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    Spy career group chats Spy career group chats Document Transcript

    • Donate for the Cryptome archive of files from June 1996 to the present 26 February 2014 Spy Career Group Chats Cryptome signed up for Intelligence Community Virtual Career Fair: https: //vts.inxpo.com/ http: //cryptome.org/2014/02/ic-job-fair- cryptome.pdf Then downloaded 177 documents provided by the fair website: http: //cryptome.org/2014/02/ic-job-fair- 14-0226.zip (93MB) Below are 15 Group and the Lounge Chats of hosts and job seekers. CIA Analytical Careers CIA Language Careers CIA Science, Engineering & Technology CIA Skilled Professional Careers NSA Technical Careers NSA Language Analysis NSA Cooperative Education
    • ODNI National Counterterrorism Center FBI Contract Linguists / Language Analysts NVTC Contract Linguists NGA Analytical and Scientific Careers NGA Mission Support NGA Technical Careers NGA Student Programs Diversity and Inclusion in the IC Lounge Chat Chats downloaded 7: 00-7: 30PM, 26 February 2014.
    • CIA Analytical Careers Group Chat John Young you have joined CIA: Anayltical Careers Teresa Remter: @Alexandra please take a look at our student opoortunities page on our website. we definitely have internships! Nicole: @alexandra you must be a current student for the student opportunities. no post-grad opportunities. Matthew Caravella: If one is not contacted after 45 days...Is it possible to be contacted after this time period for employment? Erik Emmett: Nicole, are you recruiting law school graduates? Tiffany Wheeler: What is the culture like at the CIA? How is the work/life balance? Are there many women in management positions? Teresa Remter: Sorry Alexandra didn't see the post-grad part LaVanda Harrison: I applied to the CIA last year in August. I was contacted by the Clandestine Service but wasn't selected. I do not think I was considered for other positions I listed. Should I reapply now? Jonathan M.: @Matthew: a government shut down might get you a couple of extra weeks on there (seriously) Danielle Grimelli: Hi Nicole, I sent you a message regarding requirements for the political and military analyst positions. I'm curious whether my profile is inline with agency needs at this time and what I might do to improve it if not. Nicole: @erik there are lots of law grads in the CIA Tiffany Wheeler: @ LaVanda - I would Erik Emmett: thank you nicole. any specific position that would be best suited to a law background? SaminaIhsan: Hi Nicole, I have almost 4 years of auditing experience Alexandra M.: @Teresa, that's ok! Thank you, Nicole : ) SaminaIhsan: Does CIA have any positions for auditors?
    • Nicole: @tiffany the agency is like a giant family! we are extremely faithful to one another and work hard to make sure we have a balance with family. there is a lot of information about this on our website. Wayne Moticka: Any recruiters available yet for a quick private chat?? Teresa Remter: @ Samina they do https: //www.cia.gov/careers/opportunities/cia- jobs/index.html Amanda Paone: Hi Nicole. Can I apply for an analyst position without having prior analytical experience? Does the CIA hire at an entry level? LaVanda Harrison: @ Tiffany, I would definitely like too but not if it back logs the system. Alexandra M.: Is it better to apply out of college, or after receiving a higher degree? I would love to continue education, but I would like to see what area and...well, when I financially can. Does it hurt one's chances for not having had an internship? Nicole: @samina try the mission support booth SaminaIhsan: @ Teresa thanks, Donna Dottle: Is it true that a great number of people go through the interview process a few times before being selected or is unlikely to be selected if you were once rejected. SaminaIhsan: @ Nicole thanks Nicole: @erik the core competency for analysts is similar. browse the descriptions on the website to see which ones you are drawn to. targeting comes to mind... Jeffrey Webb: Hello, I am a Senior in high school and is seeking to double major in Intel analysis and psychology. How helpful will this combination be in the field of Intelligence? KelinKruithoff: Nicole! Sorry I missed your chat--I'm here now. Tiffany Wheeler: @ Nicole - I got a great feel for the agency during my previous interview process. I hope to join you in serving the American people soon. Erik Emmett: Thank you Nicole James Cook: Will my current job of selling equipment to foreign militarys preclude me from getting a job with the CIA? Ben B.: How does veteran's preference affect selection? Also do displaced federal employees receive any priority?
    • Rick C.: @Nicole, I have a specific question related to a specific job opportunity. If you have a moment I'd like to ask you about it privately. It would be a yes or no type of question as well. Nicole: @ben our hiring is exempt, so there are no "points" given, but for certain positions, military experience is a definite plus Nicole: @kelin just sent you another request Alexandra Guthart: Hello staff. Is there anyone with a science background (biology, physics, chemistry, etc) able to give some advice? I know there has been a big push for technology and languages at the moment. Is there still a need for a chemist/scientist? Cedric Pulliam: Are there any positions in relation to co-ops or graduate level positions available? I've been to HQ for a Rangel Scholars event and remember being told that, but not seeing a slot for it in the fair? Danielle Grimelli: @Nicole would you be available for chat to answer a few questions please? Justin Worden: When applying, do you require a cover letter or any writing samples? Yang Wang: Hello, I have near native-level fluency in Mandarin and I conducted PhD dissertation research in China as a Fulbright researcher. My background is in the arts and humanities. I would like to apply my language skills to analytical work rather than translation/teaching. Is the CIA a good fit for my background? Joel Calvo: What are some analytical careers? I'm currently working as a technical support analyst for a private gov't contractor - would the CIA have any positions which would offer me the opportunity to "advance" in my career? Alexandra M.: Are the only openings listed on USAJOBS? Nicole: @cedric please check out the student opportunities page on our website Teresa Remter: @ alexandra check https: //www.cia.gov/careers/opportunities/cia- jobs/index.html Kristina LaTourHaehn: Nicole: is there a time frame for open positions listed on the website? Daryl Andrews: I recently separated from the military and have multiple deployments but I am going to be a college freshmen, how likely will I be to get selected as an intern? Alyson Hardy: Hello, I have a scientific/business analytical background, but no previous intel specific experience. Is it possible to still become an analyst? Muhammad Cheema: @NICOLE- I am a junior grade Military Intelligence Officer, do I qualify to apply for the military analyst position?
    • Christopher Walker: Hi, Nicole. Does the Agency respond back once an application has been received? AnvitaUpadhyaya: Hey! I'm currently a database analyst at Nissan North America and a recent graduate. Does the CIA offer job opportunities for recent grads? dennischo: Are there any entry level IA positions/ dennischo: ? ShaheenaHilal: Do you have any positions for me, where I can use my language skills and analytical abilities? I am bilingual in Urdu/English, have an MBA and an MA in Journalism, with diverse work experience dennischo: I currently have BA in Intelligence, Korean Minor, Comptia Security +, Military Background, and TS/SCI Teresa Remter: Nicole is the only rep on line now and she is going back and forth between here and private chats so be patient Mary McCarthy: Hello, I am a graduating senior in college. I majored in Communications and minored in Political Science. I also took at least 2 years of both Russian and German languages. I have developed strong research skills through my schooling. I am interested in analyst positions. What types of analyst positions does the CIA offer that would fit my abilities? nikoleforan: Nicole, for what positions in the CIA are military experience a plus? Robert Goffner: Good evening Nicole. I am thinking about going from contractor to government (specifically in the IC) in my career. However, I am concerned about budget tightening affecting national security and defense. Is there a strong indication that hiring by the IC will be affected in the near or distant future? Thank you. Michelle Otto: Thank you for update ThereaRemter. I still didn't get my question answered. Hopefully, they'll still be time. Teresa Remter: At Mary you might try the job fit tool https: //www.cia.gov/careers/opportunities/job-fit-tool/ Mary McCarthy: Thank you Teresa. Teresa Remter: I've been here about 2 hrs and haven't gotten one yet CIA Language Careers
    • Group Chat John Young you have joined CIA: Language Careers BayramOksuz: Hello, I am fluent in Turkish. I do not have teaching certificate but have lived and studied in Turkey until age 13. Is there any opportunities that I might qualify? I have an MBA-Finance degree as well. Thank you. RaminZanjani: I need to have a private chat with one of the recruiters please. Stephanie: @Diagne - No further action on your part. We ask that you be patient. If the would like to move forward with the hiring process you will be notified in 45-60 days. Marie: @wathik- we try to contact applicants with whom we have continued interest within 45 days of appliaction submission Stephanie: @Bayram - Please visit our website, CIA.gov and review the language vacancies. It will provide and overview and all requirements for each position. You may apply up to 4 jobs Marie: @ramin-please feel free to message me BayramOksuz: @ Stephanie thank you Diagne F SeyeMbacke: Thank you Stephanie. Stephanie: @Bayram - You're welcome! Stephanie: @Diagne - You're welcome! Alexis Puente: Also, what are some things I can do to distinguish myself from other applicants? I am taking Arabic, and I speak some Spanish. However, this internship is something I really want. And I was what are some things I can do to be considered for a career with the CIA-- how competitive is it? Alexis Puente: wondering* Marie: @alexis- this is a very competitive process and your skills may align with our needs. Jared Leets: I have a MA in Russian Area Studies. Do you need Russian analysts and if so what proficiency level? Umair Mahmood: Are there jobs that prefer urdu languages, because i have applied in the past but only found arabic langs. Jessica Ginocchio: Hi there. I applied to several language positions (Open Source Officer and NCS Language Officer) approximately a year ago. A CIA recruiter who did a presentation at
    • my university had told us during the presentation that the process can take a very long time and said "after you submit your application, just forget about it for awhile." I was wondering how long applications stay on file or if should be resubmitting periodically. Marie: @jared- yes, we need russian analysts with scores of 3 or higher Stephanie: @Umair - We do have a need. It is listed as Pashto/Urdu on the website. Lucas Fronk: Hello, I am a native English speaker, and have officially tested at ILR 3 in Russian speaking/reading/listening. Is there anything I can do to become a stronger candidate for a linguist position? Umair Mahmood: It has beenover 45 days since my app, should I reapply? RaminZanjani: I applied with the agency and after going through with the process for over a year I was told that the position was no longer available. Now I'm being considered for other positions. Do I have to wait for another year? Lilly Matti: Do you have age limit for employees especially in language officers? Marie: @umair- yes Jared Leets: What is the age requirement for an analytical position? 35? Stephanie: @Jessica - We keep applications for one year. Typically you are contacted within 45-60 days if there is interest from the hiring manager. You may reapply once a year. We encourage you to do so via cia.gov. Marie: @lucas- we require translation/interpretation experience for our linguists Stephanie: @Lilly - No Marie: @ramin- no Jessica Ginocchio: Thanks, Stephanie. I will do that. Marie: @jared- there is no requirement Lilly Matti: I has been 5 months since I applied, should I reapply? Stephanie: @Jessica - You're welcome! Umair Mahmood: I am reading that we should reapply after a year but not after 45 days? Stephanie: @Lilly - No. You may only reapply once a year.
