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    Food  the ultimate secret exposed - pt 2 of 2 - you tube Food the ultimate secret exposed - pt 2 of 2 - you tube Document Transcript

    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] About Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 TheAlexJonesChannel · 15,909 videos Subscribe 803,240 386,693 3,391     83 Like Share Add to Category License Uploaded on Jul 29, 2010 Alex Jones addresses one of the darkest modes of power the globalists have used to control the population-- food. The adulteration of the planet's staple crops, genetically-altered species and intentionally-altered water, food and air all amount to a Eugenics operation to weaken the masses and achieve full spectrum domination. People the world over, but especially in the United States are under chemical attack. Deadly and dangerous toxins ranging from Aspartame to Fluoride, GMO, Mercury-tainting, pesticides, cross- species chimeras, plastic compounds in chicken, high fructose corn syrup, cloned meat, rBGH and new aggressive GM species of salmon have all entered into our diets and environments-- whether we want it or not. Many of these substances knowingly cause or are linked with sterility, low birth weight, miscarriages, smaller or deformed offspring, as well as organ failure, cancer, brain tumors and Death itself, what you DON'T know about on your grocery shelves can hurt you. Further, Alex demonstrates that a pattern of buried studies, fraudulent statistics and a will reduce global population all point to the deliberate criminal poisoning of the food and water supply. Suffer no fools and warn those you love about need to stop their food from being used as a Depopulation-weapon against us all. Please share this important video with everyone, so the truth about these substances can be known. News & Politics Standard YouTube License Show less FEATURED by TheAlexJonesChannel 425,865 Federal Reserve Tells YouTube to Take Down Critical Video!! 3:09 by TheAlexJonesChannel 445,900 views The Glenn Beck Secret 15:28 by TheAlexJonesChannel 1,074,869 views Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 1/2 9:59 by TheAlexJonesChannel 40,708 views Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed Addendum - Chemical BPA Li k d t M di l 5:50 by The Young Turks 906,654 views What's in a Fish Sandwich at McDonald's? 3:56 by David Sarti 258,373 views Oxygen absorbers, their dirty little secret exposed 4:52 by djevdogg Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed43 videos by projectdeepcover 451,169 views Food - The Ultimate Secret Exposed full version 20:48 by PsycheTruth 266,591 views The Truth about MSG Monosodium Glutamate Clinical N t iti 9:37 by RT America 159,478 views Food police target organic foods in California! 5:19 by Ron Gibson 13,223 views The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Thursday 2:03:46 Upload Sign in
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] Language: English Country: Worldwide Safety: Off Help About Press & Blogs Copyright Creators & Partners Advertising Developers +YouTube Terms Privacy Policy & Safety Send feedback Try something new! Add to by Ron Gibson 13,712 views The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Wednesday 2:15:30 by Jason A 3,294,649 views THE END OF AMERICA 2014- 2016: "IT'S WORSE THAN YOU KNOW" 13:58 by wannaberichlikeme 12,483 views Infowars Special Report - Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed 9:59 by TheAlexJonesChannel 37,840 views Phil Berg: The Latest on Lawsuit Showing "Barry 10:48 by TheAlexJonesChannel 817,653 views Secrets of Prometheus Film Leaked 8:19 by TheAlexJonesChannel 27,885 views Dr.Russell Blaylock on Alex Jones Tv"The Rockefellers & S i l i i "1/5 10:44 by princessliz15 Recommended for you Jesus Culture & Kim Walker- Dance lyrics 5:17 by TheAlexJonesChannel 135,351 views Climate-Gate Pt 1 ***EMERGENCY VIRAL 4:58 by TheAlexJonesChannel 17,064 views FBI will be Allowed to Record your Internet Activity Without A W t! Al J T 5:22
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] ALL COMMENTS (1,742) Top comments   Joshua Sabourin via Google+ 4 weeks ago  ·  View all 3 replies  ·   ·  +Joshua Sabourin Something I found when I switched to organic is that although it is slightly more expensive, I eat less of it. The stuff they put in our food is designed to make us crave it. I've actually saved money by eating organic. +Seiferus That's a good point. I need to start trying some organic stuff more often.  Reply Seiferus 2 weeks ago   Reply Joshua Sabourin 2 weeks ago   Reply Juan C 1 month ago  ·  I'm glad he mentions some of the progress that has been made.  Do not stop demanding healthy products.  It will be HEALTHY AND INTELLIGENT people who will solve the problems of the world without reducing the population or freedom.  The, so called, "ruling class" belongs to history - go away.   Reply Jackie Sue Miller 4 months ago  ·  I just watched a documentary on how the water supply in Mexico contains the decaying remains of so many dead people that when farmers water their crops with it - in their hearts and minds most of them believe they are committing a form of cannibalism.     Reply Hydromancer of the Rainbow Throne 3 months ago  ·  Light isn't holey, it's full. There is no light without fuel. Light is a predator that glows when it kills.   Reply Ishma Rotheinstein 2 months ago  ·  neighbors sittin there eaten smg filled chips one after another warn them   Reply Jess J 5 months ago  ·  I am swearing off soft drinks and McDonald's after this. . . I'm lucky most of my childhood my grandpa was a hunter and bringing home deer meat and we made everything with it. As to what damage that has been done to my body by these bastards in the last 27 years I'm hoping it can be reversed. But I will start buying my veggies from a farmers market or growing them myself.   Reply iluvtoargue 1 month ago  ·  I'm growing my own food from now on!!!  Reply Share your thoughts
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM]  ·  If you want to grow your own food, make sure that you get non GMO seeds. Info Wars Life has a great supply of seeds. Seiferus 2 weeks ago   Reply Lindsey verified via Google+ 2 years ago  ·  Part 2/2  Reply IESHA8111 3 months ago  ·  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD PLZ HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Reply TheDoggyStylee 1 month ago  ·  i live in sweden and here most of the food is safe to eat so i'm all good  Reply Dave Lister 2 months ago  ·  In sunny Britain we can buy horse meat or is it beef or is it soylent green ? They feed us shit and they get money for doing it ??   Reply wasmochtensietrinken 6 months ago in reply to 1112viggo check out my channel  BowserKod 2 years ago in reply to daniel farmer I don't think we can. The majority of people are occupied with religion, sports, and television. Unlike us, most people are so apathetic that you can present all the evidence in the world to them and they won't care.   Lamar E 1 year ago So what should I eat to survive?  spinachpencils 1 year ago majority of fluoride absorbed into the body occurs through the skin when you shower. high magnesium levels in the body cause poor absorption of fluoride. increase magnesium intake and drink non fluoridated water (reverse osmosis or distilled) and you're good to go.   ufcspidersilva88 7 months ago They built a grocery store with this crap food near you so that it's easier to get to. Smart strategy and they even make the food cheap and they even let us receive food stamps to get that crap for free. You can eat organic food which is more expensive but the economy is not good by design so therefore it makes you go the easy route. It's a whole structural system.   Jackie Blue 2 years ago in reply to daniel farmer @lanzapeeps Stay away from modified seeds (there are legitimate seed exchange clubs that have pure vegetable and fruit seeds), try to shop at markets that sell only organic meats and other products. As far as the chem trails, we can only hope. I've been telling people about these things for years and nobody believes me. I moved out of the city 18 years ago and to the country. Head start...   Kid Kapam 9 months ago in reply to sean sachdev everytime i drink water and eat i get so scared man im here with you brother wee need to get strong and wake up   Tan Binh 2 years ago Why is Aspertame Legal and cannabis Illigal??? 
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] sticknstonesbrkbones 1 year ago Who wants to join a commune and forget the rest of the world? I mean, if all the products(food, drug, even child toys,etc.) are full of harmful substances then why the hell should we continue being a part of this sick society. Christopher McCandless tried to escape it by retreating to the Alaskan wilderness but ended up starving to death. I would love to be a part of a small group that decided enough is enough and walked of into the forests with the knowledge of agriculture, carpentry, etc.   Aland Aspire 2 years ago Everyone needs to grow their own food and raise their own livestock! Lets defeat the NWO!!!   potatoabletomato 2 years ago Look at the petty numbers of views. This should have more! This isn't a popular subject, but it SHOULD be. We're talking about the lives of people here. We need someone like Upton Sinclair to open this nation's eyes and rape the current FDA and fix this shit. This is seriously fucking disgusting. People, nothing will happen if YOU don't do anything about it. Save and improve lives; pass your knowledge on to your family and friends.   Lloyd from Canada 2 years ago keep passing this video around!!!  Mario Götze 2 years ago in reply to datcheater shut up troll  goenigoegoe83 2 years ago in reply to Iziah A @isiahdasilva buy natural organic product. And no it's not too expensive. I live as a vegetarian and always cook with fresh products. If you buy food in a supermarket always read what is inside. If there are too many ingredients you can't even pronounce the name off just stay away from it. Very easy!   420xtazzy 1 year ago just gets better, wen will thay just pull the fuckin plug, THAY WILL F A I L  666olivierhell 10 months ago in reply to sean sachdev eat halal :)  Kid Kapam 9 months ago in reply to Rebirth G im just scared are natural food is getting scares as well smh  mcdlover4 10 months ago in reply to Imma Wake dude you not death.. stop being paranoid.:) and stop your communist agenda, you take care of yourself and i will do the same with me!   SmeesLightning 1 year ago in reply to korey b If you boil water or leave it on a hot plate for an extended period of time, the fluoride will become more concentrated, remaining in the water as a fluorine salt.   Tabula Rasa 1 year ago in reply to BowserKod The lower, mid and upper level globalists: politicians, presidents and ceo's can afford to have the organic, raw, free-range direct from organic farms, farms shops, bakeries with org food and the like. Fortunately so do alot of average, working, middle and upper class people as well. There's food co-operatives, organic farms, farms shops etc. Just get informed. Though in the U.S. some of the states are actively raid those groups to remove these options. New doc's like Farmageddon show this.   jason reds 2 years ago in reply to blackyblackblack505 @blackyblackblack505 no doubt !  thears2u 1 year ago in reply to Bistra Angelova Big!!! lol sometimes ya cant tell if its an orange or a grapefruit. 
