MISSION:TO PROMOTE HEALTH AND                                USA MEDDAC Fort Riley, KSWELLNESS AND TO                     ...
Industrial Hygiene          PAGE      2                                       Located behind the hospital in Build-    wor...
VOLUME           1,   ISSUE        1                                                                                     P...
...and, our Partners in Public Health…                          Veterinary Services!VETERINARY TREATMENT FACILITYThe Fort ...
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DPH Newsletter April 2013 (hp)_pdf final


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Public Health Newsletter

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DPH Newsletter April 2013 (hp)_pdf final

  1. 1. MISSION:TO PROMOTE HEALTH AND USA MEDDAC Fort Riley, KSWELLNESS AND TO Department of Public HealthPREVENT DISEASE ANDINJURY AT FORT RILEYTHROUGH WORKPLACEAND COMMUNITY HEALTH. V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1 1 A P R I L 2 0 1 3CONTACT US!Occupational Health,(785) 240-7042 National Public Health Week, April 1-7Army Public HealthNursing, 239-7323 In 1995, former President William Clinton proclaimed the first full weekArmy HearingProgram, 240-7233 of April as National Public Health Week (NPHW).EnvironmentalHealth, 239-7231Industrial Hygiene,239-7220 What is PublicArmy WellnessCenter, 239-WELL Health? It is the sci- ence of protecting and improving the health ofINSIDE THISISSUE: communities through education, promotion ofNational PublicHealth Week ...1 healthy lifestyles, and research for disease andArmy WellnesCenter ...1 injury prevention.Industrial Hygiene ...2Army Public Opening Soon!Health Nursing ...2Army HearingProgram ...2EnvironmentalHealth ...3 Location at building 7285, Custer Hill.Occupational Call 785-239-WELL for more information!Health ...31ID & Fort Riley HealthPromotion Office ...3 The Grand Opening for the Fort Riley Army Wellness Center is tentatively scheduled for the first week in June. The dynamic and motivated staff will pro-Fort Riley VeterinarySevices ...4 vide the following services to assist you in your health and wellness goals; health assessment review, general wellness education, physical fitness recommendations, stress management techniques, tobacco education, and healthy nutrition counsel- ing. We will be operational by the end of April and look forward to seeing you.
  2. 2. Industrial Hygiene PAGE 2 Located behind the hospital in Build- workstation ergonomic surveys, ing 609-C, our Industrial Hygienists noise surveys, respiratory pro- and technicians are on the lookout tection surveys, and construc- for workplace hazards and safety con- tion project and system design cerns throughout the Fort Riley in- reviews. stallation. If you ever have a workplace Some of the services they provide concern, please call Industrial are; accidental exposure investiga- Hygiene at 785-239-7220. tions, asbestos, lead, and mold sur-Technician veys, environmental sampling, physicalconducting an airquality survey. hazard studies, health risk assess- ments, indoor air quality assessments, “A healthy Army Public Health Nursing The Army Public Health Nursing (APHN) team is made up of military and civil- ian personnel working hard everyday to ensure a well and healthy community. force is a They are located behind the hospital in Building 609-B. Services APHN provides are; tuberculosis screening, disease/injury surveillance ready and reporting, community health assessment and outreach, travel medicine, Child and Youth Services inspections and consultation, and tobacco cessation counseling and treatment. force!” Serving to promote wellness and prevent illness – please don’t hesitate to call, 785-239-7323. Army Hearing Program The Army Hearing Program classroom setting, or by at Fort Riley is spearheaded patient appointment, by CPT Ellie Young and lo- medical surveillance, and cated behind the hospital in evaluations for custom Building 609-C. hearing protection de- Services provided include; vices. Call 785-240-7233 hearing loss prevention edu- for assistance. cation at the worksite, in a USA MEDDAC FORT RILE Y, KS
