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Course Description

  1. 1. Course Description<br />“Things done well and with care exempt themselves from fear.”<br /> _ William Shakespeare<br />Course Name: EnglishGrade: 11 (A, B, C, D, H)Instructor: Miss Tahani Al HamamiEmail:<br />Objectives of the Course:<br />This course is designed for teenagers which will give them everything they need to be successful in learning English. The book used for this course has a variety of interesting topics that will appeal to this slice of society. However, the course is oriented towards the students, and it will enhance their skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening and creative thinking and analysis.<br />Procedure:<br />The Communicative Language approach is used to teach this course. The classes will include visual aids such as slide shows and films. Also, discussions are always opened for students to share their views regarding the target topics. In addition, students will be involved in doing exercises and activities such as presenting projects which will enable them to comprehend the materials they have as well as acquiring necessary skills that will add to their personalities.<br />Classroom Rules:<br />Be respectful of yourself and others. <br />Come to class on time.<br />Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to get up .<br />Come to class prepared with all supplies and homework complete every day. <br />Always pay attention and work quietly.<br />Raise your hand before you speak during a classroom lesson. <br />Listen quietly while others are speaking.<br />Talk only when permitted.<br />Do not ask to go to the toilet unless it is very urgent.<br />Do not eat any food in class, but it is okay to drink water.<br />Respect fellow classmates and other people's property.<br />Follow the teacher's directions immediately. <br />Your marks will be "Earned" not "Given"! So, Always Do Your Best!<br />Course Schedule:<br />Week No.DateSubject48 – 12 OctoberModule 1515 – 19 OctoberModule 1622 – 26 OctoberModule 2729 October – 4 NovemberModule 2816 – 18 NovemberModule 3921 – 25 NovemberModule 31028 November – 2 January Module 4115 – 9 January Module 41212 – 16 January Module 51319 – 23 January Module 51426 January - 1 FebruaryModule 6154 – 8 FebruaryModule 61611 – 15 FebruaryRevision 1718 – 22 February-----------1825 – 29 February----------- <br />Grades Distribution:<br />10 Marks In-Class Work (Attendance, participation, Discipline, homework, bringing the materials).<br />10 Marks Quizzes (The student will write several quizzes and the average is taken as the final grade).<br />2 Marks Extra-Curricular Activities (Students can choose any project that meets their interests. However, these 2 marks are "extra" and will be added to their evaluation).<br />30 Marks Final Exam.<br />Required Materials:<br />Challenges 3 Student's Book.<br />Challenges 3 Workbook.<br />A notebook.<br />A file.<br />If you would like to view or download class presentations, please visit: <br />Best of Luck for My Dear Students<br />