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Arms dealers general dynamics

Arms dealers general dynamics






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    Arms dealers general dynamics Arms dealers general dynamics Document Transcript

    • Arms Dealers General Dynamics http://www.gdit.com 3211 Jermantown Road Fairfax, VA USA 22030 Phone: 703-246-0200 ________________________________________________________________________ ___________________ Nicholas Chabraja Chairman of General Dynamics and CEO of General Dynamics nicholas.chabraja@gulfstream.com nicholas.chabraja@gdit.com 703-246-0200 912-965-3000 Dan Modzelewski Staff Vice President / Chief Technology Officer Army Infrastructure Solution daniel.modzelewski@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Daniel Johnson President daniejohnson@gdit.com Dave Wang President dwang@gdit.com 703-246-0200 Frank Anstett Vice President Information Technology Services frank.anstett@gdit.com 410-832-8300 Gerard Russomano Vice President Information Technology Services gerard.russomano@gdit.com 410-832-8300 Jerry Tussing Senior Vice President for Operations
    • jerry.tussing@gdit.com 703-246-0200 Jerry Van Patten Vice President Enterprise Information Technology Support james.vanpatten@gdit.com 703-246-0200 Hugh Redd Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Office hredd@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Jim Knapp Vice President - Information Systems jknapp@gdit.com 703-246-020 Joe Rowley Vice President of Operations joe.rowley@gdit.com 703-246-0200 John Long Vice President San Diego Operations john.long@gdit.com 703-246-0200 John Schwartz Vice President, Controller john.schwartz@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Kurt Driscoll President kurt.driscoll@gdit.com 703-246-0200 Lewis Chen Vice President, President of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems lewis.vonthaer@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Rob Walsh Presiden rob.walsh@gdit.com
    • 856-273-5902 Mike Cassidy Division Senior Vice President, Operations, Navy and Air Force Systems mike.cassidy@gdit.com 703-246-020 Ray Whitehead VP Business Development/Strategic Plannin ray.whitehead@gdit.com Marcus Collier SVP Civilian/Homeland Security Div marcus.collier@gdit.com Vincent Antonacci VP vincent.antonacci@gdit.com Thomas Kirchmaier SVP Intelligence Solutions Div thomas.kirchmaier@gdit.com Zannie Smith SVP Army Systems Di zannie.smith@gdit.com David Gauldfeldt Vice President and Deputy General Manager Civilian Solutions david.gauldfeldt@gdit.com 703-623-477 Cameron Chehreh Vice President of Infrastructure cameron.chehreh@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Benjamin Fletcher Vice President-Army Solutions Infrastructure benjamin.fletcher@gdit.com 703-246-0542 Alphonse Whitmore SVP Navy/Air Force Systems Div
    • alphonse.whitmore@gdit.com Barbara Beaulieu Senior Manager, Human Resources barbara.beaulieu@gdit.com 757-424-6311 Chris Bradley Senior Manager Network and Communications chris.bradley@gdit.com 703-246-0200 Chris Huskey Senior Network Engineer/Project Manage chris.huskey@gdit.com 703-683-7287 Chris Morgan Network Manager chris.morgan@gdit.com 240-725-719 Jessica Watson Virtualization Team Manager jessica.watson@gdit.com 781-449-2000 James Howard MIS Manager jim.howard@gdit.com 478-621-2380 Jayne Tynan SITE Contract Manager jayne.tynan@gdit.com 703-268-7377 Gary Sarver Manager Quality Assurance gary.sarver@gdit.com 703-876-3000 George Janz Director, Networks george.janz@gdit.com 860-441-2400
    • Maritza Montalvo Human Resources Manager Army Solutions Division maritza.montalvo@gdit.com 520-452-2500 Lisa Woods Manager Help Desk lisa.woods@gdit.com 703-246-020 Justin Gaines Senior Compensation Analyst justin.gaines@gdit.com 703-246-0200 Shiela Evans Strategic Technology Director shiela.evans@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Shelbi Lucas Network Manager shelbi_lucas@gdit.com 703-268-7000 Tim Cerulo Procurement Manager tim.cerulo@gdit.com 703-246-0200 William Osborne Director, Engineer and Network Systems william.osborne@gdit.com 703-683-7287 Raymond Guthrie GIS Programmer/Specialis raymond.guthrie@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Womick Norma Human Resources Executive norma.womick@gdit.com 703-246-020
