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Home addresses of u.s. federal government judges and other court officers

Home addresses of u.s. federal government judges and other court officers






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    Home addresses of u.s. federal government judges and other court officers Home addresses of u.s. federal government judges and other court officers Document Transcript

    • HOME ADDRESSES OF U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT JUDGES AND OTHER COURT OFFICERS 1. Introduction 30 October 2010 Immigration courts and judges are part of the Department of Justice. They are listed elsewhere in this web site, not on this page. 2. This website's publisher once wrote software that predicted well how appellate courts decide their cases. For some courts and kinds of case, predictions were better than any appellate lawyer can do. Probably relevant is that some appellate judges don't seem to read all briefs and other appellate papers, but instead merely read summaries written by clerks (people who are not judges, and sometimes are not lawyers). Often, the most important part of judging is deciding what's important and what isn't, and the clerk does that when he decides what will go into the summary and what won't. Furthermore, some clerks do not read everything, but merely read parts and skim the rest. There are many court cases in which no one in the courthouse has read every paper in its entirety. This may be part of the reason why the appellate case outcome-predicting software worked so well. We guess that the software worked best for those courts and kinds of case in which it is most common for no one, not even a judge's clerk, to read all of each paper filed in a case. Predictions did not necessarily involve any judge or court named in this website. 1.
    • 2.SU PR E M E CO UR T 1. I n t r o d u c t i o n 6 U.S. Supreme Court Building, 1943 Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division November 2010 In general in America, powerful judges (for example, appellate judges) often are called "justice". See Virginia Thomas Search for the home addresses of the judges and of Virginia Thomas. 2. Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr., born 1 April 1950 in Trenton, NJ. 2006may30. His wife is Martha Alito (formerly Martha-Ann Bomgardner), daughter is Laura, and son is Philip. Judge Alito's sister Rosemary is a New Jersey employment lawyer.
    • Appointed by G.W. Bush. SAMUEL A. ALITO, born 1950, 8 WESTOVER TER (between Central Avenue and Memorial Park, October 2004), West CALDWELL, NJ 07006-7722, Essex county; latitude 40.85048, longitude -74.28087. Recent neighbors may include Linda Garfinkel (Library Aide, Wayne Public Library; 28 Thrumont Rd, West Caldwell, NJ 07006; 40.8476, -74.27804) and MS. GAIL B LINARES (BOOKKEEPER, PARTY CITY OF ORANGE; George W. Bush $2,000; 71 WOODSIDE Ave, WEST CALDWELL, NJ 07006; 40.85034, -74.28702). If Alito still lives in New Jersey, he may commute much more to work than does any other U.S. Supreme Court judge. 3. Steven G. Breyer, born 15 August 1938 in San Francisco 1418 35TH ST NW, WASHINGTON DC 20007 4. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, born 15 March 1933 in Brooklyn, 700 NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE NW, WASHINGTON DC 20037. RUTH B GINSBURG, 600 NEW JERSEY AVE NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20001 5. Kagan 6. 29 October 2010 7. 8. Elena Kagan 9. Born 1960-04-28 New York City 10. 11. ELENA KAGAN Born Apr 1960 12. 44 SHEPARD ST 13. CAMBRIDGE, MA 02138 14. 15. ELENA KAGAN Born Apr 1960 16. 9 FOREST ST 17. CAMBRIDGE, MA 02140 (617) 868-4544 18. 19. replace John Paul Stevens, who retired 20. 5'3", softball, poker 21. She was not a judge before she was appointed to the Supreme Court. 22. She has never married. 23. 24. Elena Kagan, Age 50 25. 425 8th St NW, Apt 627 26. Washington, DC 20004-2110
    • 27. 28. north of Pennsylvania Avenue Controlled Access, Underground Parking, 24-hour Health Club, Sauna, Steam Room 29. Kennedy 2008dec1 Anthony M. Kennedy, born in 23 July 1936 in Sacramento, 6819 WEMBERLY WAY, MCLEAN VA 22101. By the way, Scalia may recently have lived at 6713 WEMBERLY WAY MCLEAN, VA 22101. 6819 Wemberly Way Parcel 0214 14 0013, one-family house, one story, 3 fireplaces, brick exterior walls, composition shingle roof, attached garage, built 1959. The house is also on Hampshire Road and (Carrie?) Court, which are dead-end streets. 30. O'Connor 2008dec1 Sandra Day O'Connor, born 26 March 1930 in El Paso, was an Arizona judge and legislator. 6023 SNOW MOUNTAIN RD, BROAD RUN VA 20137. She retired from the Supreme Court and was replaced by Samuel A. Alito, Jr. The Virginia address above is not necessarily her post-retirement address. 31. Roberts John Glover Roberts, Jr., born in Buffalo on 27 January 1955, is chief justice. He and his wife Jane M. Sullivan live in Chevy Chase, Montgomery County, Maryland, perhaps with their children Josephine and Jack. His former houe was in Maryland's District 07, Account Number 00568771, residence built in 1954, 2 stories, basement, brick exterior, 1501 square feet enclosed interior. The July 2005 value of the house was about $620k. John Roberts sold the house in November 2003 for $520k. The previous seller sold it in September 1989 for $370k. JOHN G. ROBERTS, Born Jan 1955, 6111 CROMWELL DR. (near route 190 and Goldsboro Road), BETHESDA, MD 20816-3411, (301) 320-91nn. This seems to be a former address. His current address seems to be 6805 MEADOW LA (north of Rosemary Street), CHEVY CHASE 20815-5017. District 07, Account Number 00466125, residence built 1923, enclosed area 2398 square feet, 2 stories, brick exterior, basement, $892k estimated value in July 2005, bought in November 2003 for $1,225k. According to Maryland state government
