The mystery of heaven and hell
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The mystery of heaven and hell






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    The mystery of heaven and hell The mystery of heaven and hell Document Transcript

    • The Mystery of Heaven and Hell y name is Emmanuel Senayon; I'm 18 years old and from Nigeria. (EMMANUELSAMPSONJUDE@GMAIL.COM) I MEET JESUS In November 2012, I became seriously ill, and my parents took me to a hospital. The doctor said that my blood was very low and that I had TB [tuberculosis]. Learning this was very hard for my parents as they couldn’t afford the cost to have me treated, so they took me back to my home. While I was on my bed resting, I started to feel strange and my whole body became weak. I found myself outside my body in a pure white room. JESUS appeared to me, His face was shinning and handsome, but I noticed He was not happy. He took my hand and took me out of the room to a stand before a great throne. I saw God on the throne, but I could not see His face. His body was like a burning fire, full of power and glory. I saw groups of angels in white garments before the throne, and they were full of glory. Those angels carried books in their hands. I saw uncountable people before the throne [Revelation 20:11] and they went one after the other to receive their judgment, and when each one would get before the throne, the angels would open the books in their hands and God would judge that person. Many people stood to hear God tell them "DEPART FROM ME". God would judge them with great anger and his voice sound like the greatest of thunders [Ezekiel 43:8]. Whenever God would say "DEPART FROM ME", a great storm carried that person away [Matthew 25:41]. All the people before this throne were afraid to stand before God. The angels never called out anyone’s name, each person knew when it came his or her turn to received their judgment [2 Corinthians 5:10]. Any one that worketh iniquity was carried away by the storm into everlasting punishment [Matthew 25:46]. As long as you are alive, you still have a golden grace to repent from your sin and forsake your evil deeds. The anger of God is like a burning fire [Zephaniah 2:1-3] and this world is a valley of decision [Joel 3:14]. Let your decision be Christ; surrender your life to Jesus Christ and escape the wrath of God. No matter what sins you have committed, Jesus will still forgive all of them. [Hosea 14:4], [Habakkuk 2:13]. JESUS TAKES ME TO HELL FIRE
    • Then Jesus took me away from that place and to hell fire. On our way to hell, we passed through a tunnel. When we got out of this tunnel we immediately arrived at a place of pure darkness. It was a place of great darkness with terrifying sounds of crying and horror. I asked, 'where are we, Lord'? And he said, "THIS IS THE KINGDOM OF SATAN, HELL FIRE''. Hell fire is a fearsome place of a thick darkness. I saw many demons; they were huge and ugly. These demons were working hard and with speed and without rest. [1 Peter 5:8]. The Lord told me ,"THEY ARE PLANNING HOW TO BRING MAN TO THIS PLACE''. Hell fire is like a sea, and everybody has his or her own portion within different departments. There are many people in hell fire asking for a second chance, but restitution is not possible. [Micah 3:4] The first department that the Lord showed me was a place where pastors lost heaven. I saw many pastors in hell On their pits there’s something like a signboard; it contains the name of that pastor, the name of the church that pastor attended, plus the reason why that pastor is in hell. Each pastor had a demon tormenting them. They cried out for mercy, but Jesus wept and said "WHEN I WARNED YOU, YOU REFUSED TO LISTEN TO ME AND NOW YOU ARE IN THIS PLACE. I KNOW YOU NOT!". [Proverb 1:24-31]. The Lord said to me, "HELL HAS ENLARGED HER SELF AND NONE THAT COME HERE SHALL RETURN AGAIN". [Proverb 2:19], [Isaiah 4:14]. I saw such a great and surprising thing! “My people, how can we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?” [Hebrew 2:3]. REVEREND EMMANUEL SHOFFA IN HELL FIRE I saw a man in hell fire, the demons were tormenting him with their weapons and devices. The man was begging for mercy and he cried bitterly. I asked the Lord, “ who is this man?”. The Lord told me, "HE IS REVEREND EMMANUEL SHOFFA, THE FOUNDER OF CELESTIA CHURCH OF CHRIST,THE WHITE GARMENT CHURCH”. The Lord told me the mystery of this man; “HE MADE A COVENANT WITH SATAN TO SEDUCE THE PEOPLE WITH A DOCTRINE OF DARKNESS, HEALING WITH CANDLES,PERFUMES AND SOAPS. HE WOULD TELL THEM TO USE THESE AND TO GO BATHE IN THE RIVER , THUS DECIEVING THEM WITH THE POWER OF A DEVIL” The Lord added, "HE INTRODUCED FALSE DOCTRINES JUST TO BE KNOWN AS A POWERFUL MAN OF GOD". [Ephesians 4:14] the Lord said, “I WARNED HIM BUT HE
    • REFUSED”. He said to the man, “ I KNOW YOU NOT''! Jesus was weeping like a baby; this man denied the cross of Christ just because of fame. Now he is in hell begging for mercy with the Lord denying him due to iniquity being found within him. [2 Timothy 2:12,19] I want you to understand that no matter what-- don’t be living in a way or teaching others things that "you cannot defend for yourself before God". [Titus 1:16], [Jeremiah 23:24]. Many people are in hell fire because of their doctrine. [Philippians 2:5]. JUDAS ISCARIOT IN HELL FIRE I saw another man in hell fire; the demons made him lay upon metal-like table. They hurt him with many type of devices. I saw a very big iron which the demon operated to pass through the stomach of the man. It went through his belly…. the man cried bitterly. Then suddenly, a demon appeared having a very big metal knife in his hand. He cut off the middle of the head of the man, ten demon gathering many maggots and scorpions, he stuffed them inside the man’s head and cover it back. The man cries more like the wind of the sea. It pained me greatly to see this! The Lord told me, "HE IS ONE OF MY DISCIPLES, JUDAS ISCARIOT". I then asked the demon the reason they torment him in such a way, and the demon told me "if he did not reveal that man of light [Jesus] to the people to be killed, the work of salvation will not come into manifestation. " They shouted loudly, “why did you betray him?'', continuing to torment him. [Matthew 10:4], [Matthew 20:18]. You must be careful of what you are doing; do not betray Christ! “Woe unto that man, by whom the Lord is betrayed!”. [Matthew 26:24]. Those who have learned from the Lord and have understanding about the word of God must allow “the word of Christ to dwell in you”. [Colossians 3:16-17]. To him who draws back, the Lord says "MY SOUL SHALL HAVE NO PLEASURE IN HIM". [Hebrew 10:38]. If you are a servant of God, examine yourself. Take away the stumbling block from your life--HELL FIRE IS HORIBLY REAL. KING AHAB AND JEZEBEL IN HELL FIRE The Lord then showed me a man who was sitting chained onto an iron seat. The seat was very hot and reddish like a coal. Though he screamed in great agony the demons continued tormenting him with spears and with a great fury. This man began to beg Jesus for a chance to get out of the fire. I wondered who the man could be; the Lord knew my thoughts and told me ,"HE IS KING AHAB".
    • Immediately I saw a woman, the demons were tormenting her. They beat her with spears as she cried and shouted. The Lord told me, "SHE IS JEZEBEL ,THE FALSE PROPHETESS WHO SEDUCE THE PEOPLE TO SIN AGAINST GOD". [Revelation 2:20]. You must be careful because there are many false prophets and prophetess who teach the people false doctrines, who only set up riches for themselves. They call themselves saviors and deceive people with the deceptions of the devil. IF THEY REFUSE TO REPENT, THEY SHALL HAVE THEIR PART IN HELL FIRE. [2 Thessalonians 1:8]. A 6 YEAR OLD BOY IN HELL I saw a little boy in hell fire, the demons were tormenting the boy with spears. When the boy saw us, he cried for help to take him out of the fire, but the Lord said, "I AM NOT THE GOD OF THE DISOBEDIENT”. This boy was very rude while he was on earth, he would always disturb his parents during the time of the pastors messages. Whenever his parent corrected him, he would shout at them. He became sick and died, now he is in hell forever. The Lord says, "NO DISOBEDIENT CHILD WILL INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD". [Ephesians 6:1-2] MOST REVEREND PATRICK R. COONEY, IN HELL FIRE The Lord then showed me another man in hell fire; he was known as Reverend Patrick Cooney on earth. The demons were cutting his body with saws as if it were a tree. The man was crying but the demons continue tormenting him, and that way of torment was very great. They would mock him and laugh at him as the only spot where he was found at fault was due to his doctrine. He was here because he frequently would bow before a Saint Mary image. [Exodus 20:3-4]. This is so sad, many people end up in eternal hell fire due to this kind of act. Jesus wept with great compassion for the soul of man. I was also in a great sorrow when the Lord said to me, "IF YOU ARE TRULY SORROWFUL, YOU WILL TELL THEM WHAT YOU SAW". You must open your heart and say “no” to the deception of the devil. We must come out from any doctrine that will make Christ have to deny us [2 Corinthians 6:1418] STOP IT, DO NOT BOW BEFORE ST MARY ANY MORE! THE DEPARTMENT OF THOSE WHO FASHION THEIR SELF TOGETHER WITH THE PROSTITUTE I saw many people in this department, the Lord show me their earthly pictures. They were all beautiful and handsome on earth, but now they are very ugly here in hell. The demons torment them and use spears to beat and pin their private parts, they
