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The following is important   closed loop system

The following is important closed loop system






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    The following is important   closed loop system The following is important closed loop system Document Transcript

    • THE FOLLOWING IS IMPORTANT Someone attacked the machine and wiped the screen and all text when I was typing this to someone online. It involves making a new type of engine that is very simple and gets at least 300 mpg just like the Volkswagen XL1. This is not complete. UPDATE I AM HITTING SEVERE RESISTANCE WITH THIS REPORT, WITH WINDOWS CLOSING, TEXT DELETES, LINKS DENIED, THIS HAS GOT TO BE IMPORTANT UPDATE: I had to switch cyber cafe's to continue, this has GOT TO be important So I will go into ALL the bloody details now The system I am talking about would be a closed loop system. Water would be heated to 700 Fahrenheit which equals 3000 psi and then released into a tiny piston chamber no more than 50 cc´s. It would have no intake valve, only the injector. The chamber has to be small and long, you are talking 3,000 PSI. This chamber would be kept at 700 Fahrenheit. The output would then go into a second cylinder twice as large for the next drop, and the second cylinder would be kept at 550 Fahrenheit. This would then exhaust into the third cylinder that would again be twice as large as the preceding cylinder and would be kept at around 350 Fahrenheit, that would then exhaust into a condenser for recirculation. Each cylinder would drop the pressure by about 1000 psi each. This would require exotic lubricants but since the valve train can operate via piston collision, there won´t need to be a cam shaft and there will only be a total of three valves, all output valves
    • feeding the input into the next cylinder and the final output into the condenser. Very simple setup. The movement of the piston to full down position opens the exhaust valve into the next cylinder, and the up movement of the piston slams the valve shut and activates the initial injection. Fully mechanical system that would use purely collision based pull rods rather than lifter based push rods. That´s the advantage of having a system that is 100 percent positive pressure with no vacuum / intake cycle needed. No fuel is burned in cylinder. This is vastly superior to the old fashioned steam engine and can be done now because materials are so much better now. I am sure RENSE will find a way to rip this in front of the idiots. Rense is an enemy of truth now (having ripped the bacteriophage report with no science whatsoever to back up the rip, while the bacteriophage nanobot report itself is 100 percent scientifically verifibly true (I am by no means a layman and at least consulted a doctorate of pharmacology for that report who provided 100 percent of the data so it is not bullshit) ANYWAY, I am sure Rense will back stab this in one way or another, and talk about tiny microchips and flight 370 when mechanical issues are the real trouble with micro drones, not the chips) ANYWAY, to circumvent the Rense shillage ahead of time, HERE ARE THE STEAM TABLES, just look at them and THINK, I don´t ask people to just trust me but I do at least hope they have enough brains to Google some of the technical items I present and then realize what I am saying is always verifiably accurate whether or not I make it easy for people to verify what I am saying by linking out. Sometimes I do not link out just because I don´t want my readers to be pampered idiots, and I´d like them to think for themselves and learn how to get data for themselves. Even if Google is a DATA PERVERT (heads up, this is good) it still serves as a tool useful enough to get the basics. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/