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Introduction to Pay-Per-Click advertising with Giuseppe Frustaci.

Introduction to Pay-Per-Click advertising with Giuseppe Frustaci.



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Ppc 101   class 1.2 Ppc 101 class 1.2 Presentation Transcript

  • Pay-Per-Click 101What can it do for me? Should I bother?
  • Who Is This Guy?• Giuseppe “G” Frustaci – Server, not Guru• Startup After College – Marketing at scale = $$$• iProspect and Catalyst – Staples, P&G, Novartis • $4M - $10M Budgets. Obscene Revenue • Focus on Testing & Data Analytics
  • Agenda• Basic Vocab: This will be on the final• Strategy : How can PPC help my business?• Should I Bother? – Search Advertising – Display Advertising• Free Money• Homework View slide
  • Vocab: Banner Advertising View slide
  • Vocab: Search Advertising• SEM: Search Engine Marketing• Search Networks: Google, Yahoo, MSN• PPC: Pay-Per-Click• How does it work? – User searches for: Mercedes 300 SL Roadster
  • Vocab: Search Advertising
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Strategy : Awareness• Display Network – Potential Customers Don’t Know about You – Targeting : Content Networks • Websites that publish content or Web-based Tools
  • See Content, See Content Run
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Strategy : (Re)Consideration• Remarketing – Reengage your Website Visitors • 6 to 12 Impressions to be remembered – AKA: Stalking – DO THIS – If you want people to remember you and visit STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING again • Good Examples: WarbyParker.com, Fab.com, Gilt.com Set this up IMMEDIATELY! • Graphics-based Ads (don’t bother with text) • Vertical Ads get more eyeball time • But do all of the sizes anyway
  • Strategy : (Re)Consideration
  • Strategy : (Re)Consideration
  • Strategy: Consideration(s)• Message Testing – New Product – New Features – Benefits – Specials, Deals, Discounts• Basic Question – Is my Ad Messaging resonating? – Are they engaging/converting on my site?
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Conversion Intent• Search Engines• Keywords Related to your business – Problem or Pleasure – Product/Service Category – Product/Service Name – Competitors • Trademark Issues: Keyword is OK, Ad Copy is Not • Buy, Upgrade, Hate, Technical Support, Problems – Brand & Misspellings
  • Should I bother with Search?• Keyword Research Tool – See potential performance – Related Keywords• Should I Bother? – Are people searching for my products? – Is this demand significant?• If Yes, Basic Campaign – Purpose: Learning Your Customer’s Language
  • Should I bother with Search?• Learning About Your Customers with Search – Keyword: Tennis Shoes – Start on “Exact” Match • Shows up for: Tennis Shoes • Doesn’t for: Anything else, no matter how similar – Move to “Phrase” Match • Shows up for: Red Tennis Shoes, Tennis Shoes Sale • Doesn’t for: Shoes for Tennis, Tennis Sneakers – If you have $$$, “Broad Match • Shows up for: Best Shoes for Tennis, Running Shoes • Doesn’t show up for: Spaghetti Monster, Pink Tutu – http://support.google.com/adwords/bin/answer.py?hl=en&ans wer=2497836• Search Query Report – What terms did people search for when the saw your ad? – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnUs9JFKl_g
  • Should I bother with Search?• Ad Copy – http://certifiedknowledge.org/blog/an-endless- supply-of-adwords-ads-for-your-split-test- experiments/ – http://www.netargument.com/2011/07/19bold- ideas-for-writing-google-adwords.html – Starting Out, Anything Goes • The Goal is understanding customer language
  • Should I Bother with Display?• Link: How to Build a Display Campaign• Tips – Unique Campaigns per effort • Topics, Interests, Keywords, Remarketing – Graphics-based Display Ads work best – Vertical Ads get the most eyeball time• Building your ads – Google has a (fairly decent) Free Tool http://www.google.com/ads/displaynetwork/pla n-creative-campaigns/display-ad-builder.html
  • Free Money• Come to my class on June 16th – $250 in Google, MSN, and Facebook credits• Set up accounts, then wait – Analytics – 1and1.com, Godaddy – Gmail – Adwords – Google it
  • Homework• Set up a Google Adwords Account – If you get lost, call Google• Keyword Research Tool – Just brainstorm. Export the results file• Find display ads for your competitors – Or companies selling to the same customers – Save the images • Ctrl Shift PrtSc