    • cry and seek for death but death cannot be found. [Revelation 9:6]oh Jesus wept, the people beg the Lord to take them out, they swear with their life to do his will if they could come out of the fire, but the Lord never plays or jokes with the word that has gone out of his month [Colossians 3:5-6]. It is declared in His Word that anyone who practices immorality cannot inherit the Kingdom of God [1 Corinthians 6:9-10]. THOSE WHO FASHION THEIR SELVES IN MANNERS OF DRESSING Objection #1 Objection#2 Those who dressed to please the flesh, the women that put on trousers, earrings, chains, woven articles and attachments, make-up, and all other worldly dress; they were in the department of prostitute in hell fire [Isaiah 3:16-24]. All of them were tormented [Jams 5:3]. THEDEPARTMENT OF THOSE HEARD ABOUT CHRIST BUT REFUSED TO REPENT There are many people in hell fire who have heard about the work of salvation, but refuse to repent from their sin, These thought they can come into heaven with works of flesh and blood, but instead end up in the fire of hell that burneth for eternity [ 1 Corinthians 15:50]. They were crying , but the Lord said, "THEY WERE GIVEN MUCH GRACE WHILE THEY WERE ON EARTH TO REPENT FROM THEIR SIN, BUT SAID, ‘TOMORROW’ AND PROCRASTINATED. SOME EVEN SAID ‘ THERE IS NO HELL FIRE’. SOME BEAT MY SERVANTS THAT I SENT TO THEM, AND NOW THEY ARE IN HELL BEGGING FOR SECOND CHANCE…..I KNOW YOU NOT". [Proverb 1:24-28]. The Lord said, "I SHOW THEM THE WAY TO ESCAPE HELL FIRE, BUT THEY HATE ME AND MY WAY AND CHOOSE A LIFE OF ENJOYING THIS WORLD. I EVEN OFFER THEM GRACE WHEN THEY WERE ABOUT TO DIE BUT THEY WERE DISTRACTED.” The Lord also said, "THEY HATED ME,AND LOVED DEATH…..NOT ONLY EARTHLY DEATH BUT ALSO EVERLASTING PUNISHMENT IN HELL FIRE. [Proverb 8:35-36]". Repent from your sin for there is no repentance in hell fire. Those who refuse to repent will be cast away into everlasting punishment [Revelation 21:8]. THE DEPARTMENT OF THE BACKSLIDDEN CHRISTIANS There was a great torment for those who turned away from the Lord, the demon cut their tongue, cut their body and beat them with sharp weapons. They cried bitterly, they started blaming themselves saying, "oh, why did I turn back? He warned me but I
    • hearkened not!". And the demon tell them to ''shut up, He gave you grace but you make it useless. You will never get out, we shall torment you till the judgment is set!"…..and they continue tormenting them. [Ezekiel 18:24]. The demon will tell them ''you are mine forever". Please do not go back to the world, all you who are Christians, for there is a great danger in turning away from the Lord. [2 Peter 2:2022]. MY OWN PIT IN HELL FIRE! Then the Lord showed me my own pit in hell fire. I was very sorrowful, but the Lord said, "EVERY ONE ON EARTH HAS THEIR OWN PIT IN HELL FIRE, AND THE MISSION OF THE DEMON IS TO BRING YOU INTO IT". You must make sure you do not go to that pit because it is very hot, burning with fire like acid. And we left the place THE THRONE OF DEVIL Then the Lord took me to the throne of devil. I saw a very big tall, fat, huge demon on this throne. He was very hideous and he immediately set his eyes on me . He called my name, 'Senayon, you have come here to see our mystery. I will not allow you to share any of our secrets! I will kill you, I swear''. And the Lord told me, "FEAR NOT, FOR I AM YOUR LIFE". [Isaiah 41:10-11]. Then after sometime, we were invisible to the devil, and the Lord told me that "ALL THINGS ARE NOT VISIBLE TO THE DEVIL, HE DOES NOT KNOW EVERY THING. BUT ALL THINGS ARE VISIBLE TO GOD”. I at first did not believe this, because we all know that devil is powerful. The Lord knew my thoughts and he took me to the back of the throne. I noticed the devil did not know that we were there. Then the Lord told me, "CALL MY NAME" and I quietly said, ‘Jesus!"….. and a great power shook hell and the devil fell down from his throne. Then devil turned back and we appeared visible. Then the devil shouted my name, "SENAYON" and the Lord told me, “TRY THE POWER IN MY NAME". 'and I command devil to die for three minutes in the name of Jesus' ! The power in the name of Jesus nailed his spirit on something like a wall and his hideous body fell down [Philippians 2:9-11] .And after three minutes, the Lord released his spirit and devil came back in to that hideous body. Immediately when he raised up, he shouted with a great fury and with wrath. Then I saw many demons approaching; they were rushing out and they all assembled with arrows in their hands. They all come against us at once, then heaven opened and I saw a pure white arrow! Just that one arrow came down and it destroyed all the arrows of devils. I want to tell you, there is power in the name of Jesus; by his Name every knee shall bow. [Philippians 2:9-11]. [Mark 16:17-19], [John 14:14], [John 16:23]. There is
    • power in the name of Jesus, call it out with faith and the demons will flee from you; but when you call the name of Jesus without repentance you are in danger. THE FALLEN ANGELS IN BONDAGE The Lord took me to a big hall in hell, I saw all the demons chained down and on seats. The Lord told me they were the fallen angels, so I ask the reason why they were chain down. The Lord told me, "THEY ARE VERY POWERFUL AND IF THEY WERE RELEASED, THEY WOULD CAST MORE SOULS INTO HELL, THEY ARE VERY POWERFUL" . Then the Lord told me, "THEY WILL BE RELEASED AFTER THE RAPTURE TO TROUBLE THE EARTH AND PERSECUTE THE PEOPLE FOR THE MARK OF THE BEAST". [2 Peter 2:4] One of them, called my name, and said, "Senayon, the Lord has shown you a good testimony, but if I meet you on earth, I will kill you". When we left the place and on our way, I noticed that something was holding onto my cloth. When I looked back, I saw it was a demon, and he came out from underneath. Because of the light of Christ, it could not come near me. Then the Lord told me, "HE IS THE HIGH PRIEST OF THE DEVIL [Beelzebub] [Matthew 12:24]. The demon said to me, "we will not allow you to share the testimony and you will not reveal our secret, we will kill you". Then the Lord told me "COMMAND HIM!" . . So I commanded him in the Name of Jesus to fall down- just then a great wind beat him down and he returned to his place. The Lord also showed me the spirit of stubbornness, and how it sent evil weapons, but the Lord send it back many fold more, and it ran away. [Psalm 91:1]. As long as the Lord held my hand, His presence cast away my fear, and there was not a sorrow about what I saw. MY AUNT I saw a lady afar off in hell fire, the demons were tormenting her [Nahum 2:10]. She cried as she was looking at me, and I ask the Lord, “who is she?”. The Lord told me, ''IT IS RUTH, YOUR AUNTY" [our first born] . She had died many years ago, what a great sorrow; she was there because she did not know the Lord. I was not happy and I was thinking if I too would not make it to heaven. The Lord knew my thoughts and told me, "I AM YOUR LIFE" . I want him to promise me that I will not end up in hell, and He said, "…..IF YOU KNOW MY NAME!" . He always tells me "FEAR NOT, FOR I AM YOUR LIFE!". THE CHURCH The church needs to wake up and put on the armor of God. I saw a group of demons, they gathered then I saw a very big book before them. They began to open it,
    • and immediately they opened to a page and said, "Yes, we are to face the church", then they closed the book. Suddenly, an uncountable number of demons appeared with arrows in their hands to launch strikes against the church. I was surprised, then the Lord told me, "THESE ARE THE ARROWS OF SLUMBER AND WEAKNESS, THEY ARE USED SO THAT MY PEOPLE MAY NOT PRAY, FAST AND DO EXPLOIT FOR MY KINGDOM". All the demons have one mission, their mission is to bring people to hell. The church needs to wake up, we should pray against unseen forces that plan against the church [Ephesians 5:14]. I saw a powerful demon, he disguised himself into what looked like a beautiful lady that looks decent and like a good Christian. He entered a certain church to attack a brother that recently surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. He came in just to seduce that brother to lose his salvation. [Joel 1:14] “ Let us call a solemn assembly and cry unto the Lord to awaken the church, because they which are fallen asleep in Christ are perished” [1 Corinthians 15:18]. The church needs a divine revival, let us build up our prayer life that we should destroy every seed that the Lord did not plant into the church. [2 Corinthians 10:4-5]. There are many demons in the church today operating in the likeness of men. They want to seduce the church [2 Corinthians 10:13-15]. For us to overcome them, we must put on the armor of God [Ephesians 6:10-18]. Remember these are perilous times [2 Timothy 3:1-7]. THE CHRISTIAN THAT DEFENDS THE DEVIL The Lord taught me a lesson, saying, "MANY CHRISTIAN ARE DEFENDERS OF THE DEVIL". I think within myself, “How can a Christian that prays against the devil defend the devil?” The Lord told me, "THERE ARE SOME THINGS IN THE SCRIPTURE THAT I CONDEMN. THE DEVIL KNOWS EVERY THING I CONDEMN AND HE IS OPERATING ON THAT. SOME CHRISTIANS WILL TELL THEIR BROTHER AND SISTER 'IT IS NOT A SIN' WHEN IT IS A SIN. THE DEVIL WILL MAKE SURE HE FINDS A WAY TO PROVE SIN IS NOT SIN”. As long as the Christian also says “It is not a sin” when it is sin, they make themselves defenders of the devil [1 Peter 3:3] Jesus says, “I WARN YOU ABOUT WORLDLY DRESSING, BUT SOME WE SAY, 'THAT IS NOT WHAT GOD MEANS, IT IS OUR FAITH' ….SOME EVEN SAY PUTTING ON EARRINGS IS NOT A SI!' MY SON, I DID NOT ONLY MENTION EARRINGS BUT PUTTING OR WEARING OF GOLD OR SILVER. THOSE WHO DO DRESS TO PLEASE THE FLESH.” [Jams 5:3].”Don't be concerned about the outward beauty that depends on jewelry, or beautiful clothes, or hair arrangements”. We have two kinds of beauty, our outward appearance and our inward appearance.