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] BowserKod 2 years ago Just out of curiosity, what do globalists eat/drink? Does anyone know of a well-sourced video/article regarding my inquiry?   Seattle brown bag man 2 years ago Make girls have puberty earlier, they want to eventually make it so that menopause happens before age 18.   Stance Punk 1 year ago Soooo... Alex.... What would you recommend as an alternative?  Dave Berza 1 year ago in reply to Charles Bjørsk as for what to eat, just watch this Natural health channel here HEALTH SUPERCHARGER   Venim850 1 year ago So, now I have to buy all my food from Whole Foods now?  Andrew Vigotsky 1 year ago RCT? Not even once. The only thing correlations are good for is to determine whether or not a RCT should be done. Way too manny associative conclusions are being drawn.   Lilly de Montreux 2 years ago in reply to TeenageTechKid @TeenageTechKid The elite DO NOT eat and drink these products. Trust me, I know.  LoveSilkribboner 2 years ago in reply to bandosnoob15 @bandosnoob15 ORGANIC VEGETABLS AND FRUITS . not gmo tho. luckily there are still some orgnic foods at some stores. vegetables and fruits we can find em' at stores and plant em' and have our own natural gardens. need pestiside ? use garlic water, they tryed to cover that up too.   jihadulnafs 2 years ago in reply to bandosnoob15 @bandosnoob15 FARM YOUR OWN FOOD  TheTrieye 2 years ago intresting  blackyblackblack505 2 years ago It is New Years. Most people are getting drunk, lighting fireworks and and making out. I'm here learning of their extinction.   HearWithoutPrejudice 2 years ago in reply to Jamel Boukabou @jamelboukabou like what?  easul1 2 years ago I live in Wales, and the water has no fluoride added to it here, so I'm safe. However, right next to us, in England, they get their water from us, but it is fluoridated before it reaches them, and they are suffering mentally and physically because of it. My advice is to avoid junk food, get your (organic) five-a-day and ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. It's extremely easy to detect a dangerous chemical. If you read something sounding over complicated or simply a chemical name e.g. Potassium benzoate, 5'-   TheHenneyloc 2 years ago in reply to datcheater you are lame as fuck  1 year ago in reply to Imma Wake
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] Aerodynamic1991 same problem here bro, trying to warn them trying to show them the light but they think its bullshit   TheMachi00 1 year ago I need to get the fuck out of the u.s.  krugg420 2 years ago 1776!!!!!!!!!!!!  rythmicpulses1 2 years ago What I find funny about Monsatan is once, they decided to dump tonnes of toxic waste in Wales a long time ago, they got caught doing it and were about to be charged, then the charges were dropped and the waste is still pouring fumes out today, why were the charges dropped? My guess is a VERY large bribe....   Kid Kapam 9 months ago in reply to 1112viggo indeed well put my friend, allways suport anything independent  Tuck Fheman 2 years ago in reply to Tan Binh A) Because they can't patent cannabis. B) Cannabis doesn't kill you. C) They can patent Aspartame. D) Aspartame kills you.   Anthony Aracena 1 year ago We are all fucked if we don't change the way we eat. Luckily, it's Pizza Sunday. Gotta order Pizza Hut for me and my family.   spirittammyk 7 months ago USDA OK's Chicken grown here to be shipped to China, processed there, and then shipped back here for sale. Please get the word out and stop it!   turbodude555 2 years ago "store-workers don't know what's going on..." I work in a store, know all this and try to warn people as I go about my job. Sure I'm worried about being fired, but try firing honesty. Organic is the way, read labels people, if you can't read or pronunce an ingredient it time to put it back. The companies are crafty now, legally "hiding" things like MSG under other names like -5 ribonucleatide. Does that sound a nice ingredient? And if there's "spice" listed around actual spices, its MSG folks   Tara Lynn 1 year ago Watching this was, in addition to documentaries like food inc and Forks over Knives, the main reason I have chosen to eat vegan. It may sound extreme, but I still eat a lot.. I have made everything from samosa pies to burritos to pasta salads. The key is spices! and buying organic where possible. I feel so much better in just a couple months. Share these links, spread the word on avoiding processed foods.   Red91Blood 1 year ago mcdonalds is some addictive shit. everytime i come back from holiday, i crave those bigmacs ive missed   ticklebug 11 months ago in reply to Imma Wake Those whom I feel badly for are those who cannot afford all-things-organic. I believe people can prioritize what they spend their money on. If one is in that situation where they actually have a choice, then they can live a more quality life. But there are so many Americans and others around the world who cannot. And that is depressing. Did you know there are 200 ingredients that are snuck into our food that the FDA doesn't require labeling on? So even if you're careful, you can never be sure.   ArmorKingEmir 1 year ago in reply to Charles Bjørsk you have to read the ingredients, and know which r harmful...  Chubbo123 2 years ago
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] All of these bold claims and ZERO real sources? I know that much of what we eat is harmful but this is just unprofessional and misleading.   Myriam Thibault 2 years ago Is It True?  gorod343 2 years ago This just changed my diet habbits...thx very much  G Johnson 2 years ago Let crockslut be the guinea PIG!!!! Lol  BboyKetrio 2 years ago then everyday i have to hunt to eat meat -.-  Giant Asparagus 2 years ago How and why has the Elite let you and ron paul make it this far? keepdoingwhatyourdoing.   DreadLiner 2 years ago I wish I didn't have to shower in tap water. My skin is dry as hell.Then I rub that poisonous lotion on my crocodile skin. Vicious cycle.   The Game 2 years ago iam from pakistan now come on ppl research i have done mine ...the resultss mind blowing   Jamel Boukabou 2 years ago in reply to bandosnoob15 @bandosnoob15 non GMO organic food.  Faez ABDULSABUR 1 year ago in reply to Charles Bjørsk grow your own food.  Adam Peredo 2 years ago sunflower market and whole foods!!!  islamictvdotcom 2 years ago how can I avoid eating these?  Tan Binh 2 years ago Grow your own crops and drink only water  daniel farmer 2 years ago COULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW ON EARTH WE ARE SUPPOSED TO STAY AWAY FROM ALL THESE POISONED FOOD STUFFS?OK,GO AND BUY ORGANIC MEATS,FISH AND VEGETABLES BUT SURELY WITH ALL THE SHIT THAT THE GOVERNMENTS ARE SPRAYING INTO THE SKY IS GOING TO CONTAMINATE ANY ORGANIC FOOD STUFFS ANYWAY?HERE IN LANZAROTE YOU CAN GET PLENTY OF ORGANIC VEG AND MEAT BUT EVERYDAY THE SKIES ARE FULL OF POISONOUS CHEMTRAILS,SO BASICALLY,WERE FUCKED,UNLESS AS A GLOBAL POPULATION WE CAN GET ALL THIS SHIT STOPPED,CANT WE?   jerran sperarman 1 year ago good video  Tabula Rasa 1 year ago in reply to Lil Wayne Find Organic, free-range and non-gm foods. Type in raw foods on youtube to find lots 
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] of videos on the subject. Tabula Rasa 1 year ago in reply to Charles Bjørsk Organic food.  JohnnyX1239 1 year ago in reply to viaexcellence Because they're maniacs who like to control people and watch them suffer. I know that is how they roll y'all. It's scientific dictatorship, they get off on showing how much they control and destroy our lives.   Daniel Mazur 8 months ago I knew it  bevon17 1 year ago I remember the first time I saw this video 2 years ago I was addicted to all of these foods. after a very long time of weening myself off I've become a Raw vegan I wish i could afford organic.. I bought a berkey too   ze1nikO 2 years ago in reply to bandosnoob15 @bandosnoob15 make your own crops phag  Ipodtouchfanboy 2 years ago Soo uhm can someone give me advice where to move and how to grow my own food I WANNA GET THE FUCK OUT THE US TOO much contamniation   Ar15snhappy 2 years ago SO THIS IS WHY OUR LIFE EXPECTANCY HAS INCREASED OVER THE YEARS! LOL   T.H.E. Outlaw 1 year ago 3:24 now they want to add aspartame to milk - even organic milk. 3:31 Tom's Of Maine is now owned by Colgate-Palmolive, and their toothpastes are no longer fluoride-free. Tom's Of Maine are corporate-owned toadies like Morningstar Farms (Kellogg) and Kraft. The organic movement started off with the best intentions, but Big Agra infiltrated the organic movement. "Organic" foods sold in establishment grocery stores are not truly organic. TRUE organic foods come straight from the farm.   1234bonitas 2 years ago in reply to MrCockSlut @MrCockSlut Probably you working for Monsanto and GMOs  afg96 2 years ago in reply to bandosnoob15 @bandosnoob15 Buy organic and go to farms to shop for meat.  1112viggo 10 months ago in reply to sean sachdev buy your products from small time farmers and ranchers, its a little more expensive but that is what the elite is eating, you will never see a person in place of power drinking a cola or smoking a cigerate you will never see doing any of the shit they are imposing on us and therefor we should watch these people closely and follow their example in some degree.   CouldNotCareLes 2 years ago in reply to BowserKod globalists eat/drink the same GMO HFCS we all do. The difference is that they purchase theirs from a trendy grocery with a holistic sustainable attitude (just the attitude, there is nothing sustainable about the product) so they feel better about it. Les   JohnnyX1239 1 year ago in reply to Tabula Rasa It costs so much no parents seem to care to buy it to keep their children healthy...only the smart ones do, but there are such few in brainwashed dumbed down society...  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] OrogDeMalfur 2 years ago you know what guys? i made someone pizza without washing my hands today... and you know what? i dont give a fucking fuck   sheliene12 2 years ago Too bad with the S 510 bill, it is illegal to grow your own food. You can't even keep your own seeds. You have to buy genetically modified seeds at a higher cost which are less healthy.   Bimfen 2 years ago I don´t know how it is with cigarettes in USA, but here in Denmark we´ve been able to buy cigs with no additives for 10 years or so!! Which must mean the others have added "stuff" in them. Why is it even legal to add toxins to an already toxic product? It´s a world controlled by mentally sick people, making the majority physical sick. Greetings from Denmark   elleonhighheels 1 year ago in reply to Imma Wake If you live in the country, start growing a little garden in your yard. If you live in the city, perhaps grow a few herbs in your bedroom window? You may not be able to do a lot right now but it's about doing as much as we can. I wish the best to you :)   1112viggo 10 months ago the message i posted was from The231447. it was marked as spam, really people you call that spam!? let people have their freakin oppinions and quit misusing the spam buttom because you dont agree we have freedom of speech in the digital world as well as the real world i am tired of this god damn self-censorship people impose on them self and others if you dont want to open your mind its fine but dont ruin it for others!   pamprw 2 years ago The food companies keep using smaller and smaller fonts on their ingredients and they will use white ink sometimes. If I can't read it, I don't buy it. If I can read it and there is anything chemical listed or their little tricks like "natural flavor" ect. I don't buy it. I make an exception for bacon though.   Haris Kovacevic 1 year ago in reply to Charles Bjørsk LOL i know right  LuigiTheAnimal77 2 years ago Hahaha Canada is not infected because that's the elites last resort idiot if every place is fucked there fuked   ViceWorld 2 years ago big problem...schools still sell it to children. hooked for life.  11kungfu11 2 years ago in reply to AnonymousElektron @AnonymousElektron Bit harsh.. have some respect.  Kit Cloudkicker 1 year ago Alex is right about all this he said, even in the UK, now they are selling US foods like Jolly Rancher drinks and Milk Duds etc..., the Jolly Rancher drinks look like a radioactive or toxic waste green and everything else has corn syrup and/or MSG in it, I feel sorry for unknowing Americans who eat this crap, it's not selling well in the UK due to most consumers knowing about it but unknowing kids are buying it, it's disgusting, please America, stop eating this shit, avoid it at all costs.   y0utUBeH8r 2 years ago nobody gives a shit when i tel lthem about this stuff, i tell them whats in their food and they look at me like a little kid and take an even bigger bite or drink and practically swallow it whole and look at me , wipe their face and smile, people are already brainwashed by this, let em die.   01greenbud 2 years ago
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] The more natural, the better, for food, and pretty much everything else.  saibot24122412 2 years ago ...and boycot all major/bigger food distributors, manufacturers. Keep eye on Monsanto, Bayer, Nestlé. Be sure to boycott al their products. Buy local, seasonal and dont buy processed food. Spread the word.   spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights pathetic little american troll stop living in idaho.  Dougalo420 2 years ago why r u two going on about each other? this vids about food...  BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick oh, so you know ive asked questions into your other account. Good to know you acknowledge your own failure. Fag veggie pagan.   whydoyouwanttousemyname? 2 years ago i know this question is kind of dumb, but what about whey protein and all of that, are they better than the meat we're eating or should i not take it?   01greenbud 2 years ago in reply to bandosnoob15 @bandosnoob15 We should eat organtic as much as we can, and educate ourselves so we can make the best choices.   VenomGaming8 2 years ago in reply to bandosnoob15 @bandosnoob15 grow your own vergtables and buy local meats  spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights Pathetic loser  BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to Dougalo420 @Dougalo420 who are you talking to stonetard ?  BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick from your other fag account named robdmhaze on Upside down flowers and Miss Californias vagina. Your so desperate for giggles cuz you know im not a Canadian cunt, vegetarian, ass licking pagan like you. By the way, i believe theres the word D-I-C-K in your name, you lil veggie nigger homo.   RecklessX9 2 years ago Drink a lot of Dr. Pepper. Noticing more commercials for the product. It's getting more popular. Looked at the nutrition facts and found aspartame. Can't drink Dr. Pepper anymore. Besides everyone is doing it.   LVLADY58 1 year ago in reply to Bimfen oh ya, i went to high school with the director of the EU fundamental rights agency......... ...morton kjaerum. he came to america in 1974.   pinkie745 2 years ago GMO!  COVERSbyMOTA uiriati 1 year ago I descend from an indigenous culture. My great grandparents were FULL BLOODED NATIVE AMERICANS and all their life they had no signs of the illnesses that appear to be common in my community today. It was until processed foods, enriched in chemicals (poison) came to our people that diseases like Diabeties, tuberculosis, or Cancer started attacking our people. People think that because it doesn't kill you the next day it won't do it eventually and affect your decendancy as well.(AWFUL MISTAKE)  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] Edwin Handschuh 7 months ago in reply to sean sachdev Nutritional cleanse, organic, non gmo nutrient dense food. I can send you what me and my family switched to email me   TheiTouchGuys 2 years ago what should i drink instead of tap water  tubeornotubetube 1 year ago in reply to Lori862 Always buy heirloom seeds  gameboy11 7 months ago in reply to Arnold Nagy But the FDA obviously doesn't care what goes in our food at all. Did you not even BOTHER to watch these videos????   BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick Yes, you owned my balls so hard that i got an erection. Thanks very much dick guzzler canucks nigger lover.   spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights Bruins all the FUCKING WAY :P Hometown:Quebec, screw Canada ! Country:United States Minor Outlying Islands Occupation:Enjoying Vancouver riots :P Companies:TD Garden (derp derp) Interests:Killing vaginal BC whales Movies:Bobby Orrs jump ! Music:Dropkick Murphys, Primus Books:How to blast a Canuck and fuck a Flyer there that must really hurt i copy and pasted the info you put into youtube back to you, dam i just owned you so hard lol   spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights see how mad you get when your owned, pathetic, nonsensical gibberish of a reply is all you got, bwahaahaha pathetic little kid.   BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick America includes Canada as well, dumb Vancouver nigger Canucks cunt.   BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick mad ? whos the one living in sodomite land with all the HST fucked up the butt ? thats you, because youre getting schooled by a child and you live in east side vancouver so all you ever do is get fucked in the ass by drunkards and you troll people at your shitty school public internet access. oh wait .. im not even mad ;)   onsaphi 2 years ago FARMERS... MARKET...  phildaleman1 2 years ago Mr jones, do you have a way to prove they stop when they say they will? I think that if I wanted to kill you this way and you found out what I was doing. Told me to stop, I would say okay mr jones, I will stop. When you turned your back I would put twice as much poison in your food and say fuck you!!! Have a nice day!!! Is there any way this could be happening? I mean you said it yourself, they are liars. Sorry for the cuss words..... Just trying to prove a point.   BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick cuz i dont live in Washington, its too close to ur gay country i live in hartford, CT and im waiting for ur phone number, dumb nigger :P   BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @robdmhaze Why do you live in Mexico, puto ?  spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights why do you live in Seattle? 
