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Media pushes brain eating vaccine... nano tech injection lobotomy   you tube
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Media pushes brain eating vaccine... nano tech injection lobotomy you tube






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    Media pushes brain eating vaccine... nano tech injection lobotomy   you tube Media pushes brain eating vaccine... nano tech injection lobotomy you tube Document Transcript

    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] About ALL COMMENTS (3,779) Top comments   Share your thoughts Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injecti… TheAlexJonesChannel · 15,909 videos Subscribe 803,240 426,775 3,711     420 Like Share Add to   Category License Uploaded on Aug 3, 2010 THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!! LINKS ARE BELOW The establishment media and the scientific dictatorship are promoting brain-eating vaccines that virtually lobotomize people and rewire their brains into a state of subservient compliance so that their natural instinct to get angry and rebel against the tyranny being imposed upon them is neutered and sterilized. "Academics say they are close to developing the first vaccine for stress -- a single jab that would help us relax without slowing down," reports the Daily Mail. FOR MORE INFO FOOD THE ULTIMATE SECRET EXPOSED PT1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSpkLk... FOOD THE ULTIMATE SECRET EXPOSED PT2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B9MeO... http://www.infowars.com/food-the-ulti... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/art... http://www.infowars.com/new-york-time... http://www.prisonplanet.com/establish... http://www.infowars.com/oxford-bioeth... http://www.infowars.com/category/feat... News & Politics Standard YouTube License Show less FEATURED by TheAlexJonesChannel 445,670 The Glenn Beck Secret 15:28 by TheAlexJonesChannel 60,551 views Former CIA Analyst David MacMichael: 8 Days Till A dd ? Th Al J 14:54 by TheAlexJonesChannel 74,352 views Gerald Celente: U.S. Double Dip Depression will Lead us into 14:05 by TheAlexJonesChannel 26,178 views Scientific Dictatorship wants Lobotomized, Subservient 14:39 by TheAlexJonesChannel 79,320 views Alan Watt: The True History of The World - Alex Jones Tv 1/4 14:59 by ChangeDaChannel 3,667,425 views EndGame HQ full length version 2:19:30 by Ron Gibson 13,223 views The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Thursday 2:03:46 by projectdeepcover 451,169 views Food - The Ultimate Secret Exposed full version 20:48 by Ron Gibson 13,712 views The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Wednesday A il 16 2014 Willi F J 2:15:30 by PutoProzak Young Turds 7 videos by ChangeDaChannel 13,848,383 views The Obama Deception HQ Full length version 1:53:40 by Peter Miller 114,252 views Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie dire 1:48:06 by Ron Gibson 20,979 views The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Tuesday April 2:12:16 by Noah Neo Vacciness -The truth behind vaccinations- Upload Sign in
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Nostra Bonghits 5 hours ago  ·  please research the benefits of ingesting cannabis and its effects on the Endocannabinoid System in us all.....   Reply Gale Innes 2 days ago (edited) Dead On. http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2013/02/07/health-mysterious-disease-discovered- locally-strikes-mainly-young-women/   2 dima9917 2 weeks ago  ·  BS  Reply John Doe 3 months ago  ·  Read more (27 lines)   Think about it guys, the elite is responsible for warmongering, dehumanizing humanity, poisoning our food and water, teaching our children how to have oral sex, anal sex, and masterbation , sodomy, messing up the genetics of the biosphere, making men more  ·  Wow thx for that information! I knew most of them but it's great to see someone who knows so many things!! What do you think, when will the people realize what's going on? Now everyone is blind, drinking coca cola, eating mc donalds, watching fake media..   Reply 5 2PMisTimeless 11 hours ago   Reply 2PMisTimeless 11 hours ago  ·  I read many people saying Alex is also one of them and working with them. I don't know if we can really believe everything he is uploading on YouTube.. like he said, there are existing human who have reptilian DNA (Bush family, Obama,..)   Reply aftonline 2 days ago  ·  This has to be why vaccines cause autism in children - these are kids who don't have the normal emotional responses and can't socialize or empathize - clearly this kind of damage would be caused by this kind of virus.   Reply skogsgud 2 days ago  ·  All phages depicted now not only have six legs, but they also have a star of david body. This is NOT NATURAL, BLATANTLY OBVIOUS, AND DOWN RIGHT DANGEROUS. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/   Reply sightvs 3 days ago  ·  Scary, Good video info  Reply Steve Nieman via Google+ 3 days ago  ·  If only 1% of this is true, we've got a lot of work to do!  Reply Jipee Juhu 2 weeks ago check out the film Equilibrium and take your daily Prozium ! well if this is true of course ...   48,671 views51:57 by ConspiracyScope 2,838 views Alex Jones Show: Thursday (4- 17-14) Nomi Prins 2:59:40 by HooverInstitution 35,347 views War and History, Ancient and Modern 46:02 by Ron Gibson 4,256 views The Alex Jones Show(2nd HOUR-VIDEO Commercial Free) Th d A il 17 2014 43:48 by THElNFOWARRlOR 52,506 views Alex Jones Eugenics Report: Genetically Altered Species, 14:55 by wannaberichlikeme 58,441 views Alex Jones Show - The Real Story Behind Bill Gates And his 11:33 by Ron Gibson 32,773 views The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Fri. April 11 2014 Cli B d St D 2:31:36
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM]  ·   ·   ·  look around you carefully and you will see the 'real' movie. no need to watch a movie, you are part of the movie +Rondodinho to much truth in that message! i better get my prozium ... Reply Rondodinho 6 days ago   Reply 1 Jipee Juhu 5 days ago   Reply Shari Hrabec 3 weeks ago  ·  THUS ALL THE WALKING DEAD / ZOMBIE TYPE SHOWS ON TV ALL THE TIME, EVERY CHANNEL YOU GO TO....PREPARE ....NWO   Reply 1 sightvs 3 days ago  ·  Scary, Good video info  Reply Michelle Fuhr 1 month ago  ·  When my daughter became epileptic after her first H1N1 shot, I started filling out the forms to allow her to attend school without having to be vaccinated.  She could not drive until she was 17 due to the epilepsy. Before we understood what was happening,  she had 3 fits in jr. High which caused her to wet herself. Imagine the humiliation ;the horror she experienced from peeing herself in middle school!  I was so proud when she brought her vaccine waiver to school and researched and informed her high school class about the dangers of these drugs! I was also happily surprised when her teacher   Reply 2 Schlemming 3 weeks ago  ·  I knew this guy was a little nuts, but I had no idea.  Reply Wayne Moulden via Google+ 2 days ago Gale Innes originally shared this  ·  Dead On. http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2013/02/07/health-mysterious-disease- discovered-locally-strikes-mainly-young-women/   Reply Benny Hamm 3 months ago  ·  blocking people from commenting on your pages is bad Alex keep that in mind :P  Reply 1 westin1985 4 months ago  ·  Ever wonder why they are pushing the Flu Vaccine so hard. You can bet those shots have some kind of nanotech/virus that passives people in them. They won't come out with a shot to destress you. They will slip it to you as something else like the Flu shot.   Reply 1 Elena Evtimova 3 weeks ago  ·  Thank you Alex Jones for turning attention of people on these threatening plans! Yes, they need puny puppets to rule over as they like! Time to wake up humans!   Reply gardenladyelf 1 month ago  ·  thank you Alex for reporting this.  Reply
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] jozzerful2 2 months ago  ·  I have looked what was going on were I live ,And the people in power said yes we think it's best I couldn't believe it ,what A.Jones said Is all f...k true. Look for your self  ·  yeah i went over to my FBI bio engineer mate, and i was like: "do you guys produce brain eating vaccines?" and he was like: "dude we totally do, just like that incredibly famous youtuber named Jones said"   Reply Silent33091 2 months ago   Reply 4malulz 3 months ago (edited) The free flu vaccines coming from CVS, was donated by the United Nations. Hard to trust anything coming from that org these days. The program is called Shot@life, research it yourself...   1 ITO EBI 1 month ago  ·  american is luciferian government ! illuminati ! 666   Reply 1 Rainbow Dash 1 month ago  ·  You remind me somewhat of Mark Dice.  Reply Rodney Young 5 months ago  ·  DISINFO WARS! Alex Jones is on THEIR TEAM! View all 3 replies  ·   ·  +John Doe I agree. This man is disinfo, if I've ever heard any.. +Rodney Young I think Alex  is real. My comment was directed at Rodney. I disagree with you.   Reply 1 Rodney Young 3 months ago   Reply John Doe 3 months ago   Reply Joe Mac 4 months ago (edited)  ·  Been watching your videos for some time now, being a teenager and witnessing such destruction on society, it scares me sick. I wanted to give my thanks to you, considerably because you're letting people know this information, and being downright serious about it. You sir, are the fucken man, keep doing what you doing.   Reply 1 turretsCanada 3 months ago  ·  Read more (12 lines) Quotes from the links about this "brain eating vaccine" "Chronic stress, as opposed to everyday worries, is linked to illnesses ranging from diabetes to heart attacks. Professor Sapolsky, who first observed the damage caused by View all 6 replies Read more (16 lines)  ·  +turretsCanada  You forgot passion, the ability to fall in love, feel empathy for others or even help others when they are in danger. And the Idea that you don't need a "flight or flight response makes you loose complete credibility in my eyes.     Reply John Doe 3 months ago (edited)   Reply
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Read more (72 lines)  ·  +John Doe You assert that the vaccine will make you lose "passion, the ability to fall in love, feel empathy for others or even help others when they are in danger." Source? Or are you making this up? The emotions I listed were signs of too much turretsCanada 3 months ago   Reply Alaaddin Cakirerk via Google+ 11 months ago  ·   ·  Think what is in your Cigarettes you smoke, soft drink and average burger and many process foods you consume each day. Think what you are supporting!  No cure for most diseases but pharmacies are getting bigger and bigger! Stupid, stupid!  Reply 1 Alaaddin Cakirerk 2 months ago   Reply Mark Campbell via Google+ 1 year ago  ·  MEDIA PUSHES BRAIN EATING VACCINE – NANO TECH INJECTION LOBOTOMY: <Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy> no wonder I was afraid of needles as a child still not fond of them. ~Mark   Reply 2 James Paul Shelburn 1 year ago The criminal government is making you stupid  Michelle Fuhr 1 month ago  ·  Horrifying but not surprising,  unfortunately.   Reply Samuel Brecher via Google+ 2 years ago Kristina Katinic originally shared this  ·  Istina Read more  ·  Read more  ·  Euhm, I think this is the moment that I'm going to unfollow you. This man is completely insane (I've watched earlier video's from him. yes, I've been there before in that allay of "the entire world is plotting against us") and I think he only I'm sorry to hear that we have hit that moment. we have already lost alot of good men out there! granted alex jones is very alarmist; and i agree with your point that what you become conscious of, you then become aware of. i just like some of   Reply Cedric De Vroey 2 years ago   Reply Samuel Brecher 2 years ago   Reply Jim Tom 2 days ago  ·  i know its true, deu to 11 years of online research  Reply greatgatsb9o921o 2 days ago  ·  JIMSTONEFREELANCE.COM confirms. This is real folks!!!   Reply
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Wyde A. Wake 2 days ago  ·  TRUE. It's proven as a deliberate manmade nanobot BIOWEAPON, delivered thru vaccinations. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/phages.html   Reply marcnews75 3 months ago  ·  Kill the elite revolution now  Reply 1 rusty jack 1 month ago  ·  alex jones is my hero!!!  Reply Wacky Kelly 3 months ago  ·  America is all Satan's deceivement.  Reply 1 shadows0ul3 4 weeks ago  ·  I am broken. I have had vaccines and undoubtedly have God may know what inside of me. But that doesn't mean I can't fight back somehow. I will do it for my parent's pride and my family's way. I will do something and persist ab initio de barker.   Reply Pavel Kulintsov via Google+ 1 year ago  ·   Reply Friedbard Von Mises 1 year ago in reply to Jim Johnson lol, ok? You don't make sense and you don't know me...I don't get welfare or foodstamps or any government benefits. lol..   Friedbard Von Mises 1 year ago in reply to Jim Johnson These are the same people who use retarded examples that have nothing to do with this, to try to discredit it. stfu Nobody here said CIA uses cell towers to control peoples minds you fucking idiot.   suxxatguitar 1 year ago I love it! The "likes" total went down after I hit the refresh button.  Sam.Times Wint's 1 year ago fear mongering cunt  Patrick Estrella 10 months ago in reply to Liam F Polarized opinions, in categorical fashion, on a matter you're a massive ignorant. Should I call you smart or idiotic? Your thought process makes me sick.   trainedgorilla 1 year ago has no one ever played Bioshock before???FUCK!  WakeUpInDaMorning1 1 year ago 2C-D (2,5-Dimethoxy-methylphenethylamine) can possibly cure deppresion if it's caused by low serotonin levels in the brain (which it usually is). Yet, somehow, it's illegal! It is also a nootropic.   admit2nothing 11 months ago Here is a great example of a very unstable person.  samdoescomedy 11 months ago in reply to Idan Z Yeah, you've pulled those statistics out of your ass. 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Shea Mormon 1 year ago I really liked the video response called "Humanity and Evolution", he explained how those viruses work and why almost all of them are nano-technology. Great job.   BennyPressStart 1 year ago Wtf  Friedbard Von Mises 1 year ago in reply to Jim Johnson lol Nobody said any of this. You are an idiot.  Jeff Nigel 1 year ago in reply to John sholtes I find it strange what's Jewish or Gentile is going to do here :) Look They are planing to kill.   rawcatslurgeon 1 year ago We will not submit !  philtubez 11 months ago in reply to Liam F oh and i know a lot of child specific cancers that are going up aswell - explain that with life expectancy please.   Oldman Jenkins 1 year ago in reply to nickgonewalkabout If you don't believe immuz's are safe and effective you either do not understand science, physiology, chemistry or the scientific method. Character assassination does not strengthen your case. Thimerosol has not been used as a preservative for over 20 years. It's amount when used was less than the exposure we receive currently in our environment every day. You seek to incite, scare, and otherwise misinform the public. Do you research with reputable sources and not pseudo-scientific verbiage.   iknowsstuff 5 months ago cool so if you put lithium in the water fountain at work employees will work harder  WakeUpInDaMorning1 1 year ago Eat fresh fish. It's full of Omega-3's!  bubbajolee 1 year ago in reply to rawcatslurgeon He's go a LONG way to go before he sees reality!  simonfeakes 1 year ago what a load of fucking bull shit. please dont listen to this fucking nut case  TheWorteldrie 1 year ago in reply to trainedgorilla i have. lol everyone went fuckin crazy from injecting themselves with a bunch of shit that changed their DNA.   narbil brehh 2 years ago I thing alex is providing us with much good information But i have a question to you all! Wath are we going to do? Just sit and watch us all being poisoned and killed befor we do somthing, We have to unite each and ewery one it's your duty to gather all your freinds and family to unite and make a revolotion were you live and then create a chian around the world, cuz if we the people get togehter and unite then the goverment and the military cant do nothing if we all get together,   ALLAHUU AKBARI 2 years ago they elite are human reptilian hybrids WAKEUP ANNUNAKI HAVE BEEN AROUND SINCE MAYANS BABYLONIANS  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Christopher Olson 2 years ago in reply to queenstixxzz Homeschool him, or get a religious or philosophical waiver. What state do you live in? In the state of ND you can simply state that you are philosophically opposed to vaccines and your child will then be allowed to attend. We just homeschool our 4 instead.   CliveGains80s 2 years ago the guy wired magazine called call 'stress' a dangerous gene. then they say it medical.  Sam Toucan 1 year ago and these enemies come out and talk in their simpering lisping tones, hahaha fuck alex ive been a fan for about 6 months man, keep on   ButtsexSandwich 9 months ago Argument from (personal) incredulity (divine fallacy, appeal to common sense) – I cannot imagine how this could be true, therefore it must be false.   animebety 1 year ago Wake the fuck up  K Brianne 8 months ago I'M WITH YOU ALEX JONES! MY KIDS WILL NEVER GET VACCINES!!  TheSocktor 1 year ago This guy is pretty funny but part of me fears the consequences of his rants. People who believe the shit he spouts may end up suffering pretty badly.   Opressedworker18 1 year ago Amen benjamin7!  Guillermo Eugenio 1 year ago Hey, they did 9/11 and then destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan. Our leaders are ghouls. They must be removed from power.   adriana martinni 1 year ago alex your my idol.  PissyPanda 1 year ago @ Jim Johnson - You must live in a perfect little world to think the government isn't capable of such things or even more horrible ordeals tell Pat Tillman's family the death of their son was friendly fire after all if it was a honest business there wouldn't be so many secrets and cover up's would there?? And GTFO the channel if you don't agree with the vid you only made about 13 fucking comments Mr. I live in a perfect fairy tale   Jim Johnson 1 year ago in reply to Friedbard Von Mises u mad bro? lol i said that these conspiracy nuts r the ones who say this shit. conspiracy nuts say the government puts tracking chips in stuff at stores, controls ur mins using cell towers, poisons ur food, yada yada yada. aww it looks like i offended u. guess ur one of themlol. now go fuck urself pedo.   coltsrule5150 10 months ago They should call this channel the Chicken Little Guild  bertha yellowfinch 5 months ago Syria is now being stricken with polio. The labs are in. Not one case of that polio is wild polio. All of it is lab generated polio.   nickgonewalkabout 1 year ago in reply to Oldman Jenkins 18 mcg of mercury will kill a human being (.000006 mcg will kill a 2.5kg baby). Mercury then, more toxic than a black mamba. See for yourself the infographic by googling  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Language: English Country: Worldwide Safety: Off Help About Press & Blogs Copyright Creators & Partners Advertising Developers +YouTube Terms Privacy Policy & Safety Send feedback Try something new! Add to website '42 Substances That Can Kill' You tube comment box will not accept URL CliveGains80s 2 years ago makes you wonder what human experiments there doing today.  charredskeleton 1 year ago I offer these videos as proof that we have freedom of speech ! IF "they" existed wouldn't "they" try and stop you from posting ??? I mean youtube IS owned by google, and IS allied with major media outlets... so is youtube not the "they" ?? But your "allowed" as a cleaver cloaking device right? But then wouldn't you be serving their (the "they's") cause? Oh well more questions with out answers...Right?   Aaron22uk 10 months ago vaccines that are killing you is defo true  lindasayshello1 2 years ago Which we are not, because of the high wattage of the Haarp Machine. Tons of proof that Satan and his blood line are trying to take out everything that God made for us all. But try to imagine a place with out any planets, and your Soul will never die, your body doe's, but are Soul came from God, and it never dies.   lindasayshello1 2 years ago But what he don't under stand, is that his Father will never Kill him, and all Souls never die, and a Loving Father would never Kill there Children. We are Souls, with a body.   lindasayshello1 2 years ago Thats all the Bible is about, nothing more. Its not Magical, other then saving your butt, because Satan is really mean. He really hates everything that his Father God and ares Created for us all. Satan was Created by are Heavenly Father to.   lindasayshello1 2 years ago Please Join in this Real Help, and to just have Faith in this, and it will be so, just like how Satan follows the Bible to a T, if you know what I mean. God Designed Angels to never be able to hurt anything that God Created, but he does find People to help him.   lindasayshello1 2 years ago Satan is a master hypothesizer, and can not be trusted until are God tells us its ok to trust him, or you will know what torture really is.   nickgonewalkabout 1 year ago in reply to Oldman Jenkins Dear me, you're in the closet there. Come out. If you're a parent, I wouldn't recommend injecting any compound of mercury or aluminium into an infant. If you accept, toxins are being deliberately introduced into the population, that NSSM200 is a valid source document, that the Georgia Guidestones do actually stand, then it's clear. Sterilisation and population control is war against the common man by righteous men who think themselves as God. Don't kid yourself. Danger here.   mariacriselke35 1 year ago Anti depressing medicines! Damn they are like zombies  lindasayshello1 2 years ago There is a black hole that keeps all the planets in this gravitational pull dance up there with one another. When this planet is taken out, the other planets will make there way to this black hole that will take them out to. This universe will be a blank slate before God made anything here in the first place.   Anthony Aracena 1 year ago Most of us are fucked if we don't change the way we eat. Brb, i'm going to order my family and I some McChicken Nuggets.   