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Venture Capital Firms
Venture Capital Firms
Venture Capital Firms
Venture Capital Firms
Venture Capital Firms
Venture Capital Firms
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Venture Capital Firms


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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  • 1. 2005 Biotechnology Venture Capital Guide A____________________ Venture Capital Firms A/S Dansk Erhvervsinvestering Bergensgade 10 3i Group plc Copenhagen Ø, Denmark DK-2100 Ph: +(45) 35468600 91 Waterloo Road Fax: +(45) 35438602 London, United Kingdom SE1 8XP Web: Ph: +(44) 2079283131 E-mail: Fax: +(44) 2079280058 Web: Company Contacts E-mail: Lauritsen, Jesper President Company Contacts Fraser, Andrew Director, Healthcare, UK Hemmingsen, Steen Senior Investment Manager Hargreaves, Brian Global Sector Head, Healthcare Korsgaard, Tyge Vice President Schlick, Eric Head, German Healthcare Team Holck-Andersen, Birgitte Investment Manager Gillin, Arne Director, Healthcare, Nordic Biotechnology Portfolio 3D - Danish Diagnostic Development A/S; ACE Biosciences MacKay, Alan A/S; Adept Technology A/S; DNA Technology A/S; Genmab Managing Director A/S; Inoxell A/S; Leukotech A/S; NatImmune A/S; NeuroSearch A/S; NsGene A/S; Santaris Pharma A/S; Biotechnology Portfolio Sophion Bioscience A/S; TTM A/S; Zealand Actelion Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Arrow Therapeutics; Pharmaceuticals A/S; Zgene A/S Biosearch Italia SPA; Cambridge Antibody Technology; Celltech; Crucell NV; Evotec Neurosciences GmbH; Stages Funded Genesto A/S; Gyros AB; IDEA AG; Igeneon; Intercytex Ltd.; Seed, Series A-B, Series C-D, Buyout Novuspharma; Shire Pharmaceuticals Stages Funded Areas of Focus Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Medical devices, Regional Seed, Series A-B, Series C-D, Mezzanine, Bridge, Buyout investment Areas of Focus Therapeutics, Vaccines, Diagnostics, Medical devices, Chemicals/reagents/supplies BioAbility® and BioWorld® 1
  • 2. 2005 Biotechnology Venture Capital Guide Abingworth Management Ltd. ABN AMRO Capital France 38 Jermyn Street Venture Capital London, United Kingdom SW1Y 6DN 23 rue Balzac Ph: +(44) 2075341500 Paris, France F-75008 Fax: +(44) 2072870480 Ph: +(33) 153936908 Web: Fax: +(33) 153936920 E-mail: Web: Company Contacts Company Contacts Abell, James Agrech, Dominique Director and Chief Financial Officer Rose, Nicolas Berriman, John Director Moatti, Olivier Leathers, David Director Svensson, Magdalena Bunting, Stephen Biotechnology Portfolio Managing Director Acteon; BioAlliance Pharma SA; DrugAbuse Sciences; HemoSystem; Neurotech SA; Satelec Pierre-Rolland Shields, John Assistant Director ABN AMRO Capital Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsberatung mbH Biotechnology Portfolio Theodor-Heuss-Allee 80 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals; Adiana; Alkermes; Allos Frankfurt am Main, Germany D-60486 Therapeutics; Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Akubio; Ph: +(49) 6926900424 Argomed Inc.; Astex Technology; Aurora Biosciences; Fax: +(49) 6926900429 Aviron Inc.; BioImage; Cantab Pharmaceuticals; Chroma Web: Therapeutics; Clinical Designs; DevGen NV; Dura E-mail: Pharmaceuticals; Entelos; Epigenomics; Galápagos Genomics; GelTex Pharmaceuticals; GenPharm; GeneMedicine; Genetic Therapy; Gilead Sciences; Guava Technologies; Healtheon; Hexagen; Hydra Biosciences; Iconix Pharmaceuticals; IDEC Pharmaceuticals; Inpharmatica Ltd.; Interventional Technologies; Labcyte; Lorantis Holdings Ltd.; Micromet AG; Molecular Dynamics; Neurocrine Biosciences; Neurogen; Oxagen; ParAllele BioScience; Pharmacopeia; Pharmion; Phoqus Pharmaceuticals; Picoliter; Portola Pharmaceuticals; Protein Mechanics; Quantum Dot; Ribopharma AG; Sensors for Medicine and Science; Solexa; Sunesis Pharmaceuticals; Versicor; XCounter AB; Xenogen Corporation Stages Funded Seed, Series A-B, Series C-D Areas of Focus Therapeutics, Vaccines, Diagnostics, Medical devices, Platform technologies 2 BioAbility® and BioWorld®