    • website information, his house may have lost much value after he bought it ($1,250k in 2003 to $892k in 2005).. 32. Scalia 2008dec1 1. Introduction 29 October 2010 Antonin Scalia, born in 1936 in New Jersey. GREENWAY VA 22067, (703) 448-0025. Wemberly ANTONIN SCALIA Born Mar 1936, 6713 WEMBERLY WAY MCLEAN, VA 22101 (703) 4480025. By the way, Supreme Court judge Kennedy may recently have lived at 6819 Wemberly Way, which we guess is about a block away. ANTONIN SCALIA Born 1936, 211 BLOUNT ST MADISON, WI 53703 (608) 251-4899 2. Wemberly Way (McLean) realty details 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. MAP #: 0212 06 0023 SCALIA ANTONIN 6713 WEMBERLY WAY Owner Name SCALIA ANTONIN, ... Mailing Address 6713 WEMBERLY WAY MCLEAN VA 22101 1529 8. Book 05765 9. Page 1773 10. 11. Parcel 12. Property Location 6713 WEMBERLY WAY 13. Map # 0212 06 0023 14. Tax District 20101 15. District Name DRANESVILLE DIST. #1A 16. Land Use Code Single-family, Detached 17. Land Area (acreage) 18. 19. Land Area (SQFT) 63,328 Big 20. 21. Zoning Description R-1(Residential 1 DU/AC) 22. Utilities WATER CONNECTED 23. SEWER NOT AVAILABLE 24. GAS NOT AVAILABLE 25. County Historic Overlay District NO 26. For further information about Historic Overlay Districts, Click here 27. 28. Street/Road PAVED
    • 29. Site Description PARK LAND 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. Legal Description Legal Description LT 23 PARKVIEW HILLS Last Refresh Date Data last refreshed: 27-NOV-08 --MAP #: 0212 06 SCALIA ANTONIN Sales History Date Amount 05/05/1983 SCALIA ANTONIN 10/26/1981 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 0023 6713 WEMBERLY WAY Seller Buyer $325,000 $265,000 Sales 1 of 2 next record Date 05/05/1983 Amount $325,000 Seller Buyer SCALIA ANTONIN Notes Valid and verified sale Deed Book and Page 05765-1773 Sales previous record 2 of 2 Date 10/26/1981 Amount $265,000 ___ MAP #: 0212 06 0023 SCALIA ANTONIN 6713 WEMBERLY WAY Values Current Land $531,000 Current Building $948,300 Current Assessed Total $1,479,300 Tax Exempt NO Note --MAP #: 0212 06 0023 SCALIA ANTONIN 6713 WEMBERLY WAY Primary Building Building Use Single Dwelling or Patio House 82. BUILDABLE-AVERAGE Style 2 Story
    • 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. Exterior Wall Material Brick Roof Composition Shingle Basement FULL Basement Rec Room Size (sq.ft) Basement Type Dormers Year Built 1966 Effective Year Built Year Addition Year House Remodeled Model Name Bedrooms Full Baths 4 Half Baths 1 Number of Fireplaces 2 # Basement Bedrooms/Dens Heating Central A/C Construction Quality GOOD 20 Physical Condition Average --MAP #: 0212 06 0023 SCALIA ANTONIN 6713 WEMBERLY WAY Structure Size Above Grade Living Area Total Sq. Ft 3,807 Basement Garage # Cars Attached Accessory Structures Structure Size % Complete ATTACHED GARAGE 600 SQ. FT. 100% Two Story Colonial Porch 328 SQ. FT. 100% Wood Deck 262 SQ. FT. 100% 115. 116. 117. --118. 119. The house is on a pentagonal parcel on the southeast of a street. 120. Also, there may be an alley or street on the parcel's southeast. 33. David Hackett Souter, born in 1939 in Massachusetts, 7904 HOLLINGTON PL, FAIRFAX STATION VA 22039, (703) 6902762. 34. Stevens He retired and was replaced by Kagan. John Paul Stevens, born in 1920 in Chicago, 1101 S. ARLINGTON RIDGE RD. (a high-rise condo project called The Representative, which seems to be also on South Lynn Street and Army-Navy Drive), ARLINGTON VA 22202. He may live about a block north of DEA chief inspector Rogelio E.
    • Guevara, and about a block west of Fashion Center at Pentagon City. 35. Thomas Clarence Thomas, born 23 June 1948 in Pinpoint, Georgia. Information about him in 1991 seems to be in "The Nominee's Soul Mate", by Laura Blumenfeld, Washington Post staff writer, 10 September 1991, Page F01. His wife, the former Virginia Lamp, worked "... as a staffer for a Republican congressman [Daub], as spokeswoman at the U.S. Chamber of ... [Commerce] and as deputy assistant secretary at the Department of Labor." "The couple live in a gray, three-bedroom house in Alexandria [Virginia], in a new Everyburb development ....". The word "Everyburb" may mean a suburban, housing development much like many others in America. The house, which seems to be on or near a hill, has a garden, lawn, and garage. He had a black Corvette and went to Fairfax's Truro Episcopal Church. The Post article was written in 1991. We do not know where Thomas lives. We guess that he may possibly live at: 0871 11 0009 6665 RUTLEDGE DR Name withheld by request. Owner Name Name withheld by request., Mailing Address 6665 RUTLEDGE DR (a long, oddly shaped parcel on the south side of a dead end street off Wolf Run Shoals Road), FAIRFAX STATION, Fairfax county, VA 220391733 Book 08325 Page 1799 Parcel Property Location 6665 RUTLEDGE DR Parcel ID 0871 11 0009 Tax District 80000 District Name SPRINGFIELD Land Use Code Single-family, Detached Land Area (acreage) 5.059 Land Area (SQFT) Zoning Description RC(Res Conservation 1DU/5AC) Utilities GAS CONNECTED 0871 11 0009 6665 RUTLEDGE DR Name withheld by request.
