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Fukushima reactor 3 core expulsion photos   jimstonefreelance.com - the new root of truth

Fukushima reactor 3 core expulsion photos jimstonefreelance.com - the new root of truth






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    Fukushima reactor 3 core expulsion photos   jimstonefreelance.com - the new root of truth Fukushima reactor 3 core expulsion photos jimstonefreelance.com - the new root of truth Presentation Transcript

    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] To contact Jim Stone try your luck with james@jimstonefreelance.com To see if your mail made it, Click here If the page blacks out half way down, it is because of a bug in Internet Explorer. Use a different browser. I know what causes this, and it is NOT my code. A few less capable browsers cannot tile the background far enough down the page. I have re-done the background color (ick) to make it at least partially readable when IE does this. Thank you Microsoft for getting it right after everyone paid top dollar. . There is a hugely important update below, outlining everything regarding the reactor 3 core expulsion. It is in the form of a photo. If you cannot see it, CLICK HERE 2014.05.14 Want to get the scum out of office? The b Colorado. How To Organize Recall Petitions Propaganda Alert: ‘Differences Between K My Advice: Investigate North Korea Via G NATO Sailors Desecrate Latvia NASA Detects Massive ‘Square Hole’ In S Pat Robertson Goes Kind Of Cosmic May 2014 Farganne's Newsfeed
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    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM]
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] For the original drone photo this information was taken from, click here. reactor 3 will be laying out in the open just to the left of center when you expand the image to 100 percent. This is not a joke, an action thriller, or any sort of fiction. It is what it is. Cold hard proof that reactor 3's core was completely ejected when Israel's nuclear weapon went off, and this along with the man made earthquake and tsunami of 3/11 was done to Japan because Japan refused to give the Rothchild bankers a bailout. For the rest of the details, CLICK HERE and if you have not seen it yet, I suggest you read Nuclear Blackmail, and another report about how the Israelis are now virtually guranteed to have Explosives placed under the reactor in Sweden's largest nuclear facility to make good
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] and sure Sweden does their bailout when asked, and/or just sucks under to every zionist whim. And in the name of GOD, DO NOT SIT THERE STUPID ENOUGH TO THINK A LITTLE LOOSE HYDROGEN GAS COULD DO THIS. That kind of stupidity will cost this world it's future. Mails completely censored May 14. Mail log back to may 1 will post on May 15, every time I stop doing this, mails eventually drop to zero. This web site is updated daily. If nothing new shows, hit refresh (it is the circle arrow in the URL window of every browser) Every report on this web site is public domain and can be re-posted in full. Mirrors are permitted and appreciated. Just mention this web site by linking back to the original here. Most hit articles Fukushima Sabotage click here for updated PDF | Bat Man Shooting | Sandy Hook original coverage | Hastings Murdered | Antidepressants | Hurricane Sandy | Boston Bombing | Nuclear Blackmail | SHILLS | BUSTED! | Tainted Nightmare | Less read articles I think should be read Springfield bombing | Joe Stack | INTERCEPTED! | Swedish explosives | Chiapas Earthquake | Corevpro | Cells | Bacteriophages (IMPORTANT!) | Carhack! | Haarp | Jenin | Nuclear Rogue |
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] Uncensored magazine (ad below) is a great source of truth you won't find anywhere else, and I endorse them fully. Donations: All donations starting May 3rd are listed below. If your donation or offer is not here, I did not receive it. On May 12 2014, Martin sent another $50 via Paypal, thanks! On May 12 2014 Jorge from Brazil donated $100 BRL via Paypal, thanks! On May 9th, Brian sent $50 via Paypal, thanks! On May 7th, Marco sent 10 Euros via Paypal, thanks! On May 6th, Martin sent $50 via Paypal, thanks Landingnewly sent $100 through the forum messaging system, thanks! Mails practically completely censored for a different reason than usual, I was able to find a few this time after they had been wiped, (they were not in the spam box). May 13 2014 Brics may spell the end of American military superiority Recommended reading for those who want a real understanding to what is going on in Ukraine. I have known about BRICS for quite some time, and even reported on it before, but this particular report is a real eye opener. I don't have time to summarize all this into one report, but in short, what is happening in Ukraine is actually an outcropping of the elite effort to maintain the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. These reports are good ones, if you want to understand it all, read up. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/05/07/361703/us-concocts-risky-method-to-smash-brics/
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] http://vidrebel.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/jim-willie-brics-80-preparing-to-take-down-the-dollar/ Here we have it expanding to 80 nations. Right now, as a base of world population, BRICS has 65 percent. http://www.examiner.com/article/alternative-to-dollar-close-to-reality-as-brics-coalition-expands-to-80-nations Link to Jpost removed because the malware warning is real. Jpost claims BRICS now has a combined GDP of 16.309 trillion, but the world bank says the real financial power level due to various factors is right around 68 percent of the world economy, and 90 percent of the world's population. Factor that into a world economy of $90 trillion dollars annually to get the real number BRICS represents, which would be right around 60 trillion. In short, if you want the real truth about Ukraine, it is in Brics. I am sure the bankers believe that if they take down Russia, the whole thing will fail. Forget Japan on the world stage for anything other than Toyotas and Walkmans, the real power brokers are Amerisrael, China and Russia. Those are the nations that matter. So it would be natural then for Russia to be attacked and destabilized by the bankers if U.S. dollar hegemony is to be maintained, I sort of slipped on the topic of BRICS, it is obviously what is behind everything going on right now With a real unemployment rate near 50 percent in America, and 45 million people now on food stamps, and with practically ALL of America's manufacturing (sans the war machine) exported to China, it is now obvious that America can't stay on top and fund it all without the cash flow provided by the petrodollar. Take that away, and America's war machine will go kaput. So as far as the bankers can see, it's use it or lose it, Brics may well spell their doom if they fail to. It is the bankers fear of BRICS that will cause World War 3. Here are some more great links on this topic: I know many of my readers do not like Ben Fulford, but he did a good job on this one once you read past the fluff - http://hipknowsys.blogspot.mx/2014/05/benjamin-fulford-may-12-2014-lots-of.html"> Ben links to a report by the World Bank that took me 20 minutes of going over to figure out that his claims were for real, it's a complex report that lays it all out without directly telling you the hard truth - the dollar has approximately 16 percent of the world economy backing it, and BRICS has approximately 65 percent of the world economy backing it. It really leaves one to wonder how on earth the FED has held on for so long, I guess the fear the American war machine has put on the world has done a lot to keep the dollar in place. Scroll down in that report to get to the graphs, stare, and think. You will see why I check up on Ben from time to time. Here is why the U.S. is running Blackwater in Ukraine (site name badly chosen due to lack of cultural knowledge though,) http://bsnews.info/five-reasons-world-needs-brics-bank/ Here is a really nice Brics link page on The Voice of Russia Russia banning the U.S. from the space station? BUNK. Not if the U.S. can hitch a ride there with China. Hmmm, now explain to me the bigger question - why American astronauts now have to ride a taxi up? Answer: Because this ONE piece of garbage will funnel enough cash
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] into the war machine to fund NASA's shuttle program for 60 years more. NOT A JOKE. The shuttle program, across its entire 30 year life span,cost $200 billion. Failed fighter jet yet to produce results? 400 billion. Priorities are priorities I GUESS. And the shuttle was actually considered an expensive and poorly producing program. That being said, I'd order five more rather than those fighters and stay in space for the next 60 years if that is what it would take to do it. Russia is shutting down U.S. GPS stations in Russia GPS satellites need ground reference beacons to maintain their accuracy. And lots of these beacons are in Russia, which is the world's most geographically massive nation. Since the U.S. has blocked Russia's own GPS correction stations for their Glonass system in America, which hurts the Russian system's accuracy, Russia is shutting down America's stations on their soil, to hurt America's system accuracy. DEAR PUTIN, HOW ABOUT THIS FOR ADVICE: MAKE IT APPEAR THAT THE AMERICAN SYSTEMS ARE UP, BUT HAVE SOMETHING INSTEAD TRANSMIT GARBAGE WHILE PRETENDING TO BE THEM. That is how I would do it. Read about this on The Voice of Russia An accurate view of Africa I don't usually post things of this nature, but this is really interesting. Because our maps try to represent a round earth on a flat surface, Africa looks much smaller than it really is. I have known this forever practically, but did not know it was so pronounced. This map shows you reality How long ago did I say reactor 3 HAD TO have had a core expulsion, and not just a melt down? Longer ago than THIS, but it's still a good post. The following got censored out of a mail I sent Samantha wrote about free energy, to save space her mail will not be posted, but here is the answer I sent, and she responded saying the mail arrived empty. Why did they censor this response? It's all real. It's so real that for example - Just by using heat pumps you could set up a free energy system. Heat pumps move energy at a rate of 3X the input at a bare minimum and can be much much higher. A multi stage heat pump system could definitely be used to generate steam, drive a generator, and re-feed the input and would not be perpetual motion at all. It would work great in Death Valley which has a very high average temperature and very high atmospheric pressure. Even if perpetual motion is not real, "free energy" certainly is.