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 3 Environmental Health The Environmental Health (EH) section is made up of military and civilian per- sonnel. Their primary job is in the field doing inspections, sampling, trapping and educating. Scope of work includes: inspections of food facilities, beauty/ barber shops, fitness centers, and child development centers; water sampling; entomological testing and surveying; disease tracking; and water buffalo inspec- tions. EH also trains Soldiers and civilian workers on food safety, personal hy- giene, diseases, and hot and cold weather injury prevention. Call 785-239-7231. As the weather warms up, EH will soon begin mosquito trapping. The time- frame for surveillance at Fort Riley is from May to October. This involves plac- ing traps throughout the installation several times a week. Once the mosqui- toes are collected, they are identified by species. They are then shipped to Western Regional Medical Command to be tested for West Nile Virus. Using data collected, Environmental Health is able to provide guidance to PublicSGT Rachael Hardin placing a mosquito trap Works on pest control methods to decrease this nuisance and health hazard.outside of Irwin Army Community Hospital.Occupational HealthOccupational Health is a tion exams, respiratory bloodborne pathogen postcaring team of healthcare clearance, identification of exposure surveillance, work-professionals dedicated to reproductive workplace haz- site visits and related safetythe safety and care of the ards, medical surveillance education.civilian and military work- exams, vision and hearingforce of Fort Riley. They are conservation, medical treat- Call 785-239-located behind the hospital ment for workplace injuries 7042 for as-in building 609-D. and illnesses, civilian pre and sistance.Services provided include; post deployment exams, im-pre-placement and termina- munizations for employees,1ID and Fort Riley Health Promotion Office Resilience of theThe Army recently released face in their careers and per- and the stigma associated Force.its new Ready and Resilient sonal lives. R2C will incor- with asking for help. The For more informa-Campaign (R2C). The focus porate resilience training Community Health Promo- tion, visitof the campaign is to bring throughout a Soldier’s ca- tion Council is the platform www.army.mil/together programs and re- reer, and synchronize Army for measuring baseline resil- readyandresilientsources in order to increase programs to fight suicide, ience data and keeping Sen- or contact theSoldier’s, Family Member’s, sexual harassment/assault, ior leaders and community Health Promotionand Army Civilian’s ability to bullying/hazing, substance members informed about Office at 785-239-cope with challenges they abuse, domestic violence, the health, wellness, and 3493.
  4. 4. ...and, our Partners in Public Health… Veterinary Services!VETERINARY TREATMENT FACILITYThe Fort Riley Veterinary Treatment Facility, located at 226 Custer Avenue in the MainPost, is professionally staffed with military and civilian veterinarians and veterinary techni-cians to meet your animal care needs. We offer wellness examinations, vaccinations, micro-chips, preventive medicine, sick call appointments, and surgeries. You must be eligible forDoD medical benefits in order for us to see your pet. All pets on Fort Riley must be regis-tered (in-person at the Veterinary Treatment Facility), microchipped and up to date on vac-cines. Registration is free! Normal business hours are Mon-Friday, 0800-1600. Please con-tact 785-239-3886 to schedule your appointment today.STRAY FACILITYThe Fort Riley Stray Animal Facility is located with the Veterinary Treatment Facility at 226Custer Avenue in the Main Post. All animals picked up by the Fort Riley Military Police andbrought to this facility and are eligible for adoption if they remain unclaimed after 3 businessdays. We always have dogs and cats in need of a good home. Normal business hours areMon-Friday, 1200-1600. Feel free to contact us for more information about adoption fees.Stop by, contact us at 785-239-6183, or go to facebook.comfortrileypets.FOOD INSPECTORSOur Veterinary Services food inspectors offer food handlers’ safety classes onnumerous topics, including:-Proper storage of food-Proper handling to prevent cross-contamination of food-Proper sanitization of food preparation equipmentThese classes are open to all personnel involved in food preparation and handling.Please contact Veterinary Services at 785-239-2645 to schedule a class. SGT Velez and SPC Hanne conducting a quality assurance inspection at the Fort Riley Commissary.