    • Lilly Matti: Thank you. I guess I only have to sit an wait then Christopher Vazquez: Greetings Everyone, I am a current international relations masters student. My focus is Languages and culture. I finished my undergrad in Business admin/media studies in Vienna Austria. I am a dual German and US citizen. I am proficient in multiple languages; specifically German, English, Spanish and I am currently located in Portugal enhacing my portuguese skills. Any recommendations where I should apply or who could use my skills? Alexis Puente: How do people usually get into the CIA, and do people usually start within different government sectors? Christopher Vazquez: Does CIA hire people with my skill set? RaminZanjani: marie, in that case what is waiting period for the other position. Marie: @alexis- all applications come through CIA.gov. there is no other way to apply Stephanie: @Christopher- Please visit our website, CIA.gov to review our current vacancies. It provides an overview and requirements for each position. You may apply up to 4 jobs. Umair Mahmood: I have applied for open source officer and counterintell and counter terrorism officer position and has been over 45 days, should I wait a year or reapply again? BEYRAH AHOURE: Hi there. I am perfectly bilingual in French, and moderate in Russian. Would the agency consider my application? I am looking to improve and also learn another language. Stephanie: @Umair - Correct Umair Mahmood: Thanks Tamika Edwards: Good Afternoon Al Umair Mahmood: I have read on forums to re apply every 45 days, that's why Harsh Khosla: Anyone considering the languages of Hindi and/or Urdu? Mohamed Belal: I have Master in Music Education, and my native language is Arabic. I also have I also have a hand-on experience as a Technical Support. Is there postion for me Marie: @harsh- we are not currently hiring for hindi, be we are looking at Urdu Stephanie: @Umair - You're welcome. Just once a year. Please make sure to include any newly acquired work experience/skills the next time you apply.
    • Umair Mahmood: Cool, thanks : ) Harsh Khosla: @Marie. Thanks! Is there someone I could get in touch with in regards to this? Marie: @mohamed- I would suggest you visit cia.gov and check out the job fit tool. that will help you determine a good fit for you Mohamed Belal: thank you RaminZanjani: Marie, what would be the waiting period for other positions if the applicant was being considered for a position that goes away after the 12 months period. Marie: @harsh- i would be happy to answer your questions Veronica Coon: Marie, are you hiring for language technology positions? Robert Stachurski: FTC grad but over 37 is CS still an option? SaminaIhsan: Hi Stephanie, what type of auditing position you have available? CIA Science, Engineering & Technology Group Chat John Young you have joined CIA: Science, Engineering and Tech. Lonnie Alston: Thank you again Nora Nora: @Samar - No, you need to apply at www.cia.gov Samar tubbaji: I'm a software engineer working for the private sector, I'm however, interested in joining the CIA ?are there technical positions open.. Nora: @Justin - yes Justin Worden: thank you Nora Nora: @Samar - yes -> applications developer Debra Hyres: I've been trying for several years to switch over to federal government employment, is there someone who can review my resume to advise me on what I am doing wrong? Kelly Littleton: In what area would position for quality assurance, audit/analyst, program&
    • process effectiveness be posted? Jamel Knighten: How do I speak with a recruiter? Terryann Alexander: Is there a need for PKI experts? Samar tubbaji: okay, great..will do, I actually have my green B. Justin Worden: @Jamel click on the person's name Debra Hyres: Information assurance or security engineering Michelle Imbach: Hi, I will be graduating this semester with a M.S. from JHU in Biotechnology. My background has been in the medical diagnostics and research field for the DoD. Currently, I support international labs in Africa and Thailand that are involved in an HIV research program. I really enjoy analyzing data and the operations portion of my job and would love to transition into the intelligence community and technical research. The Technical Analyst position seems like an amazing position and great fit. Do you have any advice or suggestions for marketing myself for the Technical Analyst position? AlbinAhmetspahic: Would you consider a graduate Network Security degree for Technical Targeting Analyst? In addition, I have Intel Analysis experience with the military and language fluency in Serbo-Croatian. Christopher Buechting: Hello, I have a BS in Information Systems Security and over 5 years of IT/Security experience. I currently work as a Network Security Engineer in the private sector (Financial Industry). Do you have a field office near St. Louis MO or any jobs in the area? Jean: Debra, that would be in the Professional Skills booth look for Tiffany Debra Hyres: Thank You Jean Nora: @Christopher - everyone has to be willing to relocate to the Washington DC area. You might want to try NGA Mohammed Islam: @Nora, are there any positions open as Information Security Engineer or Analyst? I see only Information Assurance Security Professional and Technical Analyst Alan: @Albin - check the internships information at cia.gov. Yes, we'd consider internships for summer 2015 AlbinAhmetspahic: Thank you Alan. Joshua Mollohan: Hi I have background in Naval Nuclear Propulsion about 10 years with a current security clearance and an Associate degree in IT and working on a BS in computer Science. Is there a good fit for me?
    • Jean: Michelle, one of the things we would be looking for is how you see applying your technical expertise to intelligence questions. I would suggest you focus on tha in your application. Jeff Blakeslee: Hello, I applied last week for that Data Scientist position. I was wondering about the hiring process. Is there a test that applicants take? Nora: @Mohammed - if they aren't on the web page, then they're not available at this time Kay: Joshua, you should explore our job fit tool on our website Joshua Mollohan: Thanks Mohammed Islam: Thanks Michelle Imbach: @Jean. Thank you for this information. I will be sure to focus on applying my experience to the intelligence questions when I submit my application. Jeff Blakeslee: @Alan. Thank you for your answer through chat. Spencer Larson: I had aon site interview with the CIA last January but didn't make the cut. I am still interested in working at the CIA. Any suggestions on making it further through the process next time? I am interested in Geographers and Cartographer positions. Colin Murphy: I was looking at the satellite photos of your headquarters in Langley and the parking lot looks really big. What's it like walking across that in the middle of a hot July day? chris smith: Hello, I currently work as a Linux systems engineer for the Army at Fort Knox. I was refrred to theScience Engineering & Technology jobs with the CIA by a friend of mine who just got accepted for a GS position. I have completed an application on the cia.gov website, and wanted to visit the virtual fair today to introduce myself. Alan: @Colin - its nicer than a polar vortex January day! Shaundra Patterson: Hello. I took the job fit test and technical/target analyst was one of my job fits. I would like to speak to someone about this position Duel Riley: I have a Bsc in Technical Management and working on a masters in Quality Assurance. Do you have opportunities for my degree? Colin Murphy: Can I bring snowshoes and cross country skis? David Perry: @Alan: We don't talk about the polar vortex.... Alan: @Chris - hello. Thanks for applying.
    • Colin Murphy: Is there any chance of getting a resume critique from one of you? Mauricio Cadima: Hello Alan, my name is Mauricio and I want to know if there are any opportunities for either penetration testing or forensics? Jean: Colin - do you have a specific question regarding jobs? DonirayBrusaferro: What are some of the qualities you're looking for in the character of your candidates that sets them apart from a less qualified candidate? Greta Klungness: Alan - I messaged you earlier, but realize you have probably been busy : ) Michael Raup Jr: I wish to speak to speak to someone about clandestine operations based on prior military experience in HUMINT. I am working with a CIA Mid-Atlantic recruiter now to prepare an application over the summer, but I have had difficulties in contacting him. I wish to speak to another recruiter here please. Jean: Duel - you degrees tend to be most applicable in a production environment. As we don't have that here it is hard to find a fit. Have you tried the Job Fit Tool Colin Murphy: Yes. I am a mechanical engineer and would like to apply for a position for which my background is suited. The jobs posted for MEs looked to be mostly CAM positions. Are there any design/analysis ME positions? Duel Riley: Thank you. I will now. Jim Friel: Hi, I'm interested to know if there would be interest in an electrical engineer who speaks Russian, or if the two skills have little crossover in your agency. Jean: Colin as far as I know we have no CAM positions. We have technical development positions that tend to be multi-disciplinary in nature, Mechanical Engineering is one of those disciplines Shaundra Patterson: @Alan I was about to respond before you left our chat. Can someone tell me if the target analys Shaundra Patterson: target analyst is a shift position Melissa Smith: Hi all, I suppose this might be a question one can't answer, but is there anyone who can speak to the position of targeting analyst beyond what the blurb on the website says? Specifically, what type of technical expertise is preferred for the position? Alan: @Shaundra - most likely not a shift position when you start. Colin Murphy: Thank you, Jean. I will keep an eye out for one of those.
    • Jonathan Session: Hello, I'm currently active duty military and a graduate student. Does the CIA have entry level positions in either cybersecurity-computer forensics? Alan Ka: Is there a timeline for reapplying to CIA science positions and other positions if you do not receive a reply the first time around? Are your chances better after multiple applications? What is your recommendation? Shaundra Patterson: @Alan is foreign language necessary for the target analys Shaundra Patterson: position CIA Skilled Professional Careers Group Chat John Young you have joined CIA: Skilled Professional Careers Debra Hyres: Thank you Kelley Brad: Jared - that would be me. I can't PM, so please post your question here. Mark: Alyssa sorry I don't SAMI H.: URDU/HUMINT Ops Officer Alyssa D: That is okay. Thank you for your time. John McDonald: Hi Brad, does a Protective Agent position always require military exp/deployment? If so, does it have to be a combat arms or SF unit? Stephen Kibbe: Hello! I'm a logistics management specialist. I am interested in CIA Logistics Officer position. Is CIA looking for applicants with schedule A and can schedule A letter be added to application process through CIA website? Andrea Duran: Hi Brad. I have a bachelor of science in criminal justice however I do not have a clearance or experience in the federal or state department. I have applied for federal government jobs but I never receive an invitation to an interview. What do you suggest? Sandra Saad: Hi, I applied for some positions within the CIA in November. Should I reapply for the positions if they are still listed on the CIA website? Brian Boudreau: After an application submission, what would be a reasonable time to wait to hear back regarding status?
    • Brad: John - yes it is required SAMI H.: URDU/HUMINT Ops Officer Mark: Stephen we look at the whole person, if you apply you can attach a copy of your schedule A to your online application Michael Silverman: Good evening. Ronald Morris: Is anyone able to speak about Information Systems Security Officer or Information Assurance? Brad: Stephen - see Stan Andrea Duran: Brad? Mark: Sandra we receive over 30,000 applications a month, please be patient but you can reapply anytime. Brad: Andrea - Give a good objective statement that states why you want to work for us and what you have to offer. Give as much information as possible - include a resume, transcripts, cover letter. Include your activities that show your leadership qualities - try to stand out Mark: Ronald that would be Tiffany but that is a popular occupation so she is back logged Michael Silverman: Mark - is there a means to submit a classified resume? My unclassified one doesn't really come close to reflecting my actual work. Andrea Duran: thank you Ronald Morris: ok thank you mark. Mark: Michael unfortunately no Jared Wooderson: I recently applied for the FRO position and contacted the CIA via email about the hiring of individuals with physical disabilities. I haven't heard anything about my most recent application even though I meet all the qualifications. I received an email from the CIA regarding my question about the hiring of individuals with physical disabilities and all the email said was that my email was forwarded to the Recruitment Center. I haven't heard anything back from the Recruitment Center as well. Does this mean I'm not being considered for employment and what would you recommend I do next? And my question in my email was about Schedule A hiring and whether the CIA had any special programs for hiring like Schedule A? Robert Stachurski: FTC grad but over 37 is CS still an option?
