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Reviews for Freddy Atton

  1. 1. Freddy AttonJob Hunter at My Homefreddyatton@gmail.com38 people have recommended Freddy "Freddy, thank you for your tremendous effort in producing 19 Quick Start videos in the last three months. Excellent work!" — James Wu, was Freddys client "Our Enterprise Social Networking solution called Clearvale needed some quality training videos, so we called in Freddy. He assessed our needs and created from scratch a set of high quality training videos to bring new users up to speed on how to use the product. He included team feedback to create a high quality video. Freddy did a great job for us." — Ralph Lentz, GM Americas, BroadVision, managed Freddy indirectly at BroadVision / Clearvale "Freddy created a large quantity of training videos for BroadVision, all of which were quick, clean, fun and effective. I enjoyed working with him and hope to do so again in the future." — Andrew Gori, Content Czar, BroadVision, worked with Freddy at BroadVision : Clearvale "Freddy did a top-notch job creating several Clearvale videos for BroadVision. He is high energy, and has a very positive attitude" — Lisa Braz, Writer/Manager, BroadVision, worked directly with Freddy at BroadVision : Clearvale "Freddy did a great job of digging into Clearvale with no previous exposure to the product and generating a series of helpful, informative videos on a tight schedule." — Randy Nasson, Product Manager, BroadVision, Inc., worked with Freddy at BroadVision : Clearvale "One of the critical success factors for any startup company is to build the right team. You need people that can participate in the vision while bringing their own ideas and talents to build and extend it. You need someone that can generate positive good will with a customer and still work tirelessly behind the scenes to execute on behalf of the company. You need someone that spends the time to understand what needs to be accomplished, and takes the personal responsibility to see it through. Freddy was our first employee at Speranza Systems, and he personified all of these qualities." Page 19
  2. 2. — Glen Solimine, CEO, Speranza Systems, managed Freddy at Speranza Systems"Freddy has a tremendous amount of energy that he translates into superior training materials anddelivery. He not only can develop the materials but delivers the material with subject matterexpertise to back it up. Fantastic person to have on your team!"— Janine Brown, VP, Consulting Services, Worldwide Training, Broadvision, worked with Freddyat BroadVision : Education Services"January 20, 2005 BroadVision Sales Kickoff, Palo Alto California Course: BroadVision Process"Very useful and informative. A really good insight into Process. Everything is now much clearer.Freddy is very enthusiastic and makes the day interesting and fast paced. There is no time to feelbored. A great day." -Shonagh Woods, Marketing Manager, BroadVision - Northern Europe"— Shonagh Woods, Marketing Manager Northern EMEA, BroadVision, worked with Freddy atBroadVision : Education Services"August 24-26, 2004 - Partner Training, Redwood City California Course: BroadVision Process"Freddy kept the class participants focused and interested for all 3 days. This training course was anice classroom experience for me and Freddy is an expert instructor with great depth ofknowledge." -Subu Sankara, Program Manager, InfoGain"— Subu Sankara, was Freddys client"Freddy brings in a unique talent for teaching which helps in grasping some of the most complextopics in a simple and easy to understand manner. I have had the pleasure of attending some ofFreddys power-packed trainings while at Broadvision and was thrilled with the creativity, energyand enthusiasm that kept his audience enthralled, focussed and fully engaged. I highly recommendFreddy for any content development and training delivery projects."— Param Sethi, Team Lead, Global Services and Support, BroadVision Inc, worked with Freddy atBroadVision : Education Services"Freddy was our lead instructor for the BroadVision. I relied on Freddy to deliver effective trainingfor our partners. His training expertise and talent was always validated by the feedback I receivedfrom his students (my partners / customers)."— John Whitney, Sales Manager, Syncsort, managed Freddy indirectly at BroadVision : EducationServices"I used to attend Freddys presentations when he was managing the SVOT in 2003. He was a greatspeaker, presenter and was always well organized. The group actually grew under his leadership.We were sad when he had to move on. If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of Freddyspresentations, you wont be disappointed Thank you Freddy for such great leadership. Im sure you Page 20