    • Sales Date 11/03/1992 Sale Type Amount $522,254 Seller Name withheld by request. Buyer Name withheld by request. Deed Book and Page 08325-1799 Notes Valid and verified sale 11/03/1992 $522,254 Name withheld by request. Name withheld by request. 04/27/1992 $170,000 Name withheld by request. Name withheld by request. The parcel was sold twice in 1992. The second sael was for more than three times the first sale. The house was built in 1992. 0871 11 0009 6665 RUTLEDGE DR Name withheld by request. Primary Building Building Use Single Dwelling or Patio House Style 2 Story Exterior Wall Material Brick w/some aluminum Roof Composition Shingle Basement FULL Basement Type Daylight/English (The house may be on a slope, not on level land.) Basement Rec Room Size (sq.ft) Dormers Year Built 1992 Year Addition Year House Remodeled Model Name BERKELEY CUSTOM Bedrooms 4 Full Baths 3 Half Baths 1 Number of Fireplaces 1 # Basement Bedrooms/Dens Heating Central A/C Construction Quality GOOD 20 Physical Condition Average 0871 11 0009 6665 RUTLEDGE DR Name withheld by request. Structure Size Above Grade Living Area Total Sq. Ft 4,334 Basement Garage # Cars Attached Accessory Structures
    • Structure Size % Complete ATTACHED GARAGE 550 Sq. Ft. On 28 May 2006, for almost all parcels on Rutledge Drive in Fairfax county listed on the county's website, the owner's name is disclosed (not withheld). 3.FIRST CIRCUIT 22 January 2004, judges of 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, Boston courthouse Chief Judge Hon. Michael Boudin, age 64, 81 IRVING ST, CAMBRIDGE MA 02138, (617) 576-7424 Hon. Bruce M. Selya, 431 COLE AVE, PROVIDENCE RI 02906, (401) 7519315 4.SECOND CIRCUIT 1. Main courthouse The main courthouse is the Thurgood Marshall courthouse. 2. Discussion With only one exception we have been able to find: ignorant, federally employed, law enforcement, brazen felons patrol the courthouse's exterior. The exception was aa marshal who told us how judges' illegally parked cars are handled. On one of the days we were on Pearl Street taking notes of government officers' cars, we found a car on the south side of Pearl, near the front, main entrance of the second circuit courthouse. The car was near a corner, parked beside a noparking sign. There was much evidence that the car was a judge's private property. As we took notes about that car, a marshal came to us from the front of the courthouse, seemingly concerned that we might be doing something bad. We told him what we were doing. He did not interfere with us but he stood near us, watching us take notes. As we worked, he began to chat with us. For example, the marshal told us about how illegally parked judges' cars are handled, showing us a few examples.
    • 3. Judges of 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, New York City, Thurgood Marshall courthouse. 22 January 2004 1. CABRANES 2006may26 Jose Alberto Cabranes was born in 1940 in Puerto Rico. JOSE A. CABRANES, Born 1940, 65 SPERRY RD (between route 69 and Lake Chamberlain, 08/14/2002), BETHANY, New Haven county, CT 06524-3545. Recent neighbors may have included Mary Michelle Hirschoff (Attorney, Finn Dixon and Herling) and Amy Arnsten (Scientist And Professor, Yale University). 2. GUIDO G CALABRESI, 639 AMITY RD, WOODBRIDGE CT 06525, (203) 393-0008. He was dean of Yale Law School. He teaches there. 3. Peter W. Hall 2006may26 Peter W. Hall (born 9 November 1948 in Hartford, Connecticut), works in Rutland, Vermont. 4. Jacobs 2006may26 Dennis G. Jacobs, born 1944. DENNIS G JACOBS, Born Feb 1944, 48 LANDT LN (near Indian Hill Road and route 124, 05/20/2003), POUND RIDGE, NY 10576-1734, Westchester County, (914) 764-9644. 5. Robert A. Katzmann 2006may26. Robert A. Katzmann, born in 1953. ROBERT A KATZMANN, Born 1953, 300 50TH ST (03/12/2002), NEW YORK, NY 10022 New York County ROBERT A KATZMANN, Born Apr 1953, 300 East 56TH ST (at 2nd Avenue, 03/12/2002), NEW YORK, NY 10022-4108, New York County
    • CBS sportcaster Lesley Visser lived in that building. People who may have recently lived in that building include Lorraine Mazza (Vice President, Internal Council of Shopping Cen), Ira Shapiro (Fisher, Harris, Shapiro, Risk), Bert Blitz (Attorney, Shendell Blitz Blitz&Bodson LL), Joseph Sprung (President, JBS Financial Co), Mr. Gary Jacob (Executive Vice President, Glenwood) and Stephen Jacobs (Attorney, Weil Gothshal&Manges). The 32-story apartment house at 300 East 56th Street (1048 Second Avenue, and 303 East 55th Street) is partly in a C 1-9 district (with the remainder in an R-8 zoning district) and is also in the Special Transit Land Use District along Second Avenue, all in Community Board Six, Manhattan. There are about 367 apartment units. He may have owned or lived at MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1369, lot 22, SINGLE RESIDENTIAL COOP UNIT, 411 EAST 57 STREET 8D. He may have owed to CITIBANK,NA (MS 434C PO BOX 790034, ST LOUIS MO 63179). 6. Amalya L. Kearse, 8 HOMEWORD LN, WESTON CT, 06883, (203) 226-3533 7. Pierre N. Leval, 515 WEST END AVE, NEW YORK NY 10024, (845) 679-9291. The phone number seems to be in the New York state town of Woodstock. Leval was a judge in New York. Judge Leval is a native of New York. 8. Meskill 2009mar15 Thomas Joseph Meskill had been governor of Connecticut. Possible, former adddress 218 STONY MILL LN, BERLIN CT 06037, (860) 828nnnn. He died in Florida in 2007. By the way, The Political Graveyard is a Web site which provides information about dead politicians. 9. Barrington Daniels Parker, Jr., born in 1944, 1081 WESTOVER RD, STAMFORD CT 06902. 10. Rosemary S. Pooler 2006may26