EpiSystems 1 year ago SHIIEEEEET. 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] natjaa 1 year ago bullshit..  Jason Sweet 1 year ago in reply to underdog574 you'd have to be reprogrammed biologically  Otto Lund 1 year ago Thanks abeldanger net  lindasayshello1 2 years ago This December 2012 is the Alignment, we are the ones that are going to hit this other planet, but most things in space hit one another and evolve into something different. But we don't have to worry, because one of these reasons for the real Jesus Christ for coming back to get us, and the other reason is because Satan Children have been cloning Jesus cell's, like that sheep they did.   narbil brehh 2 years ago so start today ChangeWe is wath we will call it so we can all recognize it , come on now people dont be lazy just do it ,   O'neil King 1 year ago wwwoowwwww  Aaron22uk 10 months ago in reply to Liam F your full of shit idan is right  MagicCryo 1 year ago in reply to ExtrackterYT being over sensationalist can be...irresponsible. it 's entertaining though :/  sexyangel918 8 months ago Thank you for enlightening the world!!! Keep up the great work!  karen brantley 1 year ago in reply to Tr3ySoldier Oops. Didn't mean to vote you down. That was meant for Marcus Welby. Sorry.  mrsmav74 2 years ago Wake up folks Children don't be born healthy then bang cancer, My 13 year old died last Xmas of cancer , Now my 7yr old son has celebellar probs and his walking is getting worse wtf Uk   NeoSilvanus 2 years ago can you say paranoid schizophrenia  lindasayshello1 2 years ago Does it make sense that a Parent would start a Religion after having Children, just so that they can Love you, No!. For your Children to Love you, did you have to go out and start a Religion for your Children to Love you, No, didn't think so. Yes are Creator of all of thing did Create the Bible for us, and I'll tell you way.   allpalz 2 years ago Mental Illness ^^  FearTheReaperMan 2 years ago LOL. This is absurd, completely and utterly wrong. Alex Jones will never understand 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Molecular biology, he really thinking reading a little news article makes him a professional in the field. Only thing he is good at is being retard Aaron22uk 10 months ago in reply to admit2nothing yes you idiot  mountain19 1 year ago that is why when i was involved w/the judicial system the judge wanted my cognitive skills tested. so i filed many cases against them using my cognitive skills while fighting their bio weapon cancer being evaluated by shrink who was being deployed to Iraq the next day.   shootermcgaven7 1 year ago Cannabis helps ALL 210 cell types function more effectively. It can cure cancer (cancer cell death) and much more! It is the best nutrient that nature can offer us BECAUSE it literally helps our endocannabinoid system function better! Guessssss what!??? Your brains most dense receptors are for cannabinoids.. Go figure.. Maybe this isn't just about evolution.. I mean it is literally the Tree of Life.. It can help all living creatures AND help the Earth. The world will become 1 when we use it.   bertha yellowfinch 5 months ago Did you know -- There is ONLY one wild polio virus. It is very rare. I can't imagine where all those highly contageous non-wild polio viruses are coming from. I just can't imagine. Let's go ask Billy Boy Gates what is causing all those outbreaks. Lab reports confirm none of it is wild polio virus. It wasn't wild polio virus that caused the massive outbreak in the USA back in the 50s either. That crap came out of a lab.   jakobjager 1 year ago so i can harvest lithium from water? Ill try that.  MagicCryo 1 year ago in reply to nickgonewalkabout your telling me 18mcg of mercury is more powerful than 18mcg of black mamba venom? is black mamba venom even measured in mcg??? if mercury is that toxic which vaccines are it in if you can recall. how the fuck does mercury gt pushed so much if it sux x-x   Esmond Yeo 1 year ago in reply to Jón Sigurðsson exactly. food is getting more unhealthier nowadays and more teens are choosing fast food over traditional food. and in the 1900s they probably didnt even have proper equipment to identify cancer in patients. LOL.   underdog574 1 year ago is this permanent it cant be undone?  WakeUpInDaMorning1 1 year ago Nitrous oxide combined with Vitamin B12 can have neuroprotective effects, yet they make it (N2O) illegal.   Robbie Goldman 1 year ago in reply to UT5000 Muslims kill non-muslims "infidels" like catle, and you telling me it is "the right way" ? seriously ?!   Ricky M. 1 year ago cool story bro  Martell Nelson 2 years ago Damn scary. can we defeat the devilish elite bastards?  kawasaki meldon 1 year ago in reply to Laura Lopez
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Yeah, i just checked the video response "Humanity and Evolution", the guy was explaining HOW those viruse work, proving that they have to be nano-technology. I recommend that video to anybody interested on how viruses, made through nano- technology, work.   Ciobot 1 year ago in reply to End Vegetarianism sure, sure, just make sure your full bottle is home brewed, because nowdays there are artificial wines !   Jim Johnson 1 year ago in reply to Friedbard Von Mises wow ur fucking stupid lol. i never said anyone here said it. i said conspiracy nuts say this kind of shit. go learn english and learn how 2 internet. oh and stop fucking ur dog evidently it's distracting u 2 much.   queenstixxzz 2 years ago in reply to Filip Prpić @Immortalis0411 haha ive believed zombies would come for a long time....kinda looks like i was correct in one way or another.   Airforcebz 2 years ago World wake up and lets all of us fights against this devil planing to kill us  Gloria García 2 years ago in reply to queenstixxzz @queenstixxzz If they don´t let your son go, then opt homeschooling !  Gloria García 2 years ago in reply to queenstixxzz @queenstixxzz That was me with my 6 month old baby. Just because I was afraid they won´t let him go to school. Then, when he got his 18 months vaccination, he became so different within one week after that... and he started with the autistic espectrum. I worked hard to make him come back to me. I stopped vaccination and continue with alternative, natural medicine (homeopatic and bach flowers). He is doing way better, he is 7 now. And he doesn´t like school, he doesn´t attend to it.   Criptillyoutrip 2 years ago ok this is to tuffstuff99. may you wonder this earth blind and suffer the worst the Goverment has to offer. To the rest of you with a brain we must stand against this shit.   Heres Yourfrickinusername 1 year ago in reply to mrteerex713 You might be able to get out of taking those vaccines. Go to natural society d o t c o m and search for -avoid mandatory vaccinations-   osirusoft1 2 years ago in reply to mackat4ck @mackat4ck Unfortunately, it's bullshit, but it's real bullshit. Better watch the last half and followup with another search, "Bill Gates genocide"   lindasayshello1 2 years ago The reason why are Heavenly Father Creator God of all this, says he is sorry this all has to play out, is because the one's that don't take Jesus Christ hand when he comes to get us off this planet, because Satan and his Blood line have caused the Death of this planet.   roman marquez 1 year ago its been time to wake up...its getting late its now or never  matt f 5 months ago I love the impersonations, Alex hah  Friedbard Von Mises 1 year ago in reply to Jim Johnson lol you are an idiot... Nuff Said. 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] IdaSputum 2 years ago Alex Jones is RIGHT ON, I dont give a s**t what anyone says, he's right about these freaks.   Jim Johnson 1 year ago these r the same ppl who think the cia is using cell towers to control ppl's minds. if that were the case y do we have all these whackos killing ppl in schools and stores?   Jason Meyer 11 months ago in reply to UT5000 Israel is a pathetic small minded community that needs the power of the usa to even stay on the map. So many people hate you, we even fought a world war to save your dumb asses because people HATE you so badly. Hows that for criticizing ?   jihadulnafs 2 years ago in reply to TheGirish16 @TheGirish16 this shit is scary, first thing you n i can do is tell everyone we know about the glabalists illuminati. then educate them through people like alex jones , david icke ect ect   stara333 1 year ago Although I appreciate Alex Jones, when it comes to these types of subjects I want to see the proof that this is true.   Edward Davis 2 years ago the whole mainstream media can go fuck each other for all I care  Metalgear55 10 months ago Metal gear solid Sons of Liberty will win, snake the freedom fighter will win against these communist. The sons of liberty fights for all people, and they will win the freedom of all of us. the Sons of liberty in Metal gear solid will be back and stronger than ever. peace and take care   John Doe 1 year ago in reply to M1ZFITGaming Punch the nurse, and resist until they strap you down, maybe kill a couple, and have some friends bust you out?   YunsSun 2 years ago hey we go 2 heaven they go to hell im good but it is mestup  lukehastorun 2 years ago in reply to Radosław Giziński @rgizinski And how about lithium and mercury? :)  Radosław Giziński 2 years ago OK ppl ... i think this is all BS and by BS i don't mean Best Speach -.- I study biology and on various classes and seminaries I learned about something called BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER. Basically it prevents any bacteria/fungus/VIRUSES/blood cells from getting inside the brain but still allow to deliver nutrients to keep neural cells alive and functional. So there is no chance of delivering some altered virus by injecting it into blood system, You will have to inject it directly into brain !   tv321123 2 years ago lithium...... they want to make batteries out of us, great  mindovermattjr 2 years ago don't say war isn't important it's all about control, control of business and the biggest businesses are the government contractors now.   theteensurvivalist 2 years ago in reply to amanda spirit @tupac4life1989 I'd say there more than 2 years ahead technologically  xSkateOrPlayGuitarx 2 years ago in reply to happyguync
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] @happyguync thats the point. they have already begun poisoning everything possible to make sure EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US becomes the mindless slave drones like they want. i would suggest never getting ANY vaccines in the near future or even drinking tap water. try buying fresh food from companies that arent out to kill us innocents. REVOLT!!!   russianlegionaire 2 years ago in reply to Radosław Giziński @rgizinski Perhaps that is where he gets his sources for brain damage.  ExtrackterYT 1 year ago Genuis. Keeping people afraid God and scared of science and then cash in the Dollars! Alex FTW!   khaja sultan khan 1 year ago "ANTI-HUMAN DEMON ASHKENAZI JEWS 0.01 % ARE DEVILISH ARMY FOES OF GOD,CHALLENGE TO END HUMAN GENERATIONS ON EARTH BUT ITS JOB OF ALMIGHTY TO SUSTAIN OR ELIMINATE, " PLS MIND YOUR DUTY TO HUMAN ETHICS & SPIRIT.1.TRUTH, 2.JUSTICE AND 3. PEACE,ONLY WARS,WARS AND WARS CAN NEVER ACHIEVE THESE HOLY GOALS GOD RETAINS ETERNAL DIVINE TREASURES-YOU MUST LEARN HUMANITY AND STOP NOW : PORK AND HUMAN FLESH EATING, PIMPING, PROSTITUTION AND HUMAN BLOOD & WINES DRINKING ITS HELLISH UTTERLY PROHIBITED DEEDS"   xSkateOrPlayGuitarx 2 years ago in reply to smackaweenie @smackaweenie yep, and you know what? There's basically nothing we can do as people to stop these biological TERRORIST who run our government and poison our every day living essentials. I HOPE TO GOD you get better and these idiots who poisoned you get the justice they deserve. DEATH! like alex says, SPREAD THIS VIDEO AS BEST AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN! there is a revolution comming soon... i'll be out there fighting for people like us YOU CAN FUCKING BET YOU SON's LIFE ON THAT. REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Skyheartstar777 . 1 year ago We are in the End Times. People need to turn to Our Lord Jesus Christ and repent of their sins. The Tribulation Period will happen soon - it is very close and these are the signs of the end times. You need to live for God now and not wait til the last minute.   medusa7ful 2 years ago in reply to astroidmist I really like your comment, it gives me more strength not to be hateful. Thank you so much and blessings to you and yours   vwazp 1 year ago "anger is a propulsion system that makes you stand up for your species" bravo  Robbie Goldman 7 months ago in reply to UT5000 sorry for the delay, i was talking about places like Egypt where the "x-tians" are slaughtered by muslims   Friedbard Von Mises 1 year ago in reply to Jim Johnson Stop ranting on about irrelevant topics that have nothing to do with this. You sound like a Bill O`Reilly brain washed clown.   queenstixxzz 2 years ago in reply to Gloria García @Morazul19 I was afraid that was my only option. I want him to grow up and be happy with friends and stuff when he is young but the moment they start all this shit they are doing im sorry but no. Its not worth his life.   lindasayshello1 2 years ago And it wasn't me, and I know it wasn't an Angel, and I know that most other Gods out there wouldn't have a clue on how are Father God Created all this, or would waste there time trying to fix this mess that we all allowed to happen. So one might want to get right with are... Creator, are Heavenly Father called God, until he tell me different.  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] mackat4ck 2 years ago I watched half of this and stopped because it's bullshit!  Oldman Jenkins 1 year ago in reply to nickgonewalkabout The CDC has 2 ex studies to debunk your position proving thimerosal as very efficacious "Study on "Prenatal and Infant Exposure to Thimerosal from Vaccines and Immunoglobins and Risk of Autism" (2010). Dr Gorski in his Science Based Medicine blog has an excellent article as well "Toxic Myths About Vaccines." Ethyl Mercury was used in thimerosal not pure mercury. We are exposed to higher levels of mercury in the environment every day than was ever in thimerosal which again was not pure mercury.   Owlhousespecial 2 years ago Is the tap water already drugged Uk and ireland 2012?  Phaedron777 2 years ago Vatican is behind everything...  viruslived 2 years ago in reply to MegaDimon1991 @MegaDimon1991 So why are you commenting on what people should do then?  JCGMich29 2 years ago Wish we knew who is behind this. Most likely the one group of people who control the United States, Europe, and Israel. Wonder if the Chinese are drugging their people yet?   Elite20001 2 years ago in reply to Matt Scot @MattScott6709 Do you honestly think that the Nazi's didn't tell the Jews that when they went to the camps they would be well fed or given good health treatment. We are human the Nazi's were humans to, Our race is capable of great evil and corruption. Do you really think that a system that allows corporations to interfer with goverment law making is really out to help you or make money.   fok dreknek 2 years ago Don't give in to the DARK SIDE....STAND UP PEOPLE!  icemansquared 2 years ago I got a flu vaccine at my college about 2 years ago. Does this mean I'm going to become braindead paranoid android? Or maybe I'll just get prozac cancer.   viruslived 2 years ago in reply to MegaDimon1991 @MegaDimon1991 Is YouTube included?  MegaDimon1991 2 years ago in reply to viruslived @viruslived youtube is nor bad nor good you decide what you wanna watch not someone else.   SSTTEEAALLTTHH 2 years ago in reply to Barry @BarryAirdrieFromDaUK Looks like the scary brain-eating vaccine got to you first.  Keith Golden 2 years ago in reply to Dj DaGo @DJDaGo951 Certain kind of nations not race are evil by DNA.  Filip Prpić 2 years ago Left 4 dead is happening  lindasayshello1 2 years ago Same old same old, 5 year old boy mentality, war torture, war torture same old, same old. We want to play another game of being free for a real change. Be-careful of the Evil you let grow before you die, because your Soul will not come back into the same  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] body, so you will become a Vitim of the Evil you let grow before you died. Because the Soul aways will come back its has Eternity of life, unless God comes to show us another way to a better home with him and its called planet X, please research camboishawt 2 years ago Disingenuous is the definition for alex jones  AnduinX 1 year ago Does anybody know if reverse osmosis filters can filter lithium?  TheNoga 2 years ago you cannot make this up!  happytym8 1 year ago We live in a sick world! Time to wake up guys.  patzer12345 1 year ago in reply to Idan Z people died before they could even get cancer  xSkateOrPlayGuitarx 2 years ago in reply to JCGMich29 @JCGMich29 yep, and they wont stop till we are all dead or enslaved. its true the chinease are LIEING to their own citizens about the radiation from the earthquake because its basically the same as our NWO,Wallstreet,Banker,MURDERER,LIEING,Congress,Elites. they dont plan to stop any time soon and have their eyes VERY set on world domination. Search new world order THESE FUCKING SATANISTS NEED TO DIE, I VOTE WE FUCKING MURDER THEM AND PARADE THEIR HEADS AROUND ON STICKS! WAKE UP AND REALIZE PPL!!   Jim Johnson 1 year ago in reply to Friedbard Von Mises stop sucking up the welfare money and get urself a real job. ur the product of the system. the welfare system. come up with a better complaint other than mommy took ur toys away so now u gotta sneak in ur friend's room to use the internet. lulz.   ouivalerie 2 years ago I know, I know....I doubt those in the know who do it anyway, care. They do it for the money, they do it to the new one's reaching the earth. It's the ignorant to reach out to and educate if they will want to.   marycozzens 2 years ago I am GLAD to hear you speak of God, we are a created species, and we were created the way we are supposed to be, not the way evil science has planned.   MegaDimon1991 2 years ago if you wanna fight depresion stop watching tv.  aceyorba 2 years ago they are giving 10% off your grocery bill in so. calif. if you get a flu shot... give me a fukin break hard up as*wipes   marycozzens 2 years ago I tell them I am allergic to the flu shot  SKERLOK 2 years ago as much as i somtimes doubt alex, he is the only one out there helping us, other leanoard horowitz who doesnt like alex anymore   BornBruno 2 years ago What about for those who already took the vaccine?! 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] oJKBo 2 years ago in reply to ColdFireHotSnow @TheBlueFalconX why??? lol  Joeshitsu 2 years ago eh... in some of the inner city public schools could use heavy doses of lithium...  kilagon10 2 years ago People: Do something, take action...Think of yourself, Family & friends...Think of the future, our kids.   Paul R 2 years ago bullshit  MAUROtele 2 years ago in reply to qazzy @qazzy you have to treat and purify your water yourself  manuel cruz 1 year ago whatever your own opinion may be please have an open mind and understand this man Alex Jones is doing a very risky job for us Global community and if things get too dangerous for the "higher-ups" he could very well get killed..Value his work, man..   Erwin Schrodinger 2 years ago in reply to Girl7007 @Girl7007 Lol, well I tired to message you, because I hat to spam comment sections like this, but you have a lock on that, I guess you got tired of being told off with logic, there isn't enough room to say what I want to say here, and then I realized, you aren't worth my time, all I can say is I sincerely hope that you learn to think for yourself someday, instead of listen to a really old book that was supposedly written by "God". Ignorance is blissful either way I suppose.   john doe 2 years ago Ah, the peak of duality.  Matthew Dean 2 years ago last summer when the H1M1 shots were going around here in NL blew my mind. my family kept on ASKING ME, you better go get it matt, you could get sick. I said FRIG that shot. count me out. there were buildings with line ups that went on for two days straight i just drove by thinking " you're all figged!" lol. point being the hype was all the swine flew was haha BULLSHIT nothing more. But what they had in those needles, that's a WHOLE NOTHER LVL OF mind warp. anyways peace!   brizad187 1 year ago trust ur government!!! ahahahahahah that's a joke!!!  iondetox 2 years ago You get em Alex.. I love the ending of this.... Let's kick their ASS! YUP they will kill everyone that has ever experienced freedom.   Opressedworker18 1 year ago When you say dont eat or drink human flesh or blood do you mean sex ?  Prempeh William 2 years ago My fiancée is supposed to be coming to the USA for a k1 visa soon and it requires that she's vaccinated against certain diseases. Which vaccines are affected? Please, please help me. I don't want to make a mistake and unintentionally hurt my wife to be.   Moonfruit 2 years ago in reply to qazzy @qazzy You have to DIG your own well!!  John Wayne 2 years ago
