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Malls and department stores may not be bustling with as many customers this holiday season. According to Deloitte’s 23rd Annual Holiday Survey, online retailing will continue to grow this holiday season, with a record 71% of consumers spending at least part of their holiday budgets on the Internet. The survey shows that difficult economic conditions are a factor in the Internet’s continued growth. More than one-third of consumers say they will shop more online in order to save on gas. In addition, because of the economic environment, more than half will be on the lookout for free shipping offers from online retailers. These tips discuss in detail some benefits of shopping online.

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Freedom Debt Relief - Benefits of Shopping Online

  1. 1. Volume 4 #10 Benefits of Shopping Online • Spare Change Boost Your Settlement Account • Inspiring Thoughts Frugal & Simple Homemade Gift Ideas Making the Most of Gift Cards • FDR Client Reminders Welcome to the Freedom Debt Relief monthly newsletter! As part of our ongoing goal to enhance our services, we will be sending you a monthly newsletter filled with interesting articles and helpful financial tips and 1-800-655-6303 advice. We hope you enjoy this issue, and that you find the enclosed information helpful as you continue on the road to financial freedom. Benefits of Shopping Online M alls and department stores may not this holiday season. Many online stores require that describe how the product broke the next day be bustling with as many customers customers to spend a certain amount of money or was too difficult to assemble, you may want to this holiday season. According to in order to receive free shipping. This is a great keep this in mind as you make your purchasing Deloitte’s 23rd Annual Holiday Survey, online perk, but be careful of using free shipping as an decision. retailing will continue to grow this holiday excuse to buy extra items that you may not need. Find coupon codes. Coupons season, with a record 71% of consumers For example, if you only plan to spend $25, spending at least part of their holiday budgets think twice before you spend $50 just to receive codes are the online version of the paper coupon. on the Internet. The survey shows that difficult free shipping. Visit for a During the checkout process, many retailers economic conditions are a factor in the Internet’s list of offers from more than 850 stores. allow you to enter a code, which will help you continued growth. More than one-third of save on your purchase. Many sites such as www. Compare prices. As more consumers consumers say they will shop more online in and order to save on gas. In addition, because of shop online, many price comparison sites gain offer lists of coupon codes. See if you can find a the economic environment, more than half will popularity. You type a keyword or product name code for a particular merchant before completing be on the lookout for free shipping offers from in the search field and your results will consist of your online purchase. online retailers. The tips below discuss in detail online stores that have the item in stock along some benefits of shopping online. with the selling price. Comparison shopping sites may save you time and money because Enjoy the convenience. Before you can see which retailer has the best price the days of online shopping, you may remember without visiting many web sites. Some popular battling crowds, standing in long checkout lines, comparison sites include and fighting for parking spaces at a busy mall. com,, and www.pricegrabber. These type of hectic environments may trigger com. When evaluating your results, stress and cause consumers to make impulsive or recommends researching lesser known companies extravagant purchases. Shopping online allows before purchasing products from their site. you to browse the Web in the privacy of your Read reviews. Many retailers give own home. You may be more likely to make Online Shopping Safety Tips rational purchasing decisions and stay within customers the opportunity to rate products your budget when you do not have to worry they purchase by writing an online review. Visit • Do not access sites through email links. about diving on a store shelf for the last toy large companies such as, that is in demand. As mentioned previously, Even the most official-looking e-mail mes-, and to read making purchases online can also help you save sages can be fraudulent, so access online reviews. In addition, there are several web sites money on gasoline. According to a survey from accounts only by typing the institution’s Web such as, www.measuredup. the National Retail Federation, 23% of the address in a browser. com, and that allow participants claim that they shop more consumers to rate customer service and product • Vary your passwords. Try using variations online because of high gas prices. experiences on a wide range of merchandise on one password—the best passwords use a and stores. Reading online reviews may help Take combination of at least eight letters, numbers, you make informed buying decisions because advantage of or punctuation symbols. customers tend to be extremely free shipping. honest when they are asked • Research the company. It is easy for for their opinion. If you Shipping fees can be one almost anyone to create an e-commerce site. come across a negative of the hidden costs of Before ordering, the FTC recommends that review, realize that ordering items online. you have a physical address for the company this product may not However, according to a and a phone number in case you have a have been the right survey from the National question. choice for one particular Retail Federation, 78% of person. However, if you see a For more tips, visit the FTC-sponsored site at online retailers plan to offer free list of unfavorable comments shipping with conditions during
