negatively, affect real estate investment performance. Property Management As the manager of our investors' assets, Spectrum’s goal is to increase the value of the portfolio properties by providing a professional property management service and by continually searching for ways to enhance market positioning. Spectrum achieves this goal through attention to detail, market knowledge, and well-trained and responsive service. We regularly counsel clients on topics such as acquisition, capital improvement, refinancing, and disposition. Acquisitions Spectrum Bali Consulting Services carefully evaluates the current and potential cash flow of each investment opportunity before purchasing. We seek to acquire structurally and mechanically sound, well-maintained properties, which are positioned strongly in the marketplace. This strategy has brought handsome rewards to our clients, and our record of success in real estate syndication has created a positive atmosphere for client reinvestment. Land Transactions and Investment Security Acquiring property in Bali - Under Indonesian law, foreigners are not allowed to own a freehold property title in Indonesia. However foreigners can legally acquire property and enjoy full beneficial rights of property and land ownership through various alternatives. Spectrum Consulting Services will run due diligence checks on the land, house or building you want to buy or rent. We make certain that the seller or lessor actually is the rightful owner, has not pledged it with the bank, has a building license, has paid his land taxes and is
  5. 5. by law and by his family allowed, to sell or lease it. We confirm with zoning compliance. If the land’s credentials are established we provide a deed or lease written in the Indonesian language, with an English translation. Although there are no regulations that contracts have to be in the Indonesian language, it is strongly recommended having contracts and agreements always drawn up and executed in the Indonesian language and translated in English to prevent later disputes caused by the local partner claiming that he did not understood its content. All of our land deeds and leases are assured and certified by a reputed Bali Notary, as is required under Indonesian law. Over the years, we have assisted many clients acquiring land, with simple and secure documents. Company Structures Spectrum Bali Consulting Services is here to provide the Indonesian and International business community with valued, legal advice on all dealings which they are likely to encompass. We demonstrate low-profile; winning legal strategies without the threat of things going wrong and at the same time we offer legal procedures and solutions which will give you security and peace of mind. We cater to the needs of those Investors seeking to set up a company, branch or representative office in Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia. We provide complete service from assistance in comparing multiple locations in Bali or across Indonesia, developing business plans, advice on market entry, company set-up plus assistance in locating and working with local and international professionals on tax matters, finance, shipping and other needed services. With lawful legal eminence, there is no reason why you should ever be at the benevolence of a landowner, associate or bureaucrat, just for the reason that you are a foreigner. We center on placing our customers in an autonomous business situation. This implicates that you are in total control of your business pursuit, are the lawful owner, including land use agreements, land acquisitions, intellectual property rights, revenues and capital resources.
  6. 6. Legal Assistance Indonesia is by far one of the most attractive countries in the world for direct and indirect investment, given the abundance of natural resources, a large population, sound political stability and commitment to market liberalization. Since the monetary crisis in 1997 Indonesia has gone through a painful economic and political calamity. After 2003, Indonesia has made significant progress with the reformation of government, the elections, the political and independent central bank system, the decentralization of its provincial government up to the extensive reformation of the investment regulations, both, on provincial and state levels, paving the way for a more democratic system. To anticipate these developments, we at Spectrum Bali Consulting Services believe that comprehensive understanding of the Indonesian Law is critical for foreign investors, multinational companies and anyone whom like to invest in Indonesia. Spectrum Consulting Services is committed to assist foreign clients with legal matters by providing them with a comprehensive legal summary and legal review concerning Indonesian laws and regulations. Project and Construction Management Spectrum Bali Consulting Services views project management as the analysis and implementation that takes place during the entire project life cycle, from the initial stage of the project identification and appraisal, through project monitoring and evaluation. Without effective management, project and programs are unlikely to meet their time, cost, quality, and development objectives. Project success is directly linked to the effectiveness of planning, monitoring, and control at each stage of the life cycle, requiring a broad range of functional skills including communication, planning, financial management, procurement, risk and schedule management, monitoring, evaluation, quality and human resources management. Spectrum specializes in providing project management services and consultation for any or all phases of a project. We have extensive expertise to direct, support and coordinate all aspects of your project, whether large or small. Spectrum Bali Consulting Services project managers are proficient in overseeing and directing both internal company support work and third party subcontractors to ensure that budget and schedule constraints are met.
