Freescale Analog and Sensors Overview


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Freescale’s sensors portfolio is designed with the right combination of intelligent integration, logic and customizable software delivering differentiated solutions across auto, consumer, medical and industrial applications.

Freescale provides robust, reliable high-performance analog mixed-signal and power solutions that bridge real world signals with connected processor intelligence enabling complete embedded system solutions. Our proprietary SMARTMOS mixed-signal process allows high-density logic to co-exist with both analog and power functions.

Products include power management, battery management, system management and automation, power drivers and power analog switches. Our products enable longer battery life, smaller form factor, component count reduction, ease of design, lower system cost and improved performance in powering state of the art systems for a wide variety of automotive, consumer, industrial and small engine products.

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Freescale Analog and Sensors Overview

  1. 1. TM Analog and Sensors Overview
  2. 2. TM 1 Analog and Sensors Making Embedded Systems Real Thermal and energy efficient Precision sense and control Extreme harsh environments 30+ years auto experience Health monitoring and failover Revolutionized “Safe” systems Preferred MCU partner Bridges real-world to digital Turnkey reference designs Leadership in Functional Safety Differentiated Robust, Reliable Performance Complete Embedded System Solutions + Automation
  3. 3. TM 2 Positioned to Address Key Market Trends Market Trends System Applications Analog & Sensor Solutions Internet of Things Motion processing, control and Communication Sensor fusion Power actuation drivers CAN/LIN MCU support MPU power management, Li-Ion battery charger / fuel gauge Electrification Energy storage systems Hybrid battery systems Battery sensors, eXtreme Switch, alternator-regulators LED lighting, solid state relays eXtreme Switch, Drivers Automotive energy efficiency Direct fuel injection Precision DFI pre-drivers Electric vehicle power train Power Drivers and gate drivers Automotive safety systems ADAS radar 77 GHz radar transceivers Tire pressure monitoring system 7x7 dual-axis wireless sensor node Next generation braking ABS, Stability control, parking brake Industrial & auto functional safety Process automation and control System basis chips, transceivers, motor drivers, eXtreme Switch
  4. 4. TM 3 Applications for Analog and Sensors Data source: Beecham Research IoT Market Map
  5. 5. TM 4 System Power & Connectivity Infotainment PMICs System basis chips CAN / LIN transceivers I/O switch detectors Growing Leadership in Automotive Safety Automation ADAS 77GHz radar transceivers Airbag ECU & crash sensors Seat occupancy pressure sensor Braking: ABS, ESC, WSS control TPMS wireless sensor nodes Battery and Energy Management Alternator regulators Stop/Start MOSFETs Intelligent battery sensors Engine Management BAP/MAP pressure sensors DFI solenoid controllers Power Drivers and Switches MagniV relay drivers H-Bridge DC motor drivers 3-phase BLDC motor pre-drivers eXtreme power switches
  6. 6. TM 5 Analog and Sensor Summary Bridging real world physics to connected processors Preferred partner for complete embedded system solutions Leveraging MCU attach to diversify customers and markets Expanding strong automotive position Extending leadership with differentiated products RobustReliablePerformance
  7. 7. TM © 2014 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. | Confidential and Proprietary
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