  • 3. 2005 Biotechnology Venture Capital Guide Adamant Biomedical Investments Ltd. ADENA Technologie-Beteiligungen GmbH & Aeschenvorstadt 55 Co. KG Basel, Switzerland CH-4051 Hessenring 71 Ph: +(41) 612759200 Bad Homburg, Germany D-61348 Fax: +(41) 612759201 Ph: +(49) 6172673460 Web: Fax: +(49) 6172673467 E-mail: Web: E-mail: Company Contacts Frey, Nora Company Contact Managing Director Bischoff, Andrea Kreider, Eunice Senior Research Analyst Biotechnology Portfolio aminoNova AG; Coripharm Medizinprodukte GmbH & Meckler, Phillip Company KG Partner Stages Funded Zimmermann, Cyrill Seed, Mezzanine Partner Areas of Focus Biotechnology Portfolio Diagnostics, Medical devices Amgen; Cephalon Inc.; Gilead Sciences Inc.; Ligand Pharmaceuticals; Micromet AG; Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. AdVal Capital Management AG Stages Funded Suessenguthstrasse 1a Mezzanine, Bridge Munich, Germany D-81247 Ph: +(49) 894556580 Areas of Focus Fax: +(49) 8945565879 Therapeutics, Vaccines, Medical devices Web: E-mail: Adams Street Partners Ltd. Company Contacts Käss, Robert 20 Grosvenor Place Board of Directors London, United Kingdom SW1X 7HN Ph: +(44) 2078230640 Fax: +(44) 2078230659 Pfender, Stefan Web: Investment Board E-mail: Company Contacts Lindner, Ines Smits, Hanneke Investment Manager Sheshuryak, Sergey Lehner, Markus Investment Manager Biotechnology Portfolio Aviron Inc.; BioMedicines Inc.; CardioVention Inc.; Combichem Inc.; CombinatoRx Inc.; Depotech Corporation; Rudat, Gudrun Eligix; Galileo Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Heartport; IntraBiotics Assistant Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Jazz Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Myogen Inc.; NxStage Medical Inc.; Pharmacyclics Inc.; Revivant Corporation; Scientific Protein Labs; Sensys Medical; Biotechnology Portfolio Somatogen Inc.; Spinal Dynamics Corporation; Vivant LinoDiagnostic AG Medical Inc. Stages Funded Stages Funded Seed, Series A-B, Mezzanine Series A-B, Series C-D, Mezzanine, Bridge, Buyout Areas of Focus Therapeutics, Vaccines, Medical devices, Chemicals/reagents/supplies BioAbility® and BioWorld® 3
  • 4. 2005 Biotechnology Venture Capital Guide Advantec Unternehmensbeteiligungen AG Advent International plc – United Kingdom Grunewaldstrasse 22 Headquarters Berlin, Germany D-12165 123 Buckingham Palace Road Ph: +(49) 302190880 London, United Kingdom SW1W 9SL Fax: +(49) 3021908890 Ph: +(44) 2073330800 Web: Fax: +(44) 2073330801 E-mail: Web: E-mail: Company Contacts Matthies, Peter Company Contact Management Consultant Pope, Rory Principal Buchner, Harald Maier, Dieter Biotechnology Portfolio Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc.; AeroGen Inc.; AlgoRx Biotechnology Portfolio Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Anadys Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Ardais Bioptic Lasersysteme AG; Roboscreen GmbH; VisionLab Corporation; Array BioPharma Inc.; Arris Pharmaceutical AG; Wita Proteomics AG Inc.; Artemis Pharmaceuticals GmbH; Astex Technology; Aviron Inc.; Cellzome AG; Crucell NV; Cubist Stages Funded Pharmaceuticals Inc.; CV Therapeutics Inc.; Cytyc Seed, Series A-B, Series C-D, Mezzanine, Bridge Corporation; deCODE Genetics Inc.; D-Pharm Ltd.; Enanta Pharmaceuticals Inc.; EPIX Medical Inc.; Exelixis Inc.; ILEX Areas of Focus Oncology Inc.; Impliant Ltd.; MDeverywhere Inc.; Med e- Therapeutics, Diagnostics Manager Corporation; MedVantx; Mitotix Inc.; Neurogenetics Inc.; Oridion Systems Ltd.; Osteotech Inc.; Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Stereotaxis Inc.; Telik Inc.; Advent International Advisory SL – Spain Variagenics Inc.; Vernalis plc Velázquez, 140 – 2o Izda Stages Funded Madrid, Spain E-28006 Seed, Series A-B, Series C-D, Mezzanine, Bridge, Buyout Ph: +(34) 917454860 Fax: +(34) 34917454861 Areas of Focus Web: Therapeutics, Vaccines, Diagnostics, Medical devices E-mail: Company Contact Diaz-Laviada, Juan Advent International Romania SRL – Romania 7 Intrarea Polona Street Bucharest, Romania Sector 1 Ph: +(40) 212111602 Advent International GmbH – Germany Fax: +(40) 212111602 Web: Westhafenplatz 6 E-mail: Frankfurt am Main, Germany D-60327 Ph: +(49) 699552700 Company Contact Fax: +(49) 6995527020 Popa-Radu, Emma Web: E-mail: Company Contacts Huep, Ralf Advent International SARL – France General Manager 55 Avenue Hoche Paris, France F-75008 Ph: +(33) 155372900 Spinner, Thomas Fax: +(33) 155372929 Investment Consultant Web: E-mail: Company Contact Mouradian, Rudolf 4 BioAbility® and BioWorld®
