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4 warning signs to watch for when buying your next camper
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4 warning signs to watch for when buying your next camper


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When shopping for a camper, watch for any rodent signs including droppings, chewed wires, damaged air vents and rodent smells.

When shopping for a camper, watch for any rodent signs including droppings, chewed wires, damaged air vents and rodent smells.

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  • 1. 4 Warning Signs to Watch for When Buying Your Next Camper 1.800.583.2921
  • 2. Camping is such a fun family experience and buying a new or new-to-you camper is just the beginning to that adventure. However finding your new camper has been home to rodents, can leave you feeling deflated. Rodent damage can be expensive and tiresome to repair. The mess of droppings and urine they leave behind is such a hassle to clean-up, not to mention a health risk. 1.800.583.2921
  • 3. 1) Unfamiliar Smells The scent of a dead rodent is a very particular kind of smell that lingers. One of the worst places to have a dead mouse is in the heating duct. It could be costly to have the air ducts cleaned and the furniture and floors steam cleaned to get the smell out. 1.800.583.2921
  • 4. 2) Rub Marks & Droppings Rub marks are found along floors and the walls next to them, these are caused by the grease in rodent hair and serve as signposts marking a trail for them to follow. Black rice looking droppings are a sure sign rodents have or still are living in the camper. 1.800.583.2921
  • 5. 3) Nests or Chewed Up Material Often found under couches, seats, sinks, closets, dressers, or under the hood (in a motorhome) Nests can consist of chewed up upholstery, curtains, and even insulation. They can clog air-filters, heat ducts and affect the performance of furnaces, air conditioners and also refrigerators. 1.800.583.2921
  • 6. 4) Chewed or Broken Wires Rodents teeth never stop growing, therefore they must constantly gnaw on anything to keep them trimmed. They find great pleasure in chewing on wires. This can create a dangerous situation to you. Chewed wires not only will cause mechanic failure, but also a huge fire risk. Replacing the wiring in a camper can be a very expensive and time consuming process. 1.800.583.2921
  • 7. Making sure an RV is in good repair is just as important as making sure it has enough space and the amenities you and your family need. Fresh Cab® repels rodents using their sense of smell. Simply put; rodents hate the fresh, balsam scent that we find pleasing. These “mouse pouches” are safe around your pets & kids. With Fresh Cab there are no toxic poisons, dangerous traps, or piercing sounds, just a fresh scent that keeps the rodents away. Place Fresh Cab pouches anywhere indoors you are having problems with rodents and rest assured your family & pets are protected from the deadly dangers of rodents & the common methods used to control them. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee! 1.800.583.2921
  • 8. Protect Your RV from Rodent Damage: Avoiding the stressful, and expensive experience of repairing rodent damage is obviously preferable. A safe & effective mouse control option is Fresh Cab® Natural Rodent Repellent. Fresh Cab is made from plant fibers and essential oils - no toxic chemicals, and is so safe you could eat it. Protect your investment and trust Fresh Cab, the original natural rodent repellent. 1.800.583.2921
  • 9. WATCH: Getting Rid of Mice in Camper and Cleaning Up Their Droppings
  • 10. For more information on getting rid of rodents and protecting your pets & family against dangerous rodent control methods – visit our website