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] Why did that get censored? HMMMMM. . . . . . . FORUM HACKED My admin login got hacked. Thank you whoever did it. This is how it happened - Since the forum can be recovered no matter how badly it gets hacked, I don't use a great password for admin login, I just use something short. SO, what did I use? The dog's name. And when the dog got taken by those who are after me now, I put the dogs name on the front page of this site. Then, someone who thought they were really cool figured they would try that as the password, I bet they tried all of the log ins and would have killed this site if that password was used for all of it. But fortunately, the real log ins are things like Gb53#6792a?/!, because they are important and not recoverable. I discovered the hack probably three days after it happened, so someone might have had a lot of fun in those three days and could have really wrecked the forum - I am under threat and too pressed for time to log in everywhere so whoever it was may have had a good long time to play around before I figured it out. My time was up when I discovered this, so I called a friend and had him take the forum's web site offline until I get a chance to log in myself and fix this from the back side. I bet Farganne freaked out in the newsfeed. Gotta check that, all I did was log in to post this and have not seen the site yet. I have a CUTE LITTLE REWARD I worked on last night after I discovered I was blocked from logging into the forum, as a gift for whoever hacked it UPDATE: People are missing the fact that in the high resolution photo farther down the page I copied and pasted this next to the core change truck and it's a perfect match. Also, the reactor engineer who informed me of this still insists it's the entire pressure vessel (which is still a lot smaller than the reactor system) I processed reactor 3
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] for absolute max detail and a LOT MORE was there than I ever expected. If you don't believe what you see, instructions are given for processing this yourself. Use The Gimp, it's powerful, free, and what I use after my Photoshop was not able to be used in XP, or was that Windows 7 it would not upgrade into? I forget. The Gimp works great anyway. To whoever hacked the forum, Read it and weep you prick. To those out there who can't believe this site could be accurate, but can't prove it is not, and those who think it HAS TO be a psy op - At least learn how to use Google. No matter what I say to those who cannot believe the obvious, they will not believe it anyway. If you can't fact check what I say after I hand it all to you on a silver platter, you need to at least go to college enough to learn how to study at least a little and if you DID go to college and can't verify for yourself what is here you are a paper trained idiot. AND: And to the other idiot: The web site is my life line. Waiting a week between posts would cut that lifeline. Posting every day does not make me a "psy op". Spending limited time online while hopping locations is the thing to do. Do you even realize that I don't use my own computers and administer the web site from a different one, two, three or maybe FIVE different cyber cafes PER DAY out of the tens of thousands in Mexico? Do you not realize
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] that before an intelligence agency will set up a hit they have to know every last possibility to avoid getting caught doing the hit, and that becomes impossible when your target has absolutely no fixed location? Intelligence agencies do not operate the same as your local crack lord. They are FAR more careful and that can work to my advantage. QUESTION: What "PSY OP" would EVER point the finger at Israel? What "psy op" uses verifiable fact for everything, and does not just say HAVE FAITH AND TRUST ME, BECAUSE I HAVE A SECRET CONTACT AT BLAH BLAH? Rather than rip my work, send me your best. Prove me wrong. Anyone who has hit this site for a while knows I will redact and post well announced corrections when wrong. So prove me wrong. If you can't, and you take jabs anyway, it makes you a shill and nothing more. And remember what I think of shills. Gotta go rescue the forum before time is up. May 11 2014 Supporting photos for reactor 3 core Many people have said it's too small to be the core. I assure you, it is exactly the correct size and still has the steam separator attached. The steam separator is below the reactor dome, inside with the core. It is triangular in shape when viewed from the side, and square in shape when viewed from the front. It is not quite as wide as the core. The steam separator proves this is a reactor core and the fact that reactor 4 had no core proves this one came from inside reactor 3. I have a few photos here to give people an idea of what we are looking at If you are new here, this particular report being referenced is down the page a ways. The photo to the left is Iran's Bushehr reactor, which is rated for a power output exactly the same as reactor 3 at Fukushima (give or take a few percent). These two photos of Bushehr can give you an idea of what is going on. The core is only part of a reactor, and it goes down inside this hole, where people are standing around to give you an idea of the size. Reactor 3 is actually larger than this, because a BWR is only designed to run 33 percent efficient, which means it has to be larger than Iran's reactor to accomplish the same job. I used Iran's reactor as a reference because very clear photos exist of it, and I know it has a power output which matches reactor 3. Reactor 3's core would be approximately 3 feet larger across than the one at Bushehr to accomodate it's different design. The Russians are not as careful with how they build things, but that being said, Bushehr is pretty good and is not another Chernobyl. As you can see, when the shot is zoomed out, there is a lot more to a reactor than just the pressure vessel and core, with a BWR (fukushima 3) at least 90 percent of the reactor system is not core and pressure vessel. So an ejected core is not going to be the giant thing you see in the photos of a BWR.
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] UPDATE: I cannot show you photos of what a BWR core change truck actually looks like because they all got expunged from the web. There is only what is in the high res photos. Two days ago, before I posted the initial core ejection report, I could at least find a photo of one of these trucks with no core on it. Now they are totally expunged, someone does not want people to get a grip on just how big the disaster scene really is. I do not think the Rothchilds want people to get a grip on how huge everything is, and how impossible the disaster scenario is, and that a nuclear weapon had to have been used to accomplish it. The trucks are not normal semi's, they are actually much much larger and everything is a lot bigger in the destruction photos than it looks. The flipped over car, after careful investigation turned out to be a Suburban, the biggest thing of it's type on the road. I stand by the claims of the reactor engineer and subsequent post, earlier (a year or so ago) I posted that the vent stack had a radiation reading in excess of 10 full sieverts per hour, and with reactor 3's core laying out in the open next to it, there is no reason to question why. I hate to tell the world "I told you so", but I did, and I was the first to say it and I never backed down. Reactor 3 was blown to hell in that blast, that much is 100 percent confirmed beyond any doubt, getting the world to believe Israel did it may be a harder sell. There is nothing to sell with the evidence posted down the page a ways, it is what it is, and anyone can see it. May 10 2014, I am ok. They have not backed off. Gotta blow out of town asap. Yarchitectura, I think your mail may be important and will try to decipher it, Gmail usually censors responses from my box. Do not misunderstand the reactor 3 core report below. I know reactor 3 for the most part is still in place, the core is only a part of the entire reactor. How it got blown out I do not know, my guess is the nuke blew the top off and steam pressure launched the core out. And no, it is not too small to be the core. It's exactly the right size. And, No particular report caused my current problems, it was a visit to an embassy where I am certain an ambassador and his helper completely blew it. This does it for today, gotta go. There was a donation offer I don't have time to address and I did not get through the mail beccause things are stressed, I allowed 15 minutes online time. all of the above was responses to mails. May 9 2014 BEN FULFORD:
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] The fact that Japan made a multi trillion payment to the world bank to end world poverty was posted by you, as well as me. And it was, only a year ago, ALL OVER THE WEB. Now every last shred of reference to it has been expunged everywhere. Do you have any of the original reports? These used to be common. If Japan backed out on this, these reports should be everywhere. But they are ALL EXPUNGED, TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY. That means there was a reason to expunge them. And a very smelly reason. I don't know if you will be able to get past the mail censors with this, if you have it please front page it and I will find it that way, thanks! To other people out there, this was such a huge theme it will be in printed newspapers from about a year ago. The following is getting hacked with stupid text errors being inserted. I am going to have to baby sit it. I can't focus on my own problems right now, this is more important. I broke the rules by logging in with my own machine and staying put for several hours to get this done. CONFIRMED. REACTOR 3 CORE HAS BEEN FOUND. It was laying there in the debris the whole time and I missed it! Tepco initially stated the disaster was unprecedented and the radiation was immeasurable, WHO SHUT THEM UP? If you are wondering what I am talking about, read THIS REPORT it will explain what is below entirely.