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights gay bashing, where is this from, what comment did i ever bash gays, you dumb ass bigot racist ignorant american. You are pathetic.   spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights why do you live in Toronto. you are a self hater. sad little canadian  keshav maharaj 1 year ago lays? noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Wootub 1 year ago in reply to Charles Bjørsk Fruits and vegetables from farmers which is not that simple to find  MrBlueFlametv 2 years ago We the american people need to get out of our personal boxes and realize were being inprisoned emore every fuckin day !!! wake up u fuckin idiots!! stand up for your , our ,everyones fuckin rights !! quit your job stop buyin processed food grow your own crops we need to be standing up against the NWO and start a revolution and leave this hell called america !!!!! Vote Ron Paul!!!!   HHO4ALL 2 years ago The only problem with Organic labeled foods, is that they are grown in the same soil that was used for decades. The pesticides and chemicals have saturated the soil and are being absorbed into this so-called Organic foods. Don't be fooled into thinking these foods are healthy. The only way to get healthy organic foods, is to grow them yourself.   spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights so i joined in 2006 and i am a camera operator in Canada, lol is this supposed to hurt me? You cant even type an insult in English you pathetic uneducated tard. Silly little racist american kid. please keep showing us who u really are, Unimaginative little shit.   SmeesLightning 1 year ago in reply to korey b However, you can boil water to remove some fluoride if you capture the water that is evaporated and condense it (distill it). The water you collect will contain much less fluoride than your starting water. As an example, when you boil a pot of water on the stove, the fluoride concentration in the water in the pot increases. The water that escapes as steam contains much less fluoride.   Alexander Briggs 2 years ago lets smoke weed  LostLibertiesFilms 7 months ago fast food makes me wanna puke now adays  spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights poor little scum baby.  BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick it means yo daddy sux dix for the government and your moms a hoe !  BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick it meanz Canadias government, YOU DUMB FUCKING CUNT. 
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights thanks for copy and paste of Wikipedia, you fucking loser. thanks for failing on that one little bitch. stupid little bitch dont be the one child left behind..... moron owned himself lol   spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights OH PLEASE...... BITCH get a dictionary  BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick Mad cunt is Canadian.  spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights go to school little girl.  ScarfacePlayboys 2 years ago PASS THIS ON PEOPLE  BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick stfu nigger.  BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick Shitty fascist is Canadian go figure liberal cunt...  BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick haha your the British Vagina closet veggie pagan fag. knew it !  oshun1235 2 years ago in reply to Ar15snhappy @Ar15snhappy Wake up! We are not healthier, we have diabetes, obesity, heart conditions that are more prevalent than ever. We are just living longer because of operations, medications and artifical life prolonging machines. That is not true health.   Terrie McNamara 1 year ago I wrote a capstone paper on this in 2010, I am very aware of the crap in our foods. My 12 year old daugher got her mentrual cycle at 9 and now my 8 year old is growing women parts, and is going down the same road of which i have decided to fight against.   BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick why are you using multis, dumb cunt, i know your the buttfucked canucks fag living downtown British Vagina. you are a gay bashing homo pagan vegetarian nigger buddy, dont talk.   Alesitomak 2 years ago in reply to TheHenneyloc Ok. You have croosed the line. He is telling healthy info about food and you said this is lame. I bet you will just go and eat peanut butter and shove the bread up your ass while asking your fat mom to bring you McDonalds. Please dont be a douchebag. He was researching reading testing this. And you say its lame.............. Please go finish your hamburger and get a life. Thank you.   1songzzz 1 year ago too many chemicals everywhere, bad for everyone  Amber Dusik 2 years ago I read that the law does not require food companies and such to disclose all the ingredients in a product so there is really no way to know for sure if something is safe. In my opinion little mom and pop markets, local farm stands, and locally farmed and butchered meat is really the only way to go. Unfortunately, some people can't afford the insane prices of organic food.It seems to be the same with alternative homeopathic medicine. Makes it a struggle to stay healthy even when informed.  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights too bad you dont know what that means, poor little racist american.  09251976100 2 years ago Looks like these guys have been fed this food a little to much.braindead sheeple grow up.wake up.   liberty1211 1 year ago i wonder what he eats... i mean...he seems a little "stronger"  jaberwocky6669 2 years ago Didn't Colgate buy Tom's of Maine? And hasn't the organic label been widely interpreted.   tamarleigh 2 years ago in reply to PhilLesh69 @PhilLesh69 there are definitely bottled waters w/fluoride added, i've seen them many times in stores (usually marketed for kids, actually). love your username, the phil zone was always my spot :-)   BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to Lady Nym @cosmicupcake Exactly, but for that to happen, people will have to listen because so far they're brainfucked twats. They think that everything's fine and that any product on the shelf is OKAY to eat but no one knows or simply doesn't give a fuck about eating crappy stuff. Pasteurized stuff is simply killed shit, the same thing goes for the microwave, it destroys the proteins, minerals and what else good is in your food and the rest is junk. Just buy bulk organic vegetable, minerals and meat.   IndrekValdek 2 years ago First of all - I don't drink Coca-Cola shit, I don't eat potato chips and so on. Most of the people, here, in Estonia bake themselves a food without any chemicals, without any poison in it. But hey - some people are just stupid and they don't give a flying fuck about it anyway, so why should you waste yourself to these ignorant pricks anyway? Natural selection? I mean, the truth is to some people, very harsh and they'll have this poisonous life after all, as they used to be.   spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights You are in fights with numerous people on youtube. And all you have is Shitty american racism to try and make your point. What a good guy you must be, have fun fighting on youtube child..   BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick cry more cunt.  Samir Sasani 2 years ago Did you guys know candida over-growth & internal parasites are the root cause of all disease ? Did you guys know 90% of the western population has candida over-growth ? Did you know candida over-growth is the reason why people cannot lose weight unless they are EXTREMELY determined ? Did you know the food you eat paralyzes your immune system allowing candida & parasites to survive in your body, eventually causing a DIS-ease.... The root cure to all DIS-ease including aids is within us, living..   Yezpahr 2 years ago in reply to MrAWAKENED1 @MrAWAKENED1 First of all, avoid supermarket products as much as possible. Get vegetables at a vegetable store, get meat at a butcher and bread at a bakery. Sure supermarkets have those components, but it's not fresh and everything has been frozen. If you like fizzy drinks, go for Oggu, 100% organic and not genetically modified. If you like your immune system, take time to know the E-number system. Aspartame = E951 Find the list and avoid most of it. Switching to Oggu helps getting taste back.   aStrayforMyTime 2 years ago in reply to jaberwocky6669 @jaberwocky6669 kiss my face is the tooth paste i use along with local bought grass fed beef, eggs, and grass fed raw milk  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] Lady Nym 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights Yeah, the majority of people think you're insane when you tell them their precious "whole grain" fiber cereal and pasteurized skim milk is killing them. We must lead by example! My coworkers and friends watch as I stay healthy and fit eating my weight in saturated fats and raw, whole foods. Maybe they'll understand when they're on 20 different meds by the time they're 45.   ThePresticle1 2 years ago In poor neighborhoods like mine (it didn't use to be that way until illegal immigrants flooded in) the supermarkets only have toothpaste with sodium fluoride That is rat poison!! Buy any rat poison from any retailer and it will always be sodium fluoride!!. But 3 miles down the street in a posh supermarket, most of the toothpaste is organic and has no fluoride.Do YOU think that is coincidence? I don't think so. But us poor who don't want fluoride can just buy children's "training" toothpaste.   jaberwocky6669 2 years ago in reply to aStrayforMyTime @aStrayforMyTime I buy local grass fed beef too. Too bad that raw milk is illegal in North Carolina.   spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights stfu troll  Lady Nym 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights Fuck ingredients... just support your local farms. Everytime I spend $7 on a gallon of local, grass-fed, pastured milk and $6/lb on local, grass-fed pastured meat and eggs, and give that money to the farmer instead of Monsanto, it feels amazing. Fuck processed, dead, shit food that is made only for profit and for keeping the population sick and unaware.   M0z 1 year ago in reply to liberty1211 This is what you do. Go to a farmer's market and stop buying trash. Then you enjoy your healthy, energetic life   gorgonsplatter 2 years ago doesn't this just simply make you mad as fuck?  Joey Tea 6 months ago Thank you for telling us what we can't eat put now please make a video telling me what we can eat I have not ate food since I watched this video   spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights mad racist is american go figure..  jnstraume 1 year ago in reply to COVERSbyMOTA uiriati Trust me, one of your native ancestors had diabetes, and just died instead of having his/her foot amputated because no one knew what was going on or how to diagnose it.   j6fv8b 2 years ago in reply to bandosnoob15 @bandosnoob15 whole and natural foods. ORGANIC IS YOUR FRIEND eggs, brocoli, fresh spinach, wild salmon, hunted meats, sweet potatoes, spring water, oranges, apples, pears, banannas, nuts, squashes, whole grain calorie sources, mango   xkamikaze78 2 years ago  Bryan Duffy 2 years ago Eat organic folks. Eat your own veggies and test your soil for lead, etc.. The pilgrims did it. So can we.   Julie L 2 years ago here is a list of organic companies. this is where y'all can start: navgen com / organic / products html  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] sol559at 2 years ago Why does the FDA doesn't warn people about this? its true..Can us people over throw the government for the stupid things they are doing?..hiding Secrets from citizens..unfair.   Jaehyeko 2 years ago Ramen noodles? AWWW MAN!  DUMPTHE DOLLAR. 2 years ago does boiling water decrease the floride in the water? anyone?  Gina Butler 2 years ago If you want to keep drinking coca cola, go ahead, commit suicide, you have a choice, drink boiled water instead. Same with people who insist on eating junk food, you can't blame anyone else for putting on weight, no-one forces the food down your throat!   Mason Jones 2 years ago Very interesting, but is there any proof that people are being more sterile? I ask because I know TOO many people having babies these days. Either way, I've already decided to go organic and vegan just because I believe its healthier.   TheReelFunny 2 years ago in reply to william chase @raschase raw/organic foods, do your research, why do you think the FDA is going after raw foods now , vitamins etc   TheMysticlaw 2 years ago Tell it like it is Alex!  Gina Butler 2 years ago in reply to TeenageTechKid Because the government get big back handers from the drug companies every time they issue a prescription.   grimapocalypse2 2 years ago how the hell do we get away from it then? How do we stop this?  Bob Coulson 2 years ago These 3rd world countrys in africa who only eat rice and such will out live us all lol i might go on a rice only diet   Gary Pucci 2 years ago in reply to AMELIA6659 @AMELIA6659 Seems like there is another side effect of drinking tap water that makes you type in all caps. Hope you get better.   william chase 2 years ago Most ppl on here is leaving comments about how bad the food, and water is, but i have not seen any information about where to look/go for food that is good for us. Im sure there is websites/books, etc... But no one is giving that information, why?   xkamikaze78 2 years ago buy a water distiller like i did like 4 years ago buy food grade 35% H2O2 and charcoal capsules (do the research..cancer phht dipshits) i havent researched if is safe but i buy my vitamins there . they used to have the whole food complex multivitamin but they replaced it with (still impressive) less bang for your buck a green source vitamin K2, active form of vitamin B6, 5HTP, COQ10, 3x Glucosamine complex, Turmeric Tu DHEA <-- THEY ARE TRYING TO BAN IT OMFG   BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick fascist canadian 