  3. 3. would be welcome to speak at the now Silicon Valley Options Group (SVOG)."— Dora McCleeary, Pet Stylist/Groomer, PetSmart, was with another company when working withFreddy at Silicon Valley Option Traders"Freddy helped rewrite the Platinum users manual and did an excellent job. Freddyunderstood options and the web site and offered user interface changes that were used in the website redesign. The manual is still online in Platinum > Help >?? for users to download and read."— John Broussard, was Freddys client"I hired Freddy to create a series of short guidelines covering best practices in interaction fordevelopers and analysts within Washington Mutual. I was working with VP-level stakeholdersacross the company, and had a typically short deadline for a long process. Freddy was able toexpertly create to my specifications with minimal guidance and do it on time. As I result I receivedlong-lasting attention and a significant career boost for a document that outlasted me. I would gladlyhire that again!"— Gordon Currie, was Freddys client"Freddy has a excellent habit of doing his work and benefitting others. When we worked together,he assembled some terrific demos, and documented how to vary the sample application veryquickly in a "cheatsheet" that became widely used throughout the company. He was a real asset tothe team."— David Keldsen, Director, Broadvision, worked with Freddy at BroadVision : Marketing"Freddy introduced his new version of a "showcase" demonstration and really taught us what ademonstration should be. I recall sending an email to the entire Engineering organization andManagement team congratulating Freddy and setting a new bar for myself..... "This Stuff Rocks!...Ihave set a personal goal to reach Freddy Attons level of enthusiasm..." Once again Freddy, it wasa pleasure to work with you and quite inspiring! ---Peter Dzik, Field Applications Engineer"— Peter Dzik, Principal Senior Systems Engineer, BroadVision, worked directly with Freddy atBroadVision : Marketing"Freddy was brilliant! As always. It was fun filled and educative."— Biplove Belwal, was Freddys client"We really enjoyed working with Freddy. He has a fun, personable style and the group reallyappreciated his precision, firmness and open willingness to share ideas and processes. Freddyhelped us tremendously."— Nick Roberts, was Freddys client Page 21
  4. 4. "Freddys book and customer job aid for BVs MarketMaker was excellent! And the presentation hegave was engaging, entertaining and informative; not the typical dry presentation at all."— Dan Epstein, Director, Media Services, BroadVision, worked with Freddy at BroadVision :Global Services"Freddy, your presentation was a masterpiece...I am echoing everybodys message. Anuraj Berde"— Anuraj Berde, Student, San Jose State University, worked indirectly for Freddy at BroadVision :Global Services"Freddy, you were instrumental in the development of one of the most important tools ourconsultants had at their fingertips - the iGuide. I greatly appreciated your energy and flexibility. And,as a trainer, you always held the participants in the palm of your hand. Your sessions wereinformative, relevant and fun. You are a talented soul! Regards, Vicki"— Vicki Reece, Vice President - Integrated Solutions, Broadvision, managed Freddy indirectly atBroadVision : Global Services"Here is a feed back of a traininng done by Freddy on BroadVision Process March 1 - 3, 2005 in ouroffice at EFG Bank, Geneva Switzerland * The lecture portion of the Process training that wereceived from Freddy was excellent. His passion for Process is infectious. * The training materialsthat Freddy created were superb! The clarity and precision of the workbook combined with theanimated slides made the training for us an outstanding learning experience. * In addition to a wellstructured training, Freddy was also able to quickly create a Process demonstration for one of ourSr. VP of EFG Bank. This went very well as Freddys presentation was instrumental in helping meto secure approval for our next project using BV Process. -Marc Clement, Vice-President - EFGBank"— Marc Clément, was Freddys client"August 8, 2000 Freddy................YOU ROCK!! What a great start, this is fantastic [iGuideStoryboards]. ...Again, thanks. Youve been one of the few that have taken the challenge ofvolunteering for the IG. ---John Wood, Organization Effectiveness Team"— john wood, Sr. Consultant, Deloitte, worked directly with Freddy at BroadVision : GlobalServices"Freddy is an energetic and enthusiastic leader. He managed a consulting team consisting oftechnical developers and website designers. He also provided consulting expertise as InformationArchitect and User Experience Design for various cutting-edge customers/clients."— Prasanna Deshmukh, Practice Director, Broadvision, worked directly with Freddy atBroadVision : Global Services Page 22
  5. 5. "Freddy gave the best block of instruction during the BroadVision orientation training. Excellentcontent coupled with strong platform skills. The class was both informative and enjoyable. Freddyalso proved to be an excellent source of information and advice outside the classroom."— Dave Miller, Director Professional Services, BroadVision Inc, worked with Freddy at BroadVision: Global Services"Freddy did an outstanding job of integrating four seperate Broadvision products (Portal, PublishingCenter, Portal Admin, and 1 to 1 Content) into a single cohesive solution suite, known internally asthe Broadvision Showcase. He did all of this with very limited resources. In addition to integratingthese four products, he also built two configuration tools to change the look and feel without havingto dig into the code. He demonstration of this at our annual sales kick-off received a standingovation. I recommend Freddy as a full-out team player who accomplishes his objectives andinspires as well."— Jim Thanos, Exec. VP of Worldwide Field Operations, Broadvision, managed Freddy indirectlyat BroadVision : Global Services"Freddy demonstrates tremendous enthusiasm and zeal in his work. He shows a lot of initiative indeveloping systematic approaches to filling in gaps that he perceives in processes/methodologies.Once he believes in an approach/process, he invests incredible energy in developing it. He thenevangelizes its practice across the organization. His energetic speaking abilities combined with hisconviction in a topic make him a very effective trainer. He is always willing to go the extra mile.some have described him as "the epitome of a team player.""