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Visma fernberg helsinki2012
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Visma fernberg helsinki2012


How Visma works with UX and how we are working on going from feature driven to user centered design. …

How Visma works with UX and how we are working on going from feature driven to user centered design.

Created in Keynot and exported to PPT - that's why there are weird typography.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. feature driven development vS user centered design - The history of visma - How different is it? - How is UCD done? - What are the benefits? Fredrik Fernberg Corporate Design & HCI Manager, Visma M.Sc, Cogntive psychologytwitter: @FredrikFernberg,,
  • 2. Corporate Communication Visma AS 7Software Retail Services Commerce Consulting 21 0 0 1 21 5000 employees. Very engineering centric. Legacy accounting software. In-house UX - 50 persons.
  • 3. Feature driven = sell more short term
  • 4. User centered = better UX= long term sales & relations
  • 5. How different is it?
  • 6. It is very different... 1. UCD is not a feature on the list 2. UCD does not come a the end3. UCD is nothing decided by top management but supported 4. UCD demands a definition, process and organization 5. UCD is neither waterfall nor agile ... It is like night and day...which makes it challenging...
  • 7. Result from Feature driven
  • 8. Result from Feature driven
  • 9. Result from Feature driven
  • 10. Result from Feature driven
  • 11. Result from USER CENTERED DESIGN
  • 12. Result from USER CENTERED DESIGN
  • 13. Result from USER CENTERED DESIGN“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more toadd, but when there is nothing left to take away”(Antoine de Saint Exupery)
  • 14. Result from USER CENTERED DESIGN 1. Efficiency & effectiveness for customers 2. Happier and loyal customers 3. Prouder and loyal employees 4. Faster development and deployment 5. Less support and training etc... = More revenue
  • 15. How IS it DOnE?We need a definition of good UX We need a process We need people
  • 16. Vismas Definition oF good UX
  • 17. why standards?
  • 18. why standards?
  • 19. Interface standardsLacks readability amongst many other things...
  • 20. Interface standardsLacks alignment, padding, consistency etc
  • 21. Interface standardsLacks affordance and predictability
  • 22. Interface standards
  • 23. user centered design process
  • 24. interface dynamics
  • 25. interface dynamics
  • 26. interface dynamics
  • 27. interface dynamics 1. It’s captivating.2. It empowers the user. 3. Adaptable to user needs.4. Used the right way increase efficiency and assist the user understanding the interface better.
  • 28. Aesthetics 1. The important first impression2. The Form should empower the Functionality 3. Design should intrigue and entice 4. Design should be felt not seen
  • 29. AestheticsVisma Opic login screen before:
  • 30. AestheticsVisma Opic login screen after:
  • 31. AestheticsVisma Accountview Go - before & after...
  • 32. AestheticsVisma Opic before:
  • 33. AestheticsVisma Opic before:
  • 34. AestheticsVisma Mamut Service Suite - before & after...
  • 35. AestheticsVisma Mamut Service Suite - before & after...
  • 36. Vismas Definition of good uX
  • 37. A Visma application following the UX-pyramid interface dynamics
  • 38. How IS it DOnE?The idea is never betterthan how it is executed. To execute we need people.
  • 39. How IS it DOnE? 1. Recruit the right personnel 2. Establish ambassadors 3. Training, training and trainingcreate knowledge & understanding - not information 4. Establish guidelines & standards 5. Success stories (show by example) 6. Perform Reviews 7. Promote performance
  • 40. How IS it DOnE? I hear and I forget.I see and I remember.I do and I understand. (Confucius)
  • 41. what are the benefits? Two examples: Visma Avendo - accounting systemVisma Enterprise - accounting platform
  • 42. Visma avendo - accounting system
  • 43. Visma avendo - accounting systemHow much will the product be improved with a new user interface anda new interaction method?Retrieve quantifiable goals for the HCI-work:• How much time will be saved?• How many mouse clicks will besaved?• How many keyboard strokes will be saved?• How much betterwill the user experience be?• How will the support be affected?
  • 44. Screenshots Avendo 4.2 - sales moduleMajor disadvantage:6 different windows/lists to search for the information in
  • 45. Screenshots Avendo 5.0 (PROTOTYPE)Major change:1 window to search for the information in
  • 46. ResultsMouse clicks: Users used only 58% mouse clicks with the prototype(5.0) compared to 4.2.Keyboard strokes: Users used only 68% keyboard strokes with theprototype (5.0) compared to 4.2.
  • 47. ResultsTime: Users used only 61% of the time with the prototype (5.0)compared to 4.2.Staggering result: Novice users performed better with the prototype(5.0) than experienced users used with the old application!
  • 48. ResultsUX: None of the users were negative against the prototype, all usersmeant it was an improvement. Even the one user who spent more timein 5.0 than in 4.2Support: We had to help 7 of the 12 users in 4.2, since they got stuckand couldn’t proceed in the scenario. None of the users got stuck in 5.0– all could complete the scenario without any help.- 4.2 = 7 support errands- 5.0 = 0 support errands
  • 49. Visma Unique - Enterprise platform 20% 80%
  • 50. Visma Enterprise - accounting platform
  • 51. Visma Enterprise - accounting platform
  • 52. Visma Enterprise - Re-brand platform
  • 53. Visma Enterprise - Re-brand platform
  • 54. Visma Enterprise - Re-brand platform
  • 55. Visma Enterprise - Re-brand platform
  • 56. ResultsExternal effects: Customers saw the obvious improvements. But mostimportantly affected by the proud Visma personnel.Internal effects: Personnel became very enthusiastic & expressedpride.Bottom line: Budgeted sales went from 32 systems to 71 systems(after the change).This unit has gone from 1 UX-person to 6 UX-persons in two years.Top management has understood that this is where the money is andinvest most in this part of the development.
  • 57. Vismas Definition of good uX
  • 58. Device with low ux
  • 59. Device with high uxUCD/Usability Engineering Design
  • 60. Kiitos! Fredrik Fernberg Corporate Design & HCI Manager, Visma M.Sc, Cogntive psychologytwitter: @FredrikFernberg,,