  • 5. 2005 Biotechnology Venture Capital Guide Advent International SRL – Italy AGF Private Equity Via Marina, 6 11 rue Scribe Milan, Italy I-20121 Paris, France F-75425 Ph: +(39) 27712981 Ph: +(33) 158185656 Fax: +(39) 277129888 Fax: +(33) 142655681 Web: Web: E-mail: E-mail: Company Contact Company Contacts Caporello, Arabella Droller, Rémi Senior Associate Investment Executive Ory-Lavollée, Laure Stages Funded Consultant in Biotechnologies Mezzanine, Bridge, Buyout Biotechnology Portfolio Alchimer; Aptanomics; BMD; Cellectis SA; Diatos SA; Advent Venture Partners ExonHit Therapeutics; Faust Pharmaceuticals; IntegraGen SA; Meristem Therapeutics; Neurotech SA; SpineVision 25 Buckingham Gate London, United Kingdom SW1E 6LD Stages Funded Ph: +(44) 2079322100 Series C-D Fax: +(44) 2078281474 Web: Areas of Focus E-mail: Therapeutics, Vaccines, Diagnostics, Medical devices, Platform technologies Company Contacts Benjamin, Jerry Partner AIG Private Equity Ltd. Lee, Patrick Baarerstrasse 8 Partner Zug, Switzerland CH-6300 Ph: +(41) 417107060 Malik, Shahzad Fax: +(41) 417107064 Partner Web: E-mail: Liang, Michael Associate Company Contact Schneider, Conradin Biotechnology Portfolio Manager, Investor Relations Avidex Ltd.; CardiacAssist Inc.; DNA Research Innovations Ltd.; Infinity Pharmaceuticals; Inpharmatica Ltd.; KuDOS Pharmaceuticals Ltd.; MetaPhore; Micromet AG; Biotechnology Portfolio Microscience; Oxagen Ltd.; Phoqus Pharmaceuticals; Avalon Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Cognetix Inc.; Fresenius PowderMed; Predicant; Santarus; Targacept; Upstate; Medical Care AG; NexRay Inc.; MediSpectra Inc.; Vernalis plc Theravance Inc. Stages Funded Stages Funded Series A-B, Series C-D Seed, Series A-B, Series C-D, Mezzanine, Buyout Areas of Focus Therapeutics, Vaccines, Diagnostics, Medical devices, Platform technologies, Chemicals/reagents/supplies BioAbility® and BioWorld® 5
  • 6. 2005 Biotechnology Venture Capital Guide Aktiva Group DOO Alice Ventures SRL World Trade Center Dunajska Cesta 156 Piazzale F. Baracca, 1 Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia SL-1000 Milan, Italy I-20123 Ph: +(386) 15604600 Ph: +(39) 24998171 Fax: +(386) 15604650 Fax: +(39) 248517583 Web: Web: E-mail: E-mail: Company Contact Company Contact Musar, Ales Gonzalez, John Project Manager Biotechnology Portfolio Stages Funded AdProTech Ltd.; Arakis Ltd.; BioWisdom; BrainsGate; Seed, Series A-B CeNeS Pharmaceuticals plc; E*MAZE Networks S.p.A.; Mazor Surgical Technologies; NiTi Alloys Technologies; Onyvax; PanTherix Ltd. Albany Venture Managers Ltd. Stages Funded Forth House, 28 Rutland Square Seed, Series A-B Edinburgh, United Kingdom EH1 2BW Ph: +(44) 1312216510 Fax: +(44) 1312216511 Alpha Trust Web: E-mail: 36 Amalias Avenue Athens, Greece GR-10558 Company Contacts Ph: +(30) 103362100 Steedman, Lindsay Fax: +(30) 103319048 Office Manager Web: E-mail: Abbott, Raymond Company Contact Managing Director Christoyannis, John Stages Funded Morrison, John Seed, Mezzanine, Buyout Director Alpha Ventures AE Biotechnology Portfolio Dencare Management Group Ltd.; Domantis Ltd.; 5 Merlin Street IndigoVision Group plc; Meridian Technique Ltd.; Oasis Athens, Greece GR-10671 Healthcare plc; Pharmagene; Xention Discovery Ltd. Ph: +(30) 2103627710 Fax: +(30) 2103619532 Stages Funded Web: Series A-B E-mail: Areas of Focus Company Contact Therapeutics, Vaccines, Diagnostics, Medical devices, Vernikos, Pantelis Platform technologies Biotechnology Portfolio Cephalonian Fisheries; Hellenic Mushroom Farm; Micrel S.A.; Star Foods Stages Funded Seed, Series A-B, Series C-D, Mezzanine, Bridge, Buyout Areas of Focus Medical devices, Agriculture 6 BioAbility® and BioWorld®