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Slc 4 e launch planning, 1981-1984

Slc 4 e launch planning, 1981-1984






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    Slc 4 e launch planning, 1981-1984 Slc 4 e launch planning, 1981-1984 Document Transcript

    • NRO APPROVED FOR RELEASE DECLASSIFIED BY: C/IART DECLASSIFIED ON: 10 JANUARY 2013 7 July 1980 NEMORANtUM FOR: 11.1 , 111 C% CIA Member, =REX FROM SUBJECT X 1111 : SLC-4E Launch Planning, 1981-1984 e6 B) This memorandum proposes a launch plan which will better satisfy imagery collection requirements than the launch plan recommended by the NRO. This memormium deals ' 'with the options available for the launches of the KH-9 1111111imaging 0 satellites from launch pad SLC-4E. One paragra pare ), however, does cover various scenarios involving the KH-8 system, launched from another pad. Figure 1 shows the schedules associated with .these plans.-(6/13) The launch plan recommended by the NRO can as follows: 64/B) be described a) Proceed on 1 September 1980 with the pad-medifiea tions required for HEXAGON Mission 1218. ecide whether the booster for XAGON Mission 1217 shoal ir CON x; 01 LEE) , BYE-222224/80 Copy ofjj • HANDLE. VIA - BYEIWAN-TALENT-KEYHOlk DONYPOI: SYSTEMS JOINTLY WARNING NOTICE INTELUSENCE SCURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED DERIVATIVE CL BY BYE-1 2000 iple CI DEC!. D REVW ON July DERIVED FROM Mit
    • .• NRO APPROVED FOR RELEASE DECLASSIFIED BY: C/IART DECLASSIFIED ON: 10 JANUARY 2013 SUBJECT: SLC-4E Launch Planning, 1981-1984 fel% A launch plan which better satisfies imagery collection requirements can be described as follows: O&M a) Launch HEXAGON Mission 1217 1218 in March 1982. in Mhrch 1981 and Mission ) Table 1 outlines the characteristics of the plans described # graphs. Thc differences bctwccn the two launch plans can be summarized as follows: RISiB) a) The proposed plan provides for a HEXAGON launch in March of each year in the period of 1981-1984, whereas the NRO plan delays the launch of 1217 until at least July 1981, a ossible delay until October 1981, and the possibility f on - g launch at all in 1981. 2 BYE-222224/86 HANDLE VIA BYEMAN-TALENT-KEYHOLE COWROC 3YSTEMS JOINTLY 0000
    • Tor Gran' NRO APPROVED FOR RELEASE DECLASSIFIED BY: C/IART DECLASSIFIED ON: 10 JANUARY 2013 SUBJECT: SEC-4E Launch Planning, 1981-1984 -€C-111) Although this memorandum does not outline a strategy for the use of the GAMBIT satellites, the proposed plan Simplifies GAMBIT planning. With the NRO plan, consideration would be given to use Dual Mbde KH-8 Mission 4352 to partially (and inadequately) compensate for the lack of spring HEXAGON coverage. GAMBIT 4351 is already committed for launch by July 1981. Thus, if there is no HEXAGON flight in 1981, a scenario could develop under the NRO whereby 2 or maybe 3 of the remaining 4 GAMBIT vehicles could be considered for launch in 1981. In the proposed plan, 4351 would be launched in 1981 and the remaining 3 vehicles could be planned for use in the following 3 years, possibly reserving 2 for use in 1984.414/BY A spring 1981 HEXAGON mission