    • Rosemary S. Pooler, born 1938, works in Syracuse. xxx S POOLER, 228 LOCKWOOD RD, SYRACUSE, NY 13214. This is not necessarily current. xxx S POOLER, 525 BRADFORD PKWY, SYRACUSE, NY 13224 Onondaga county, County (315) 446-3864. property 1711007200, tax map number 043.-0107.0, owner POOLER ROSEMARY S, address 525 BRADFORD PKWY, annual real estate tax $3,350.08. Recent neighbors may have included David Cameron (SCIENTIST, SUNY UPSTATE; John Kerry $1,000; 503 Standish Dr, Syracuse, NY 13224; 43.0315, -76.10298). 11. ReenaRaggi 2006may26. ReenaRaggi, who was born 11 May 1951 in Jersey City (New Jersey) works in Brooklyn. 12. Robert D. Sack, 41 E 80TH ST, NEW YORK NY 10021. He was in private law practice in New York. 13. Sonia Sotomayor 2006may26. 1. New York City Sonia Sotomayor, born 25 June 1954 in the Bronx. SONIA SOTOMAYOR 1954-06-25 New York NY Saab convertible, Citibank saving and checking accounts SONIA SOTOMAYOR, Born Jun 1954, 3 BEDFORD ST (near West Houston Street and Avenue of the Americas), NEW YORK, NY 10014-4787, New York County.
    • MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 528, lot 1110, DWELLING ONLY - 1 FAMILY, 3 BEDFORD STREET, 5B. She bought the property from VAID JEWELERS INC and VALFA REAL ESTATE CORP (GEORGE FUNARO & CO., P.C., 1 PENN PLAZA, NY NY). She may have owed money to Chase Manhattan Bank (1 CHASE SQUARE S4, ROCHESTER NY 14643) and to CHASE MANHATTAN BANK (1 CHASE MANHATTAN PLAZA, NY NY 10081). People recently living in that building may include Jane Byrne (Lawyer, American Intl Group) and Ms. Nancy H Feinberg (EdneationalAdvovate, Self). Recent neighbors may include Lisa Baroni (Prosecutor, US Attorney's Office SDNY Dept o; 81 Bedford St, New York, NY 10014; 40.72956, 74.00228), Evan Fisher (Producer, MTV; 36 Bedford St, New York, NY 10014; 40.72796, -74.00323), Molly Lamb (Pro, Robin Hood), Steve Weiner (Computer Specialist, NYC Dept of Education; 64 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012; 40.72783, -74.00226), Kara Stern (Middle School Principal, Calhoun School; Wesley Clark $2,000; 2 Charlton St, New York, NY 10014; 40.72743, -74.00), MS. ANNE FREVOLA (ADMINISTRATOR ASSISTANT, C.B.S.; 13 CARMINE St, NEW YORK, NY 10014; 40.73087, -74.00218), James Cottrell (Physician, State University of New York; Howard Dean $2,000; 17 Vandam St, New York, NY 10013; 40.72684, 74.00335), and Alicia Hurley (Director of Federal Policies, New York University; 192 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012; 40.72977, -74.00084). 2. a Florida condo
    • 14. Chester J. Straub,, 172 CLINTFINGER RD, SAUGERTIES NY 12477. He was in a New York law firm. Judge Straub was a New York State legislator. 15. Walker 2006may26 chief judge John M. Walker, Jr.; born 26 December 1940 in New York. An uncle of Walker started the Mets baseball team. Walker was appointed to the second circuit appellate court by his cousin (who played on his college's baseball team), president George Herbert Walker Bush (Bush the Elder). JOHN M WALKER, Born Dec 1940, 5 OPENING HILL RD (south of Goulds Pond), MADISON, New Haven county, CT 06443-1955, (203) 318-0338. Recent neighbors may have included Peyton R Patterson (Chairman, New Haven Savings Bank) and Thomas Neustaetter (Venture Capitalist, Self employed). 16. Richard C. Wesley, 48 MAIN ST, LIVONIA NY 14487, (585) 346-3091. He was a judge in New York. Judge Wesley received a B.A. from a college in Albany in 1971. 4. Eastern District of New York 1. 2001sep The names of federal court judges in the Eastern District of New York (federal trial court for the 4 counties of Long Island) are listed on its web site. 5. Southern district 1. INFRACTION clerk 2006may14 Below is a not necessarily perfect account of events in 2000 or 2001. A defendant got a ticket for an infraction from the FPS (Federal Protective Service). Before trial day, he went to the main federal district courthouse for the southern district of New York. That courthouse is in southern Manhattn, across a side street from a federal prison. He wanted to go to the clerk's office in that courthouse to see the file of his infraction case. The clerk's office is in more than one room, on more than one floor, in more than
    • one building. DEFENDANT had been notified of the address of the building that the trial was going to be in but not the room number or even the floor number. The trial was going to be in that main courthouse, so it seemed right to start looking for the file there. There is one person whose job title is clerk of the court. He has many subordinates. That person's private office seems to be in a suite on the main floor of the courthouse. The defendant went to the suite, explaining that he wanted to see the file of his case. He had his case number and other information. In the hours that followed, many sincere but mistaken people sent him, within the main courthouse, on one wild goose chase after another. Much time passed. Some good-hearted people suggested going to specific rooms because, in those rooms, there were employees who would know or be able to find out which room the file was in. Some people suggested specific rooms out of a belief that the file was in that room. Much time passed. There were no signs anywhere about infractions. For example, there was no sign in the lobby with the words "infraction clerk" and a room number. In perhaps his third visit to the main floor suite which contained the clerk's private office (the suite may have been in a corner of the main floor), the defendant spotted (maybe on his right) a window in a wall. There was nothing about the window to suggest it handled infractions. There was a room on the other side of the window. There was a courthouse employee standing in that room, near the window. The defendant, who had already fruitlessly questioned many people, went to the window and questioned the courthouse employee who happened to be on the other side of the window. That employee was under the impression that infractions were handled by a special office and he guessed which floor that infraction office was on. The defendant went to an elevator that was in a bank of elevators, then took that elevator to the guessed floor. The defendant tried to enter every room on that floor. The infraction office wasn't