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Oh no murder death kills. Naw, but seriously I'm frightened.  jamCastillo1 2 years ago Stop you globalists!!!!!!!!!!! We are praying that you stop this and prevent it.  Rossome4040 2 years ago in reply to ColdFireHotSnow @TheBlueFalconX My uncle was euthanized with the swine flu. He had advanced cancer. He was finally getting a little better after fighting for so long. Then they gave him the H1N1 vaccine. And he was gone in a week! Just had a grandchild too... It is so sad and I am so mad!   XXNerdzillaXX 2 years ago Anyone ever seen Equilibrium? This sounds eerily similar.  Girl7007 2 years ago I know God regrets even creating mankind! Alex Jones need to know if he excepts Christ as his saviour he won't have to worry because he will raptured.   mjprince barrantes 2 years ago god help us in this fight,thank you Alex i'm from Costa Rica central america and i'm following you becase i want to help people realize that this is happening.   Erwin Schrodinger 2 years ago in reply to Girl7007 @Girl7007 I'm very Glad that a Christian "God" helps you cope........but please stop spewing your rhetoric, because quite frankly, and with all due respect, no one else cares, if you want to spread the word of your "God", do it somewhere where it is appreciated, or truly wanted.......thank you.   714baguilar 2 years ago Alex Jones, God Bless you and keep you safe  jmccuen 2 years ago It's Prozium from the movie Equallibrium  wipemysmile 2 years ago in reply to madjaxx40 @madjaxx40 Are you sure you dont want it? Come on you want it. Its good for you  jamCastillo1 2 years ago My school made me take a TDap shot. Is that bad?  Rosey38343 2 years ago in reply to Girl7007 @Girl7007 The Bible is fully true, but the Rapture is something the establishment came up with around 1820 as revenge against the Roman Catholics losing statehood in 1798.   AWAK3NEDM1ND 2 years ago Sooo....When are we going to start killing these people??  Tr3ySoldier 1 year ago in reply to karen brantley Doing my best to protect the human race.  Gene Splicer 1 year ago Who gives a fuck? Lets just fucking die!  Barry 2 years ago in reply to Matt Scot @MattScott6709 yes i believe it all 100% because it is true. 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Jim Johnson 1 year ago in reply to WakeUpInDaMorning1 plus heavy metals and radioactive waste lol  Rebecca Kennedy 11 months ago you are to stupid for words!!!!!!!!  lindasayshello1 2 years ago King James, was an Illuminati and rewritten are Bible, are note from are Creator God. Most old Bibles Satan had burned, check out history, so we would only read from his fake rewritten Bible to make us all his slaves that we are, until we get them out of are Governments.   lukehastorun 2 years ago in reply to Radosław Giziński @rgizinski So when you drink alcohol your brain cells don't get damaged unless you inject the alcohol directly to your brain. You mean that extasy, lsd and other drugs don't have any effect on your brain and can't damage it? Gosh where did you study that?   AN OUTLAW INLAW 2 years ago The anxiety and the anger are some of the symtoms of Chem - trails. I have a horrible feeling thats what they are trying to do to us.... MASS EUGENICS so to fuck us up and then come with us with a cure for our ailments that will fuck us up more. We need to stick together and end this Evil once and for all.   ze1nikO 2 years ago those last words he said about the people creating this stuff nearly made me cry, one of the strongest speeches i've ever taken into me, this man is a true spirit   achiapet44 2 years ago this is like the omg video this should be on tv every where  revolutionaryact11 2 years ago HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU DISLIKE THIS? I GUESS SOME PEOPLE JUST LIKE THERE FAMILIES GETTING KILLED   Ephesians6:11 2 years ago 6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. (Hosea 4:6 KJV) God bless you Alex for the work you do exposing evil deception no matter what the cost!   ISAAC10545 2 years ago Very similar to what the Nazis did in Germany  dee jones 2 years ago Damit You know my granmother died of cancer,but they could not understand the cancer she had. Im now going to test the water where she lived.   SoulElectricA 2 years ago the jews  CrocodilusPontifex 2 years ago in reply to Dr. Dmitri Sokolov @drsokoldima "We see more sickness and death associated with intervention." And how on earth do you justify that statement, considering human life expectancy and exposure to deadly disease has been steadily decreasing decade after decade after decade?   popojohn247 2 years ago in reply to microdot7 @microdot7 i would also like to know. but if i were to guess. it initally looks like a normal DVA strand that is overshadowed or manipulated buy these GMOs and Vaccines, that then creates a new, more dumbed down DNA stand. my main issue if how to avoid this. i use toothpaste with no flouride and try to eat heathy but as alex shows in previous videos, theres not enough labelling for all the crap they do to the food now.  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] BrownEagle7 2 years ago CNN just reported persons with brain eating disease/virus, slowly but surely this mess is killing the population.....   NerdishAzn 11 months ago in reply to Idan Z Well i guess that the fact that we can travel better to other countries that we can get diseases and cancers from other countries. Plus half the medical procedures that they do creates cancers and some diseases.   WakeUpInDaMorning1 1 year ago The scientists have no choice. They either help the illuminati or die. At least they cause much less harm than gangs. Most of the scientists don't even know they're occasionally causing harm. By the way. Nootropics and Cognitive Enhancers are different things. Cognitive enhancers may seemingly help short term, but they are highly toxic and can leave you in a hypnotic state. Non-toxic Nootropics like low doses of 2C-D, on the other hand, can increase your intelligence without causing harm.   meganisamisfit 1 year ago Fuck yes Alex!!!!!!!!!! I will follow you to the fucking end.  Femi Olu 1 year ago Thank you! Someone who talks real!  Miranda Tempest 1 year ago I am 51 raised 6 kids as a single mom and NEVER needed anything to calm me or change my behavior. These dumb down drugs are creating a lazy unproductive careless parenting. I watch others , young people and they are 1) always ill and 2) has no direction. 3) DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING! Worse than that is most people I talk to believes everything they are told. We have to be willing to say "NO" and face what ever threats come from authority for doing so. Stop being a coward and SAY NO!   philtubez 11 months ago in reply to Liam F cancer rates still going up(while life epectancy is going down simualtneously). you dont even need statistics for that buddy. I know its partly because of "improved" diagnosis but still theres more cancer.   brownieMcfluff 1 year ago alex jones is a loser and all you dumb asss believe him.. dont you get it...anyone publicly who is sincere in the cause would never ever stir up dissent... anyone truthful knows dissent is what they want...its common sese to provoke americaqns into lashing out without thinking is the worst thing you can do FUCK YOU JONES   PinealGland2012 2 years ago When is the final vaccine coming out?  Bob2392749832 1 year ago Don't worry Jesus is coming back.  Ramblevan 2 years ago It is definitely a strange ordeal; maintaining progress while keeping the natural order intact. On one hand human ingenuity is man’s survival mechanism and should be exercised to maintain progress, but on the other hand if humankind stresses the global biosphere to its end there will be no means of survival if industry fails. What to do…   thoostorm4 2 years ago in reply to LilMissOpinionated1 @LilMissOpinionated1 i am in wheelchai i take garlic pills orange juice any drink acidyagainst morgellons i eat salads with red wine vinegarmorgellons is a parasite and will not stay in blood that tastes like this   C. Brown 2 years ago I've been a nurse for 15 years and we are required to ask all patients if they want the flu 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] shot or pneumonia shot. 2 years ago I decided to start counting how many patients told me they had got the flu after getting the shot, felt like they were on their death bed after taking and would never take it again. I'm up to ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN and these are just voluntary responses after only asking if they want the shot. Imagine if I actually asked the patients who refused why they refused. 80sremixcentral2 2 years ago Prison Planet articles citing Infowars articles citing Prison Planet articles citing Infowars articles citing Prison Planet articles citing Infowars articles citing Prison Planet articles citing Infowars articles citing Prison Planet articles citing Infowars articles citing Prison Planet articles citing Infowars articles citing Prison Planet articles citing Infowars articles citing Prison Planet articles citing Infowars articles.   ColdFireHotSnow 2 years ago Thumbs is if you said FUCK NO to the Swine Flu Vaccine.  jonros1369 2 years ago im bout to have a little one, i worry about vaccines, doctors refusing my child, and worse vaccines that could ruin my child's auto immune system,i want a healthy child should we just refuse them all and be home schooled?   ikt 2 years ago what a load of crap.  Girl7007 2 years ago Like my mom said we are livin the days of Sodom and Gommorah. Jesus is coming back soon! Be Bless!   29render 2 years ago in reply to Iamwolf134 @Iamwolf134 Penn offers up proof before calling bs...  zackrowe1 2 years ago documented that Hitler put flouride in water so people in death camps wouldnt fight, and population, mercury in vaccines, AIDS in bayer asprin company diabetes needles found out adn sent to france anyways, scary but true   ikt 2 years ago in reply to zackrowe1 @zackrowe1 Why would I study an advanced degree in genetics and nanotechnology when a 1st year college dropout who did 2 minutes worth of research into BASIC LOGIC would be able to fail this retard? If fox news is for retards, then prisonplanet is for paranoid retards. Is that what you wanted me to say? Or was it OH RIGHT YEAH CORPORATE GOVERNMENT SCIENTIFIC GLOBAL HYPER MEGA NET ZOMBIE TAKEOVER TO CONTROL THE POPULATION. ALL TRUE! I READ IT ON A   Iamwolf134 2 years ago come on, brain eating vaccines that's ridiculous bullshit as Penn Jilette would say.  themikechannel 2 years ago lets get these assholes and show him how we the people have rights as people and were gonna stop you   Iamwolf134 2 years ago in reply to 29render @29render yes, thanks for the validation. watch the Penn & teller's bullshit episode on vaccines to further validate our point.   Doublepulse (DP Productions) 2 years ago That ending of the video got me all fired up now. Thanks Alex.  SteveFFFFF 0 2 years ago in reply to Radosław Giziński
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] @rgizinski Obviously you have not googled "virus based brain disease" which includes prions. Also what if a virus that infects the nerves any where in the body and then can continually pass it on to adjacent cells. That would pass thru the brain barrier like a wire does thru a wall. I'm not saying this exist but with today rapidly expanding knowledge it could be possible plus you have no clue to secret advance research that is not listed.   Friedbard Von Mises 1 year ago in reply to Jim Johnson You speak the status quo so clearly. You are a product of the system. Kinda funny...  WakeUpInDaMorning1 1 year ago Everyone should just read a chemistry book. Chemistry IS an exact science that can save you from tyrany!   kyle glidden 1 year ago Im deff tuned in....ans well aware of our corrupt fucked up government. READY TO FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE! I will lead, as well.   Alienrun 2 years ago in reply to FearTheReaperMan @FearTheReaperMan not just a little news article. He says near the begining that he's read litterately hundreds of government documents   C Dreyer 2 years ago in reply to jklfds85 @jklfds85 Same.  ben jerry 2 years ago in reply to hardflip2lateflip @hardflip2lateflip do you really believe that it is in large enough amounts to even harm us? why would it matter if they injected us with cancer cells, their foreign cells, our immune system would easily destroy them due to the fact they body can't recognise them as being our cells, anyways they put fluorine in our waters to prevent tooth decay, countries with unfluorinated water have higher cases or tooth decay, doesn't bother me, i drink bottled water anyway   undergroundjackal 2 years ago in reply to alleygh0st @alleygh0st ok, what do you mean by big science?  Daniel Ferguson 2 years ago VOTE Ron Paul and restore this country !!!!  undergroundjackal 2 years ago in reply to alleygh0st @alleygh0st are there scientist that dont get paid? sure one to none. what about quantum physics? your statement is vague   jklfds85 2 years ago I haven't gotten a shot of any kind for AGES, although I have no idea how to avoid the food if they are putting it into food...   ButteryAssAbel 2 years ago in reply to Daniel Ferguson @OfficialAbyssRecords no stop that way of thinking. we stand up as a whole. we dont have one to represtent all. thats what got us here in the first place. people, think for yourselfs. read think meditate. do it for mankind. pleaseee!   ChristyMuts 2 years ago If the food and vaccines are suppose to make people passive and dumb. Then why are the most violent neighborhoods always the poor neighborhoods. neighborhoods with no hope of buying anything but the most garbage filled foods. You think rather than having hoods filled with gangs and gun violence. You'd have a bunch of dumb happy bastards.   Skylar lee hartlzer 2 years ago It's Resident Evil!!!!!!!!!!! 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] TheKajizler 2 years ago CCHR.com along with the film "Psychiatry an Industy of Death" and "Marketing of Maddness" film are also great info regarding this subject.   Fat Bastardo 2 years ago Google Medical Holocaust Blog  alleygh0st 2 years ago in reply to undergroundjackal @undergroundjackal The kind of science backed by multinational corporations and governments...   ANGRY-LITTLE-RALPH 2 years ago just say no to it only you yourself know when your poorly or sick . the only sick f**kers are the ones pushing this sh*t   Erwin Schrodinger 2 years ago Ok.......so I am traveling India at the End of November, I haven't gotten any of my vaccinations yet......and now I'm all worried, should I already refuse to get my Flu Shots, should I resist the Typhoid vaccine too.....? and they also wanna give me a polio booster.......=/   Laura Lopez 1 year ago Wow, just checked out the video response called "Humanity and Evolution". Somewhat unbelieveable that they created almost all viruses through nano-technology, but it would make sense if they are planning on killing over 80% of.   Dj DaGo 2 years ago Fuck these aliens acting like humans killing humanity from inside this is sick shit the earth and life is beautiful idk why people waste their life to destroy others life? ??   MegaCanadianchick 2 years ago Everything he says is true, you just have to have a brain and do your own research. Thanks to the internet, there is information and proof out there about everything. Just look around you and see how cancer rates keep rising, how many children have allergies, add, how many people take more and more pharmaceuticals. Even my puppy got sick after vaccines, he almost went blind and got a bad liver. Anybody who is badmouthing Alex is either on the wrong side or completely blind.   jessycu2007 2 years ago OMG! haha i've been wondering why people are jus absolutley out of it retarded lately!!!! This answers mine and few others questions we've had for the past few months lol   mrteerex713 1 year ago I am forced to get my vaccinations or else i'll lose my financial aid and get banned from taking any more classes.   lindasayshello1 2 years ago Just go on to some or all of NASA's video's, Planet alignment, we are not in first place that God put us to the sun, with the most life on this planet, we were put by are Creator to be first place to the sun.   ynumikol 2 years ago 354 people are feds or sheeple.  tatatodd 2 years ago lets kick some ass  echorvat 2 years ago Like the "Serenity" movie; scary.  alleygh0st 2 years ago in reply to ben jerry
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] @Zahintalukder Your idea of an education is laughable at best.  chico280 2 years ago I tried prozac once and it Fuggged me up! I stopped and felt immediately better.  echorvat 2 years ago Like the "Serenity" movie; scary.  alleygh0st 2 years ago in reply to undergroundjackal @undergroundjackal blah blah blah  ben jerry 2 years ago in reply to alleygh0st @alleygh0st is that all you have to say, nice to see you have provided an argument to defend the points you have made, do society favor don't take any medication, don't get vaccines, go against the work of thousands of hard working scientists, hopefully you'll all die out from diseases, then the rest of society can continue without being dragged back by morons such as yourself   undergroundjackal 2 years ago AJ has some good information. but he is part of the program..goddamit  PoLaRIV 2 years ago in reply to emandriy88 @emandriy88 I think growing you're own organic food Isn't such a bad thing. Why would you tell people not to do that? Everyone has opinions.. If she wishes to share this info with other people, who are you to tell her not to? Makes me laugh haha.   ben jerry 2 years ago in reply to alleygh0st @alleygh0st if this study is so conclusive, and so thorough why haven't i heard of it? why have none of the top experts in the UK highlighted it, the top oxford, imperial, Cambridge academics, everyone at my school, my friends schools and their parents have been vaccinated for diseases, none of them are dead or suffering from major illnesses because of vaccines. Typical redneck, no education, easily manipulated by a man who shouts, like i said people like you slow human progress better off dead   Michael Myers 2 years ago ENOUGH TALK, LETS FIGHT!!!!!!  ben jerry 2 years ago in reply to hardflip2lateflip @hardflip2lateflip If you live in the UK you'd realise that, all school kids gets booster shots/vaccines all the time, they're beneficial, or do you think they're dangerous too....so what if our water is flourinated, how many people have been harmed or have died from it, care to give me a figure?   Keated 1 year ago in reply to Idan Z How about because we got better at detecting tumors?  ikt 2 years ago in reply to zackrowe1 @zackrowe1 How about using all 2 brain cells you've got and writing a sentence that actually makes sense?   brystonfan 2 years ago i am contantly attacked by family and coworkers because i eat organic greens,fruit,grassfed organic meat, organic tropical oils, work for a company that kisses the fda's ass, even my doctor fired me because i dont support big pharma, i never preach to anyone or even talk about food outside my house, i am a single 45 yr old male who minds his own business, recently i was told to get on a med to wipe out my testosterone so i wont jerk off in the shower, i laughed. hahahahahaha   YunsSun 2 years ago
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] hopfully the gov doesnt kill this guy  lindasayshello1 2 years ago Lets say you had a few Children, but you had this really bad ass Child called Satan, or Lucifer, and you seen what he was up to with his other Brother's and Sister's, so you create a note and give it to your other Children to give them a heads up kinda thing.   mizzystina 2 years ago We Are All Gunna Die So Fuck It ^_____^  stfjoewms 2 years ago i know  Roz Rayner-Rix 2 years ago The brain is full of cholesterol, statins reduce the cholesterol. That is why there is a tremendous increase in dementia... The brain needs the cholesterol. The patent ran out for statins last year now they have added some other crap which is worse. My own GP said there have been terrible side effects. Many people have told their doctors where to put the 'statins' so now they come up with another much worse scheme. It's horrific.   sweetmisslatin Ram 2 years ago in reply to pffpfpppffff @pffpfpppffff you are an idiot a zombie or a government idiot, who cares, I do believe Alex Jones. Maybe you are already are a servile zombie full of vaccines or statins. Just shut up and crawl under a rock.   midas touch 2 years ago Once again, more fear mongering from alex jones, man, I wonder who else did that? oh thats right, george bush.   emandriy88 2 years ago in reply to sweetmisslatin Ram @sweetmisslatin You do realize that this guy is full of it? I remember years ago him saying that the government is going to take him down… The funny thing is that he attacks the whole scientific community. But than he even said (not in exact words) that Russell Blaylock and the other scientists he brings in are credible sources… Alex Jones does the same thing as Rush Limbaugh. Both make money on lying to you daily, twisting the truth, or totally making up “facts”.   vada2000 2 years ago i wonder if this is why my dog stares at the wall and drools?  hardflip2lateflip 2 years ago in reply to ben jerry @Zahintalukder you're a goon i live in the uk and my water is fluoridated. in japan they put lithium in the water to supposedly prevent suicides   RonPaulOrDie 2 years ago lower rate of schuithidalitdee? lithium in the water is good for you!!! the gubernment lovves uuu!!!!11   lied2bygov 2 years ago in reply to deeppurple28 @deeppurple28 YOU ARE AN IDIDOT WHAT ALEX JONES IS SAYING IS TRUE .BILL GATES IS PART OF IT. HE SPENT 10 BILLION DOLLARS TO VACCINATE AND KILL BILLIONS OF PEOPLE BILL GATES TALKS ABOUT IT HIMSELF.LOOK UP VACCINES AND BILL GATES.   Raymond Bakker 2 years ago i have a creature inside my eye looking with me.. some sort of wurm lol  UKNino 2 years ago This guy is an informant.. 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] ben jerry 2 years ago Any idiot that actually believes this rubbish, is better off dead, Alex jones spouts so much BS, i doubt any of you have ever studied biochemistry, medicinal chemistry or molecular biology, because from an intelligent perspective These claims are some of the biggest rubbish i have heard, he deserves award for best actor and comedian   midas touch 2 years ago maybe alex jones should injest some, its not like it would make much of a difference considering he hardly had a fucking brain to begin with.   20KMcKilla10 2 years ago dont let this cause fear. thats the last thing you need. take this information and embrace it. be careful of what you put into your body   Chad Samuelson 2 years ago alex jones makes me want to go postal sometimes...  illuminator83 2 years ago that guy is such a joke  jim kidman 1 year ago i ben saying no for year but some time jump on your ass for it if you say some thing about it   xSkateOrPlayGuitarx 2 years ago in reply to qazzy @qazzy THATS THE POINT DUDE! THEY WANT NO OTHER OPTIONS FOR US SO ITS BASICALLY SPOON FED TO US USING CALM AGGRESSION, NEVER ONCE DID THeY FUCKING ASK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IF WE WANTED THEM POISONING OUR WATER DID THEY? ALEX JONES MIGHT SEEM LIKE A DOUCHE BUT HE SPEAKES THE TRUTH!! ALL OF YOU NEW WORLD ORDER FOLLOWERS CLICK ON THE FUCKING LINKS AND SEE JUST HOW YOUR PLANNED DEATH BY THE NWO WILL CARRY OUT. Peace.   Radosław Giziński 2 years ago in reply to lukehastorun @lukehastorun ... as I was saying this brain-blood barrier ALLOW NUTRIENTS from blood to pass but not cells and viruses. Like nutrients (glucose, aminoacids ect) alcohol is a small compound wich dissolves through membranes fairly easily. In comparrison to alcohol particle, virus i veeeery large and so viruses don't go through membranes by simple diffusion like akcohol and other simple compounds. To scale it a bit virus compared to alcohol is like Earth compared to Sun. Hope i could help :)   smackaweenie 2 years ago Before I knew all about these things that were going on in the medical world, I received a flu shot while I was pregnant with my son. 8+ yrs. ago. Today, I have active HHV-6. Is that the virus they put in the vaccine? I have major Endocrine Disorders (thyroid/pituitary/adrenal) & I'm in stage 4 adrenal failure. My immune system is equal to a HIV/AIDS Pt. I live in Austin & have to travel to Houston to get medical treatment because the Drs. here say there is nothing wrong with me. Son is sick   Jim Johnson 1 year ago in reply to Friedbard Von Mises try harder fucktard. lemme guess ur one of those nuts that think 9/11 was an inside job. lol ur rediculous. interesting that u propose i go suck a dick since that's prolly what u like doing the most, sucking dicks. u prolly like those taliban dicks the best don't u? go back in the closet, faggot. at least i'm not a product of insanity.   gtamythmaster43 2 years ago in reply to RudySpino @RudySpino Yet again, I agree. To bad people are so dumb nowadays.  Hugo Zuccarelli 2 years ago They being doing this with TV and Holliwood movies since Tesla invented it.  RudySpino 2 years ago in reply to gtamythmaster43