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] HHO4ALL 2 years ago in reply to Cary Jane @Caryjane1 And most people don't have the time, energy, or enough of a yard to grow their own. I was just pointing out that Organic Foods are really no better for you than fruits and vegetables that are sold at grocery stores.   spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights good one little bitch. we knew you didnt know what it meant. poor little one.  T.H.E. Outlaw 1 year ago in reply to Venim850 No because Whole Foods are guilty of deceiving its customers about GMOs. They refused to support Prop 37 until the last minute, and by the time they decided to support it, it was too little too late. Whole Foods' inaction concerning Prop 37 helped to defeat it...along with Big Agra's multi-million-dollar anti-Prop 37 propaganda and Big Agra- owned "organic" food brands.   joggler66 2 years ago Control made easy - let the ppl work all day, no time to prepare fresh foods and poison all the rest - voilà. So go buy bio products (fresh vegetables and fruits), no processed food and you WILL experience a healthier life. Do not forget - you always have the choice of what to eat and drink, if you chose the easy way, they will too....   Theuf28 2 years ago in reply to FluffyWesties @FluffyWesties Good start :) lol I dont know but if everyone do the same, it would be cool, but maybe harmfull for the streams lol joking :P   jeffreyaenloe 2 years ago in reply to Agranygotbombed @Agranygotbombed GROW YOUR OWN GARDEN.  joehobsrq 2 years ago Do you really think that "they" are listening to us, and giving us options? LOL..."they" just don't put in on the labels anymore....why, that's dishonest and illegal!!! "they" would never do that!!!   Mandy Marie 2 years ago That scares the hell out of me! So what are we supposed to eat and drink?  Agranygotbombed 2 years ago I would really like to know ways that I could help stop all of this nonsense, I'm just a 17 year old kid though so I don't really know much of what I can do to help.. I'd love to spend the majority of my life to help stop this corporate takeover, but I'm not sure how.   Kay Hulskers 2 years ago This might all be true.. but really.. what can we do to stop it.. Nothing, we obey.. That's all we can do really...   BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to MrAWAKENED1 @MrAWAKENED1 Kinda ironic you ask for a technique to blow up big companies. Money rules the world, so if we start BY STOPPING THROWING MONEY AT THE RICH FUCKS RUNNING THEM, it would be of great help to your quest. Safe products? Most organic stuff (read attentively) that does NOT contain the same additives as regular food (for example : Monosodium Glutamate and colorants, in most cases) as well as meat is safe anytime to eat. If you dont know the whereabouts of some   Lousa Leal 2 years ago very well done but should we trust brands that's says they don't add harmful stuff to health, because if this people( top leader) can let others add we can not trust any products what are we going to do? really serious thing!?!? i don't leave in my country at the moment where i think they are going into the same directions as USA but they still have places that grow healthy food and here i have nowhere to go. we need solutions and who do we trust? no ideia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   LegSpreader69 2 years ago in reply to FluffyWesties @FluffyWesties And you should. 
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] EquipaPatriot 2 years ago Here's something everyone in the U.S. to remember: if the price of an item is low, then without looking at the label you can bet it has artificial ingredients such as Aspartame and High Fructose Corn Syrup. A good example is maple syrup. If it costs less than $3.00/bottle, then it's made with said ingredients. Check for yourself the next time you visit the grocery store. Once you have figured it out, you won't have to look at the labels as much. Just pay attention to the price.   draman 2 years ago thanks alex i will pass the message  EquipaPatriot 2 years ago in reply to FluffyWesties @FluffyWesties Walgreens sells the small bottles of Pepsi that have pure sugar, rather than High Fructose Corn Syrup. They also don't have the Aspartame. If you want soda, buy the Mexican Coca-Cola and Pepsi. They're made of natural ingredients.   Amos Milewski 2 years ago Another reason to avoid mainline toothpaste: Saccharin is in many of them. even the ones I saw that were advertised as having no fluoride and targeted toward kids (spider man, spongebob, etc) still had saccharin in it.   trademarc66 2 years ago @iorost There are many different filters that will remove the fluoride, but make sure it specifically says it will remove fluoride. Fluoride is difficult to remove from water, and most carbon/charcoal filters will not remove it.   palmer3977 2 years ago here in the uk activists burned & destroyed fields with gm crops as far back as the late 80's but i think they have been introduced by stealth   Chessyfan 2 years ago in reply to bandosnoob15 @bandosnoob15 Go to a local farm store or farm market, something that is not a company (in the masses) and with the vegetables and meat order that online from farm markets where they where only grown naturally.   12uniflew 2 years ago alex what can i eat and drink then?  Breeze G. 2 years ago Everyone needs to stop fighting.  ohiogremlin87 7 months ago in reply to sean sachdev Make ur own food. And get it from Farmers.  kisamakara 2 years ago in reply to TeenageTechKid @TeenageTechKid you really are full of assumptions (they have 50 year timeline/ are from the 50's era/wont go after future genrations etc). lol for my part i never said the elites exist, i clearly stated if this eugenics business is true and these elites being part of it, then so and so. the best plan is the one that works without anyone knowing.   duttyman 2 years ago in reply to TeenageTechKid @TeenageTechKid eeerr.. How is she a commoner when shes a distant cousin of the royals... get ur facts straight mate.. they never marry outside of their Bloodline..   MrAWAKENED1 2 years ago can someone anyone PLEASE make a video on safe products. and companies. we hear and know they problems but we need to hear WHAT TO DO to go against it and who to support and who to go against.  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] throatstretcher 2 years ago They've already got to you. You mind controlled fuck. Keep up the good work Alex.  MrUkbeats 2 years ago but i like coca cola, is my favourite drink  1776Rosco 2 years ago in reply to trademarc66 @trademarc66 Crystal Quest makes counter top filters that takes out the fluoride, I just bought one. Ron Paul 2012!!   Charownedi 2 years ago I wonder what in the world alex jones eats and drinks to stay chubby... he seemed to have crossed nearly everything off the list   trademarc66 2 years ago @iorost While boiling water may help kill bacteria and such, it actually concentrates the fluoride as it is not released in the steam vapor, or damaged by the heat.   nkop10 2 years ago wait ramen noodles OH NO  kisamakara 2 years ago in reply to TeenageTechKid @TeenageTechKid a shit job of killing people? if this is true regarding eugenics, then the shit job is according to your timeline not the timeline of the elites.   kisamakara 2 years ago in reply to TeenageTechKid @TeenageTechKid in the specific case of will and kate, they are 12th cousins once removed via 17century ancestor of the royal court, over a span of over 500 years. the foreign british royal (saxo-coburgs and all other world royalty) have history of trying to blend in with the native people following conquest. unification, flags, patriotism they abuse anything they have available to convince the populace and talk about commoners. the queen is 2nd and 3rd cousin to her husband. do some research.   TeenageTechKid 2 years ago in reply to kisamakara @kisamakara Who the fuck are these "Elites" my time line is based over the last 50 years of so. as most of what i guess you call "elites" are prop 50's there timeline will only go 50 years in the future. So i doubt they are hell bent on killing there future grand children in a hundred years time -_-   lv3788 1 year ago in reply to Charles Bjørsk Organic non GMO foods. Not processed foods.  StayClassy 2 years ago Can we really trust the eco/organic-labeled products?.. Or the food labels at all?  Tzun01 2 years ago watch Food Inc and get more angry:P  LVLADY58 1 year ago in reply to Bimfen greeting from california, USA. i am certain that american cigarettes are adultrated by the government. i used to get bronchitis twice a year and i had a terrible cough that never went away. 5 years ago i started rolling my own, i haven't had bronchitis since and i don't have a cough either.   AnimeFanPan 2 years ago Aspartame can kill and what can we do except try to avoid bad drinks and food and I haven't died because of corn syrup   oldbohemian16 2 years ago
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] Try this... on a bright day, put your thumb up and cover the sun, just barely barely close enough so its not blinding, and look at what is flying by, you should see a bunch of little white stuff flying by. The sun can also be blocked out by something horizontal overhead, just at the edge where the sun is almost but not quite visible.   grymes29 2 years ago Sooooo....what we going to eat?....deer snake game fish?...the shit is every where even in the gulf....   elevenames 2 years ago in reply to bandosnoob15 @bandosnoob15 eat shit  marishka4u 2 years ago WHAT CAN WE EATTTTT?  TeenageTechKid 2 years ago "Numerous allegations have been made on the Internet and in consumer magazines purporting neurotoxic effects of aspartame leading to neurological or psychiatric symptoms such as seizures, headaches, and mood changes.[8] Review of the biochemistry of aspartame have found no evidence that the doses consumed would plausibly lead to neurotoxic effects."   21centimetres 2 years ago So,what to do and what to eat?I mean we know all of that .Then what??? In our society,where 5 major families run the world via the monetary system,there's little we can do.   FatDancer08 2 years ago alex is a pretty a chucky guy, what does he eat exactly?  edupbeat 2 years ago well what the heck am i suppose 2 eat? I would like 2 shop @whole food stores but i can't afford them. plus, i live in the hood, i guess i'm(we're) fucked!   joah578 2 years ago Those inconsiderate basterds!  Laurijs Svirskis 2 years ago Coca Cola FOREVER!  dean g. Moxon 2 years ago if it HAS an ingredient list it is BAD FOR YOU ingredient list =man made = bad for you nutritional information on products do not list the LIFE FORCE or ENZYMATIC activity stick to REAL FOOD WHOLE FOOD... LIVE & RAW THIS IS THE REAL POWER OF MANEFESTATION (NATURAL LIVING)   TeenageTechKid 2 years ago in reply to eyetoy2009 @eyetoy2009 How will they make money from my illness? They will loose money. I live in England and our healthcare is government funded so they don't want us to me ill because it costs them loads. And if this food is soo bad then how come all the most intelligent scientists still drink coke eat crips etc? If it was pointlessness they wouldn't .......   Euo 2 years ago in reply to TeenageTechKid @TeenageTechKid The sad truth of the matter here is that these people (global elite) don't need your money, and they want you to believe that they need you so you'll keep swallowing your medicine down with your spoon-full of aspartame. The point of eugenics is to decrease the population, as we know, and this is exactly what we're facing. I don't mean to sound rude by saying this, but, it is blatantly obvious that the population is being sterilized and poisoned... that's simply the sad truth.  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] Survival Product Reviews 2 years ago This film is so important, we included a link from our website, My Self Sufficient Plan, to help this film get more exposure.   ChristyMuts 2 years ago If the food and vaccines are suppose to make people passive and dumb. Then why are the most violent neighborhoods always the poor neighborhoods. neighborhoods with no hope of buying anything but the most garbage filled foods. You think rather than having hoods filled with gangs and gun violence. You'd have a bunch of dumb happy bastards.   Rebirth G 9 months ago in reply to sean sachdev simple,if its not natural dont eat it. anything in a plastic package or box with more then 5 ingredients DONT EAT IT. our bodys are made to eat organic food,fresh fruits and vagetables. and NO SUGARY drinks, all your doin is putting chemicals in your body. you should only drink clean water,buy a water distiller. do you put orange juice in a car? or gasoline? well water is like gasoline to our bodys,thats why you shouldnt drink sodas.   