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Isis Papyrus Ti Inbound E

  1. 1. <INBOUND> Inbound Mail Processing Intelligent Classification and Automated Distribution ISIS Papyrus enables your incoming mail to flow:  Automates the data enrichment of all documents  Reduces throughput times and acquisition effort  Provides relevant information earlier and more completely  Preserve in a secure WebArchive and retrieved quickly  A Complete solution for efficient Capture and agile Case Management
  2. 2. Receive Mail & E USE ON C FI L OF Y Capture workflow PO S T S A CL T S FIR Customer Case documents are received Pby A L V R OS SE T  Mail  Fax  E-mail  Web  SOAP Studies have found that up to 75% of all documents received SCAN FAX E-MAIL WEB and manually keyed into a data collection system contain some type of error. However, the ISIS Papyrus Capture solu- tion automates document processing with speed and accu- ACQUISITION racy, regardless of the input method. Papyrus Capture can meet all of your corporate inbound document requirements CLASSIFICATION without the need for complex programming. determine document type AUTOMATIC Incoming Mail/Scanning INDEX AND DATA EXTRACTION Case documents are often received as paper documents which Papyrus Capture then transforms into business critical information. They are scanned, digitally signed and encrypted VALIDATION to secure the data. with data look up Visual quality control, batch image optimization, and auto- VERIFY mated indexing technologies such as barcode and/or OCR with zonal recognition are all part of the Papyrus solution. CATEGORIZER document distribution Incoming Faxes Papyrus Fax Server set ups in remote offices enable fax docu- INBOX INBOX INBOX INBOX INBOX ments to be scanned and indexed directly at the source then DEPARTMENT “A” DEPARTMENT “B” DEPARTMENT “C” DEPARTMENT “D” DEPARTMENT “E” shared as appropriate throughout the organization based Incoming Mail workflow upon roles and privileges. Incoming E-mails Gains achieved For e-mails, neural network functionality is used to compare Transparency of collecting documents electronically, no similarities and differences with incoming e-mails and those matter whether document scanner, MFPs, cheque or net- stored in the domain knowledge-base that’s built up by work , scanner examples. Words and phrases are used to classify an e-mail, Uniform operating with TWAIN driver, Pixtrans/ISIS and and not just those in the subject line. This is approximately 10 times quicker then OCR recognition. Papyrus low level driver Using many extra features like imprinting, dual stream im- Web Response ages and soft dropout color Papyrus software also allows for a Web application where cus- tomers fill out HTML response forms. These are captured with the Papyrus HTTP Adapter and processed accordingly. SOAP Application Message A SOAP message can be used to communicate informa- tion from a 3rd party application server, JAVA application, Web Portal or any other WebServices enabled system. The extracted information can be compared to existing databases Network scanner to ensure accuracy. Duplex cheque scanner
  3. 3. Automation by Recognition: Extract/Index Categorize S E IC Recognition of all inbound Communication Benefits achieved With the variety of documents that arrive daily at a com- Significant reduction of manual data entry pany the need to quickly process and forward them to the Higher data quality right department is paramount. Therefore, the development Reliable and reproducible results and operation of a capture system must be independent of document types, input hardware and operating system. But Language independent processing in order to achieve the afore mentioned result, large banks, insurance companies, government organizations, industry and service corporations all require fast development, elimi- Intelligent Extraction Process nation of programming effort and operating system and scanner independence; all of this is inherent in the Papyrus Based on advanced OCR/ICR (a combination of ISIS’ own Inbound Concept. development and a market leader engine), printed and hand- written documents can be analyzed and data fields of interest automatically extracted irrespective of whether the position Scanned Fax E-mail on the page is known or not. Immediate Fuzzy-logic based Mail/Paper matching uses calculations to assess the probability of the contents of a predefined data field for dramatically improved ? results. Iconic Papyrus Classify Designer OCR image detection partial geometric features Papyrus FixForm uses four OCR/ICR engines with advanced teach by example ? image preprocessing for improved document recognition. Keyword OCR full predefined or It provides indexing and processing of data extracted from page learned by example known forms on predefined document positions. Manifold ? parameterization and post processing text filter functions Textual manual Content enable best possible recognition automation. phrase detection Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class ... ... ... Index .........first_name........... Structured Semi-Structured Unstructured ...........last_name........... ...customer_number... Self-learning Classification Process ..............address.............. The Papyrus Capture classification methodology is indepen- dent of document type because the categorizer is typically trained through the use of examples. From this input the clas- sification process learns specific similarities and distinctive differences. Self-learning technology ensures that all types of Papyrus FreeForm® automatically recognizes scanned but documents can be classified based on properties, keywords unsorted business documents of unknown structure and and rules. layout. The system also recognizes unstructured or poorly structured documents with great reliability and is capable As for the documents that could not be classified correctly, of processing any kind of business case document, such as constant fine-tuning is possible whilst Papyrus Capture runs correspondence, invoices, copied forms, job applications, and in real time. This ensures continuous optimization of Papyrus many more. Classify and enables flexible adjustment of the rules based on the changes in the received documents that have to be processed.