    • And let it not be that outward adorning of painting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on apparel [1 Peter 3:3] . The Lord says, "IF ANY CHRISTIAN SAYS 'IT IS NOT A SIN'' THEY ARE THE DEFENDERS OF THE DEVIL'' AND HE THAT DEFENDS THE DEVIL WILL NEVER GET TO MY KINGDOM.”.The Lord also says, "MY SON, READ WHAT I DECLARE IN THE BOOK OF DEUTERONOMY 22:5, I WARN THE PEOPLE TO OBEY ME, BECAUSE WHENEVER A WOMAN PUTS ON A MAN'S CLOTHES OR A MAN PUTS ON A WOMAN'S CLOTHES,THEY ARE CURSING THE GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, SAYING THAT HE IS NOT PERFECT IN HIS WORK". The Lord was crying and said, "MY SON, MAN CURSES HIS CREATOR, AND YET I AM STILL GIVING THEM GRACE TO REPENT. BUT IF ANY OF MY SERVANTS REFUSE TO REPENT, AND IF THEY CONTINUE DEFENDING THE DEVIL, I WILL SPEW THEM OUT OF MY MOUTH" [Revelation 3:15-16]. THE TARGET OF THE DEVIL The Lord told me that the target of devil is the prayer life of a man, Once your prayer life is captured, then your decision for God will be captured. The person will also fall victim when the fasting life of the man is captured. You must master and guide your prayer life. When a person’s prayers are affecting the kingdom of darkness, the devil will try to find ways to quench the power so it’s fire might weaken and die. [1 Peter 5:8]. The Lord told me, “LOOK AT THE MAN THAT THE DEMONS TORMENT WITH ANGER". The Lord told me ""WHEN HE WAS ON EARTH THERE WAS ALWAYS CONFUSION IN THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS WHEN THIS MAN PRAYED, AND I LOVED IT….HIS PRAYERS WOULD THWART AND DESTROY THE DEVILS PLANS”. The devil and his agents began to target the prayer life of this man. They captured the man through the bitterness in heart over one brother in the church. The Lord said, "I WARNED HIM,BUT HE REFUSED TO LISTEN TO ME" . The man had an accident and he died, [Matthew 5:44] and now he is in hell fire. There are many choir ministers that have bitterness in their heart against brothers in Christ. This is often because one is more talented than the other in one thing or another. People develop envy and pride because of this,. They which do such things are in danger of hell [Matthew 18:4]. THE PLAN OF GOD The Lord told me, "'THE PLAN OF GOD IS GREAT FOR MAN. WHENEVER GOD HAS A PLAN FOR A MANS LIFE, THE PLAN OF THE DEVIL IS TO DESTROYTHE PROMISE AND PLAN OF GOD”. I asked Jesus, “Can the devil destroy the promise and the plan of God for a man?” The Lord said, "YES”, and the Lord explained to me, ""IN EVERY PLAN AND PROMISE OF GOD FOR A MAN,
    • THERE IS ALWAYS A CONDITION, AND IN THAT CONDITION, THERE IS GRACE AND MERCY….THE GRACE IS FOR A CHANCE FOR RESTITUTION IF THE PERSON BREAKS ANY OF THE CONDITIONS, MERCY IS FOR THE PERSON TO BE FORGIVEN BY GOD. THE DEVIL WILL MAKE SURE YOU BREAK THE CONDITIONS. WHEN GOD MADE A COVENANT WITH ABRAHAM, THE CONDITION GOD GAVE HIM WAS TO WALK BEFORE ME AND BE THOU PERFECT". [Genesis 17:1-7].God has a plan for your life and the conditions are written in the scriptures [Galatians 5:19-21]. Not only will that, but God Himself tell you more! Do not lose the grace in the condition of God and His mercy will raise you up. [Psalm 91:11-12]. THE WIFE OF PASTOR W.F KUMUYI IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD Then we left hell fire and the Lord took me to heaven. I saw a lady in heaven, very beautiful, she came out from a very big house she was the only one who owned this house! She came to me with a smiling face, her thought was, that I was arriving in heaven. I wondered who she could be as the glory of God had changed her earthly beauty. The Lord told me, "SHE IS THE WIFE OF PASTOR W.F. KUMUYI, MY SERVANT”. I was so happy because she was full of the glory of God. Heaven is so beautiful; the entire place was full of the glory of God. The Lord show me the river of blood, it was very cool and it looked like a swimming pool Whenever we sin against God and ask Jesus to wash us, then He will wash us in the river of the blood. Then the Lord showed me the trumpet that will be used for the Rapture. He told me, ""MY COMING IS VERY NEAR”. The trumpet was so shining and it was made with wonderful gold. He also showed me preparations for the Rapture. The Lord took me to a very big hall and I saw many saints in pure white garments, they were singing, praising God, shouting unto the Lord - the glory of God was in their midst. Heaven is very beautiful , it was shining everywhere because all the light there was the glory of God. A VERY BIG HOUSE OF A WOMAN IN HEAVEN The Lord show me a very beautiful and big house in heaven, I wondered who could be owner of this house . The Lord told me "IT BELONGS TO A WOMAN; HER NAME IS MARGRET. SHE IS WINNING MANY SOULS TO MY KINGDOM! THE SOULS SHE WINS CAN NEVER BE NUMBERED BY MAN, ONLY BY GOD HIMSELF. HER WORKS HAVE BUILT HER THIS HOUSE". [Matthew 10:7] SHE SURRENDERED HER LIFE TO ME ,THE THINGS OF THE WORLD
    • WERE NOTHING TO HER , NOW SHE ENDS UP IN MY GLORIOUS KINGDOM! ANY CHRISTIAN THAT REFUSES TO WIN SOULS TO MY KINGDOM CAN NEVER ENTER MY GLORY”. [Matthew 28:19-20], [Matthew 10:32]. THE ROAD OF HELL FIRE The Lord show me the road of hell, there are many people on that road. Some look like Christians but they were going on the road leading to hell. Some held hands, a husband holds the hand of the wife, a wife hold the hand of husband. Parents hold the hands of their children, and some were going on their own There was a very big load on the back each person. The more Jesus looked at them, the more He was crying like a baby. I saw something that puzzled me; I saw groups of people, they were women, and they tried their best to pass through the way to heaven, but a power was pushing them back. Then the Lord told me, “THE UNCLEAN THING SHALL NOT PASS THROUGH MY WAY". [Isaiah 35:8-9]. I asked, “What is the unclean thing in them?” And the Lord told me, "IT WAS THEIR DRESSING, THEY PUT ON EARRINGS, WEAVON, ATTACHMENTS, CHAINS, JEWELS . THEY PUT ON MAN'S CLOTHES, THEY ATTEMPT TO BEAUTIFY THEM SELVES ---THEY WANT TO PASS THROUGH MY WAY. THAT CANNOT BE POSSIBLE! TO OBEY IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE!”. ….Then He continues crying. [Isaiah 3:16-24], [1 Peter 3:3], [Deuteronomy 22:5] The Lord wept bitterly and he cried aloud like a woman in labor. Those of you who think you can just do as you like after you gave your life to Jesus, you are just deceiving yourself! Do not listen to the deception of the devil, when you are born again, old things have passed away [2 Corinthians 5:17]. THE ROAD OF HEAVEN The Lord then shows me the road to heaven. I saw people but there are not as many as on the hell road. On that road, I saw that some were moving forward, some were moving with joy, and some were dancing, praising God. [2 Corinthians 13:9], [2 Corinthians 12:9]. I then notice that there are little and not-too-high hills on that road, and whenever anybody gets there, they will climb up it then get down to continue on their journey. I noticed some people had already crossed the hill but were coming back to the road, they were tired of moving forward. If you are that kind of Christian, you are tired of temptation, afflictions, poverty and many other things. You think the best solution is to quit serving the Lord, so you stop that and go back because you feel you are just a man that escaped from a tiger and had fallen into the pit of a lion. The
    • Lord still wants you ,but you must persevere. “We must through much tribulation to enter in to the Kingdom of God.” [Acts 14:22].Return to Christ and he will save you! Remember the torment of the backsliders in hell fire [Jeremiah 3:21-22]. I saw some were standing, they are not moving, they are just standing there. If you are Christian and you are thinking of weather to continue serving the Lord or not, you have to stop the evil thoughts, and then move forward. The best choice is to continue moving, so pray for strength [Ephesians 6:18]. I then saw that some were crawling, they wished to continue on the way, but they were tired. If you are the kind of Christian that you fear your parents more than you fear the things of Christ, you have to stop it. This is very dangerous and some of you think that your parents are persecuting you, making you to sin against God. You have to pray and say “no” to any decision that is against the will of God, the Lord says, "FEAR NOT" [Matthew 10:28]. Pray for strength to stand up and begin to move forward because our God is powerful. Cry unto him, and he will listen to your request [Ephesians 6:14-18], [Jeremiah 33:3]. Jesus wept bitterly and I too was sorrowful -- the Lord told me "'WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU THAT YOU ARE SORROWFUL? IF YOU TRUELY ARE SORROWFUL,THEN TELL THE PEOPLE WHAT YOU SAW". I then woke up with fear. THE END REPENTANCE It is time to repent from any sin. No matter what sin you might have committed, GOD is just and faithful to forgive you your sin [Romans 10:9-10] Jesus loves your soul and he does not want your soul to go to hell fire. [Habakkuk 2:13].GOD has sent his only Son, Jesus Christ to die for your sin! Whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. [John 3:16] Jesus is the Way, the Truth ,and the Life, and no man cometh to the Father except by Jesus [John 14:6]. Repent now and be saved. [Acts 17:30-31].if you are ready to give your life to Christ, pray the following prayer. Lord Jesus, I know myself as a sinner, I know I am in darkness, but now am ready to do what you want me to do. Please forgive me all my sin, wash me in the river of your blood, heal me, strengthen me, empower me, give me power over the flesh and let your kingdom come into my heart. Write my name into the book of life and let
    • there be joyfulness in heaven over the salvation of my soul. In Jesus name I pray. Amen THE END Contact Info: Email: EMMANUELSAMPSONJUDE@GMAIL.COM Facebook: Emmanuel Samsonjude Twitter: Overcomers9 Phone: +2347019105341 The Mystery of Heaven and Hell Testimony #2 My name is Emmanuel Senayon, I thank God for his divine grace in my life who gave me the golden grace to see this revelation. The lord promised me in my first encounter, to visit me again, to show me the mystery because his coming is very near and satan is working so hard to win souls to his ugly kingdom. It all happened on 26th of January 2013 around 6am in the morning when I slept and I didn't know that my body was already dead here on earth. I saw the lord, he said ''COME, I WANT TO SHOW YOU THE PLAN OF THE DEVIL AGAINST MAN'', and the lord took my hand and we arrived before the throne of the devil, and I saw devil on the throne, he was laughiog with ugly voice saying ''I must win their souls, their souls are mine, hahaha'' And the lord told me to watch carefully so that I will be able to tell others what I saw, and I saw two demons they brought a man before the throne of the devil, the man was a sorcerer,
    • and immediately the devil saw him, he laughed and said ''Welcome my faithful servant'' and devil began to question the two demons with great anger saying ''How many souls did he win for me?'' and the demon said '7 million' and devil began to laugh and again devil asked the demon ''How many of the seven million have died?'' and the demon said '2 million', and devil began to laugh saying ''Their souls belong to me, hahaha'', Again devil asked the demon ''How many plane did he crashed?'' and the demon said 'six', and again devil asked the demon ''How many car accident did he cause?'' and the demon said 'many' and devil said with a great anger ''I have a gift for you, i must give you a gift'' and all of a sudden I saw a huge demon with a cup and very ugly cup in his hand and inside the cup was a dark acid and very dark and the demon gave it to the man and the devil told the man ''Drink it, drink it, drink it'', with a powerful voice and the man drank it and his body began to melt and the acid began to eat his body and his flesh burst to pieces. The man cried bitterly, he looked for a way to escape but the devil laughed and said ''I tricked you and you followed my deception, you will never get out of this place, your soul is mine, hahaha'' And devil said ''Take him away'' and the demon took him and he was thrown into the fire! He was crying with a great and deep feeling because the torment of hell is so great (isaiai 5:14) and devil was saying this because many souls are ending up their life in hell fire. The lord was crying like a baby because many Christian no longer win soul for Christ, friend it is time, we must say no to the work of the flesh and win soul for christ. (matthew 10:7). Then devil was laughing with a loud voice and he called out a demon and said ''go to the high way and cause accident'' and the demon obey him and ran to earth with speed. Devil called out another demon saying ''go to the air and cause a plane crash'', Devil called out another demon saying ''go quickly and make the artist expose their nakedness and expose their body on TV, INTERNET and on PAPER, go and make the prostitute release their new video'', and they all obeyed him and ran to the earth with speed. We must be careful of what we watch on TV, INTERNET And also paper, Because devil is out there, looking for whom he may devour.(1 peter 5:8). I later saw some powerful beast, they told the man that ''You used us to hurt people while you were on earth, it is now our turn to hurt''. And they began to torment the man and the man cried bitterly, he even sought for death But it was too late for him because a soul that arrived in hell shall never get out but it shall be there for eve r(matthew 22:13).