  7. 7. Our project managers are experienced, hands-on individuals rather than merely coordinators. As such, they have the knowledge to fully understand the complete scope of your project and direct it from initiation to completion. Our project managers are your right hand in the field. Hotels - Restaurants - Concepts Spectrum Bali Consulting Services create exceptional hotel and resort environments for National and International operators and investors. We know how to guide interior designers, architects, planners and brand specialists on how to unite luxury and financial success for each client’s brand. We help clients to increase the value of their existing and new properties. As we have a unique emotional connection between people and food, we can develop a quot;social soulquot; for a restaurant, a hotel, a public square, a shopping center or a museum. People think that we at Spectrum Bali Consulting Services are designers, which is not quite the case: We are design managers and a highly professional operator. We do the creative and conceptual thinking and because we are very bottom-line oriented, we work on economic and market analyses for a venture. Then we manage the work of designers, architects and facilities consultants - inch by inch and table by table - through completion of the job. We develop budgets; food and menus that sing to customers; tabletop and graphics that re-enforce the food and beverage concept; and then we assist in a successful launch. If this were the movie business, you would call us quot;producersquot; because we put together all the “stars” and then manage their work. We at Spectrum perform for our clients the very same work that we do for ourselves when opening one of our own places. Whether we are starting from scratch, or rejuvenating an existing hotel or restaurant, we are there, every step of the way. We will study a problem and a location and devise a unique conceptual solution. We will work with your architect and designer or suggest one of the great professionals whom we think is right for you.
  8. 8. Then we will work in close collaboration with you and the entire team on: ♦ Business Planning and Development ♦ Design Concepts and Merchandising Programs. ♦ Master Planning of Hotel, Restaurant and Retail Development ♦ Design Management of every aspect and every inch of the project, from Seating Plans to Lighting Strategy to Selection of Furnishings and Materials to Kitchen Design. ♦ Menu and Food Development ♦ Tabletop ♦ Recruitment ♦ Pre-Opening and Opening Budget and Schedules ♦ Marketing Plans and Strategies ♦ Requests for Proposals ♦ Lease Negotiations and Operating Agreements Materials Management Spectrum Bali Consulting Services offers the services of an experienced Materials Management department in support of its project and construction management services. Materials Management handles all aspects of procurement, logistics, specification development, vendor audits and invoice processing as required. Materials Management functions within the framework of our clients’ procurement department in order to achieve a seamless operation. Our aim is to procure the highest quality materials and services that meet or exceed your expectations at the lowest possible cost. We support the needs of buyers for Indonesian manufactured goods and try to assist the thousands of skillful people, many who live in isolated rural communities and whom do not have access to the marketplace to sell their merchandise. Immigration Services In Indonesia, as is the same anywhere else in the world, your Immigration condition is of crucial importance. Records show that almost all of the legal problems for foreigners here in Bali happen due to visa or working papers issues, primarily for not having the right type of visa or working papers for your state of affairs.
  9. 9. To be in the possession of the right kind of visa and or working papers, is of utmost importance. The amount of alternatives and requirements plus the language barrier can often lead to misunderstanding. There are also other difficulties such as people and offices pretending to be official government representatives and even the case of fake and forged visas adding to the mystification. Spectrum Bali Consulting Services has been supporting foreigners in Bali with their Immigration necessities for years. We have the knowledge and the right connections to present you with reliable and accurate visas or working papers for your circumstances and to make certain that you are in conformity with the Indonesian Immigration law. From extensions to renewal of your existing visa to supporting your own working papers we can make sure that you do not bump into any legal problems or go through avoidable expenses due to these visa or working paper matters. An additional benefit of using Spectrum for your visa or working papers is that we use experienced personnel and work closely with the Immigration officials. Let us do the work for you, at a predetermined fee. Spectrum Bali Weddings a division of Spectrum Bali Consulting Services “Christian, of Spectrum Bali Weddings turns life’s moments into memories by designing fairy tail and fantasy weddings, combining them with innovative catering solutions and spectacular flower arrangements”. This Division is managed by Christian Simanjuntak, a well known and reputed wedding organizer and floral designer in Bali. Christian’s design philosophy is, “The Customer is always First”. His design style tends towards Asian, Contemporary Romance and he regards each wedding and each client’s wish as unique. He maintains that what makes your most important day in life, is what you ultimate choose in Color, Style, Arrangement and Décor. Please contact Christian on his mobile +62 812 380 5395 once you have selected the date for your wedding. He will in general only accept one wedding on a given day, as he prefers “Quality above Quantity”. “The Service that we offer Today, is the Focus of Everything, we Invest in, for Tomorrow”
  10. 10. SP E C TRUM CONSULTING SERVICES PT. SELARAS CIPTA HARAPAN Jl. Petitenget 105 Kerobokan – Kuta Bali – Indonesia p +62 361 747 5899 - f +62 361 735 244 www.spectrumbali.com chris@spectrumbali.com fh@spectrumbali.com