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Graphic design sample: Ipswich Grammar School 2013 Yearbook inside pages
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Graphic design sample: Ipswich Grammar School 2013 Yearbook inside pages



This private school yearbook, from the year marking its 150th anniversary, is a sample of my graphic design work. Total inside pages: 160. School crests and 150th anniversary crest were supplied by ...

This private school yearbook, from the year marking its 150th anniversary, is a sample of my graphic design work. Total inside pages: 160. School crests and 150th anniversary crest were supplied by the school.

Client: Ipswich Grammar School, Ipswich, Queensland



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Graphic design sample: Ipswich Grammar School 2013 Yearbook inside pages Graphic design sample: Ipswich Grammar School 2013 Yearbook inside pages Document Transcript

  • CONTENTS Headmaster’s report IGS 150 report 3 10 Boarding 16 Academic reports 21 Junior School 43 Middle School 71 Senior School 79 School Captain’s report 80 Extra-curricular reports 86 Class 150 156 Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 1
  • 2013 Board of Trustees IPSWICH GRAMMAR SCHOOL BOARD OF TRUSTEES LEFT TO RIGHT: Ms Janice Boys, Mr Adam Ward (Deputy Chairman), Mr Mark Wilton, Dr Andrew Winter, Mr Jon Kent (Chairman), Mr Robert Henderson (Headmaster/CEO), Ms Vilma Gallinaro (Secretary), Mrs Faye Ramsey MEET THE BOARD MR JOHN KENT: An IGS Old Boy who attended Ipswich Grammar School from 1971 to 1975. After graduating he went on to gain his law degree at The University of Queensland and is now practicing law at his firm, Jon Kent Lawyers, in Ipswich. Mr Kent is a former president of the Old Boys’ Association and was appointed Chairman of the Board of Trustees in January 2012. MR ADAM WARD: A partner at Worrells Solvency & Forensic Accounting, specialising in all types of formal insolvency appointments, and is a member of CPA Australia, the Insolvency Practitioners Association of Australia and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Mr Ward is also a Registered Liquidator, Official Liquidator and Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy. His son currently attends IGS. DR ANDREW WINTER: A graduate of the University of Glasgow. In 1992 he was invited to join the Narkos Partnership, an Ipswich-based specialist anaesthetist practice which provides services for St 2 Andrew’s Ipswich, Ipswich Hospital and Greenslopes and Wesley hospitals in Brisbane. Dr Winter’s three sons attended IGS and he has been actively involved with the school since 1996. MR MARK WILTON: Has been involved in electrical engineering for more than 30 years. He left school and began working with government departments before joining Webb Australia Group in 1989, where he is currently chairman of the organisation. Mr Wilton joined the board in 2007, and is a past member of the IGS Football Support Group. His three sons attended IGS from 1999 to 2008. MS JANICE BOYS: Joined the Board in January 2013. Has had a lengthy career in education and educational administration and has experience at board level in the tertiary sector. Ms Boys held senior positions for Education Queensland, working in Chinchilla, Toowoomba and Ipswich. While in Toowoomba she was a member of the Council of the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE, and remains a member of the Council of the University of Southern Queensland. Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community MRS FAYE RAMSEY: Has extensive experience as a director in the private, government, educational and community sectors. A graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, she has been involved in management and training roles in the legal and financial industries for more than 20 years. Since January 2006 she has managed her human resource management and training consultancy specialising in business management and the financial services industry. Mrs Ramsey is married to an IGS Old Boy and has also sent three sons to the school. MS VILMA GALLINARO: Started her career with Coopers & Lybrand in Brisbane before travelling to New Zealand and London as an audit manager. Upon her return to Australia she worked for solicitors Corrs Chambers Westgarth as a finance manager and moved into the real estate industry as business manager for Knight Frank Brisbane. Ms Gallinaro was business manager at Clayfield College for seven years before joining Ipswich Grammar School.
  • Headmaster’s report T HIS year we celebrated. We created history for Ipswich Grammar School, for the city of Ipswich and for the state of Queensland. Celebration is the right word, but it is also essential that we learn lessons from our past. I would like to present a very brief synopsis of our historic year, but also describe challenges for us to embrace as we move into the next phase of our school’s life. Old Boy Rhubert Mellor wrote that he was “jolly glad of his rugger training!” It is easy to be slightly bemused with the language of the day. However, Mr ROBERT HENDERSON Headmaster/CEO it is the context of the statement that has the most meaning. The year was 1916 and the “rugger training” enabled Rhubert to dive for the ground in record time every time a shell came over while fighting in World War I. Innocent comparisons between schoolboy sport and war is indicative of the rapid growing up that was required by our students from earlier generations. In its infancy IGS was known as a “modern Athens” as we embarked upon our self-appointed position as Queensland’s seat of learning and cultural refinement. That Greek reference was used by our 2013 seniors when they adopted a Spartan as our school mascot. It was Wednesday, 7 October 1863 when 16 boys aged from nine to 17 entered the schoolroom of polished floors and unblemished desks. These young men carried a heavy burden, for they represented the future prosperity of not only Ipswich Grammar School, but also the fledgling colony. Education was very new. Of the 348 boys aged between five and 15 in Ipswich in 1861, 89 were illiterate, 88 could read but not write, and 171 could read and write. It was a very different world with roughly half the age group uneducated. Those who did have the benefit of education were only taught at a very elementary level, which was representative of the situation across Queensland. Our history has reflected the ebbs and flows of Ipswich, Queensland and Australia. Enrolments reached 79 by 1865 and dropped to 42 by 1869. More recently student numbers hit the magic 1,000 mark in 1986 but dropped to 862 by 1999 as new schools provided increased competition. History can be a great teacher. Scholarships in 2013 are a contentious issue at IGS and at GPS schools in general. However, they are certainly not new. Competitive scholarship examinations commenced in Queensland in 1873 and there has always been an expectation that recipients will be strong contributors to all aspects of school life. In 1893 IGS student Robert Irwin received a letter from the Minister for Education’s office advising “that you have been careless ... inclined to be trifle with your work. The Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 3 View slide