    • Sandra Saad: Thank you, Mark. Just didn't want to double apply to add to the application pile. I appreciate your time Maria Almanzar: What is the age restriction to apply for the Police Officer- Security Protective Service Michael Silverman: Thanks, Mark. Unfortunately that rules me out. I really can't competitively show my experience in an unclassified environment. Erik Fraticelli: Can I please get the military background qualifications needed for CS? Michael Silverman: Have good evening. Courtney Mitchell: I'm a current second year graduate student looking for a job in counterterrorism. Who should i speak with about this and which career(s) is suitable for this in the CIA… if any? John McDonald: @ Thank you Brad. Is there an age limit for the Protective Agent? I am a double major in Business Analytics Info & Systems and Finance graduating in May. If attend I Officer Candidate School I would be 28-30 when my contract is up. Estuardo Diaz: does CIA hire Americans with dual citizenships? Kevin Truong: Does the CIA offer any student opportunities for college sophomores/juniors? Is Vietnamese in demand in the CIA? Mark: Maria no age Courtney Mitchell: My master's is in political science with a focus in security studies Brad: Jared - not all applicants are contacted - it is a very competitive process. We hire people with all kinds of abilities - so this is not an issue. If months pass, I would recommend that you reapply when you have new skills/abilities to add to your resume. Euphrates Bean: Hi everyone. : ) Eric Fountain: Good Afternoon, Inquiring about opportunities with the CIA for a recent retiree, with all the military traits including intelligence BA Graduate Intelligence Studies concentration in Analysis, TS clearance, Personal and Official passports. Mark: Kevin we do have internship program Maria Almanzar: @Mark do you have to take a physical test, to apply or just the FLETC Academy Maria Almanzar: if selected
    • Tamika Edwards: Hi Brad Maria Almanzar: Also does do they have to cover TDY or Overseas assignments? Erwin Murillo: I am graduating in May with a B.S. in Exercise Science, and completed all physical therapy school prerequisites. I have a 3.909 cumulative GPA/4.0 in Major GPA. I am an Eagle Scout. I applied last week to the SOO position in the NCS, the Police position in the NSA, and the CIA Police Officer (SPS). Is this a good profile when compared to the typical applicants. I just wanted to know what my chances were from an objective standpoint. Please let me know. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Mark: Maria everyone goes through medical processing but no physical but the FLETC Maria Almanzar: thanks Erwin Murillo: I also graduated from the Governor's School of International Studies with undergraduate courses in Political Science and Anthropology. Also, I'm bilingual (Tagalog). Just to add on to my last message. Brad: John - no age req SaminaIhsan: Hi Mark, I have almost 4 years of federal government auditing experience, Does CIA have any open job openings for auditors? Brad: or limit John McDonald: Thank you Brad! Mark: Samina yes we do SaminaIhsan: What is the process? How can I apply? Robert Stachurski: Did my question go through? Mark: cia.gov/careers Timothy Lewis: who can I speak to about a CIA police officer position? Brad: Estuardo - as long as you have US. citizenship you can be considered Dan Lingren: I am a certified IT, Construction, and Facilities PM. Is Logistics looking for those skills? Mark: Robert what was the question again? Rena Willey: Hi! I'm interested in the HR Officer position. I have excellent technical skills,
    • including Microsoft Windows (95,98, XP, Vista, 7, 8) Operating Systems, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Visio), Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Adobe Acrobat, SharePoint, HRIS, and SQL database. In addition to my BS in Marketing and International Business, I have over ten years of customer service experience. Are there any recruiters available to speak to me individually about the HR positions? Eric Fountain: Is 45 days after application submission an indication that requirements for the positions was not met if no correspondence was received?? Estuardo Diaz: cool, thanks, Brad. Mark: Dan yes, please contact Stan Robert Stachurski: FTC grad but over 37 is CS still an option? Timothy Lewis: I currently hold a TS/SSBI and work in IT for the EOP. I'm looking to make a transition into Federal LE. Who can I speak to about the CIA Police Officer Position? Dan Lingren: How do I reach Stan? NSA Technical Careers Group Chat John Young you have joined NSA: Technical David H: @LInda - I sent you a chat request Brian Hetzer: I haven't been to the website yet, but the position does sound interesting Kelly Littleton: I am a Quality Manager in the aerospace field. Does the agency have positions for auditor/analyst, quality assurance, process/program effectiveness Nicholas Powers: @Steven - I lost our private chat, I apologize! Robert Hembrook: Hi. My question is: I have over 25 years experience in the IC, and I have over 15 in cybersecurity. To put a fine point on it, you don't hire senior positions from the outside. So how does somebody who has run 3200 person organizations, but who's first name is not Colonel, and last name is not Retired, get their foot in the door at the NSA? Marcus Moment: @Jessica-The closest position is Project Director (1042555). Joel Calvo: Hello, does the NSA have any opening for locations in the Central Florida area?
    • Matt Mikulsky: @Gerard - How would I go about doing this? Everyone I speak with shuts down at my lack of a CS degree Joel Calvo: openings* chris dean: @ Katie P thank you Roberto Guerrido: this may seem like uninformed questions, but what's considered "Strong Programming Skills".. 2-3 years experience? Certification of some sort in that particular language (this is in reference to JobID: 1040226) Jessica P: @Marcus -- and were you able to apply online? Foster M: @Joel - sorry nothing in Florida - Fort Meade, MD, Georgia, Hawaiii, Texas, Utah Katie P: @Chris - Sure thing! The other job positions in San Antonio are job numbers: 1037468, 1037740, 1037524 Jordan Starin: hi I have been a high school workstudy as well as a CAP intern for you all and am now currently working for a contractor. I have a BS in computer science and three years of work experience in networking, analytics, visualization, cloud base computing, javaScript and python etc... Have also held a full clearance for four years. Any chance I could chat with someone? Natalie Robinson: @ Sturhonda: I have not applied yet. Samuel Hayek: Does NSA have any jobs/departments that use Geographic Information Systems? Marcus Moment: @Jessica P-I will apply for this position online now. Amy B_NSA Technical Staff: @Jordan -- send me a chat message... Joel Calvo: okay, thanks! Natalie Robinson: @Sturhonda: I applied a few years ago, before I had my masters Martin R: @Jordan Let's chat Jessica P: @Marcus -- great, that is the first step! If you don't hear anything right away don't be discouraged. It can take a while for your resume to be reviewed and often times you won't hear anything unless you are selected to move forward in our process. Dale_NSA_Staff: @samuel NGA will have more, but we would have pockets of it Michael Church: Is this the room where I look for intel analyst jobs?
    • Clarence J: Kelly, suggest checking out the job id #'s 1042552 or 1039876 Natalie - NSA Recruiter: @Jordan- If you're interested in the Cryptanalysis Computer Science Development Program, apply to JO# 1038049! Kelly Littleton: @Clarence, thank you Joshua Mollohan: I have a 12 years of experience in Naval Nuclear propulsion. I have a current security clearance. I have and Associate degree in IT and working on a BS in CS. Is there a career path that I could look at considering my background Dale_NSA_Staff: @Michael - there has been some discussion of those in here, but you might also look in the IC Diversity room, I think they have a couple folks over there concentratin in that area Natalie Robinson: @Sturhonda: not sure which job would fit my skills and expertise Michael Church: Thank you, Dale. Foster M: @Joel - to clarify, we do have some positions in Tampa Florida, but currently are not hiring for them. You might have the ability to be selected for them after two years at the Agency Casey Cooper: hello Timothy Strong: As far as the Wash_DC/MD/VA area, does NSA only have positions located at Ft. Meade? John Barber: Hello All, any looking for a cleared Windows SA looking to transition into LinuxUnix? Martin Dyas: I recently applied for a technical writer position with the NSA at Ft. Meade. Anyone in here involved with that? James Edwards III: I am A recent Grad with a masters in systems engineering, with 5+ years of experience in the nuclear field, What would be a good fit?? Jamel Knighten: Does the NSA have an office in Dallas, TX? Gillian P_Staff: @ Timothy - we have positions located throughout the US and overseas but typically new hires start their career at our headquarters in MD. Gillian P_Staff: @Timothy - after serving a two year trial period, employees can apply for "field" positions. Foster M: @Timothy - Fort Meade is the primary location but we have a variety of building in
    • Columbia, Laurel, Linthicum etc. (I work down the street from BWI airport) Timothy Strong: Thanks for your responses, but sounds like not many in the district or northern VA?? Robert Ross: I have prior experience at the fort as a RU language analyst and cyber threat analyst. I'm looking to return after a brief period doing cyber threat analysis in the private sector. Are there any positions available and/or recruiters willing to chat? James Rainey: are there any architecture jobs or data center jobs at the nsa, @ the gs-14 level. i'm currently a gs-2210-14 at the department of treasury, looking to try to transfer there. Amy B_NSA Technical Staff: @Jamel - San Antonio is the closest location. Gillian P_Staff: @Timothy - The District or NoVA would actually be considered field positions - there are some available, mostly at other IC agencies but we rarely hire new employees for those positions. Timothy Strong: @Gillian, understood...thx Robert Hembrook: So I guess nobody wants to address my question then. Anthony Crawford: I am interested in any position you have as a SIGINT Collection Manager, Cyber Security, or any Analyst positions you may have open. I am currently an Intelligence Officer with the Department of Homeland Security and am a retired Army Senior Noncommissioned Intelligence Officer. In the Army, I worked for NSA for over 20 years. Attached is my resume and hopefully I can be a match to further my career at the National Security Agency. Vernon_NSA_Staff: @robert Sorry man I was in another room. What is your question. Anthony Crawford: Are there any positions for SIGINT Collection Managers? Alexis Higgins: Hello, I have questions concerning the IADP (which I found directly on the NSA website), if anyone could assist me that would be helpful. I graduated with a BA in French in 2013 and would like to discuss the program as well as if my lack of cryptological experience will hurt my chances of joining the program. Shawn Miller: What is the turnaround time after applying for a position at NSA? Robert Hembrook: My question, as well as several others, is how do experienced people get considered for positions at the NSA James Rainey: are there any architecture jobs or data center jobs at the nsa, @ the gs-14 level. i'm currently a gs-2210-14 at the department of treasury, looking to try to transfer there.
    • Jessica P: @Shawn -- it can take some time and unfortunately there is no "standard" Gillian P_Staff: @Robert Hembrook - all experience levels are considered but it largely depends on the position. brandonrizzo: Is there a possibility I can speak with an IA recruiter about DNI/Sigint experience? Vernon_NSA_Staff: 2robert ... Chat with me ... Jessica P: @Shawn -- typically applicants will only hear something if they are selected to move forward in the process. You will receive automated emails every 30, 60, 90 and 120 days regarding your status ODNI National Counterterrorism Center Group Chat John Young you have joined ODNI: National Counterterrorism Center Christopher White: Do you have analyst positions that deal with more technical or cyber issues? Lillith Vargas: I figured as much, I'm looking for analysis positions preferably in either counterintelligence, target analysis or counter terrorism. I was wondering if there were any internships offered NCTC Rep Janelle C : @Dexter no dumb questions-I would check the DNI.gov site to see if there are any IT professional positions kyleteitelbaum: Can military service in the Israeli Defense Force be considered as intelligence experience? If so and I only have experience and no degree is there any hope to getting employed? Alyssa D: Is there someone here I can speak to specifically about the Operations Officer position? Blake B.: Does ODNI//NCTC actively recruit and hire recent college graduates, or NCTC prefer individuals to garner more real world experience first? Christopher Vazquez: Greetings Everyone, I am a current international relations masters student. My focus is Languages and culture. I finished my undergrad in Business admin/media studies in Vienna Austria. I am a dual German and US citizen. I am proficient in multiple languages; specifically German, English, Spanish and I am currently located in Portugal enhacing my portuguese skills. Any recommendations what area I should apply? Does ODNI hire persons with my skill set?