— Arvind Singhal, Vice President, Global Services, BroadVision, managed Freddy at BroadVision: Global Services"I joined Broadvision, thanks to Freddys superior talent identification and team building skills. He ispersistent, energetic, positive and motivational in his work. Freddy and I took on many challengingand rocky customer engagements and we were able to turn things around with positive outcomesand feedback, mainly due to collaborative, honest and results oriented approach. It will be apleasure to work with Freddy again."— Vishal Dubey, Technical Manager, Global Professional Services, BroadVision, reported toFreddy at BroadVision : Global Services"Freddy prepared and presented a Market Maker implementation booklet at a BroadVision kick-offevent that I attended. I found it to be the best tools for learning BroadVision implementation that Isaw from that company."— Andrew Steckley, CTO /VP Technology, @Once/Yesmail, worked directly with Freddy atBroadVision : Global Services Page 23
  6. 6. "I worked with Freddy on a couple of very key customer projects while at BroadVision. Freddy is aunique individual - he brings a certain joie de vivre to everything he does. His talent at web designwere nonpareil. I personally have learned a lot by observing Freddy in action - whether ininteracting with customers or when Freddy was delivery customer training presentations. It wouldbe a pleasure and a privilege to work with Freddy again!"— Gopal Venkatraman, Practice Director, BroadVision, worked directly with Freddy at BroadVision: Global Services"Freddy did an outstanding job of pulling together a list of timely training materials for one of mycustomers. He is first-rate and a ball of energy. Definitely someone that I would recommend on anyengagement going forward."— Chris Ferina, Engagement Manager, BroadVision, Inc., worked with Freddy at BroadVision :Global Services"Freddy is very skilled at problem solving and troubleshooting on Mac when we needed one. Hehas extensive knowledge and experience in Information Technology and very reliable andresourcefull. He has an awesome like-able personality. A true professional with exceptionalqualities and would work with him anytime."— Ocean Dadgari, Desktop/Server Manager, FUJITSU SOFTWARE COMPANY, managed Freddyat Fujitsu Software Company"I worked with Freddy at Interactive Network and have kept in touch with him over the years. AtInteractive Network, we had explosive growth and Freddy was able to take on additionalresponsibilities each year as his role increased from Associate Producer to Production Manager.Freddy could always be counted on to provide what was needed. He also has great writing skillsand has created terrific training programs not only at Interactive Network, but at his later companiesas well."— Sandra Chroman, SPHR, GPHR, HR Consultant, Chroman Group, managed Freddy indirectlyat Interactive Network Inc."Freddy is extremely organized and an effective communicator. Running an operation or a projecttakes the kind of energy Freddy has in abundance."— Thomas Kanady, Director of Broadcast Productions, Interactive Network, managed Freddy atInteractive Network Inc."Fred is a go-getter. he is organized, detail oriented, and generally a bulldog who gets things done.He was responsible for making order from an inherently dynamic and chaotic daily productionschedule. He did a great job in providing customers with a stable suite of programs in a start-upenvironment with many simultaneously moving pieces to manage." Page 24
  7. 7. — Rich Adam, Director of Product Marketing, Interactive Network, managed Freddy indirectly at Interactive Network Inc. "Freddy was one of the most energetic people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is a take-charge person who is able to present his ideas and communicate the benefits. Fred assumed a leadership role in the Interactive Television Production department, inspiring and motivating employees. I highly recommend Freddy for employment as we had a very productive collaboration in the fast paced and rapidly growing Silicon Valley company. - Mark Andreasen" — Mark Andreasen, Interactive TV Producer, Interactive Networks Inc., worked directly with Freddy at Interactive Network Inc. "Freddy has a great sense of humor and is a conscientious worker no matter what tasks are assigned to him. Responsible for thousands of dollars worth of TV equipment, Freddy was always trustworthy and very soon became a friend of mine. I would gladly recommend Mr. Atton for any position he is qualified for." — Ronald Fish, Executive Director Public Access Television, FOOTHILL-DE ANZA COMMUNITY COLLEGE, managed Freddy indirectly at De Anza College TV Center (29) / Cupertino Public Access TV (30) "Freddy Atton worked for me as a teenager at Moonlite Lanes in Santa Clara California. Freddy trained as a customer service rep learning the many responsibilities and tasks required to insure that our bowling customers had a positive and rewarding expierence. Freddys performance excelled quickly allowing him to become a valuable & dependable employee in a very short period of time." — Ron Davenport, Owner / Operator, Ron Davenport Consulting, managed Freddy at Moonlite LanesContact Freddy on LinkedIn Page 25