  • The Great Hall as it currently stands and (inset) the old hall. Minister directs me to admonish you to be more careful in future so as to avoid the withdrawal of your scholarship and you are hereby admonished accordingly”. Again, I love the language, but the sentiment is the key. Irrespective of circumstances it is important that all of our students make the most of opportunities that are afforded through Ipswich Grammar School. 150 AND BEYOND OUR 150-year celebrations were a real highlight of 2013. We welcomed the Governor of Queensland, Ms Penelope Wensley, AC to our First Day Commemoration on 7 October – exactly 150 years after school began at IGS. Launching Sophie Church’s historic book was an important part of our early year celebrations. Both of these events were deliberately held in The Great Hall. It is a building steeped in history and tradition. 4 It signifies a school which epitomises our four core values of Excellence, Leadership, Integrity and Community. We also conducted a very important assembly early in the year when we inducted School Captain Jarred Hancock and his Prefects. To launch the occasion we were honoured with the presence of 27 past School Captains and 40 members of the class of 1963. During proceedings I invited our class of 2013 to our 200-year celebrations in 2063. Jarred will be 67 and I am sure will be an outstanding guest speaker. I will be 100 and hopefully part of the organising committee! At the outset I expressed that we can learn from our history and the struggles along the way. Headmaster Kerr noted that the temporary closure of the school in 1942 was a “paralysis that took some time to recover”. That recovery period extended post war when student numbers further declined from 200 in 1946 to 117 in 1951. Even our centenary year, Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community IGS QUICK FACTS • More than 15,000 students have attended Ipswich Grammar and about 500 teachers have guided their progress. • IGS has had 15 Headmasters, with Mr Richard Kerr serving for 30 years. • IGS has had 175 Duces since 1864 and 112 Senior Prefects (School Captains) since 1909. • IGS produced seven Rhodes Scholars. • IGS has won 62 GPS premierships. • World War I claimed the lives of 37 IGS men, while 36 died in World War II and one lost his life in the Vietnam War. • The school closed between January and May 1942 during World War II. • IGS has produced a Deputy Premier of Queensland, the designer of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a Chief Justice of the High Court, a Chief of the General Staff of the Australian Army, two successful filmmakers, several eminent scientists, a Scottish Laird and a member of the House of Lords. • A school uniform was introduced in 1954, the same year IGS welcomed overseas students. • The first indigenous student joined IGS in 1961. View slide
  • 1963, was not without its concerns. It was marked by a visit to the Education Minister requesting a grant of £15,000 to remain viable. The Minister remarked at the time that the “Trustees were spending too extravagantly, noting that the Headmaster’s salary was higher than at BGS, the class sizes were too small (too many teachers) and clerical expenses per student were much higher than at BGS”. The 1990s was also a challenging time for IGS. It was noted that “competition from the large number of Brisbane schools, the problem of attracting fee paying clients in a lower socio-economic area” had been ongoing issues for decades. So what have we learned from our history? Our geographical location in Ipswich is a source of great pride for our school. However, it does mean we face challenges different from Brisbane’s GPS schools. We are confronting some difficult decisions. It is important that our financial modelling is appropriate. For years we relied on the millions of dollars that were generated through Brassall land sales. Brave moves are currently being undertaken to ensure our financial viability and also to work towards ensuring our fees are accessible to the fast growing Ipswich community. By definition, our school is in a strong financial position. By mid-2014 Ipswich Grammar School will be totally longterm debt free. However, our financial performance needs attention as currently we are asset rich and cash flow poor. A SUCCESSFUL 2013 OUR students continue to shine in the classroom and at GPS sport and other activities. Competing against much larger schools our young men continue to enhance our reputation as a very strong GPS school. Success is not just confined to sport, with excellent performances in music, debating, chess and other cultural activities. I would like to especially acknowledge and congratulate our long serving Deputy Headmasters; Mr Mike Connors, Mr Tony Buckley and Mr Jon Snow. They have given a combined total of 74 years of service to IGS. Their commitment to the school and its students is unquestioned and their loyalty and support to a succession of Headmasters and Boards has been exemplary. A great sense of community characterises IGS. Many of our outgoing Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 5
  • Year 12 parents have been wonderful stalwarts of our P&F and various support groups. I would like to especially thank outgoing P&F President Tony Russell, Alannah Russell, Sue O’Connor, Terry Mellor and Madonna Adcock for leading our P&F and for the countless hours of volunteer work they have given our school. I encourage other parents to get involved in your sons’ education. To Board Chair Mr Jon Kent and his fellow Trustees, I express gratitude for your hard work and unwavering support. IGS exists to educate our young men. We are immensely proud of our students for their exemplary manners, their diligence, good humour and sense of school spirit. Our School Captain Jarred Hancock is a humble young man who leads by example. I notice a resilience amongst our community, a warmth from our young men, an unpretentious nature 2012 OP RESULTS OP 1-5 OP 1-10 OP 1-15 IGS 25% 58% 85% State Females Males 19.6% 20% 19% 48.9% 50% 46% 78% 80% 76% ACADEMIC BREAKDOWN • 2012 OP results were very impressive, with six OP 1s being the best of any school in the region. • NAPLAN results were above the state average in Years 5 and 9 in all numeracy and literacy measures and above the state average in Years 3 and 7 in all areas except spelling. • Seven High Distinctions, nine Distinctions and six Credits in the Australian Chemistry Quiz. • Tournament of Minds team placed second at the Australia/Pacific championships. • Ten High Distinctions, 45 Distinctions and 149 Credits in the Australian Mathematics Competition. • Mathematics Team Challenge team finished second. • One High Distinction, one Distinction and six Credits in the Rio Tinto Big Science Competition. • Seven High Distinctions, nine Distinctions and seven Credits in the RACI Australian National Chemistry Quiz. • Six High Distinctions, 48 Distinctions and 131 Credits in the ICAS Australian Science Program. • Two High Distinctions and 12 Distinctions in the QETA Economics Competition. 6 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community of our students. We are also blessed to have very gifted and talented staff. This year the school undertook challenging enterprise bargaining and restructure processes. Throughout I was impressed by the professionalism, competence and common sense exhibited. The contributions of so many of our teachers to our 150 celebrations exemplifies their commitment and passion for the school. As well as being authored by Mrs Sophie Church (the wife of a former IGS teacher), ‘The Story of Ipswich Grammar School’ included poetry by Mr Brett Dionysius, cover design by Mr Craig Amos and a commemorative song penned by Mr John Acutt. The book tells of outstanding educators from the past. Future editions will remember fondly many of the current era of excellent teachers. I conclude with part of Mr Dionysius’s poem: “The 1863 brass plaque has been rubbed mirror bright. As the seniors brush over it on their way to the quad. Every student’s shoe add a little more buff. Warm To the touch; a yellow sun, it has captured thousands Of souls in its historical pull” Happy sesquicentenary, Ipswich Grammar School.