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] QUESTION: How do you launch a 100 plus ton reactor core a thousand feet in the air? ANSWER: SEE PHOTO BELOW
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] QUESTION: HOW DO YOU MELT DOWN REACTORS 1 AND 2 WHILE MAKING THE ENGINEERS THINK ALL IS WELL? ANSWER: SEE CARTOON BELOW
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] QUESTION: Why was this done to Japan? ANSWER: BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO GIVE THE BANKERS A BAILOUT, AND TSK TSK, OFFERED TO ENRICH URANIUM FOR IRAN. THEY OBVIOUSLY DID NOT BELIEVE ISRAEL WOULD FOLLOW UP ON THE THREAT OF NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL AND YOU CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS OUT THERE CAN REST EASY, BECAUSE YOUR PRECIOUS ISRAEL AND IT'S ROTHCHILD OVERLORDS WILL ALWAYS GET EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. BLOCKBUSTER! ENTIRE REACTOR 3 CORE LAYING IN PLAIN SIGHT IN THE HIGH RES PHOTOS This confirms a nuclear weapon ejected it. This piece can be seen falling in the reactor 3 explosion video, and is perfectly clear in my high resolution photos, I just did not know
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] what it was. A reactor engineer has been hounding me for the last while, telling me it is so obvious that it cannot possibly be missed. But I did miss it. Today he explained it to me well enough so I actually truly GOT IT. If you look at the photo www.jimstonefreelance.com/fukushimatoptext.jpg you can see it CLEAR AS DAY. I will get Claudia to get me one of the laptops from the house so I can do a clear illustrated picture tomorrow. But from that high res photo it's plain as day if you look for: In the center of that photo, there is the vent stack for reactors 3 and 4. From the top of the relevant area of the photo to the bottom: 1. vent stack. 2. Large over the road crane. 3. A small rectangular building. 4. At the bottom side of that rectangular building, you can see reactor 3 laying in the rubble. I was NOT convinced until the reactor engineer pointed out, and it's BANG ON: At one end of reactor 3, you can see one of the square mounting pads, which it was suspended from. In the correct orientation from that point, you can see three holes where the water feed pipes that feed water to the reactor were ripped off, two of which are for normal operation and one for emergency operation. The other feed pipe mounting locations are melted off the reactor from when it melted down while laying there after being ejected. The bottom portion, which contained the rods, melted down right where it sits and you can see it. The photo in the Fukushima report that shows the "core spray system" still functioning in the rubble is possibly in error, because it appears that at the top of the reactor, opposite the melted end, the steam separator is still attached, which means the core spray system is STILL IN PLACE, attached to it. That is the correct shape for the steam separator. I am going to paste this reactor engineer's mails here. "By now I have faith you do not need me for this. Do a size comparison with objects you are familliar with. It is the near complete vessel wich contains meleted corium. Your photos are much better than what I have. Look close. This is close to thirty feet long and, all of twelve feet In Diameter. You can see the stains from it pukeing its feed water out the PRV at the top of the vessel. And, that means no sea water flowed around the outside of this vessel. Look at the bottom bullet end. Cracked wide open. There is a large black rectangle. This is a hole left by the massive mounts that sit on the concrete well that holds this thing up. Most heat sorce apparatus like boilers and vessels like this nuke or not are hung or suspended. This thing sits on a ring shaped concrete and steel wall in the center of the torus. Some have four of these mounts. Some have three. Some have two. It looks like two here. Also, look close and you will see two round black spots. They are the supply and return feed water coolent for normal operation. Start looking at this vessel and, you will start to see things." One of the hidden mail boxes failed to be adequately censored and this got through. He sent a bunch more mails leading up to this one. That is why I don't say what the
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] uncensored boxes are, you just have to be an old timer around here and know what they are. I never released these photos in absolute max quality. This is because in order to reveal everyting to max detail the file sizes get so large that they are not all that great for the web. All I did was post stuff good enough to clearly make a point. Well, tomorrow I will post the gory details of reactor 3, now that I am certain of what it is. There is a lot to be learned here. And the main things are: Tepco themselves stated that the aftermath of the reactor 3 explosion produced radiation that in their own words was "immeasurable". So why did the zionist media shut up about this, and bury it at all costs? You can't tell me they missed Tepco stating this. You also can't tell me that American satellites could not see all that radiation from space. This also confirms that as I stated already, the worst has already happened. There has already been an open air nuclear fire where fuel burned and the smoke drifted over everything. And as I reported long ago, 800 people have already died doing Fukushima cleanup, and their deaths were buried in the homeless stats via the Israeli controlled Yakuza mafia. Obviously a ton of people died. There are hundreds of tons of reactor guts laying around the place, HOW could it be ANY DIFFERENT? NOTHING I POST ON THIS SITE IS BULLSHIT, I GET IT RIGHT EVERY TIME and if I do screw up I announce it boldy and FIX IT. Nothing in the Fukushima report needs to be fixed, it always was BANG ON FROM DAY ONE. I guess the only thing my reporting could be faulted for is the fact that I don't have the same drone and style as CNN. But when the people at CNN are only telling lies and they KNOW IT, it takes all the emotion away so they actually can just sit there and drone. This stuff pisses me off, and that clearly shows in my writing style. So I don't sound "formal" but you can safely bet I am accurate. Gotta go, time is up at this location. I'll at least try to produce the most forensically useful photo of reactor 3 and post it tomorrow. I don't have time to write much now, but in case you missed it the HAARP REPORT is a good one, especially for the country belonging to the Ambassador and "cutie girl", and on a similar note Wag the quake is good Boncho wrote: Hi James, Hope this email finds you well. In case something happens to you, how can I save all the information contained on your website in one go? Or what is the best way to do it? In case you "disappear", the "good guys" would put it down wouldn't they, or would they leave it up and have someone "replace" you as not to raise any suspicion? When you read what someone writes for a while you tend to "know" the person, so I guess if "they" would have
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] someone do it, this person would have to be really good at it, in terms of controlled opposition. Anyway, hope nothing happens to you and we keep fighting the good fight. Thanks, Boncho My response: I am almost 100 percent certain I know what they do. They take over the web sites when they vanish people, and then run incindiary content that appears to be by the writer because it is on the same topics. In other words, if the guy ripped Jews, the site hijackers will REALLY RIP JEWS, much harder and much more offensively and possibly even more well supported with "facts" than the original site owner could produce. While doing this, they will then use the web site as a venue to destroy other truth web sites that are still alive. People may not have drawn the connection between my troubles and when Sheriff Mack and The Rebel suddenly flipped. They still carried their usual content, but became hostile towards other venues. If you wanted to destroy a web site, behaving as such would accomplish two things - First of all, it will destroy the web site you took over, because the reader base will be at least half alienated by the fact that the usurped web site is now smearing other people that appeared trustworthy. So I am a little careful with Rense rips because I know that can alienate people here, I don't go the whole hog the way the rebel and sheriff mack went against this site. Second of all, there will be damage to whoever gets attacked. The Rebel managed to drop my traffic by 15 percent. It has since recovered, but the dip was noticeable. But the real damage happened to The Rebel, traffic for that site as a result of what "he" did, dropped by 60 percent. So if you want to vanish someone and make people forget a web site, just use it as a venue for attacking