    • Robert Bradish Other Title robert.bradish@gdit.com Anne Truver GIS Lead Engineer anne.truver@gdit.com 703-456-2880 Charlie Plummer Other Title charlie.plummer@gdit.com Michael Garrity VP Finance/Administration michael.garrity@gdit.com Richard Edelman Vice President Federal and State Information Technology Service richard.edelman@gdit.com 703-246-0866 Pam Stearman USCIS Deputy Operations Center Manager pamela.stearman@gdit.com 303-542-8440 Ellen Rodehorst Manager Financial Systems ellen.rodehorst@gdit.com 703-6-0200 John McDuffie Vice President Program/System john.mcduffie@gdit.com 703-246-0200 David Breen VP HR david.breen@gdit.com Ellen Luther Human Resources Manager
    • ellen.luther@gdit.com 401-849-5952 Peggy Enders Human Resources Manager penders@gdit.com 403-974-4444 Sophie Ramsey Human Resources Manage sramsey@gdit.com 703-752-8400 Norma Womack Human Resources Manager norma.womack@gdit.com 703-354-373 Lynn Beisel Human Resources Manager lynn.beisel@gdit.com 703-373-1812 Don Hay Director Information Technolog don.hay@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Eddie Gilbert Manager of Information Technology eddie.gilbert@gdit.com 770-239-801 Clayton Queen Manager Information Systems Security clayton.queen@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Corry Blasco Information Technology Customer Relationship Manager corry.blasco@gdit.com 703-246-0200 Craig Marsh Information Systems Manager craig.marsh@gdit.com
    • 305-640-0773 Brian Biesecker Manager Information Systems brian.biesecker@gdit.com 703-268-7000 Bill Evans Information Technology Department Manager bill.evans@gdit.com 571-594-5453 Bonnie Kriewald Information Technology Enterprise Network Manage bonnie.kriewald@gdit.com 703-246-0200 John Wytsma Management Information Systems Manager jwytsma@gdit.com 703-246-020 Kurt Lawson Information Systems Manager kurt.lawson@gdit.com 703-683-7287 John Piernikowski Senior Manager BD ISR-Information Systems john.piernikowski@gdit.com 703-683-7287 Joe McConnell Senior Manager Information Systems joe.mcconnell@gdit.com 703-683-7287 Irving Bolden Manager Information Systems Security irving.bolden@gdit.com 703-246-0200 Greg Castellucci Manager Information Technology greg.castellucci@gdit.com 703-284-9180
    • Harry Bowen Management Information Systems Manage hbowen@gdit.com 703-246-0200 Howard Haynes Information Technology Department Manager howard.haynes@gdit.com 703-521-381 Jeff Hibshman Manager, Information Technology Server and PC Support jeff.hibshman@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Jeff Hibsn Manager Information Technology Server and PC Support jeff.hibsn@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Jeffrey Kearns Manager Procurement Information Systems jeff.kearns@gdit.com 508-880-4000 Melissa Topper Department Manager-Technical Facilities and Information Technology melissa.topper@gdit.com 301-692-0595 Michael Barreto Information Systems Manager michael.barreto@gdit.com 781-455-4694 Matt Sunter Information Technology Director-AIS-Army Divisio matthew.sunter@gdit.com 703-246-0674 Matthew Brown Manager, Information Technology matthew.brown@gdit.com 703-876-300
    • Marty Lowney Manager Information Systems marty.lowney@gdit.com 586-825-4435 Linda Kelly Information Technology Management Manager linda.kelly@gdit.com 781-455-3579 Tom McCaulay Director Information Systems and Technology tmccaulay@gdit.com 703-246-0200 Mona Baki Management Information Systems Manager mona.baki@gdit.com 703-683-7287 Tim Gutierrez Management Information Systems Manager tim.gutierrez@gdit.com 425-881-1700 Laurie Sanger NCE Active Information Technology Program Resource Manager laurie.sanger@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Mike Ragland Information Technology Manager, Program Manager mike.ragland@gdit.com 478-621-2380 Rita Hawkins Director, Civilian Information Technology Programs rita.hawkins@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Stephen Lozzi Senior Program Manager Trusted Network Solution stephen.lozzi@gdit.com 703-683-7287 Stacy Spear