    • mark rogers: who can i chat with here quickly regarding interest in identity intel or targeting analyst positions. have considerable experience in identity intel, Psy.d in forensics / clinical psych and held a gs-15 position in afghanistan. now in private sector with a top 3 oil company in houston area Lillith Vargas: Is there anyone available for private chat? Gregory Worthing: Would a BS in Criminal Justice be enough to qualify for the operations officer? i do not have any law enforcement or military training or experience. Elliott Keefer: Janelle, I apologize if you already answered this question. Within what time framce does DNI generally respond after the the application close date if they wish to interview an applicant? NCTC Rep Janelle C : @Elliott..90 days : ) Elliott Keefer: Thank you! John McDonald: Hi, I am double major in Business Analytics & Info systems and Finance. Does the ODNI offer protective services positions currently or will the agency in the future? Rick C.: Janelle, how closely do your targeting analysts work with the action arms? Are they building profiles or packets? Miguel Leoncortez: Can someone answer Blake B question please? Agnes Motyka: How hard is it to get into your agency? Cristina Vega: Good Evening, Is ODNI looking for Contracting or Acquisition personnel? Sydney Conrad: Hello, I am about to finish my Ph.D. in Italian Studies. I have a B.A in International Studies with concentrations in International Politics and a concentration on Western Europe. I have language capabilities in most Western European languages and have been teaching Italian for several years at the university. I am really interested in obtaining a position that involves both the political aspect and language aspect. What positions should I look at? George Sims: Good Evening Janelle. My name is George Sims. I am currently assigned to the NRO, supporting NGA's Intelligence Integration effort. I have been at the NRO over ten years. I have experience as an intelligence analyst, collection manager, National Systems instructor, and simulations coordinator. While assigned to the NRO, I have provided mostly analytical, education, and simulations support to DIA, NGA, NSA, ONI, service intel elements, and DHS. While in the U.S. Navy, I served as an electronic warfare officer, both airborne and shipborne. I am interested in the Political Analyst and Analytic Methodologist positions. Is there someone in particular I need to contact for each position? Thanks
    • Leon Freeman: Good evening, I have a military background in US Army Special Forces, Logistics, Intel and will be receiving my Cyber Security Graduate Certificate by 1 Jan 2015. I am interested in your target analyst position and was hoping to talk to chat with rep NCTC Rep Janelle C : What was the Blake B question? Sorry trying to keep up Miguel Leoncortez: Does ODNI//NCTC actively recruit and hire recent college graduates, or NCTC prefer individuals to garner more real world experience first? Agnes Motyka: Hello, I speak polish fluently, have a masters degree in criminal social justice, I have other certifications, I have worked for 6 years in police departments, I am currently a 911 dispatcher. What would be my chances of getting in? NCTC Rep Janelle C : @George No there is not anyone specific to contact. I would go to the DNI.gov and apply for the position Blake B.: @Miguel just reposed my question, thank you Colin Moravec: Hello, I am currently a graduating with a BA in Political Science, Philosophy, and Spanish. I currently volunteer for the Lint Center for National Security Studies. Are there any entry level positions available at the ODNI or NCTC? Really determined to get into the intelligence community and NCTC and ODNI seems like a great agency within the IC. Agnes Motyka: please email me some job positings agnesmotyka@yahoo.com NCTC Rep Janelle C : @Agnes I can't say what your chances are of getting in, I can say apply and have strong KSAs and a resume and I wish you luck from from there Nicholas Buhr: Hello. I am a Licensed Psychologist and I was curious if there would be specific positions that would be a good fit within ODIN/NCTC? David Perry: Hello! I have a B.S. in Integrated Science and technology: (Concentrations in Biotechnology, Engineering, and Energy) and a minor in Computer Science. I have 6 years of experience as a Virologist. I am also a U.S. Army NG Military Police Officer with Air Assault Certification. My background makes my career path very flexible in science, tech, security, etc. Which position within ODNI do you feel would best be suited by my broad skill set? NCTC Rep Janelle C : @Blake B-NCTC is looking for all levels of employees whether new and recent graduates to more seasoned invidividuals. NCTC sees the value in all these individuals and what they bring to a workforce..DNI.gov Dexter L. Pearson: @NCTC_Rep_Janelle_C Thanks. I'll set up a search rule via USAJOBS. There wasn't anything currently listed for IT, but I'm still gonna continue fighting to return to work. Good night & First Team!
    • Christopher White: Do you have analyst positions that deal with more technical or cyber challenges? NCTC Rep Janelle C : @Nicholas ..DNI.gov and see if there is something you see and apply Blake B.: Thank you @Janelle! Nicholas Buhr: Thank you mark rogers: is there someone to chat about the identity intel or targeting analyst positions. Does NCTC right now here focusing on recent academics or those who have real world experience and Gs-15 experience? Gregory Worthing: @Janelle, is a BS in Criminal Justice enough to qualify for operations officer, or would i need military or law enforcement experience? NCTC Rep Janelle C : @Dexter-sorry there was nothing that peaked your interest..keep looking and check DNI.gov often for updates Matt Traille: Does NCTC offer any Foreign Service opportunities? Muhammad Arshad: I am graduating with a BS in criminal justice in May and I speak Urdu and Punjabi. how likely is it that I will get a job as an operations officers or any entry level/internship position? Erik Emmett: Janelle, are you recruiting recent law school grads? just passed the Florida Bar but interested in working in intelligence NCTC Rep Janelle C : @Gregory-If you meet the requirements you meet the requirements! Do not feel like you need 10 degrees : ) NCTC Rep Janelle C : @Erik We are recruiting ALL!!! NCTC Rep Janelle C :DNI.go NCTC Rep Janelle C : DNI.gov Jeffrey Webb: Hello, I am a Senior in high school and is seeking to double major in Intel analysis and psychology. How helpful will this combination be in the field of Intelligence and what opportunities would it open up for me post college. Jamil Ahsan: Greetings: Thought I'd check out this agency to see what opportunities are available in the field of Cybersecurity
    • Layne Vandenberg: Does ODNI NCTC offer any internship opportunities for current undergraduates? I am specifically interested in a Fall 2014 internship in Washington, DC. Thank you! Gregory Worthing: it doesn't list experience, so id assume that would be enough? Erik Emmett: Thank you Janelle Alyssa D: Is the ODNI/NCTC Operations Officer position similar to the CIA Operations Officer position? (in terms of time spent abroad) Jamil Ahsan: I do have a MS in Cybersecurity NCTC Rep Janelle C : Well if you meet the requirements then I'd say you are qualified NCTC Rep Janelle C : Sure thing Erik Leon Freeman: Leon Freeman: Good evening, I have a military background in US Army Special Forces, Logistics, Intel and will be receiving my Cyber Security Graduate Certificate by 1 Jan 2015. I am interested in your target analyst position and was hoping to talk to chat with rep Michael Silverman: NCTC Team - I'm looking for a senior 13 or 14 transfer opportunity outside of a JDA. I'm an assessments strategist and experienced information operations planner. Rick C.: @Nicholas If I might be so bold as to make a suggestion, you'd potentially be a good fit for targeting. It requires an understanding of mindsets and the ability to make predictive assessments based upon that understanding, both on an individual and group level. Blake B.: Which languages and Areas of study is NCTC seeking in candidates? FBI Contract Linguists / Language Analysts Group Chat John Young you have joined FBI: Contract Linguists/Language Analyst Alicyn B.: May I help anyone? Peter S.: No worries. Thanks for participating. : ) UmidKhikmatov: Is Language Analyst permanent position? Tamara Carbaugh: Thank you Peter S. Will do.
    • Harsh Khosla: @Peter. Thanks! Lilly Matti: Hello, do you have an age limit for your hirees? Peter S.: @Umid, yes, but today we are talking about the contract linguist position, which is freelance Mohamed Belal: I have Master in Music Education, and my native language is Arabic. I also have I also have a hand-on experience as a Technical Support. Is there postion for me Nataliya Cancel: Once a person applies for a contract language position, how long does it take to hear back? Peter S.: @Lilly, no age limit. Can you sit at a computer, hear and do work? Then you're golden. billur burke: do you have need for turkish this year? UmidKhikmatov: Thank you, Peter S. dennischo: For these positions, would you be able to go to a language school? Maria A.: Lilly, we do not have an age limit. Jenny S.: @Lilly No age limit. You must be at least 18 years of age to be a Contract Linguist/Contract tester Lucas Fronk: Would a small amount of experience with cryptological translation be a significant addition to a resume? dennischo: I have a Korean Minor and can have conversations in Korean Lilly Matti: There's no FBI office in my State, how can get a hold of you guys? Peter S.: @Billur, yes Maria A.: Dennis, we do not offer language training. We hire fully qualified linguists. Melanie Richardson: Hello - does the FBI have any intelligence analyst positions currently open? Maria A.: Lucas, it would not hurt as long as you have the languge test battery dennischo: Okay thank you Maria Lilly Matti: and would I be tested on the lanaguage test battery if I am a native speaker? Maria A.: Melanie, the FBI does not have a current IA vacancy posting.
    • Melanie Richardson: OK. Thank you. Jenny S.: The FBI is honoring its commitment to those candidates who were in process when the FBI’s hiring freeze began in early 2013; that group will take us through this calendar year. This fall we expect to begin processing Intelligence Analyst candidates for next year’s summer/fall hiring. Information about the Intelligence Analyst position, as well as any updated information about the posting, can be found on our website: fbijobs.gov. Maria A.: Lilly yes you would be tested and required to meet the Interagency Language Roundtable standards? Lilly Matti: There's no FBI office in my State, how can get a hold of you guys? Maria A.: Where are you located Lilly? Lilly Matti: The great State of Montana Hardy Jaff: If you know Iraqi dialect that means you know many other Arabic dialects especially (Gulf, Egypt, Levant and Modern Standard Arabic. but what I understand is you guys don't need Iraqi dialect at this moment. Maria A.: Lilly, You would choose Salt Lake City office. Lilly Matti: Thanks Maria Alicyn B.: May I help anyone? billur burke: Where is the testing place in Kansas? Maria A.: Kansas City billur burke: thank you Lilly Matti: Do I have to travel to Salt Lake City for the test battery? Yesica Diaz: When will qualified candidates be contacted? Yesica Diaz: I live in NYC Oswaldo Arango: Hello, Does the FBI provide training for learning other languages as a Contract Linguist? Also does Language Services section determine the amount of languages a contract linguist uses in his/her job scope or is just one language per contract linguist? Lastly, since hours are not guaranteed, is it a conflict of interest to be a FT state employee and be employed through Language services division of the FBI. Thank you. Maria A.: How far are you from Boise?
    • Maria A.: Hi Yesica, see me on private chat Nataliya Cancel: Maria and Peter, I've sent both of you a request to chat. Did you receive it? I want to make sure I am doing this right. Thanks Lilly Matti: Same distance as SLC. I am located in Missoula, western of the state on Idaho border Maria A.: Oswaldo, we do not provide language training, we employ full linguists. Maria A.: Lilly see me on private chat Yesica Diaz: how do i see you in a private chat? i sent you a message Maria Nari Lee-Manuel: Good evening! Muhammad kindly advised me that Korean is not one of the critical languages at the moment. Does it mean that there are no positions available for full linguists in Korean? Lilly Matti: Okay, I am there Peter S.: @Nari, at the moment, that is correct. Peter S.: Yesica, click on Maria's name and then click on the chat icon Joe Conley: Hello, I realize this is set up primarily for linguist, but is there a recruiter who can speak for Intelligence Analysts recruiting? Oswaldo Arango: Thank you Maria. Nari Lee-Manuel: @Peter- I see, thank you! Would it be possible for me to submit my resume for future reference? Monica Sharma: Maria, I was wondering what languages you were looking for. The Job posting did not have a list Peter S.: @Nari, sure. When we need Korean, we'll go in and check. Peter S.: @Joe, what is your question about the IA position. i may be able to answer. Joe Conley: Trying to find out when the FBI will be looking to hire IAs again. Currently there are no positions on USAJobs. NVTC Contract Linguists
    • Group Chat John Young you have joined NVTC: Contract Linguists Jane Mitsch: I am almost finished with my PhD in Linguistics and speak Wolof and French. Diagne F SeyeMbacke: Paul you are great. Thank you again to all of you Jane Mitsch: Does the work mostly consist of translating? James N: Jane, can we chat? Paul W: Jim, I got Emilia in a chat room RaminZanjani: Hi, I speak native Persian-Farsi. I have been certified through DLPT as well as ALTA. I retired from active duty air force with current TSSSCI. At this time, I'm working as a part-time interpreter, however my long time goal is to join the government agency. any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Paul W: Ramin, lets chat. Paul W: Ramin to assist you I need you to accept my chat request. Summer Alsuradi: Can work with NVTC be done remotely? Paul W: Summer if the work is unclassified. Paul W: Summer we have the ability to place people close to home in offices, or on military bases in some cases. SAMI H.: Native Urdu, Level 5 thru the ILR. Extensive 10 Year background in CT/CI HUMINT Alex P: no russian need? Summer Alsuradi: I currently work with DHS, would part-time work be possible? I have proficiency in Levantine, Egyptian and Modern Standard Arabic. Paul W: Alex, not at this moment. SAMI H.: Any need for URDU? Alex P: Roger thanks Paul W: Sami, yes SAMI H.: Oo..tell me more.