would provide vital support to the intelligence effort against foreign agriculture and narcotics hE-9 search imagery with its broad area search capability, supported by large amounts of color and false color film, is a prime source of intelligence. Intelligence to support the grain estimates for the Soviet Union, China and Eastern Europe would be reduced by about 40% if the HEXAGON launch were delayed by 3 months. The effectiveness of crop modelling would be degraded and the maturing of winter grains would be missed. In addition, most, of the extensive droughts begin in the spring and require broad area monitoring from their onset. HEXAGON launches in March of 1981 and 1982 are near critical from the agriculture/economics intelligence standpoint since their will be no LANDSAT support in 1982 and probably none in 1981. Other intelligence problems which would be affected by a summer vice spring HEXAGON launch -3- ON/GAMBIT -11111FRE‘F- -BYE-122224/80 HANDLE VIA BYEMAN-TALENT-KEYHOLE CONTROL SYSTEMS JOINTLY
    • Y) NRO APPROVED FOR RELEASE DECLASSIFIED BY: C/IART DECLASSIFIED ON: 10 JANUARY 2013 ELM SUBJECT: SLC-4E Launch Planning, 1981-1984 (.60) ICBM conversions, SSBN launches and other SSBN related activity, major military exercises, search for new suspect nuclear test sites, and new military constuction. 11171B/TK) include 7. In specific reference to arms control monitoring, the Arms Control Intelligence Staff offers the following comments: 46/B) a) Since it appears that the earliest consideration of the SALT II Treaty will be early 1981, and that the year. 1981 will be one of intensive activity related to SALT, it is of the utmost importance that .a HEXAGON mission be on orbit during the optima Spring-throughearly-Fall collection period. combination of Dual 1.1ode GAMBIT missions (as a substitute by HEXAGON) are likely to satisfy SALTrelated imagery search. requirements. - No c) With respect the capabilities to monitor SALT comone HEXAGON, rather than o '4"‘GON and an unknown number o TS. arc imagery is vital to monitoring SALT compliance. d) In the event the agreement is not ratified and there are no SALT constraints, a substantial increase in Soviet Cp activities would be expected, and policy interest in Soviet activities would be high. 8. The proposed plan thus provides for more adequate HEXAGON I •111 1-0 i s. - I- 0:4 covera - ^se us lan -4- BYE-222224/86 111111FreIION/GAMBIT HANDLE VIA BYERIAIVIALENT-KEYHOLE 120111,10C SYSTEMS 'JOINTLY
    • Tor_ CECRET • NRO APPROVED FOR RELEASE DECLASSIFIED BY: C/IART DECLASSIFIED ON: 10 JANUARY 2013 SUBJECT: SLC-4E Launch Planning, 1981-1984 460) 9. CIA therefore, recommends that the launch plan proposed heree ions may referred plan in be selected over t -{6/B} on C to the undersigned o -s- BYE-222224/80 IlliFRZGAMBIT HANDLE VIA OYEMAN-TALENT-KEYHOLE CONTROL SYSTEMS JOINTLY
    • 6. 3. Plan ensures a 1981 Iu i ON launch Agriculture and Narcotic Target Collection by HEXAGON in Spring 1981 NRO PLAN HEXAGON IRST TABLE 1 • LAUNCH P N CHARACTERISTICS (U) % 1 30 XI 1 12 lt '4 nt -1 ct xi o r.4. 3, " fil 'STEM OWLS' hAmnur. VIA '1:;(21/i.liq YES PROPOSED PLAN PAD MOD FIRST 1 -n 71 1 / ;.; Is 0 0 Z M M 33 • CI CI 0
