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Freedatalabs.Com   Social Media Marketing Made Real   Jan 2010   Eng   With Cases
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Freedatalabs.Com Social Media Marketing Made Real Jan 2010 Eng With Cases


What is Social Media Marketing and how can it help your business ? Discover it here!

What is Social Media Marketing and how can it help your business ? Discover it here!

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Social Media Marketing Made Real!Listen & Act: Increase Your Conversion Rate
    Pioneers in social data
    January 2010
    Member of
    London Milan
  • 2. A definition
    Social media marketing, also known as social influence marketing, is the act of using social influencers, social media platforms, online communities for marketing, public relations and customer service. Common social media marketing tools include Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. In the context of Internet marketing, social media refers to a collective group of Web properties whose content is primarily published by users, not direct employees of the property (e.g. the vast majority of video on YouTube is published by non-YouTube employees). Social media optimization (SMO) is a set of methods for generating publicity through social media, online communities and community websites (also know as PR 2.0).
    According to Lloyd Salmons, first chairman of the Internet Advertising Bureau social media council
    "Social media isn't just about big networks like Facebook and MySpace, it's about brands having conversations.”
  • 3. What It Is Not
    It is not e-mailing
    It is not Web advertising
    It is not banners
    It is not newsletters
    It is not communication on the company site
    It is not the company site forum
  • 4. How Marketing Reaches Customers
    (reach customers through brand image)
    • Advertising
    • 5. Promotions
    • 6. “in store” promotions
    • 7. Web banners
    • 8. ….
    • 9. Company Generated Content
    Social Networking
    (understand what people say and advice each other)
    - Micro-blogs
    • ….
    • 13. User Generated Content
    • 14. Who’s talking ?
    • 15. What do they say ?
    • 16. Who are the influencers ?
    • 17. How to measure ?
    • 18. Which is the background buzz ?
    • 19. Which actions to take?
    Call to action
  • 20. Point & Shoot vs. Listen & ActMarketing
    User GeneratedContent
    Company Generated Content
    Call to Action
    User Initiated Action
  • 21. Social Media Channels
    Social Platforms
    Social Interactions
    Personal Social Networks
    White-label Networks
    Events & Calendars
    Status Updates
    SMS & Text
    Social Contents
  • 22. Everything Is There
    Conversations leave indelible traces on the Web
    They are there, I can:
    - listen to them
    - analyse them
    - understand them
    - get indispensable information
    - act
  • 23. Act
    Seed information that help highlight your presence(Social Platforms)
    Provide information on you and promote your initiatives only and only if they are useful to the debate, promoting your initiatives in the right contexts
    (Social Content)
  • 24. Keep On Measuring
    Keep on measuring over time how youractions change perception towards you and your competitors.
    You can not calulate ROI (Return On Investment) of your Social Media Marketing actions, but you are sure of ROI (Risk Of Inaction)
  • 25. 5 Key Points
    1Arguments are choosed by the communities,you can not force them
    2 Most important arguments bubble up, just listen
    3 Problems are solved within the community, the critical ones emerge
    4 You do not need to create new containers, but listen and act in those already there
    5 Do not stop listening and measuring
  • 26. Listening Marketing
    Listen & Act
    Address all marketing mix initiatives
    Grow business
    Marketing Mix
    Web Monitoring
    Social Media Marketing
    Feedback info to all of the Marketing Mix
  • 27. What Can You Do ?
    Level 2
    Level 3
    Level 1
    Listen & Act
    Take a “picture” of how, where and how much your company and solutions and competitors are talked about on the Web.
    Listen & Act
    Build a Digital Identity on the Web for your brand or solutions identifying where, how and how much your company/solutions and competitors are talked about on the Web “seeding” information that help your growth.
    Listen & Act
    Listen to the Web to understand how, where and how much your company and competitors are talked about, build a Digital Identity for your brand and act with proper initiatives on
    social networks.
    Freedata Web Listening Platform
    Freedata Seeding Activator
  • 28. Listen & Act Approach
    Strategic: campaign measures over time through buzz & advocacy metrics
    Tactic: listening to people where they talk, about what, how they talk and generation of primary information for act
    Seeding: “seeding” of conversations where people are interested with the final goal of a wider visibility for the company and new contacts
    Tactic actions: viral, interactive, playful, competitive to stimulate new contacts
  • 29. Freedata Web Listening Platform
    Without continuous listening and measuring there can be no effective
    Social Media Marketing campaign.
    Freedata Web Listening Platform is a proprietary instrument for the constant and effective monitor and measure of the Web aimed to Social Media Marketing.
    Freedata Web Listening Platform adopts the most advanced Web crawling, semantic analysis and data mining technologies.
  • 30. Web Monitoring & Seeding Process
    Web Monitoring & Seeding Process
    Set of search keywords definition + context
    Web crawling-> clip extraction (URLs) -> Freedata Seeding Activator with ranking -> URLs selection for seeding
    Constant measures (metrics)
    Web Crawling and daily clip analysis (pages, conversations, blogs,…) through the set of kewords:
    How much ?
    How ?
  • 38. Freedata Seeding Activator