    • RaminZanjani: thanks Paul!!! Paul W: Ramin, you are welcome. SandinaTimbus: I am fluent in English and Romanian. Is Romanian language of any interest? James N: Sandina, sometimes we do have a need for Romanian but I would not characterize it as a large need Wararak Kinley: Hello. I am a native Thai speaker, DLPT tested 3/3 when I was in the US Army Reserves. I can also speak and understand Mandarin Chinese, my primary schooling was conducted in mandarin so it has been a very long time since I practiced at Mandarin Chinese. Would there be any need for someone with my background and proficiency? SandinaTimbus: is there a way to track jobs with interest in this language? James N: Wararak, we have an emerging need for Chinese Wararak Kinley: @ James N, thank you for your reply. I have already applied through this website (FBI link) and received a standard system generated email. I was hoping to make a connection with a real person to discuss employment possibilities. Benjamin Mugo: Is swahili language of any interest? Jared Leets: Hello. I have a MA in Russian Area Studies. I am interested in working as a linguist. What level of proficiency is required? Paul W: Jim, please talk with Benjamin, I have Wararak Jared Leets: I have studied Russia for six years, lived there for six months, and took part in a language immersion program for the language at Indiana University SWSEEL for Russian Level 8 (out of 9) James N: Benjamin, Occasionally we have Swahili requirements. James N: Jared, sometimes we do have a need for Russian but I would not characterize it as a large need Joshua Lopez-Morales: I am from Puerto Rico and I speak Spanish can I apply for that job opening and how Benjamin Mugo: Is there a need now? Danny Liu: Are these part time positions? Paul W: Yes Part Time only.
    • Danny Liu: Thanks! Taylor Wallace: Are there any student internships at this time? I am a Freshman at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University majoring in Global Security and Intelligence studies and would love an opportunity to gain some experience. James N: Benjamin, currently no, there is not much. However our work is very dynamic and the need can emerge at any time. AkinolaOluwole: Hello, My name is AkinolaOluwole. I understand Yoruba very deeply. Is there need for Yoruba as a language at this time? James N: Akinola, I would say, yes there is. Lucas Fronk: Hello, I am a native English speaker, and have officially tested at ILR 3 in Russian speaking/reading/listening. Is there anything I can do to become a stronger candidate for a linguist position? billur burke: I speak Turkish fluently - do you need someone who can work from home? David Hu: Hello. I scored a 3/3 in Mandarin DLPT while in the Army. What is the need for Chinese translators? James N: David, we have an emerging need for Chinese James N: Billur, working from home is sometimes an option with us but it is not very common T Bhatt: Hi all. I am a Bengali//Hindi 3/3 linguist and a FED as well. Can I work for NVTC? billur burke: Where is the NVTC location in midwest? David Hu: How does one apply for a position at NVTC? James N: Billur, we have various locations spread out around the country (most large cities) James N: David, the first step to apply is at our website (www.nvtc.gov) and click on employment James N: T Bhatt, by FED do you mean federal employee? T Bhatt: Yes that's right. I am a federal employee. David Hu: Ok thanks! James N: T Bhatt ... too bad, federal employees are not eligible for our contract positions
    • T Bhatt: Thanks for your time James N. Monica Sharma: James I was previously working for the NVTC program, but as of a few months ago the contracting company I was working for lost the contract. Is there a specific contractor I would need to apply to in order to be accepted back into the program? Grace Mahoney: Hello, I have professional proficiency in Italian. Although it is not currently a priority language, are there any possible openings? I also have a basic conversational proficiency in Swahili. Grace Mahoney: Hello, I have professional proficiency in Italian. Although it is not currently a priority language, are there any possible openings? I also have a basic conversational proficiency in Swahili. NGA Analytical and Scientific Careers Group Chat John Young you have joined NGA: Analytical and Scientific Careers Greta Klungness: what do you mean submit to the repository under this event? Greta Klungness: I was looking at nga.mil..created a profile, didn't see this event..or did I not proceed far enough? CatherineB_NGA_STAFF: Greta, When you are in the application process, remember to complete the part about how you heard about the opening. Select JOB FAIR and then select this fair, ICVCF. That is a referral code and will flag your resume (a good thing). The referral code is only valid for resumes uploaded by Mar 3rd, even though the announcement is open longer. Steve Schmuker Jr: I am a little confused. I went to the NGA website and looked at the current openings and none of the positions from the job postings here are on there. CatherineB_NGA_STAFF: Greta, begin a private chat if you more questions about that. Greta Klungness: oh!!! OK..thank you VERY much for clarifying Catherine! NGASME.LenoraG: Steve S. for today, these are selected for this particular event! Greta Klungness: I am currently on a public computer without access to my resume, so clearly didn't proceed far enough to get to that point : ) Steve Schmuker Jr: Thank you Lenora, but how do I apply to them if I can't see them posted on the website?
    • NGASME.LenoraG: Greta this site will be open for 2 week after today. You've got time, but do it soonest! Greta Klungness: don't worry, I will! Thank you! Robert McDaniel: Does NGA hire people with Schedule A letter's ? NGASME.LenoraG: Robert McD, yes . . . Marc Uber: Hello, I am a geography major and I am graduating with a bachelors degree this spring semester. I have already applied for the entry-level positions on the NGA website, is there anything else that you recommend that I should do? Robert McDaniel: how often? I applied many time and heard nothing back. NGASME.LisaK: Steve S. - the job postings are updated on teh nga.mil website every monday so you can check back NGASME.LisaK: But, for now put your resume in the respository for this event NGARecruitment.RachelF: Robert M. Yes, NGA does hire people with Schedule A letters. Joycelyn in MIssion and Support booth can better respond to your questions. Michael Anderson: Hello... I'm a Navy Intel officer with 15 years of IC experience, mostly ground support OPINTEL. Noting that NGA is about IMINT, are there postings here for all source people as well? Adam Race: @ LisaK - Patrick already contacted me but I was a Fire Controlman. Basically an electronics tech for missile systems. He did mention a possible human geography fit. Again, NGA is new for me so will be giving it a good look. Joshua Baur: Would a background in Chemical Defense be of interest to anyone at NGA? Steve Schmuker Jr: at Lisa, I thought the jobs were specifically for today as Lenora stated? A little confused, still. Chelsea Derco: so there are additional jobs listed on usajobs that are not listed on the NGA career page? Steve Schmuker Jr: Lisa, where is the repository located you are referring to? NGARecruitment.RachelF: Chelsea - all positions on the nga.mil are also on usajobs.com. NGASME.StevenR: Joshua, perhaps spectral of thermal imagery science.
    • Madeleine Wells: Hello, I'm completing my PhD in Political Science (focusing on the Arabian Gulf). Might my skills be useful at the agency? And, do you ever have openings for people to teach area studies or topical courses to analysts? NGARecruitment.RachelF: Steve S. Please go to www.nga.mil>careers>current openings. You will see all of the current positions. Joshua Baur: @StevenR - Thank you for the response Chelsea Derco: I have been applying to NGA since 2008, have posted to every repository, have a laundry list of employee referrals, 10+ years of experience within the IC, 5+years as a contractor within NGA and 30% disability; I have still not obtained a job within NGA. There are a lot of people who apply, do not give up after your first try. Chelsea Derco: I am attempting to get to that link and I am getting the following error "[Fiddler] DNS Lookup for "www.nga.mil%3Ecareers%3Ecurrent" failed. The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found" NGARecruitment.RachelF: Chelsea - last part is "Current openings" NGARecruitment.RachelF: https: //www1.nga.mil/Careers/CareerOpp/Pages/default.aspx Chelsea Derco: OH, duh. Sorry, I was just assuming it ended with the hyperlink NGARecruitment.RachelF: Chelsea, try the link I've posted. NGARecruitment.KatrinaG: The how to apply tab has a walk through that will assist you in applying as well Chelsea Derco: I know how to apply, I have been in those repositories for awhile. Chelsea Derco: Are there going to be specific opportunities for the attendants of this VCF, as there were in previous years? Chelsea Derco: Is this fair, just to help people learn about jobs NGA can offer? NGASME.LenoraG: Chelsea D, yes. Check out each of the agencies/organizations in the Exhibit Hall. Chelsea Derco: Ok, I thought that there would be opportunities for attendees of this career fair like there were other years. Timothy VanCourt: Greetings! I have two years of experience out of college supporting a mapping software that helps rural electric and gas coops maintain their electrical grid. I have ArcMap experience, Arc Server experience as well as installation, IT and ArcCatalog experience.