others in the truth movement. True, I have ripped alex a bit, but I at least still link him, and the same is true with Rense. I am mostly pissed with Rense because he has harped too much Fukushima disinfo for me to tolerate. But it ends there, Rense has a lot of good stuff. People need to realize that when Sheriff Mack and The Rebel flipped - both of whom were allies, that Farganne, Paul Short, and this web site simultaneously had serious troubles with intelligence agencies. This site pretty much stays together because I know what is going on in this arena, and know when there is danger. Others do not fare as well, I am certain that a majority of real truthers have been silenced already. The CIA and NSA do not exist for nothing, they are there for control and to keep control in the hands of a few powerful elite, truth and the greater good be damned. It is their job to destroy all legitimate dissent. To answer the other questions, there are programs like Wget that will sniff entire web sites off the web, and mirrors are greatly appreciated. I am almost certain I am the only one out there saying this and welcoming this, and I am completely certain this is THE main reason why I have survived, taking down this particular web site would be incredibly difficult because too much of my stuff is posted everywhere, and I thank my readers for protecting me that way. Other contributing factors would be prayers, experience, and common sense. Sam wrote Jim I am worried for you, and I hate that all this is going on. I saw that they got your dog, man, I'm sorry. If anything
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] should happen, God forbid, I have really enjoyed your website. You are a very intelligent person, which this world is lacking at the moment. =) How shameful it is that truth is seen as so bad these days, and good people are punished for telling the truth. I guess we have to amp up the speaking out then. That's why I'm going to start my website soon. Thank you so much for all the articles, knowledge, and advice. Chin up. Take care. Thoughts and prayers. Sam My response: The scriptures clearly state that in the last days, people would turn away from the truth and that truth would become extremely precious and difficult to find. I realize this when I run this web site, and believe that we are indeed in the end times And yes, the scriptures go as far as stating that people will love lies more than the truth, what a 180 from the past. Good people are now punished because the truth threatens power, back in the early days of America the truth was out in the open, there were no such things as security clearances, secret projects or anything else, it was just all open and public and the truth made America a great nation. Now that it has fallen into darkness it seems like no one is happy any more, and it's all downhill, anyone can see America is now slipping into a black hole and living only on the greatness of the past, a greatness built when America was good. The only question now is how much damage America will do to the world when it is in it's death throes. I hate to say it, especially since I know that even removing 500 of the right people from the top of the power structure would save the nation, the problem really is that small. All the damage they did would be fixed by the good people in only 20 years or so. But with the mind control telling people to not do the right thing and instead just sit there and cry and protest, mind control so well entrenched it just shuts people's brains off from the obvious SO WELL entrenched, I really thing America is a goner, there is nothing that will save it. And if anyone breaks free of the mind control well enough to come up with ANYTHING that might unseat those top 500 evil people, the NSA will get word of it and the CIA will act on it and all hope will be crushed. The NSA really is the final death sentence for America, the nation simply can't survive that. Gotta change locations now May 7 2014 I cannot answer e-mails after what happened this morning. Martin sent $50 via Paypal, thanks! Marco sent $10 euros via Paypal, thanks! THEY GOT THE DOG At 7pm, when it was still light outside, someone came by the house and ripped the dog through the slats in the fence. Toti was a good dog, and was an excellent barking guard dog but not one anyone would really be afraid of. The neighbors cannot confirm who took him, all they know is he got ripped through the fence. Obviously if there was a hit out on anyone, the dog would have to go. Toti was brought inside at night and would have definitely alerted us of any danger.
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] I have a little news for the idiot who got him, I have not returned home and had no plans of returning home tonight, you may have nailed the dog but you WILL NOT get me. A little history on the dog Many readers may remember that last September I relocated for safety reasons. Claudia and I picked a small house on the edge of the city that had a fenced in front yard so we could have a dog to warn us if anyone strange got close. I wanted a small one, because a big one is not really any more useful, if any dog ever bites anyone it's pretty much a dead dog, so I just wanted a little noise maker that would not eat a whole lot because money was tight. Claudia and I both thought it would be the nicest to just find a stray or lost dog and give it a home. Within three weeks of moving in, we saw "toti", obviously lost, dirty and not in good condition in the parking lot of a small store. After a pack of hot dogs, we were able to take him home. He cleaned up nicely and at first I thought he was old, because he could not move fast. But I then realized he had been hit by a car and was sore everwhere, and after a month or so he was doing great. Claudia named him "toto" and I thought it was tacky. No one names their dog "toto", though this one really did look pretty much like the one in the wizard of oz. And after "toto" proved himself as a great dog, Claudia started calling him toti. He did the job I wanted him for perfectly. He was a decent well mannered and reasonably clean dog that was easy to bathe and was obviously pampered by the previous owner. We could not figure out why anyone would leave him, but then concluded he probably got lost after he saw some horses or something similar because when he saw them he would take off like a rocket to chase them, and he probably got lost after doing so. At any rate, Toti's final job I guess was to send the message that I really am in danger. American intelligence paid a visit today This morning, a man I have never seen before pulled up to my house on a black Honda CG150 motorcycle and started speaking English without me ever saying a thing. Mexicans don't just automatically know you speak English, they always just speak Spanish. He handed me a business card for meat products and drove off. When I first saw him, he drove up the street past the house, returned directly to MY HOUSE AND MY HOUSE ALONE, started speaking English before I ever said a thing, handed me the business card which was very poorly done, and drove off. THAT does not happen In Mexico. If he was out advertising his meat products, he would have put a card at every house, not just singled out mine. I have most likely met my assassin. He most likely had a hidden camera providing input to a control center and had to see me first so he knew exactly what the target was. The business card was an alibi. He will most likely set up in the area and wait. He had a filthy dark deep criminal look that I would expect from a paid killer. Obviously I am never returning home again. Motorcycles are used by asassins because they are super difficult to pursue. He obviously drove past my house and then turned around because he came up the one way street in the wrong direction and had to turn around to see the address which is only visible from the correct direction. FOR THE RECORD, I will update this site at least once per day until I am dead. My health is perfect. Time online is now limited to 20 minutes. I have 10 minutes, Hmm
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] I'll just post this: The following report is actually a very important one I did a couple years ago when I was out in Washington DC. If you want to see how the CIA operates, in contrast with how genuine people operate, the following report is pure gold, it's one of my favorites. A tale of two protests A genuine anti-war protest And a pro war psy op
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] ______________________________________________________________ Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, Feb 4 2012 Since I am stuck out in DC until I manage to get out of this country, I paid a visit to a protest against war on Iran in front of the white house, and got more than I expected. The Iran rally was genuine but small, I'd say about 100 people showed up.
