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Acs ball etiquette class slides

  1. 1. A Night Out! Customs and Courtesies for Military Events Presented by: Becky Willis
  2. 2. Invitations and RSVPs • Important point of protocol • Respond in the manner requested within 24-48 hours of receipt, unless a specific date is listed • Explanations of why not attending not required • Unless their name is on the invitation, do not ask to bring them – this includes children
  3. 3. Formal Event  Military Personnel: Dress Blues / Mess jackets  Civilians: • Ball or dance – White or Black tie (men)  Formal gown (ladies) • Dinner – Tuxedo/bow tie (men)  Long dress, blouse/skirt, or evening  slacks (ladies)
  4. 4. The Military Ball
  5. 5. Cocktail/Social Hour  About an hour before receiving line starts.  Mingle  Have a drink  Have photos taken
  6. 6. Overview of the evening               Cocktail/Social Hour Receiving Line Find your seats Posting of the Colors Invocation Introduction of Guests Toasts Dinner Service Guest Speaker Awards Presentation Benediction Retiring of the Colors Formal part of night is over Dance begins
  7. 7. Receiving Line  Do not shake the Adjutant’s hand  Ladies go before their date  Gentlemen introduce the ladies  Female Soldiers  Same Sex Couples  Place clutch or purse under left arm  No drinks, no cigarettes, or anything else in your hands while in the receiving line  Keep introductions short and sweet, keep the line moving.
  8. 8. Finding Your Seats  Find your place card, put things in your chair and mingle. Do not sit until head table has came in and sat down.  Do not move your place cards to sit next to a friend.
  9. 9. Posting of the Colors  Everyone stands and faces the direction Color Guard is entering.  Playing of the National Anthem, hand over heart for civilians, stand at attention for Soldiers
  10. 10. Invocation  Prayer given by Chaplain  White Table Ceremony
  11. 11. Toasts  Toasts are assigned prior to event and are rehearsed, do not make your own toasts.  Follow along in program for proper response.  Examples:  I propose a toast to the Commander in Chief  Response: To the President  I propose a toast to our Fallen Comrades  Response: Raise glass remain silent, and do not drink  Final Toast will be: I propose a toast to the Ladies  Response: (Gentlemen seat your ladies and STAY STANDING) To the Ladies
  12. 12. Dinner Service  Staff will bring out dinner plates  Do not eat until head table has been served  Remember proper dining etiquette  When done, place napkin on your plate to single staff they may take your plate
  13. 13. Dinner Service
  14. 14. Guest Speaker  The Guest Speaker will say a few words  Stay seated, only getting up from your table if necessary
  15. 15. Benediction  Closing prayer
  16. 16. Retiring of the Colors  Stand, facing the Color Guard
  17. 17. Formal portion is over, Dance begins  You will be released for the evening  Option to stay for dance portion or to leave.
  18. 18. Now you know what to expect…… What to wear??  Tasteful  Elegant  Classy  Modest cut  Business function
  19. 19. Can I Wear This?
  20. 20. Can I Wear This? No -To much back -To much leg
  21. 21. Can I Wear This?
  22. 22. Can I Wear This? Yes -Classy -Modest -Can wear to multiple events
  23. 23. Can I Wear This?
  24. 24. Can I Wear This? No -Above the Knee -To much leg
  25. 25. Can I Wear This?
  26. 26. Can I Wear This? NO -To much cleavage -Low cut
  27. 27. Can I Wear This?
  28. 28. Can I Wear This? YES -Modest Cut -Floor length -Stands out from other dresses without being to flashy
  29. 29. Can I Wear This?
  30. 30. Can I Wear This? YES -Modest Cut -Floor length -Bright color but tastefully done
  31. 31. Can I Wear This?
  32. 32. Can I Wear This? NO -Above the knee, to short -Low cut -Prom style dress, not formal business event
  33. 33. Questions