  2. 2. when bills arrive in January, some individuals may regret their holiday kindness. Since you made a commitment to be debt-free by joining a debt settlement company, coping with all of the holiday hype might be quite challenging at times. The desire to make a child happy with an expensive toy or the urge to make your house have the most festive decorations on the block could easily destroy your budget. Client Reminders Amidst all of the breathtaking surroundings and the “once in a lifetime” mall sales, many Please keep us updated with any people lose sight of the true meaning of the Inspiring Thoughts season. During the upcoming holidays, explore changes to your contact information! In different ways to reduce your expenses and order to work effectively for you, we need still enjoy the festivities. For example, consider to have updated e-mail and phone contact “[The holiday season] is not a set homemade gifts that are inexpensive, yet priceless information. This allows us to give of dates. It is a state of mind.” treasures that come from the heart. Spend you updates on settlement activity and more time with friends and family. Organize a -Mary Ellen Chase get additional information that may be neighborhood caroling event or volunteer in your A necessary to complete settlements. Make s the holidays approach, lively local community to help the less fortunate. If sure you have provided us with valid decorations will make malls sparkle you have children, limit their holiday wish list to and current e-mail addresses in addition and festive trees will transform an what you can afford. As a parent, do not feel as to day and evening contact. If your ordinary city into a winter wonderland. You may though you are depriving them. Instead, realize also adorn your home with glowing holiday lights that you are showing them the true meaning of information has changed and you want to and glittery garland. All of this scenery creates an the holidays while still being generous. update us, please call our customer service extraordinary holiday dream. All in all, enjoy the sights, sounds and support line listed below. In the past, this magical environment may have merriment of the holiday season while keeping clouded your senses and compelled you to show your finances in perspective. After the holidays, Tax Debt? If you owe money to your holiday spirit by overspending. All of this you can look forward to a year of new beginnings the IRS and would like information on holiday hoopla could practically force the most and becoming one step closer to financial how to reduce your tax debts, please practical person to charge excessively. However, freedom. contact our sister company, Freedom Tax Relief at 1-800-455-6TAX. Our tax attorneys and tax specialists are eager to Frugal & Simple immediately start helping you resolve your tax troubles. In addition, existing Homemade Gift Ideas FDR clients are eligible for a $100 referral bonus if they refer someone to Freedom Tax Relief. M *** Presentation is everything. Make a gift aking gifts for loved ones may be a Customer Service Phone No: frugal alternative to buying items basket that corresponds with someone’s interests 1-800-655-6303 in stores. Our tips below list some instead of buying an expensive pre-packaged gift inexpensive ways to make personalized gifts. set. For example, give someone a gift card that would allow them to rent a movie at a video store FAX No: 650-393-6800 and then fill the gift basket with snack items. A picture is worth a thousand words. Who says that you have to use a basket? Think of Photographs of loved ones always make creative ways to use containers. A car enthusiast great homemade gifts. A special photo in an Hours of Operation: may like a bucket filled with auto cleaning attractive frame is something your recipient Mon-Thurs: 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. PST supplies. can view throughout the year. Also, at this Fri: 6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. PST time of the year, many stores sell gifts that you Sat: 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PST can easily personalize with photos. Drugstores Give the gift of time. Giving of yourself and discount stores may have items such as is sometimes worth more than what money can inexpensive coasters and clocks in which you can buy. You may consider making simple coupons E-mail: insert your photos. You may also want to check for favors and services that the recipient can with the photo department inside retail chains redeem throughout the year. For example, give and see if they can quickly create reasonably