    Freedata Seeding Activator gives access to the most relevant Web URLs on a daily basis as input for the seeding phase. Clips (pages, conversations, blogs, ..) extracted on a daily basis through search keywords reveal Web places where the matters of interest are discussed. Clips are ranked and are made available to Conversation Agents (seeders).
  • 39. Seeding: we chat for you!
    Seeding is necessary to strongly support any marketing campaign and help build the company Digital Identity.
    Highly specialised Conversation Agents (seeders) generate conversations online around the matters of interest and take part into conversations.
    Seeding lets you:
    • have a discrete and daily presence in the life of consumers, listening to their needs, knowing them and offering them the right products;
    • 40. take part into conversations and exchange of opinions to positively influence them;
    • 41. build ad-hoc social networks and leverage on those already there, interact with consumers and let them become your brand testimonials;
    • 42. activate indirect communications that facilitate exchange of positive opinions on your brand or product.
  • Increase Your Conversion Rate
  • 43. About Freedata Labs
    Freedata Labs has been on the market for more than fifteen years and today has 50+ clients all over Europe comprising companies from different market sectors. Freedata has a wide experience in data management, in statistic analysis and data mining, in business and marketing modelling and today can follow its clients from data quality that supports marketing activities to the right and effective marketing and business initiatives. Freedata offering comprises and concentrates on digital marketing, Web 2.0 and social networks to develop innovative marketing services and on-line measurements and metrics. Freedata Labs was founded in 2003 as the UK branch in London of Freedata to serve the UK and European markets. From the branches in Milan, London and Torino, Freedata offers its services in all of the European languages. From 2008 Freedata is member of DMA (Direct Marketing Association) UK and of Word Of Mouth Marketing Association UK & USA. It is also Oracle partner for Oracle CRM On Demand Services.
  • 44. Customer Story: Telco
    Customer: one of the biggest world-wide mobile phones operator.
    Countries (main language – secondary language): Italy (Italian - English)
    Objectives:launch the new online platform for customers with access to applications, music, games, maps download, documents sharing, online phone backup, communities. Increase the number of active users.
    How we reach them: through the Web listening platform we identify Web places where people are most interested, we keep on monitoring conversations and seed information through a team of 10+ conversations agents. We build a Facebook, Netlog, Flickr, MySpace network. We engage people in instant win games and music and photo contests with final prizes. We spread viral videos. We produce a set of videos telling a story which raises curiosity among the communities discovering the brand only at the end of the story. We set up an outdoor flash-mob event involving people and uploading videos and photos.
    Results: new active users in 4 months 200,000+. 45,000+ users through the Facebook network. 1M+ visits to the landing page with games, instant win and access to contests.
  • 45. Customer Story: IT
    Customer: one of the biggest world-wide player in IT hardware, software and services.
    Countries (main language-secondary language): UK (English) & France (French - English)
    Objectives: understand how the Web perceives SaaS, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence & Enterprise 2.0 software and services. Understand the relative positioning of main competitors on the market. Build a marketing action plan.
    How we reach them: for 3 months we monitor the Web, find places where companies and IT experts look for and find information and advices on the solutions. We find the competitors perceived from the Web users for these solutions. We build a competitive quadrant updating it on a monthly basis to see how marketing actions change the relative positions. We build a marketing plan to act to increase sales and market share. We involve bloggers with attractive outdoor and online initiatives to test the solutions of the customers and let them write about the solutions on their blogs.
    Results: main competitors identification, shift of the relative position of the customer on the quadrant vs. competitors from renew to success quadrant. New contacts from SMB sector for the customer.
  • 46. Customer Story: Finance
    Customer: the forth Italian banking group.
    Countries (main language): Italy (Italian)
    Objectives: bring new customers for mortgages, accounts and loans.
    How we reach them: for 4 months we monitor the Web understanding how the bank and its competitors promote their offers and how the users perceive them, which are their needs and concerns. We build a network of users on Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Xing and bring the users to the campaign landing page engaging them in games. We promote the offers leveraging on environment and technology offering prizes such as an hybrid car or a low energy consumption led TV as well as iPhones.
    Results: main competitors identification, shift of the relative position of the customer on the quadrant vs. competitors. 200,000+ visits to the landing the page. Increase of the contacts to the bank and new customers.
  • 47. Customer Story: Utilities
    Customer: the main provider of energy on the Italian market
    Countries (main language): Italy (Italian)
    Objectives: bring new customers for the fixed price offer for residential energy supply
    How we reach them: we monitor the Web and identify how the competition and the customers are perceived along with their offers. We engage customers online through prizes, contest and advantages when buying from the customers. We spread the voice through conversation agents online in the main social networks. We leverage on the fixed price to highlight that people do not need to bother about fluctuating energy costs anymore. We build a green message.
    Results: increase of contracts signed with provider +20% in 4 months.
  • 48. Contact us!