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] I was going to just post an article about that rally, and was a few blocks away after it ended when something gave me the urge to turn around and go back. I was glad I did. On the heels of the anti war protest, a pro war protest against Syria had started. It did not seem realistic. I immediately suspected a psy op was underway. There was something not right about it. They were much louder than the anti war protest, though they were much smaller, about a third of the size. AND, then it hit me. I realized what was wrong. It was the melodies they were using to sing their pro-war rants against Syria. THE MELODIES WERE THE ONES SANG ON THE SABBATH AT THE JEWISH SYNAGOGUES. And the guy with the bullhorn? He was leading chants with the same melodies used for marching cadences in the US military! So it was a tradeoff between American military cadence melodies and what was sung at the synagogues. I knew for certain it had to be a psy op, Islamic countries do not chant melodies at protests for one, and Muslims don't know what the Jews sing in their synagogues. It was creepy. So I took a few photos. At the pro war rally, where people were pretending to be Syrians begging Obama to blow the "Syrian regime" away, the people did not look genuine at all, but managed to be very loud.
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] The media was also there, right in the thick of the action, to document the pro war rally
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] The signage at the pro war rally was expensive finely produced stuff. Not the rag tag appearance of the Anti War crowd
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM]
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] It was sickening to see the contrast between the well funded pro-war group and the run on a shoestring anti-war group. After taking one last photo of the pro war rally, I left.
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] As I walked away, I thought about the differences between the two groups, and how the media presented them. The anti war rally was documented with cell phones and people like me, walking around with semi-pro SLR's, while the phony rally got the big television cameras and enormous lenses. I was disgusted, but then again who would not be with the obvious fakery in the mainstream press? But there was more than that - The pro war crowd looked like a bunch of disingenuous actors, while the people who were against war were obviously genuine. They were down to earth obviously good in the heart people.
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] Where do you think the MSM will take each of these stories? Gotta switch cyber cafe's. time is up. Offers of safe locations Many people have offered sanctuary, and I am highly appreciative of this. But I have a different plan, you see - For as long as I am not in a new country working to stop world war 3, I will suffer whatever hardships it takes to keep this site running and updated. I am not going to slip away to a retreat somewhere and live quietly, I know what is up in this world and along with knowledge comes responsibility. I am not going to go somewhere to hide and slack off, I am in this game until I am either dead or win. HOW ABOUT THIS FOR AN EXAMPLE: Rachel Corrie was an awesome woman, who died standing up for a righteous cause. If you look at the video linked below, the first half starts out with Rachel speaking as a young girl about how she is going to work to save the world. Many children give such speeches when they are young, and virtually none live up to it. The second half of the video proves Rachel meant what she said as a child, and ended up dying for a righteous cause. Watch this video here
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] When I was Rachel's age in the first half of the video, I myself could see that the world was changing in ways I did not agree with. I was very socially aware at a very young age, and at that age I made the decision that I was not going to allow myself to be corrupted by the societal degradation that was happening all around me. And I did a pretty good job of living up to it. And I am NOT going to bow down to evil, or let it prevail just because things have gotten difficult. This site could not survive? I have received several mails now saying this web site could not survive what it has posted if it was all true. Let me tell you how it survived the Fukushima report and became impossible to shut down without raising too much attention. This site started out as a very popular Photography web site and I allowed people to use my photos for their background images and site content. Over 8,000 web sites linked in and used my photos. SO, all I did was take the most popular photos which were going out countless thousands of times a day, and replaced them with a message about Fukushima sabotage, and to get the real truth on Jimstonefreelance.com. So a gajillion different people who hit all those other web sites, rather than see a black widow or duck or whatever, saw the message about Fukushima embedded in whatever photo was supposed to be on whatever web site they hit. This created a tidal wave of traffic on the topic and shot the truth out there way too fast for the NSA or anyone else to shut down, it was a classic ambush. Once people hit my site, there were instructions stating that this web site was likely to be shut down over posting such a hugely important report, and for people to archive, repost, and mirror the report. Overnight it went from nothing to all over the web in countless places. THAT is how I did it. It wrecked this site as a photography site, and I kept this site focused on news ever since. Gotta change locations again May 6th 2014 I am having troubles A portion of this has been removed at Claudia's request. SO, I went to the embassy of a foreign country because my life was wrecked anyway and I am still afraid in Mexico. And a HUGE disaster happened, I know they probably do not think so, but I can prove it with ease. I handed their ambassador to Mexico the fukushima report along with a document that should have been classified SCI level 5. That's the top of the top of the top of the top, there is nothing beyond that. They acted in the most unprofessional manner imaginable, and the two main culprits who I will call the "ambassador" and "cutie girl" ate the cake of stupidity far beyond what would make them morbidly obese. A lot happened, but I will tell you the key error they made, even though I was not there to see it. With a document clearly labeled HAND DELIVER THROUGH DIPLOMATIC CHANNELS ONLY, they put it on a digital copier and made copies. WHY IS THAT BAD? Because digital copiers all have wifi or network connections, which the NSA would have a perfect hack on. They screwed my life into a black hole.
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] I am in panic mode now, trying to balance my life between losing Claudia and having every last bit of my personal security compromised. I'd bet CUTIE GIRL was SO STUPID she e-mailed copies of that document around. Claudia, who is a school teacher, had ONE THING TO SAY - "They acted like children, they will wreck their country because you can't have joe blow do important work. And there was a reference to "a school yard level mentality". I assured her that it was only their Mexican embassy that behaved that stupidly, I have dealt with them in both America and Canada and never saw anything that approached their Mexican embassie's level of incompetence when it came to dealing with an unusual situation. I have not given all the details here, only what it takes to make a point. It's worse than I said here by a long shot. My life is probably over, even as bad as it was. I have to switch modes of living now, they have no doubt wrecked my life and behaved in such an abberant way that it made me wonder if they hated their country. I am limiting my online time with this web site to an hour a day, and will never visit the same cyber cafe twice. If American "intelligence" wanted me dead or irrelevant before, now they will no doubt be in drone strike mode, there is a difference between simply bumping a bee hive and trying to eat one while naked. My days are numbered. I have a half hour left, so I am going to post a piece of work by Henry Makow because a half hour is not enough for me to do my own work. I was amazed by this particular piece and got his full permission long ago to publish this in full. Porn Shackles Society More than Patriot Act Increasingly, pornography is changing societal norms. Soon, we could be living in a porn movie. "We aspire to corrupt in order to rule." Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872) Freemason leader. by Henry Makow Ph.D.(the link is good, but his site is not working in Mexico right now) Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, Cabalist Jewish bankers & Freemasons who used their fraudulent monopoly over government credit (currency) to buy the world and hold it in debt servitude. So effective is their control over culture that humanity is only now realizing it is their hostage in an emerging imperialist police state that spans the globe. We are also recognizing that "sexual liberation" and pornography are political weapons designed to degrade and control. The Illuminati know that real men supported by loyal wives will fight to defend their families and ensure their children have a wholesome future. Better to turn these men and women into sex addicts who betray their families for a cheap thrill.