  • Staff directory SENIOR MANAGEMENT English Mr John Acutt Headmaster/CEO Mr Robert Henderson Geography Mr Stewart Wells Deputy Headmaster (Curriculum) Mr Mike Connors German Mrs Megan Barrett Deputy Headmaster (Student Welfare) Mr Jon Snow Health & Physical Education Mr Mike Murray Deputy Headmaster (Operations) Mr Tony Buckley Head of Middle School Mr John Chalvatzis History Dr John Volep DEPARTMENT HEADS & TEACHERS IN CHARGE Industrial Technology & Design Mr Stephen Butterfield Art Mrs Beth Barrett Information Technology Mr Geoff Faulkner YEARMASTERS Careers Miss Fiona Darlington Japanese Miss Natalie Horrobin Year 12 Mr Nigel Lucas Commerce Mr Geoff Dieckmann Junior School Sports Co-ordinator Mr Jamie Morgan Counselling Dr Mark Taylor Learning Support Mrs Kathy Gibbs Drama Miss Rose Isbell Mathematics Mrs Ann Marie Turner (Years 11-12) Mr Michael Stjepcevic (Years 7-10) Head of Junior School Mr David Macknish Business Manager Ms Vilma Gallinaro Year 11 Mr Geoff Dieckmann Year 10 Mr Rob Charles Assistant Head of Middle School Mr Alex McArdle Director of Sports and Activities Mr Nigel Greive Early Childhood Co-ordinator (Prep-Year 1) Mrs Catherine McGrath Sports Co-ordinator Mr Aaron Moore Early Childhood Co-ordinator (Years 2-3) Mrs Shelley Ede Director of Boarding Mr John Beaumont Earth Science Mr David King Deputy Director of Boarding Mr Glen Cronan Economics Mrs Maggie Chay Music Mr Gary Neaves Physics Mr Phil Trezise Science Mr John Martin Teacher/Librarian Mr David Cunningham (Senior) Mrs Kelly Lewis (Junior) Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 7
  • ACADEMIC STAFF BY DEPARTMENT ESL Ms Mary-Lou Watkins Accounting Mr Geoff Dieckmann Geography Mr John Chalvatzis, Mr Matthew Johansen, Mr Stewart Wells Agriculture & Horticulture Mr Darren Brown Art Mr Craig Amos, Mrs Beth Barrett, Mrs Maria Brown Automotive Studies Mr Ashley Beruldsen Biology Dr Carol Browne, Mr John Martin Business Principles Mrs Maggie Chay, Mr Glen Cronan, Mr Geoff Dieckmann Careers & Counselling Miss Fiona Darlington, Dr Mark Taylor Chemistry Mr John Martin, Mr Alex McArdle Drama Miss Rose Isbell, Mr Michael Wellings Earth Science Mr David King Economics Mrs Maggie Chay English Mr John Acutt, Mrs Megan Barrett, Mr John Beaumont, Mr Brett Dionysius, Mr Matthew Johansen, Mr Len Reidlinger, Ms Kaitlin Robbs, Mr Gordon Schroeder, Mrs Cristie Stoddart, Mr James Strathdee, Ms Mary-Lou Watkins 8 German Mrs Megan Barrett Health & Physical Education Mr Rob Charles, Mr Mark Fancourt, Mr Nigel Greive, Mr Darren Grose, Mr Bruce Hardy, Mr Jamie Morgan, Mr Mike Murray, Mr Andrew Walsh History Mr Gordon Schroeder, Mr Jon Snow, Dr John Volep, Mr James Strathdee Industrial Technology & Design Mr Ashley Beruldsen, Mr Stephen Butterfield, Mr Ken Lightbody, Mr Nigel Lucas, Mr Tim Ragdale Information Technology Mr Geoff Faulkner, Mr Adam French, Mr Bruce Hardy Japanese Miss Natalie Horrobin Keyboarding Mrs Maggie Chay, Mr Len Reidlinger Dance, Mrs Fran Davey, Mr Adam French, Mr Mal Head, Mr Michael Stjepcevic, Mrs Cristie Stoddart, Mr Phil Trezise, Mrs Ann Marie Turner Music Mr Ian Feltham, Mrs Bronwyn French, Mr Gary Neaves, Mr Laurence Keating, Mr David Stephens, Mr David Sue Yek, Mrs Lissa Sullivan-Ward, Mrs Robyn Tank, Ms Laura Thomson, Mr Leon Wensley Physics Mrs Lyn Dance, Mr Adam French, Mr Phil Trezise Science Mr Darren Brown, Dr Carol Browne, Mrs Sally Ann Chalvatzis, Mr John Cronin, Mrs Lyn Dance, Mr Mark Fancourt, Mr Adam French, Mrs Jennifer Hoyle, Mr David King, Mr John Martin, Mr Alex McArdle, Mr Phil Trezise Humanities Mrs Beth Barrett, Mr Glen Cronan, Miss Natalie Horrobin, Mr Matthew Johansen, Mr Gordon Schroeder Prep Miss Alyce Lindenmayer Year 1 Miss Alice Marsh, Mrs Nicole McGrath Year 2 Miss Jane Caton Learning Support Mr Rickie Dodd, Mrs Kathy Gibbs, Mrs Katie Goschnick, Mr Fabian Horridge, Mrs Shelley Martin Year 3 Mrs Sandra Corry Legal Studies Mr Michael Dixon Year 4 Mr Kristian Brock, Mr Peter Smith Mathematics Mr Alan Campbell, Mrs Sally Ann Chalvatzis, Mr John Cronin, Mrs Lyn Year 5 Mrs Karen Carseldine, Ms Harlie Thompson Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Year 6 Ms Jodie Carnell, Mr Greg Simmonds Year 7 Mr Darren Hines, Mrs Kate Pitty, Mr Len Reidlinger Bus Drivers Mr Bruce Bosworth, Mr Geoff Hall, Mr Frank Kert Catering Alliance Information Services Ms Allison Luque, Mr Lindsay Norton, Mr Dave Peace, Mrs Greta Riddle, Mrs Linda Sutton, Mr Peter Yeates Laundry Mrs Gloria Leschke Administration Mrs Michelle Hawck, Mrs Karen Hawkes, Mrs Kym-Maree Horsey, Miss Sindy Perrem, Mrs Angela Thompson Cleaners Mrs Susanne Cole, Miss Kym Johnston, Mrs Marion Johnston, Mrs Veronica Lukritz Marketing Mr Danny Breen, Mr Brad Weier, Mrs Lisa Hooper Clothing Store Mrs Michelle Owens, Mrs Di Sheppard PA to Headmaster/CEO Mrs Wendy Utz Before & After School Care Miss Simone Bawden, Mrs Susan Corke, Mrs Debra Downes, Mr Ben Golding, Mrs Katherine Green, Mr Thomas Hardy, Miss Stephanie Marsh, Mr Richard Tank, Mr Thomas Walsh Crossing Supervisors Ms Bronwyn Morris, Mrs Judith Neibling, Mr Kerry Smith ADMINISTRATION & ANCILLARY STAFF Boarding Masters Mr Doug Allen, Mr Craig Amos, Mr Frank Byrnes, Mr Alex Canavan, Mr Brett Dionysius, Mr Mark Fancourt, Mr David Fulcher, Mr Andrew Huntley, Mr Ken Langdon, Mr Nigel Lucas, Mr Simon Manchee, Mr Visshagarajan Maniam, Mr David Maskell, Mr Andrew Spence, Mr Ben Vialle, Mr Andrew Walsh, Mr Michael Wellings Boarding Mother Mrs Anne Usher Boarding Tutors Mr Calum Acutt, Mr Conor Acutt, Mr Alex Barnett, Mr Daniel Barnett, Miss Ashleigh Barrett, Mr Nicholas Birnie, Mr Pat Egstorf, Mr Doug Holt, Miss Margaret Massey, Mr Michael Stjepcevic Community Relations Mrs Kathryn Searle Data Management Mrs Nicola Oakley Finance Mrs Debbie McCourt, Mrs Narelle Spithill, Mrs Wendy Townsley Grounds & Maintenance Mr Terry Bird, Mr James Condon, Mr Brian Graves, Mr Chris Hancock, Mr Brett Kickbusch, Mr Dennis McCourt, Mr Russell Mellor, Mr Peter Siebenhausen, Mr Daniel Spithill, Mr Paul Taylor Health Centre Mrs Rebecca Blanford, Mrs Janice Lant, Ms Emma Terrell, Mrs Marianne Turner, Mrs Catherine Wilson Historian Mrs Sophie Church HR & Payroll Mrs Michelle Shepherd Secretary to Deputy Headmaster (Curriculum) Mrs Colleen Marsh Senior School Library Mrs Colleen Page, Mrs Julie Stewart Science Technicians Ms Jaycinth Bean, Mrs Gay Reu Student Services Mrs Virginia Hall-Smith Swimming Pool Miss Jess Chandler, Mr Cade Fasala, Mr Greg Fasala, Mr Oliver Pye, Mr Liam Roberts, Mr Jack Scully Teacher Aides Mrs Louise Dixon, Mrs Bronwyn French, Mr Ian Gabb, Mrs Kylie Gallagher, Ms Leearne Hardgrove, Ms Kay Harvey, Mrs Lisa Hooper, Ms Clare Horsfield, Mrs Angela Isaacs, Ms Tracey Kahl, Mrs Alison Krause, Mr Nigel Ladd, Mrs Pamela Morrow, Mrs Danielle Schossow, Ms Kylie Stenzel, Mrs Rebecca Wilson Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 9
  • IGS 150 1 T HE formal beginning of Ipswich Grammar School was announced in ‘The Courier’ on 24 September 1863 with the words: “There can be not the slightest doubt that Ipswich, by thus leading the van in taking advantage of the wise legislation which enables them to initiate an undertaking of such vast importance, has stolen a march upon the other towns of the colony.” Some 150 years later, 2013 was a time of celebration and reflection. The year began with Assembly 150 on Monday, 11 February. Twenty-seven former school captains and 40 members of the class of 1963 joined the IGS community in a special morning that launched the school year in historic fashion. This was followed by cricket heritage round on Saturday, 23 February, which 10 commemorated the first ever sporting fixture between Ipswich Grammar School and Brisbane Grammar School. As was the case in 1869, the standard of play between these old foes was high, with Mikey Wilson’s knock of 79 leading IGS to victory. Commemorative bats were signed Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community 1 150 art students helped create the award-winning ‘150th Anniversary Mural’. 2 Old Boy Sir Llew Edwards and former Headmaster Denis Frederiksen returned for a special assembly in February. 3 More than 80 people turned out for the IGS 150 Golf Day at Brookwater. 4 The IGS 150 Gala Dinner was a huge success, with more than 240 people in attendance. 5 A year of celebration officially began with Assembly 150 in February.
