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Gambit film bucket (4352) reentry plan

Gambit film bucket (4352) reentry plan






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    Gambit film bucket (4352) reentry plan Gambit film bucket (4352) reentry plan Presentation Transcript

    • NRO APPROVI!D FOR "I!LI!ASI! DI!CLASSIFII!D BY: C/IART DI!CLASSIFII!D ON: 9 AUgUST 2012 IEeREf/IBVEINIMt . GAMBIT Film ·BtJcketfU_IJ Reentry Plan September 2002 The Overall Classification of this Boefing is: .SHBYEffK . Olllilled By: OFfealon: DeclOn: Derved from: Warning: This document may not be used as a source of derlvattve classification.
    • NIIO APPROVeD FOil II~LeAse DeCLASSIFieD BY: C/IOT DeCLASSIFieD ON:. AUGUST 2012 . Slde2 zo.$epo02 .. Background on ·M4352 (GAMBIT) (1 .Qf 2). • NRO film-return satellite reconnal.sance system" - - Operational the early 1v..n.,a through early 1 (KH-7 Designed. to ntarl-reSOllRiOI surveillance • • "Buckets" .HJJmAla.L...!!llJ!I.~ • Thrusters fired to cause bUGket to reenter • Parachute deploy8d at 3G deceleration • Specially equippedC-130 retrieved the bucket before impact . • M4352 (KH-8) Launched 21 Jan 1982 - . New~esign separation squib maHunctioned- on first film' bucket, strandi"git on orbit • .2O-yearotbit decay predicted • Second .fllm bucket successfully deorbledand recovered
    • NRO APPROVED FOR RELEASE DECLASSIFIED BY: C/IART DECLASSIFIED ON: 9 AUGUST 2012 8E8AK'I8¥MKIIK1 Slide 3 ~ Background on M4352 (GAMBIT) (2 .of 2) Pitch Flat . Prlnwy 0pIIc 44lnoh DIa (1. v AGENA Film Buclcata Propulelon .nd Roll Joint .....'-.L... _70 km pitch swath 0 R-=tIve Attitude Control 200 km ~Itltude ... 400 kin access swath 0 200 km altitUde, 800 .. 400 (+I- 45° scan) s!c..e IlIB' l!'IT'IC7IX1
    • NRO APPROVED FOR RELEASE DECLASSIFIED BY: C/IART DECLASSIFIED ON: 9 AUGUST 2012 6E8REfJI&'IERltlJ)(1 GAMBIT Bucket R.eentry Analysis "(As of 19 Sap 2002) - • Uncontrolled reentry Is predicted for 25 - 28 Sap 02 - .Current Cheyenne Mountain prediction is 26 Sep 02, with·ggoj(, probability of reentry within stated window • Because the reentry will be uncontrolled, accurate prediction of reentry location not practical until 4 to 6 hours prior· to "reentry - • No actions can be taken to change reentry location or time Under 100 pounds of material, approx20 inches In diameter, expected to survive reentry - Surviving debris expected to have the equivalent mass of a 19-inch TV The film and its take~p expected to be the only hazardous object to survive • - • Outer layers and edges of film may be charred; Inner layers and takeup motor could survive in a recognizable form Stub antennas, door covering the film port, 6 pounds of steel wire in the main parachute eQuid survive. IF the GAMBIT film bucket falls on land or Into shallow or foreign waters, appropriate assistance will be sought In accordance with existing p~ce88eslprocedures - Emergency search and recovery assistance through Joint StafflDDGO Diplomatic notifications through State Department Sl!efte i 118'/EffIflfi('
    • NRO APPROV.D .OR R.L.aS. D.CLASS ••••D BY: C/.ART D.CLASS•••• D ON: 9 AUGUST 2012 SIdeS .20-Sep-02. Sensitive Component$ for Recovary • IMINT determined sensitive components limbed to'exposed film IA and NIMA evaluated capability film recoVered by non-US Inallea•• potential for nr81V1ntJS I :; -1 :; ',:;'.1:; I • II Survivability number of recent reentries: VV"'UlQ • • I":::; program knowledge . to ,imPlement emergency nfrared 8ensor' observations at low aHltudfitSduring reentry would • surviving debris and provide likely Impact location nsors will not be able to identify which components survive reentry ecision to search anq recover woufd be made based on sensor data, estimates of mount and location of surviving debris, and survivability analysis results