    • Figure 1. Launch Plan Schedules HANDLE. ViA DYEMAti ICCI4TROLI Ctraral CIPILY
    • 4, 1. NRO APPROVED FOR RELEASE AINCIAMINI IE NRYAWARTMAGERY COLLECTION REQUIREMENTS SUBCOMMITTEE DECLASSIFIED ON: 10 3ANUARY 2013 SUBJ: Launch Schedule for 1981 (U) 1. 0.8.-TK/B) Although Air Force does not consider the proposed 1981 launch light of schedule to DCI guidance 2; Vir Impact on 1217 effectiveness if flown as winter mission . Impact on 1218 schedule Impact on KH-9 - Requirement for if 1217 launched as winter mission program if 1217 delayed until Mar 82 DMG KH-8 in 81 if 1217 delayed until 82: 4. (48.1-TK/B) In assessing the NRO proposal, Air Force requirements for a high resolution mission in early 81 were also considered. It is our preliminary opinion that requirements exist to justify a high resolution mission and that ICRS should begin working to include a spring 4351 launch in the NRO schedule. 5. (U) Air Force also recommends that fully informed of be'kept m future juggling of the sthedule in •rder to giv- the com unity an opportunity to influence decisions before they are fait accompli. s, CANDLE VIA hr, BYEMAN-TALENT-KEYHOLE %.‘„evriR op ...-. or . .....44=„001r CONTROL. SYSTEMS Jowly(fing, • ••••• TOr SECRET CLASSIFIED BY EGB 1:Lii S-5210.51 0114) 1,4,16 REVIEW ON 7, ',444 1•
    • NRO APPROVED FOR RELEASE DECLASSIFIED Bila4Olawr cA_pAlbif,irl 6A4-161-17: DECLASSIFIED ON: 10 JANUARY 2013 _LAPteiCt4 CD dic,c 'Petadiet 146 d A.4 Fi-omiti. co e - oxl 43 51 444,41+ ?C.4.44re_f_ i R, zpikeo oty.Jo j ST3 G.) a c.c.. ea _ _ft! cli4 kESO4-e4.71 -7 2 X 11,* L 44, I A4 tr: (-AA) 474 435 t t r ats J ate tr- d, ht1T1.4 - I : if., 4•• A _ 1— Li, 94_0.4o __ _ - - as tyyy.5 e__ 44.4A.4 41. ,ZO_Aer44. -- ------------ (o° NI 44 J...1 be.___ i _ ____. M. S'714.0.40 gm ".?; - 14 AA _ 6:1 tAiib .44.44- LA0b*. , So 7 b4_t5 e 3 s ‘,*••• 14rJ, 40141.4ba -it tg.. -22, b4-Ys • M ; 0 treizzo -,Z. 2 5 kut.- ri :saat ArTil e q - 4z , r4AA C 0°- 4.0: 4614_ 4A4c.1 I - - --- _ - 4- 45.4 AA ' i nl et,a4 No Q _ k 24? -- ; - --- To _44"1•244.4..)_ .01 a " /1.v N 2 S .1 0•53o' .V., Q4 _ ALA e-AvtnAr—A . tr.) 711 — 7i s C R ti 4')P e -C41. _ t)e Fc.co a 14J S Biws ,e_ t4s r• S r-j_gsr AA) S - 4 I AA 4 ..1_,•) 4=7 4 - 7 , bi n- f-k g06- tpeAkt r 43S 074 eV 37_174.4 u.1 AirTz sevAnD•A‘M 5 IJA.4 -re#0.4.44.k.4 re.cold b "r+IL CoiE4Aram 0402-4E4s4b i ___
    • NRO APPROVED FOR RELEASE DECRSSIFIED BY: C/IART DECMMED1400 10 JANUARY 2013 _0 6.,-,Te4z...41 E-Q dt E ,4-4714/4.4 IL b & tiEc. _4014.AI:re .er- 50 7 2s s 444 _ - !_f4A 0_ (Flo• F.. sa.1!) _ Te4ci. .)44 I ___A•Jilat2,- 5 " f"-Aftf-R-A- .A..___•Ft.______V.Lih5621..453 24- r coovvr comb. ccQ- , 51001141- Ad _.A..r.4c_A--rtoisi_s_ 1 ',ID X ,24-1-y. ti-AiteDu j oke,c cAeatage-tr-tej • cof/a.taAcie.capteli 4-41-y • SO-255 eb.,JS) so - c dk42.e...7_col_?S _Rx..41tr, _ A-s mu. CAI _444 crt._ f[4.44. • miger-ex.foz...e._4_covA3 , 7- c444.,e-T Pt A.4 04444e_ AJE 3f_g_ e 43S-1 e, (4-6 1444E. r.re3e_e_ c,442.42,ILD !Ekp.70c. Fit...Lit a &I c. 14) ET"-e4 ... a • 4"elotetAtA 4/A-4 _ nfAk 7:1 44virt .444_ 1