draco555 1 year ago in reply to keshav maharaj That's exactly how I felt when I saw the Marie Callender's pot pie up there.  spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights you havent asked a question here? stop owning yourself Fail scum  LegSpreader69 2 years ago in reply to Agranygotbombed @Agranygotbombed Tell everybody and scream at the top of your lungs. All we can do.  HotHeadCJ 2 years ago in reply to bandosnoob15 @bandosnoob15 grow your own food  tgshark1 2 years ago in reply to tgshark1 @tgshark1 if you were really serious about it, you could pitch up your own chicken coop and have use their eggs and then their meat for dishes latter on, something similar to what gordon ramsay does   eminemforlifenoshit 2 years ago in reply to Kyle Beaver @Flurbskating twat how the fuck do you now?  COVERSbyMOTA uiriati 1 year ago in reply to jnstraume How do you come about that "nobody" knew how to diagnose it? Do you believe only modern medicine can cure? Or do u just under estimate traditional healers who by the way have cured many cases of cancer and aids in todays society. The problem is changing our food, poisoning it, and poisoning our society which only makes us forget how to really be healthy humans.   Hannah Abreu 2 years ago Thanks for sharing this video!  Dimported 2 years ago I would rather have links to peer reviewed scientific journal articles that describe all the claims in this video, rather than a link to your own website which just sells fear to gullible people. Everyone knows that popular news outlets capitalise on stories that sell. Facts get distorted and the real truth is hidden.   canrsiegrl 2 years ago in reply to Polo Shawty @uneek1991 uh, filtered water....  bulletproof2353 2 years ago "a week!" "without pesticides and preservatives this food wont last tem minutes"then you see all the food rot and grow mold before their eyes,point is i was in whole foods the other day ,here are some prices ,strawberries $9.00 carrot juice $10.00 im sorry but i  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] can not afford to buy this stuff i try to get what i can but sometims ,most of the time peoples economic situation leaves them no choice, ihate buying oddwalla carrot juice cause their a huge evil corporation &its not organic,but its li canrsiegrl 2 years ago All anyone can do to stop this is to eat ORGANIC only....raw unpasteurized milk...  ssuuppeerrbbooyy 2 years ago in reply to SlLENTHlLL @SlLENTHlLL the only way to eat healthy food then is to have a sterile underground vault farm and get genetically pure seeds   Tragedyand Hope 2 years ago Flouride free toothpaste probably has more flouride lol thats something they would do  FluffyWesties 2 years ago I just poured our bottles of cola down the sink....  Raha Nirvana 2 years ago in 3th world countries , table salt is treated with potassium fluoride !!!  Polo Shawty 2 years ago in reply to canrsiegrl @canrsiegrl so what about the water?? what kind water should be drank?  canrsiegrl 2 years ago All anyone can do to stop this is to eat ORGANIC only....raw unpasteurized milk...find a good farmer's market and make sure everything purchased says CERTIFIED ORGANIC...that's the only REAL food left. This is my 3rd time dealing with cancer, I won't let them make me sick anymore. I will not eat their chemicals he said, if you buy organic and good products, they will stop doing this....only we can do   canrsiegrl 2 years ago All anyone can do to stop this is to eat ORGANIC only....raw unpasteurized milk...find a good farmer's market and make sure everything purchased says CERTIFIED ORGANIC...that's the only REAL food left. This is my 3rd time dealing with cancer, I won't let them make me sick anymore. I will not eat their chemicals anymore....   househeadrory 2 years ago Beware that all brands of fluoride free toothpaste has caustic soda as an ingredient!!  HarlemMic 2 years ago Your best bet...PRAY OVER EVERYTHING!!!  elicia clegg 2 years ago It is so hard to find food without maltodextrin, dextrose, aspartame, acesulfame, neotame, saccharin, and sucralose...Almost started crying when I went to the grocery store and so called "all natural" had aspartame...What the heck is natural about aspartame? (it was even in the peanuts...what the heck)   Lil Wayne 1 year ago so what's good to eat..?  Imma Wake 11 months ago in reply to ticklebug I grow my own food so its free for me (:  jnixongo00 2 years ago its funny you can make billions of a product that kills and if you get in trouble you might have to pay a few million dollars no jail time bkuz corporations cant go to jail and then back to biz making and selling DEATH NEW and IMPROVED now with LESS DEATH ....smh wtf? cant fault em tho WE BUY IT  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights please keep showing why the world hates you americans... racist inbred scum. poor MC Fry cook.   Ольга Скрябина 2 years ago Great video!***** Olga/  TECpeds94 2 years ago in reply to moetocool @moetocool 2. Which helps in many ways and then proceed into having small portions of meat and such why cuz your body is now exposed to high amounts of alkaline based foods which is excellent and can take over any toxins like meats which cause acidity to your body leading to cancer. When i mean take over its simply just as if you would add water being vegies and fruits into a glass of orange juice being bad foods you dilute it right, the more the water you add the less orange juice there is.   TheHmo0b 3 years ago I bet they ate all the food in that video afterwards.  moetocool 2 years ago what are we supposed to eat or drink then?  BrightDigitalProduct 3 years ago 62 people feed their kids diet coke and hate life.  heathey2 2 years ago in reply to TheHmo0b @TheHmo0b Well what is the poor man supposed to eat until this madness is confronted by the masses? Am I supposed to eat my own crap?   Zack Nigg 3 years ago ftw  Nebbyker 2 years ago These are not lies, Alex has it right that our entire food chain is being taken over and polluted from every direction. I find it scary for my kids who are growing up in this crap. Spending a LOT of money to feed them organics and healthier choices but even some organic produce is tainted, there is very little escape.   Chad Manners 2 years ago Organic food should be the norm. Junk food the exception.This world is twisted.  delanomuhammad65 2 years ago Hey Alex, What do we call these people who are so wicked that they have decided the we their fellow inhabitant of the earth should die. These people are the real Satan of the Bilbe. These are the people who are the stated enemies in the Quran.   campbpar 2 years ago 2:35 Thank you Alex. I will.  TeenageTechKid 2 years ago Think about it, Why would food company's want us to die? The more people alive the more people to buy their products. This is not true! It is propaganda.   TeenageTechKid 2 years ago in reply to kisamakara @kisamakara So if they dont exist then who are they.... And why would anyone want want to kill people off? There is NO LOGIC behind this. No one would want to make there future children and childrens children die younger... In you opinion what is the motivation to do this?  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] viaexcellence 1 year ago Why would US government kills/poisons her own people??  LVLADY58 1 year ago in reply to LVLADY58 also, a tip about cost...they have raised the taxes on tobacco so high, it's insane. a one lb bag of bulk cigaretter tobacco is almost $60.00. BUT...the same size bag of PIPE tobacco costs me about $15.00. and i find that it is the same as the cig stuff, only courser. just sayin...   BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick my pleasure little cunt, theres plenty more school buses coming up the anal driveway of yours. Mad cunt is mad because his cunt-try is ran by fascist faggots, nigger and homosexual supporters. -August 28th, 2011 : fifty thousand people walking the gay parade, Downtown Ottawa. Be proud of your nation, you fat fag hoe.   xkamikaze78 2 years ago ..... reservratrol, Vitamin D <-- take generously uhh what else do i buy .. lol its legit my bones are really strong compared to even retard jocks... im in the process of making a few more pages with info one containing health and vitamins/supplements etc but for now enjoy my blog and spread the news to the people who will listen everyone else ... *5 years later... "LOL SORRY BUDDY"   Brian Petuch 2 years ago in reply to Michael Sørensen @michaelahls lol, within a sea of stupidity and gullibility (aka the rabid fans of Mr. Jones), you have single-handedly destroyed the plausibility of this mishmash joke of a conspiracy. You get extra points for also doing it in less than 10 words AND with bad grammar. You give hope to humanity.   bulletproof2353 2 years ago like 4 dollars cheaper and you get more thaan the organic, i will say that trader joes had much more reasonable prices and they have some things that organic ,like carrot juice for only like 75cents or a dollar more,but in alot of cases organic food is just too expensive, i went to this organic bakery and they wanted $8.00 for ONE gluten free cookie!   TECpeds94 2 years ago in reply to moetocool @moetocool 1.Your right and your comment makes me sad to think about all this shit and my dad knows about all the bull and its been a few year snow that hes made his own garden we now buy a better verity of vegetables and fruits that are local and grown in my city its not the best but its much better than buying it at our local grocery store. The best thing to do is do this and avoid man made products once in a while is good what i sujest is start off with a large portions of fruits and vegies.   Alexander Briggs 2 years ago the viruses that they spray on the meats are viruses that only attack those bacteria they are completely harmless to humans this show is incredibly republican tho i agree with most of it   TazedCinema 3 years ago in reply to NextLvlProductions @NextLvlProductions Because if he got assassinated people would be suspicious.  NextLvlProductions 3 years ago in reply to TazedCinema @TazedCinema That makes sense  tobtob180 3 years ago where the fuck are we supposed to get food if all the corporations are poisioning our food? I mean I don't live on a damn farm I can't grow my own crops so whats the solution?   Josh 3 years ago @pitchingwedge1 "Reverse osmosis (RO) is a filtration method that removes many types of large molecules and ions from solutions by applying pressure to the solution when it is on one side of a selective membrane. Fluoride is hard to get rid of so it can  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] only be removed through this process or distillation. 6eRmAnY8 3 years ago in reply to SlLENTHlLL @SlLENTHlLL What do you eat on the regular in let's say a week?  da mm 3 years ago in reply to tobtob180 @tobtob180 There are still many good foods you just have to find them.. This video is to inform us so we can make sure they don't take over or corrupt the people who make our good foods   toxicdude07 3 years ago u know whats sad we encourage these foods supply and demand our ignorance is not bliss,but when u think about it look at all the ppl that needs to be fed could we all really be fed without these methods?maybe its a must rather than a choice its better to eat crap than to starve right?i eat as healthy as i can an have done for the last year. lots of fruit n veg an i only drink bottled water but even tho it doesnt have scary things added on the label whos to say it really doesnt.   Bamagiotis 3 years ago you know what's crazy?trying to help family,friends,etc and in the end they say you have problems or going crazy!!!!   0ns1aught 3 years ago awesome report doctor jones.. thanks so much for this. Please continue this movement  Nick Stoll 3 years ago So what the fuck do i eat  Frank Burst 3 years ago in reply to Josh @jabe55 Bottled water usually has an ingredient list. Most are 0.2 ppm floride. I buy spring water from whistler BC. Its pure glacier water. From what I understand distilled water has no minerals.We need minerals in our water. Never heard of reverse osmosis water. Whats the deal with that?   NextLvlProductions 3 years ago How come this man is still alive ??  Bamse 3 years ago SHIT CANT EAT THE FOOD FROM THE STORES!! BETTER DRINK MY OWN PISS!  bobbycorwen 3 years ago in reply to TheThomasOfficial @TheThomasOfficial stop eating chips! if you do eat chips try to keep it like twice a month!   tealcolors 3 years ago in reply to timberwolves100 @timberwolves100 no you just need to eat organic and use more natural products. Shop at Whole Foods or your local farmers market:)   3Dtimespace 3 years ago the "food" on that table was never edible anyway. people eat it?  tealcolors 3 years ago in reply to Frank Burst @pitchingwedge1 I bottle gallons of my own spring water every few weeks and use natural toothpaste and deodorant without fluoride and aluminum^_^   TheThomasOfficial 3 years ago My family....they won't listen to me!! My sister eats those MSG-filled Dorito's & other chips like that... I always check the ingredients first. Tostito's seem to not use MSG. Thank god.  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] nikeflight17 2 years ago ALEX!!! YOU DIDINT LET US KNOW WHAT WE CAN EAT THATS NOT TOXIC!!!!!  