    • I troubleshoot and pick up knowledge everyday. Is there room for someone like me at NGA looking for a career in GeoSpatial Intelligence? Marc Uber: Hello, are there any positions available for recent graduates? I am graduating this spring with a bachelors in geography. NGASME.LisaK: Madeleine, you may be more of a GEOINT Analyst and look at teh work role descriptions Madeleine Wells: Thanks LisaK. That seems like a possible fit. I was looking at the others and unsure how I could contribute. NGASME.ClintonP: Chelsea, it took me three attemps over four years to eventually be hired by NGA. So, you're correct in not giving up. Is your resume still on file? It expires from the repository after a year. Chelsea Derco: It has been on file since 2008. Debra Hyres: Hi, I've been interested in transitioning over to federal employment for a while, I'm not sure if my resume is missing something or if I am not qualified, is there a general checklist Chelsea Derco: It is difficult, because I cannot attach my proof of disability to my applications, and I can choose "employee referral" as an option on the applications, but I cannot elaborate. NGASME.LisaK: Tim, you may want to look at teh GEOINT Anayst work role for geospatial analysis Timothy VanCourt: Understood. Thank you! NGASME.LisaK: or analytic methodologist Chelsea Derco: I was a team lead on a task of 8-10 people for 4 years in Source and am currently working in geospatial methodologies in AICG. Chelsea Derco: I attempt to move to new positions to expand my experience within the agency, to add onto my foundational intelligence operations experience from the Air Force. I have my resume attached if anyone is interested. I fit into a lot of careers here, this is just the agency I prefer to work at. Amanda Paone: Hi NGA. I submitted an application into the Analytic Occupations Resume Repository two weeks ago. Could you give me an idea of when I might hear something on the position? NGASME.LisaK: If it's the resume repository I believe you will not get notified unless you applied for a specific job opening
    • Chelsea Derco: I can attest to that. NGARecruitment.RachelF: Amanda, the repository is used to staff future mission needs. A keyword search is used and those applicants resumes who match will be forwarded for review to hiring managers. Chelsea Derco: The repositories are just to collect resumes in the event something needs filled quickly, it is not for one specific position. You do get notified on status, if you apply to a job specific position. It will explain the timeline in the application. I believe within 90 days of the position closing, give or take, you get notifiec. Amanda Paone: Thank you! NGA Mission Support Group Chat John Young you have joined NGA: Mission Support Wanda Ochei: Hello, I have been working in higher education administration for several years. I have a BS in Business Ed, MS in Student Personnel and completing a doctorate in Educational Leadership. Are there any positions within Mission Support that I should be researching? Oscar Guevara: Hello, I have a bachelor in Economy and Associate in Medical ultrasound. I don't know if I qualify? Also, I'am bilingual Rosa Williams: thanks Joycelyn! Oscar Guevara: I am very interesting to help and protect my country. Oscar Guevara: Also, I have more than 8 years experience in business administration CARL TEMPLETON: Would stating that you are willing to join the NVDT help in the application process? NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: Taylor- send your resume, we actually travel to your school twice a year, our internship opportunties open in the fall approximately september Michael Silverman: Good evening NGA team Jeffrey Vaughn: Do you guys have offices around the Kansas City, MO area? Oscar Guevara: hello NGA team, i'm in Plantation Florida
    • Kelly Littleton: I am currently a Quality Manager in the Aerospace industry. Any openings for quality, auditor/analyst, program effectiveness NGASME.JohnT: Hello Michael and Oscar... NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: Michael- Hello Oscar Guevara: Hi John! Michael Silverman: I'm in the NCR but specifically looking for something in Tysons, Montgomery County, or near Ft. Meade at the GG-14 level. I've had a rough time finding things not in Springfield. NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: Jeffrey- yes STL place resume under security occupations Simon Gaddam: Hello and good evening NGA Team! Jeffrey Vaughn: Ok thank you NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: Kelly- auditors are found under the financial category, areospace would be under technical occupations Kelly Littleton: Thank you Wanda Ochei: JoycelymW, are there no opportunities suitable for education majors within Mission Support? Simon Gaddam: I'm from Burtonsville, in Montgomery County, MD, I've had some years as a Project contractor working for various Federal Government agencies, I'm trying to get in at Ft. Meade, in MD. Any opportunities/suggestions available? Cristina Vega: Joycelyn, Thank you. I have sent my resume. NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: Wanda- Yes do you have any certifications? we have istructor positions from time to time for our college NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: Simon- NSA is located on Fort Meade please check out their booth Wanda Ochei: No teaching certification just 15 years of administrative experience and a doctorate. Oscar Guevara: : Hello John from NGA, I have a bachelor in Economy and Associate in Medical ultrasound. I don't know if I qualify? Also, I'am bilingual. Also, I have more than 8 years experience in business administration. i'm in Plantation Florida
    • Jared Wooderson: I recently applied for a position in Counterintelligence. I have a bachelor's degree in Finance/Economics and I have experience in government auditing. What types of qualifications are needed in Counterintelligence? Lawanda Brown: Hi, my name is Lawanda and have a degree in Sociology with a concentration in criminology. What positions would i qualify for? I'm currently an assistant director of admissions at a university. NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: Wanda- what type of education? Jared Wooderson: Joycelyn, I also have experience in education. I am currently a business education instructor. I am working on my masters. Simon Gaddam: Thank you Mrs. Joycelyn. This being a 'Mission Support' group. What are the roles that are open to a person like me who has an interest in Intelligence/analysis in regards to mission support? Christopher Vazquez: Greetings Everyone, I am a current international relations masters student. My focus is Languages and culture. I finished my undergrad in Business admin/media studies in Vienna Austria. I am a dual German and US citizen. I am proficient in multiple languages; specifically German, English, Spanish and I am currently located in Portugal enhacing my portuguese skills. Any recommendations where exactly I should/can apply? Very interested in NGA. NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: Jared- counterintelligence is broken up into categories/ specialities. please see our occupations tab and read about how its divided Jared Wooderson: On your website? SimisolaFasehun: Hi there, I have a MS in intl development with a background in public policy. I have been working in Project management for the past 7 years. I am looking to transition to the IC. Wanda Ochei: I have had employment roles dealing with policy compliance and enforcement, program assessment and strategic planning. NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: Simon- Analytical tradecraft positions found under techinicaloccoupations Brian Hetzer: Hello, I am new to learning about this agency, are their any field work positions? Tanny Retz: Good afternoon. I would like to speak with a recruiter that is knowledgeable about CI opportunities. SimisolaFasehun: Would i need to apply for entry level roles?
    • Simon Gaddam: Thanks again. I'll check there. Matthew Lewis: Hopefully quick question: I just searched for analytic methodologist in your online job search tool and my only hits were resume repositories. Are there plans to actually hire for those positions in the near future? I saw that the role was posted here in the online job fair, so I assumed it was a job being actively recruited for, but my search results gave me some doubt. NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: Wanda- check out our buisness occupations and technical we have college and bring people on to instruct on various topics Cristina Koder: Hello, I'm finishing up my MS in Criminal Justice, have over 10 years experience in Banking/Finance (International Banking & Fraud Investigations). I'm fluent in Russian and Romanian, as well as speak Spanish and French. How could I help the NGA? Wanda Ochei: Thanks JoycelynW. I will check it out. Rmoore: I am a motivated professional with Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a diverse experience in Contracting, Marketing, Human Resources and International Affairs. Diplomatic and tactful with professionals and non-professionals at all levels. Accustomed to working in fast paced environment with shifting priorities and a demonstrated history of meeting deadlines while adhering to stringent regulations, policies and procedures. I am looking for an opportunity where I will be challenged daily and where there is upward mobility. Do you have any opportunities available that match my skill set? NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: Brian- field work are you talking about investigators Brian Hetzer: investigations, CI, etc Amanda Paone: Hi NGA. I submitted an application into the Analytic Occupations Resume Repository two weeks ago. Could you give me an idea of when I might hear something on the position? Brian Hetzer: intel gathering shawn wright: Hello my name is Shawn Wright I have uploaded my resume to my profile and I am very interested in speaking about pursuing a GEOINT Analyst position NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: Cristina-We have auditor positions that align with your experience found under our financial tab NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: Rmoore; check out our business occupations Rmoore: Thanks JoycelynW. I will review the business occupations.
    • John McDonald: Hi Lisa, I will be graduating in May with a double major in Business Analytics & Information Systems and Finance. Does the NGA offer any protective service positions other than Police John McDonald: Officer* NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: Amanda- The repository doesnt yield a response , that is a place where you place your resume where recruiters and hiring managers can review or pull from. Please apply to a current opening , we will respond by stating if you were referred or not referred. earlowens: Great information and i am really interested in the police job, I have a lot of SOF experience and feel it would benefit your team. Where can i find out the salary chart Justin Cole: Hi, I am a GIS Analyst who has a Masters in Environmental Science which is focused very heavily on GIS. I have experience in emergency response, disaster planning and modeling, public policy, and web development. I also have experience as a GIS instructor at both a professional and collegiate level. And many of these courses I have developed based on needs assessments of their tasks. I am looking to broaden my abilities and give back more towards to helping any situation. Would there be any positions that would fit my skills? NGARecruitment.JoycelynW: John- No, only the police officers fall under this category what specifically are you looking for we may have it under another category Darrell Wimberly: If you have a bankruptcy, how hard is it to be granted a top secret clearence? NGA Technical Careers Group Chat John Young you have joined NGA: Technical Careers NGARecruitment.JimS: William, Not generally. Most managers are hired from within. We do occasionally post for leadership, particularly technical,.so please check. David Malcolm: I am seeking a position in Information Technology Management, and would like to meet with you to discuss opportunities within your company. I am interested in applying my combined technical knowledge and experience to support and produce consistent information systems reliability and efficiency for your organization I can offer your organization: • More than twenty years of experience in computer systems repair, maintenance, Local to Wide area network administration, Video Teleconferencing, project management, and system engineering of innovative networks. • Ability to work as a team leader and /or member on your network infrastructure assisting customers with network implementation of server architecture, workstation performance, and troubleshooting
    • William Stanfill: Thank you, Jim for answering my question. However, wish it was a different situation. Appreciate your time. William Stanfill: Jim if you would like to LinkedIn. Please look me up. William Stanfill NGARecruitment.JimS: Matthew. That is diffcult to say because most positions are unique and timing is always important. All things being equal, I think written communications and quantitative or graphical display skills can be discriminators. NGARecruitment.JimS: William, I am not on LinkedIn, but if I do, I will. Thank you Matthew Rothmeyer: Thanks again! While I am here on my own behalf, we are trying to grow the information security portion of our graduate program and part of that is being able to tell students what hiring agencies are looking for! Thank you for your time! Mark Otley: @William S: See this on DISES & DISL positions at NGA: https: //www1.nga.mil/Careers/CareerOpp/Pages/CareersOppVacancies.aspx AlbinAhmetspahic: Hi, I am a Cyber Intel Analyst and graduate degree student pursuing MS in Network Security. I am prior Coast Guard and current Navy Reserve Intel Officer. What are some requirements for the cyber role? Sofia Velaz: Who would be the best person to talk to about a position in the field of Human Resources? Jillian O - NGA Staff: Sofia, the mission support booth would be the best place to go : ) Jillian O - NGA Staff: Albin, there are no specific requirements for the cyber role, but I would recommend including programs you've worked with, projects, and relevant coursework on your application Sofia Velaz: Thank you! Samuel Hayek: Hi, I am a current GIS Specialist working for a government contractor. I have just over a year of professional GIS work and am simply wondering if I would be qualified for any positions within this agency, or any others for that matter. I would be seeking primarily entry level positions and there seem to be few, at best. I hold a B.S. in Geography with a heavy GIS concentration in school. Just looking for some direction as I have long been interested in working in intelligence as a career. Justin Frappier: looking for entrylevel cybersecurity/INFOSEC/Cyber forensic positions Jillian O - NGA Staff: Samuel, we fill our entry level positions through the repositories and through our internship program, as well as with individual openings
    • Justin Frappier: jilian O do you have OWF internship opportunities or do you work with vocational rehab or marymount university for internships i am being medically retired from the army i am in a warrior transition battalion and I currently intern at DSS, but I am unsure if there is going to be a position for me after the internship. I would really like that opportunity Jillian O - NGA Staff: Justin, I'm not sure what OWF is, is that like internships through the Wounded Warrior program? We do participate in that Jillian O - NGA Staff: If so, Joycelyn W would be the person to talk to, and you can find her in the mission support room Mark Otley: Operation Warfighter is a temporary assignment/internship program for service members that are convalescing at military treatment facilities throughout the U.S. brandonrizzo: To the NGA booth, I have 4 years experience in digital network intelligence analysis and a TS/SCI clearance with a Bachelor's Degree in Cyber-Security. I am wondering how long the process for hiring takes if considered for a position if I already have a clearance. Also, what is the earliest a military member who is transitioning out of the service should apply? Is there anyone I can speak with about potential job opportunities? Jacqueline Ward: I am interest in getting into a entry-level Systems Analysis or application developer position. I have no experience just classroom work. How can I transition into those positions with a MIS degree only? Jillian O - NGA Staff: Brandon, for external applicants the process would still take at least one to two months, if a position is currently open. We do sometimes hire in advance of attrition, and in that case the wait could be longer. Edward Boyd: I'm interested in the System Engineer opportunity. Work Role 13AD Report ID NIHR219. brandonrizzo: @Jillian O, is there a chance there is someone I can speak with about potential opportunities? NGARecruitment.JimS: Samuel Whether you are qualified for any particular position is difficult to say. It really depends on your particular skills and expereinces against specific openings. I recommend you review the repositories and apply to all that match your expirience, skills and interests. We will be posting positions for entry level geodetic surveyors, but you need to measure your experience against the qualifications. Jillian O - NGA Staff: Brandon, unfortunately I don't think we have a cyber representative here today brandonrizzo: @jillian, do you know if there is a virtual fair coming up that one will be at, or is there a chance I can be forwarded contact information?