    • there. People who were in those rooms did not know where it was. The defendant went back to the main floor. Later, a passerby (whom the defendant had asked for help in finding the infraction office on the guessed floor) said to take an elevator to that floor. The defendant answered that he had already done so. The passserby said that the defendant had taken the wrong elevator. Defendant then decided to search the main floor for elevators. Defendant came to a corridor. There may have been light coming through a glass window on the left. The defendant walked through the corridor. At it's end, he could see another bank of elevators. The defendant took one of those elevators to the guessed floor, and there found the infraction office. An employee behind a counter quickly handed the defendant the file for the offense (infraction) case specified by the defendant. There were seats. The defendant sat and read the file he had been handed. The defendant did not search the case index for all cases with his name. While there, the defendant found out (from the infraction employee or maybe from the file) where his trial would be. It would be in a courtroom adjacent to that infraction office. The defendant had relentlessly searched for the appropriate room of the clerk's office and had eventually found the room. Roughly two hours had passed since the defendant had entered the courthouse. A normal defendant would have given up. If traffic tickets were issued to federal judges' cars, or if their illegally parked cars were towed away, we think that many more courthouse employees would know where the infraction office is. In our presence, a magistrate implied that, of the defendants who are supposed to show up for an infraction hearing, many don't. Part of this problem may be caused by southern district tickets (or other government documents) which fail to clearly say where the trial will be.
    • As far as we know, none of the federal law enforcement officers working near the southern district's main courthouse give tickets to judges' illegally parked cars there. We saw that judges' illegally parked cars there were not ticketed (although nearby cars of commoners were). Also, we were explicitly told about that policy (of not giving tickets to judges' illegally parked cars) by a federal law enforcement officer who works in that area, whose work directly involves cars parked in that area. During a trial arising out of a ticket, the officer who gives the ticket is usually a witness. That officer (or his employing agency, or both) sometimes seems to be the de facto plaintiff. Thus, a southern district infraction judge may be getting illegal favors from the witness or plaintiff. If a witness or plaintiff does illegal (or legal) favors for an infraction trial judge, we guess that the judge must recuse. A federal public defender seems to defend at least some infraction defendants in the southern district's main courthouse. We don't know if federal public defenders get the same, illegal, parking favors which federal judges get. If such favors are received, we guess that the defender has a duty to disclose receipt of those favors to his prospective clients. When a guilty driver lawfully gets a parking ticket, he must pay money. When his car is towed, he must pay more. Over a year, the value of the illegal favors can be thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars. If recusal is apapropriate, maybe it's not just infraction judges who sometimes should recuse. Most of the illegal parking and non-towing favors seem to be provided by marshals and FPS officers. Consider a prisoner who escapes from marshals while he is being tranported from one prison to another. Marshals find and arrest him, and ask a prosecutor to prosecute. He is prosecuted. This results in a criminal case, not an infraction case. If the criminal trial judge receives
    • thousands of dollars annually in illegal parking and non-tow favors from the marshal service, we guess that the judge should recuse or at least disclose the favors to the defendant. We guess that the recusal principle would also apply to appellate judges. For example, consider an appeal arising out of a trial of someone accused of escaping from marshals (a trial which resulted from marshals asking a prosecutor to prosecute). We suppose that appellate judges should recuse if they receive favors (maybe especially if the favors are illegal) from marshals. It is common for judges to illegally park next to no-parking signs near fedeal courthouses (trial and appellate) in the southern district. In the southern district, a defendant may not find out about a ticket (for example, not be handed a ticket) until after all hearings in that case. The only, certain way for a person to find if he is an offense defendant (before winning the case arising out of that ticket) is to go to the offense clerk's office to examine the case index by defendant's name. In conclusion, offense cases in the southern district (or, at least, that district's main courthouse) should be dismissed if the defendant does not appear for a hearing because: a defendant can't find out (about all cases in which he is a defendant) without checking the offense case index (which is in the offense clerk's office) by defendant's name, and the offense clerk's office is unreasonably difficult to find. The above discussion of infractions (which we also call offenses) and parking is based on events of several years ago. Much may have changed since then. 2. Mukasey 2008jun9 Michael B. Mukasey, former Chief Judge, now U.S. Attorney General. Mukasey's stepson Marc is a court officer (lawyer) at Bracewell& Giuliani and was a justice advisers to Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign in 2008.