    • This is a great challenge to us as a Christian, a one just servant of the devin won seven million souls and two million have died already, and now they are in a great torment. How many people do you tell about christ today? Some have not even won just one soul for Christ. I remember in 2011, i had a revelation and I saw the devil on the throne saying ''Who shall separate me from my glory'' and devil called a brother in hell fire saying ''Joseph, do you now believed that hell fire is real?, do you now believed my kingdom is real?'' and I saw the brother, he was crying bitterly, the demon was tormenting him with great fury, and the lord show me the life story of the brother, while he was still on earth, he never believed hell fire exist and he do taught his fellowship member that hell fire is not real, and he only taught them that man only need to seek blessing, that, it is all man needs, he told them hell fire is not is not real, and when a man die, he die forever and his soul will never go to any where. And now he is in hell fire crying, and saying ''Now I believed, please take me out, Now I believed'' and devil said ''Your soul is mine, you will be here for ever'' this is a great lesson for those of you that thought hell fire is not real, now repent and be saved, hell fire is so real, (Matthew 13vs50)(matthew 25vs30). (A CHRISTIAN WITHOUT A COMPLETE ARMOR) I saw a brother coming to Jesus when he died and he was happy because he thought he make heaven at last and when he get before Jesus Christ, Jesus was crying and so deep wept and Jesus said to the brother, ''Gabriel where is your sword of truth, where is your breast plate of righteousness, that I gave to you, I gave you complete armor and where are they?'' and the brother said I left it in my friend house, please let me go and take it back, and the lord told him, ''it is too late, you cannot go back again because I warn you but you never listen to me, I know you not'', and the brother was crying with a great sorrow saying, 'please give me the chance to go back, please lord, please, please', and the lord shout with great anger saying, ''depart! depart! depart!for I know you not, depart from me'', and a great storm just carried him away. and the lord showed me the life story of the brother, while he was on earth, he never go out and win soul for the lord, and whenever the lord told him to go and tell people about the gospel, he will be procrastinate and devil will said into his heart ''Sit down and read your bible, you will go tomorrow'' And when the tomorrow came again, the lord told him "Gabriel, go and warn that sinner to repent and be saved", and satan will said to his heart 'Gabriel sit down and read your bible , tomorrow you shall did that', and he began to obeyed the voice of satan.(2 Corinthians 11:13-14). He went to his friend house and instead of telling his friend about Jesus, he was discussing a business matter with his friend and he lost his salvation through the evil advise of his friend and he began to live a sinful life like his friend, that was why he told the lord that he left his breastplate of righteousness in his friend house.
    • And the lord told me "TELL MY PEOPLE THAT THEIR ARMOR MUST BE COMPLETED, TELL THEM THEY MUST NOT LOST THEIR ARMOR. (Ephesians 6:10-18). And when the brother arrived in hell fire, I saw a big snake, the snake was so big and there are many thorns on his body, and the snake said "Gabriel, that was how I deceived your first man to lost the real image of God (Genesis 3:1-end)and I deceived you and you followed my deception, I will torment you forever". And the big snake enter the body of the brother, and hurt him and the man cried bitterly but he could not get out of the fire. And devil began to laugh saying "your soul is mine, i must won you all". Christians, it is time to developed our relationship with God because many Christians end up their life in hell fire just because of minuce sin. We must confess our sin and forsake it, because the standard of God standeth sure.(2 timothy 2:19. [KING SAUL IN HELL FIRE] The lord told me "COME, I WANT TO SHOW YOU A KING" and I saw a man on a throne chained down and the demon was tormenting him with great anger, and the lord told me it was king Saul, and when king Saul saw me, he said " You ard here, go and tell my people I am here, tell them they should not disobeyed God, tell the children of Israel, they must obey the voice of the lord, my disobedient led me to this place(1 Samuel 13:13-14, 1 Samuel 15:22-26, 1 Samuel 16:14) for I was a murder, i killed my self, I thought I was the owner of my life(1 Samuel 31:4) please tell them, hell fire is real". And he was crying for help but the demon continued tormenting him. And the lord told me "YOU MUST TELL THEM WHAT YOU SAW, IF YOU DON'T TELL THEM, YOU WILL BE JUDGE". [THE ANOINTING OF THE DEVIL] The lord took me to a place in hell fire, and I saw how devil is working on a Christian. I saw a dark anointing in a very big hole and what I noticed is that many demons came there to take from the anointing, and I was wondering what they used it for, and the lord told me "MY SON, TELL MY PEOPLE THEY MUST BE PRAYERFUL, THEY USED THAT ANOINTING AGAINST THE CHRISTIANS WHENEVER THEY SLEPT, THEN THOSE DEMONS WILL POURED THE ANOINTING ON THAT CHRISTIAN AND IF THE CHRISTIAN WOKE UP AND REFUSED TO PRAY, THEN THAT ANOINTING WILL BRING STRANGE FEELING AND EVIL THOUGHT AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH ME WILL NOT BE PERFECT AND THEY BECOME BACKSLIDE". My people we should not be ignorant of the devices of the devil.(2 Corinthians 2:11). Whenever we slept, there are many thing devil is doing against our soul, that was why the Bible is so true about the EVIL SOWER "while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way" (Matthew 13:25) and the lord told me "MY SON, LOOK AT THAT MAN". and behold I saw a man on earth, he was
    • sleeping and I saw a demon with dark anointing and he poured it on the man and went his way. And when the man woke up, he did not pray just because he is late for his work and he quickly rushed out of the room and went for his work. And that dark anointing began to manifested in his life and the man just began to have strange feeling and began to committed adultery with women (church members). And that was how the man forsake the lord. The lord warned him to prayed but he refused to listen just because of his job. And the lord told me "he is a pastor". We must be careful because devil is a great deceiver and his mission is to deceived into destruction, he has works politically as 'the prince of this world' how, as 'the god of this age' he blinds the unbeliever to keep him from believing the gospel of salvation. (Ephesians 6:11-20) [ A MAN WHO NEVER BELIEVED IN HOLY SPIRIT] My people those of you who never believed in the holy spirit, am telling you it is real. I saw a man in hell fire, he was chained down and the demon was tormenting him and when the man saw us, he was saying "now I believed in Holy spirit, now I believed in speaking in tongues" when the man was still on earth, he never believed in holy spirit, he walked according to the flesh and not according to the holy spirit, he overlooked many sins and now he is in hell fire beging for second chance but the lord told him "IT IS TOO LATE, I CAN NOT SAVE YOU AGAIN". The man cried bitterly and blaspheme against the lord. (luke 11:13) all we need is to ask the father to give us the Holy spirit because the father has promised to give to those who ask him (ephesians 1:13-14) pray hard and do not give up in seeking the holy spirit because if you don't have it, you will just continue doing the will of the flesh. Romans 8:5-14) seek for the holy spirit to make it to heaven. [THE GREAT CHURCH] The lord told me "MY SON, COME, LET ME SHOW YOU HOW I WANT MY CHURCH TO BE". Then I saw a church and in that church, i saw a burning flaming fire, i saw people in the fire but the fire never consumed them. And the lord told me "THAT IS THE FIRE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT", and also I saw many powerful angels with sword in their hand they all surrounded the church, and I saw those people in the church, they were praying
    • hard and were crying unto the Lord. And the lord told me "THIS IS HOW I WANT MY CHURCH TO BE, BUT MANY OF MY CHURCH ARE COLD" (Revelation 3:15-16) and the lord told me "MANY OF MY CHURCH NO LONGER PRAY HARD, THEY NEVER DO FASTING, THEY NEVER PREACHED ABOUT MY SECOND COMING, THEY NEVER PREACHED ABOUT HELL FIRE, THEY NEVER PREACHED MY GLORIOUS KINGDOM, THEY NEVER DO EXPLOIT AND WIN SOUL FOR ME, THEY DO NOT WANT MY ORDER AGAIN, BUT ALL THEY WANT IS TO BE LEAD BY FLESH AND NOT BY SPIRIT. TELL THEM ALL, I AM COMING QUICKLY AND MY REWARD IS WITH ME TO GIVE TO EVERY ONE ACCORDING TO HIS WORK (Revelation 22:12)TELL THEM TO SEEK ME AND THEY SHALL FOUND ME, I AM GIVEN THIS CHANCE TO THEM TO REPENT AND BE SAVED. FOR MY DOOR IS STILL OPEN TO ANY ONE WHO WANT TO COME IN, BUT ONCE THE DOOR IS CLOSED, THEY WILL CRIED UNTO ME TO OPEN BUT I WILL TELL THEM, I KNOW THEM NOT (Matthew 25:11-13 MY SON, TELL THEM AM ABOUT TO CLOSE THE DOOR". The lord was saying this with crying, am telling you, church need to awake and forsake strange doctrine that will surely lead to hell fire. Remember what the lord say "AS MANY AS I LOVE, I REBUKE AND CHASTEN: BE ZEALOUS THEREFORE, AND REPENT" (Revelation 3:19) [THE SECRET DECEPTION OF THE DEVIL] And the lord took me to a place in hell fire, and I saw many demons they were holding a meeting and suddenly they all scatter and disguised to pastors, evangelist, prophet, teacher, brother, sisters, elders, reverend. And the devil was given them order saying "Go now to the earth, go and perform signs and wonders, go and perform miracles, go and teach them false doctrine and bring more souls to my kingdom". And those demons obeyed him and ran to earth with full speed. When I saw them, I was very surprise and that made me to remember my first encounter with Jesus christ, when the lord showed me some thing in hell, beside satan throne in hell was a very big and a deep hole, inside the hole was written the names of the churches that belong to satan on earth. My friend, please beware of the churches you attend, if it does not stand on the whole counsel of God (preaching of holiness, righteousness, second coming of jesus christ, godly dressing, preaching of Hell fire) please move away from such church, because such church belong to satan. (matthew 24:24)(mark 13:5-6)(luke 21:8) we must beware for many demons are in likeness of ministers of God, just to deceived into destruction. The lord told me "I AM NOT THEIR FOUNDER, I DON'T KNOW THOSE CHURCHES IN THAT HOLE"(2 timothy 3:4-7). [THE BATTLE FIELD] The lord took me to a place, i saw only a few people, they were fighting demons,
    • many demons, Is just a great and powerful battle but those demons has wounded many people during the battle just because their armour is not completed, i saw blood on their body but they keep on fighting. The lord was crying saying "YOU MUST PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD" (Ephesians 6:11-18) and also I saw some people, their amour is completed and the demons cannot wound them . And the lord told me "I NEED MORE PEOPLE IN THIS BATTLE FIELD, TELL THEM TO COME TO ME AND I WILL FILLED THEM WITH MY POWER, TELL THEM TO SEEK THE GREAT ARMOR OF SPIRIT WITH ALL THEIR HEART AND THEY SHALL HAVE IT". And suddenly the lord turned his face to me saying "THEY ARE WAITING FOR YOU ON EARTH" and the lord took me back and I woke up. And I saw my mum and my elder brother, they has already removed the cloth I used to coverd my body. According to their comment, my mum told me that it has been long that she was waken me up but I was not responded, that was why she run to my brother room to told him, she was calling me but I did not responded and my brother also testify to that. and all their thought was that my blood is not yet completed. Even when I woke up, i saw them standing and they were just calling my name and my mum was about to be crying. [BE WISE] My friend, Jesus Christ has reveal the secret of the devil. and how he want his churches to be, it is now our time to take the step of salvation and repent from our sin and be saved. (Ephesians 5:1-2) if you are a pastor or minister of God or a Christian that you are a backslider, please awake and come back to Jesus and he will received you. (ephesians 5:14-21) the lord promised to visit me third time, he said "I AM COMING TO VISIT YOU AND SHOW YOU MORE THING ABOUT HEAVEN AND HELL FIRE, AND I WILL COME TO VISIT YOU ON 9TH OF FEBRUARY 2013". Awake Christians. END