  • 3 2 4 5 by players from both schools and are now on display at Brassall Sporting Complex. About 200 people attended the official launch of ‘The Story of Ipswich Grammar School 1863-2013’ on Friday, 15 March. The Great Hall was illuminated by candlelight to replicate the Duke of Edinburgh’s visit to the school in 1868. Written by author and historian Sophie Church, the book went on to win a silver award at the Queensland Heritage Awards and a gold award at the Ipswich City Council Awards for Excellence. Celebrations continued at the 150-year Anniversary Ladies High Tea in June, where Year 12 students served food and drinks to parents and friends of Ipswich “ 2012. Old Boy and Wallaby Berrick Barnes was presented with a commemorative First XV jersey before the First XV game against Churchie. Celebration Week began with a field of 82 people attending the IGS 150 Golf Day at Brookwater Golf Club on Friday, 4 October. There can be not the slightest doubt that The week continued with the Ipswich, by thus leading the van in taking First Day Commemoration in advantage of the wise legislation which The Great Hall on Monday, enables them to initiate an undertaking 7 October. Her Excellency, of such vast importance, has stolen a Ms Penelope Wensley AC, march upon the other towns of the colony Governor of Queensland, was guest of honour at the assembly, which included a parade More than 150 former students of IGS uniforms from throughout the returned to Ipswich Grammar School for years. Celebration Week came to a close Old Boys’ Day on 14 September. Among at the IGS 150 Gala Dinner on Saturday, those in attendance were members of the graduating classes of 1953, 1993, 2003 and 12 October. Grammar School in a sold-out Great Hall. June also saw football in the spotlight, with IGS hosting BBC for another memorabile heritage round. The First XI played their part by defeating a gallant BBC 3-2. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 11
  • 6 9 7 8 More than 240 people including staff, parents, Old Boys, invited guests and sponsors gathered for this historic night at Brookwater Golf Club. Our artists were acknowledged for their hard work when ‘150th Anniversary Mural’ won the Student section of the Ipswich City Council Awards for Excellence on Tuesday, 15 October. The collaborative work showcases the talents of 150 students and is on permanent display in the Clive Wyman Resource Centre. The final 150 event was a community choir performance on Sunday, 10 November of ‘Voices in the Halls’, a 12 10 commemorative song penned by Head of English Mr John Acutt. IGS 150 celebrations would not have been possible without the support of our generous partners Ipswich City Council, Llewellyn Motors, River 94.9, Hoopers Carpet One, BOQ Winston Glades, Eaton Services Group, Canon, Greater Springfield Orthodontics and Spotless. Thanks also to the 150 organising committee of Lesley Mahaffey, Terry Mellor, Roz Jackwitz, Kathryn Searle, Lisa Hooper, Danny Breen, Brad Weier, Bruce Prasser and Bob Adcock for their superb contributions to our celebrations. Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community 6 Students formed a perfect ‘150’ on the oval in July. 7 Headmaster Robert Henderson and author Sophie Church at the Launch of ‘The Story of Ipswich Grammar School 1863-2013’. 8 The 150-year Anniversary Ladies High Tea was held in June. 9 IGS uniforms through the years. 10 Junior School students enjoyed special 150 cupcakes in October. This committee was very ably led by Deputy Headmaster – Curriculum Mr Mike Connors. 2013 was a busy and rewarding year for the Ipswich Grammar School community as we paid tribute to the past while looking ahead to a bright future. The next 150 years promises to be another amazing journey.
  • ‘Voices in the Halls’ The fields are laced with evening dew Lights gets called inside the towers The flying fox is far from home And won’t be home for many hours. No summer breeze, the air is still The mango falls from the trees Something’s heard from down the hall Something’s whispered in the leaves. We’ve got ... Simon We’ve got ... Izaac We’ve got ... Eric We’ve got ... William Call the name of every boy whoever strode these ancient halls Voices reach to every ear and “Hail” us back across the years Classrooms, lessons, lunch detentions, the games, the battles, whistles blow. “I’ve been called up to the office.” “Sometimes you reap the crop you sow.” Faded foolscap, HB pencil, the Speech Night walk across the stage, I fold the tie and shed the blazer, the end of school, another page. Rough winds blow from every quarter Winds bring news of drought and rain But stand we tall and stand united A breath of hope gives life again. Rough winds blow from every quarter Winds bring news of drought and rain But stand we tall and stand united A breath of hope gives life again. Dawn is breaking, it’s tomorrow, a silver glow across the fields Soon the halls will fill with voices, a sea of grey and shuffling heels. The flying fox returns at last, to sleep all day his belly full, Another day renewed with promise, another day on Grammar Hill. I hear the sounds of bellowed orders from old parade grounds long ago Orders echo, world asunder, young men marching row on row Soldiers tall they’re off to battle, now they march toward the foe They’re like those who die as cattle, into the roaring cloud they go. Down any street in any city, I’ll hear a voice call out my name Shake the hand and say, “How are you?”, one past that says we’re all the same. On and on the echoes whisper, from every voice a story told Fourteen thousand men together, fourteen thousand young and old. We’ve got ... Trevor We’ve got ... Richard We’ve got ... Michael We’ve got ... Conor And from the furnace from the fire, not a word since last July The battle’s done there’s no more thunder, in her hand your short good-bye. “I do not like to leave you know, without a parting word to you. Hoping when the whip starts cracking, I’ll do what I’m supposed to do.” We’ve got ... Jimmy We’ve got ... David We’ve got ... Lachlan We’ve got ... Johnny We’ve got ... Andy We’ve got ... Samuel We’ve got ... Harry We’ve got ... Patrick We come from the nearby houses, the black soil flats and Denmark Hill Sons of miners, railway workers, “Dad works at the woollen mill” “My dad works hard to send me here. I want to make the most of it.” “I ride in from Sandy Gallop, if I don’t pass they’ll have a fit” We’ve got ... Matthew We’ve got ... Jarred We’ve got ... Thomas We’ve got ... Lukas We’ve got ... Ryan We’ve got ... Adam We’ve got ... Daniel We’ve got ... Jacob We’ve got ... Norman We’ve got ... Calum We’ve got ... Hamish We’ve got ... Alex Faces to each name we render memories that we all remember Shared in times of cheer and strife we are the men of red and white Rough winds blow from every quarter Winds bring news of drought and rain But stand we tall and stand united A breath of hope gives life again. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School – John Acutt, Head of English 13
