Item performance calculator presentation


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The Item Performance Calculator is an assistant for every cash shop decision maker.
Including 80/20, “A, B, C” and Active purchase users rules, rates (server equipment, objectives), year(s)/Month(s) turnover for each items in Game Currency, Euros or Dollars… the most helpful options are those offering immediate forecasts after each decision made by the project manager!

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Item performance calculator presentation

  1. 1. ITEM PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR Made by Frederic NORMAND Monetization Manager for F2P Private Financial Bank Adviser
  2. 2. Some are not used to metrics and statistics but are the best managers a company has ever wanted, others are crawling under new stuff and implementation but are in the meantime the best employees visionnaires, others simply cannot spot with certainty and easily which of their items are best or worst sellers however those people are the best performers and their audience acclaimed them for their wisdom or their organizational sense… and for all of them, when it comes the time to interpret, correlate and extract graphics, they feel deprive of their credibility or unsure of what to say or to defend regarding their market game decisions... ...and for sure, the Item Performance Calculator (IPC) can help! A tool designed for Project Managers
  3. 3. The Item Performance Calculator (IPC) isn’t a decision maker but a clever assistant giving hints and metrics with the convenience to remember everything since the game is existing. It is adaptive regarding results obtained from a month to another (or even day to day if required), and all of its figures and advices are interchanging smoothly depending on your market data results. Including 80/20, “A, B, C” and Active purchase users rules, rates (server equipment, objectives), year(s)/Month(s) turnover for each items in Game Currency, Euros or Dollars… the most helpful options are those offering immediate forecasts after each decision made by the project manager! IPC is useful for: - Planification (Create a monthly schedule is easy) - Extract Statistics (Best items, cash shoppers demographics, Server equipment, cannibalization) - Metrics (Best sales, Item sales seasonality, Aging items) - Archives (Results compared and kept from a year to another one) The IPC is an assistant
  4. 4. All cash shop items, translated in any language used by your game, classified alphabetically or per prices. All Items and Prices in one look!
  5. 5. Reports are made easier for producer or project manager to their hierarchy, however... Turnover, Sales, Quantity sold, etc...
  6. 6. … Estimations are made by the tool on the number of active/circulating items and the remaining potential sales. Thus, a producer won’t keep any longer oversold items.
  7. 7. An item got a “Purchasing interest quality” input with several datas like sales, total day presence in the cash shop, community feedback and producer assumption... Items got a personal classification!
  8. 8. Refine your objectives. Days and potential earnings in a month/year are displayed and modified automatically after a new change has been made. Setting objectives = immediate feedback on your strategic choices!
  9. 9. Remaining %age to reach the objectives And more hints! Sever current Turnover Server Rentability Server potential turnover Player’s community quality Giving free items or create a sale?
  10. 10. The tool gathers every existing items and keeps tracks on previous years sales Dive in the Archives
  11. 11. The Item Performance Calculator can add as many categories a producer needs. Unlimited categories
  12. 12. Any producer can load datas in order to get graphics and points KPI. The tool favours accurate survey! Metrics and Graphics
  13. 13. Annual objectives - Current Turnover - Best items A brief summary of pertinent data available on the first page
  14. 14. New item can either be put in the tool one by one or in a group! In Development A new monthly sales schedule created in a click! Going from one market to another or watching all results for all servers - Features for the high management
  15. 15. ● Planned monthly Cash Shop schedule for the EU markets: According to sales comparison, new item entries, seasonality of our products, players expectations coming from surveys and reports, planned the whole and usual next month Sales and Event Schedule ● Created Excel Tool to define prior items sales and better rotation in the online cash shop ● Introduced a reliable schedule system based on figures, calculation, turnover and customer data base variation ● Coordinated teams (QA, Loca, CM) in order to meet milestones and schedule expectations ● Created specific reports with a custom date range ● Planned demands to developers for specific Cash Shop items ● Cash shop technician expertise allowing me to highlight the best items and bound purchases ● Specialised in F2P environment: Hardcore, Casual and Social gaming (Browser and apps) ● Monetization: Applied financial and bank calculation to understand customers purchase behavior in order to maintain regular sales figures even with an aging game ● In order to compensate the absence of a mileage system, I made several Cash Shop Events in order to retain customers regular attention and create purchasing habits ● Keep a high retention rate on an aging game I am available and open for any discussion opportunity. Thanks for watching! Frederic NORMAND Monetization Manager