    • THE END Contact Info: Email: EMMANUELSAMPSONJUDE@GMAIL.COM Facebook: Emmanuel samsonjude Twitter: Overcomers9 Phone: +2347019105341 The Mystery of Heaven and Hell Testimony #3 The end of the world is coming soon. Therefore be earnest, thoughtful men of prayer (1 peter 5:7) I thank God for his grace over my life, the lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him. The lord promised to visit me on the 9th of February 2013 and he fulfilled it, because he is the ever faithful God. (psalm 33:11). On the 9th of February 2013 around 1pm, I was on my bed about to sleep when I heard a voice saying "It is time, my son prepare your self right now" and I just ask for the blood of Jesus to washed me clean and suddenly a deep sleep came over me and When I opened my eyes, I found my self in the room, that I found my self in my first encounter with Jesus Christ. And I saw Jesus Christ, he came in and said "My son, I want to show you many things today, for this is the last time I will visit you, you must tell them what you saw because you have not been telling many people about what I showed you previously". And the lord started crying because of this, I was sorrowful when he was crying because of me. When we got out of the room, then the lord told me "My son, come, let me show you the great judgment", and we arrived before a great throne. [THE MURDER] When we arrived before a great throne, behold I saw a woman, she was saying "I am very sorry", and the lord told me "Look at that woman crying, she knew she can not
    • make heaven and that was why she was crying". And I asked the lord, to tell me the reason why the woman has that thought, and the lord told me that "My son, look at her" and behold I saw her life story. She was a Christian while she was still on earth, she was looking for a man to marry and the lord told her to be patient, but her desire to marry was so great and she never waited for God's time and she poisoned her friend just because she wanted to get married to her husband and her friend died (Matthew 5:21) and she got married to the husband of her friend and later the husband of her friend found out she was behind his wife death and that man also poisoned her and the woman also died and that was the reason the woman was crying before the throne of judgment. (Luke 11:47) the lord told me that "I warned her not to do that but she never listened to me and now she is crying for help and second chance, It is not possible, my kingdom is a holy place, it is not a place for a murderer, I warned you to repent but you never listened to me, It is too late for you". (Isaiah 59:1-3) And the lord told her "Depart from me". And a great storm just carried her away into everlasting punishment. (Matthew 25:41 and 46) not kill or murder for he that do such a thing is in the danger of the judgment, Repent now and be saved. And we left the place. I want you to understand this, Christ's coming is only for FAITHFUL, STEADFAST and WATCHFUL believers. It is not enough to be qualified for His coming; you must live each moment ready and waiting. Making your life count daily for eternity is the only thing that counts in life. It is not enough to warn and watch over others; you must watch over yourself and take heed to the salvation of your soul. Whenever the thought of Christ's return fills you with dread or fright, it only shows there is still something amiss and you need to allow the Holy spirit do His work in you. You are better caught up than cut off at the rapture. If you miss the rapture, the antiChrist will not only mock your faith; you will be punished more for trifling with the truth. What about if you die before the rapture, you must always be ready for the Lord because if you died and you have one just spot on your garment you will be cast away [Note: This statement will cause a lot of Controversy in the Church], if you keep on sinning against God and you thought you still have time to repent, I am telling you that you are just deceiving yourself, now will be better to repent from your sin because tomorrow may too be late for you. "DO NOT KILL"
    • The lord took me to hell, we pass-through the same tunnel that we passed through in my first encounter and we arrived in hell. Hell has enlarged her self, and that was the reason devil is working hard. (Isaiah 5:14) [250 YEARS IN HELL FIRE] I saw a man screaming in hell fire saying 'are you here to save me, I have been here for 250 years, I have waited if I will found a savior, but I have already give up, but now that I see you, I doubt if you are here to save me', and the lord told him "I sent many of my servant to you, to tell you to repent, but you never listened to me, they told you about the reality of Hell fire, but you told them, it was not real, it is a joke, and you thought your life is the best, you only spent your time in taken alcoholic, moving from one hotel to another to committed adultery (1 Corinthians 6:9-11, James 4:4), you were seriously ill to the point of death, but I did not allow you to die so that you may repent and be saved, but you never even wanted to hear my name being mention, but now you are looking for savior, I can not save you any more, it is too late for you". (Proverb 1:24-33) The lord was crying while he was talking with that man, just because he has no pleasure in the death of a sinner. (Ezekiel 18:30-32). You still have opportunity to repent when you are still on earth, but after death, there is no more repentance, Jesus is only the savior of the living but not of dead, YOUR BREATH YOUR OPPORTUNITY (Ecclesiastes 12:1-8) and we left the place. [15 YEARS OLD GIRL IN HELL FIRE] The lord took me to a place in hell fire, and I saw a girl, she was crying, there were many worms and insects on her body, if she removed one, many worms would come back to that particular place she has removed one worm, and when she saw us, she was screaming for help, and I asked her the reason she was there and she told me her life story saying 'When I was on earth, I love going to clubs to dance (1 timothy 5:6), my parents never warned me just because I was the only child they give birth to. I love following boys and having sex with them (1 Thessalonians 4:3-8) (Ephesians 5:3-6), I heard about
    • hell fire but I never wanted to hear about that, many of my friend told me to repent but I developed hatred towards them. Then I became pregnant and my mum reminded of my ambition of becoming a lawyer, and because of this statement, I aborted the pregnant and I died and ended up my life in this fire. I have been here for Ten years tormented if I removed one of the worm, more will just come to my body, please help me, I am now ready to repent''. I was very sad about her story, and the lord told her, "You can not repent any more, it is too late for you", the lord was crying with a great feeling for her but he can not saved her any more and the girl screamed saying 'No, no, no, no, it is too hot, I want to die" but she could not find death. (Revelation 9:6) I was telling the lord that he should take me back because I can not endure watching the girl the way she was being tormented. Parent listen to me, teach your child the way of the lord, teach them the word of God, correct them if they did any wrong against the lord. (Ephesians 6:1-4) (1 john 2:1-6). We left the place and went to another side [14 YEARS OLD GIRL IN HELL FIRE] We must be careful and purge our self in this sinful world because many of our inventions defile us before God. (Ecclesiastes 7:29) the lord showed me a girl in hell fire, her torments was so hellish, she was screaming saying 'enough, enough, please, take me out'. She used her left hand to covered her ear while she used her right hand to masturbate with a very hot object on her hand, she was crying bitterly but she couldn't stopped masturbating. And I asked her the reason she was doing that and she told me her life story saying ' I was 14 years old when I died, when I was on earth, I love worldly music, any time I heard it, I had sexual feeling and that would led me to masturbate. I heard about this tormented place but I never believed it was real. Many servant of God warned me about worldly music but I called them fools, they warned me in their preaching that masturbation was a sin, but I told them God is a merciful. But now I believed they are not fools. The reason I covered my ear is because I am still hearing that worldly music and is hurting me. The reason I use this object to masturbate was because I masturbated on earth, please help me, I can not stopped this, is hurting me". But the lord told her "I can not help you again, you have made my grace useless on earth, but in this place, there is no more grace, It is too late for you to repent". She screamed but the lord told her "I can not chang my words, is written already, my words stand for ever". (Matthew 24:35) (Matthew 13:31) parents, please take care of your children (2 Corinthians 12:14) (Ephesians 6:1) Remember that the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience. (Colossians 3:6) and we left the place and moved to another side.
    • [25 YEARS OLD MAN IN HELL FIRE] The lord took me to a place in hell fire, I saw a man screaming saying 'i will listen, I will listen please am ready to listen and I asked him the reason he was there and he said, when on earth, I loved having sex with girls especially the prostitutes, my friend told me to repent and be saved but I replied that I don't want to listen to any foolish preaching I am ready for that fire, just leave me alone but now I am ready to listen and repent, please, please, help me but the lord told him I gave you enough grace till you died at the age of 25 years but you never listened to my warning, but now you are begging to listen, it is too late for you, no one can tell you about me here because everybody here is looking for a way to escape, but a soul that arrived here shall never get out again, it is too late for you (1 Thessalonia 4:3) your body is not for fornication (1 Corinthians 6:13) and the man screamed and I begged the lord to take me away from that place because I couldn't just look at them any more and we left hell fire. [THE KINGDOM OF GOD] The lord took me to heaven, praise the lord, blessed be the lord, God of Israel from everlasting and to everlasting. Amen and Amen. (psalm 41:13)when we got to heaven, I saw it was very, very beautiful, the ground is like a mirror, I was very happy and I have this thought in me that I will never leave the place. I could head the beautiful voice of the angels praising. God (psalm 1o3:1-3)and the lord told me, tell my people, my kingdom is very real, blessed are those who inherit it, I could saw many beautiful flowers, very great and precious (psalm119:129-135) [THE TREE OF LIFE] And the lord took me to a place in heaven where I saw the tree of life afar, it was very beautiful and shinning like a gold. (Revelation 22:2) and the lord told me, I preserved this tree of life for my people, tell them that blessed are they that keep my commandment, that they may have right to the tree of life. (Revelation 22:14) and we left the place. [THE CHILDREN THAT WOMEN ABORTED] The lord took me to a very big hall in heaven, and I saw many little children, they were filled with the glory of God and they were praising God. (psalm 86:11-13) and the lord told me "This are the children that women aborted on earth, they belong
    • to me and they will be in my glorious kingdom. " (psalm89:1-2)and we left the place. [ ANGEL GABRIEL VISITATION] While the lord was speaking with me, behold I saw an angel, he was handsome and tall, he has a crown on his head, and the lord told me "It is angel Gabriel" I was very happy to meet him and the lord told him to take me to many place in heaven so that I will tell others. [KING DAVID IN HEAVEN] Angel Gabriel took me to a place in heaven, behold I saw a very big house in heaven, and Angel Gabriel told me that "It was the house of king David" and I told him I want to see king David face to face and he took me and we enter his room, and behold I saw king David, he was praising God with psalms and he was dancing for God. (psalm 34:1-6) and I greeted him and he called my name "Senayon, you are welcome" I was very surprise of how he knew my name and he began to tell me that "Senayon, you no longer praised God, you never want to danced for God, when you praise God and you dance for him, his grace will be closer to you". And I asked him 'how do you know this?, do you saw me on earth? Or you are aware of my life on earth? And he laughed and said "I speak not on my own" and I later discovered it was God that was talking to me through him. And he gave me a small book and said "eat it, eat it", and when I ate the book, then I began to said "I am thirsty, I am thirsty" because I was very thirsty and they gave me the blood of Jesus Christ to drink, and when I drank it, behold I was shaken as if I was feeling cold, For more than five minute, but angel Gabriel and king David just knee down saying "Glory be to God" (psalm 29:1-11) while I was still shaken, and when I stopped shaken, king David told me that "Now you will praise God and dance for him, tell the people to praise the almighty and his grace will be closer to them". And angel Gabriel told me "Senayon, you have to see many thing here, let us go". But I said 'No, I don't want to leave king David, please'. But he never listened to me and we left king David house.