    • Born 28 July 1941 in the Bronx, New York. MICHAEL B MUKASEY, Born 1941, 103 E 86TH ST (near Park Avenue, 03/12/2002), NEW YORK, NY 10028-1058 New York County MICHAEL B MUKASEY, 203 E 82ND ST (near 3rd Avenue, 03/12/2002), NEW YORK, NY 10028-2701 MICHAEL MUKASEY 01/2002, 163 SPRINGY BANKS RD, EAST HAMPTON, NY 11937. This may be a weekend or vacation home. MUKASEY, 210 68TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10021. In about 1987, he may have owned or lived at MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1233, lot 1015, 530 WEST END AVENUE. Maybe he's lived on Central Park West. 3. WOOD 2007feb7 Chief U.S. District Judge KIMBA M WOOD, 19 East 72ND ST, NEW YORK, NY 10021-4145. Between 5th and Madison Avenues. She was married to Michael Kramer, who has written for Time magazine and the New York Daily News. The Clinton administration considered appointing her attorney general. In about 2000, she seems to have signed a power of attorney for MANHATTAN / NEW YORK block 1115, lot 1191, making SCHNEPS, JONATHAN M., and WASSERMAN, RICHARD, her attorneys. At about that time, her addres may have been WOOD, KIMBA M.: F.E. RICHARDSON [the financial district's Frank Richardson III], 245 PARK AVENUE, NEW YORK NY 10167 US. In her youth, she was a waitress. A possible, recent phone number may be (212) 5358590. 6. Other officers of the Second Circuit 1. Samson, Martin Harris lawyer 1. Introduction 2008may2
    • He's a court officer (namely, attorney at law) of the Second Circuit Court, a few of its district courts, and New York and California state courts. He is a partner in a law firm which lobbies government much in New York State. As far as we know, he is not a court employee. MARTIN H SAMSON born in Brooklyn 1956-02-19, may have lived or worked in Port Washington NY 11050 and New Hyde Park NY 11040. 2. Possible, Recent Addresses 1. Hewlett MARTIN H SAMSON 34 HEWLETT LN, PORT WASHINGTON, Nassau County, NY 11050. (516) 3651440, (516) 365-4288, (516)365-1004. Details of 34 Hewlett Sec tio n 6 Bl ock 053 09 Lo t 76 Con do Tow n Add res s 34 Hew let t Ln, Por t Was hin Unit North Hempstead
    • gto n, 110 50 sou ths ide of Hew let t Lan e $1, 354 ,50 0 Rol l Yea r La nd Cat ego ry Pro per ty Siz e Cod e Pro per ty Cla ss Cod e Ite m Num ber NYS Sch ool Cod e NYS SWI S 2012-2013 Liber & Page ( Residential Land Title 210.01 282204 One Fam Land Descripti
    • Cod e Vi ew Pro per ty Rec ord Car ds 193 8198 5 Tax Yea r Car d/B ldg Sch ool Dis tri ct Acr es [Bi g par cel, ove r fou r ten ths of an acr e] Lot Squ are Foo tag e Lan d Cod e Loc ati on 282207 Lot Grouping 2013 1 PORT WASHINGTON UFSD - 4 0.4373 19050 PRIMARY SITE
    • Liv ing Uni ts Sty le Sto ry Hei ght 1 CDU EX CEL LEN T Gra de Ext eri or Wal ls Yea r Bui lt Yea r Rem ode led Fue l Hea t/A C Poo l Tot al Liv ing Are a Ful l Bat hro oms 2 Hal f Bat hro 1 RANCH B FRAME 1947 OIL CNTRL HTAC Yes 3565
    • oms 0 Fir epl ace s Num ber of Bed roo ms Add iti ona l Fix tur es Att ic Bas eme nt Are a Fin ish ed Bas eme nt Liv ing Are a Rec rea tio n Roo m Bas eme nt Gar age Att ach ed Gar age Ye s 2 1 NONE 1/2 BSMT/CRAWL
    • Det ach ed Gar age No Dec ks/ Por che s Add iti on and Out Bui ldi ng Str uct ure s Lin e 1 1 2 3 4 5 Sal e Dat e of Sal e 05/ 20/ 199 3 [Wh at was the bus ine ss?] 2. Royal Area 210 330 496 150 84 530 Code 10 SP3 10 34 56 1310 Description 1s FR FRAME POOL CONC 1s FR FRAME ST_PT STONE OR SOLARIUM FR GR FRAME GA Sale Price Book Page $560,000 10322 0119
    • MARTIN H SAMSON Born Feb 1956, 8 ROYAL WAY, NEW HYDE PARK, Nassau County, NY 11040. (516) 6277536 3. Bar Memberships 4. California Bar Number 101316 5. Address Davidoff Malito&Hutcher LLP 6. 605 3rd Ave 34th FL 7. New York, NY 10158 Phone Number (646) 428-3250 8. Fax Number (212) 286-1884 9. e-mail Not Available 10. District Outside California Undergraduate School Duke Univ; Durham NC 11. County Non-California Law School UCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA 12. Sections None 13. Status History 14. Effective Date Status Change 15. Present Inactive 16. 1/1/1986 Inactive 17. 12/1/1981 Admitted to The State Bar of California 18. 19. New York State Attorney Registration Number: 1835362 20. MARTIN HARRIS SAMSON 21. DAVIDOFF MALITO & HUTCHER LLP 22. 605 3RD AVE 23. NEW YORK, NY 10158-0180 24. United States 25. (646) 428-3250 26. Year Admitted in NY: 1983 27. Appellate Division Department of Admission: 2 28. Law School: UCLA 29. Registration Status: Currently registered 30. Next Registration: Feb 2013 5.THIRD CIRCUIT