new parents one free night of babysitting per priced photo gifts. For example, the photo center month so they can go out. Offer to watch a We want at Walgreens ( can family pet while they go on their yearly vacation. imprint photos on such items as calendars, mugs, If you have a special talent, offer a coupon for and pencil holders. If you are proficient with your ideas! your services. Hairdressers can offer free haircuts. computer software, you may also want to visit If you have a lot of computer knowledge, give your office supply store to see if they sell t-shirt several lessons to an elderly loved one about the transfer paper or stickers that you can insert in features of the Internet. What do you want to see in the your home printer. You can then create unique newsletter? We welcome your input. projects such as t-shirts and address labels that feature family photos. Email your ideas to
  3. 3. T hroughout your debt negotiation and age, but you may also consider eliminating program, you may be looking for ways cable completely. As of February 2009, you will pare Change to boost your settlement account so no longer be able to receive any reception with we can try to negotiate your debts as quickly as an antenna because of the conversion to digital possible. Below are some simple techniques that tv. But, you can visit to find may help you find extra money in your budget. out how you can get a coupon for a digital News, financial tips, and other We realize that everyone has a different set of television converter. You may also be able to information regarding personal circumstances. Therefore, the following tips are watch some tv shows online. Check out the web financial freedom merely possible suggestions on how to build your site for your favorite program or network to see if settlement account. they have any episodes posted on their web site. You can also visit to watch clips P A cruel scam targets the elderly. and entire episodes of popular shows. In the past, this newsletter has The Better Business Bureau (BBB) urges discussed the importance of taking a lunch to families with elderly relatives to be on work rather than dining out everyday. Research alert about a telephone-based scheme shows that many consumers have been making At this time of the year, you may targeting seniors in what is being called the this a habit. According to NPD, a leading receive a payout from your holiday savings fund “Grandparent Scam.” Across the United States market research company, weekday lunches (also known as a Christmas Club), or you may and Canada, con artists are calling seniors, carried from home reached a new high point in get a holiday bonus at your place of employment. claiming to be a grandson or granddaughter 2007, with adults, 18 and older, carrying some If possible, consider putting some of these funds who urgently needs money. Most cases 8.5 billion brown bag lunches last year. Let’s towards your settlement account. As far as involve a grandparent that receives a phone quickly do some math. Buying a coffee in gift-giving, consider having a gift exchange or call from someone posing as one of his or her the morning from a popular cafe perhaps just buy for children in order to grandchildren. The caller claims that they are in addition to ordering take alleviate the expense of choosing a gift in some kind of trouble, usually an automobile out for lunch can easily cost for each adult. Many consumers are accident, in the hospital, under arrest, or in $10 per day. (In some areas, struggling during a bad economy, need of bail money immediately. In a typical that amount may be on the so some family members may example, the caller says “Hi, Grandma, do you low side.) An average month appreciate this arrangement. know who this is?” The grandmother may ask consists of approximately Instead of buying holiday cards “Is that you, Nathan?” With that information, 20 work days if you have a and paying postage, consider the caller makes his pitch of being in trouble 5-day week. As you can see, sending free e-cards from sites and needing money. The BBB recommends that could easily cost $200 such as that families explain the scam to elderly per month! You could probably and relatives, encourage them to hang up if they bring your lunch to work for a receive such a call, and warn them about the fraction of the cost. Check out the dangers of wiring money. If a family member calculator on the Community Bank web site Look over your monthly budget has become the victim of this scam, BBB at and then and see if you are paying for products and encourages people to file a complaint with click on “Calculators” followed by the “Brown services that you no longer use. local police. Bag Savings” link. Don’t forget that all of those estimates that gym memberships can average vending machine snacks that may seem like $35 to $40 per month. An alternative may be P Many children equate saving unnecessary spare change, can really add up over to discover ways to exercise on your own or find time. pre-owned gym equipment in classified ads. money with “super hero strength.” Also, consider canceling any subscriptions to More kids living in the U.S. associate the magazines and newspapers that you may not read state of their piggy banks with “super hero” Having that