    • [PROPHET ELIJAH HOUSE] Angel Gabriel took me to another place in heaven, and I saw another big house and it was very beautiful, and angel Gabriel told me "It was the house of prophet Elijah", I was very happy and I said "i want to see him" and angel Gabriel took me to the house and behold I saw a very young man, he was very handsome and he said " Senayon, welcome", I was very happy to saw him, and I said " You are very powerful on earth, I have read about you in the Bible", but he said "A fire is burning in your heart, you will be powerful than me". (2 Corinthians 10:4-5) and he told me many thing about me. And angel Gabriel told me "Senayon, we have to leave now because you have many thing to see here" and we left the place [THE HOUSE OF APOSTLE PAUL] Angel Gabriel took me to another place in heaven, and behold I saw a very big house in heaven, it was build with gold and was decorated with precious stone, and Angel Gabriel told me "It was the house of Apostle paul", and I said I wanted to see him, he was a model to many Christians, and angel Gabriel took me to his house and behold I saw a very young man resting in a beautiful room and he said "Senayon, you are welcome, I am very happy to see you" I was just surprise how they knew my name, but they knew it because the glory of God was in them, there was no need for me to tell them my name before they know it. And he began to tell me his life story in the book of Acts 8:1-4, Acts 9:1-31, and at the end he said "I make used of the grace that Jesus gave to me and I never make it useless". And he gave me a small book and said "eat it, eat it" and when I ate it, I never thirst for any thing because it was so sweet, and Apostle Paul said "Now you will preach the gospel and teach the testimonies of Jesus Christ, you will teach some of my epistles that I have not yet written out" (Romans 8:35-39) and angel Gabriel and apostle Paul was just praising God. (Romans 4:20-25) (2 Corinthians 5:13-18) and we left the place, I was very happy because heaven is so beautiful and it was full of the glory of God. (Revelation 21:18). [THE HOUSE OF FATHER ABRAHAM] Then angel Gabriel took me to a place in heaven, and I saw another big house and very beautiful and decorated with precious stone and flowers, and angel Gabriel told me, it was the house of father Abraham. And I told angel Gabriel to took me there because I want to see him. And angel Gabriel took me there and when I saw father Abraham I said "father of faith, father of faith" and he just began to advise me about my life, he told me many thing, "YOU MUST HAVE FAITH IN WHATEVER YOU ASK THE FATHER" AND BE PATIENT IN EVERY SITUATION". (Jeremiah 33:3) (matthew 17:20) "faith is real. (Matthew 21:21-22) and we left the place [SEVEN ANGEL WITH TRUMPET AND WITH
    • FIVE ANGEL DANCING] Angel Gabriel took me to a place in heaven, behold I saw five angels they were dancing with joy, and I saw seven angel with trumpet. And I asked angel Gabriel to tell me about the mission or work of those angel? And angel Gabriel told me that "If a soul gave his life to Jesus Christ, then those seven angel will blow their trumpet as a sign that one soul has repented, and those five angel will be dancing and the whole heaven will rejoiced. And also if a soul make heaven then the seven angel will blow their trumpet and every angels in heaven will be celebrating for that soul" (luke 15:7) there is a great joy in heaven over a soul that repented. (Luke 15:10). [THE OVERCOMES] Angel Gabriel took me to a place, it was a very big hall, and angel Gabriel gave me a sword to lifted it up and when I did that, behold, I found my self in a battle field, I saw many people, countless people, they were chained down. And I saw many demons, they were the one that chained those people, and I saw some people, they put on the amour of war and at their back was written 'THE OVERCOMES' they were fighting the demons in other to set those people that were chained down free, and if they set any one free, the person will run into a room called 'THE SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH'. And I asked angel Gabriel to interpreted it for me and he said " The overcomes are the real Christians (1 john 5:4-5) and those who were chained down were the sinners, and those demons are the Assign demon on a mission to take those sinners to hell fire (1 peter 5:8-9) fighting the demons in charge of that sinner means 'preaching for the sinners and praying for them', the room they ran to, to be safe is JESUS CHRIST. (Matthew 11:28-30) and that was why is called 'THE SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH' (psalm 91:1)". You must pray hard so that God may deliver you from the demon on a mission to take you to the pit of hell fire. [THE SANCTIFICATION] Angel Gabriel took me to a place in heaven, it was very beautiful, it was decorated with pure gold, the ground was a transparent glass, many great beautiful flowers, and precious stone, and I saw a gold fixed up and I told angel Gabriel that I want to touched that gold that was fixed up. And angel Gabriel carried me on his shoulder, and I began to touched those gold that was fixed up. And I told angel Gabriel that I don't want to leave that place, I was crying because the place was so showy
    • (Revelation 21:18-19) but angel Gabriel told me that "No, you have many thing to see here and is very important that you see them" and I told angel Gabriel that "please I don't want to live a worldly life, please do something about it" and angel Gabriel said "Senayon, come let us go" and we left the place and went to the pool of the blood of Jesus Christ. And angel Gabriel asked me "Senayon, do you remember this place?" and I said "yes, I saw this pool of blood in my first encounter with Jesus Christ" and angel Gabriel said "Yes you are right", and we were standing there more than five minute but he did not utter a single word to me. And suddenly, I saw a pure light in blue color, it came there and carried me into the pool of blood, and an invisible hand was washing me thoroughly in the pool of blood, it pains me and I was crying and begged angel gabriel to took me out but he just knee down and said "glory be unto God, from everlasting to everlasting, the king of kings and the awesome God" (psalm 95:1-6) and behold, I saw my earthly body on bed, and something dark was rushing out of my body and I was surprise that such a thing live in my body. (psalm 51:12-15) and when the invisible hand was through washing me and that pure light took me out of the pool of blood. (psalm 51:8-11) and behold I heard a loud voice, it sound like a thunder saying "Now you will remember what you saw here and you will live as I want, you are no more an ordinary man because I have sanctified you" and that voice began to talked to me about a brother that trained me up in the way of the Lord, his name is IJAWJAW EAMON MARK, the lord told me many thing about him that he will fulfilled his covenant upon him and he has given him the garment of perfection. And the voice told me many thing about many people. And I told angel Gabriel that "please I want to see the person that am hearing his voice" and angel Gabriel told me "i don't have the power to take you there, but follow me" and we left the place [THE THRONE OF THE FATHER] Angel Gabriel took me back to Jesus Christ and he explained to Jesus Christ that I wanted to see the father and I now get it that it was the father that was talking to me in the pool of blood. And Jesus smile and held my hand saying "Do you want to see the father?" and I said 'yes' and on our way to the place, we pass through a hall and I saw many angels, they will sudden knee down and said "GLORY BE TO GOD" (Psalm 84:11) and when we get out
    • of the hall, behold I saw a powerful light on a throne, it was light like a fire that was burning, we were so far, many miles far from the throne, and it was like I want to fall down, I dont have any strength to walk towards the throne any more and I just began to begged the lord saying "please take me back" and Jesus said "That is the father, don't you want to see him AGAIN?" and I said "yes, please, please, I want to die, I can not breath right again" and Jesus smile and took me back to angel Gabriel.
    • [THE BOOKS BEFORE THE ANGEL] Angel Gabriel took me to a place in heaven, and we entered a big room, then I saw some group of angels, they were writing names, and also erasing some names from the books, but I was given opportunity to visit four of those angels. And I asked angel Gabriel to explained every thing to me and he smile. The first angel I contact was the angel in charge of the book of life. And angel Gabriel said "This book, is the book that contain the name of the new born again Christian and also the name of the real Christians and the name of the saved people" (Revelation 3:5) and I asked him to tell me the reason why the angel was erasing some names and putting another name, and he said "Those are the backsliders" (Revelation 2:4-5) and I said "do you mean, their name will be erased for ever from the book of life?' and he smile and said "NO, this is the holy book and it can not contain the name of the sinners" and I said 'tell me where those name the angel erased will be written? And he me to another angel, and the angel too was writing some names and erasing some names. And angel Gabriel said "This is the backsliders book; it contain the name of those who turned away from the lord, and the reason the angel was erasing some names, is because, any backslider that come back to the Lord, his name will be written back into the book of life (Revelation 20:15) and the name he was writing back is the name of the backsliders (Jeremiah 3:22). And he took me o another angel, the angel was working so hard, but he was only writing names but not erasing names. And angel Gabriel said "This book is the book that contain the names of those who ended up to hell fire in every day, and is called 'The condemnation book'' and angel Gabriel told me "The names will only be written only if a sinners died without haven Jesus Christ in their life" (Revelation 20:12). And we left the place. And angel Gabriel took me to another angel, he was only writing names but not erased names. And angel Gabriel said "This book is the book that contain the name of those who pay their tithe (malachi 3:8-12). And that angel that was writing the name shout "He has paid, he has paid" and immediately I saw an angel, he came there and open a beautiful room and in that room was many precious gold in a box, and the angel entered the room and took one of those precious gold and went away. And I told angel Gabriel to tell me what was inside the box that the angel took away, and angel Gabriel said "YES, IT IS THE GREAT BLESSING OF THE LORD TO ANY ONE THAT PAID HIS TITHE FAITHFULLY" (Obadiah 1:15) and we left the place [5 MORE MINUTE] Angel Gabriel took me to a hall, behold I saw many
    • angels they were saying 'Lord it is time, Let our people come' and I saw the lord, he was crying like a baby saying let us give them 'FIVE MORE MINUTE', and after that angel Gabriel showed me the preparation of rapture, every thing is ready in heaven and Jesus is waiting for the go-ahead of the father. (2 Thessalonians 5:2-6). And we left the place. And angel Gabriel took me to another hall, and inside the hall were many beautiful garment, it was all decorated with precious, wonderful, and glorious gold. And I asked angel Gabriel "who are the owner of this wonderful garment?" and he told me that "This are the garment that the Christians will put on in the marriage of the Lamb" (Revelation 19:7-9) and I told angel Gabriel to showed me my own garment, and he pointed to a garment and said "This garment belong to you", and I was so excited and said within me "I will not go to hell fire" and Behold I heard a loud voice saying "BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY HOLD THAT FAST WHICH THOU HAST THAT NO MAN TAKE THY CROWN" (Revelation 3:11). And I was afraid when I heard that voice because simply means "LET HIM THAT THINKETH HE STANDETH TAKE HEED LEST HE FALL" (1 Corinthians 10:12) (1 Corinthians 9:24-27) and we left the place. [ANGEL URIEL VISITATION] And Gabriel took me to a place, I saw a very beautiful house and when got there, we sat on a seat, and suddenly I heard a great notice in heaven and angel kneel down and began to say "glory be to God, thou at worthy to received all glory, AMEN "and angel told me to look and behold I saw an angel running and shouting "VICTORY, VICTORY, VICTORY "and the angel ran to Jesus saying "HE MADE IT, HE MADE IT "and I saw a man coming to the kingdom of God and the angels rushed to him to take him inside because that man was already tired but he made it at last. and angel told me that" the angel shouting VICTORY was the GUARDIAN ANGEL of the man that just made heaven "all heaven rejoiced just because of the man that made it at last. And angel came out of the room and said "senayon, you are welcome "and angel handled me to angel uriel to show me some things in heaven. And angel uriel took me to a place and said "LOOK, LOOK "and behold I saw the kingdom of satan, satan was given demons order to and attack the Christians just because of that one man that made heaven. And devil was saying "do not allow anyone to escape our trap and inventions, we must win their souls "and I saw demons, they were running with full speed because of a soul made heaven. And angel uriel took me to a place and said "LOOK AT THE EARTH "and I saw the earth because it was very small and dirty and it was like a dustbin. and suddenly saw