    • 21 January 2004, judges of 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, Philadelphia courthouse Maryanne Trump Barry, age 64, 5 ISLAND TRL, SPARTA NJ 07871, (973) 729-9837. THEODORE A MCKEE, age 57, 5400 GREENE ST, PHILADELPHIA PA 19144, (215) 84-32588 RICHARD L NYGAARD, age 54, 1231 W 10TH ST, ERIE PA 16502, (814) 459-9362. MARJORIE O RENDELL, age 57, 3425 WARDEN DR, PHILADELPHIA PA 19129 ANTHONY J SCIRICA, 640 HARTS RIDGE RD, CONSHOHOCKEN PA 19428, (610) 825-2213 DOLORES K. SLOVITER, 601 MARKET ST, PHILADELPHIA PA 19106, (215) 597-1588 6.FOURTH CIRCUIT 21 January 2004, judges of 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. Richmond, Virginia, courthouse Judge Allyson K. Duncan, age 52, 3908 CITY OF OAKS WYND, RALEIGH NC 27612, (919) 787-5994 Judge Diana GribbonMotz, age 60, 123 SAINT DUNSTANS RD, BALTIMORE MD 21212 Judge Robert B. King, 4606 VIRGINIA AVE SE, CHARLESTON WV 25304, (304) 925-4051 John Michael Luttig, age 49, 10523 WICKENS RD, VIENNA VA 22181, (703) 285-2930 Paul V. Niemeyer, age 62, 405 OVERHILL RD, BALTIMORE MD 21210 Judge Dennis W. Shedd, COLUMBIA SC 29212, (803) 7817-871 Judge William B. Traxler, Jr., 35 CRAIGWOOD CT, GREENVILLE SC 29607, (864) 277-8285
    • Judge Hiram Emory Widener, Jr., 21244 FILLY RUN RD, ABINGDON VA 24211, (540) 628-4818 7.FIFTH CIRCUIT 21 January 2004, 5h Circuit Court of Appeals, New Orleans courthouse Rhesa H. Barksdale, Born in Jackson, Mississippi, 1944. 1504 PINEHURST PL, JACKSON MS 39202, (601) 949-7947 Fortunato P. Benavides, Born in Mission, Texas, 1947.4010 GAINES CT, AUSTIN TX 78735. Edith Brown Clement Born in Birmingham, Alabama, 1948. 600 CAMP ST, NEW ORLEANS LA 70130 John M. Duhe Jr., B.B.A., Tulane University, 1955.age 70, 111 CLIPPER CV, LAFAYETTE LA 70508, (337) 993-3270 Carl E. Stewart, Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, 1950. 6805 SNOWMASS ST, SHREVEPORT LA 71119, (318) 636-4829 Jacques L. Wiener, Jr., Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, 1934. 600 CAMP ST, NEW ORLEANS LA 70130, (504) 589-6820 8.SEVENTH CIRCUIT 7th Circuit 1. 1 June 2004, Federal district court judge Joan Gottschall (JOAN GOTTSCHALL, age 61, 2308 N LAKEWOOD AVE, CHICAGO IL 60614, (773) 549-1953) 9.EIGHTH CIRCUIT 16 January 2004, 8th Circuit Court of Appeals judges, Saint Louis courthouse 1. Morris S. Arnold, age 62, LITTLE ROCK AR 72207, (501) 6666025. 2. Richard S. Arnold - 3901 CEDAR HILL RD, LITTLE ROCK AR 72202, (501) 664-7424. This possibly may be in a condominium project named Townhouses in the Park.
    • RICHARD S ARNOLD, 2979 RIVERBEND RD, HEBER SPRINGS, AR 72543 (501) 362-3577 3. C. Arlen Beam - Lincoln, NE - CLARENCE ARLEN BEAM, 8215 DORSET DR, LINCOLN NE 68510, (402) 486-1319. 4. Pasco M. Bowman - age 70, 11109 BLUE RIVER RD, KANSAS CITY MO 64131. 5. Myron H. Bright - age 84, 1200 HARWOOD DR, FARG O ND 58104, (701) 232-4819. 6. Kermit E. Bye - age 67, 3632 FAIRWAY RD, FARGO ND 58102, (701) 235-5050. 7. John R. Gibson - 801 W 57TH ST, KANSAS CITY MO 64113. 8. Gerald W. Heaney - 6018 N PIKE LAKE RD, DULUTH MN 55811, (218) 729-8381. 9. Donald P. Lay - SAINT PAUL MN 55101, (651) 483-3102. 10. James B. Loken - age 64, MINNEAPOLIS MN 55401, (612) 3774668 11. Frank J. Magill - age 76, 501 7TH ST S, FARGO ND 58103, (701) 232-3930. 12. THEODORE M. MCMILLIAN, age 84, 4550 HOLLY AVE, SAINT LOUIS MO 63115, (314) 381-6529. 13. Michael J. Melloy - age 56, 3829 TAHOE LN SE, CEDAR RAPIDS IA 52403, (319) 362-0897. 14. Diana E. Murphy - age 70, 300 N 4TH ST, MINNEAPOLIS MN 55415. 15. William Jay Riley - age 67, 1313 R ST, ORD NE 68862, (308) 728-5405. 10. NINTH CIRCUIT judges of 9th CIRCUIT 1. COURT OF APPEALS 1. Justice Jay S. Bybee was born in October 1953 in Oakland city, Alameda county, California. He was assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Counsel at the U.S. Department of Justice. He seems to have once lived in the Vienna town of Virginia. He signed the 1 August 2002 torture memorandum. He married and has children. He seems to have lived at: JAY S. BYBEE, 739 SANDY HOOK TER., HENDERSON NV, (702) 616-2353. 2. Other judges
    • 1. 16 January 2004, CALIFORNIA 1. Sacramento courthouse, 7 March 2004, U.S. District Judge David F. Levi, working in Sacramento. age 52, 4626 SIESTA LN, FAIR OAKS CA 95628 2. San Francisco 1. Senior judge Thelton Henderson 2007dec31 1. California Prison Health Receivership Corp., www.cprinc.org/a bout_bios.htm 1. Federal court receive r Robert Sillen 2007de c31 He was executi ve director of Califor nia's Santa Clara County Health and Hospita l System. ROBER T SILLEN 235 WILLO W HTS 12/17/2
