Where is that nsa data center in utah really located
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Where is that nsa data center in utah really located






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    Where is that nsa data center in utah really located Where is that nsa data center in utah really located Document Transcript

    • July 5 2014 Where is that NSA data center in Utah really located? I have taken a few risks lately and this report is one of them. This is partial punishment to the NSA for all the mail censorship which the NSA should NOT be doing. There are people giving out false info about the location of this data center thus making this report necessary. Let me make it perfectly clear. This is a link to Google maps which has markers on it for the decoy buildings, and where the data center actually is. The marker on the left shows where the front/fake not used buildings are. The marker on the right shows where the facility actually is with at least 80 percent probability based upon what I know after being NSA myself, and what I observed going on when the place was being built. If it is not where the marker is, it is close. The marked out routes are meaningless, the underground tunnel does not follow them. If Google is not messing with things, the arrow on the left should be just North of Thanksgiving point, and the arrow on the right should be on the point of the mountain at 1455 Deer Ridge Drive. Obviously the actual facility would be a half mile or more below that. The real location of the NSA data center in Utah is not at Camp Williams. The hollowing out of the cavern for the NSA data center was disguised
    • as a gravel mining project at the point of the mountain which was run by Geneva Rock. The real data center is about a half mile into the point of the mountain. I witnessed this gravel mining by Geneva Rock while it was going on. They were only eating the Point of the Mountain a little to provide cover, but in the back, behind the gravel piles there was a conveyor running 24/7 coming out of the ground at a steep angle through a tunnel that went back into the point of the mountain. I found this tunnel when I went back into the area looking for stones for landscaping a rose garden, and the conveyor was a real surprise, it was super fast super high volume and came out of the side of the mountain at a steep upwards angle. This conveyor fed at least a semi truck worth of material per minute for 10 years straight. There were always semi trucks leaving with material, and the stop lights always stopped at least 2 per light, even when there were no major construction projects such as roads being built that would need it. I saw these trucks a lot, from the late 90's and when I was in the area again in 2008. Simultaneously there were absolutely no semi trucks taking material from anywhere near Camp Williams. So we all know a cavern had to be dug for this place, and Geneva Rock was the only operation that removed enough material AND had a huge conveyor coming out of the mountain. Geneva Rock was probably used as a front company for the data center. The tunnel going to any NSA facility is long and deceptive, and even the workers there don't really know exactly where their facility is because of the way the tunnel turns. It is crucial to know that the NSA uses decoy buildings. The REAL OPERATION IS NEVER WHERE THE BUILDINGS are, it is always far underground at the end of a long tunnel. The cars will be parked at the decoy building, and people either walk or shuttle into the real facility. How to scout out an NSA facility - They have emergency escapes. And each facility has at least six escapes. They also have air intakes. These escapes look like doors on little service buildings sometimes, but nowadays I would not doubt that the escapes actually exit from basements in front houses or businesses. The NSA routinely has escape drills and knows when the Russian satellites are overhead that can spot a crowd, and escape drills DO make huge crowds. Look for those while paragliding. The air intakes look like huge open sewer drains with catwalk grating as covers. They will be big enough to mask the air flow. Don't bother gassing the place, the facility can handle that. The Utah Data Center is going to be buried deep under the mountain, so the escapes probably do not go up, they probably come out the sides at the base of the slopes. This is a paragliding hot spot, have your paraglider with you when you scope things out to provide an alibi and make sure you know how to use it. The escapes will be monitored but not patrolled. This is likely to be done by dragon flies. This is not B.S., it is as I say. The "dragon flies" have worked great for a long time now. They do not look normal, but you will not notice if you do not look for it, they are pretty real in appearance. Other than that, surveillance also might be done by a high altitude drone you will never notice. Just have your paraglider at least in a back pack, the NSA is super careful about not
    • bothering anyone and as long as you fit in you will be fine. After all, a paraglider can drift anywhere, right? http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/ https://www.google.com.mx/maps/dir/40.4665519,-111.8533892/40.4435629,- 111.9136423/@40.468036,-111.8566892,684m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m7!4m6!1m0!1m0!6m3!1i0!2i0!3i0
    • 1455 Deer Ridge Dr, Draper, UT 84020