    • many arrows it was coming upon the earth and I saw an old man, he receiveth few of the arrows into his just defend the earth, some of the arrow just fell upon some people on earth. and again I saw a fire it was coming upon the earth but that old man stopped the fire by sending it back to where it came from. And I told angel uriel "please interpret this to me because this a mystery" and angel uriel said "the he saw, was Jesus Christ, and the few arrows he receiveth into his body was the arrows the devil sent against the children of God. (psalm 91:1-7)and the others that fell upon the earth was the arrows that the devil sent against the sinner. (psalm 92:7) and the was the evil plans of the devil to destroy the earth but Christ never allow that to happen " (Isaiah 60:1-2) and angel uriel took to another place. [ANGELS WITH EVIL REPORT] Angel uriel took me to a place, behold I saw many angels they were given evil reports to the lord. The first angel that came said to the lord "at last he losed his soul, I warned him but he never listened to me " (mark 8:36) the second angel came said to the lord "master, that man as committed adultery, I warned him not to do that but he allowed devil to enslave his heart "and the lord said to the angel "do you tell him to confess? "and the angel said "yes, but whenever he wanted to confess the lady will commit adultery will came there and he will not be able to confess anymore "and the lord said "keep on telling him to confess and forsake and he shall be saved " (proverb 28:13)and the angel said "ok master "and he went away. And the third angel that came was guardian angel of pastor w. f Kumuyi, and the angel said to the lord "master, devil as send some evil members to deeper Christian life ministry ( pastor w. f kumuyi church what should I do? And the lord said "tell kumuyi my servant to be prayerful and I will give him victory "and the angel said "ok master" and he went away (1thessalonians 5:17)many angels came there and What they said in common was that "at last he lose his/her soul. [THE HOUSE OF PASTOR E. A ADEBOYE] When the angel that gave a report about pastor w. f kumuyi went away, then I asked the Lord if pastor E. A Adeboye was his servant or not, and the Lord said "Yes pastor Adeboye is my servant and am the founder of redeemed Christian church of God" and the lord said "Look at that house" and behold I saw a very big house in heaven, and the lord said "This is the house of pastor Adeboye my servant", and I shouted and said "this big house, are you sure he is going to enter it? And the lord said "Yes if he continue to do my will and doing exploit to my kingdom" (Matthew 28:19-20) and I told the lord to show me my own house and the lord smile and said "look at it my son" and I saw a small beautiful house. And the lord told me it was my own and I laughed
    • and said "But I never paid any tithe" and the lord smile and said "it not only tithe that built you a house here, but, when you tell people about me, that is a reward also to build you a house, and also when you win a soul for me it is a great reward to build you a house, also when you pray for people, is another great reward for you to build you house, when you do good to others is also one of great reward that builds you house here. If my people want to have a house here, they must obey what I just explain to you , so you have this house just because you take more time in praying for others especially my group, that I established the overcomes group, and also because you tell people about me and you have won souls for me" (mark 1:15)Angel uriel took me back to angel Gabriel, and angel Gabriel showed me about how this testimonies will be in the world, he told me many private things about me. And angel Gabriel took me into a very big hall and behold, I saw many angels, they were singing praises unto the lord, they played many instruments to glorify the name of the name of the most high God, I joined them in praising the lord, the song was so melodious the voice of the angels were so beautiful, and there was shame in heaven, They angels danced and some were flying and suddenly knelt down and began to say "glory be unto God" (revelation 5:9-14)and I was so happy to be in their midst and. I desired to be there forever and praise the king of Glory. (revelation 4:11) we left the place and angel Gabriel took me back to Jesus Christ. And Jesus said unto me "my son, tell me, what do you want to see here or you want me to show you? "and I said "Jesus Christ, your will should be done because you know all I need to see here "and he looked at me and smiled and said "my son, come" [THE FRUIT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT] And the lord took me to a place in heaven and behold, I saw a very big screen, and on it was written the nine fruits of the Holy spirit, and the lord told me "Your nine fruits must be complete, if only just one is missing, such a person can not come into my kingdom because my standard for heaven stand for ever". (Galatians 5:22-23) [THE RAPTURE] The sudden appearance of Christ in the air to receive His own into glory is the supreme hope of all sincere believers. It is certain that anyone that does not get caught up when Christ returns will be "CUT OFF".
    • (Matthew 24:42-44). And the lord told me "My son, come let me show you how rapture will be, look at it very well" and behold I saw a very big church on earth, over 3 million people were present in the church, it was as if they were holding a convention, and in the twinkling of an eye the rapture took place and only 3 students were raptured and others were left behind (mark 13:30-37). And I saw the founder of the church, he too was left behind and he knelt down and said "O Lord, I have 200 parishes and I never preached the truth, but now I am left behind, please forgive me" and the Lord said "it was too late for you, only if you can endure and refuse to take the mark of the beast" (Revelation 13:16-18) (Revelation 19:20). If you are a pastor or minister that never preached the truth, remember that you can not defend your self before God. (1 peter 5:2-4) Also, I saw a school, the principal was addressing the students, and only the principal was raptured and the students were left behind (1 peter 4:7) i saw a teacher, he was teaching the students and only 3 students were raptured, the teacher and the other students were left behind. (2 peter 3:9-14) And I saw a pregnant woman, she was on her way home and her pregnancy disappeared because the baby was raptured and the woman was left behind (Matthew 24:40-51) and there was a great sorrow in all over the world. (Matthew 25:31-46) many Christians were left behind because of their attitude towards sin through the sinful inventions of man. (psalm 106:39-40) and the lord told me "That is how rapture will take place, it is time to go back to earth, HE THAT HATH AN EAR, LET HIM HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT SAITH UNTO THE CHURCHES, WATCH AND PRAY". and the lord sent me back! The end. [PRAYER OF FORGIVENESS] If you are ready to give your life to Jesus Christ pray the following prayer :- HAVE mercy upon me, o God, according to thy loving-kindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies, blot out my transgressions, wash me thoroughly from mine iniquities, and cleanse me from my sins. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceived me. Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom. Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Make me to hear joy and gladness; that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice. Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all mine iniquities. Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit. Write my
    • name into the book of life. And let there be joy in heaven over the salvation of my soul IN JESUS CHRIST NAME I PRAYED. AMEN. Please I need your prayer for my life because am facing a lot of challenges from the devil! THANKS THE END Contact Info: Email: EMMANUELSAMPSONJUDE@GMAIL.COM Facebook: Emmanuel samsonjude Twitter: Overcomers9 Phone: +2347019105341 The Mystery of Heaven and Hell Testimony #4 REVELATION OF MY TWO HOURS IN HEAVEN A vision given by Jesus Christ to Emmanuel Samsonjude, a member of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry-a Holiness-Pentecostal group based in Lagos, Nigeria ~ The Lord is mightier than the noise of many waters, than the mighty waves of the Sea. Thy testimonies are very sure: holiness becometh thine house, O LORD, forever. [Psalms 93:4-5]. I consider under the sun that for everyone there is a mission; and that mission can either be for GOOD OR EVIL, it will either profit GOD OR THE DEVIL Your DECISION will determine your DESTINATION because you cannot serve God and mammon.
    • Since you are in Christ, the old things have passed away. Because you are a new creature; you must come out from any unclean thing.[2 Corinthians 6:14-18] I remember sometime ago when I was still in the world, I determined to become a hired-killer. I thank God today because the Lord destroyed every plan of the devil against my life and Jesus Christ turned me to a soul winner for His glorious Kingdom. [1 Peter 2:9-10] Jesus can still change your life! Accept Him right now and He will turn you into a peculiar Person. JESUS CHRIST VISITATION It was around 8:50 pm, I was on my bed when I was shown this revelation. I saw the Lord Jesus Christ; He came to me and said "I HAVE COME TO SHOW YOU SOMETHING IMPORTANT". I said, `Lord, you told me in my third encounter with you that, it was going to be your last visitation to me, why do you come again?’. He smiled and said, "MY SON, YOU REPLIED TO ME WHEN I ASKED YOU WHAT ELSE YOU WANT TO SEE IN MY KINGDOM, AND YOU SAID THAT MY WILL SHOULD BE DONE! THIS HAS GIVEN YOU MORE CHANCES TO SEE HOW I WANT MY PEOPLE TO BE FAR FROM THEIR SIN." I said, “Oh yes, you did ask me that in my third encounter, but I know that it is your Mercy that helped me to reply that way.” [Psalm 118:1] MY HOUSE IN HEAVEN The Lord then took me to Heaven and said, "MY SON, YOU HAVE REQUESTED IN YOUR PRAYERS TO SEE THE POSITION OF YOUR HOUSE AND I MUST SHOW YOU." [Matthew 7:7-8] It was then the Lord took me to a place in Heaven and he showed me a house. I saw many angels running with gold on their hands, some with flowers, as they were decorating and adding to the building. I asked the Lord to tell me about the owner of the house, and the Lord said,"MY SON, IT BELONGS TO YOU!" I smiled and said, “But Lord, tell me the reason those angels were running like that? “And the Lord said, "BECAUSE THE REVELATION I SHOWED YOU IS BRINGING MANY PEOPLE BACK TO THE NARROW WAY, THE PRAYER LIFE OF MANY PEOPLE IS NOW LIKE FIRE. MANY BACKSLIDERS HAVE RETURNED TO ME! THE MORE SOULS THAT GIVE THEIR LIFE TO ME THROUGH YOUR TESTIMONY, THE LARGER YOUR HOUSE WILL BECOME!" [1 John 4:4] [Matthew 11:28].
    • YOU MUST RETURN BACK TO YOUR FIRST LOVE After this, the Lord took me to some places in heaven which brought much sadness to my heart; I had believed that many people would amend their ways. [2 Peter 3:9] However, I saw some houses in Heaven where the angels had stopped adding to the buildings. Those houses were very small. The angels in charge of them were sad because, though they were ready to work on them, they couldn't -simply because the owner was no longer working for Christ. And I shouted, “oh Lord, why?” And the Lord said, "MY SON, LOOK VERY WELL! THESE HOUSES BELONG TO THOSE WHO HAVE LEFT THEIR FIRST LOVE. THEY HAVE STOPPED DOING MY WILL, THEY ARE NO MORE WORKING FOR ME BUT INSTEAD THET WORK FOR THEIR OWN POCKET, THEY LEFT THEIR FIRST LOVE! TELL THEM TO REPENT AND COME BACK TO THE WAY BECAUSE IT MAY TOO BE LATE FOR THEM LATER" [Revelation 2:4-5] KEEP ON CLIMBING THE MOUNTAIN The Lord took me to a place and said "MY SON, LOOK AND SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY PEOPLE, I WANT THEM TO ENDURE AND BE STRONG" [Mark 13:13] …and behold, I saw a very big mountain, and uncountable people were climbing it. I noticed that there were some parts of that mountain that were full of THORNS, and some parts were HOT like a fire, and some parts were very SMOOTH. At the beginning, all parts of the mountain were very easy to climb on. FIRST ZEAL At this point, the Lord said to me, “LOOK VERY WELL AND ASK WHATEVER YOU WISH TO UNDERSTAND" I saw some people that ran to that mountain and began to climb it in haste and with joy. Suddenly, they got to the thorny parts of that mountain, then they rushed down and ran away-- and I couldn't see them anymore. I asked the Lord to tell me the meaning of this and He said, "THIS IS CALLED THE FIRST ZEAL. THESE ARE THOSE WHO HEAR MY WORD AND RECEIVE IT WITH JOY, ACCEPTING ME AS LORD AND PERSONAL SAVIOUR. BUT WHEN TEMPTATION OF WORLDLY PLEASURE CAME, THEY FELL AWAY. THEY COULD NOT ENDURE, BECAUSE THEIR SALVATION WAS NOT SOLID" [Luke 8:13-14] [Luke 6:49]. Are you among these people? Repent now and be saved.