  • Think Pink Week HELD from 29 July to 6 August, our annual Think Pink Week aimed to extend on previous success and further develop the community relations between Ipswich Grammar and the Kim Walters Choices Program. The week started with the Middle School versus teachers dodgeball game, which saw the newly refurbished gym come to life in what proved to be a fierce competition. Crowd favourites Mr Chalvatzis and Mr Walsh lead the teachers to a 2-1 win. Tuesday’s hot dog and slushie sale proved to be extremely successful, and this momentum carried into Wednesday’s water bomb 14 throwing. Thursday’s seniors versus teachers basketball game produced many memorable moments, such as Mr Wellings’ four three pointers and an alleyoop performed by Joel Berry and Brennan Cross. The school week concluded with the Senior School versus teachers dodgeball game, which was once again won by the teachers. Saturday’s home rugby and basketball fixtures resulted in a large amount of merchandise sales, and the following Tuesday’s Think Pink Concert raised almost $4,000. I can proudly announce that the IGS community raised a Think Pink Week record $15,300 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community for Kim Walters Choices. The week would not have been possible without the efforts of a number of people. Staff co-ordinator Mrs Pitty did an amazing job, giving up her time and using her skills to help create a wonderful week. Thank you to all the Pink Ambassadors who sold merchandise and set up activities. Thanks also to the Senior Management Team, Mrs Sweeney and Alliance Catering, Mrs Sonia Watts, Mr Murray, Mr Moore, the grounds and maintenance staff, Music Captain Ben Boehm and our generous prize donors. – Jacob Teevan
  • Old Boys / Parents & Friends OLD BOYS’ ASSOCIATION T HE Old Boys’ Association (OBA) enjoyed another busy year and was well represented during IGS 150 celebrations. Thirty former school captains and 40 members of the class of 1963 were special guests at Assembly 150 on 11 February. Many Old Boys also attended cricket heritage round, the launch of ‘The Story of Ipswich Grammar School’, the 150 golf day, gala dinner and First Day Commemoration. A record number of Old Boys returned to the school for interviews as part of the Year 7’s annual Hail IGS program, and more than 150 former students including a number of reunion groups enjoyed Old Boys’ Day on 14 September. I am proud to announce that this highly successful event is now a permanent fixture on the IGS calendar. Mr BOB ADCOCK Old Boys’ Association President It was pleasing to see distinguished Old Boys such as former Queensland Deputy Premier Sir Llew Edwards, Wallaby Berrick Barnes and State Member for Beaudesert Jon Krause return to IGS for a number of special events. Several Old Boys also generously contributed to the school’s Red & White Annual Giving Program, which supports the Building Fund, Scholarship Fund and Library Fund. The OBA presented the graduating P&F ASSOCIATION O N BEHALF of the Parents and Friends of Ipswich Grammar School I would like to congratulate the Chairman, Board of Trustees, Headmaster/CEO Mr Robert Henderson and all those who have gone before them in stewarding our fine school through 150 years of excellent education in Queensland. We acknowledge the commitment of the teachers, administration staff and groundsmen who are so dedicated to our sons’ education and well-being. The P&F began the 150th year with a welcome evening that supported the launch of Mrs Sophie Church’s historical book ‘The Story of Ipswich Grammar School 1863-2013’. Mr TONY RUSSELL P&F Association President There were many opportunities for the P&F to contribute financially to the school, most notably being the refurbishment of the gymnasium. Also, a sense of history and pride in the achievements of former students was acknowledged as honour boards were erected in the Auditorium. Initiatives such as these resulted in a class of 2013 with polo shirts, bags, caps and pens at the annual Valedictory Dinner and final assembly. Students who represented the school at the highest level also received special OBA Firsts ties. The OBA continued to raise money through the sale of its limited edition IGS 150 wine, and we hope to fund the purchase of new honour boards for the Auditorium in early 2014. I would like to thank the Old Boys who regularly return to the school to support current students and volunteer as coaches and mentors. You make a significant contribution to the school. Thanks also to the OBA executive of Russell Brockman, John Edmondson and Eric Clarke, as well as school liaisons Brad Weier and Kathryn Searle. Special thanks to Headmaster/CEO Mr Robert Henderson and the Board of Trustees for their continued support. significant investment by the P&F. Congratulations must go to the Year 12 leadership team and the entire senior cohort for the fine example they set throughout the year. May they go forward in life knowing that their parents have given them a great gift in the form of an Ipswich Grammar School education. Next year’s leadership group should also know that their selection is based on 150 years of tradition, excellence and pride. Lastly, I must thank the small but incredibly supportive and committed group of parents who attended the monthly P&F Association meetings during the year. They must be congratulated for their dedication to furthering the well-being of the Ipswich Grammar School community. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 15
  • Boarding O NE hundred and fifty years young, what a tremendous achievement for such a wonderful school. I cannot help but reflect on what the boarding house must have been like in those early years. The trials and tribulations may have been different but in many ways similar to those we experience even today. Laundry, bedding, food, sport and home life would definitely have dominated conversations. Living away from home at Ipswich Grammar School may have been difficult, but the friendships built and respect earned I’m sure would have made the journey physically, emotionally and socially worthwhile. Much the same as today. The significance of 150 years was 16 Mr JOHN BEAUMONT Director of Boarding certainly not lost in the boarding house, and so we celebrated this milestone together in 2013. We welcomed many Old Boys for tours of the facilities, shared meals and of course some more traditional festivities such as rugby days, reunions and arts evenings. It is always a pleasure to welcome back and share wonderful stories with men Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community who collectively at some point have called Ipswich Grammar School home. Our boarding houses this year were certainly places of intense activity and diligent study. Our Year 12 cohort was simply magnificent in setting a tone that highlighted excellence and respect. I commend Boarding Captain Brennan Cross and Vice-Captain Vincent Wen on their perseverance, patience and concern for all boarding matters. Every member of the Year 12 boarding group was involved in a number of co-curricular activities and attended to their studies with careful consideration and persistence. These young men were fantastic role models and have certainly set the bar high for next year’s seniors. As with all communal living arrangements there were highs and lows.