  4. 4. Optimize by Validate Verify Data masks for accessing all administrator and even design- Exception handling er functions. Customized “Document Workplace” that can handle ex- In the uncommon event that automatic classification is not successful the document is routed for manual classification tended requirements for manual input processing such as and is displayed automatically for visual classification. The rearranging the sequence of sheets or exchanging pages document is then flagged and can be routed to a supervisor’s within documents. inbox for further verification. Self-learning technology ensures that all types of documents can be classified. Highlights Modern look graphical conglomerate of VISTA/Mac-X but operating system independent Same definition for Web and Desktop Extremely flexible and user definable GUI definition without Programming: 8 NO extra GUI Designer tools required 8 NO HTML and PPL knowledge required 8 NO Java Programming 8 NO Process code in the Layout 8 NO XML/XSL/XSLT description required CLEAR distinction between LAYOUT and CONTENT Handling of TIFF, multipage TIFF, AFP, JPG and PDF … Manual Freely customizable arrangement of document list, data Classification and images Color highlighting of important regions rejected/suspicious characters Verify: Manual Data Completion Tree Thumbnail lists of documents to allow quick overview On-line validation with selection list for values allowed Data entry staff that are given ”Correction and Verification” duties need only to deal with rejected character reads or those failing the plausibility checks. Ensuring maximum data integrity, the validation data and contextual information used for plausibility checks are retained within SQL-databases (e.g. DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.). Should a situation arise where the document cannot be cor- rected or verified immediately, such as what might occur if a customer care representative needs to respond, then the document is placed into a suspended state and forwarded to an exception item workstation or to a manual process for on- going processing. Papyrus Client/Capture is the browser-based or thick client end-user interface for all user interactions within a inbound mail capture system. It enables the completion, correction Database Lookup Support for Completion and classification of inbound documents along with full GUI functionality for the displaying of documents and manual validation. Other features include: Benefits THREE ways to access: Portal–Browser, Terminal Server, Uniform handling of scans, faxes and e-mails Desktop – with ONE definition Context aware editable fields for data entry Seamless display all types of processed inbound documents Interactive verification of recognized data Ergonomic flexible screen designs – Papyrus Eye Image display of snippets or whole pages Customizable without the need for programming Free message text and user hints
  5. 5. Case Study: In their own words... “Having learned to use the new tool and Telecom successfully integrated the capture system into our existing systems we obtained a high level of transparency, which not only achieved new processing targets but also improved our customer’s perception and, hence, improved acceptance of our products.” The Customer The Telekom Austria group is Klaus Ambros Austria’s leading provider of telecommunication services in Telekom Austria AG both stationary and mobile net- works. The Requirements Highlights In order to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive Accepts all document types marketplace, Telekom Austria restructured its case manage- ment operations to expand service offerings. These included Powerful design tools that simplify the definition of new centralizing its processing throughout Austria, and higher document types and extensive use of supervised “machine automation of the incoming mail. However, the transactions learn by example” techniques relating to services such as installing new telephone lines, Smooth permanent system enhancements with minimal changing of telephone numbers, issuing invoices, or changes disruption to the operation in tariffs, typically involve information interaction with its cus- From the initial 30 forms the system has expanded signifi- tomers via paper or E-mail. cantly and is currently handling in excess of more than 100 document types, forms, all invoices, customer letters etc. In the case of Telekom Austria, the content of more than 10,000 The customer’s mail is typically distributed to the designat- letter and fax documents daily including returns of marketing campaigns, needed to be distributed fast and reliably to the ed case management personnel throughout Austria within appropriate departments within the organization for ongoing maximum 4 hours after being received processing. This demanded a well integrated solution capable High automation rates reached (up to 98%, depending on of high levels of automation, accurate distribution of docu- document type) ments, and the rapid introduction of new document types. Decision Criteria The Concept Capable of processing large daily volumes with high accu- Telekom Austria’s scan center in Vienna was chosen as the racy centralized distribution point for all the incoming mail. The Intuitive and productive user interfacing during the data entire process involving customer correspondence required completion process (Verification Module) re-structuring, from the digitalization of incoming data (e.g. Improved performance benefits (number of documents per customer mail and business documents) through long-term archiving of information with fast and transparent data access employee hour) available, on demand, at the desktop. A flexible and comprehensive design environment to read- ily adapt the system for new tasks ISIS Papyrus offered a solution based upon Papyrus Capture Easy integration to SAP, Host, CRM (Clarify), SQL Customer products that created a transparent portal between the database incoming paper documents and the digital information resi- dent within the system’s domain. The implementation of Papyrus Capture also provided the basis for the introduction of further case management workflow at Telekom Austria. MOTIVATIONS for INNOVATIONS The Solution Motivation: Increase responsiveness and thus cus- tomer satisfaction Two high volume scanners process the huge daily volume with the automatic document sorting and information extrac- Innovation: Homogeneous and central handling tion being performed by Papyrus Capture. Unstructured mail of all types of inbound mail and documents are classified by the FreeForm® subsystem, Solution: Papyrus Capture System for maximum and the index information is automatically extracted. document automation