    • THE HOT PART OF THE MOUNTAIN The Lord then showed me many Christians in the hot part of the mountain. Some were not be able to pass through that area because it was so hot. But I saw that some people did not care about how it hurt the body; all they wanted was is to finish climbing, taking their rest at the end.. I looked and saw a Man that stood on that mountain; he always received those who finished climbing it into a very Beautiful Place. That Place is called "THE GATE OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN" [Isaiah 35:8-9] I asked the Lord to tell me the interpretation and He said, "THESE ARE THE TRIALS AND THE FAITH OF MY PEOPLE! IF THEY ENDURE THEY SHALL BE MINE." [1 Corinthians 15:58] So, I asked the Lord, “are they not yours before as well? “And He said, "”MY SON, I FULLFILLED MY WORK BY ENDURING THE TRIALS.. FOR THIS, SALVATION BECAME MANIFESTED. MY PEOPLE MUST ALSO PASS THROUGH THE TRIALS. AS IT SAYS, “THOSE THAT SHALL ENDURE TO THE END, THE SAME SHALL BE SAVED" [James 1:12] THE SMOOTH PART OF THE MOUNTAIN And then I saw those who had arrived to the mountain’s smooth part, it was so smooth that many who got there relaxed; some even slept. Still others would not rest but kept on climbing instead. [Isaiah 40:29-31] Behold, many of those that were sleeping in that smooth area fell down from that place- and vanished!. Immediately I heard a powerful voice saying, "AWAKE, AWAKE FOR THE TIME IS SHORT TO REST HERE" And immediately many who were sleeping in that smooth part woke up and returned to their journey. Others just seem to ignore the voice and continued sleeping. I asked of the Lord help me in my understanding. He said, "MY SON, I AM VERY PLEASED WITH MY CREATION IN YOU! MAKE SURE THIS IS WRITTEN OUT SO THAT MY PEOPLE MAY KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THEIR SPIRITUAL MAN, ASK FOR MEANING ON ANY THING THAT IS HARD FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND!" I said, “Please tell me the meaning of the smooth part of this mountain.” The Lord replied, "THE SMOOTH PART OF THE MOUNTAIN IS A STATE OF A CONDITION IN LIFE THAT MANY PEOPLE GET TO; THEY THINK THERE IS NO MORE NEED OF PRAYER , FASTING AND FOR EVANGELISM!" [2 Timothy 2:7] I sought then of the Lord to tell me the meaning of those who fell down from the smooth part of the mountain and vanished. The Lord began to cry and said, "MY SON, THOSE WHO HAD FALLEN ASLEEP PERISHED."
    • The Lord then quoted Psalm 119:105-112. He said, "MY WORD, MY WORD, MY WORD; I WILL NEVER MAKE LIGHT OR A JOKE OF IT.!”Psalm 119:131-136 The Lord also told me, "TELL MY PEOPLE TO DRESS ACCORDING TO MY WORD, BECAUSE MANY OF THOSE WHO ARE NOT READY TO DRESS ACCORDING TO MY WORD ARE DISOBEDIENT AND THEY NEVER WANT MY ORDER. THEIR HEARTS ARE FULL OF EVIL IMAGINATIONS AND THEY KEEP-ON PLEASING THE FLESH, WRONGLY THINKING THAT THEY ARE PLEASING ME." HAVE YOU REPENTED FROM YOUR SINS? If you are still a sinner, it will be far better for you to repent now and be saved…. The Lord took me to a place and behold, I saw the spiritual conditions of sinners. I saw uncountable people, all of them chained down by demons; the chains and shackles used to bind them these people were very big. The demons tormenting them were huge; ranging from 200 to even 1000 feet in height! These monsters used large swords to cut out tongues; and how bitter were the cries of the tormented ones! Worst of all they found themselves unable to escape; all because they hadn’t repented of their sins in the physical realm! [John 3:18-20]. Some demons had 8 heads on one body, some had horns on their noses, and some demons were walking with their head! These are the demons in charge of sinners. They are called "rulers of the darkness of this world" I inquired the Lord to tell me the meaning. The Lord said ,"THESE PEOPLE ARE THE SINNERS! EXCEPT THEY GIVE THEIR LIFE TO ME, THEY CAN NOT ESCAPE THIS PLACE OF PUNISHMENT. “[John 3:3] Please repent right now and give your life to Jesus Christ …. You are in great pains spiritually! THE BOOK OF PUNISHMENT And behold, I saw a very large book and a huge demon that sat on an ugly throne, and he was the commander of all the "rulers of the darkness of this world”. He opened the book and said, "let them drink acid" and those demons obeyed his voice, giving all the people that were chained down acid to drink. Then the bodies of those people began to melt and burst to pieces, then came back to the normal position. Those people cried bitterly, but the Lord said, "I CREATED THESE PEOPLE FOR MY OWN GLORY, BUT THEY REJECTED ME. EVEN SO, I WILL DELIVER ANY ONE THAT WILL ACCEPT ME AS THEIR LORD AND SAVIOUR!" [Acts 17:30-31]. I was full of anger because those demons were so wicked; they were mocking those whom God created for His glory. In the physical realm the people rejected the Truth and were allowing themselves to be decieved. [Galatians 5:7-8].
    • SISTER AKINTOLA I saw a lady, her name is Akintola. Although I never knew her before, I saw her in the greatest of pains. She was crying bitterly as demons used hot tools to remove her teeth. There was a demon telling her, "Thou fool, you never wanted to accept the truth, therefore I will continue hurting you!" I then saw the lady physically on earth. I saw a Christian sister was preaching the truth to her, but Akintola said, "Let me enjoy my life, I am not ready to be born again." [1 Corinthians 15:50] [1 Corinthians 15:10]. SISTER CHRISTIANNAH I saw a another lady, her name is Christiannah, and I never heard her name before. She was a fornicator. The demons were tormenting her with great fury and saying, “Do you think you are wise? You are a choir mistress! You speak hocus-pocus (speaking false tongues) so that people might say you have received the Comforter, yet you are mad and a fool!" Those demons used fire to burn her yet she never died. They used a very big object to knock against her head, and then her head would break into pieces, only to come back to normal position. This lady was also still physically alive on earth. [1 Corinthians 6:9] CONFESS YOUR SIN AND FORSAKE IT AND JESUS WILL SAVE YOU. SECRET SINNERS I saw some groups of people, they were chained down. These are the brothers and sisters in the church committing masturbation, lesbianism, and homosexuality (the gays). Being in a great pain spiritually, demons poured acid on their bodies and they used spears to torment them. Some demons used their tails to beat them.[Luke 8:17]. The Lord told me, "THEY ARE IN THE PIT OF CORRUPTION! TELL THEM TO REPENT AS I WILL JUDGE EVERY SECRET OF MEN." [Romans 2:16] [Hebrews 4:13]. ALL SINNERS All sinners are in a great agony spiritually. Please repent and be saved. Be aware that the demons know the Truth. In the physical realm they are good at masquerading and deception…they never want you to know Truth! While you still can, please accept Jesus Christ into your life, He will deliver you...
    • [2 Peter 3:9] YOU SHALL BE FREE INDEED! Then the Lord said, "LOOK AT THEM, MY SON! I CAN NEVER CHANGE MY WORD; HE THAT COMES TO ME SHALL BE SAVED." [Matthew 9:6-8] [John 5:24] And behold, I saw a wonderful thing; I saw many people- among those who were chained down- their bondage began to loose and they were set free! The demons were not able to come near them, the people then disappeared from that place! I shouted. “Hallelujah! O Lord, please tell me the meaning!” The Lord said, "HE THAT COMES TO ME AND RECEIVES ME AS LORD AND SAVIOUR SHALL BE FREE INDEED!" [John 8:36] Immediately they were loosed, and their appearance changed to a wonderful and indescribable beauty! [Psalm 90:17] [2 Corinthians 5:17]. If you will give your life to Jesus Christ right now, you will be free and be loosed from ALL spiritual bondage and you will become a NEW CREATURE. THE HOUSE OF BOB The Lord then took me to a place in Heaven, and I saw many big and beautiful houses. The Lord said, "THESE BELONG TO THOSE WHO ARE WINNING SOULS TO MY KINGDOM, THOSE WHO ARE LEADING PEOPLE THROUGH THE NARROW WAY" I said. “Lord, I want to see the house of BOB” (a Christian website manager). The Lord said, "MY SON, COME AND SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL THE ANGELS BUILD IT!" and Behold, I saw a very big and beautiful house, it was decorated with indescribably beautiful flowers! (I was so very happy because I had determined to see his house before I had 2nd encounter with Jesus Christ.) THE HOUSE OF PASTOR W.F KUMUYI And I told the Lord, “You have not shown me the house of Pastor W.F. Kumuyi.” The Lord said "HE IS MY SERVANT AND ALWAYS HEARKENS TO MY WARNINGS! I MUST SHOW YOU SO THAT THE MESSAGE WILL GET TO HIM!" I then saw the house of Pastor W.F. Kumuyi; his house was very high but still yet the angels continued building on it. The house of Pastor W.F. Kumuyi is not far from the house of Pastor E.A Adeboye.
    • THE HOUSE OF PASTOR PAUL RIKA It was then I told the Lord, “Could you please give me the grace to see the house of Pastor Paul Rika (Holiness Revival Movement) and the Lord said "MY SON, ASK AND IT SHALL BE SHOWN UNTO YOU…. COME AND SEE IT" The Lord pointed to a house and said, "THIS IS THE HOUSE OF PASTOR PAUL RIKA!" I saw a big house, it was very beautiful, and still the angels were building on it; and one of those angels shouted "WELL DONE FOR A GOOD JOB" and the angels began to decorate the house with flowers, pears and so many other wonderful things. THE ARMY OF THE LORD Then the Lord said, "MY SON, I HAVE PREPARED MY OWN ARMY, AND I WILL USE ALL OF MY POWER ON THEM, AND THEY WILL DELIVER MANY PEOPLE. THEY WILL CAST OUT DEMONS AND SET THE CAPTIVES FREE, THEY WILL DECLARE MY WHOLE COUNSEL! I WILL USE THE LITTLE CHILDREN'S MIGHTILY; I WILL USE MANY YOUTH FOR MY OWN GLORY! EVERY ONE SHALL DECLARE THAT I AM THE LORD OF HOSTS; ….COME AND SEE THEM!" Then, behold, I saw many armies, even with some that looked like children of 4 years old, they were all ready for the work. And I heard a powerful voice saying, "WHOM SHALL I SEND?" Then all of those armies of the Lord rose; they raised their swords, shouting, "SEND US, WE WILL GO!" (Isaiah 6:8-10) Then the Lord began to smile, I cannot describe how wonderful his smile was! Then the Lord said, "TELL MY PEOPLE, I HAVE GIVEN THEM THE LAST MINUTE OF GRACE SO THAT THEY MIGHT REPENT AND NOT PERISH, RUN RIGHT NOW TO MY ROOM OF GRACE AND BE SAVED, GO AND TELL THEM!" [Revelation 3:20-22]. THE END If you are ready to give your life to Jesus Christ, please go to your knees and pray the following prayer: LORD JESUS, I KNOW MY SELF AS A SINNER, I KNOW I WAS IN DARKNESS, BUT NOW AM READY TO DO WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO, PLEASE FORGIVE ME ALL MY SINS, WASH ME IN THE POOL OF YOUR BLOOD, HEAL ME, STRENGHTEN ME, EMPOWER ME, GIVE ME POWER