  • BOARDERS BACK ROW: FIFTH ROW: FOURTH ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT: ABSENT: B. Fan, T. Gorringe, G. Brown, N. Blair, B. Sullivan, S. Cronan, O. Hsu, J. Guymer, B. Jackwitz, K. McKenzie, L. Davenport, J. Batho, J. McLean, D. Jennings, B. Xue, E. Davidson, J. Song, G. Phineasa, C. Anderson, B. Walters, S. Kawale T. Christian, L. Campbell, M. Adcock, A. Rice, C. Van Dugteren, R. Kennedy, B. Bobongie, V. Wang, T. Zheng, L. Johnston, L. Mudu, D. Dreyer, D. Blinks, R. Gibson, B. Rathbone, B. Zhang, J. Gillett, B. Hammond Mr S. Manchee, D. Gale, W. Lauenstein, A. Huen, S. Oldershaw, C. Storck, B. Warren, T. Gillanders, K. Fairhurst, M. Michael, J. Logan, R. Williams, G. Marsh, D. Pan, J. Bulgarelli, J. Lui, J. Huen, J. Mooka Mr M. Wellings, E. Page, D. Flanagan, T. Thompson, Ivan He, X. Michael, A. Chan, M. McPherson, W. Cook, B. Edwards, R. Maskelyne, P. Jones, Q. Collins-Cobbo, C. Bailey, J. McQuilty, S. Olver, I. Rodda, Mr M. Fancourt A. Jennings, B. Murray, S. Logan S. Maniam, T. NG, J. Garrett, H. You, R. Mitchell, C. Smith, B. Laidlaw, M. Schrader, T. Liu, K. Chen, D. David, J. Marrott, V. Williams, J. Schefe, J. Runnegar, L. Miller Mr C. Amos, Mrs A. Usher, Mr B. Dionysius, Mr J. Beaumont, K. Tomachy, R. Murray, R. Page, B. Cross, V. Wen, T. Sharpe-Jones, T. Mowles, L. Graham, D. Bowen, H. Fisher, Mr R. Henderson, Mr G. Cronan, Mr N. Lucas, Mr M. Stjepcevic J. Liao, N. Spencer SENIOR BOARDERS BACK ROW: Joel McLean, Kalum McKenzie THIRD ROW: Edward Davidson, Joe Guymer, Daniel Jennings, Oscar Hsu, Todd Gorringe, Brooke Walters, Stanford Kawale SECOND ROW: Bruce Xue, Toa Christian, Carlin Anderson, Niall Blair, Glen Brown, Gerald Phineasa, Jae Woo Song, Brian Fan FRONT ROW: Billy Jackwitz, Brenton Sullivan, Mr Glen Cronan, Vincent Wen, Mr Robert Henderson, Brennan Cross, Mr John Beaumont, Liam Davenport, Jack Batho ABSENT: Scott Cronan I am particularly happy to report that for the academic year of 2013 the highs far outweighed the lows. We enjoyed another outstanding year, which is due in no small part to the masters, refectory staff, tutors and maintenance department. To Glen Cronan, Simon Manchee, Anne Usher and Michelle Hawck, I cannot thank you enough for your tireless efforts and many deeds that simply go beyond all reasonable expectations of the workplace. Your support, understanding and friendship is never taken for granted by myself and those in our care. Thank you. As the year races to its conclusion, I take pause to reflect on the many new friendships established and the strengthening of old. Memories made and sustained that will endure and withstand the test of time despite embellishment. Much the same I would presume of those 150 years ago. Hail IGS. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 17
  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS BACK ROW: Andy Hsieh, Oscar Hsu, Niall Blair THIRD ROW: Axiel Rice, Blake Zhang, Victor Wang, Bruce Xue, Stanford Kawale, Tony Zheng, Jeremy Gillett, Joshua Logan SECOND ROW: Samuel Logan, Jay Liao, Ryan Maskelyne, Alan Chan, Jae Woo Song, Ivan He, Tony Liu, Tom Ng, Suri Maniam FRONT ROW: James Runnegar, Kent Chen, Vincent Wen, Mr Glen Cronan, Mr John Beaumont, Mr Robert Henderson, Ms Mary-Lou Watkins, Brian Fan, Daniel Pan, Hugh You Indigenous Students BACK ROW: FOURTH ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: 18 Coen Van Dugteren, Rhys Gibson, Ethan Page, Lindsy Mudu, Raymond Butterworth, Rhyen Kennedy Xavier Michael, Kaelum Fairhurst, Allan Huen, Barry Bobongie, Brendan Warren, Mitchell Michael, Gerrard Marsh, Jackson Weir James Bulgarelli, Matthew McPherson, Tyrell Thompson, Toa Christian, Gerald Phineasa, Daniel Jennings, Carlin Anderson, Todd Gorringe, Jonah Lui, Bryce Edwards, Pierce Jones Brannon Murray, Walter Lauenstein, Jayden Marrott, Jermiah Mooka, Fredric Walker, Wyatt Cook, Daniel David, Juaun Garrett, Quayden Collins-Cobbo, Verle Williams, James Huen, Ryley Page Leon Miller, Khalli Tomachy, Louis Graham, Mr Ricky Dodd, Mr John Beaumont, Brenton Sullivan, Mr Robert Henderson, Mr Glen Cronan, Austin Jennings, Richard Murray, Dhareese Bowen Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Curriculum T his year was another busy and productive one across the learning and teaching areas of the school. A major initiative was our involvement in the Self-Improving Schools Project developed by Independent Schools Queensland. Being a part of this project, the school has identified two key focus areas for improvement – the development of an IGS pedagogical framework and also professional development on instructional leadership for the school’s middle management tier. This project will continue for two years and ultimately a framework will evolve whereby teachers become more strategic and educational outcomes improve. The system of academic tracking emphasising Grade Point Averages by Mr MICHAEL CONNORS Deputy Headmaster (Curriculum) students and also Pastoral Tracking has been most effective. Students now have the capacity to review their overall results and seek ways for self-improvement through reflection and the adoption of learning strategies. Also, these indicators have become very important aspects for subject selection in the senior years and future study pathways post-school. The implementation of subjects under ACARA guidelines has been successful and the challenge now is to plan for the future and review our curriculum mix, particularly in Year 10 to align this year level more with senior schooling. Our NAPLAN results have been pleasing with above-sate mean scores on a number of occasions. The graduating class of 2012 achieved very well, and we acknowledge the following students: • OP 1: George Yang, Piyumal Tennakoon, Calum Acutt, Matthew Benn, Cameron Busch, Zachary Dowling. • OP 2: Anthony Liu, Qiancheng Wei, Seb Thomas, Aaron Pleash, Nicholas Baker, Mitch Roetteler. • OP 3: Haider Shah, Greg Beazley, Brent Habberman. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 19
  • Other results: • OP 4: Nine students • OP 5: Nine students • OP 1-5: 25% of cohort • OP 1-10: 58% of cohort • OP 1-15: 85% of cohort The school’s pathways program is becoming more successful, with Year 12 graduating students entering a diverse range of studies and work. More than 80% of students who completed Year 12 in 2012 continued in some recognised form of tertiary education or training. The most common study destination was bachelor degree (65%), with a combined VET study destination accounting for 16%. Our preparation for work in the trades area is proving positive, with 23 students undertaking school-based apprenticeships and traineeships as well as being employed in full time or part time capacities. The major field of study of Year 12 graduates in education or training is in engineering and related technologies. This continues the school’s history and success of developing fine engineers. Other 2013 highlights include: • Successful Pathway C program in senior years with 21 traineeships, five school-based apprenticeships, 11 students attending TAFE/Southbank and 35 students doing structured work experience. • 14 students graduating with a Certificate III in Hospitality. • Seven High Distinctions, nine Distinctions and six Credits in the Australian Chemistry Quiz. • Tournament of Minds team placing second in the Australian/Pacific championships. • 10 High Distinctions, 45 Distinctions, 149 Credits in the Australian Mathematics Competition. • Second place in the Mathematics Team Challenge. • Expansion in Certificate III Sport & Recreation and Fitness studies. • ACARA history and geography units successfully completed. • Publishing ‘The Story of Ipswich Grammar School 1863-2013’ by Sophie Church, with contributions from Craig Amos (cover) and Brett Dionysius (sonnets). • Production of ‘The Russian Lieutenant’ and ‘Voices in the Halls’, thanks to Mr John Acutt. I sincerely wish to thank all staff for their support and professionalism. Our curriculum has significantly changed over the years and will continue to do so into the future – a challenge to all educators. I would also like to extend a special thank you to Deputy Headmasters Mr Tony Buckley and Mr Jon Snow for your wisdom and friendship, and to my secretary Mrs Colleen Marsh for your dedication and support. All the best for 2014. NAPLAN RESULTS Year 3 IGS Boys Girls State Reading Writing Spelling G&P Numeracy 418 391 422 407 392 450 386 410 407 430 396 419 429 387 384 386 Year 5 IGS Boys Girls State 510 491 503 497 489 454 486 470 495 513 476 486 495 540 485 495 493 487 476 481 Year 7 IGS Boys Girls State 540 529 538 533 518 498 532 515 537 538 534 521 551 543 542 532 554 543 534 539 Year 9 IGS Boys Girls State 20 435 399 417 408 585 566 579 572 579 527 570 548 595 589 569 557 588 580 578 568 610 578 569 573 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Academics Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 21