often. Consider visiting the publication’s strength and stability, according to a new poll hundreds of channels at your fingertips has web site to see if the same information is conducted by the financial literacy web site become quite the norm among American found online. Also, you may be able The findings provide parents households. However, premium television to read various newspapers and with an optimistic glimpse into the future, services can become quite costly. It is not magazines at your local even as difficult economic conditions continue uncommon for a cable or satellite bill to reach library. to grip the nation. When asked what they $100 or more if it is packed with all of the extras. would do if handed a sum of money, more Decide if all of those channels are absolutely kids preferred saving over spending. More necessary. Consider opting for basic than half of the kids aged 17 years or younger cable services. This may sound (54 percent) said they would save all of their extreme in this day money and/or budget it carefully and slowly, Kids can eat for free! compared to a small number (15 percent) who said they’d rather spend it as fast as possible. The web site for Family Friendly America (www.familyfriendlyamerica. This site, provides fun com) lists restaurants that allow children to eat for free. You can just visit activities, games, challenges, quizzes and tests their home page, click on the link entitled: “Kids Eat Free,” and then for students and teens, helpful tips for parents, choose your state from the drop-down menu. The site for the Coupon and entertaining programs and lesson plans for Divas also list many popular chain restaurants in which kids can eat for teachers to promote financial literacy. free. Visit for more details.
  4. 4. your gift cards with other web site users. Making the Most of Use your gift card wisely. If you received a gift card as a present, redeem it when you really Gift Cards need something. Don’t purchase something in the first week just because you have “free money.” For example, if you received a grocery store gift card, save it for when you are short on food money. A gas station gift card may come in handy when you have to travel a lot during a I particular week. Discover ways in which your gift n recent years, gift cards have become immediately. Some issuers will not replace the card can help you save money on necessary living a popular present among gift-givers. cards, but others will replace them for a fee. expenses. According to the National Retail According to the National Retail Federation, Federation’s 2008 Holiday Consumer Intentions improved technology has allowed some retailers Watch out for scams. The National Retail and Actions Survey, 54.9% of consumers would to reissue lost gift cards if consumers have the Federation advises consumers to only purchase like to receive a gift card this holiday season. original purchase receipt. Some stores also gift cards through reputable retailers and to be Here are some ideas to keep in mind when using encourage gift card recipients to register their leery of cards sold on online auction sites. Many or purchasing gift cards. cards online so they can check their balance and of those gift cards are counterfeit or obtained receive a new card in the event that their gift card through fraudulent means. is lost or stolen. Read the fine print before you buy. Although NRF reports that 84% of the nation’s Giving gift cards may be more costly. Get cash for your gift cards. You may top retailers have no expiration date or dormancy You may think it is quick and convenient to buy fees associated with their gift cards, it is still wise receive a store gift card as a present that you primarily gift cards to give as presents. However, to read the fine print. Gift cards from credit card know that you will probably not use. In this according to, going overboard issuers such as VISA, Mastercard, and American case, you may consider getting cash for your with gift cards could be a budget Express are more likely to expire and tack on fees gift cards at sites such as buster because you must purchase for activation, maintenance, and inactivity. This the amount of the card. You may information may appear on the card itself, on and be able to buy a more personalized the accompanying sleeve or envelope, or on the These web sites allow you to gift for less money. For example, issuer’s web site. redeem some gift cards for if a store is having a 20% off sale, a percentage of the card’s you could save money on a $50 balance. Visit each site for Report your card lost or stolen. If sweater instead of buying a $50 specific details. You also your card is lost or stolen, report it to the issuer gift card. have the option of trading The Freedom Debt Relief newsletter is published by The Premier Institute for Financial Freedom. While articles in this newsletter are factual and accurate, they are not intended to replace the advice of professional financial, accounting, and/or legal advisers. As with all decisions regarding your finances, the advice, techniques, ideas and suggestions offered herein should be followed under the supervision of the appropriate competent professional. 1875 South Grant Street Suite 400 San Mateo, CA 94402 Phone: (800) 655-6303 FAX: (650) 897-8800