    • Jacqueline Ward: I am interested in the Visual Information Specialist. Would this position be a good start? Christopher Buechting: Hello, I was referred for the Systems Engineer position in the STL area. Any idea how I can check the status on this? I have a BS in Information Systems Security and over 5 years of IT/Security experience. I currently work as a Network Security Engineer in the private sector (Financial Industry). Do you have a field office near St. Louis MO or any jobs in the area? NGASME.Alex: @Justin, NGA does participate in the Wounded Warrior program, but it sounds like you are already enrolled somewhere else. You would still be elibigle to apply for NGA positions, and you would probably be eligible for hiring under Schedule A (direct hire) if you had the right skills. Jillian O - NGA Staff: Jacqueline, some of our workroles do have education requirements but not all of them. Some of the ones you might be interested in, such as multimedia specialist, only have a two year degree requirement Ronald Morris: I am interested in Information System Security Officer or Information Assurance. Is anyone able to speak about the positions? Joel Calvo: Hello, does the NGA have any open positions in Florida? Jillian O - NGA Staff: Joel, not at the moment Joel Calvo: okay, thanks NGARecruitment.JimS: Brandon, to follow up on Jillian, if you will separating within the next several, I would apply now. The clearance process is only one part of the equation, so do not let that hinder your application. I don't think we have any Cyber fairs planned, but please apply to the applicable repositories, i.e., anything that you think fits. Jillian O - NGA Staff: Christopher, you will receive updates as the process continues, but it can sometimes take a while. We have offices in St. Louis and Arnold, MO brandonrizzo: @jim s., thank you very m uch Christopher Buechting: Perfect, thank you! Is there anything specific I can do besides wait? Mark Otley: @Christopher: Pray? Jillian O - NGA Staff: You can keep checking back to our website on mondays to see if there is anything else you would like to, but other than that not right now~ Christopher Buechting: @Mark haha, you are right about that : )
    • Christopher Buechting: @Jillian Thank you Edward Boyd: Anyone available to discuss the Systems Engineer position? Where would I need to relocate? Jillian O - NGA Staff: Edward, most likely Springfield VA or St. Louis MO Edward Boyd: St. Louis would work. I have son there. Who can I discuss the position with to get more details? Michael J. Stamper: Hello! I'm curious about the Visual Information Specialist position. My degrees are in graphic/interactive design and I've crossed over into data visualization and analysis design work (links to my projects are on my uploaded resume...currently I'm working on a NASA/ISS project, fun stuff!). Anyway, these roles require extensive problem solving and analytic skills. Would someone with my background, skills, knowledge be considered for the Visual Information Specialist position, or are you looking more for candidates that are straight multi-media design? Thanks! Christopher Buechting: I would actually love to chat about the systems engineer position as well. Jillian O - NGA Staff: I'm not sure if we have any SMEs here right now that can answer more specific questions about the positions, I'll ask around Christopher Buechting: Thanks again Jillian Debra Hyres: Can my resume be analyzed to see what jobs best fit my skill set? I've been trying to go federal government for a while but not sure which job to apply for Jillian O - NGA Staff: If you see NGASME.LisaK or NGASME.StevenR they might be able to talk more about the positions NGARecruitment.LaToyaA: @Micahel: Our VIS professionals design and develop graphis and multimedia products of varying complexity for diverse audiences. NGA is looking for individuals with some of the following skills: graphic layout design, Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, etc. When applying to NGA opportunities,please read the announcement in its entirety. If you have the requirements (mandatory, education,etc), please clearly identify them in your submission (i.e. resume and cover letter). Mark Otley: @Debra: the CIA website has a "Job Fit Tool" that might help you: https: //www.cia.gov/careers/opportunities/job-fit-tool Reginald McKenzie: Thanks Debra and Mark. I was thinking the same thing. @Mark, the link took me right to it. Thanks. Debra Hyres: Thanks Mark do you know if the positions the same at every agency or just a general description?
    • James Madison: Good evening to all, I'm very interested in the job opening of Systems Engineer (Work Role: 13AD) in St. Louis. I have a daughter attending Washington University in St. Louis & would like to support during her undergraduate studies over the next 3-4 years or even on through her graduate studies. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering & hold an active top secret clearance. Mark Otley: That CIA site gives VERY general responses. It tagged me for Appellate Lawyer even thought I did not give any "law" responses. Once I filtered out the obviously-wrong responses, however, what remained seemed to be fairly accurate. Debra Hyres: okay, thanks a lot will give it a try. NGA Student Programs Group Chat John Young you have joined NGA: Student Programs NGARecruitment.ChristineM: Dual citizenship would not deem you ineligible Lionel Acker: Thanks KaraB Taylor Wallace: Does the NGA allow Freshmen to join internships? Aaron Hedstrom-Wiggins: Cheers, Christine NGARecruitment.KaraB: @Lionel, when do you graduate? NGARecruitment.ChristineM: Taylor, yes, freshman are eligible and encouraged to apply RanyaAbdellatif: Hello, I graduate in June with a bachelors in political science, minor in Arabic. Would I still be eligible for a position? NGARecruitment.ChrisT: Ranya, you would only be eligible for the Student Employment Program if you were to continue your education by seeking a graduate or post-graduate degree Taylor Wallace: Are there any student internships at this time? I am a Freshman at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University majoring in Global Security and Intelligence studies and would love an opportunity to gain some experience. Taylor Wallace: sorry that re-posted. Thank you for the information. Jared K: Hello. Does the NGA General Counsel recruit legal interns, or should all graduate interns apply via the next internship cycle/resume repository?
    • Halley Henry: Hello, I am a junior communication major. What opportunities are there for me at the NGA? Taylor Wallace: Are all the job postings on this page available to students? NGARecruitment.ChristineM: Jared, all intern recruiting goes through the internship program. Luis Castagneto: any possible poisons for Management of Information System major? NGARecruitment.ChrisT: Jared, all students will only be able to apply during the application period in the fall. Jared K: Thank you @ChristineM, @ChrisT Tiffany Grabner: Hello, I am prior military with my BA. I am currently earning my Master's in Intelligence Analysis from AMU and have recently begun learning Russian. I am looking for experience or opportunities within the IC while I complete my degree. Are there any in the Dayton/Wright-Patt area? NGARecruitment.ChrisT: Luis, we have student positions related to Management of Information systems Elena Marie Pascual: Hello, can recent graduates apply for your student programs? Halley Henry: Hello again, I am a junior communication major. What opportunities are there for me at the NGA? Marc Uber: Hello, I am a geography major and I am graduating with a bachelors degree this spring semester. I have already applied for the entry-level positions on the NGA website, is there anything else that you recommend that I should do? Liza De La Cruz: Hello, BA in Intelligence Analysis based on cyber warfare, fluently speak Italian, Spanish, Russian. Are there any opportunities in NYC NGARecruitment.ChrisT: Tiffany, we have had student positions in Dayton/Wright-Patt in the past, but do not guarantee in the future. Please check back during our application period in the fall for all location opportunities Wanda Ochei: Hello, I am a education professional with a higher education administration background. Are there any positions that I should be paying close attention to? Cedric Pulliam: Good Evening- I am completing my second master's degree soon and currently working in the federal government with hopes to find a student position for my final year of my graduate program at Georgetown. Are there any positions for students in IR/European Studies/Int'l Development related? I saw Workforce Analyst and that interests me, but the others I assumed I wasn't qualified for. Thanks!
    • NGARecruitment.ChrisT: Elena, you must be a current student to participate in the Student Program. All graduate or post-graduate students are eligible Tiffany Grabner: Thank you @ChrisT Elena Marie Pascual: Thank you! @ChrisT NGARecruitment.ChrisT: Halley, we have communication major opportunities with the Student Program. Please check back in the fall during our application period for 2015 Summer opportunities Halley Henry: Thank you! NGARecruitment.KaraB: @Cedric-The application period for summer 2015 will open in October/November. You are required to be enrolled at the time of application NGARecruitment.ChristineM: Cedric, The next openings for the internship period will be this fall and the internship will be for the summer of 2015. Cedric Pulliam: Great thanks @KaraB and @ChristineM NGARecruitment.ChrisT: Marc, please visit the Analytic booth for more full-time employment information Marc Uber: Thank you @ChrisT NGARecruitment.ChrisT: Liza, most of our positions are going to be in the Washington DC or St. Louis, MO area NGARecruitment.ChrisT: Wanda, please visit the Mission Support booth for full-time employment information Liza De La Cruz: Great!! Thanks!! -- Chris T. Wanda Ochei: Thanks, Chris T Dorian Stephens: @ChrisT Dorian Stephens: @ChrisT Reginald McKenzie: Hello. Ho far in advance of ETS should you be to apply for a position in Cybersecurity? NGARecruitment.ChrisT: Reginald, please visit the Technical booth for more information
    • Dorian Stephens: Hello my name is Dorian and I am currently in school to receive a masters in business administration, however i have a degree in graphics design with over three years experience. I wanted to know how many people work in Visual Information Specialist department for your organization @ChrisT NGARecruitment.KaraB: @Dorian, You may visit the Mission Support booth for more information, unless interested in an internship Dorian Stephens: Ok thank you very much Kara! I would also be interested in an internship opportunity as well, where can I apply for that? Andrea Duran: Hi Kara. I am really interested in an internship position. Where can I apply? NGARecruitment.KaraB: @Dorian, You may apply for internship positions in October/November. Please visit www.nga.mil for more information Marcus Parks: I just would like to know how do i go about far as job opportunities ? Dorian Stephens: Ok great thank you @Kara NGARecruitment.KaraB: @Andrea, You may apply for internship positions at www.nga.mil during the months of October and November NGARecruitment.ChrisT: Marcus, please visit www.nga.mil and you can see a list of all full- time opportunities. The list is updated every Monday. NGARecruitment.KaraB: @Marcus, Are you interested in a student internship? Brenna McGrath: Hello! My name is Brenna. I am currently a sophomore in college, double majoring in Russian and Linguistics. I was wondering if there was any advice you could give that would help a person stand out when applying for the internship. NGARecruitment.KaraB: @Brenna, I would encourage you to highlight your knowledge, abilities and accomplishments. NGARecruitment.KaraB: @Brenna, Ask if a professor can help you tailor your resume to the job announcement NGARecruitment.ChrisT: Brenna, we also have an example of a resume on our website (www.nga.mil) which might help when submitting your application Brenna McGrath: Okay, thank you both very much! I'm planning on applying this fall and want to be able to make the best impression I can. Thank you again! NGARecruitment.KaraB: @Brenna, Excellent!
    • Diversity and Inclusion in the IC Group Chat John Young you have joined Diversity and Inclusion in the IC Brandon Huggins: Towards an Intelligence Analyst Joseph Black: Thank you all for your time. Evonne, you were helpful, thank you. Tiffany Wheeler: I have heard that some agencies have specific professors they get to recruit for them on college campuses. Would it be in my best interest to speak with that professor or should I just apply online??? Brenda S/NSA_IA: HiCarrie. There are always openings for the IADP program. The key to starting is applying on-line. Bobbie Lloyd: What is the expected wait time between application and interview scheduling? Charles B: @CodyFurman& @SaraDeTrolio: I'm an intelligence analyst and i welcome a private chat with either or both of you to answer your IA-related questions. Kim N: Bobbie, that varies depending on the agency, how many positions they are seeking to fill, and the number of applicants. At NSA, resumes submitted on-line remain in the system for six months. SimisolaFasehun: Good Evening, I am a mid level professional looking to change careers. My background is in Program/project management. Would I need to apply for entry level positions to transition to the IC roles? Bobbie Lloyd: Thank you Kim. Are the interviews in person or telephone or a combination? Kim N: If you apply for a position and don't get it, but several months later a position opens up for which your qualifications are well matched, you may get a call then. Kim N: Bobbie L, it could be a combination. Evonne R: @Joseph Black: you are more than welcome. Drew :ANyone with interest in IA, instant message me---keep it comin'! Brenda S/NSA_IA: Ditto what Drew said - much easier to keep up with your questions in a private chat.