  • COMMERCE AGAIN, a busy but satisfying year has been experienced by the Commerce Department. After introducing the MYOB software package into our business principles and accounting courses several years ago we upgraded to Version 19.8 this year. This program is now well used by all classes from Year 9 to Year 12. Year 9 business principles classes work through the cash books section of the program, while Year 10 classes work through a fuller program that addresses the retail industry. Year 12 students are exposed to the full MYOB program. Keyboarding students continue to use a software program called Typing Master. The sophisticated program is screeninteractive and allows students to progress at their own pace. I must thank Mr Len Reidlinger and Mrs Maggie Chay for the enthusiastic work that they are doing in engaging the boys in Year 7. We continue to investigate other software packages that will complement the present program. There are also a number of enrichment courses available on MyIGS. Mr GEOFF DIECKMANN Teacher in Charge of Commerce This course aims to teach students how to touch type. By the end of the year students should feel comfortable using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. Touch typing is almost a mandatory skill in our modern society. We continue to modify our Year 9 and 10 business principles course to expose students to more consumer education and business enterprise as well as the computer work mentioned above. This year we introduced an e-commerce topic that was well received by Year 10 students. We have also introduced financial literacy and insurance as topics in Year 9. Taxation is addressed in depth at the end of Year 10. Interesting developments have ECONOMICS ECONOMICS is a small but successful department at IGS. Unfortunately an increasing number of students wait until university to study economics and as a result experience difficulty. This could be eased by taking economics at high school. Again, one of the highlights of the course is boys spending a week at a Brisbane business where they participate in an extension program called Ecoman. Another highlight was Year 11 student Caelan Rafferty winning the Queensland title in the Australian Economics 22 been made with respect to delivering information and workbooks electronically via MyIGS and One Note. With the rollout of laptops, students are able to complete work on screen and save it. This reduces the consumption of paper as booklets are not required for all topics. We continue to offer the School Sharemarket Game to students who show an interest in the stock market. This simulation gives students the chance to test their skills in a real-world situation without having to commit any of their own money. Syndicates start the game with $50,000 and are able to buy and sell via the internet to expand their portfolio. The school has experienced some success in the Sharemarket Game over the years. Three years ago Ethan Smith came third in Australia and first in Queensland, while Keegan Hunter finished first in Queensland and second in Australia two years ago. The past year or so has not unearthed any more high flyers! My thanks must go to Maggie Chay, Glen Cronan and Len Reidlinger for all the work and co-operation they have extended in helping our department. Credits. The UQ Economics Competition was entered by nearly every high school in Queensland. IGS once again recorded some excellent results, with 66% of Year 12 students receiving a Credit or better and 75% of Year 11s doing the same. COMPETITION RESULTS Mrs MAGGIE CHAY Head of Economics Competition, with Matthew Roetteler coming fourth. Gary De Muelenaer and Andrew Love received Distinctions, while William Herzig and Conor Tarpey received Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community YEAR 12: David Marcolin (High Distinction); Jacob Butcher, Andrew Jarrett, Prescott Fraser, Jack Lorton, Elliot Randall, Matthew Waters, Brayden Leisemann, Itrat Memon (Distinction); Tom Cochran, Brennan Cross, Cameron Bargewell, Joshua Cheadle, Cheng-lung Hsieh, Stanford Kawale, Grant O’Connor, John Freeman, Niall Blair (Credit). YEAR 11: William Herzig (High Distinction); Caelan Rafferty, Andrew Love, Connor Renwick, Keegan Hall-Smith (Distinction); James Troeger, Cameron Boyle, Andy Pengelly, Matthew Roetteler, Jacob Street (Credit).
  • CAREERS & COUNSELLING COUNSELLORS support students who are experiencing social, emotional, behavioural and educational difficulties and provide career guidance. Another key role of the department is liaising with external sources such as doctors, health agencies and therapists. Development and implementation of programs designed to enhance wellbeing are an important component of the curriculum. Years 1, 5 and 7 students completed the Mind Up program, which promotes well-being and resilience, and the Preps learnt how to help themselves through the Fun Friends program. A conflict resolution presentation was held for parents under the auspices of the Middle School, and a program titled Unravelling the Mysteries of Boy Behaviour was held in Term 2. SafeTALK (Suicide Alertness for Everyone) has already been attended by more than 50 staff and a number of parents Dr MARK TAYLOR Guidance Counsellor and Year 12 students. Ipswich Grammar has become a more suicide-aware community as a result of this program. Miss Fiona Darlington, who specialises in careers counselling, provides valuable service to students in Years 10-12. Ipswich Grammar has developed three pathways that students may undertake in their senior years – Pathway A: Pathway to University (OP), Pathway B: Alternative Pathway to Tertiary Study (Selection Rank), and Pathway C: World of Work. Students are required to choose which pathway and subjects to take during their individual ESL A SIGNIFICANT focus for the ESL Department was the hosting of short-term study tours from China and Korea. The year began with 36 students and four teachers from Fanghua High School in Shanghai visiting IGS in January. This was followed by visits from Beijing No. 15 Middle School, Beijing No. 94 Middle School and The Branch Middle School. A delegation of 10 Chinese teachers was hosted in February, and a study tour from Korea was hosted in July. Meanwhile, ESL classes resumed for the 20 Chinese and one Korean student at IGS. These classes offered intensive English language instruction in the areas of Ms MARY LOU WATKINS ESL Specialist reading, writing, speaking and listening. Multiculturalism is embraced at IGS and we are proud of our ESL students and their achievements. The non-English speaking students worked hard and maintained high levels of motivation to achieve academic success. This dedication SET Plan interviews in Year 10. Year 12 students received group and individual sessions on the QTAC application process to ensure they were successful with receiving a QTAC offer. Students in Years 10-12 took part in the Careers Expo in Term 3 and Careers Day in Term 2, with more than 40 presenters from industries such as police, health, real estate, trades and universities in attendance. This was followed in Term 3 with more than a dozen sessions for students to attend, from resume writing to careers in health and accommodation at UQ. A number of work experience, apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities have also been offered to our students including placements at Ipswich Hospital and Defence Force – Military Aviation, as well as in fields such fitness, IT, electrical, plumbing and auto-electrical. Thank you to Miss Darlington for her continued dedication and commitment in developing a successful career education program at Ipswich Grammar School. was rewarded with strong academic results and prizes in maths and science. Two ESL prizes were presented at Speech Night. An encouragement prize was awarded to Year 10 Chinese student Tony (Tong) Zheng, who worked tirelessly to achieve rapid language acquisition and excellent marks in his subjects. The Year 11 encouragement prize went to Chinese student Hugh (Hu) You, who experienced success through quiet persistence and determination. Year 12 student Vincent (Hsuan-Yao) Wen from Taiwan was also recognised for his academic success, as well as his role as Boarding Vice-Captain. I look forward to 2014 when IGS will once again open its doors to visiting and permanent international students. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 23