TeenageTechKid 2 years ago in reply to kisamakara @kisamakara The royals dont only marry a select gene pool. Did you not hear about the recent royal wedding? A 'commoner' married a royal (prince William), now that isn't keeping the gene pool small is it? These theories are out of date and just wrong.   AeternaVeritatis 3 years ago There is NO WAY to describe in 15 minutes just how serious it actually is!  paymydues 3 years ago I could'nt of put that better myself.People hate change.Especially if it's eating habits...  Josh 3 years ago @spankMAbooTAY boiling water concentrates the fluoride. Essentially, it's worst to boil tap water.   timberwolves100 3 years ago Hmm.. so basically Anything I eat is going to poison me and it's just a matter of how much poison. God I wish people would come together before we all die.   disclosurenow9 3 years ago in reply to Cross Land @eloygarcia83 yeah maybe they will switch to strychnine or cyanide for improved cavity protection   denandcin 3 years ago in reply to Jasmine Burton @Departure08 help wake others post on facebook whatever means you can think of to get this info out there.   disclosurenow9 3 years ago in reply to joaco2500 @joaco2500 Science is crap.  Josh 3 years ago in reply to chrissup19 @chrissup19 Lmao!!! Funny but it may sadly be true.  Jasmine Burton 3 years ago I want to help would I even begin to go about it  GeorgiaSnowJan2011 3 years ago So what is safe to eat or drink???? That should be the the subject of the next video Alex does.   Amir Hali 3 years ago ALEX JONES MY HERO ! learnt so much from his video hope i meet him one day <3  SlLENTHlLL 3 years ago in reply to nickyjam305 @nickyjam305 You need to be drugged to somehow figure that out? All one needs is to actually READ the ingredients list. As a rule of thumb, in general, you can use the following: If you find unfamiliar ingredients... or an ingredient you CAN'T CREATE YOURSELF (needs a lab) -- then it's 95% certain that it's BAD for you. If the ingredients list is LONG, then it's a bad food -- it's more of a created "product" than a real food. If there's NUMBERS, or vague terms like FLAVOR, EXTRACT...   Josh 3 years ago in reply to Frank Burst @pitchingwedge1 Not even. Most bottled waters have been revealed as merely tap water. That means the bottled waters contain fluoride. You need to drink water that is distilled or is cleaned by reverse oxmosis. (Aqua Fina is safe) Anything else contains fluoride.  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] jtatsiue 3 years ago in reply to joaco2500 @joaco2500, that's a pretty blanket sweep denunciation of the Bible, there are several verses of Scripture, alleged to have been written at least a millennium prior to a few universally known scientific discoveries, e.g. a spherical earth, that endorse a contemporary understanding, the Bible doesn't explicitly state that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, many theologians believe that the Bible leaves plenty of room for an ancient Earth view, many geologists, archeologists point to a flood   chrissup19 3 years ago in reply to lchris33 @lchris33 61 fat asses who love thier junk food disliked this video  Kelly Lynch 2 years ago in reply to 01greenbud @01greenbud I heard that a lot of organic food is not actually organic or also has been treated like normal crops..   krugg420 2 years ago in reply to gorgonsplatter @gorgonsplatter it makes me mad at our parents who thought the fed and feot currency were good, and they were lazy just going with the flow of war and destruction   FreestylaBoy 1 year ago in reply to Charles Bjørsk ecologic food  Mike Murray 10 months ago So why do people think it's so bad that I'm vegan? They need to learn about what's in what they're eating   ultimatenacho44 2 years ago Seek JESUS.  sabserab 3 years ago I´m eating what tastes good, as much as I need, and how big my hunger is.... if its a grapefruit, apples, McDonalds, Pizza, juice or coke.. THE FUCK WITH THIS CONSPIRANCY THEORIES!!! I´m slim, healthy, ask my doctor!! Don´t let this "guru" make u paranoid people!!!   livehook 3 years ago @spankMAbooTAY yeah i hear yeah same with me well i say fuckem fuckem real good cuz in the end theyll be sorry hahaha there pussies so i tell em and when they slander me i sue them in small claims court and bring my proof   Frank Burst 3 years ago @spankMAbooTAY Isnt it amazing how people live in bubble! They refuse to investigate or be open minded. O bad for them. All you can do is try to warn them. If you do that then you are a good person and good things will become of you.   christian crawford 3 years ago people in egypt and romania been shot bcuz of the gov bad doing. and the americas soldier protecting them. they closed the internet so we cant see wt violence they doing. killing people like a bugs. if i have the power ill make feel my angry. ill kill those gov people die slowly ill cut their heads and finger slowly so they can fell wt they did to many hero like jfk n many people. if i have the power to changes the world even sacrificing my life ill do it   Frank Burst 3 years ago @spankMAbooTAY No boiling water wont remove floride. Buy drinking water that has none!   analpenetrationjuice 3 years ago in reply to y2zgt @y2zgt so please. instead of crying how dumb we are. PROVE us wrong... you can´t, because Alex (even without a college degree) is smarter and more aware then you are. if Alex is so wrong, prove him wrong. instead of trying to destroy his persona. idiot  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] joaco2500 3 years ago @winchelp thats the most stupid thing i've read in my life, i cannot believe what you just said, people living 900 years? you quoted THE BIBLE?? you cant expect someone with 2 neurones to believe that. 2000 years ago people died at around 40 or 50 years old. bible can not be taken seriously, its not a scientific book, get informed before talking crap like that   limpopo18 3 years ago in reply to GoodBadButNotUgly @GoodBadButNotUgly Yeas, he is great. One of the few who has courage to talk about it in USA. But in my country government shows all this information on TV. Just because USA and "west civilization" is represented as our greatest enemy... to some extent it is true, western politics is dangerous for everyone on the planet (the same as east counties if they could rule...) How happy all they are when we eat junk food and kill   djmrmystic 3 years ago For those of us who want to do something , I recommend reading " Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About" by Kevin Trudeau ...I read it 2 months ago and couldn't put it down. God Bless the ones who are awake right now....   PacificRevolutionary 3 years ago Are the CEO's of those corporations crazy or what?  crzywitboy3 3 years ago SO CAN WE GET A LIST OF THE MAIN THINGS WE SHOULD WATCH OUT FOR. IF I HAD SOMETHING LIKE THAT I COULD SPREAD INFO MORE EFFECTIVLEY.   GoodBadButNotUgly 3 years ago Alex Jones is a legend of our time.  y2zgt 3 years ago Warning kids: If you don't get a college degree (like alex jones) you can not comprehend scientific studies and basic politics. Alex Jones is for the shepherd uneducated sheep of the planet.   livehook 3 years ago we dont have a country anymore its gone all we can do is survive and if my stupid nieghbor wants to drink the water well i say fuck him yeah cuz ive tried ok these people in america the country i love well used to love are FUCKING stupid they need to be disposed of i like when are goverment commits terror cuz it kills of the sheep i find it entertaining   y2zgt 3 years ago in reply to analpenetrationjuice @analpenetrationjuice Hahahahaha if you understood basic logic you would understand that you can never prove anything.   David Cardak 3 years ago thank you  bandosnoob15 2 years ago what should we eat then?  ntnmcdnld7 7 months ago I know people that believe in soft kill and they are in the tory party of the uk. The uk has become very neo-nazi in the last few years.   spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights why do you live in portland?  einstienear 2 years ago Why cant the world be as simple, clean and innocent like 500 years ago? Fuck this I'm moving to the jungles of Malaysia...  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] tinuvielt 3 years ago Where are all these links he speaks of?  DCadulusJake 3 years ago It's obvious that you have no clue what your talking about. OMFG so much bullshit in minute I can even begin to talk about the entire video.   ColaBling 3 years ago in reply to lchris33 @lchris33 You have to go to your local buthchers who buys products from the farmer he knows. We do that here is Britain. Our shopping day is huge, we travel everywhere to pick up certain items. But it's worth it. The independent business owners stay alive via you. It's true what they say...'you are what you eat'. I miss chewing gum with real sugar in it. I missed the way real chicken tasted from my early childhood, so I was prepared to travel and quiz my buthcher about his ethics over profits.   POC777 3 years ago in reply to Thursday Child @ThursdayChild420 Why die faster?  MasterMike44 3 years ago guys im getting a lil paranoid here...:)  Thursday Child 3 years ago Great. There's no escape... even from the water?!? If everything is that bad for me, then I'll keep on smoking my Pall Malls, at least I will die happy. Everything from the air, the water, to bubble gum & my favorite cheeseburger is killing me faster than my smokes ever will, evidently. If this is what my great-great grandparents fought and died to protect, and I get to watch it circle the drain... I'd rather join them than be a part of this   1madaboutguitar 3 years ago in reply to David Roy @TroubleSome200 Ha Ha, yer rocks of crack. Probably healthier ;-)  POC777 3 years ago DANGER UP AHEAD: The Supermarket!  Onkelicious 3 years ago I just died inside.  erickr1980 3 years ago shittttttttttttttttttttttttttt  David Roy 3 years ago wtf we gunna eat , rocks  AnEyeOfTheOpenMind 3 years ago in reply to lchris33 @lchris33 Don't forget to mention we can grow most of our own foods!!! :)  SkodyBop 3 years ago Everything he said is true.  Harold Shipman 3 years ago do u have insomnia?  nickyjam305 3 years ago on LSD my kitchen creeped me the FUCKKKK out cause i realized it's all fucking POISON disguised in pretty pictures and happy images and colorful letters..  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] DCadulusJake 3 years ago in reply to tinuvielt @tinuvielt I know its like they don't exist :)  aStrayforMyTime 2 years ago in reply to jaberwocky6669 @jaberwocky6669 that sucks raw milk is really good. i grew up down there near fort bragg I'm in mass now and people in New york have started to come up here to get the milk. There is like 12 of them and they switch off drive up grabing milk for everyone   spamsucksdick 2 years ago in reply to BBBfights @BBBfights Stfu racist troll  BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick silly canadian cunt , vegan vagina, pedophile pagan, homo hobo, why dont you stop dodging the damn questions   kisamakara 2 years ago in reply to TeenageTechKid @TeenageTechKid how do you know most scientists eat this food? assumptions are not good enough.   sbecktacular 3 years ago in reply to xPreatorianx @xPreatorianx wake up moron, have alittle research......... why the hell do people automatically think that just cuz they can't eat what's on alex's table that they can't EAT!!??? people really do live in little bubbles..... do you think freakin' CAVEMEN ate lucky charms???? wake the fuck upppppp!!!!   cowinyourface 3 years ago Governments who force Fluoridation in water need to be stopped also. And Dental Associations who back the use of fluoride must be outed and shamed.   sbecktacular 3 years ago in reply to Andydrew Perez @AndyDrewww you CAN find ways of buying creatively.......but I'm TELLING you.......if you decide to rid your fridge and cabinets of processed foods and replace them with "healthy" organic products........get ready to have your wallet and bank account significantly diminished...... I'm starting to think the whole organic product buying mindset is a scheme in itself..... organics from CHINA?..................WTF??????   sbecktacular 3 years ago in reply to darage123 @darage123 I'm sure there are PLENTY of things going on that suck........otherwise, why would you be such a horrible person?........SOMETHING made you that way.   mgck59 3 years ago I have three daughters who are all in their 30's two have had to have complete hysterectomy's and the other one is trying to have one.   ahmadaea 3 years ago BIG thank you from middle east.. your voice is getting louder and people around the world hear and appreciate your warnings.. thanks again   sbecktacular 3 years ago in reply to darage123 @darage123 I'm sure there are PLENTY of things going on IN YOUR LIFE that suck........ otherwise why would you be such a horrible person? SOMETHING made you that way..... what a selfish and sick way of looking at people who may not have the means to protect themselves....... you will get what is coming to you sooner or later.   Mauricio Gomez 3 years ago shit, I have to go eat now..but not sure.....scary shit already knew about all the facts he said. FUCKING MONSANTO FUCKERS   Sarkoh M 3 years ago It's too bad that organic farms are allowed use pesticides on their crops... 