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] Porn is literally a weapon of war. In occupied Poland, the Nazis corrupted Polish society: "The authorities turned a blind eye to the illicit distillation of alcohol. In Warsaw, gambling halls were opened which only Poles were allowed to attend. Prostitution was tolerated. The printing and distribution of pornography was encouraged." ("Poland Under Nazi Occupation" 1961, p.218.) Casinos. Prostitution. Porn. Sound familiar? Porn is a favorite weapon of colonizers. When Israel took over Palestinian TV stations in the West Bank, they broadcast porn. After the US invaded Iraq, porn flourished. For most people, sex has become an addiction. Porn is the crack. In the 19th Century the British fought the Opium Wars because the Chinese wouldn't take their "medicine." For the past 50-100 years this weapon has been used against us and increasingly porn is setting societal norms. ILLUMINATI JEWISH HOLLYWOOD Just as "social change" is really "social engineering," Hollywood entertainment is really behavior modification. "Risky Business" (1983) is described as "a teen comedy-drama" when it was designed to hook a new generation on pornography. Tom Cruise plays Joel "Goodson" an innocent whose teenage fantasy comes true when a comely young prostitute (Rebecca de Mornay) moves in while his parents are away on vacation. The film contains many steamy sex scenes and implicitly condones prostitution and sex for its own sake. No coincidence, it was made by David Geffin, a homosexual Jew and written and directed by Paul Brickman, a Jew whose "sexual preference" is unknown. This film about corrupting innocence is bookmarked by the American Pie series (1999-2012) more Illuminati Jewish "teen comedy" which begins with four teenagers who vow to lose their virginity before graduation. Again, the film contains enough sex and nudity to hook every young male viewer on pornography. pieguilt.jpegThe "American pie" refers to a scene in which the hero is caught masturbating into an apple pie, a reflection of what Illuminati Jews and Masons think of American values and what they are doing to America. ( "Motherhood & apple pie" used to signify wholesome before it was defiled by Illuminati Jews.) In the sequel, American Wedding, (2003),the future bride performs fellatio on the groom under a table in a crowded restaurant. At the wedding reception, the groom's unruly friend has sex with the groom's grandmother in a darkened closet thinking she is the bride's sluttish sister. Granny is so pleased she blesses her grandson's marriage to a "shiksa." In the final scene, another friend performs cunnilingus on the unruly friend's mother in a bubble bath. This crude psychological assault on our morals and decency is part of the Illuminati's hate-filled (Talmudic) strategy to destroy the institution of the family. In this context Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) and Pretty Women (1990) are significant for their nudity and for legitimizing abortion and prostitution. All these movies played a major role in removing moral constraints and allowing obscenity, porn and Satanism to
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] flourish in the mass media today. MAINSTREAMING PORN According to one 2005 estimate, 12% of all websites and 25% of all downloads are porn. Almost 30% of consumers are women. People respond to porn as if they were actually engaged in it. This cannot but affect behavior. Increasingly, pornography is dictating societal norms. Here, the TSA sought to grope the genitals of a 79-year-old woman. Can you see what's happening? This is not about security. This is about making us all porn stars. Where are the defenders of "human rights" now? This old woman is Jewish! Recently Illuminati widget Myley Cyrus was photographed panty-less in public. Coincidence? Flashing vagina could become as acceptable as cleavage. With so many young women displaying their pruned privates in porn, it is inevitable. In this context, the "Vagina Monologues" which sought to "culturally rehabilitate" the female genitals can be seen as pioneering. (See my "Porn Play Degrades Women" ) There is a "Breastaurant" trend where waitresses provide generous portions of breast along with ribs and mash potatoes. Look on the street. Young girls are responding to media cues by wearing form fitting leggings which highlight bum and camel toe. Young women used to be respected for becoming wives and mothers. Now they seek validation as porn stars and unpaid prostitutes. Ultimately, the Illuminati plan is for women to become a public utility like running water. One satisfies thirst, the other lust. The other effect of porn is arrested development. Sex is important in the courtship and procreation stages of life. However people in healthy marriages pursue new interests after they have children and age. MICHAEL JONES Along with Kevin MacDonald, E. Michael Jones, the editor of Culture Wars, is our leading cultural thinker. In his book Libido Dominandi, Jones details how the Illuminati used "sexual liberation" for political control since the French Revolution. I invite you to listen to his interview. Jones characterizes the rise of porn as a battle between Catholics and "Jewish pornographers" which the Illuminati Jews have won. In his most recent book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, he characterizes modern history as the hate-filled subversion of civilization by Cabalist Jewish bankers and their Freemason proxies who have usurped Gentile leadership. This interview can be found here. This process of subversion is now almost finished. Everybody, especially many Jews, are duped into advancing collective suicide, i.e. the "New World Order." Career success depends on it.
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] The Cabalist bankers who intermarry with non-Jewish Satanists ensure that other Jews will take the blame. They fund anti-Semites and create anti-Semitism in order to conflate this secret Cabalist agenda with all Jews. Jones quotes Leon Trotsky: "Pogroms in which the rank-and-file of the Jewish nation suffer serve the useful purpose of keeping them in absolute dependence on their leaders." Jones: "This is another way of saying the Trotskys promote revolution and the Braunsteins suffer for it." CONCLUSION Humanity has been colonized by this satanic cult and is satanically possessed. Possession partly takes the form of sex addiction and promiscuity. Anonymous sex, separated from love, courtship and marriage is extremely degrading for human beings, especially women. Pedophilia, incest and even bestiality are next. "Liberation" is really enslavement. That's how Satanism works. Everything is the opposite of what is claimed. Evil is portrayed as good and vice-versa. Jones quotes Saint Augustine: "A man has as many masters as he has vices." How much easier for the Illuminati to let the human race enslave itself while they create a police state. ---- Related Makow- Hit Movie Exposes Hollywood's Luciferian Game Makow - How Kulture is Contrived David Richards -- Porn: Watched Bruised Drugged Prostitutes Info on Combating Porn & Sex Addiction Porn-addled 13-yr old Abuses 5 Year Old Sister http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/generation-xxx-13-year-old-boy-sexually-abuses-5-year-old-sister-thanks-to May 5th Benghazi In light of the fact that "they" won't let the Benghazi psy op die, I would like to once again repeat, Ambassador Stevens NEVER GOT A FUNERAL. Despite the fact that history has now been rigged on the web via back dating of web sites and updates after this web site pointed out that simple fact There are PLENTY of others who noticed back then, such as THIS SITE and to this day, the department of state web site which lists all embassies NEVER had anything listed for Benghazi EVER in the history of American embassies and consulates, and has not put one in Benghazi to cover for even this psy op to this day. As a conciliatory move, for those who asked, a small "memorial" was put up where he was supposedly buried EIGHT MONTHS AFTER BENGHAZI. Cute. Just to satisfy enquiring minds I guess. Benghazi was a psy op all the way, and I am absolutely sick of hearing this lie repeated over and over and over
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] and over and over and over again. In Benghazi there was a CIA base, widely reported even via outlets such as Fox News, a base located in a rented house secured to residential standards which was completely empty when it was attacked. I am not backing down on this no matter what garbage gets hatched and no matter how I get attacked over it, Benghazi was B.S. FINAL ANSWER.Look up crisis actors for an explanation for any convincing "photos" of what went on there. The big question? FOR WHAT REASON is this idiotic lie of a story being pushed SO HARD? This mail: "James, Remember when I said it might be Mers rather than Ebola they scare us about? Well check the link I provide and the first case of US Mers arrives. Now the elite would have to be nuts to release ebola around the world and it defeats the object of your nanobot does it not? A mers virus would be better and even easier to fake compared to ebola. Also I have wondered why they called this Mers rather than Sars. Is this because it is a biological weapon designed this time to attack arabs rather than sars with the orientals? I do not think there has been a white raced being infected with this and suffering but I could be wrong but unlikely. We both know who would like a race- specific bioweapon against arabs!" Caused me to write the following: Recent mania regarding pandemics justified but misdirected Jim Stone, May 5 2014 This article has been expanded to cover anti fertility vaccines, and how anti fertility vaccination campaigns in the third world PROVE we can't trust what is in the shots I don't have any "inside sources" saying a plague is going to happen but . . . . . I do have common sense. Here is what I think will really happen: There will be a fake sandy hook style media event, pushing fear of a plague. The plague will not be real. The real plague will be delivered via shots that were advertised as being protection from the plague the shots were supposed to "prevent". There is an enormous amount of evidence out there to support this. I am not going to rewrite it all, just read the nanobot bacteriophage report, it is verifiably accurate when the correct people in the area of genetic engineering and pharmacology are consulted, and forms the basis of Israel's "ethno bomb". A good doctorate of pharmacology friend ranted on the phone for hours (a year before the Fukushima report) about how bacteriophages were being reprogrammed to attack people and how horrible the outcome would be. She told me to ignore everything and focus on this topic. I did not "get it" at the time, and ignored it for the most part. I now get it . . . .