    • Program Manager, Principal Network Engineer stacy.spear@gdit.com 703-246-0200 Pem Smith Senior Program Manager, Management Information Systems Applications p.smith@gdit.com 619-881-8924 Nicholas Martino Deputy Program Manager nicholas.martino@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Robert Ritch Deputy Program Manager robert.ritch@gdit.com 781-449-2000 Timothy Reagan Deputy Program Manager timothy.reagan@gdit.com 757-293-8876 Earl Tullos Program Manager-NGA LMSGeospatial Information Technology Coordinator earl.tullos@gdit.com 703-373-1772 Marwan Abu-Fadel Operations Manage marwan.abu-fadel@gdit.com 703-246-0200 Mason Myers Senior Manager, Operations mason.myers@gdit.com 703-246-020 Michael McKnight Business Operations Manager michael.mcknight@gdit.com 703-6-0200 Brad Schuster Program / Site Manager
    • brad.schuster@gdit.com 618-624-6955 Dave Zubak GIS Program Manager david.zubak@gdit.com 619-881-2740 Alan Nelson Information Technology Management Technical Consultant alan.nelson@gdit.com 813-806-9254 Anne Kupferer Human Resources Consultant anne.kupferer@gdit.com 703-995-1961 1 Mark Meudt VP Communications/Marketin mark.meudt@gdit.com Alok Srivastava Senior Manager Software Engineering alok.srivastava@gdit.com 703-876-300 Jim Edenfield Senior Engineering Manager jim.edenfield@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Pat Vessels Manager, Engineering pat.vessels@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Ralph Hughes Manager Engineering rhughes@gdit.com 334-277-2005 Terry Stripsky Manager - Hardware Engineering terry.stripsky@gdit.com 703-876-300
    • Julie Simonds Operations Manager julie.simonds@gdit.com Charles Hall Director, Business Development, National and Defense Intelligence Solutions bill.hall@gdit.com 813-314-877 Biagio Colandreo Senior Marketing Manager / Business Development biagio.colandreo@gdit.com 619-881-8844 Jennifer Eastman Manager, Business Development & Marketing jennifer.eastman@gdit.com 703-246-0200 Mark Meudt VP Communications/Marketing mark.meudt@gdit.com William Moyer Senior Marketing And Business Development Manager william.moyer@gdit.com 913-364-5033 Meghan Sarrell Marketing Manager for Communications meghan.sarrell@gdit.com 703-246-0673 Ray Whitehead VP Business Development/Strategic Planni ray.whitehead@gdit.com Brenton Miks Manager Business Continuity and Data Storage Administrator brenton.miks@gdit.com 703-246-02 Eric Gardner Director Software Development
    • eric.gardner@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Carl Walser Chief Information Office carl.walser@gdit.com 703-246-0200 Kellie Cluff Manager Software Development kellie.cluff@gdit.com 703-876-300 Tim Scanlon Manager Software Quality Assurance tim.scanlon@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Michael Gulino Chief Information Officer michael.gulino@gdit.com 703-683-7287 Spain Hall VP IT Strategy/CIO spain.hall@gdit.com Mamie Gilbert Director of Human Resources mgilbert@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Rick Jess Director of Human Resources rjess@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Tim Richie Executive Directo tim.richie@gdit.com 407-454-5900 Philippe Wiener Director Human Resources Systems and Analysis pwiener@gdit.com
    • 703-876-3000 Sally Hendricks Director of Human Resources shendricks@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Kelly Shadwell Director of Human Resources kshadwell@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Arunas Urbonas Executive Director arunas.urbonas@gdit.com 229-219-0099 Fred Millet Engineering Manager fred.millet@gdit.com 781-455-4184 Gordon Garcia Information Technology Manager gordon.garcia@gdit.com 781-455-4236 Mark Ofori-Kyei Manager, Systems and Software Quality Assuranc mark.ofori-kyei@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Samuel Pettit Information Technology Manager samuel.pettit@gdit.com 619-881-894 Steve Mailey Engineering Manager steve.mailey@gdit.com 703-876-3000 Tom Archard Engineering Manager tom.archard@gdit.com 703-876-300
    • _________________ http://pastebin.com/9fgejbew