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] @gtamythmaster43 Awesome! If only there were more high schoolers like us, who weren't blinded by hollywood and sports "legends" and their globalist agendas. >:( Knowledge FTW! :D   ppatricide 2 years ago And isn't lithium used to treat people with Bi-Polar disorder? Sounds like that could actually be benificial. I remember when floride was put in the water and people freaked out and thought their teeth would all rot and fall out. Sounds like history repeating itself to me. And that dramatic music is really annoying, I mean seriously. All I saw you do was try to scare people, not give facts and inform. "GUIZE THEY'RE GONNA TAKE UR BRAIN!!!! *DUN DUN DUN*" Thats what I heard. /rant   Jessica terpenning 2 years ago in Texas you can go to the DHS (department of health and human services) website to get exempt or google personal belief exemption on vaccinations in texas   Saytahne666 2 years ago in reply to deeppurple28 @deeppurple28 LoL, Enjoy the Ban. Find a Place for your opinions somewhere else.  Saytahne666 2 years ago in reply to moosey333 @moosey333 Prove your assumptions, then you have a legitimate opinion.  assult878 2 years ago 348 people are government officials, media people, and people that was forced given this vaccines.   gtamythmaster43 2 years ago in reply to RudySpino @RudySpino Ever thought of home schooling? K12 is a deccent online school, it's fairly unbiased. It's worked well for me.   gtamythmaster43 2 years ago in reply to RudySpino @RudySpino Yes, 100% with you.  amir071 2 years ago The sooner USA dies or is destroyed, the sooner we'll be free.  Dezso Simon 2 years ago THIS IS WORSE THAN FUKUSHIMA AND CHERNOBYL PUT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!  Karoger1987 2 years ago OMG brain herpes...... :(  Jim Johnson 1 year ago in reply to Friedbard Von Mises stop lying u know u sap off the government. u don't know me but yet u start shit saying that i said something i never even said, sounds pretty welfare slob to me.   Jessica terpenning 2 years ago My husband and I have recently started watching Alex Jones, first with the police state and we were hooked. We watched this and both agreed no more vaccines for our children. I am even getting the vaccine exemption form for us to get notorized so when our children get ready to start school, they will NOT have to get vaccinated to start school. There are personal belief exemptions in 18 states, Religous exemptions in all but 2 states, and medical exemptions in all 50 states. GET EXEMPTED!!!!!!!!   IntuitiveGanesh 2 years ago Yes, they are "sickening disgusting filth"!  shortfantasychick 2 years ago This would be a lot more frightening if anyone still drank tap water 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] CelebrityOutbreakers 1 year ago This might keep us going. Enjoy. watch?v=FpOvn1LVpbQ  Oldman Jenkins 1 year ago in reply to Oldman Jenkins As well as CDC Study on "Infant and Environmental Exposures to Thimerosal and Neuropsychological Outcomes at Ages 7 to 10 Years" (2007)   Adam Jacobsen 2 years ago This is what atheist want the zeitgeist movment and project venus.  NUN YAH 3 years ago in reply to bigcoltsfan18 @bigcoltsfan18 U could have ended the argument quickly with the bible-thumper "brucev7" by asking him what is his faith worth,if it is based on Lies,NO amount of faith can turn lies into TRUTH.   Ochlej Morda 2 years ago gogogogog!!!!!!! American. I from in Poland. Its smal country, but Belived you for revolution !!!!!!   autonify 3 years ago I pray to god to save humanity from these evil capitalist elite's Persuasion for one world and one colony of Ants/Bee behaving like Humanoids. They have progressed to much comparing to people awakening rate.   SpiralsHappen 3 years ago in reply to NUN YAH 1st, the physical plane. If you can describe something in terms of one or more of the five senses then it is part of the material physical plane. Secondly, then, you won't be surprised that the definition of the metaphysical plane is the flip side of the coin. If something exists and it can NOT be described in terms of one or more of the five senses, then it is part of the metaphysical plane. For scientific and left-brain dominant individuals, this second definition is a bit of a stretch.   NUN YAH 3 years ago in reply to bangzilla @bangzilla why bother,u already have yours on,btw what size is it???.  ouTside_LooKin-iN 2 years ago This is pretty interesting stuff but almost all of the links are just to his site.  NUN YAH 3 years ago in reply to tredub91 @tredub91 Yes tre,but what doctor would risk his license from the " AMA american- murder-association" to give someone a falsified document,saying they gave someone a shot when they didn't???.   Diane Booth 3 years ago That guy at 14:50 is such a fag.  TheZamboon 3 years ago What a Wanker  SpiralsHappen 3 years ago in reply to NUN YAH In metaphysical terms duality not only exists in the material planes, but it also exists in the astral planes (emotions) and the mental planes. Note that people can have conflicting feelings (emotional opposites), and people can also be grappling with conflicting ideas (mental opposites). By the time we look at vibrations going up into the spiritual plane, duality ceases. As we get closer to Source, there is unity not division. Division, or duality is part of what Easterners call maya, illusion.  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] toxicdude07 3 years ago how come no ones tried to wack this guy if hes releasing this kinda info?is he just a guy obsessed with conspiracies?or is he just tryna supply us with info to help us mere peasents?idk ill have to do some research on this far fetched intrestingly thought provoking stuff he has in his vids.   annoloki 3 years ago in reply to NUN YAH @myleftnutts Learn to read and write before you think yourself capable of passing judgement on more complex issues, I bet you didn't even bother to listen to Gates' talk so you could take what he said in context, huh? No of course not, just be scared of the clever person because your country doesn't educate the majority of you well enough to understand what's going on, I guess you wouldn't be quite so malleable if you did.   StageMan 3 years ago This is all biblical. We can slow it down to some degree but If any of you believe in God and are aware of his written word then you know that a one world government is going to happen...period! This is not about secular issues. This is about Lucifer trying to take as many souls/people to the Abyss with him. Lucifer is being allowed to show his true nature to the world so that many may come to believe in and rely on the one true living God Almighty .   f3n7 3 years ago in reply to Dylan Pierce @lisadavedp3 Everybody who contacts me and wants to be my friend is turning out to be a Zionist agent who is trying to manipulate me. I now delete messages without reading them. They also post idiotic comments on my videos. If you're an honest person, learn about the story of a wolf in sheep's clothing from my website, and then help me to spread information. There is no need to contact me.   LalallaSN 3 years ago this remind of BRAVE NEW WORLD AND V for VENDETTE  Dylan Pierce 3 years ago we're all going to die.  xbabytrophy 3 years ago the error message claim 1000 character, 10 paragraph u see how deceptive they are? remember 10 minute video? its 10:59 now say 15 min but it only 14:59 fuck jews!!!   NUN YAH 3 years ago one thing is for certain boi's and gurls,we are ALL going to get to find out very SOON whether we are pro/alex or con/alex if were ALL still Here on "01/01/2013 then alex is nut and we can ALL get back to our reality shows,Good Luck!!!.   Christopher mccreadie 2 years ago braaaaiiiins!!!!  rawcatslurgeon 1 year ago Alex welcome to reality.  Jake Hoyle 3 years ago Huxley was right  ALLinALLgood 3 years ago When I die I will return to infinity. My true home. Realm of truth opposite of this finite material realm of illusion and falseness. Sure there is some truth here however this is because the material finite came from the spiritual infinite. It cannot be the other way around. I have embraced macrobiotic yin yang philosophy (universal law) to my personal understanding and satisfaction. Therefore I look forward to a higher plane on another more truthful earth like planet in my future.   gtamythmaster43 3 years ago T__T I'm in highschool! Noohoohoho!!!! I'm so glad a get purified water....and this is 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] horrible! NUN YAH 3 years ago in reply to BloodSeeker117 @BloodSeeker117 Why are U,asking Alex Jones what u ALREADY know,if u still have 1 IOTA of common sense left and IF u are SANE???.   tealcolors 3 years ago look up "find a spring" on google to find fresh natural spring water near you! i get my own gallons of spring water every few weeks:)   tevk 3 years ago @myleftnutts What I am saying is, as Alex Jones himself says, do your own research and draw your own conclusions. Don't just take everything he says as truth. This is true of any news source, be it Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, or the New York Times. In this specific case, I did my own looking into some of the people and articles he referenced, and a lot of it didn't jibe with Mr. Jones' portrayal of it.   94Holyshit 3 years ago in reply to tredub91 @tredub91 Water have been drugged long time ago. Protect yourself and children and spread the word. We have to put a stop to this. We got the power !   BloodSeeker117 3 years ago in reply to NUN YAH @myleftnutts Because I'm curious on his thoughts. Of course I'm not going to get it. I can see it's forced. I'm not blind. I wanted to know what his thoughts were on the subject and how I can prevent them from forcing it on us. Don't start fucking attacking me. I'm NOT your enemy...   gtamythmaster43 3 years ago in reply to Draven TheGloriousExecutioner @dalpezzo13 I'm freaked....I freaked once, I don't need this! I want a long life, not a zombie life!   NUN YAH 3 years ago in reply to ALLinALLgood @ALLinALLgood sorry goody,nice fairytale though,it's Almost as good as the heaven shit.okay now pay attention when your ass croaks,or they kill ya,or whatever comes first,u come Right Back to your Pathetic Fuckin life,so u see even the azzholes,who were whackin themselves,didn't escape,u see goody "U Must Fight Back".u see goody your death don't buy u what u call "S.I" it's really called the "Metaphysical" plane,u can Only Earn that through "Spritual Physical Evolution".we are physical 1st.   Ar ARsunic 3 years ago Deleting mine to. Hahaha  MrPilotans 3 years ago in reply to Nadine Evans @dudilishious so what.. the only thing i dislike is to have to do the same work every day.... thats fucken sad... o   BloodSeeker117 3 years ago Alex, I know you receive many emails daily. Please respond to this one. ╚═ My high school is located in Orange County, CA. They will be FORCING a MANDATORY vaccine for pertussis. TDAP is what it is called. I need advice from you. If I do not receive this vaccine, I will not be able to return to school the following year.What should / can I do. I have been sending this video and your others to many people giving them advisories NOT to take it. Please reply back with any info or advice please.   44prot 1 year ago Has this vaccination for stress been created and used yet? 2010? Two years ago, and? AJ up to the fear mongering again. Bless his little Soul. Thanks for the warning Alexia   Phaedron777 2 years ago Just as the satanists hide their plans in plain sight, so too is the gospel of salvation before them but they see it not. They, who sacrifice children, fail to see that God has  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] become a sacrifice for us. But Jesus is the Word made flesh, the living Torah therefore whether you deny him or the law it's the same. Mathew 5:20 Jesus warns you gotta be wiser and more righteous then pharisees and religious leaders to enter the kingdom of heaven. The NWO hide behind the Jesuits who hide behind the NWO. 76mrlonely 2 years ago Who is laughing at who now sheeps?  M1ZFITGaming 1 year ago I showed my parents this and they still make me get shots at school :(  lindasayshello1 2 years ago December 2012 is when are sun takes a tantrum every 11 years, and we are do in December of 2012 to, but because the Illuminati have been using are Haarp Machine against Humanity, and to kill this planet, and are ozone protection, and that protection is meant for the sun to protect us against the sun becoming like a nuke on the planet if we are not protected.   jeremy coldwell 1 year ago in reply to Shea Mormon Yeah i just watched the video response "Religion and Evolution", you are right, it sort of does explain how viruses work, after listening to him i had to agree that nature doesn't produce such complex viruses all the time, most of them HAVE to be nano-technology.   Erwin Schrodinger 2 years ago in reply to Girl7007 @Girl7007 Lol, well I tired to message you, because I hat to spam comment sections like this, but you have a lock on that, I guess you got tired of being told off with logic, there isn't enough room to say what I want to say here, and then I realized, you aren't worth my time, all I can say is I sincerely hope that you learn to think for yourself someday, instead of listen to a really old book that was supposedly written by "God". Ignorance is blissful either way I suppose.   Phruizler 3 years ago in reply to mordsith05 @mordsith05 Sure, but still. "Live viruses" is a fairly colloquial term, and the massive, massive majority of vaccinations we use today are so-called "killed viruses." I suspect his emphasis on the phrase "live virus" multiple times is a scare tactic to try and make people believe they are being injected with living organisms -- that will EAT YOUR BRAIN!!! -- when you get a vaccination.   verdantforce88 3 years ago this shit is beyond fucked up  bangzilla 3 years ago this guy is obviously nuts. these paranoid conspiracy types always think there is one person in charge. notice he adresses the bad guys here as "you"   4lly0ur8as3 3 years ago you can and do make it up, maybe not consciously, maybe not willingly, but you do.  richieboy09 3 years ago well said alex!  truthcrackers 3 years ago I shared this.  Son of Man 3 years ago that evil plan you speak of doesnt seem soo bad. imagine a world with no anger or hate. lets think fer a min. if bill gates put a virus in mosquitos or water or food in mass, wouldnt that affect him and the other "evil people" and make them just as vulnerable as we are. but you want us to stop drinking water and stop eating food. sooo who's reeaally the evil genius here?  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] neirfane 3 years ago i jsut saw this guy on the view  bangzilla 3 years ago we'd better all put on our tinfoil hats!!!!!!!  ian montilla 3 years ago it one of the best revelation that this cruel world should know!! it shocks me on.  lysergicgirll 3 years ago before just saying hes a conspiracy theorist and crazy, why dont you do the research for yourselves? the links are in the video. like, come on.   tevk 3 years ago Mr. Jones seems very bad at citing his sources. I looked into some of the things he did mention specifically, and he seems to be largely misrepresenting them for the purposes of sensationalism. I mean, the guy takes sensationalism to whole new levels.   phil lis dick 3 years ago Alex is jealous of glen beck and obsessed with ron paul  AClRCLEOFLlGHT 3 years ago in reply to spastic505 @spastic505 : Asshole tear? Undoubtedly a symptom from fluoridated water.  RudySpino 2 years ago in reply to gtamythmaster43 @gtamythmaster43 Sadly, all they're taught in school is save the planet! Political correctnes! Obama opposition is racism! Globalism is good! Ugh! Good thing I stand up against it whenever I can in school, Im not gonna follow along like a sheep! We need more people who will spread the word like this! >:D   RudySpino 2 years ago in reply to gtamythmaster43 @gtamythmaster43 So am I, but I live in Mexico and take my own water bottle anyway :P The NWO must be stopped! Ron Paul 2012!!! If you don't know who he is look him up, we need to spread the word! :D   alleygh0st 2 years ago in reply to ben jerry @Zahintalukder Yes, that is all I have to say. There is no point debating. There will always be buyers like you, no argument there. You and so many others just wish those that don't agree with your 'hard-working scientists' just die, that tells me enough in itself about the state of mind of the 'rest of society'. Bunch of hypocrites working for the 'greater good'. You're just frustrated people can and will live better without your god- damned medication...   Andrew L 3 years ago Thats right speak the truth!!!!!  Yulliah Sofine 1 year ago Omg this video was awesome and was full of information! Thank you for posting it, my eye's are open believe that. I been doing some research my self on foods because it seem like Americans are the target for their hidden agenda's and are being used like lab rats although they may be doing this in other countries. F that I refuse to be their lab rat or monarch slave !   IdaSputum 2 years ago in reply to queenstixxzz You can teach him lots more than he'll learn at school - like how to read! Not to depress you but a friends child became autistic after a jab. My dad died after the flu jab. He was biking the wk before then something happened to his brain, he went to hospital still able to speak & died that night in theatre. I dont trust any pills or jabs. People live DESPITE them, not BECAUSE of them. I know children who are perfectly healthy without ever having an injection, their immune systems are stronger  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] mordsith05 3 years ago in reply to Phruizler @Phruizler I believe he meant active virus with complete RNA and protein molecules that could interact. 'Living' is kind of relative based on whether the organism breathes through cellular respiration. Anything is possible. Still, choose love over fear. We are very strong beings.   myastroflight 3 years ago @jonson771 Exactly, and David Bellamy was the first scientist to say that and expose the lies and propaganda. .   deadrogan 3 years ago Lol Facebook deletes it when i share it  bismaliho 3 years ago in reply to Lev6 @Lev6 Dont play your script here  Greencloud8 3 years ago I developed epilepsy about 6 years after i took the Heptatius B vaccine.  Michael meh 3 years ago I'm always morbidly fascinated with your sort. I have no clue if you believe what you are saying. It beggars belief that anyone who had read the studies you mention could come to the conclusions you present. But then if you hadn't read them how would you know which ones were close enough in subject area to fleece the ignorant? Surely there are easier ways to get attention? I mean, even if you believe what you're saying ? You'd have made a good priest in the old days.   Draven TheGloriousExecutioner 3 years ago the greatest hoax of all : the government is here to help you.  myastroflight 3 years ago If that photo is in fact David Bellamy, you had better provide the proof that he is one of THEM, Alex Jones, because he risked everything to get the truth about global warming out. He was vilified and his career left in tatters. It is just a good thing other ethical scientists took up the reigns.   Valerie Townsend 3 years ago Alex Jones has come into this incarnation to educate the population and help wake everyone up! I love you Alex. You take great risks for all of us. Words cannot express my gratitude that you have chosen to come in at this time! Thank you, thank you!   kobidobidog 3 years ago Let me tell you this: there are no viruses.There is aluminum, lead,as well as formaldehyde, and Mercury in vaccines. Mercury by its self will kill a rat.There does not have to be a supposed virus in a vaccine to harm whoever. Not going to an upper cervical specific - a good type of Chiropractic putting it off will do whoever harm that did not need to occur. Not having the brain properly communicating with the body will shrink the brain. Atlas shifted is like closing a door between body, brain.   Rick Havok 3 years ago Lispium FTW!  Phruizler 3 years ago Sorry bro, viruses aren't living. Try again.  myastroflight 3 years ago I really do not believe in Hell (or Heaven). I wish it were true though, then they would get theirs good and proper.   