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] Bacteriophages are viruses that attack bacteria. Bacteriophages are so selective they do not cross species barriers, and will differentiate between bacteria to such an extent that they will only attack a sub group of a sub group of a sub group, in otherwords, "salmonella" is not just salmonella, you have White salmonella, Arab salmonella, Chinese salmonella, etc and even though all those have the same outcome as far as we can see, they look different enough to a bacteriophage for a bacteriophage to only kill ONE TYPE. This selectivity makes the bacteriophage ideal (if reprogrammed) for killing only for example, Arabs with brown eyes and lighter than average skin for Arabs. This selectivity can also be used to modify people's brains via "vaccination" because there is enough differentiation between neurons for a bacteriophage to only go in and wipe out the emotion "love" or "anger" and permanently modify people to exhibit the traits a ruling class wants them to have. Bacteriophages have been re-programmed by Israel for the purpose of biowarfare. Now onto why the plague will be administered via "vaccinations" The elite are cowards. They are superior as we all know, and more valuable than the rest of us. So they ARE NOT going to risk getting anything they release themselves even if they think they have a cure. Furthermore, they want a predictable kill rate which you will not get from anything you turn loose, there can be mutations that change the outcome and their own ability to stay safe. They will instead opt to scare everyone into getting shots, and possibly mandate these shots. Only through injection can there be a gurantee that a mutated strain will not develop, and that the disease will not as a result become communicable. Let me explain this a little - There are many factors in disease transmission. The main factors are virulence and communicability. A very virulent pathogen with a very high communicability will spread rapidly and kill many people. But if that same super virulent pathogen is designed in a way that causes it to have very low or no communicability, it will kill whoever gets it but won't spread to others. And communicability is the second reason why bacteriophages were chosen for the ethno/ population reduction bomb - bacteriophages do not have any communicability AT ALL with people and will stay within the shots. The bottom line? There are people who have become so evil that we have effectively lost the technology of vaccination. Nowadays you can't tell if a tetanus shot comes complete with phages that will go into your brain and destroy your free will or do something else. The phages are a step beyond the previous "anti fertility vaccines" which were given to completely unaware women by Unicef and the WHO and are now old history that proves the "elite" do not deliver as advertised. (scroll down, the damning stuff is near the bottom). And it is perfectly clear nowadays, with the rampant autism appearing only after children get "vaccinated", along with the elite being able to predict future levels of autism, that the shots are causing it all, you can't apply math and play god with that one, the destruction of our children is calculated with a solid variable "they" can rely on - the test results from the next to be released formulation. The fact that vaccines have been weaponized cannot be refuted, this was proven long ago with the anti-fertility vaccines, which additionally proved that the elite will not be honest about their actions regarding what is in the shots. If there is an "outbreak", run from the vaccine police as fast as you can, it may well be your best shot at survival.
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] How can I survive doing this web site? This is a question that comes up every once in a while. So I will post this mail. Sir, this is my first time on the site.. I would like to ask a question, a very significant question to prove the authenticity or reliability of every single thing you've posted.. HOW DO YOU GET AWAY WILL ALL OF THIS IF THE NSA OR WHOEVER TREATS YOUR SITE AS A MYTHBUSTER/WITNESS OR SIMPLY A PUBLIC DOMAIN OF TRUTH? WHY ARE YOU NOT LOCKED UP? YOU SHOULD BE IN A CELL IF ALL OF THIS WOULD BE TRUE. MOST SIGNIFICANTLY.. THE FLIGHT MH370 SUMMARY. >.< I WOULD LIKE AN ANSWER AND WILL BE THE BASIS FOR MY SUPPORT. Thank you. My response I have been jailed twice over this web site. This is all outlined on this site. The first time it was an anonymous detention at a jail in California, which happened two weeks after I released the Fukushima report and it was obviously supposed to be permanent though that was not put on paper. I was never allowed to dial out of the jail. Then a replacement staff came in one night after I was there for a week, I told them I was never allowed a phone call and they let me have it. I contacted a friend at 1030pm and as soon as that call was made, the administration above the replacement staff let me out. At 1AM. I was there for a week and was released almost immediately with no proceedings whatsoever once a call got out, anonymous detention only works if no one knows where you are. The second was supposed to be permanent, SO PERMANENT they did not use my real name, to make it impossible for anyone to find me. And the permanence was documented on paper. Fortunately someone witnessed me going in. I was to never be released according to the papers, and NOT to have any identification returned to me at any point EVER which was also outlined in the papers. In this particular jail (in the Washington DC area) they tried to get me to take a "tb test" which involved the injection of about 15cc's of a yellow liquid. I am NOT STUPID, the TB test is not an injection. I refused the injection and was put in solitary confinement. Then all of a sudden, after being in there for 5 days, I got released because the witness to my going in pushed the issue. Many "errors" were made, and I got everything back, and was processed out quickly possibly because in addition to the witness the system did not have corrupt people from top to bottom and a good soul did me a favor. There were other things that followed this, but the bottom line is after the second time I ran to Mexico. You can find all of this in articles on this site if you look hard enough, but I have to admit there is sort of a cattle trail aspect to this web site, because with me doing almost all the articles and all the graphics and all the coding and other site issues it's a lot for one guy to manage. If this thing was running fat16 it would have crashed long ago. I have done what I can with the time that I have to make things easy to find, but there are lots of buried pages here. Here is something I copied out of one of the buried pages. I have, in addition to this, been successfully located by American intelligence and questioned at a Starbucks and simultaneously poisoned once in Mexico (quote from the Jewish community article) "They did not leave well enough alone. Simply having me get as far as I was with them and then leave was enough for them to put a hit out on me. I attended an event with an Iranian girl I started dating, which she got invited to out of nowhere. She was not aware of anything like it, and did not know what to expect. We went. It was a little strange, it cost money to set up and was strange. Something was not right about it. They had great food there though, and I was offered some
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] wine. It was horrible and bitter. I was shocked by the taste. there was a woman from one of the synagogues there in the food preparation area. I thought nothing of it though. I was fine for about 3 days, and then started getting very strange muscle cramps. On day 5 they were severe. Day 6, I could barely walk, and was going into spasms. On that day, I got a very strange e-mail. It is a series of quotes from various books, assembled to form a message. This no doubt was to hide the writing style of the sender. This took a LOT of work to assemble. I will break it down, following the message. I knew when I received this that I had been poisoned as punishment for leaving the Jewish community, and they did not expect me to survive it. They knew when the poison would be taking full effect. The message follows: A sweet face. She forbade her wearing cotton caps, just the trite, wellknown fact that a murderer so near the border, the assistance of this monk the position of the south was in this respect melted butter, thus flay'd pigs commonly. 6. No one told mrs. Samuel bertram of the change of plan, each buried in its bosom. These may have taken their of electronic works that could be freely shared you did, mon ami. Since then, you have changed of zoology. Unhappily you have crushed this fine such service.and now begone. If there be half stern fortitude which enabled him to hide the that we ought to do something about it try to a word for the act of complaining about something he entered one of those ginpalaces, which, like. THAT is what a death threat message looks like, Now let's dissect it "A sweet face. She forbade her wearing cotton caps, just the trite". - This is in reference to the fact that the girl I started dating was a Shia Muslim, who did not wear hijab, and that they had no respect for the relationship. "wellknown fact that a murder so near the border, the assistance of this monk" - This could be a reference to the fact that they considered me murdered, and I was close to the border of America, and possibly the rabbi who taught me had something to do with it. "the position of the south was in this respect melted butter, thus flay'd pigs commonly" - This is obviously a reference to America, which I left behind, was a land of melted butter which flayed pigs (arabs) often. "6." - This is telling. 6 happens to be the most sacred number in Judaism, especially 666. Believe it or not - it is true, and it ties into the 6 points of the star of david, which when made out of two overlaid triangles has six points, six lines, and six triangles within it. "No one told Mrs Samuel Bertram of the change of plan, each buried in its bosom" - I never told ANYONE in the Jewish community I was leaving, and never gave an explanation as to why. "These may have taken of their electronic works that could be shared you did, mon ami" - This is a reference to the fact that I built a beautiful web site for the Rabbi, as a gift. "Since then you have changed of zoology" - This means that after I left the Jewish community, I changed and became an animal. "unhappily you have crushed this fine such service" - This is in reference to the fact that the Rabbi abandoned the web site, and refused to use it. "and now begone. If there be half stern fortitude which enabled him to hide the that we ought to do something about it try to a word for the act of about something" - I was very physically fit, and able to withstand very tough situations, which the Jews were aware of. They gave me nothing to complain about, this is true, they were VERY GOOD TO ME. Begone is obvious - I am dead.