  6. 6. YE WebArchive - Electronic Originals E US Short Term and Long YR Term Archiving AP Multiple WebArchive servers per- P Local Portal direct access proxy (*) form the long-term and short-term archiving onto the media of your choice. Storage management attri- butes for each object ensure that it is Internet or local network automatically archived as soon as it E-mail Adapters reaches the appropriate state. There HTML are no archive runs or conversions Extraction E-Mail that are necessary and if the pro- cess requires proof of originality and Papyrus WebArchive Papyrus WebArchive authenticity then the archived items Papyrus Capture short-term storage long-term storage can be digitally signed at any point in Classify (PKI digital signature) TIFF Recognition the process. Extraction FAX Verify A WebArchive can consist of any Papyrus DocEXEC Server number of servers and can either use its own index or an external DB DocEXEC Application Document index. BLOBS can be stored native- Data Formatting ly on disk where they can then be subsequently stored and retrieved from/to a third party archive, Authorization, Security and Auditing or some external database. Furthermore, a WebArchive is not dependent on any particular hardware. Access rights USER LDAP Adapter e-document Delivery and Customer Care Audit trail Web Access Document SSL encryption (AFP and PDF) Digital Signature (PKI Public Key Infrastructure) One or more WebPortal servers can be deployed to supply Secure HTTPS Adapter the Papyrus Eye FLASH user interface or alternatively each user can work on their own node using a PC. Dynamically Papyrus WebRepository integration created from definitions in the repository and not through the coding of a GUI the WebPortal can automatically create Manage Versions and Resources (fonts, logos, …) global modifications of the presentation through changes to Make resources available on various platforms the meta-data in the repository. Document viewing options Manage Application Definitions and their versions are PDF, AFP, GIF, TIF. Distributed DataBASE (archive nodes) Multiple point of access (several Portals) WebArchive Features View Meta information on the page (stickers) Full integration with production workflow and case man- agement Central Archive folders for ALL document types and e-mails Third party vendor database not required, but supported Cross platform distributed storage Long Term Archive with external storage systems (i.e. Tivoli or Centera) Unlimited storage space provided by distributed archive Full integration with Output Management nodes, overcoming hardware limitations 8 Unlimited Archive Size: 8 Unlimited amount of nodes ( 4 Billion!) All documents can be reprinted on any standard laser printer, 8 Unlimited amount of Objects ( 4 Billion per node) faxed or e-mailed. ‘Copy’ or ‘duplicate’ information is automati- 8 Disk space unlimited cally added by the system at time of print.
  7. 7. Papyrus for Content and Case Consolidation Case Management is about receiving information, getting The Papyrus Process and Content Platform integrates Case the right information to the right people and having the Management with ECM, BPM, Databases, Time Travel (past right processes in place to enable people to act at the right and future) and a Rule Engine for case definitions. The central time in order to respond appropriately. This requires a busi- WebRepository in the system defines, controls and version ness communication platform that offers Closed-loop Case manages the meta-data for all business cases containing data, Management for the consolidation of Inbound and Outbound documents, questions, rules and previous activities. Relieving business communications on a single flexible platform. The the Business from traditional programming in languages such business process is created through the simple assembly of as Java and .NET the benefits are substantial; because agile user-definable ITEMS in a CASE folder. This enables a holistic processes make for a Business that is in much more control. view of, for example, an insurance case whilst also providing built-in support for the process time-line. Any item combination State changes Case summary states Papyrus – State and Event Driven Model Includes all documents Documents are created from case data Time Travel (Roll out Roll back) What is the right action to take? Event Current Status and mechanism past actions? auditor Case les service Interview Ru family Papyrus WebRepository Case Management questions ent es el od with depend fax rule father ages nM tivitie mess ac ve s user Dri Invoic and Event e Statem assets . ent Legal alls ec Co mother question Servic py ails phon e Reco rd e-m View State cess sales da nal ta ns tio pro exter ques rule ee- child a ll ds l Tr ho A si m r ne lp e C ase Co n t a i BENEFIT Add items docs at any time WebArchive accounting Benefits A flexible solution All information items are modeled in the Papyrus WebRepository A free-form CASE container holds all case Unique closed loop case management (inbound/processing/outbound) items and their state providing flexibility Enables a holistic view of, for example, an insurance case, a family or a and control at the same time. household Changing an existing CASE means only Built-in support for the process time-line adding another ITEM to the CASE on the The Case contains data, documents, rules, questions, decisions and previous fly. activities Ideally, the summary state of the CASE Rules are attached to the correct data element and applied only in the case does not have to be encoded into rules, Deploying Java or .NET programs to servers or PCs is not required but rather, can be trained!