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] sbecktacular 3 years ago in reply to salo73 @salo73 *laugh laugh*........what a waste of skin you are...... wake up moron and look at the SPLENDOR of this planet.......the things you DO have...... the fact that you are ALIVE!!......or have you been flouridated to the point that you cannot see past the veil of the superficiality of man and the frivolity HE has created?...... don't waste what GOD has given to you.   Karla Gottschalk 3 years ago it is time for revolution to save our species! Sheeple will be gmo'd to serve and be eaten or recycled for the elite!   sbecktacular 3 years ago in reply to AMG7771 @AMG7771 I appologize "Preatrorianx" previous statement was aimed at this moron...... "AMG7771".   sbecktacular 3 years ago in reply to Andydrew Perez @AndyDrewww might?........well, you obviously haven't tried your own theory....... I HAVE tried your theory of buying organic and it is so expensive it's unbelievable..... it's not just about going to the store and buying a few organic veggies.....ok, then you go home and cook them in GMO oil?.......ok, so now ya gotta buy the organic oil......and organic chips, and organic meat, and organic eggs....   usintelreport 3 years ago I really wish this video had links Like Alex says it does no annotations  adoracle1 3 years ago in reply to salo73 Wow, you've been eating a LOT of toothpaste haven't you? life does matter. Can't love without life...and I'd just as soon die of old age rather than in agony from a totally preventable cancer. thanks anyway. infinity =8 not zero..sheesh you nihilists are such a buzzkill. shouldn't you like, be living in a cave eating grasshoppers or something if life doesn't matter? might make you appreciate life a tad more in the end.   TECpeds94 2 years ago in reply to Sid V @LizardBonerKING Yes i no i dont drink it often but in some terms it is better than regular milk. Anyways i drink very few of both so really its not a problem.   YOUmommaMUSIX 2 years ago god dam why the hell are they doing this to us ppl must rise up and change this and demand. also ask questions idk something this is wrong in all levels from all angles its just wrong. many companies that were once trusted are now no longer being trusted. this sux its hard to get away from it all.   Cross Land 3 years ago did you hear they announced that they were lowering the amount of fluoride that goes in the water msnbc covered that story with very general terms and references,saying it does not really help teeth in the way originally thought,,just saying   Cary Jane 2 years ago in reply to HHO4ALL @HHO4ALL Not everyone can do that though. I live in a very small apartment, cheque to cheque....and unfortunately there are a lot of people in the same spot as I am. I need a realistic, feasible alternative.   Lebron hairline 2 years ago in reply to Kyle Beaver @Flurbskating It is not easy to determine someone's heath simply by looking at their appearance. A muscular, steroid injected athlete can often end up feeling like an old man inside.   EmilieChaos 3 years ago in reply to darage123 @darage123 that's really great for you... until they come take your little farm away for growing organic food... and what a nice attitude you have for your fellow brothers and sisters. "awsometime" idiot.   tonythesom 3 years ago
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] the milk is still bad for us because it is homogenized.  lchris33 3 years ago For people who ask, "what can we eat then?" you can still find natural and organic foods that are *relatively* pure. If you eat animal products, there's non-factory farmed meat and dairy products, organic vegetables, etc. Unfortunately, most of this information is well documented. Who are all the people who clicked "dislike" on this video - stockholders in Monsanto and McDonald's?   gaberhamm 3 years ago NOOOO NOT TOP RAMEN! :(  lilestah1 3 years ago So what, shall I refuse to eat now?  staywithme91x 3 years ago Great video. I've been checking to make sure my food is all from the USA too, as I don't really trust China's "organic" standards. a few weeks ago at whole foods I saw their organic frozen broccoli was from china. and just recently I saw some Disney fruit chews at my local stop and shop, and was curious to see where it was from, and sure enough: Product of China. a kid's product with artificial colors and flavors from china, unbelievable. not to mention all the oil used to ship it over here   lilestah1 3 years ago @candiceevans1 LOL get involved with my local government don't you think this would be WAY bigger then my local government, and about cutting out contaminated food at the coca cola in my fridge and alot of the chemicals mentioned wasn't even on the label. Also, before you tell me to get involved, i'd like you to tell me what YOU do to get involved.   hpmeg1510 3 years ago in reply to staywithme91x @staywithme91x What's worse is that Whole Foods prides itself on being a store that sells organic and whole food, yet if you walk in their store and pick up any of their 365 items, you can see that most of them (even the vegetables) were grown or made in other countries like China. They even took High Fructose Corn Syrup off of their "banned ingredients" list a few years back, and they now sell foods with that ingredient as well as other harmful chemicals. It is so wrong.   DallasTheGreat28 3 years ago thats it im building a greenhouse and growing my own food.  Andydrew Perez 3 years ago in reply to xPreatorianx @xPreatorianx hell, eating prganic produce and preparing it yourself might even save you a few bucks, just gotta take a little more time out of each day.   Andydrew Perez 3 years ago in reply to xPreatorianx @xPreatorianx I think he is just adovacting, rightly so, the support of healthier non processed food products so that they become more commonplace and companies stop corrupting the food supply. Hell, maybe even grow your own crops; but the more we yield to the fiscal and available convenience of these foods and ignore principle the more it perpetuates the poisoning of our dont have to be a health freak,just take a few minutes and spend a few extra bucks,if only to make a statement   Kevin Suazo 3 years ago in reply to EmilieChaos @EmilieChaos he's probably a monsanto employee or part of the elite kill urself sweed!!!   Bob Saget 3 years ago well i guess im not eating anymore....  My Favorite Things 3 years ago in reply to darage123
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] @darage123 Wish you could send me some homegrown veggies & meats.  Phil Olive 3 years ago while tap water is undoubtedly bad, bottled water is far worse. less than one person regulates the entire industry and they don't have to test or treat it before selling it to you. Furthermore, they aren't paying for the water they are pumping and they are pumping at rates that are destroying riparian habitats around bottling plants. demand safe water from your municipalities, do not patronize an ecologically irresponsible and destructive private water bottling industry.   qigonghealer 3 years ago in reply to Frank Burst @pitchingwedge1 Do you believe all that is on a label these days? Many years ago I saw demos of putting outer cabbage eaves in bowls of fluoridated water overnight and in the morning the fluoride was gone. We don't have to but water in order to avoid the rat poison.   PROCESSOR302 2 years ago Great work, facts backed up by good data. This is alex jones at his best. Also remember bottled water is also bad, the plastics that make the bottle leaches estrogenic hormones that poisons males.   Oliver Pearce 2 years ago You know, im getting so angry as an individual watching this happening and nothing being done to stop all of this. Im 20 and I think its going to be up to the younger generation to do something. Knowlede is, I say, knowledge with action is power.   staywithme91x 3 years ago in reply to hpmeg1510 @hpmeg1510 exactly, they keep caving in and weakening their standards.  sudzi01 3 years ago yeah smart ass( darage123) & watch out for them chem trails & fluoride in your water , u ingnorant arogant idiot, you arent in the clear yet ,fool lol   caracchillo 3 years ago in reply to Anthony Russo @mgturn99 WHAT I WROTE IS A QUOTE FROM ORWELL'S PROPHETIC WORK,1984, THE ONLY MODERN PROPHECY THAT IS BECOMING TRUE UNDER OUR OWN EYES. GO AND INSTRUCT YOUR SELF AND YOU'LL REALIZE THAT ALL HUMANITY IS LOST, NOT JUST ME. IGNORANCE IS A SIN ONLY IF YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING ABOUT.   Daena Smith 3 years ago in reply to Chris Savage @Frizzle1981 Please go into detail and prove what you are commenting..what part of this isn't truth?   xPreatorianx 3 years ago So wtf are we supposed to eat then? I'd rather eat poison then die of starvation. Which would you prefer? Starvation isn't exactly a quick and painless process. So would you rather sustain yourself for years to come before killing over or just going through it in one lump time frame?   HeltyraianCaresonen 3 years ago in reply to Q33NY911 @Q33NY911 the soul is eternal, and only the individual can forfeit that.  caracchillo 3 years ago TRUE IS LIE! LIE IS TRUE! WAR IS PEACE! PEACE IS WAR! FREEDOM IS SLAVERY! SLAVERY IS FREEDOM!   Walter White 3 years ago in reply to Chris Savage @Frizzle1981 If he isn't a little overzealous he probably wouldn't get his point across as well as doing so with such emotion, know what im sayin  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] HeltyraianCaresonen 3 years ago in reply to xPreatorianx @xPreatorianx growing your own crops is not too difficult and warrants a rich diet.  Q33NY911 3 years ago .EVERYBODY DIES, nobody here gets out alive, WHAT ARE YOU SAVING YOURSELF FOR?? fear not those who can kill your body...fear HIM YHVH who can destroy your soul.   666deathghost 3 years ago in reply to Chris Savage @Frizzle1981 This is what the illuminati are doing to decrease the population down 80% of the world to make it easy for the NEW WORLD ORDER to happen.   AMG7771 3 years ago so what do we Eat I wish someone would tell us that we know its all bad so whats left  caracchillo 3 years ago in reply to Anthony Russo @mgturn99 ORWELL CALLED THAT DOUBLE-SPEAK, THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE NOW WIDELY USED BY ALL GOVERNMENTS' OFFICIALS. THAT WORK WAS PUBLISHED IN 1948 AND IS CONSIDERED A MASTERPIECE OF PSYCHOLOGY AND POLITICAL PROPHECY.   Anthony Russo 3 years ago in reply to caracchillo @caracchillo You seem very lost...  artstart2010 3 years ago don't forget to mention the sacharin in the drinks and tooth paste.  xPreatorianx 3 years ago in reply to xPreatorianx @xPreatorianx Here's a better thought. You preach about destructive foods but you don't look malnourished yourself. So what do you eat Alex? Do you have your own fucking private food factory? Do you eat and drink your own brand of foods?   Sivitri Kev 3 years ago But Alex Jones its the American dream we love that type of foods  Derek-Jojen Cummings 2 years ago its 2012 time to wake up!  sbecktacular 3 years ago in reply to lchris33 @lchris33 lmao.......and how many of us can afford these organic/PURE foods??? have you priced them recently?? have to make at least $50,000 annually to afford these products on a regular basis.........get real, or show me a way we can all afford to eat truly organic foods.........until then shut up.   Gemeral dis 2 years ago That's cool...but poor people can't afford to stop eating deadly poisens...  SilentAdversity 3 years ago I ate like 2/3 of the stuff on that table per month  thears2u 1 year ago Grow your own veggies and house a few chickins while you still can..stay away from stores.What a sad state of afairs we are in. It only gets worse people!   CuteHulu 3 years ago Darn! Forgot my tinfoil hat! :S 
