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For acute and chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and hay fever, contains no animal products

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  1. 1. Be Well Sinus: Homeopathic Nasal Spray Richard Clement Nutrition and Be Well Homeopathics Company LOGO
  2. 2. BE WELL SINUS NASAL SPRAY For acute and chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and hay fever, contains no animal products 1 OZ/30 ml Nasal Spray Dosage: Spray in each nostrils several time daily according to symptoms Ingredients: Pulsatilla 2X Coryza, loss of smell, yellow mucus, sinusitis Euphorbium 4X Nasal itching, rhinitis, sinusitis Allium cepa 6X Coryza, sneezing, hay fever Histaminum 6X Allergies Luffa operculata 6X Coryza, rhinitis, sinusitis Sabadilla 6X Coryza, hay fever, spasmodic sneezing Hepar sulphuris calcareum 12X Hay fever, sneezing X = 1/10 homeopathic, Dilution, 2 X = 1/100, 4 X = 1/10000
  3. 3. PULSATILLA 2 X Pulsatilla nigricans. Anemone pratensis. Pulsatilla pratensis. Pasque Flower. (Sunny, sandy pastures in Central and Northern Europe and parts of South of England.) N. O. Ranunculaceæ. Tincture of entire fresh plant when in flower (it flowers in spring and again in autumn). The nose feels sore internally and externally. Discharge of fetid and greenish or yellowish pus from nose (like old catarrh). Old catarrh, frequently a profuse discharge every morning. Nasal catarrh accompanied by special discomfort in the house, cannot breathe well in a warm room, and better out into the open air.─ Obstruction of nose and dry coryza, principally in evening and in the heat of a room. Coryza with loss of taste and smell, or with discharge of thick (yellowish green) and fetid mucus. Tickling in nose and frequent sneezing, principally in morning and evening.
  4. 4. EUPHORBIUM 4 X Euphorbium officinarum. Gum Euphorbium. The resinous exudation or juice of Euphorbia resinifera. exported from Morocco. Euphorbia resinifera is a cactus-like plant of the Euphorbiaceæ. A suffocating itching in the nose, extending to the brain, with abundant flow of mucus from the posterior nares. Frequent sneezing.
  5. 5. ALLIUM CEPA 6 X Allium Cepa. Cepa. Common Red Onion. N. O. Liliaceæ. Tincture of the onion; or of whole fresh plant gathered from July to August. Profuse watery discharge from the nose, with sneezing, acrid burning, excoriating the nose and upper lip Fluent coryza, with running of water from the eyes, headache, heat, thirst, cough, trembling of the hands; worst in evening and in a room; better in the open air. A sort of hay-fever every August, morning coryza, violent sneezing, sensitive to the odor of flowers.
  6. 6. HISTAMINUM 6 X An homeopathic dilution of histamine All Histamine related Allergies
  7. 7. LUFFA 6 XLuffa is a genus of tropical and subtropical vinesclassified in the cucumber (Cucurbitaceae) family Clinical Trials Acute sinusitis treated with a homeopathic remedy (Lobaria pulmonaria, Luffa operculata, potassium dichromate) for 2 weeks in an open label study with 119 patients Adler 1999 Hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis) treatment with homeopathic nasal spray (Luffa operculata, Galphimia glauca, histamine, and sulfur) was as effective as cromolyn sodium in a double blind study with 146 outpatients Weiser 1999 No benefit found for sinusitis by luffa operculata containing homeopathic remedies compared with placebo in a study with 152 patients Wiesenauer 1989
  8. 8. SABADILLA 6X Asagræa officinalis. Veratrum officinale. Sabadilla officinarum. Cebadilla. Cevadilla. N. O. Melanthaceæ (of the Liliaceæ). Tincture of seeds. Itching tingling in nose and contractive smarting Great sensibility to smell of garlic. Sensitive dryness of upper part of nose. Violent spasmodic sneezing (shaking the abdomen, then lachrymation Obstruction of nostrils, alternately Fluent coryza with altered features and bewildered head (influenza; hay-fever). Great masses of white and transparent mucus are blown from nose, without coryza
  9. 9. HEPAR SULPHURIS 12 X Hepar sulphuris calcareum. An impure Sulphide of Calcium prepared by burning in a crucible the white interior of oyster shells with pure flowers of sulphur. Trituration. Inflammation, redness, and swelling of the nose. Pain, as of a bruise, and of excoriation in the nose, on its being touched.─ Coryza, chiefly on one side.
  10. 10. Be Well Homeopathicswww.web-outpatients.com1-877-438-3042305-594-2145Fax 305-594-2174Richard Clement Nutrition and Be Well HomeopathicsSince 12 yearsCreated by Richard Clement MD