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What is globaleaks
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What is globaleaks






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    What is globaleaks What is globaleaks Document Transcript

    • WHAT IS GlobaLeaks?GlobaLeaks is the first open-source whistleblowing framework. It empowers anyone toeasily set up and maintain a whistleblowing platform. GlobaLeaks can help manydifferent types of users: media organizations, activist groups, corporations and publicagencies.
    • DEVELOPERS WANTED COME AND HACK WITH US! Motivationand GoalsWhy we think transparency is important
    • GlobaLeaks strives to increase accountability and transparency in our society. When information thataffects the public remains hidden, democracy and economies cease to function properly.We are interested in fulfilling the needs of diverse public interest use cases. From usage by media topublic agencies, from corporations to activists. We use the term framework to emphasize theflexibility of the GlobaLeaks platform. For example, the whistleblower will be anonymous by default,but if the whistleblower chooses to disclose their identity, the framework allows them to do so.We believe the public should demand that governments and companies be more accountable fortheir actions. And we believe governments and economies that embrace openness will benefit bypromoting trust and enabling informed discourse and decision-making.We use the term “framework” to emphasize the flexibility of GlobaLeaks. For example, thewhistleblower will be anonymous by default, but if whistleblowers choose to disclose their identity,the framework allows them to do so. Entities that require whistleblowers to identify themselves cando that as well.We believe it is important to make an open-source tool because this allows many types of people touse GlobaLeaks and enables the creation of a community that can constantly make contributions toimprove the framework. The ProjectHow we will open societyOrganizations that promote whistleblowing and transparency are not a new development. There arepeople who have been active in this field for decades, and groups such as Public Concern At Workhave existed for years. Other organizations such as WikiLeaks have more recently captured theworld’s attention. Not all of these groups have the same definition of “whistleblowing,” but many ofthem have faced similar obstacles.A key problem is the difficulty of maintaining the privacy of the whistleblower. We at GlobaLeakscome from a strong information security background and have designed our platform to be as secureand privacy-preserving as possible.
    • The GlobaLeaks suite of software will empower people to stand up anonymously no matter whattheir definition of “whistleblowing” is. The person or organization running the software will be able tocustomize the platform to suit their needs. GlobaLeaks is designed with flexibility in mind, whileenabling maximal privacy and security by default.The technologies we use to guarantee the security and anonymity of communications are called TorHidden Services. These technologies protect both the computer that is sending the information andthe server that receives it. Both the whistleblower and the server that gets the messages are asimmune from retaliation attacks as possible. Where to usePossible use cases of GlobaLeaks software MediaMedia outlets, including newspapers, websites, magazines and non-profit journalism associations,can set up a GlobaLeaks interface to collect anonymous reports from sources that will be protectedby default. Some media organizations already have deployed whistleblowing sites to accept “leaks”that can inform their investigative journalism, but it is difficult for journalistic organizations to maintainthe technology necessary for security and privacy. GlobaLeaks can provide an open-sourcealternative that could be used by any of these organizations and others. Several media organizationsalready are seriously considering the use of GlobaLeaks. Transparency
    • ActivismNon-governmental and informal activist organizations can set up independent whistleblowing sitesand promote them. Such sites could be used to uncover corruption or other problems locally, orwithin specific industries. This can be true even when the issues might not get attention nationally oramong the mainstream. Anonymity backed by technological security can help such organizationseven in places where organized crime is dominant or human rights are not guaranteed. CorporationsCorporations can set up whistleblowing sites as part of their internal accountability policies managedby auditing departments, allowing them to spot waste, corruption and malpractice. Employees canbe incentivized to voice their concerns as part of compliance with corporate responsibility laws. Public AgenciesPublic agencies can use GlobaLeaks to involve citizens in spotting tax evasion, corruption, marketmanipulation and other problems. Famous public whistleblowing services already exist and includethose in the U.S IRS, U.S. SEC, and the EU Antitrust. GlobaLeaks can help protect those citizenswho want to help investigators.
