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This story is the edited version of our online Collaborative Creative writing task using Moodle

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  1. 1. Story Number <br />7<br />The Bully<br />
  2. 2. The Bully<br />Chapter 1 <br />(collaborative)<br />Jenny grabbed for her phone just as Lady Gaga's " Just Dance" ringtone burst into life.<br />There it was again - the same text message which had been sent at least 20 times to her phone the previous day.<br />"You are not wanted here. We are watching you."<br />Jenny looked around. She was walking to school along the busy road. There was a lot of traffic and some drivers were obviously late and in a hurry. No-one else was walking with her. Some way ahead she could see a group students dawdling along the footpath. However, they were not paying any attention to her. They were too intent on kicking a plastic bottle along the footpath. She could hear them shouting to each other but she could not make out what was being said.<br />Then her phone rang again.<br />
  3. 3. Chapter 2<br />(Rupert’s chapter)<br />Once again her phone went off for the third time, so she decided that it was a wrong number and turned the phone off after school she turned it back on she checked it her inbox. It became full and the text messages had become more frequent .<br />She wondered if her brother could do something about it. Her brother was a whiz with electronics but didn’t get out much so he was pale and a bit chubby. By the time she reached his sleep-out she was very frustrated. She rushed into his room and yelled ”JASON!”, startled by her voice he jumped up and hit his head on the desk he had been working under. “Owwwwwhat!” yelled Jason. “Do you know how to stop communication with a someone?” asked Jenny holding up her phone. <br />“Yeah it’s easy. Watch.” <br />Jason grabbed the pretty pink phone with his ogre like hand and checked her messages. “Wow someone must really dislike you,” said Jason chuckling.<br /> “Shut up!” snapped Jenny.<br /> “Ok, done. Hey, have you told Mum about this yet?” asked Jason. Jenny paused and answered quietly ,“I was hoping to keep this a secret. You know Mum, she’ll get the police involved and make this problem into an even bigger one.”<br />“ Yeah you’re right. I’ll keep it between us.”<br /> Jenny then left with out another word. <br />
  4. 4. Chapter 3<br />(Ariana’s chapter)<br />Jenny rolled over and hit the "snooze" button on her alarm for the third that morning. <br />"Ugh. School," she thought to herself. She knew deep down that it wasn't really school she was trying to put off but rather having to check her phone. As her alarm burst into life again with its annoying, "Beep beep. beep beep." she realised she  could no longer delay having to get up or she was going to be late. She hopped out of bed, got ready for school, yelled goodbye to her mum and brother and slammed the door behind her. It was a crisp, spring morning and Jenny felt slightly better as she set off for school. <br />"I shouldn't have any horrible messages. Yay. As long as whatever Jason did worked..". Jenny reluctantly put her hand in her pocket and pulled out her phone, she pressed the green "on" button and stared at the screen as it turned on. At first nothing much happened and Jenny breathed a sigh of relief that she had no mean messages, but just as she was about to pocket the device it went off. Jenny frowned, she held the phone closed until the ringtone stopped. She opened the phone and her eyes quickly scanned the screen. <br />"15 New messages" Jenny’s jaw dropped. They were from a different number then she had been getting the other messages from but Jenny sensed they wouldn't be any better. She opened the first one, "Y do you even think Tikora's your friend?, she dsn't even lyk u." <br />Jenny sat down on a small brick fence surronding the park opposite her school. She opened the first text, "Txt bk... Tht is.. if yur not 2 scared ayye?" <br />A small tear trickled down Jenny's cheek. "What have I done to deserve this?" she thought to herself. She turned her phone off without bothering to check the other messages and wandered across the road to Linfield College.<br />
  5. 5. Chapter 4<br />(Carson’s chapter)<br />'Some teachers can be boring without even trying,' Jenny thought as Mrs Lisntomi droned on about some tediously long and complicated maths algebraic equation.... A dark haired handsome boy suddenly charged into the classroom, apologised to Mrs Lisntomi for the disruption, and sat down, to the class' amusement next to Jenny. <br />'Look, he's sat next to the freak!' whispered Tikora loudly to Jenny's dismay. <br />'Who are you boyfriend?' she demanded to the boy disgusted at his disloyalty.<br />'Not any more, I've decided to go for someone better looking, a little more kind and someone I like, and that is her, 'The freak.' He indicated towards Jenny.<br />Protesting, Jenny reminded him that he didn't even know her.<br />He replied, with a trace of a smile, that he would like to. <br />It was only then that she realised that he was joking...or was he? <br />By now the class was in hysterics and Mrs Lisntomi, with her face  strained with anger, rapidly advanced towards both Jenny and Henri. Literally seizing him by the ears, she dragged him to the front of the room, where as if on cue the headmaster strode into the room...    <br />