Michael meh 3 years ago Unless you're talking about the animal studies on glucocorticoids? But then why say 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] they were used on people? I can't tell if you've repeating rumours or intentionally lying. And none of it is anything like a lobotomy. The human ones are like accelerated withdrawal and the animal ones were to reduce cell damage caused by hormones associated with chronic stress. It may be scientifically possible to do what you describe, but none of supposed evidence you give corresponds to your claims. phil lis dick 3 years ago Alex is jealous of glen beck  deZengo 3 years ago Thank you for bringing TRUTH outward. The funny thing is.. I almost worry for you because if what you say is true (and I believe it is) you put yourself at risk by even sharing it with us. (us dumb little sheeples ... baaa WE are just suppose to go along and KNOW that "the man / aka government / corporations " wants what is best for us. OF course they do. Come on... they love us. They want us to continue consuming the planet and profiting their pocket book. We have forwarded & support   porschesales1234 2 years ago NOW THAT WAS SCARY STUFF. must of been doing this for some time poeple are already in trances i think..."don't you"   Nadine Evans 3 years ago they exposed them and all this why they want one government to rule the world and they r by causing problem making pple beg for help creating a solution which is already planned just like they want :s   lindasayshello1 2 years ago The Souls that don't go with Jesus Christ, will have this blank black nothingness to look forward to. Nothing to light up. One should want better then this for there Soul. We are souls with bodies that aways die. If you don't need God then you don't need him, I guess. If you know what I mean. We didn't Create all this universe, so some one did.   shamusername 3 years ago wired. com/wiredscience/2010/08/the-brain-eating-vaccine-conspiracy/  MickFeria 3 years ago This is a really really big deal, and the sooner people know the truth the better off we'll all be. The ones who pay your welfare, or your unemployment, or whatever else you may need them for, really are not your friends. they don't give a crap about you or me. Personally i would rather them not... I would rather die from a real disease than from one that the government gave to me through various disgraceful actions on their behalf. but its probably too late to save anyone anyway.   MickFeria 3 years ago the good old days are over, and the really bad shit is really coming. Don't think that it cant happen here, because pretty soon they just might be kicking in our doors, dragging us off in the night never to be heard from again. Sounds familiar. The government has been practicing and implementing population control for over a hundred years, don't think that its not already well on its way. FUCK THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!   myastroflight 3 years ago I hope that third photo @ 11:31 is not David Bellamy; it looks like him but I have never seen him wear glasses. David Bellamy was the biologist who first debunked global warming, he was the father of the movement. His career was nearly destroyed, but luckily other scientists started investigating and backed him up. It is thanks to him that we now know the truth about the global warming myth. I hope that is not him, because damn it, he is on our side.   ldeleon134 3 years ago is there any way to ask Dr's for the M.S.D.S (material safety data sheet) on vaccines that they want to injected our kids with. I work in oil refiners all over the U.S and i have the right to ask for an M.S.D.S on anything i fill could be harmful to me or others  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] working around me. No comany can refuse me that info. M.S.D.S points out all health hazards and the chemical compounds of each product . bigcoltsfan18 3 years ago in reply to MickFeria @MickFeria I accept your apology. We may disagree but sometimes you have to let bigons be bigons. I am sorry as well.   Lev6 3 years ago in reply to MickFeria @MickFeria Anything is possible. You do realize however that there isn't a brain eating vaccine, it isn't anywhere near being released and has nothing to do with making people complacent. If you maybe stopped for 1 minute the paranoiac statements and just...looked at the facts. Wired Magazine has already explained that the article was picked up by Daily Mail online, who exaggerate and twist facts. It is simply not true, at all. That's a fact. Apparently, you're also a tool.   liekmudkip 3 years ago When he talks about braineating vaccines, he surely knows what he's talking about.  MickFeria 3 years ago but you dont see their governments poisoning thier populations, mandating that the water be poisoned with fluoride, have food laden with MSG, Aspertame and other nonsensical chemicals that are being put into our consumables. Its the pesticides that the EPA approves that comes down from the highest levels that grow into our vegetables, in the vaccines that they tell us our kids will die without. sorry that i got so angry, but know it really wasnt directed at you personally.   Lev6 3 years ago Alex Jones is one of the biggest tools I've ever heard. Apparently hyperbolic statements of paranoia pass for credible facts and sources. He actually cites the Daily Mail online? Hahahahaha   69salford69 3 years ago Alex Jones blew his cover at the Austin Gun Rally  PacificRevolutionary 3 years ago People should start an international boicot against any company involved. The list of involved companies should be released and those companies should be considered "public enemies".   MickFeria 3 years ago in reply to Lev6 @Lev6 you guys think that these things aren't possible, but you wouldn't believe the things that they're capable of. Alex is doing us all a great service and possibly putting his life on the line to keep us informed, and trying to keep these monsters from ripping our lives apart. perhaps you should show more respect.   MickFeria 3 years ago including myself.  bigcoltsfan18 3 years ago in reply to MickFeria @MickFeria See ignorant and stupid are two different things. I can be stupid on some things, but I am not on this. I have looked into this garbage extensively and find no legitimate facts backed by unbiased sources without some kind of political/religious agenda. Explain this please. Ignorant comes from the word ignore. So no I would not be the one who is ignorant in this setting. It would be you & the numerous drones who think this trash up & actually believe you will save mankind. What a joke.   UT5000 1 year ago in reply to Robbie Goldman ACtually no one knows what you are talking about..... it was the judeo-x-tian west built on genocide adn slvaery and had civil rights leaders such as Malcolm X and Muhamamd ALi that fought for humans rights in the west after all the racism they taught..... seriously..... and of course we know jews are jelous of Arab covenant which is why they were waiting to film 9-11 and lied and said arabs did it and fool x-tians who had there media brought by jews bewleived them and went to war like vietnam.  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] MrPhilippedorleans 2 years ago This is not what you should say to them, they love being hated. You should say instead; "we love you because even if you sin against us and against God, we pray so that you might repent and be born again."   1x8twist 2 years ago @sweetmisslatin your in trouble, Look up in the sky and keep saying to yourself they are not sprying us with barium. MY GOD! we are in trouble! people. ALL! you dumb asses cant see. They are doing it from every angle a little bit at a time and YOU! cant see it because they are smarter than YOU!   dancingrizz 2 years ago To hell I can't get angry.  blackhog42 1 year ago Jim Stone!  sjm442005 3 years ago ideleon134 You can ask for proof of a vaccines safety . I guarantee your doctor will NOT be able to provide it.   kebabrullemums 3 years ago anyway 9/11 was an inside job, and this world is fucked  bigcoltsfan18 3 years ago Wow, I've found a place where ignorance resides. Where everyone that believe this pseudoscience nonsense have wet dreams that consist of this nut job in the video as Majority leader, Sarah Palin as President of the US, and Glen Beck as Vice Pres. Good luck with the rest of your pathetically lived lifes. God does not exist, Jesus was a false prophet, as they all are. Maybe someday you will find the truth before its too late.   RespectMyHate 3 years ago I like alex jones he's right on point.  capnbill1 3 years ago I'm wondering how much longer we'll be able to get this kind of intel...  bigcoltsfan18 3 years ago in reply to Terry Clark @terrilc2 These people go around spewing garbage without any factual evidence backed up by legitimate scientists, bias polls to try & prove to the ignorant that they are telling the truth and so on. They have political and religious agendas that you can clearly observe in the videos. This is what is wrong with this country. These people love 'facts', but just their 'facts'. Brain eating vaccine? Come on you're not that dumb are you? Learn to rationalize & think for yourself.   Daniel Johnson 3 years ago in reply to Flashstorm100 @Flashstorm100 Yea laugh it off like most dumbasses do, you'll be laughing all the way to your grave very soon. One less useless eater that can't think for himself. Thank you for proving my point by the way.   Daniel Johnson 3 years ago in reply to grendelee @grendelee Yea ok, resort to name calling and laughing it off, it's a classic dumbass in denial tactic. It's pretty obvious you can't get your facts straight. First you say vaccines don't contain mercury that "they USED TO YEARS AGO" and now you say that they do have mercury but it's the same "kind of mercury that's in fish". Nice flip flop there. I also like how you told yourself "you easily get manipulated dumbass, lol". LOL I got the last laugh there. I concur with houston, Shew Fly!   grendelee 3 years ago in reply to Daniel Johnson @DanksterZone your dumb as dirt. The same kind of "mercury" thats in fish. How is that twisting MY words around to fit a fantasy view? Its a fact. Do you know what a fact is?  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] lol grendelee 3 years ago in reply to grendelee @grendelee You dont even know what it is, do you? Someone whispers "this is bad, get angry" and you do, you easily manipulated dumbass, lol   Terry Clark 3 years ago in reply to bigcoltsfan18 @bigcoltsfan18 praying for ur soul! U may think he's over the top, But what does god and jesus got to do with it? Every time a fanatic comes out with issues, ppl like you make it out of spiritual conspiracy. If U don't want to believe that theirs a power greater than you. great! Really! ur worst or just as bad as these fanatics. by taking other ppl's traditions & disrespecting it, cause u never had a spiritual experience. Who the Hell r u?   bigcoltsfan18 3 years ago in reply to Terry Clark @terrilc2 Please don't waste your precious time on Earth praying, and especially on me. Are you serious? What does god and jesus have to do with it. Look at these comments, and you should see my inbox from fanatics that post on here. All this garbage most, if not all of the time is linked back to religious fanaticism. Am I just as bad as people that spread propaganda and pass it on as fact? I would beg to differ. I simply lack a belief in god/s, harmless, doesn't hurt anyone.   Greeneyez2475 3 years ago Bran eating amoeba?  rawcatslurgeon 1 year ago Peace Love and Joy be with us.  Honeybee Akacia 2 years ago IM NOT AGAINST SAVING LIFES WITH VACCINE BUT IF , AND I SAY if THIS IS TRUE ITS OF COURSE TERRIBLY WRONG AND I WANT REAL VERY REAL PROOF TO ACT AGAINST SOME KIND OF VACCINES..PLEASE   microdot7 2 years ago 4:56 can some1 tell me whats going on in the left side of the screen here? xD  Metalgear55 10 months ago in reply to Aaron22uk Metal gear solid  Daniel Johnson 3 years ago in reply to grendelee haha fish are a form of population control, good way of "twisting things around to fit your fantasy view." Thimerosal (which contains mercury) still TO THIS DAY is used in vaccines for your information. If you actually read the vaccines package inserts like I did you would know that. It's also a know fact that most of these flu vaccines admit on the insert that they may trigger guillain barre syndrome. Even the FDA's website lists some the mercury containing vaccines. So please go kill yourself   oJKBo 2 years ago in reply to ColdFireHotSnow @TheBlueFalconX why??? lol  Tr3ySoldier 1 year ago in reply to Marcus Welby Go take some vaccines idiot.  mo nono 1 year ago Great job!!! People wake up, do your own research to find out about the truth  Daniel Johnson 3 years ago in reply to Flashstorm100 @Flashstorm100 And your the classic ignoramus that doesn't research to look at the facts. You don't even know the real definition of conspiracy theory. All you can do is label someone that and ignore the evidence. Classic idiots attack the messenger and not the message.  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] grendelee 3 years ago in reply to Daniel Johnson @DanksterZone ummm, if you mean better medical care which reduces infant mortality rates and raises better living conditions...then yes, im for that. Why is that bad? How is that an oxymoron, do you even know what that word means? And its a fact that vaccines dont contain mercury, duh. YOU cant argue with the facts. They USED TO YEARS AGO have the same substance that fish did. Are you saying that fish are a form of population control (besides feeding the population, lol) You are confused.   dljc1979 3 years ago in reply to grendelee @grendelee | when you realise just how wrong you are about everything in your life and all of your views it's the feeling that you are totally alone and that NO ONE cares about wether you live or die that will make you feel like killing yourself.   anto ireland 3 years ago in reply to grendelee @grendelee good man go jump off a cliff and bring your famliy with you  dljc1979 3 years ago in reply to grendelee @grendelee | EVEN MAINSTREAM MEDIA REFUTES EVERYTHING YOU ARE SAYING, YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD.   Daniel Johnson 3 years ago in reply to grendelee @grendelee You obviously are a confused individual. First you say there is no conspiracy to control population and that we are twisting things around and now you admit there is population control but its good, (sounds like your doing the twisting around). Then you say you "like human beings" but you're all for population control ,a bit of an oxymoron there. Please go get all the shots you can if you think they're good for you and don't contain mercury. You can't refute the facts.   dljc1979 3 years ago in reply to grendelee @grendelee | better medical care IS a good thing, it's a shame they ARE reducing it and that they DO contain mercury so WAKE UP YOU FUCKING SLAVE   pittysbad 3 years ago in reply to grendelee @grendelee do the world a favor, then, and have yourself spayed or nuetered.  taneaux 3 years ago smart americans should care... any elite, whose concern about population explosion, could possibly interfere without hassle thru centralized water system. please check whats your drinking...   CHUNGLUNGYIZ8 3 years ago ya watever butch of bull shit hahaha  Flashstorm100 3 years ago in reply to Daniel Johnson @DanksterZone Ahaha. The classic conspiracy theorist rant @__@  Larry Calcutt 3 years ago I'm going to say it once more with a plea that you listen to my advice. Neve, never, never put, or allow anyone, any government, any doctor or any nurse, PUT, PUT PUT anything into your body but Air, Water and Food. Never take any vaccine of any kind for any reason whatever. Its your body, its does not belong to anyone else.. Nobody owns you but you.   dljc1979 3 years ago in reply to Flashstorm100 @Flashstorm100 | everything you have written in that message is true, why can't you accept that? the mainstream covers this shit for fucks sakes!!!!!!! is it because you are too afraid to accept the reality of the world you are living in? is it just stuff that happens 'somewhere else' is it? WAKE UP, NO ONE ELSE BUT YOU CAN HELP YOU!!!!!!!!! NO ONE ELSE WILL HELP YOU BECAUSE NO ONE CARES ABOUT FILTH LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!! DON'T THINK YOUR MASTERS GIVE A SHIT EITHER!!!!!!!!!  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Anshuman 3 years ago IM IN CANADA ARE THEY DOING THAT HERE???  soundkartel 2 years ago Please check out Osmio.Uk.com to get a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter to ensure your tap water is good to consume   IcemanSam650 2 years ago God bless you Alex Jones!  qazzy 2 years ago So if they tap the water. Where do we get water from?  Oldman Jenkins 1 year ago Pure and simple fear mongering. Too many errors in logic to count. Seek professional help for your neurosis. "Hide your kids, hide your wife.........they're raping everybody!"   MrNoblemanoflove 2 years ago Search on RFID in food....in products you buy....smart nano particles....the future is over the top of sanity   Michael meh 3 years ago That isn't how that vaccine worked at all. It trained the person's immune system to attack the drug before it could reach the brain. And it was a single viral protein, not a whole live virus. At no point was a toxin or immune response targeted at the natural dopamine receptors of the brain. It is outright lies. The studies you're claiming say these things don't say anything of the sort. If you're going to make up your own version why mention the studies in the first place?   joe18370 3 years ago in reply to bigcoltsfan18 @bigcoltsfan18 you are afraid to seek god and god is real its just the drugs in the water and in our food in the flue shots you let your self go down the dark road and joined with the devil tho you might not no it wake up and rise to the light and see god see the love and walk with faith get baptized and save your sole before its to late may god bless you and all of of us this day   Elias Mouawad 3 years ago Search For the new series "BUSH OBAMA DESTROYED US ARMY" Part 4 uploaded  eagle12able 3 years ago I have a gut feeling that most of the information is accurate ,but the question is why is it out in the open. now that makes me wonder about Alex jones and some of these men who have the similar message like Lindsey Williams and others. maybe theyre trying to help out ,who knows its best to use self jugdment in these days and dont always expect the worst.   Flashstorm100 3 years ago in reply to eagle12able Mr. Jones, why do you keep saying "live viruses"? Don't you know viruses are not alive? Of course, you'd have to take an introductory biology class to know that. Mr Jones, next time you could take some classes on the subjects you are ignorant of instead pretending to know what you're talking about. If you don't even know what viruses are, I can't take your word for vaccines.   chyrd 3 years ago LOL... it's amazing what people will do for a living... catering to the paranoid... do you really put that on your resume?   Daniel Johnson 3 years ago in reply to Flashstorm100 @Flashstorm100 Good luck telling the mosquitoes which people have the high blood pressure. The fact is Bill Gates wants to reduce CO2 by reducing the population with vaccines. The fact is the White House Science Czar says they want to add things to our food and water for population control. The fact is sodium fluoride is used in our water  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] supply and bottled water, and now food. The fact is vaccines contain mercury. The fact is they are spraying aluminum and barium into stratosphere. Camotion123 3 years ago in reply to Flashstorm100 @Flashstorm100 dude FUCK YOU you deserve to go down with the fucking RATS  myladymya 3 years ago Thank you!!!!!  Flashstorm100 3 years ago in reply to Camotion123 @Camotion123 So you knew I had a point and decide to respond with FUCK YOU? Conspiracy theorists need to grow up. Now, if you want to actually make a point, as I have, I'd wouldn't mind responding. But I see that you only have the capacity to curse and insult. Sad.   Daniel Johnson 3 years ago in reply to Flashstorm100 @Flashstorm100 Good luck telling the mosquitoes which people have the high blood pressure. The fact is Bill Gates wants to reduce CO2 by reducing the population. The fact is the White House Science Czar says they want to add things to our food and water for population control. The fact is sodium fluoride is used in our water supply and bottled water, and now food. The fact is vaccines contain mercury and adjuvants. The fact is they are spraying aluminum and barium oxide into stratosphere.   Flashstorm100 3 years ago in reply to Camotion123 @Camotion123 Anyone that has studied neurobiology would know there's something terribly incorrect and misleading when someone says: "live brain-eating virus" I just showed Alex Jones can't even comprehend what viruses are and the response: FUCK YOU! Classic conspiracy theorist response, sadly. Instead of listening to what some uneducated lunatic has to say about vaccines, do your own research.   joe18370 3 years ago next they will say lead paint is safe to paint your house i am foced to cook and shower with floride water ,i have a well but code wont allow me to bring the well water into my home i can use the well water to water the grass or garden and that is all so we in florida are forced to drink floride water ,i do buy bottled water and that is bad to im looking into a filter system when i can afford it.   Camotion123 3 years ago in reply to Flashstorm100 @Flashstorm100 ummm hmmm no shit i did i look it up ass hole you do the same!  Flashstorm100 3 years ago in reply to Camotion123 @Camotion123 Logic? Nice explaining. You conspiracy theorists love twisting things to fit your fantasy view of the world. The vaccine, which hasn't even begun human trials yet, is designed for people who's stress is causing abnormal and dangerous conditions, such as high blood pressure. Your blood pressure is dangerously high? You're unable to cope with stress? You're in a risk of a dangerous heart attack? Take this vaccine, it might save your life. This ISN'T for everyone. Look at the facts.   Lorenzo Verde 3 years ago okay Alex. I like all your info and I think you're doing a great service to humanity, but how can we stop this? What's the solution.   justboaaard666 3 years ago what to drink..?  instantcarma2000 3 years ago We are all supposed to become (again) a slave race to the alien (Draconian) master race (illuminati/Rothshield/the banks) that has ruled us in the shadows for thousands of years. They also want to decimate the total human population down to 200-500.000. Unfortunately too many humans are already (subliminally) brain washed by media (owned by them) to believe or react. The people writing "1984" and "Brave New World" amongst other books knew about this plan.  