    • Evonne R: @Simisola: what is your degree in? SimisolaFasehun: I have an MS in international development. I also have my PMP Bobbie Lloyd: Thanks Kim N Kim N: You're welcome. Evonne R: @Simisola: We are not looking for experienced PM right now however that does not mean that will change. How many years of PM do you have? SimisolaFasehun: Evonne, I have ~8 years of PM work experience. SimisolaFasehun: I also have a background in research, writing and data analysis. Evonne R: @Simisola: Ok, what is your bachelor's degree major? Anya Dollar: If I am completing an application and I have not received a copy of my college transcript. (I used my last one) Should I just estimate my GPA and hours? Drew : estimate anya Anya Dollar: Thanks Drew : you could also look up your unofficial transcripts, where that information would most certainly be SimisolaFasehun: Evonne, My BS is in Human development and family studies. Evonne R: @Simisola: ok, it sounds like you have a variety of experience. Have you looked on nsa.gov SimisolaFasehun: Evonne, I definitely have. Chris M. - NSA Tech Recruiter: Hi, everyone! I am the chairperson for NSA's LGBTA Employee Resource Group. Please feel free to send me an email or a private chat if you'd like more information on NSA's culture, its inclusive diversity, or what it's like to be a gay person working in the intelligence community. Kevin Lang: @Drew: I have a quick question - may I message you? Anya Dollar: I graduated in 2001 and don't remember my student ID. They changed it when they updated their systems after I graduated. Drew : please do kevin
    • SimisolaFasehun: Evonne, I forgot to mention that I speak a Sub Saharan language and I am willing to relocate overseas Drew : Beau-Michael Rizzo- Instant message me, I'd be happy to answer your questions Charles B: Ditto what Drew and Brend_S/NSA_IA said - much easier to keep up with your questions in a private chat. I typically am in about 3 - 4 chats simultaneously. Shannon Blair: Hi Charles, may I message you to speak about some IA questions? George Lloyd: I hold a Bachelor degree in Management/Economics and a MBA in International Business/Economics. I am completing my Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. Are these skills highly search for in the IC? Do you know anyone that I can email to further discuss opportunities in business? Evonne R: @George L: I can do my best to answer some of your questions with business, please send me a private message James Edwards III: I am A recent Grad with a masters in systems engineering, with 5+ years of experience in the nuclear field, What would be a good fit?? Michael Church: Looking to forward my career as an Intel Analyst. I have a Bachelors Degree and nearly 12 years experience in the USAF with a TS/SCI clearance with a CI poly. Charles B: @shannonBlair: I just tried responding to your chat request. i'm back now. Brenda S/NSA_IA: Hi Michael! Claudia H: @Michael, have you visited the various boths? Michael Church: I went to the CIA and NSA. NSA I would expect to have but they are mostly looking for linguist and IT people. Drew : you can instant message me privatleymichael Michael Church: I have the info to apply for CIA, which I will further pursue after the fair. VasudhaKoya: Hi, I m veteran. Looking for any Entry level positions. Have Master of Science degree in Computer science and secret clearance. Stephen Blaskowski: @chris Hi Chris I'd love to ask you some questions if you are available to message now. Claudia H: @Michael, go to NSA.gov and apply there also!
    • Kim N: Vasudha K, NSA is currently seeking computer scientists. Please be sure to apply on- line at NSA.gov Abbie B (NSA): KEITH L. Did anyone get back to you? While your background and languages are good in general, they aren't what we are seeking at this time. It is so very competitive. Have you looked at the NSA/Business Careers? Perhaps not what you are looking for thought? VasudhaKoya: @Kim Thank you Kim N: You're welcome. Good luck! Anthony Crawford: I am interested in any position you have as a SIGINT Collection Manager, Cyber Security, or any Analyst positions you may have open. I am currently an Intelligence Officer with the Department of Homeland Security and am a retired Army Senior Noncommissioned Intelligence Officer. In the Army, I worked for NSA for over 20 years. hopefully I can be a match to further my career in the IC. Abbie B (NSA): Anthony-- I can chat with you in a private chat. There is a big delay on my posts in this booth. Kim N: Anthony C., NSA is actively seeking cybersecurity specialists. Apply on-line at NSA.gov. We don't advertise on USAJOBS. Anthony Crawford: I have worked in SIGINT for over 20 years now I want to break into Cyber, how can I accomplish this? I have a Masters in Management, A Bachelor of Science (emphasis in Intelligence) and a Certificate from the National Defense University. Anthony Crawford: Thank you Kim N., and I will Abbie B. Rodger Woodruff II: I just heard about this from a friend. As an Army Intelligence Officer with ove15 years in both active and reserves and 14 years in Consumer product sales, what agency would be the best to begin an intelligence career with? Not sure where my experience and skills would be the best fit. Lounge Chat Chat Room John Young you have joined Lounge Chat Doris J: VEn - summer 2014 deadlines were in Oct and Nov. Ray Price: I have a bachelors degree in political science, a master degree in fraud and forensics, experience working for the district attorney's office in a county in Pennsylvania, and over a year
    • of experience working in regulatory compliance. I would like to get into an analyst, intelligence, or investigative position for the federal government. Would my skills, education, and experience fit? If not do you have any recommendations? Robert Goffner: @ Branden - whom was that question directed towards? Angie Cammack: Any word on when positions will open at the NSA Utah Data Center? Andrew Crawford: Hi Branden, Im interested in the chat Jennifer Dea: Also Doris, I recently applied to jobs like Amtrak Office of Inspector General as a Criminal Investigator Trainee and to the DEA as an Investigator Assistant in the last week. Doris J: Jennifer - read the requirements for each position closely and see what fits your background. Branden (NSA Police): @Robert Goffner - Jesse Rodriguez Robert Goffner: ah, ok. thanks! Branden (NSA Police): @Andrew - Invite sent Micki Simons: Is the federal hiring freeze still in effect? How long are applications sitting in the que to be pre-screened or does it depend on the hiring organization? Lilia Ghazvini: Monique, if you would like to connect with me on LinkedIn, my page is here: http: //www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=190217858&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile and my email address is Lilia.G@gmail.com Oscar Pena: is there any opportunities on the west coast for police officer Jeffrey Vaughn: Are there policing Jobs in the NSA? Michelle Imbach: @Branden. I am interested in the NSA group chat Thea Star Gaillard: I uploaded my CV to the briefcase on last night, but realized a short time ago it is MIA. What a shock! I uploaded it again a short time ago. Doris J: Ray - FBI might be a possibility. They have recently come off of a hiring freeze and are not represented at the fair. Check out FBIJOBS.gov Chrystal Littleton: Branden, I just applied for the NSA Police job that was posted and would like to be invited to your private group for more info. Branden (NSA Police): @Jeffrey - Yes - would you like to join our group chat?
    • Doris J: Micki - not all agencies are or have been in a hiring freeze. Ray Price: Thank you Doris. Cameron Brown: I am 26 and will have my Bachelor of Technology in Information Assurance and Forensics next summer. I have also completed 2 years of Computer Science courses covering Java and C plus plus languages. I am currently working at the Office of Management and Enterprise Services in IT as support to the System Administrator. I enjoy learning. Can you give me some advice on a good entry-level position to get started? Branden (NSA Police): @Chrystal - invite sent Robert Goffner: @Micki - good question. Jeffrey Vaughn: Branden, Yes I would, I can navigate to it Doris J: Thea the resume should be attached to your profile for viewing by others. Your briefcase is for your own use. Jen Alline Thomas: Vfnalbarvaurervagbpvcuref? Monique Lail: okay I will.. Thea Star Gaillard: @ Doris- right, I uploaded it for this program. Branden (NSA Police): @Jeffrey - invite sent Lilia Ghazvini: : -) Jen Alline Thomas: ;-D Jennifer Dea: @Doris - Yes, I have and feel comfortable with the duties, tasks, and requirements. Do you feel like there is good opportunity for these kinds of positions in these agencies at the fair. I know that the CIA posted an Investigator opportunity for someone who has had at least 3 years of past experience. Is there good outlook for entry level positions? Monique Lail: did you have any luck looking for a job here Lilia? kelechi Eke: hello i am an IT personnel with security clearance looking to be part of thye team Doris J: Jennifer - there are some entry level positions, but we are doing less hiring in general this year than in past years. All I can say, is to go ahead and give it a try. kelechi Eke: i am new to these does not know how it works
    • Lilia Ghazvini: I actually applied for an entry-level Intelligence Analyst position on the NSA website a couple of weeks ago. I came to the fair just to touch base with the recruiters. Have you applied to any positions, Monique? Robert Goffner: What positions are available for WMD/CBRNE issues? Jennifer Dea: okay, thank you Doris. Jamil Ahsan: Greetings. Any Cybersecurity graduates here? Monique Lail: yea I'll apply to NGA in a few mins Lilia Ghazvini: Excellent idea! Doris J: RObdert see the CIA Science, Technology and Weapons analyst posting Elizabeth Rodriguez: I am trying to get in to the chatting session in the main page and seem like its not working anyone? Monique Lail: yea that's the only thing I saw here.. Robert Goffner: @Doris - ok, thanks! Mark Naylor: Jamil I will complete the UMUC cyber program in July. Jeffrey Webb: Hello, I am a Senior in high school and is seeking to double major in Intel analysis and psychology. How helpful will this combination be in the field of Intelligence and what opportunities does this combination open up post college. Doris J: Elizabeth what booth did you go into? Each booth in the exhibit hall has a group chat Steven Korab: Oh jeez where do I begin. I have a masters in Regional Studies and studied overseas in Europe. I applied to DIA/CIA and got phone interviews. But after that nothing. I am now working at a large bank in compliance and thinking about getting my CFE/CAMS. Do I still have a chance for foreign intelligence? Or should I focus on domestic agencies like FBI,DEA,IRS-CI,or ICE-HSI Lillith Vargas: Good evening, can anyone tell me what their opinion of the different btw how intelligence analysis might differ between agencies? Iulia Murga: Good evening, I am an Intel Army Officer in Florida's NG currently working as an Operation Officer for SOUTHCOM's Global Force Management Office. I speak Romanian, Spanish and Basic French being 3 classes away from my MA in Homeland Security. I am available for hire immediately. Lilia Ghazvini: NGA seems like a great agency, I knew someone who had worked there.
    • Elizabeth Rodriguez: CIA Kahlita Chase: @Branden, I would like to join the group chat, if possible. Thank you. Jamil Ahsan: Congrats Mark.. Which track did you pursue: I did the technical side. Did find forensics to be quite exciting Elizabeth Rodriguez: @ Doris CIA booth for linguists or language Monique Lail: That's great!! How did they feel about the place? Doris J: Elizabeth there people staffing these booths, but a number of attendees are waiting to chat with them. Please be patient. Lilia Ghazvini: They seemed to really like it. It was a gentleman in one of my classes in grad school at GW. I will never forget him and how smart and polite he was. Elizabeth Rodriguez: @ Doris- I tried to get in and its not working Branden (NSA Police): @Kahlita - invite sent http://cryptome.org/2014/02/spy-career-group-chats.htm