  6. 6. Chapter 5<br />(Holly’s chapter)<br />As people started noticing the headmaster was in the room, it got quieter and quieter until there was absolute silence. At this point Jenny's face was burning with embarrassment and she was sure that all of this was her fault somehow. <br />"Now because you are all quiet I will let you all finish your work while I have a word with your teacher," the headmaster said angrily.<br />But it didn't take long before everyone was laughing again. Jenny was just considering whether or not to walk out of the class when Henri shuffled his chair a little closer to her and said, “So... how are you?" <br />Jenny laughed sarcastically, “The whole class is laughing at me because of what you said before and you're asking me how I am!" <br />"Is there anything wrong with that?" he asked seriously.<br />"Well, uh, yes. No. I don't know!"<br />"So answer the question then, how are you?"<br />"Well, I'm alright, I guess."<br />"That's better. Now, are you doing anything after school or would it be ok if we hang out for a bit?"<br />
  7. 7. Chapter 6<br />(Ryan’s chapter)<br />"No I'm not doing anything after school, and if you're implying that I spend it with you, I reluctantly accept."<br />"Cool, I'll meet you outside of school after the last bell."<br />"Oi, you two, what do you think this is?" the headmaster snapped at Henri and Jenny.<br />"Class sir, what are you... an idiot"<br />"Get out!"<br />Henri wouldn't budge forcing the principal to use force. Jenny smiled and then realised that the whole class was still staring at her. The last bell rang and Jenny went to meet Henri by the front of the school half expecting him not to be there, but there he was.<br />"How did you get out of detention?"<br />"I didn't, I escaped, let's go, the place we're going is just down the road. They began to walk down Frair Road and Henri was walking at an unusual pace as if he was nervous or something. They arrived at an old abandoned warehouse.<br />"Close your eyes Jenny, and I'll lead you in the right way."<br />Henri led her to the door, "Now open the door."<br />As Jenny opened the door she heard scattered laughter and the next thing she knew she was covered in dirt from head to toe............<br /> <br />
  8. 8. Chapter 7<br />(Hester’s chapter)<br />Jenny blinked away her tears, and gritted her teeth. <br />"Do you think this is funny?" Jenny seethed, gesturing towards her soiled tunic. Forty or so wide-eyed students stared back at her, some finding it hard to compress their laughter, others grinning to themselves.<br />She searched the crowd, eyes scanning..."YOU!" Jenny pointed her finger at Henri, who by chance was swallowed by a sea of people. She dragged him out by his ear, cursing as she did so. "Why?" she demanded.<br />He whimpered, "They made me," he looked up with sad eyes and Jenny instantly softened. "Oh. I-" as she started to apologise she caught him flash a sly smile towards a group of boys.<br />If he can act, so can I, Jenny thought. "Oh, Henri! I'm ever so sorry," she spread the sarcasm so thickly, she almost gagged at the sweetness. He ate it up, nodding here and there, murmuring the odd "yes" "no", giving his mates a wink now or then. Everyone watched suspiciously as she feigned sincerity.<br />Jenny puckered up and planted one on Henri's lips, he responded with a kiss of his own. She pulled away, put her lips to his ear and hissed, "You really are a bastard."<br />Leaving them gobsmacked, Jenny trotted out, wearing the biggest smile her teeth would allow. No-one could break her now.<br />Jenny stood over the glistening river, watching it slither between the banks. It reminded her of the tears she had shed over the nasty texts. Precious and never ending. She hurled her cellphone into the gushing water, where it was sucked under and pushed around. Only when it reached the river bed battered and waterlogged was Jenny satisfied.<br />Jenny oozed with confidence, she was pondering this new revelation as two girls sauntered towards her. "Hey," the tall blonde smiled.<br />"Hi," Jenny said, shy.<br />"You the girl that pashed Henri, and then called him a bastard?" the brunette snapped. Jenny's stomach twisted in a knot. Maybe these girls would beat her up. "Um, yeah. I guess." The blonde snickered, the brunette threw back her head and howled with laughter. "High five."<br />"Uh, okay, "Jenny replied slapping both the brunette and the blonde's hands.<br />The blonde introduced them, "I'm Cibelle, and this is Monica."<br />"Oh, I'm Jenny," her ears still ringing with the sound of Monica's laughter.<br />Cibelle smiled, "Oh, we know, Jenny. And do you know what else I know?" she asked, not giving Jenny a chance to guess. The brunette nodded and said, "We are going to be very good friends."<br />