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] lindasayshello1 2 years ago This is one way for us all to help this cause, is the Bible doe's say To ask and and tho shall receive And we all know that Satan follows the Bible to a T, kind of thing. So I am asking in Jesus Christ name for this Evil to be removed from are Government Systems and stop being so mean to all of us.   Flashstorm100 3 years ago Well to be fair, it depends on your definition of "living". They lack a few common points that are used to describe life in other organisms. Granted, saying there's a "live virus that eats brains" is silly.   appolyonyx 2 years ago All those Zombie movies represent YOU as the mass populace. The jokes against YOU and YOU are too STUPID to understand it. Wake UP! WAKE UP! Dammit. WAKE UP. In memory of the late Bill Cooper... for your progeny's sake, wake up.   cbr1000rrfodatass 3 years ago You tell em Alex!  stfjoewms 3 years ago this is hard to believe, but... i understand  jesuriah 3 years ago in reply to vanishingrad @vanishingrad Alex Jones makes me ashamed of being a Texan.  RYUK2099 3 years ago i think they shot me  UnpopularMedia 3 years ago Well those 2 new "studies" are full of shit.  mmousejunkie 3 years ago wired.com/wiredscience/2010/08/the-brain-eating-vaccine-conspiracy/  eybaebae 3 years ago Just another conspiracy theory.. how much more paranoid can this guy be? But if there's one thing I agree with him on, it's that you can't always trust the government. There are, without a doubt, numerous skeletons in our government's closet especially considering the exposure of 1.2 classified documents by WikiLeaks.   76mrlonely 3 years ago Dude arent you afraid the Illuminati is gonna find you and kill you?! wth were thinkin u should have wore a mask!!!!!   de225222 3 years ago We know most of you writing negative comments on here are really undercover Govt agents!!! You're not fooling the people anymore !!! Watch this shocking documentary " THE KHAZARIAN CONSPIRACY " ... Alex cant mention what this video dares to say or else his show would be over...   stpayday 3 years ago I SWEAR ALEX JONES IS MY HERO AND I DO MY RESEARCH AND ALEX IS A GOOD PERSON AND ME AND HIM WILL CONTINUE 2 EXPOSE BECAUSE WE WANT 2 SAVE HUMANATITY.....THANK YOU ALEX YOUR A HERO IN MY EYES   eybaebae 3 years ago Just eat organic (grow your own food if you have to), ride your bikes (they're the most efficient mode of transportation, give off ZERO carbon emissions, AND you get exercise out of it), leave your body to naturally heal itself when sick (i'm not a fan of medicine. our bodies can heal themselves for a reason), and be happy (live life to its fullest  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] everyday). Natalie Spa 3 years ago They couldn't drug the water with Lithium, it's just not feasable in terms of giving people controlled doses.. as levels of this drug in the blood need to be monitored to avoid toxicity.   adoracle1 3 years ago in reply to vanishingrad @vanishingrad try the NY times, it was written about in there. just google some of the links he shows on the screen at the beginning and you'll get an eye full.   Herson Trigeros 3 years ago yes sir  Trevor-Micheal Tennant 3 years ago yes viva revelution let's take back are home our world our LIVES from the fatcats who want us to be their slaves   vanishingrad 3 years ago wow, this guy is not only really paranoid but not able to put together an even halfway logical argument or any convincing evidence. Someone needs to teach him critical thinking, and about all the logical fallacies he is using. Most of the "evidence" he's portraying is soundbites or misrepresented stuff that isn't in support of his conclusions. Notice how most of his "sources" in the links are himself? and the daily fail newspaper? which also is arguing the opposite in it of what he is?   killerofporn 3 years ago holy shit almost 7000 videos  emandriy88 2 years ago in reply to PoLaRIV @PoLaRIV Sorry if I gave the impression that I don’t want people to grow their own food. By all means if you feel like growing your own food go ahead. The argument for organic part is non-sense though... Also jJust like she has the right to voice her opinion I have the right to criticizes it. She’s misinformed and can be harmful to people who don’t know better.   queenstixxzz 2 years ago in reply to Gloria García @Morazul19 wow. I cant even....I am so sorry. I can not let this happen. We have got to stop this. I meen we as adults are one thing but kids just takes it way to far and they will pay for this. I hope your child knows that.   Oldman Jenkins 1 year ago in reply to Oldman Jenkins Might I also recommend the following readings as well: Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, and Other Delusions, J. Randi (1982), The Believing Brain: From Ghosts and Gods to Politics and Conspiracies---How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths. M. Shermer (2011), The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark. C Sagan (1997), Crimes Against Logic: Exposing the Bogus Arguments of Politicians, Priests, Journalists, and Other Serial Offenders. J Whyte (2004).   lindsaykeller85 3 years ago After my third Gardisil Shot I had severe symptoms, such as heart palpation's, heart racing, feeling weak and anxious. This lasted about 9 months! Girls having been dying from receiving this shot. Crazy!   RehnFendal 3 years ago Earth is scary. Can I get a ticket off world please?  vengencefrom1979 3 years ago Got some pesky liberals down the street making trouble? Are those hippies, queers and pot heads making you want to throw up? Then call RUMSFELD PHARMACEUTICALS! We'll not only rid your neighborhood of those anti-war menaces but we'll make sure they are blamed for their own troubles in the first place. Yes sir, with one shot of AIDs infested Hepatitis B vaccine we'll not only put an end to the sexual revolution but 'herd'  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] everyone back into the war camp where they belong! MechaBlazeEagle 3 years ago in reply to exxod255 @exxod255 May God open your eyes, Amen. Stop being sheeple  yorgosthegun 3 years ago man you are a terrible actor .  omgWTFn00b 3 years ago Wow, this guy is fucking nuts. The government isn't trying to kill you!  palmist81 3 years ago Americans always make panic out of nowhere.....  MechaBlazeEagle 3 years ago in reply to MercuryShining @MercuryShining There's more info at his web site, duh!  24Abstract 3 years ago Mercury is very poisoning. It deteriorates the individuals mind.  agun17 3 years ago @babymalai I AM USING CAPSLOCK!!!!!  Jasinna 3 years ago in reply to lindsaykeller85 @lindsaykeller85 I am really sorry for you ! I hope you are ok now again !  imRyRy 3 years ago FUCK. Out of nowhere I started feeling mentally and physically tired. I've been eating healthy fruits and vegetables and good meat (chicken, fish) for two years now. And a couple of months ago I felt a severe decline in my awareness, in my "drive", in my mental abilities. What the fuck is causing this? The human body is supposed to work perfectly when given the right environment. I've just given up drinking fluoridated water. When I'm older, I'm going to move out of this toxic ass country.   willybartlett 3 years ago They are planning to do something that makes the masses of people angry, why else would they be building the fema camps? They know something is coming and we are all gonna be against it, when we are they will put us in the fema camps. It will probably have something to do with taking a vaccine.   RehnFendal 3 years ago I'm mortally allergic to prozac.  Irvin Morocho 3 years ago in reply to willybartlett @willybartlett or the rfid chip or maybe when there's a epidemic that they create.  Irvin Morocho 3 years ago in reply to omgWTFn00b @omgWTFn00b your fucking nuts dummy  mujahideen1993 1 year ago The reason Youtube doe's not shut down the videos is becuase they simply label you as a "conspiracy theorist" in main stream media.   PolarityMovie 2 years ago Alex and other info warriors, keep up the good work. Without people putting themselves on the line nothing will ever change.  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] ppatricide 2 years ago You started out by saying all of this was fact and not opinion, but I stopped watching because all you did was fear monger and give out your own opinion. Yes, your tissues die. But guess what, you don't need the weak ones! Part of being a "normal" human being is having your weak cells killed so newer stronger ones can be produced. Thats the point of a vaccine, it shows your body a toxin and your weak cells die from it and then your body figures out how to fight it.   LuWuLuWuLu 1 year ago getting my whooping cough vaccine soon during school... sucks to suck.  thasupremeoverlord 3 years ago only a matter of time until they put drugs into the water that specifically transform the human DNA over time to produce more complete Hermaphrodite genes.   EliyshevaLovesYahweh 3 years ago Thank you.  Joshua Smith 3 years ago in reply to olga2415 @olga2415 except they don't give us any f ucking soma to cope!!!!  upinfection 3 years ago If your a follower of Jesus Christ and eat and drink anything with harmful things in it WITHOUT KNOWING IT- Ask God to purify your food and water and you shall not die. I'd also say sue the scientific community for doing this on purpose but I'm afraid of getting in trouble. (~_-)?   Joshua Smith 3 years ago jaw soreness to the point that it cracks and pops when i open it, huuuuuuuuuuuge memory loss i mean huuuuge i can't remember the last paragraph i read and i used to be a damn electrical engineer, nothing could stump me! now i can't grade a paper with out readin it 10 times before writing a few sentences! i mean what the hell!!! and people try and convince me into getting another one!!! i'll wind up brain dead after another vaccine! seriously what the hell was in that shit!   exxod255 3 years ago Yah I never take any vaccines I can help my self with good old traditional Hot food and tea. Helps all the time. I need no drugs. Time to stand against the tide.   Roger Bonner 3 years ago Way to go Alex . that artificial cel shit they developed spells hell-.Its first misuse will be worse than an atomic and the fools are still not even joining a Militia and networking to protect themselves. Educate yourselves people. Morgellons and other nano demonic crap is being developed to destroy life not save it. Why is it all so top secret if its for peace.   lilestah1 3 years ago lol at the lisping tones.  Joshua Smith 3 years ago in reply to itsu526 @itsu526 your a fucking idiot and if youd like to retort send me an email at smithjl4@goldmail.etsu.edu that's my official please do... give me something to beat you upside your head with in a literally.   vivaloriflamme 3 years ago in reply to Johnny Mac @johnnymac497 It's true about the Gates project. Easy to research. Also a vaccine/birth control they are developing that works by nanotech--- no needle.   vivaloriflamme 3 years ago in reply to bloodybloodpecker @bloodybloodpecker How do you know they eat the same food? Or drink the same water?  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] agun17 3 years ago in reply to Johnny Mac @johnnymac497 The stupid mistakes are there to confuse you.  exxod255 3 years ago in reply to upinfection @upinfection Fuck out of here with your religious crap. Help your own dam self! Don't ask your imaginary friend to hold your hand every time something bad happens. Thats weak. You need to go out and be strong for you! "god" won't remove nano machines from your body now will he?   dreamthemez 3 years ago Its amazing to me that they "the government" will go out of their way to trick you into these vaccines all in the name of health when in fact they can and often do cause just the opposite. The verdict is not out yet to what extent just yet or how far reaching. Just be careful what you take into your body. Preventative medicine is always the best in that if you eat right and take care of yourself this is all that is needed really.   enaronch 3 years ago those of you who laughs, keep laughing ur asses to the graves!! dumb fucks!! U deserve whats coming at you!!   grendelee 3 years ago in reply to dljc1979 @dljc1979 looks like youre the one thats brainwashed....  grendelee 3 years ago in reply to Daniel Johnson @DanksterZone what the hell is wrong with reducing population growth? Thats actually something we should be thinking about. I for one think better medical care is a GOOD thing, because i like human beings, how about you? Vaccines do not conatin mercury. Etc, Etc....   Paxton Tutor 2 years ago sounds like zombies to me  End Vegetarianism 1 year ago I'd rather have a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy  youshouldread 2 years ago in reply to DiosEsBueno! @nelsitotovar Well said. It's too bad that most think life is going to stay the same or can only get better. The real truth is that pure evil is held back by the hand of God and when he lifts His hand on a world that doesn't have time for a god or His rules. Well He will let them have an existance with out Him. Satan will kill as many as possible and then it's too late for Jesus. Now is the time for repentance and excepting what Jesus did for us on the cross. Keep speading the truth. Shalom   Andrew Ramirez 3 years ago in reply to dubdarel @dubdarel Exactly. I don't get the flu vaccine, simply because I find it too suspicious that the flu virus keeps 'evolving' each year around the same season. Tell me that doesn't raise a few red flags, because something doesn't sit right with me about the flu vaccine.   cocoaocean 3 years ago Cover up after cover up and jobs will be created.  boosomentity 3 years ago iv told people the basic facts, iv not embellished any of them in any way. i tell people to do their own research and make up their own minds. i ask them what exactly do our governments do. then i watch them sneer at my supposed delusions while they talk about celebs, their health problems and all the meds they take whilst sucking on a can of coke and stuffing their fat faces with additive rich food. so i ask why is it i feel healthier than they do. then they listen.   kaytielove374 3 years ago lithium is a drug given every day to millions of people suffering from bi-polar disorder 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] and it DOES help those people. I am a nurse and have seen people get better from taking lithium. I agree with some of the things Alex says like fluoride in the water is harmful and vaccines do contain chemicals that can cause very severe reactions in a minority of people. Here is an interesting concept: chronic stress lowers the body's immune system and also slows the brain processes down... caracchillo 3 years ago EVOLUTION: IF YOU DON'T USE YOUR BRAIN, YOU LOOSE IT!  ecosby100 3 years ago i scared very scared i have this horrible rash and its eating away at my ass  Sam Cole 3 years ago got Jesus ?  Zombienationlive 3 years ago Steve kicks Alex ass... Jones (the loudmouth zionist) cries to the police... Then calls his relatives in the FBI on Steve... Jones spin the story that he was jumped by four guys...   a sun 3 years ago thank you you are the brave fighter and a great leader in the war in fighting back the evil   TheBrianv1 3 years ago they are most definitely from the lineage of Cain who slew his brother...  pkmusicproject 3 years ago There is no defeat, if true this is their destiny. Your yelling at the people who may be repopulating the world. This wouldn't be public if there was any time left. Why bother with shots. Planes are more efficient. I know one thing for sure humanity evil or not has what it takes to get things done. I've always felt much different. Had an oversight the crimes and ignorance had to be stopped. I'm hoping in my heart these are effective scare tactics, looking at the world affairs I think otherwise.   cocoaocean 3 years ago Cover up after cover up and jobs will be created.  TheFreeForever 3 years ago in reply to pablo ocampo @thinknow1 It's okay to visit the doctor if you have a problem because he would know best what is the problem. But don't take their prescribed medication instead do what you do and find out a natural resource for the problem. But you should visit the doctor for finding out the cause and trouble you have!   Victoria Yasharahla 3 years ago in reply to OdeToNecrophilia @OdeToNecrophilia And what makes you so smart??? Take the warnings. Its all true.  johnyflave 2 years ago ok just give me the facts not the personal hate  Pink Program 3 years ago Oh please. You monkeys are dumb enough without them needing to dumb you down. You apes are lucky I like humans. I could use people like you so easily to kill off people like you if I wanted to. All I need to do is scare you away from life saving technology while infecting you with a disease that requires that technology and you'd do my work for me ^_^ but I like humans so I won't do that :D do you see how harmful your   MickFeria 3 years ago in reply to bigcoltsfan18 you're a goddamn moron, you wont be talking all big and bad when your brain is oozing 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] out your ears because you decided you wanted to prove everybody wrong by getting one of these vaccines. its stupid motherfuckers like you that fight the truth and thats why these type of things are happening... because there's too many ignorant assholes like you living in this country. Marcus Welby 1 year ago Why are people listening to this guy? Just another asshole preying on our fears for profit. I think he meant well early in his career.   Radosław Giziński 2 years ago in reply to lukehastorun @lukehastorun Lithium and Mercury dissolve in H20 into ions Li(+) and Hg(2+) or Hg(+). Ions go throu any cell mambrane VERY easily. Shot containing compounds with this ions will result in some health consequences. But still NO virus, baceria and any cell is not allowed to pass through brain-blood barrier.   starbehindclosedoor 1 year ago WHEN MY SON WAS 18 MONTHS, HE BECAME EPILEPTIC. HE HAS SINCE NOW GROWN OUT OF IT, THANKS BE TO GOD, HOWEVER HE IS ONLY 7 NOW, AND THE DOCTORS SAY THIS IS EARLY TO GROW OUT OF IT. I BELIEVE IT IS BECAUSE IT WAS CAUSED BY THE IMMUNIZATIONS. IF I HAD TO DO IT ALL AGAIN, I WOULD NOT GIVE MY CHILDREN THE SHOTS. BE CAREFULL   OmegaSeekerr 3 years ago in reply to bigcoltsfan18 @bigcoltsfan18Bible is indeed S F, as is “From the Earth to the Moon, 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea & The Time Machine. These dreams are coming true. Yes. Even the last! (Youtube's The Real Time Machine!) Verne has his NASA. John of Rev will have/did have his too because due to well proven General Relativity, Time circles. New Jerusalem is a 1500 mile cube mentioned in last 2 chapters in Bible. Science gives Christ His well deserved Kingdom! He has had the entire Circle of Time to progress.   Brucev7 3 years ago in reply to bigcoltsfan18 @bigcoltsfan18 LOL! Seeking love, truth, health is so sad?? C'mon. Put the pipe down!  bigcoltsfan18 3 years ago in reply to Brucev7 @Brucev7 You are truly deluded. These so called 'Sins' have been around since the dawn of man, we've always had trouble throughout history, and we've always had crazies that have said that we are evil people. You want ppl to believe that they are sick and have to be healed, you want to keep them oppressed, and to live in the dark. Born sick, and commanded to be well. Humans are inherently good, we dont need a god for a moral compass, im sorry but if you do, than that doesnt say much for you.   tropical481 3 years ago marijuana will make you smarter and not depressed!  bigcoltsfan18 3 years ago in reply to Brucev7 @Brucev7 No that's not the truth at all. You would like everyone to be afraid of some 'all seeing, all knowing' being, but the fact of the matter is everyone is starting to wise up and see the danger in your deluded beliefs. Accountable for what exactly? I noticed all you cared to respond to was the truth part of my reply, not the part about health or love. You are not commanded in truth, you are indoctrinated into believing you know the truth, and everyone else are fools. Again, Im sorry for U.   bigcoltsfan18 3 years ago in reply to Brucev7 @Brucev7 You and other practicing ppl of religion dont seek love, you seek intolerance, bigotry, hypocrisy, and the mass brain wash of our youth(shove the fear down their throat theyll turn out ok). You dont seek truth, you seek your version of the truth, you all love facts, as long as there your facts. You dont seek health, if you did your kind would not be so determined to get stem cell research banned, the religious seeks health, lol. Tell that to the millions of aid sufferers in Africa.   bigcoltsfan18 3 years ago in reply to Brucev7 @Brucev7 I don't even know how to respond to this, I take it as you saying I wouldnt go 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] to the doctor if i had cancer? (IDK) , or if I did I would be stupid, I honestly don't know how to take this reply, please clear this up. Brucev7 3 years ago in reply to bigcoltsfan18 @bigcoltsfan18 And if you, or any other sane person had Cancer, they go to the Doctor, if they break a leg. But your reasoning is to not seek medical attention. Ha!   T3hPwnageBAM 3 years ago If the government wanted to couldn't they silence alex or kill him or something? idk all his videos seem like bs to me   bigcoltsfan18 3 years ago in reply to Brucev7 And your view of the world is so very sad and depressing. You wont admit it and i dont expect you to but ppl like me and other atheists scare ppl like you not in a physical way but in a deep self-questioning way and in the way we talk facts and scream NO MORE OF THIS SELF DEGRADATION NONSENSE. You want to talk about the evil of men I dont believe in evil so lets call it wicked things men do..all in the name of a god, now thats went on, all thru out history and look what has happened when they do   BrendanIsCool 3 years ago in reply to Ben @weisslerb It takes great depths of ignorance and fear to believe a man who had some community college education knows complex politics, biochemistry and economics. Fuck these people.   Brucev7 3 years ago in reply to bigcoltsfan18 @bigcoltsfan18 Why do you speak lies? You know better than that. You know that we are commanded in truth. We don't shove anything. Your delusional. You are just trying to cover your own sin. God sees, hears everything you say or think. You fear accountability. Don't you? That's the truth isn't it?   Brucev7 3 years ago in reply to bigcoltsfan18 @bigcoltsfan18 Jesus Christ is the Doctor. He is the remedy to sin. To the appointment with death. Eternal separation. Seek Him quickly before it's too late.   bigcoltsfan18 3 years ago in reply to Brucev7 @Brucev7 No thank you, I don't need an imaginary friend to make my day better. I wake up everyday and am so glad not to believe in a god. Please wake up from your daydream, and read something more than articles on the internet and the bible. I don't seek because there is nothing to seek, god is not there to seek.   n310ea 3 years ago in reply to T3hPwnageBAM @T3hPwnageBAM His videos, whether they are true or false, are just a wake up call for us to fight against our out-of-control government.   Lub Dub 3 years ago If they're doing this to the water, why aren't people any nicer or happier? The way I see it there's more zombie assholes than ever....poor moods and dim wits.   CONSTRINGACY 3 years ago I hope they do brain wash all these people then i can rule them all!  Griffin Elliot 2 years ago The path of the wicked will be thwarted. The warning & the chastisement are coming. They will try to explain it away scientifically, but, to NO avail. Children of THE LIVING GOD: Be NOT afraid! Our Father hears our pleas! His mighty arm WILL intervene!   kaytielove374 3 years ago I believe it is safe to assume that the average american is under significant amounts of chronic stress so who is to say that Americans as a whole are getting 'dumber' or more 'passive' because of chemicals in foods/vaccines whatever.. perhaps there is other explanations. Things are not always as they seem.   nickgonewalkabout 1 year ago