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] "He entered one of those ginpalaces, which, like - This is a reference to Islam, where gin "jin" palace literally means a house of demons, from an Islamic perspective. So they said I left them and entered a house of demons, and liked it (because of the Shia girlfriend). I wondered for a second if it was just a stupid e-mail, but realized it fit my situation exactly. There was not a line in that e-mail that did not apply to me, and it followed the sequence of events perfectly. Add that to the fact that I was doubling over with cramps and it was obvious - I had been poisoned. I got very lucky with finding a cure. It was as if God handed it to me. I went to Google, and entered my symptoms, and the word poisoning. (Delayed, cramps, delerium, poisoning) and the first link was to a web site that listed my symptoms and timeline perfectly. It was a slow acting alkaloidal poisoning that would be fatal due to extreme cramping to death - a hideous death, if not cured. I then typed alkaloidal poisoning antidote into Google, and it went to another web site, which had antidotes to various poisonings. (A few days later I tried this, and did not ever find those sites again). I am not sure exactly what I typed. The antidote site said that pickeling salt, and vinegar, in conjunction with ammonia fumes would cure it. SO, I ate a large jar of pickles, and the cramps let off a little, and then took a bowl full of ammonia window cleaner, put it in a box on the floor, draped a towel over the opening of the box, put my head in and went to sleep. When I woke up I was PERFECT, with no sign of poisoning at all (other than the ickiness from the ammonia). I thought back on where the poisoning could have happened, and the only place was that event I went to, with the bitter wine. It all fit. SO, I was back to normal. And I made a mistake. When you have a hit out on you, NEVER get into a routine schedule out in public. I did. I got into the routine of taking the same skytrain stops at the same time every day. About a week and a half into this, I noticed a young man who attended one of the Orthodox synagogues coming up the steps as I went down, and right as I went past him he pulled out a black canister and sprayed it in my face. Whatever it was had no odor or taste, it was like a clear gas. He timed it perfect, and I was breathing in at exactly the wrong time and sucked in the full blast. Again I noticed nothing immediately, but made it a point to remember that incident. A week went by, and I had all but forgotten the event. But I started getting copious amounts of clear phlegm coming up all the time out of my lungs, and my nose started running uncontrollably. There was no fever, no muscle cramps, no sign of flu or infection, just gobs and gobs of phlegm, a good blast ever 20 feet of walking, and I had to keep a large sputum cup by the bed. On the worst three nights, I laid on the floor gasping for breath, trying to overcome the phlegm and was not sure I would survive those nights. But I started to come out of it a little. It lingered on and on, with copious phleghm for over a year, and about a month into it I lost my hearing. My hearing was GONE, attenuated by well over 100 DB. I could not use a phone, I could not hear even a nearby car horn. People had to scream into my face, and by combining what little sound I could hear with their lip movements, I could make out what they were saying. But there was something even stranger about this - after it faded off a little, I noticed that whenever I had periods of deep analytical thinking the phlegm came far worse, or bursts of emotion would make it come a lot worse. I was in this phase when I met my wife, (she has since left because of troubles caused by this web site) who is a Doctorate of Pharmacology. She diagnosed the symptoms as a neurological poisoning, and said I was not likely to ever get over it fully. Fortunately two years after the initial spraying, I was over it. Things settled down for a while, and THEN I did the Fukushima report. While doing this report, I was stalked constantly, had the bios to two cell modems re-written by hackers, destroying them, had my hard drive woodpeckered, and after publishing the report someone would go out into a field directly adjacent to my house
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] and shoot a shotgun 7 times exactly at midnight for a month straight. If that's not a death threat, what is? (With regard to the Fukushima report, two jailings also followed) Most recently,(this happened back in 2011 now) my wife and I were proceeding on I-15 southbound in Salt Lake City after spending a day there, and a mile before the 4500 south off ramp, a red cabbed semi with an unmarked trailer snuck up on us with his lights turned off, hooked up with the last four inches of the side of the rear of the car, on the bumper, and put the car into a spin. I noticed the rear of the car drifting sideways - there was no sound of impact because it was such a gentle nudge, and I looked and saw him back there in the dark. I knew I had to get ahead of him, so I floored it. The spin was well established, and the ONLY way for the car to go if I hit the brakes would be to get eaten by the semi. The headlights then came on, and I kept it floored, hoping the car would not roll. Keeping it floored was the thing to do. It got me out in front of him far enough to avoid being mowed under, and with the tires screaming and burning rubber forward, I managed to pull the skid into the HOV lane and out of the path of the semi. I was then perfectly backwards on the freeway, with a forward burnout going (had I let off the gas it would have stalled the engine and probably blown the transmission), as the semi went past me. Keeping it floored kept perfect floatation going, and the car proceeded in it's spin in the HOV lane. Right when I was coming out of the full 360 I let off the gas, never hit the brake, and ended up going perfectly forward two lanes over from where I was to begin with. The semi floored it up to about 90, and still having about 60 mph of momentum I took off after it. I then thought, well, he could be dangerous, and there is probably minimal damage to the car. So I backed off, pulled off at 4500 south and inspected the car. The only damage was a small indentation in the side of the rear bumper where the semi hooked up. Ever heard of all the famous controversial people getting killed in car/semi accidents? Most people hit the brakes when something goes wrong, and that is the WRONG THING TO DO when a semi nudges your rear wheels out. You will get sucked under and crushed if you hit the brakes at that critical moment, yet that is the most likely thing for people to do. My wife published the article Tainted Nightmare and they would have gotten 2 for the price of one. And this method, the gentle nudge, leaves such a small mark on the vehicle it would go totally unnoticed in
    • Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/[5/14/2014 11:35:11 AM] the carnage. It would simply look like you lost control and got eaten by a semi. There obviously is no way to prove this event was intentional, but in light of everything else? . . . . . . . . . SO, to answer the question in the mail: I am around due to a combination of luck, the will of God, my own intelligence, and because I worked intelligence before and was well briefed on the tricks. Having worked for the NSA has given me the knowledge I need to stay out of sight, I don't carry cell phones, randomize my daily routines, and no longer have my own computers online, this site is administered completely from cyber cafe's which are plentiful in Mexico. As far as the site remaining online goes, Look at the initial line - which tells people to mirror and re-publish what is here. The root site already has a very large footprint but the mirrors and re-posts people have done independently make this site absolutely massive, far beyond it's ranking, and far too entrenched to ever remove from the web without many many people taking notice. Since evil thrives in the dark, they can't shine an obvious light by taking it down, all they can do is shill slander and censor as much as they can get away with. I was always unselfish with what I produce, this site and all content are public domain for people to post as they see fit, and THAT is really what probably saved it all. The page has been cut here to hopefully solve a problem with it crashing Ipads. View more HERE There have been Bitcoin problems. Do not send Bitcoin until further notice, thanks! 1LXwQoVSw9MrDCV2G8ZGEbnewgUr9xXaB8