The process of screenwriting


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The process of screenwriting

  1. 1. The Process ofScreenwritingHow to develop andcommission your script
  2. 2. What isScriptwriting ?After researching into theprocess of screenwriting Ifound out that scriptwritingtook a major part inscreenwriting and afterresearching into scriptwriting Ifound a definition of whatscriptwriting is. After exploringwhat scriptwriting is Iacknowledged the differentvarieties of scriptwriting whichis shown in the next slide. Thisprint also shows thevisualization of scriptwritingfor example‘The way you tell your story’.
  3. 3. DifferentInterpretations ofScriptwritingHere is an The print scanexample of the to the rightdifferent types indicates whatof scriptwriting differentused in the problemsscreenwriting scriptwritersindustry. From will face whenthis source I creating therefound a lot of script and theinformation as plotting into how late which theyscripts are intake whenhandled and scriptwriting.what kind ofproblemsscriptwritersface.
  4. 4. Script Format ExamplesThis is an example of a ‘ScreenplayFormat’ and explains how to start of a This again represents ‘Screenplay Format’ but theScreenplay script for film. The image format describes the information for TV Show. Theabove describes what layout you need to information given shows the procedure that youuse in order to achieve a good ScreenplayFormat script for Film. need to follow at the start of your TV Show scriptThe layout within formats represents format. The image above describes what layout andhere as ‘Fade in’ which describes what techniques to use in order to achieve a goodcamera angle or camera techniques are Screenplay Format script for TV Show.used. Also, ‘EXT’ illustrates that thefilming is going to be outside. Then what Also, the description for ‘INT’ means inside sois underneath the ‘Fade in’ and ‘EXT’ is the when filming ‘INT’ stands for filming inside.filming process. See websites number 1 for Reference
  5. 5. Other Examples of Script Format The image above depicts what Alongside this the image above portraysprocess you need to follow for ‘Stage what ‘Stage Format in the USA’. AboveFormat in the UK’. The image shows a character profile within ‘stagerepresents a character description in format in the USA’.‘Stage Format in the UK’. See websites number 1 for Reference
  6. 6. Script CommissioningThe information above describes how e-Commissioning works and what procedure you need tofollow to succeed in Script Commissioning. See websites number 4 for Reference
  7. 7. IT System Requirements for Script CommissioningWhen creating your e-Commission you will need to use a certain programme or certainfiles to upload your commission. As in this case the BBC e-Commissioning makes youfollow an assured technique. See websites number 4 for Reference
  8. 8. The Information you provide needs to have a certainpersistenceThe Information you provideThe information to the left describeswhat you can entail within yourcommission and what procedurescertain e-Commissioning companieswant you to include in yourcommission and what information theywant you to include in yourcommission. Also, the AccountAdministrator will check what progressyour e-Commissioning script has madeand will keep you informed on thesuccess of your script. See websites number 4 for Reference
  9. 9. How to pitch your screenplayThe image to the right renders whatprocess you have to follow when pitchingyour Screenplay or Script. The image is aset of guide lines on what skills andtechniques you need to withdraw whencreating, ending, or starting yourScreenplay or Script.This website says that you should onlyuse ‘three sentences’ and what elementsyou need to take into consideration;• Casting• Budget and Marketing• Inspiration See websites number 7 for Reference