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] The following website indicates 18 mcg of mercury will kill a human being (.000006 mcg will kill a 2.5kg baby). Mercury then, more toxic than a black mamba. See for yourself the infographic by googling website '42 Substances That Can Kill' -- You tube comment box will not accept URL. Would this not constitute grounds for criminal charges against any medical community sponsoring thimerosol and similar toxins?   iwatchutubevids 3 years ago Honestly I have never heard of anyone ever getting any of the shots he is talking about. Anti-depression, drug addiction, stress shots? Even if they were available if you think they are going to be available without being studied thoroughly, think again. Think about how hard people fought to keep people from receiving the swine flu vaccine, imagine how hard people would fight to keep a vaccine that directly affects your brain off the   davidpup415 3 years ago in reply to sleek462 @sleek462 I agree with you, I enjoy learning more information but sometimes you have a feeling that they are changing adding things to what the portrays as the true, and i have always questioned alex jones something just doesn't feel right and his videos are just putting in fear, just because he is a "icon' for the true movement you cant believe everything one must learn to think on thier own with no outside influnces... well I hate nights like these when im looking at these things....   Brucev7 3 years ago @jeffrey42088 An old worn out canard. People oppress and murder. Your delusional. Never have seen or heard of that. Your speaking of satanic cults. Find the truth, not rhetoric. Joh 14:6   Brucev7 3 years ago @0Honza Haven't had a Flu shot, haven't had the Flu in over 26 yrs.  Brucev7 3 years ago in reply to bigcoltsfan18 @bigcoltsfan18 Like Billions? Actually your not aware of the discoveries in science and medicine by Christians. Get informed. Open your mind. Seek the path of building instead of only the limited path of 'self.'   Brucev7 3 years ago @jeffrey42088 Sounds like your already in one. The dead are not to be worshiped. Find love in Christ. Time is getting shorter.   bigcoltsfan18 3 years ago in reply to Brucev7 @Brucev7 anyone that believes this is well, just plain ignorant and highly paranoid...Come out of your caves and stop believing in nonsense....   Brucev7 3 years ago in reply to bigcoltsfan18 @bigcoltsfan18 Continuing to live in the delusion of the beginning of, 'Yea hath God saith?' Sin continues, drugs, pornography, lying, destruction. Yea, that's the correct path. Just keep the Boo Tube on. O holy dollar(4 cents), O holy sports(athletes in trouble), O holy Ipad.   Brucev7 3 years ago @jeffrey42088 Prove He doesn't exist...checkmate. Then prove yours. Game over.  Brucev7 3 years ago @jeffrey42088 With a closed mind, and a hardened heart, you, nor anyone will be able to see. When one pushes them self to attacking another, it is for lack of reference.   Brucev7 3 years ago in reply to davidpup415 @davidpup415 Safeway is Mormon (cult) owned. FYI  Brad Turner 3 years ago in reply to Johnny Mac @johnnymac497 lmfao the evidence is all there man, this guy isn't going to talk about all of this without having factual info to back it up, all the links are provided for your own opinionated research, i know this is happening, its no suprise, the government is fucked  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] and its all to clear by now to realize that they are fucking with our minds. i have no doubt in the world that what he talks about is what they are doing. If my way of life is retarted then so are many others lives. Brucev7 3 years ago @jeffrey42088 Of course you do. You are under the delusion of the god of this world. Break free. Only by the blood of the lamb of God. Joh 14:6   davidpup415 3 years ago in reply to Brucev7 @Brucev7 I dont understand your reply...  bigcoltsfan18 3 years ago in reply to Brucev7 Yeah, just because billions of people may believe it still doesn't make them any less crazy nor does it validate this garbage. Its funny in the age of info people still cant decipher between what is real and what is nonsense, propaganda, fear based fairy tales. Sounds real legit when ppl say 'Yeah its the truth, I read it on the net',dismiss it right that second. I am open minded, I just feel sorry for ppl like you that have their head shoved in the bible so much they can't see thru thse jokes.   Joshua Smith 3 years ago Sadly before I knew about the vaccines and all I had my first H1N1 vaccine in november of last year, that very night I had the first anxiety attack of my life sitting and watching a disney movie with my sisters I thought I was going to DIE and I got to the hospital and told them over and over that I had an H1N1 shot that day and that is the only thing that could be doing this! EVERY F8CKING DAY SINCE THEN!! i've had ridiculous twitches which will knock my pen out of my hand   Joseph Stalin 10 months ago What a load of ridiculous, pseudo-scientific bullshit. The only people backing Alex Jones are the gullibe, the ignorant and scientifically illiterate, the paranoid and generally insane. And you people have the nerve to call others "sheep". Good riddance.   MercuryShining 3 years ago Where are all of his supposed interviews with scientists? If he really had them, don't you think he ought to have put those links FIRST?   MissEVitale 2 years ago no good scum evil criminals... they all need to be thrown in to prison for eternity....  dljc1979 3 years ago in reply to Anshuman @331446757 | they are doing it everywhere white people are the majority population, we are the people they want to kill the most because we give them the most trouble, of course they are doing it in canada.   iptvproplus 3 years ago Hey Alex i'll post this on Foxnews its one of the URL i own Great job!  sleek462 3 years ago in reply to MissingTrillions @MissingTrillions When I was a kid I use to get excited every time I got one of their disks because I would use it has a frisbee :]   davidpup415 3 years ago in reply to bloodybloodpecker @bloodybloodpecker you ever seen billionares at safeway?  Johnny Mac 3 years ago in reply to Brad Turner @Zubav I don't accept nonsense without evidence, that is your own retarded way of life.  schokolade975 3 years ago Well, fortunately there is freedom of opinion in all democratic countries - including the freedom not to follow every one. What's that for a crap? Of course there is a need for vaccines. It definitely prevented more severe damage than it caused. Compared to  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Germany you seem to exaggerate a bit, vaccinating much more often than we do. Of course everybody should calculate the personal risks. I decided not to get vaccined against the swine flue. One should be aware of potential side-effects. paranormalsmyworld11 3 years ago Alex your a legend. xxxxxx  SergeBach 3 years ago Thank you for this information !  fukkingepic 3 years ago I havn't ever had a flu shot, and i also have never caught all these flus that come around every year, i eat all natural organic foods, and guess what im never sick..hmmmmm must mean something rite? hah   VioletS2Dream 3 years ago wish this video had more views... this is so much more important that latest pop songs:S   Neil Baron 3 years ago in reply to FukTheNewWorldOrder @FukTheNewWorldOrder lol wow FACTS! ppl dont wanna know  bigcoltsfan18 3 years ago this cannot be real, somebody please tell me this is meant as satire.  schokolade975 3 years ago Of course vaccines shouldn't be considered food and shouldn't be swallowed like they were - of course there shouldn't be lithium in the drinking water - and of course - there should never have been fuoride in it either. We should be careful regarding ANY unnatural substance and stay as close to the nature as possible - eating biological food - fighting against the population explosion letting us less and less choices to act as   dragonfly876 3 years ago I wish rolled eyes could translate to Youtube comments.  weirdunit1 3 years ago jeffrey42088 You are either a disinfo shill or a dumb mofo. Turn off your tv and google "vaccinne toxic ingredient"s ALL vaccines have unnecessary neurotoxins to fux up your brain.. Check the cocktail ingredients given to newborn babies on the same day of birth, Hepatitis B   longfootbuddy 3 years ago not eating theyr food or getting shots isnt going to cut it...soon theyll be putting things in all food and drink, the water in cities, and in the air for all of us to breath...people have to stop it, not just stop doing business with them   Brad Turner 3 years ago in reply to Johnny Mac @johnnymac497 You prick, why are you not supporting this, fuck your brain is clearly already been re-engineered.   sleek462 3 years ago People must fix themselves before they can fix their country. Honestly, I am positive if every one was aware of themselves and their soul they would have enough common sense to not accept anything the elite throw at us and these people would have never been in power in the first place.   sleek462 3 years ago People please don't bash this comment. I have always had a sketchy feeling about alex jones. I say that because he usually mixes real information with dis information(shown by william cooper) and the way he portrays his information puts fear in us just like the media does and in actuality that lowers a humans vibration frequency.. So whether he  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] has good intentions or he is actually working with the elite, I'm not sure. Someone care to reply to this comment and give me your views about him?? russianlegionaire 2 years ago in reply to Radosław Giziński @rgizinski Of course, no argue in that. But you have to admit, they admitted their is mercury in it. but i guess its another argument if they say their isn't anymore mercury, haha. h t t p : / / w w w . nvic . org / faqs . aspx   Oldman Jenkins 1 year ago in reply to nickgonewalkabout Really, you are hanging on the the already debunked thermasol argument? NSSM200 was a study of population growth from 1974 as it relates to LDC's (least developed countries) and surplus food supplies (as it relates to the acquisition of mineral supplies) and how if necessary to use the inherent unrest to ones agenda. Read up on confirmation bias "whereby one tends to notice and to look for what confirms one's beliefs." That is neither science, nor critical thinking.   Marylin Mejia 3 years ago YuP sPeaK da TrUTH!!!  SCUMiNex 3 years ago in reply to spastic505 @spastic505 Got any hard evidence?  piggypolice 3 years ago in reply to SCUMiNex @SCUMiNex As soon as he said ''essence'' I thought of Gen Ripper!  SCUMiNex 3 years ago in reply to Prophecy - End of Days @TheCandaceH No, you can easily test it. Find two food samples, with one containing a certain amount of pollutants. Pray, and you can see if the level of pollutants increases or decreases. If it does, and you can replicate the test multiple times with the same result, you will contribute to proving prayer is a legitimate way to remove pollutants from food.   Katie Weeks-Walker 3 years ago amen thank you for getting out there and telling the thuth  monstersupra808 3 years ago in reply to SCUMiNex @SCUMiNex then test it  Johnny Mac 3 years ago To present this as "fact" is complete nonsense. His attempts to spread fear only benefits the elites. How many people are involved in the conspiracy this time, millions? Are all doctors in on this conspiracy also? Are we just supposed to believe someone without any medical qualifications? Anyone that just simply believes every word this guy says without evidence needs to take a look at their source. A BIO MOSQUITO?? HAHA BILL GATES? He can't even make a working computer product.   websuspect 3 years ago AOL does not allow posted responses to its articles. Iif you came here from the posted AOL article. Some of you may sense some of these things are true going wrong with America and our government. Obama not a US citizen. The economy is failing ect. This is hard medicine to swallow but we are doing this for you. To wake you up. Please research these articles for yourself.   Martina Poole 3 years ago @spastic505...... I love all people. It is not the people's fault. This is a war between good and evil. The higher power's mainly the Builderburg want us all under their control. I am a Christian. I believe God loves all. No matter where you are or what religion you are. The Bible says .... For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. The only way to God is Jesus Christ.   SCUMiNex 3 years ago in reply to monstersupra808
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] @monstersupra808 But I have no interest in testing it.  Prophecy - End of Days 3 years ago in reply to SCUMiNex @SCUMiNex Maybe by you who have no faith.  annoloki 3 years ago in reply to Johnny Mac @johnnymac497 This is a complete fabrication. Bill Gates was talking about the problem with vaccines vs malaria is that the mosquitos and the malaria becomes resistent to it, and what you're left with is an even more deadly malaria. They wanted to create something that mosquitos couldn't develop a immunity to. If you actually care about the real truth, rather than Alex's fear mongering version, copy this code into the youtube search box: YnSKrzmpKGw (for some reason I can't post links on here)   Prophecy - End of Days 3 years ago Pray over your food before you consume it. Pray to God to find the food that isn't poluted. God will provide.   SCUMiNex 3 years ago in reply to Prophecy - End of Days @TheCandaceH Aren't I a child of God purely because I exist?  wyrda222 3 years ago in regards to adding lithium isn't that a metal? I've read before about coloidal silver being a good thing as there's less metals in our over-farmed land?   SCUMiNex 3 years ago in reply to Prophecy - End of Days @TheCandaceH This claim is easily testable.  grendelee 3 years ago in reply to Daniel Johnson @DanksterZone oh yeah, sorry i called someone a name back, how wrong of me. Why dont you guys try to find these things out yourself, instead of just getting mad at whatever people tell you too?   trism hermes 3 years ago What he is saying is obviously true . My sis who is expert of food industry was always saying the similar thing .   Dylan Bias 1 year ago DEVIL GOVERNMENT  Psyco646 2 years ago Well who's up for a second revolution? Anybody with me?  Jonathan Freeman 3 years ago in reply to tmac9938 @tmac9938 I have to agree! While there certainly is a place for passion and citizens of the world should be angry as they watch their freedoms erode and the audacity of some of our leaders ( search bill s510 for example) proposals. If you expect the same masses you're trying to save to accept your message...you need to calm down Alex. My wife who I desperately desire to come to the truth just gets irritated by it and says, "I don't care...shut off that yelling..how can you listen to that?"   Prophit0 3 years ago Those people who are doing this are the only ones we should ever go to war against and resistance is the only way. We need their pictures posted somewhere we can view them whenever we need to move onto the next one. These are actually satanists and this is what they do. Alex is right, this is the line in the sand.....t hey crossed it. It doesn't take more than 5% to do it.   MrHEISdaMAN 3 years ago alex jones thank you for this information the war is on god bless us all !!!!!!!!! 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] PORTUGAL1010 3 years ago DEMOCRACY = SLAVERY = BANKRUPTCY. Learn how ot be FREE and get away for the CORPORATE unlawful Lawyers Monopoly in DC. Learn more and join the Lawful, Constitutional, Honorable, Peaceful Restored Republic. RepublicOfTheUnitedStates. org   IconoclastRadio 3 years ago in reply to Jonathan Freeman @metajonn Fuck you stupid  Nick Storm 3 years ago Reminds me of the FILM EQUILIBRIUM... (2002) Where the whole of society has to take their pills every day on the dong to suppress their emotions. sick, but great film, well worth a watch, Thanks Alex.   chokolate999 3 years ago in reply to Nick Storm @britishnick dudee true that  chokolate999 3 years ago uhhh :O WOW dude this is INTENSE  Alexander Haughin 3 years ago Go for it Alex you have my vote and anything i can do !!!!! stand up to the true Satan  Jonathan Freeman 3 years ago "You've decided to put your soul on the side of darkness for all eternity..." AMEN ALEX!! That word of truth was Holy Spirit inspired!   Vikyshor Queen 3 years ago I would like to hear better what this man is telling there,. Sometimes, the sound is so loud that I can not understand his words. If what he is telling us is true, it is importanta ti know and ti undestand properly, isn't it.   GBiv78 3 years ago The NWO are just plain psycho, they have to go.  Vikyshor Queen 3 years ago ISometimes, I can not hear what this man says in this video. If what he says here is true, we have to understand properly his massage. Could you reduce all the added sounds over his voice or remove them completely, please?   Martina Poole 3 years ago I used to be a proud American. Now, that my eyes have been opened to what the government is doing, I am finding it very hard to be proud of or government. I love Americans and have have faith that American's will wake up, and take our country back, even if it has to be by force. God bless us Americans.   marc boyer 3 years ago 2Tim 3 they will go from bad to worse. HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM  ccneedle 3 years ago They can't afford to maintain their totalitarian socialistic system without killing the "useless eaters." And I guess most of us are considered useless eaters . . . even though I am working and paying my taxes so that my pay can go to support those who will not support themselves.   veotumuerte 3 years ago in reply to parkplace6677 Anyone seen the turd eater that is parkplace6677? No? He never did tell me if prefered nutty or smooth "peanut butter" as he calls it!.   SCUMiNex 3 years ago