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] LendMeYourHand 3 years ago in reply to miserydoll13 @miserydoll13 You can use reverse osmosis & steam distillers to filter your drinking water, but that doesnt prevent the Hot shower water that dehydrates which increases the PPM levels somewhere probably around 5x . Also, all farms & crops that are big agro are probably pumping in Fluoridated water. So this doesnt account for our daily intake of PPM & leaves this a mystery. I suggest someone post i sight that we can purchase testers. The word to wiki is 'Villiaumite' Read it slow.   mr3000ts 3 years ago @EliasIT wtf everything has those ingrediants in it fuck it ive been eating those foods my whole life anyways might as well die at 85 or the owrld will end in 2012 anyway   Florian Larsson 3 years ago Alex Jones, tell me... WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I EAT?.. Best Regards Banzai!  darage123 3 years ago lucky me that own my little farm waaay out on the countryside of sweden... i grow and eat my homeproduced meat and vegs .. awsometime for me, sucktime for yall   Pedro Villagomez 3 years ago WOW.. LOVE.. VIVA AMWAY, Y SUS PRODUCTOS NATURALES.. CON RANCHOS Y GRANJAS CERTIFICADOS ORGANICOS.. LAKEVIEW, CALIFORNIA, TROUT LAKE, WASHINGTON, RANCHO EL PETECAL JALISCO, MEXICO AND BRAZIL.... TODO NATURAL!!! AAAAOUUUCCHH!!!   fukkingepic 3 years ago Go kosher, Go organic, feel better =)  BoxingPride 3 years ago in reply to CuteHulu @CuteHulu Too bad all this information is documented and covered. But you don't care, enjoy your fast food and soft drinks then come back to me when your dying of cancer and suffering from Thyroid disease. Go back to sleep, the world is just happy and fine.   brauchmud 3 years ago This is actually typically Alex Jones... He tells like 90% truth. Why doesn't Alex Jones tell us the Kosher food is clean from all of these poisons and chemicals? Why doesn't he tells us about the kosher tax?   miserydoll13 3 years ago @TheAlexJonesChannel Where should we get our water from then? And how do we know items labeled "organic" truly are organic and don't really have these other ingredients. Obviously, the FDA and USDA don't care, so how are we to know that they're not fooling us?   Terrence Nashlund 3 years ago in reply to Florian Larsson @habu9999 yeah can someone answer this guys question im curious myself  brauchmud 3 years ago in reply to Florian Larsson @habu9999 Kosher food is often free from poisons and chemicals.  Elias Morén 3 years ago in reply to mr3000ts especially chinese food and subway, have ingrediants like that... in that video ;D  awesome248 2 years ago FUCK im growing my own food now lol  djkhaless 2 years ago Luckily my city in Canada is a proud supporter of fluoride free water. A city south of us is not so fortunate, and you can see the difference in the people born and raised in that city. Go back to our roots, eat local food, drink clean water, and always eat natural products not artificial substitutes.  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] alexander gryszkowski 2 years ago It's about % rate increases of health risks over the course of your life. If people 9/10 people got sick it would be too obvious. It's years of accumulation of these chemicals that are the problem.   9kuuby9 11 months ago in reply to Imma Wake I won't be feeding this to my childeren; it's almost the same as giving them a slow death. Those of you who don't know what to do: work earn money while you can buy land; build walls around it ; a small house in the center and then farm your own corps and own animals.   BibleCreationist 2 years ago What about water? We already have organic food, though certain things we had wewill no longer have. What is you best suggestion, is bottled ok?   BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick Fascism ( /ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a radical, authoritarian nationalist political ideology.[1][2] It advocates the creation of a totalitarian single-party state that seeks the mass mobilization of a nation through indoctrination, physical education, and family policy (such as eugenics).[3 Raped with a strapper lil canadian cunt.   Chris Roberts 1 year ago Some people WONT DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH! Tell them what to eat if YOU CARE SUPER HERO!!!   Hatejews1 3 years ago Monsanto, Coca Cola, McDonalds FDA managers, Monsanto all of them ARE DIRTY JEW PIGS.   Johnny Mac 3 years ago if Alex Jones is a food expert, why is he overweight? What does he eat and drink? Does he avoid all water all together? I don't deny that some of these chemicals are harmful, but people are living longer than ever. There is no evidence that there chemicals are effective as a population reduction tool. The population continues to increase. He would be more credible if he was not so quick to jump to conspiracy   disamjisa 3 years ago in reply to Johnny Mac @johnnymac497 Actually the fertility of Westerners is declining considerably, we're suffering cancer at far higher rates than ever before, diseases like autism and asthma that used to be comparitively rare have become comparatively common. These are things to be concerned about.   scandowegianpean 3 years ago very startling truths that need to be heard on a larger scale. Keep up the good work!  Johnny Mac 3 years ago in reply to Alexander Arceo @ChiefKapui There has been genetic engineering for quite some time, and the impace has been nominal. It is true that we should be careful, but jumping to pure fear is a little much. You could also easily say that increased cancer diagnosis is a just a way to gain money (esp if you are the conspiracy type). That seems a lot more likely than a conspiracy that involves thousands and thosands of people remaining quiet and poisoning people. How will less people in the world bring in more money?   retoxhaseeb 3 years ago in reply to Johnny Mac @johnnymac497 "Condemnation without investigation is the height of all ignorance" - Albert Einstein   angelsmagikalworlds 3 years ago People also need to wake up to the fact that GM food is also a big issue as GM food contains NOS SEEDS and is currently being forced on us RESULT the goverment intend to totally control the food chain and our access to it!!!!!!!!!!!!! they have already made it illegal to grow or sell your own food AND organinc food !!!!!  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] rememberthisize 3 years ago he aint lyin look at the medecine commercials and listen to the side effects and cigaraettes is one thats right in our faces.   mr3000ts 3 years ago is chinese food or subway considered to have ingrediants like in that video?  gokufievel 3 years ago Which brand of Colgate no longer has floride? Could you please make a video with nothing but "THESE BRANDS ARE OK, THESE BRANDS ARE NOT"? How the heck do I get NON-FLORIDE WATER?   rcguy69 3 years ago They don't call it junk food for nothing.  Munchkin adoralis 3 years ago INDEED  Alexander Arceo 3 years ago in reply to Johnny Mac @johnnymac497 think about it, the population continues to increase, but these studies are showing genetically controlled food items. how will this effect your children? seems like the elite is trying to control evolution because in the past 250 years ppl dont die off like we use to because of medicine...this is preventing human beings from adapting to times.   DeBlink0 3 years ago this guy makes a classic mistake that hurts his credibility: mixing in 'some' important facts with 'a lot' of fear mongering and nonsense. Clown!   Kristin Day 3 years ago in reply to darage123 @darage123 Can I come live with you?  Iziah A 2 years ago ALEX HOW DO I AVOID EATING THIS DEATH????  janderwel 3 years ago How are we going to survive if they are putting all this bad stuff in all the food?  Julian Macatangay 1 year ago Kill all humans!  BBBfights 2 years ago in reply to spamsucksdick @spamsucksdick Profile Channel Views:3,271 Total Upload Views:10,038 Joined:16 Aug 2006 Latest Activity:3 weeks ago Occupation:Camera Operator. DOP Country: Canada Report profile image violation Cunt i saw that you strapped bitch vaginal gargle ninja fart face pathetic pagan slut :P   bretso25 2 years ago Thanks for making these videos!  Beautiful Brutality 3 years ago in reply to HappyJake100 @HappyJake100 Bless it, and it wont harm you.  rayme4raw 3 years ago in reply to hiway280z @hiway280z :) I'd tell the government, good luck with that, I read that in 2008, 8 million Americans grew their own garden. In 2009, 41 million Americans grew their own garden. Another stock market crash and we'll probably have half of all Americans growing their own garden. Come and get us Government Thugs. Now, cities are facing budget  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] problems so severe that they cannot afford to put toxic fluoride in their water supply. dynagravitomagnetic 3 years ago in reply to rayme4raw @rayme4raw Good Luck  rayme4raw 3 years ago in reply to dynagravitomagnetic @dynagravitomagnetic I'm not a fan of eugenists talk. If we were to put all the 6 billion people in the world into the state of Texas, each person would have a one story house with a thousand square feet of space. The overpopulation idea is nonsense. Starvation is government policy because it becomes harder for the elite to control the population when there are more people. The elite don't want to give up their power so they scream nonsense like overpopulation.   Jonathan Freeman 3 years ago in reply to dynagravitomagnetic @dynagravitomagnetic Korean's limit themselves to one child "voluntarily"....  dynagravitomagnetic 3 years ago in reply to rayme4raw @rayme4raw I would like to think that everyone should be able to do whatever they want to. i like the idea of egalitarianism. Thank you for the kind response. (Personally one might suspect that the earth has a limitation to the amount of resource available). Please look up Doctor Steven Greer. He is with "project Orion", and something called "the disclosure project". The information is thought provoking.   hempev 3 years ago in reply to HappyJake100 @HappyJake100 Damn right! But you can be picky, avoid processed foods, buy organic, and if you can't hack going vegetarian, at least spend your money on grass-fed meats and others who farm responsibly. This is also how we will keep the small farms from dying under the weight of corporations.   rayme4raw 3 years ago in reply to dynagravitomagnetic @dynagravitomagnetic Thanks  HappyJake100 3 years ago Just like the rest of his videos I say just what the hell are you supposed to do about it? I cant drink water, i cant drink milk, I cant eat meat, The seeds i buy for my garden are enginerd, I cant trust my grociery store. Is it okay to drink juice or is that poisoned to? I belive all of this completely but a mans got to feed his faimly dammit.   rayme4raw 3 years ago in reply to dynagravitomagnetic @dynagravitomagnetic Many resources are limited, but not food. The United States has enough good farm land and the right kind of weather that we literally can grow enough food to feed everyone in the world 7 times over. I'm looking at the US Food Policy and it's every bit as scary as the Soviet Union food policy in the 1940s which resulted in 50 million russians dying of starvation. My immediate future goal is to grow 80% of my own   dynagravitomagnetic 3 years ago in reply to rayme4raw @rayme4raw In the 1973 classic "soylent green" directed by Richard Fleischer, the top fraction of a percentile labeled by Marx as the "leisure class" had accomplished this feat. Mao Tse Tung had established massive collective farms after the cultural revolution. Catastrophic failures resulted in the deaths of almost 30,000,000 over the span of a decade by starvation. I think you have the right idea. - Here's wishing you all the best.   cml375822 3 years ago I can testify about food additives. I have FMS and HHCS which are directly related to food additives, which have damaged my central nervous system. Basically, I have Gulf War Syndrome and Lyme Disease.   rayme4raw 3 years ago in reply to MindofaJedi @MindofaJedi If we could get them to label their products to show that they have GMOs in them or not, they would be effectively banned since people wouldn't buy them. Many food producers today are complaining that they cannot find enough non-GMO ingredients to satisfy the growing number of informed consumers that avoid all suspect GMO products.  
    • Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 - YouTube[4/22/2014 8:36:14 PM] HappyJake100 3 years ago Well shit I guess I just wont eat.  dynagravitomagnetic 3 years ago in reply to rayme4raw @rayme4raw We human beings must restrict the number of children born on a voluntary basis. The most opulent should conduct charity only to the families that voluntarily limit their number of babies. I think you are absolutely correct. The few most wealthy whom "own society" are probably going to use starvation as a method to curb an exponentially increasing global population.   Karla Gottschalk 3 years ago it is time for revolution to save our species! Sheeple will be gmo'd to serve and be eaten or recycled for the elite!   TheWiccanFairy 2 years ago in reply to bandosnoob15 @bandosnoob15 I have learn to eat local and talking to the locals in the farmer market what they feed the animals and what they add. Eating organic and reading the labels. also if you study what the ingredients means and are can help. you can also Join a food co-op.