Virtual infrastructure managementin private and hybrid clouds


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Virtual infrastructure managementin private and hybrid clouds

  1. 1. Virtual Infrastructure Management in Private and Hybrid Clouds NISL 王振方&JULY
  2. 2. Background Cloud Computing IaaS OpenNebula Haizea
  3. 3. Outline VIM Introduction The Current Cloud Ecosystem The OpenNebula Architecture The Haizea Lease Manager Experiences & Summary
  4. 4. Virtual Infrastructure Management • Xen • KVM • VMware Uniform and homogeneous view configurable resource allocation policies • High Availability • Server consolidation to minimize power usage VIE • Setting up networks dynamically for groups • VM disk image deployment • On-the-fly software environment creation VM’s full life cycle changing resource needs • peaks in which local resources are insufficient • changing resources(addition or failure of physical resources)
  5. 5. The Current of Cloud Ecosystem
  6. 6. The Current of Cloud Ecosystem Vmware vSphere Platform VM Orchestrator Ovirt Current VI management tools 1 • Dynamic placement 2 • VM management on a pool of physical resources 3 • automatic load balancing 4 • server consolidation 5 • dynamic infrastructure resizing and partitioning
  7. 7. The Cloud Ecosystem
  8. 8. The OpenNebula Architecture Image and storage technologies VM’s Life Circle Support services deployment OpenNebula Network fabric Underlying hypervisors for creating and controlling VMs Separate scheduler component Interfaces to other data center management tools Support a hybrid cloud model
  9. 9. The Haizea project scheduler Drop-in Operate with real hardware 。。。
  10. 10. 我觉得后面三张都没必要了,可以在上面 的图里面讲清楚。。你在看看吧。。
  11. 11. The Haizea Lease Manager Act as a VM scheduler for OpenNebula Role Be used on its own as a simulator to evaluate different scheduling strategies’performance over time Lease : hardware resources, software environments, the period Better-offer Placement policies : AR immediate Implement: VM Introduce runtime overhead solution
  12. 12. The Cloud Ecosystem The Haizea project Act as a drop-in replacement for OpenNebula’s default scheduler. By working together, OpenNebula could offer resource leases as a fundamental provisioning abstraction, and Haizea could operate with real hardware through OpenNebula. Integrating OpenNebula and Haizea provides the only VI management solution offering advance reservation of capacity. As Table shows, other VI managers use immediate provisioning or best-effort provisioning. However, private clouds — specifically those with limited resources in which not all requests are satisfiable immediately owing to lack of resources — stand to benefit from more sophisticated VM placement strategies supporting queues, priorities, and ARs.
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