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Wow, this guy sounds like Brigadier General Jack Ripper. My suggestion? Perhaps you should research an issue outside the information handed to you by the person campaigning against it...also don't listen to an undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenic.   Jonathan Freeman 3 years ago in reply to IconoclastRadio @IconoclastRadio Says the poster who hides behind some label instead of their name...  Barry 2 years ago ALL the people who gave this video Thumbs Down should be Slaughtered.  A sandhu 3 years ago H1 n1 vaccine......  ShockBrotherStudios 3 years ago 300,000 views. What a shame!!!! Look at Justin and Ga-Ga and see what the frightened people want to hear about. Thank you Alex, I had no idea how far it all went.   jfeerg61 3 years ago Moron!  Sebastian781 3 years ago doesn't it remind you of the movie 'Serenity' ?  harrymanbackftw 3 years ago I dont put anything passed anyone considering previous experiments such as tuskeegee and mkultra. I dont believe in pharmaceuticals. I have and never will get a vaccine. They scare people into getting vaccines, so there may be some truth to this.   TADGELL 3 years ago i was surprised to find out that alex jones is only 36 years old. i thought he was like 45.  tmac9938 3 years ago i'll send videos like these to family and friends when you stop presenting it in an embarrassing manner. videos like this will make people resistant to sharing the most important part, the information. be more neutral in your delivery and production alex.   Jarrett Laskowske 3 years ago in reply to minnesotavikingsnfl @minnesotavikingsnfl Alex has had doctors and scientists on many times. Us "insane anti-vaccine idiots" have science on our side. Using four letter words and wishing harm upon others doesn't help your case.   joe18370 3 years ago what do we do ,we need to form our own army to stop this.i just ate pancakes with corn syrup damit, i still get angry and im made as hell lets rally joe   Adeptmind 3 years ago in reply to WeaponOfMyDestructio @WeaponOfMyDestructio - It is ALL true.. you can google scholar everything and within about 15-20 minutes and see it is all verified. Im guessing you probably use flouride toothpaste and have lost your ability to feel that much passion about something. You clearly don't agree with everything he said either.. but imagine if you did... that means you believe your gov. is trying to dumb you down and kill you.. wouldn't you be pretty passionate too? You have to be pretty passionate to risk your life   Sebastian781 3 years ago oh and by the way, what's the name of the movie in the end ? thanks in advance  veotumuerte 3 years ago in reply to parkplace6677 @parkplace6677 cant? don't you mean CAN'T! You CAN'T spell for shit, can you fuckwit. Additionally, "you are" contracted is YOU (subject pronoun) + Are (2nd person  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] singular from the "VERB "to be, and is contracted as "YOU'RE" and not "YOUR"! E.g, "YOU'RE" a dumbfuck, and that green looking liquid running out "YOUR" (possessive pronoun) nose, is what used to be "YOUR" (possesive pronoun) brain. School's over for today, now run along FUCKWIT. Thet3 3 years ago Fuck the world problems!! I wanna see what paris hilton is doing today on tv!!! lmfao!! us Americans...   VonHelton 3 years ago The *only* possible solution. watch?v=X_x61-iMkAg  Flashstorm100 3 years ago in reply to Daniel Johnson @DanksterZone Yeah yeah, there are no stars in the Apollo photos, steel doesn't melt at 1800 degrees, fluoride is rat poison. I've heard it all man. Conspiracy theorists, lol.   OmegaSeekerr 3 years ago Autistic. Prescribed glutamate blocker by legitimate Shrink to stop some of the melt downs & brain damage excess glutamate causes us. We're brilliant & temperamental because our own natural levels of glutamate is so high but too much causes brain damage. Was given a list of 40 names the FDA allows glutamate to hide under due to the fact it makes food more tasty but folks won't buy stuff if they know it's there. Hydrolyzed protein which is used as preservative in virus vaccines is on that list!   madjaxx40 2 years ago I was in the hospital last week for a biopsy, I was asked 3 times if I wanted a flu shot. Each time I said "NOOOO". After the third time I was asked "why are you refusing the flu shot". I replied simply "I don't NEED or WANT it". Seems like a good answer to me.   xSkateOrPlayGuitarx 2 years ago THANK YOU ALEX JONES! YOU ARE THE ONLY NON-IDIOT WHO HAS THE FUCKING BALLS TO STICK UP TO THESE MASS GENOCIDE WAR MONGERING EVIL ENTITIES, THERE IS NO WAY POSSIBLE THESE MEN ARE HUMAN, SUCH FILTH AND WORTHLESS WASTES OF AIR TRYING TO CONTROL US BY OFFERING PROTECTION, THEN BULLDOZING US JUST LIKE THE TACTICS HITLER USED TO KILL THE JEWS. THIS IS 21ST CENTURY DICTATORS TRYING TO CONTROL THE WORLD! CAN PEOPLE NOT LOOK BACK IN HISTORY? THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO RAN MONOPOLIES AND KILLED MANY!!!   NUN YAH 3 years ago in reply to annoloki @annoloki sure,that's what ole billy boy meant,yeah dat's it,hey lok did ya git yer shot's yet!!!.   lindasayshello1 2 years ago Hitler's Illuminati Occult club for only Men have Hitler style called " ONE WORLD ORDER" I just seen a video of are Pope saying he is all for this one world order. Watch on youtube that show called Decoded on the Vatican. Evil took it over. They have the Shroud that are Jesus Christ was wrapped in when they took him down off of that Cross.   parkplace6677 3 years ago in reply to nottinmatterz2day @nottinmatterz2day Great. You live in your mom's basement and you panhandle by the highway off ramp all day. Typical tea bagger. What an a-hole.   BlackRussian07 3 years ago Drink Kangen water only!  parkplace6677 3 years ago in reply to billions14 @billions14 As horrible as it may be to pass out and wake up with a prick in my mouth, at least in that case I would have been raped. You go out and suck dick because you are a queer. You not only do it because you like it, you pay guys to do it to them. You sit around and watch Alex "Jim" Jones videos and blow guys you dont even know. At least you arent in the airport mens room with tea bagger activist larry craig, you fag.  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Se7enBeatleofDoom 3 years ago Sound like to me your brain already been drugged.  parkplace6677 3 years ago in reply to nottinmatterz2day @nottinmatterz2day Yeah, I noticed you bums working real hard at all those tea bagger ralleys this summer. What kind of job lets you just take off so you can go stand around bitching with a bunch of other smelly, unwashed a-holes? Oh yeah..welfare. Your real beef is that you can't yell gimmie, gimmie, gimmie loud enough. You look like a bunch of dope smoking hippie war protesters. You must all live in some dirty, roach infested commune down the road. Disgusting. get a job, you trash.   parkplace6677 3 years ago in reply to Diamond Geezer @depoty If you ask me, Alex "Jim" Jones is a failed cult leader wanna be. He only cares about sowing seeds of division, anger and fear so that we turn on each other because it is good for his business. The business of dividing America is good for him. He gets paid by the gold companies to make you so scared you sell everything and buy gold. You suckers are gonna get fleeced when that gold bubble bursts. You dumb arses   gimme abreak 3 years ago Can the miscreants behind all this cope with each other? I mean, someone has to be "The Leader". This person will become the target for the "other leaders", in the hopes one of them will take over. Can they ever trust each other? Devising plots and schemes like this, I don't see how.   parkplace6677 3 years ago @tightthunder You used "whom" wrong. It should be "who." A quick test is to substitute he and him for who or whom. He is the shorter of the two, so you use who which is also the shorter of the two. Since your post makes sense if you say "He cant resist" you would use "who cant resist." Maybe if you had paid attention in school, you ignorant pile of animal waste, I wouldn't have to teach you this shat. I'm sick of you people "whom" were too lazy to give a crap about school. You moron JERK.   parkplace6677 3 years ago in reply to BlackRussian07 @BlackRussian07 How pathetic is it that tea baggers couldn't stop Kagen's confirmation. Its almost sad that you turds cant get your shat together long enough to mount a credible defense of your "principles." Maybe you don't know what principles are, you are all so morally bankrupt its not funny. I feel like I am watching the globe trotters and you animals are the washington generals. How does it feel to loose on every single material issue of our day? You losers just lose like lying losers.   parkplace6677 3 years ago in reply to shaymus crow @aramhampson You anarchists have been scaring people about scientific advances since they wanted to put floride in the water. It was anarachists like you who gave U.S. nuclear weapons secrets to the Russians because you were so scared of a world in which only the U.S. had them. Everything scares you douchebags. The sight of a terrorist would make you wet your frilly panties, you cross dressing faggots. Why dont you just get the sex change operation, you queers.   Diamond Geezer 3 years ago AleX Jones is calling for one thing and one thing only...WAKE UP !  kinito1 3 years ago in reply to shaymus crow @aramhampson I'm pretty sure the degree makes me smarter. The fact that not one person who has actually studied Biology believes this nonsense makes it evident that the conspiracy theories are absolute nonsense. Read through basic cell biology, then look up how cell receptors work, and then look up how neurons work and then look at a book on basic neurobiology, and you'll realize how silly all this is. Or you can just believe Alex Jones and his scary looking Wikipedia articles.   kinito1 3 years ago in reply to shaymus crow @aramhampson Yes, he's taking normal studies, and adding a stupid conspiracy twist to it. I know the science behind what he's talking about, and his interpretations are pathetic. If you don't know the science behind it, don't bother.  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] PatriotofAmericaBMF 3 years ago Hey Alex keep tellin them brother  nottinmatterz2day 3 years ago in reply to parkplace6677 @parkplace6677 i dont believe in having welfare benefits or unemployment benefits  Kr0n1k4Lyfe 3 years ago It says in the scriptures men who receive the mark of the beast will receive the full wrath of God. It is something used to buy or sell and basically control everything and create a cashless society, The AntiChrist puts this mark into motion, and when you accept it you are pretty much pledging Allegiance to Satan.Look at all the Satanic symbolism in Washington,the eye and pyramid on the dollar bill,all Satanic symbolism.The pentagon is the inside of the hexagram which is also Satanic symbolism   WakeUpInDaMorning1 1 year ago They should make a vaccine that makes you produce a chemical to repel mosquitos and other insects. Wouldn't that be great!   bertha yellowfinch 5 months ago in reply to coltsrule5150 coltsrule, you should work in a research lab. What's going on is way worse than you think.   alleygh0st 2 years ago The scientific establishment is what we are talking about here. Not science, not the methodical observation of nature and phenomena...Big Science is clown shoes...   GoodSmokeWeed 2 years ago Load the gun.  parkplace6677 3 years ago in reply to Aerospace357 @Aerospace357 You flocking liar turd. Not only do you make up new screen names every day, but you use those screen names to make preposterous claims. You are too flocking stupid to have any kind of degree. You are a failure and a washout at everything you have ever done. Loser. Liar. Loser liar. Cork sucking mother flocking pile of dog crap you worthlessw piece of garbage. Go flock yourself, you moron a-hole.   vi2ua1ize1 3 years ago Chem trails make people angry! Vacine will make them feel better?  nottinmatterz2day 3 years ago in reply to parkplace6677 @parkplace6677 you idiot  hoah 3 years ago in reply to shaymus crow @aramhampson first of all your post makes no sense. I doubt you even understand how genetic modification works, little less its basis in natural processes and evolution.   nottinmatterz2day 3 years ago in reply to parkplace6677 @parkplace6677 at least we work for a living  kinito1 3 years ago Funny how the people who believe this don't hold University degrees.  faizal525 3 years ago Alex..I hope..i really hope, mankind wakes up...keep up the good work!  Aerospace357 3 years ago @kinito1 actually I do.. Aerospace Engineering. 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Anthony Plaza 3 years ago ur going down bingo haters!  MrGhnjk 3 years ago Kann der auch Deutsch ? Hat wer Lyriks? Ich verstehe nicht alles.  Ishmi Bohn 3 years ago This is why scientology have fighted Psychiatry since Hubbard saw this comming eons ago.. Support the international CCHR.ORG that works hard to fight Psychiatry! ..or cchr.no in Norway   linasept28 3 years ago Alex Jones is a traitor to the US people,he helps keep the focus off zionist jews who control the US govt.and who r destroying US by putting all the blame on US govt. therefore turning US citizens against their own govt. colapse US$,BP oilspill & many other ways,jews beleive their messiah is coming soon and will rule the world and monetary system from jerusalem,google or youtube 'third temple mount',jews beleive any one who is not a jew has no soul,we're animals to them. nowarforisraeldotcom   jack mason 3 years ago hehe iv gota show this to one to my frends in the nhs fawell my frends just in case i shut up as i know to much to much however they are putting load of stuff in food to get you adicted to it.   inlinevoid 3 years ago in reply to BoxingPride @BoxingPride Maybe the 'brain-eating vaccine' is real! It seems to have gotten to you because you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. I'm not sure if your irrelevant ramblings of random objects were intentional and have some underlying meaning to them that I'm just not seeing or if you are just plain stupid. Or maybe you're just a troll... Either way, thanks for proving my point that only morons believe in these anti-government conspiracy's.   Aerospace357 3 years ago Freemasons to rule the world 2012! They have my vote, how about yours??  1jtbt1 3 years ago in reply to edgar669966 @edgar669966 Don't dirink the rain water unless you filter it first. Don't forget about CHEMTRAILS! They are coming in all directions!   parkplace6677 3 years ago in reply to nottinmatterz2day @nottinmatterz2day At least I work for a living you bum. Flockling hobo moron.  NUN YAH 3 years ago in reply to tevk @tevk i did my own research too,and many of it "Jibed". but that's not what is distressing,i'm only reading what they Wan't me to read.they wan't u to know this IF u care to look for it,that means they believe that there isn't a damn thing u or i can do to stop them,this may or may not be true.however that being said,it leads to the higher question do u wanna know???,u don't have to know if u don't wan't to.   ben jerry 2 years ago in reply to alleygh0st @alleygh0st buyers like me, hahahah, you;re discrediting the hardwork of thousands of researchers, i'll tell you why i'm pissed off, have you ever studied biochemistry or molecular biology? anyone with any basic knowledge of these subjects would discredit such rubbish, ive had the chance to do to some hands on research, and its so interesting, some of these scientists work for free to help find cures, this is an insult to the subject and their work, you have yet to show evidence of such dangers   Girl7007 2 years ago in reply to Erwin Schrodinger @devileye669 Devil you are one dumb sinner. No wonder why you don't have any friends!! And yes Jesus IS REAL! And if don't hurry up and repent you will burning in the lake of fire. So don't come at me with your bullcrap. rolling my eyes and LMAO at you! You arent worth a cent!  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] Deathx Kinslayer 3 years ago wow this guy talks sooo FUKIN REAL!! i wish there were more ppl like him too much damn corruption in this fukin world and i hope to god that we all stand up to these assholes that are trying to CONTROLE US~!!! subbed!!   YouCantKillMrGOATSE 3 years ago I wish I never got the goddamn shots as a kid and as a teen. Fuck. My memory has been fucked.   goonagoonn 3 years ago Thanks Alex! The coming world dictatorship is much more ugly and inhuman that we may think of. More that 1500 secret underground bases have been built all over the world. Why? Almost anyone involved that wanted to let the rest of us know about these secret underground bases ended up either being suicided or killed in strange circumstances. The elite is playing God, and in their view we are useless eaters that don't deserve living on 'their' planet.   xcutiebabex1 3 years ago how is he being OTT? when hes on about people dieing?  tom2197 3 years ago in reply to CheifyX @CheifyX or did u lol  tom2197 3 years ago idc i live in the uk  lurkerhermit 3 years ago in reply to Kalkbrenner @Kalkbrenner Infowars response article to the Wired Hit-Piece that followed Jones' first video and Watson's first article "Brain Eating Vaccines: The Reality Behind The “Conspiracy Theory” ". read this at Infowars rather than Prisonplanet as it has the references all linked. The first Infowars article was titled "Establishment Media Pushes Brain Eating Vaccines"   KWIZ 3 years ago Whats alex's Twitter?  CheifyX 3 years ago I got the flu shot. Nothing happened. I acted the same like i always was.  covellz 3 years ago Look up Codex Alimentarius my friends. That's all...it's about food and nutrition...that's what Alex is REALLY going off about.   BoxingPride 3 years ago in reply to inlinevoid @inlinevoid please go kill yourself, idiots like you are the reason why our society is rotting and dying.Go watch your foosball and go eat your cheeseburgerz and everything will be alright.Just worship the t.v. and praise it as your god.Imbecile   edgar669966 3 years ago .....im gonna have to grow my own vegetables and raise my own livestock and drink rain water if im gonna avoid this crap   wispa1a 3 years ago in reply to Simon Richard @Total1Now His OTT way works. Ive noticed people wanna listen to him shouting. I allso understand his frustration to,   Kalkbrenner 3 years ago in reply to lurkerhermit @lurkerhermit Not so sure why you'd immediately assume I would lie to you, but no, I have not read all the articles on this subject that were posted on Jones' sites (don't worry, I will). What I did read, however, was the *original* article where literally all the subsequent "brain eating" news bits stem from, and that's also what my opinion is  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] based on. There's nothing in that original article that warrants such an alarmist mongrelhead1 3 years ago According to Cal Lightman the bastard talking @ 10min. - 11 min. zone about lithium in the water helping us is lying.   lurkerhermit 3 years ago in reply to Kalkbrenner @Kalkbrenner You are quite mistaken. Obviously you have not watched this video and the other related ones he has done on this youtube channel, or indeed read the excellent articles by Paul Joseph Watson. Don't just read the copy of the articles in the video description windows, these are well researched, links-heavy articles that Watson writes. Read it from the infowars site itself. Let me guess, now you'll say you did all those things still hold the same view ;)   yuri35435 3 years ago Cognitive enchancement has been around for a while in the neurosceince community, alot of college students including myself take smart drugs often to compensate for disorders such as adhd, autism, traumatic brain injury. Although what i am making reference to is primarily drugs like piracetam or provigil, not a bunch of vitamin thats the scientist want to put in your drinking water. But to be honest, lately people are becomming alot stupidier or want to spend less time on learning, we need this   inlinevoid 3 years ago Obviously your crackpot theories are false because I'm ANGRY that I've wasted 7 minutes of my life on this video.   FearTheReaperMan 2 years ago in reply to TriggerFRESH @TriggerFRESH Funny, your calling me a dumbass then telling me to watch his videos? lol, Ironic? Alex Jones is a moron. He knows nothing about molecular biology(or anything for that matter), all he does is spew shit out of his mouth as facts and when they are clearly not. His math skills are those of a 4th graders, there is no way he can even come close to understand molecular biology. All you people are brain washed by this fear mongering asswipe.   lindasayshello1 2 years ago Thats the reasoning behind Hitlers Scientist, is this has been planed out by Satan and his Illuminati blood line. If you would like to see what a possessed Soul of Satan looks like, then take a close up video of that person, and slow it down 20+ times, and for a few frames, you can see the Demon with in them.   Joshka Fischär 3 years ago YOU KNOW WHAT ?! LISTEN TO The Pixies - Where is my Mind AND BE FREE ;-) just chill people and enjoy your life !!!   lurkerhermit 3 years ago in reply to wikiporno @wikiporno thanks for the Misinfo at best, Disinfo at worst! Next!  Bilash Hossain 3 years ago so if people are dumb, they can use us as slaves??? o.O  aynradd 3 years ago O.o  DJFU999 3 years ago You know they're watching you, right?  Eric Hathaway 3 years ago satan is such a loser ACTS 2 38  lurkerhermit 3 years ago to touch on this point again, this word - Incrementalism. This is what has been used 
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] against us. There are millions who are awake. Within these millions, there is a percentage of us who are now, day by day, seeking ways to extricate ourselves from this mess. Most of us have to do this *Incrementally*. The first port of call is the Food you eat. Find out which companies at least *claim* they have no genetically modified ingredients in an stage of their production process... lurkerhermit 3 years ago We need to collectively, at the *very least* begin the process of incrementally, (note this word it's important) - incrementally moving towards an eventual 180 degrees about-face away from what these fiends have created for us all. Now, if you want to waste time nattering away about how much of it is simply greed etc and how much of it is malice with forethought etc. We are millions strong now, we shall suffer no fools and increasingly have lack of patience for time-wasters. We want Freedom. Now   nonayadambiznus 3 years ago strange 60k views in 1 day and after a month only 290k  lurkerhermit 3 years ago The Truth is Hard. Nobody said it was going to be easy. It's about becoming Adults, to stop being children expecting Mommy and Daddy Government and Corporations to "do the right thing by you". The only person who is guaranteed to do the right thing by you is Yourself. Family, Friends, they can mean all the world full of good, mean well to the Nth degree, but if they are lacking information,if they are lacking perspective, then all they are doing is falling in line with the mainstream.Understand?   chai shalom 3 years ago what is your ideology?  bobalazs 3 years ago almost took it seriously... i buy my own water...  Parker Duncan 3 years ago Ok i know the media lies about a alot of things (fox news,CNN ect.) but i dont think they want to kill the human race. I know it would be wrong if they did this but if they were truly to put more then 5 minutes of thought into this they would notice 2 things. 1.They would be drinking the water them selfs witch would cause 99% of them to get the viruses and drugs and also those bill gate bugs would get them 2 2.They would also notice that after they lose their leader the would would go crazy.   TRIARII117 3 years ago and i thought i was paranoid  lurkerhermit 3 years ago (cont') this is a crucial, provisional stepping stone. Ideally, one should aim towards an eventual future where they only eat what they buy from trusted local people and what they grow themselves, etc. Next up after (especially if you are in Australia where I am) is to find out if you have Fluorescent Lights in your living space. Get them out of there! They spew out electro-magnetic radiation and are known to cause all manner of debilitating health complaints.   MonolithGaming 3 years ago in reply to minnesotavikingsnfl @minnesotavikingsnfl you are obviously oblivious to whats going on. your theyre slave  Bidmartinlo 2 years ago Thank something holy for somebody knowing about the word "Humanity". But the question is: When to attack?   doverlin 2 years ago I was eager to view the links "below the video" that Alex suggested. I was disappointed to discover that all were links to his own websites - except one (the daily mail article).  
    • � Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg[4/22/2014 8:28:56 PM] While what Alex says might be true, it is dishonest to pretend to have overwhelming supporting evidence when what you have is your own material.