    • 003 APTOS, CA 95003 (831) 6841043 ROBER T SILLEN born 194208-21 may have lived or worked in Aptos CA 95003. ROBER TV SILLEN 6625 CIPPO NERI RD 03/12/2 002 RIVER BANK, CA 95367 ROBER T SILLEN Born Dec 1942 2457 GOLF LINKS CIR
    • 11/17/1 999 SANTA CLARA, CA 95050 2. 3. Henderson THELTON E HENDERSON 1816 DWIGHT WAY 02/26/2003 BERKELEY, CA 94703 (510) 4861789 THELTON E HENDERSON 2235 SACRAMENTO ST 12/14/2004 BERKELEY, CA 94702 (510) 4861789 THELTON E HENDERSON 2740 ELMWOOD AVE BERKELEY, CA 94705. 3. 4. San Jose 15 October 2004, JEREMY FOGEL, US district court judge, age 55, LOS ALTOS CA 94024. JEREMY FOGEL, 7355 CASCADE RD. (near Spruce Road), Soda Springs, CA, (530) 426-0546. Telephone prefix 426 is in Soda Springs (zip codes 95724 and 95728). JEREMY D. FOGEL, Born Sep 1949, 1286 SAINT MARK CT. (on a dead end
    • street near Windimer Drive), LOS ALTOS, CA 94024-7041. 2. 16 January 2004, District of HAWAII, Honolulu courthouse Kevin S.C. Chang, U.S. Magistrate Judge, age 51, 1842 WILHELMINA RISE, HONOLULU HI 96816. 1. David Alan Ezra, Chief U.S. District Judge, 2387 HALEHAKA ST, HONOLULU HI 96821. 2. Leslie E. Kobayashi, U.S. Magistrate Judge, 1001 BISHOP ST, HONOLULU HI 96813. 3. Barry M. Kurren, U.S. Magistrate Judge, age 53, 813 HUNAKAI ST, HONOLULU HI 96816. 4. Susan Oki Mollway, U.S. District Judge, age 54, 818 S KING ST, HONOLULU HI 96813. 11. TENTH CIRCUIT 22 January 2004, judges of 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, Denver courthouse Harris L. Hartz, 1719 LAFAYETTE DR NE, ALBUQUERQUE NM 87106, (505) 266-2468 Chief Judge Deanell Reece Tacha, 633 MASSACHUSETTS ST LAWRENCE KS 66044 Timothy Michael Tymkovich, age 47, 1182 CLUBHOUSE DR., BROOMFIELD CO 80020, (303) 469-5618 12. ELEVENTH CIRCUIT judges of 11th Federal Circuit, Atlanta 30303 courthouse 1. 2005 March 1, Judge Patricia Ann Seitz of the Southern District of Florida (301 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33128; (305) 523-5100), which is in the 11 federal court circuit, born
    • 2 September 1946 in District of Columbia. Do not confuse this federal judge with CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 20TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT (LEE COUNTY, FLORIDA) Presiding Judge Patricia M. Seitz. PATRICIA A SEITZ, age 58, 809 N VICTORIA PARK Road, FORT LAUDERDALEFL 33304, (305); PATRICIA A. SEITZ, age 58, 224 RIDGEWOOD Road, MIAMI FL 33133, (305) 667-78nn. 13. FEDERAL CIRCUIT 1. 19 January 2004, Federal Circuit Court of Appeals judges, District of Columbia courthouse Haldane Robert Mayer, 5928 WESTRIDGE CT, ALEXANDRIA VA 22310. Chief circuit judge; born in Buffalo, NY, February 21, 1941. Alan D. Lourie, 717 MADISON PL NW, WASHINGTON DC 20439, (202) 633-5851. Circuit judge; born January 13, 1935, in Boston Raymond C. Clevenger, III, 3242 ELLICOTT ST NW, WASHINGTON DC 20008, (202) 363-1919. Circuit judge, born August 27, 1937, in Topeka, KS. Alvin A. Schall, 103 GRAFTON ST, CHEVY CHASE MD 20815, (301) 951-0180. Circuit judge; born April 4, 1944, in New York City. By the way, there is some evidence suggesting that columnist and former senate staffer George F. Will may have lived at 9 Grafteon Street in early 2006. Arthur J. Gajarsa may have lived at 9408 FIRETHORN CT POTOMAC MD 20854. Also, he may have lived at 3552 Reservoir Road NW, Washington DC 20007. Circuit judge, born March 1, 1941, in Italy. Timothy B. Dyk, age about 66, 4638 30TH ST NW, WASHINGTON DC 20008, (202) 362-8001. Bachelor's degree in 1958 . 2. 20 January 2004, Federal Circuit Court of Appeals: judges of U.S. Court of International Trade, New York City courthouse
    • Judith M. Barzilay, age 58, TEANECK NJ 07666, (201) 8330979 Gregory W. Carman, 280 MAIN ST, FARMINGDALE NY 11735, (516) 249-3450. Bachelor of arts degree in 1958. Donald C. Pogue lives in Connecticut with his wife, Susan. 12 WHITE TOP LN, GUILFORD CT 06437. RESTANI, JANE A., Chief Judge. Born February 27, 1948 in San Francisco. 137 JORALEMON ST, BROOKLYN NY 11201, (718) 643-2172 Delissa A. Ridgway, age 48, 80 JOHN ST, NEW YORK NY 10038, (212) 797-1297 14. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance courts There is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (which issues warrrants) and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review (which hears appeals). 15. COMMENT Who's Who books used to have, and possibly still have, home addresses of many judges. Many federal judges hold office for life, and many own their home, so many old addresses may still be valid. http://www.paladium.net/usa-fedjudges.php