  8. 8. A Fully Integrated Business Document Solution ISIS Locations International Headquarters, Austria The Papyrus Document System is much more than a collection of software compo- nents. Its architecture follows a thoughtfully designed blueprint that provides solutions ISIS Information Systems GmbH to individual customer problems as well as long-term concepts for the integration of new ISIS Marketing Service GmbH ISIS Knowledge Systems GmbH technologies naturally into your environment. These Papyrus components can be used as Alter Wienerweg 12 stand alone products or combined in an integrated system where they cover the complete A-2344 Maria Enzersdorf life cycle of inbound and outbound Correspondence including Process Management. T: +43-2236-27551-0 F: +43-2236-21081 E-mail: Papyrus Designer Suite Papyrus WebArchive US Headquarters A complete graphical development pack- Performs long-term and short-term archiving ISIS Papyrus America, Inc. age on Windows, for both outgoing and onto the media of your choice all whilst ful- 301 Bank St. Southlake, TX 76092 incoming documents. filling customer care and e-document deliv- T: 817-416-2345 ery requirements. Documents can be viewed F: 817-416-1223 Papyrus DocEXEC and printed in AFP or PDF format or con- Asia-Pacific Headquarters A high-speed formatting engine that’s avail- verted on the fly into a PDF, GIF or TIFF file. able on 12 platforms for high volume batch An XML interface links the document index ISIS Papyrus Asia Pacific Ltd and interactive ad hoc document production. information to third party archiving systems. 9 Temasek Blvd. #15-03 Suntec City Tower 2 Singapore 038989 T: +65-6339-8719 F: +65-6336-6933 England ISIS Papyrus UK Ltd. Watership Barn Kingsclere Business Park Union Lane, Kingsclere Hants, RG20 4SW T: +44-1635-299849 F: +44-1635-297594 Germany ISIS Papyrus Deutschland GmbH Heerdter Lohweg 81 40549 Düsseldorf T: +43-2236-27551-0 F: +43-2236-21081 Papyrus Client Papyrus WebRepository Benelux Offers Word-like text editing and data entry Provides document and resource version- ISIS Papyrus Benelux functions. The integrated DocEXEC func- ing and validation with centrally defined Braine l´Alleud Parc de l´Alliance tionality performs online and user interac- Security. Digital signatures, audit trailing, 9, Boulevard de France, bât A tive document formatting and printing. user role management, job management 1420 Braine l´Alleud and automatic software and resource distri- T: +32-2-352-8720 Papyrus WebPortal/WebApplications bution are standard features of the product. F: +32-2-352-8802 Places user interactive ad hoc and on demand Italy Papyrus WebControl business document generation in the hands ISIS Papyrus Italy Srl of the business whilst ensuring enterprise Controls all background processes that via Monte Navale 11 wide standardization of documents. do not require user interaction. Typically 10015 Ivrea (TO) all inbound and outbound processing is T: +39-0125-6455-00 Papyrus Capture queued and managed from the WebControl F: +39-0125-6455-150 Imports incoming paper, fax and e-mail into interface. Operators can view job/spool/ France the system by classification according to a queue/and print management information ISIS Papyrus France SARL sample document set or keywords. Text and across all platforms and different output 21, Rue Vernet data fields are extracted for further process- channels using the WebPortal browser or 75008 Paris ing and archiving. Papyrus Desktop. T: +33-1-47 20 08 99 F: +33-1-47 20 15 43 Papyrus Postprocessing/PrintPool Papyrus Server Spain Documents of any data source can be bun- Transparently converts AFP and PDF with ISIS Thot SL. dled, sorted and merged into one enve- the highest fidelity to the required output Sainz de la Calleja, 14 lope. Storing documents in the PrintPool formats for printing, faxing, mailing , web 28023 Madrid with document index information allows delivery and archiving. T: +34-91-307-78-41 for them to be output managed and distrib- F: +34-91-307-75-08 uted across different channels such a fax, e-mail, archive, Internet delivery and print.