    • NRO APPROYIID FOR RIILIIASII DIlCLASSIFIIID· BY: C/IART DIlCLASSIFIIID ON:' AUGUST 2012 (C) • Optional DNRO Tool to Task DoD - • What is it? Emergency Recovery of Classified V"",,,1g1 • launch Failure Beyond Immediate Pad Area • Anomalous Oeorbit or Uncontrolled Reentry Appropriate when: - . Potential for Compromise to National Security Exists - When Satellite Debris Lands in Shallow Water or on Land • Major Players: NROC, IMINT, Joint StaffIDDGO, State Dept, USSPACECOM • Procedures In Place Since 1994 - Establish NRO Operations Center as focal recovery assi~ Decision authorities for initiation nl'W1rd' for coordi ation of search and D O,DDNRO,orDDMS
    • NRO APPROVED FOR RELIASe DECLASSIFIID BY: C/IART DICLASSIFIID ON: 9 AUGUST 2012 ·.i$lon Criteria· PROPOSE '--""'--= ..• 1.· Likelihood of Survival - - Survivability analysis shows. potential for sensitive components to survive to the ground Aerospace Fusion Center the most likely to be. able to. provide indications of surviving 2. 18 the Object Recoverable? - - Reentry location determined to be on land or in shallow water (300ft or less) . Reentry locatiOn known with less than 1OX1 O-mlle error Aerospace Fusion Ce is the most likely to be able to assess· impact lOcation . 3. . Additional - Key players Include NROC, IMINT, ~el'lOSDiaCe ~~~~r, CMOC Space Vault NROC will provide ~1~"'."'.oIII!!I.ft"'ltfj••,.ft on Initiation· NRO decision
    • NIIO APPIIOYI!D DI!C LASSIFII!D DECLASSIFII!D III! LI!AS I! C/IAIIT 9 AUGUST 2012 SlIde 8 2O-Sep-02 res and " ,(1) • • • - • Results: Reviewed reentry planning status to __ 01...,. of state vector and AFC information; offline contact list and a-mail addressee info DracuCf~ "".ft~""'''lftftl''''. NROC StatusIRecommendatlons to DUNMn DDMS,
    • NIIO APPIIOVED FOil liE LEASE DECLASSIFIED BY: C/IAIIT DECLASSIFIED ON: 9 AUGUST 2012 Reentry Procedures and-Status(2) . • . HAOC Pre-Event Notifications and Coordination: Inworlc Support ROMILegislative Uaison - Notifications VU[SltlJe • State Dept ~o:::c ......-.-= Military .~U-II n .... • UDCI!lt80 to notify them that a infonnation from - Information on the ~ 0/ UIIoII'IlJGYO • !., • .:',:: '. • detennines it I • gency M.essaGe necessary r.tt.a1'"tI'U IO~tltlll"l To be sent th ugh Int8!lIIaente ,..h!!ll',naltll ROOfftce of Policy rlar'."ft be disseminated If NRO their area' of responsibility).
    • NRO APPROVID FOR RILIASI DICLASSIFIID BY: C/IART DICLASSIFIID ON: • AUGUST 2012' SI!CRIf1IB'rt!f'M1Jt1 R~ntry Proc.d.ure~ • SItdI.10 ~ andStatu,a(3) During Reentry, NROC Manage Operations via Contingency ~UI[)DC)nlrla Organizations y,g"UO and Location Data from 1I~9j£!>ltrYIoifta~tinn of Impact nine ·and Loc~ti()n • • • o to Initiate (and Request Termination of) Operation DNRO,' DDNRO, or DDMS for diplomatic coordination
    • NRO APPROV.D FOR R.L.U. D.CLASSIFI.D BV: C/IART D.CLASSIFI.D ON: 9 AUGUST 2012 Slide 11 .2O-Sep-02 Reentry ·PlanSummary • Uncontrolled reentry Is predicted for 24 - 28 Sap 02 • HtMlnllrv· will be ....",........,.,......... and reported in accordance with existing rOl:elassis and ures vability .. _-- shows potential for sensitive components to . .....- to the ......... nd in process to implement emergency search and recovery _~",~Yres • falls on land or into shallow or fo,.lgn wate~, . approprlate·aS8lstance will be sought In accordance with existing processe~p~cedures . - Emergency s~arch·and recovery assistance from Joint StafflDDGO - Diplomatic notifications through State Department 9EeR! 'lII!rf'eTK1IX I