    • WhatGlobaLeaks is NOTGlobaLeaks is flexible and suited for many purposes. But there are a few things that GlobaLeaks isNOT.1. GlobaLeaks is not the new WikiLeaks. In fact we have nothing in common. We provide a software; they provide a service. We are an open-source community; theyre a closed group of individuals operating behind a public face. We do not handle leaked documents; they do.2. GlobaLeaks is not a corporate whistleblowing service. GlobaLeaks is simply free and open-source software.3. GlobaLeaks has nothing in common wih OpenLeaks. OpenLeaks is a service in which whistleblowers trust OpenLeaks to manage and maintain their data and information. GlobaLeaks is an open-source software project that does not manage data or information. However, GlobaLeaks is designed to potentially allow the creation of many OpenLeaks-like services in no time.4. GlobaLeaks start-up isnt sponsored by anyone. GlobaLeaks is the result of the efforts of a group of independent developers. While it aims to remain independent and will always offer its services for free, GlobaLeaks accepts donations from third parties and individuals that support the idea of a better society through transparency.
    • 5. GlobaLeaks is not lead by anyone. Were a blurred group of programmers, security experts, lawyers and human rights optimists all under the hat of the "Random GlobaLeaks Contributor.”6. GlobaLeaks doesnt want your data. When you set up a "GlobaLeaks node" – another term for a whistleblowing site – you dont become part of a network, but rather just a node on your own. We invite you to report the existence of your whistleblowing site in LeakDirectory, but thats really up to you.7. GlobaLeaks doesnt track anyone. The website http://globaleaks.org is never requested or in any way connected to any of the running GlobaLeaks nodes. Therefore theres no way we can know how many nodes exist, or where and when a user interacts with any of these nodes. How to help out as adeveloperOr come hack with us and create a better worldGlobaleaks 0.1 has been developed using the web2py framework as a monolitic build andencountered major issues in code complexity.
    • With experience we re-designed GlobaLeaks Project goals by splitting it up in several modules and indipendent software. Please have a look at our GlobaLeaks Project Plan detailing our "big picture". We encourage you to read it all before getting engaged in supporting the project. Globaleaks 0.2 is developed with various modules well described on GlobaLeaks Wiki where also priority and project status are reported. The code is kept on github and managed with git at the following repositories.o GlobaLeaks 0.1 based on Web2pyo GlobaLeaks 0.2 Backend based on Twistedo GlobaLeaks 0.2 Client, a modern Javascript applicationo Anonymous Python Application Framework (APAF) as cross-platform build-system based on Tors GSoco PrivacyBadge as a client/server widget to check if a user is behind Tor or noto GLDroid, a GlobaLeaks Submission client for Android integrated with Orboto Tor2web 2.0, as PHP experiment to learn how to make Tor2webo Tor2web 3.0 , a Python/Twisted/APAF rewrite with network scalability in mind Learn more More details on the project, links and resouces Links on the Globleaks projecto Wiki for the project: http://wiki.globaleaks.org/o Our github page: https://github.com/globaleakso Planet GlobaLeaks: http://planet.globaleaks.org/o Mailing list: people@globaleaks.org http://globaleaks.org/mailman/listinfo/people_globaleaks.orgo IRC: irc.oftc.net #globaleaks , WEBCHAT: http://irc.lc/OFTC/globaleaks/webchat Other projects We have also been working on projects that will be useful to make GlobaLeaks strive. Here are links to their pages
    • Tor2webo Wiki for new developments: http://wiki.tor2web.org/o Tor2web original website: http://www.tor2web.orgo Tor2web twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tor2webo Github: https://github.com/globaleaks/tor2web-3.0o Mailing List: tor2web-talk@lists.tor2web.org on http://lists.tor2web.org/mailman/listinfo/tor2web- talk_lists.tor2web.orgo IRC: irc.oftc.net #tor2web - WEBCHAT: http://irc.lc/OFTC/tor2web/webchat LeakDirectoryo Wiki: http://www.leakdirectory.org/ CONTACTS info@globaleaks.org FOLLOW US 
    • SUPPORT US DONATE *with Paypal, Flattrhttp://globaleaks.org/