  • GEOGRAPHY THE Geography Department at Ipswich Grammar continues to evolve, engaging students and challenging their decision making while integrating Blackboard into the learning processes. The Year 7 program is progressing well and the 2013 cohort undertook integrated study units under the guidance of Head of Middle School Mr Chalvatzis, Miss Pitty and Messer’s Hinze and Reidlinger. The current seniors have worked well and on exiting, standards well above the state average are expected. The curriculum incorporates a number of excursions and field trips to complement the theoretical side of courses. Year 8 SOSE students were introduced to electronic learning through their online mapping unit. This was followed by another e-learning experience on desert and rainforest BIOMES. These units will be Mr STEWART WELLS Head of Geography/SOSE continued in 2014 under National Curriculum guidelines. Year 9 students started the ACARA National History Curriculum with integrated geography units. Year 10 students travelled to suburbs such as Teneriffe, New Farm, Red Hill, Bowen Hills, Fortitude Valley and Paddington and identified land use types specific to Brisbane. Year 10 industrial studies focussed on mass production and marketing and a field trip to the Coca-Cola plant at INFORMATION SERVICES THE amalgamated teams of library, print, audio visual and information communication technologies this year added identification cards and the access control system to our fleet of responsibilities at the Clive Wyman Resource Centre. We again promoted reading through Accelerated Reader, with notable mention of Chris Fox for working with Mr Cunningham, and the Middle School teachers in demonstrating why reading is so important for lifelong learning. We added to the school’s audio visual facilities by utilising the green screen for student projects and staff presentations. Print services was again busy, with the 24 Mr PETER YEATES Information Services Manager & eLearning Co-ordinator intended reduction of fleet device utilisation in favour of the print room to help improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. Mrs Riddle returned to work as we moved Years 4 and 7 and several staff to Windows 8 with a combination of new Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community Richlands. Year 10 students also extended their knowledge of farming by visiting Peak Crossing and Salt Gully at Boonah. Year 11 students ventured to Noosa to observe and analyse processes that form, shape and change our coastlines. They also examined the Springfield master planned community as part of their urban studies. Year 12 students were also encouraged to get out into the field to record primary data which was used in their environmental report. The theme was ‘Water Quality in the Brisbane River Catchment’ and the students carried out water sampling at five sites within the catchment before returning to the biology laboratory to run the tests. In closing, thanks must go to all teachers for their contributions to the Geography Department in 2013. Best wishes in the future to our graduating seniors. and existing tablet PC devices designed to further support desired learning outcomes. There was also much effort from an e-learning perspective in the provision of self-directed learning opportunities for staff to extend and apply their ICT skills. From the start of Term 4 and throughout the school holidays we were busy refreshing infrastructure for 2014 and beyond. Thank you to the students and staff who have respected and taken great care of the school-provided devices over the past year. Thank you also to all members of the Information Services Department who have worked tirelessly throughout the year, and to all our customers who have provided feedback to help us build for another great year in 2014.
  • JAPANESE 2013 proved to be yet another busy year for the Japanese Department. Students had the opportunity to participate in a range of cultural activities and competitions including the Australian Language Certificate Tests, the Gifu Daiichi visit, Japanese Obento lunches and dinners with family members, origami making and calligraphy. Throughout the course of Japanese study students are exposed to the many facets of language acquisition including culture, history and society. This begins in Year 6 with students studying language and culture and learning colours, adjectives, verbs, numbers and body parts. Year 7 students spent the year immersed in intercultural language learning, writing Haiku poetry, making origami, looking at Japanese geography and gardens and visiting a virtual Japanese school, all while mastering the reading and writing of Hiragana (Japanese script) and Kanji. Making the most of the school’s one-to-one laptop program, they utilised interactive Japanese programs and script learning games on MyIGS, created family Miss NATALIE HORROBIN Teacher in Charge of Japanese member manga and learnt how to type assignments in script using global IME. Year 8 students were exposed to numerous cultural experiences, trying Japanese Obentos, calligraphy and origami while developing their acquisition of script and language. They learnt how to discuss their family, hobbies and abilities, favourite sports stars and talk about what they like to do in their free time. Years 9, 10 and 11 sat the Australian Language Certificate in August, with the three classes achieving well above the Australian average. Students hosted 22 Gifu Daiichi High School students, whom arrived early on 18 August. After a special assembly our Japanese visitors joined their Ipswich Grammar School buddies and LEARNING SUPPORT STUDENT Services staff help improve outcomes for students with additional learning and support needs. This year has seen an increased focus in: • Working with classroom teachers to support students with additional educational needs and identifying specific learning and support needs. • Planning, implementing, modelling, monitoring and evaluating personalised adjustments for learning with the teacher, student and/or parent or carer. Mrs KATHY GIBBS Head of Learning Support • Providing direct support for students with additional learning and support needs through a range of strategies went on a tour of the school, had morning tea and set off to Brisbane to explore the Sciencentre and Southbank and view the beautiful Kangaroo Point cliffs and riverside by CityCat. 2013 sees my first Year 5 students become Year 12s, and as such they are very dear to my heart. Their personalities and commitment to their academics is truly a credit to them. As part of a Queensland Universities initiative, achieving a Sound or above on exit of Year 12 language study entitles students to ranking points towards their OP. Throughout the year the composite class of Year 11 and 12 students were encouraged to use their Japanese in a variety of contexts such as speaking on assembly in Japanese, various excursions and immersion days. I would like to thank all the students from Years 6 to 12 for making 2013 such a fantastic year. I look forward to the continued growth of the subject and anticipate another exciting year in 2014. Finally, a special thank you to Jacob Butcher, Marcellus Hindes-Meyer, James Moroney and Matthew Owen for making this year so memorable. I wish you every success in your future endeavours. including direct instruction and delivery of adjusted learning programs. • Providing specialist advice and assistance to teaching staff. Once again, a big thank you to Indigenous Liaison Officer Rickie Dodd; Prep-Year 3 Support Teacher Shelley Martin; Year 3-8 Support Teacher Fabian Horridge; Year 7-10 Teacher Aide Clare Horsfield; Prep, Year 1 and Year 8 Teacher Aide Louise Dixon; Year 2, 5, 8 and 9 Teacher Aide Kylie Gallagher; Year 3, 7 and 8 Teacher Aide Dani Schossow and volunteer Sonia Watt. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 25
  • ITAD INDUSTRIAL Technology and Design (ITAD) continues to thrive at Ipswich Grammar School. Students now have the opportunity to choose from six subjects across design and skills-based fields. The variety of courses ensures all boys are able to learn useful and useable skills in a field that interests them. These options also assist students in choosing pathways that are more appropriate to their future career goals. The practical outcomes that our boys have achieved have again been exceptional, and some examples of student work from 2013 are showcased in this yearbook. Engineering students produced a number of practical articles while learning Mr STEPHEN BUTTERFIELD Head of ITAD and refining their skills in welding and metal turning processes. Similarly, furnishings students learnt to use industry standard manufacturing equipment in the production of timber projects. Automotive classes continue to work in the multi-million dollar Trade Training Centre and engaged in a variety of automotive service activities including a MATHEMATICS THE most rewarding experience for any mathematics teacher is the ‘Eureka moment’ when a student understands something they did not understand before. The Mathematics Department believes that in order for students to achieve this, the following four points are fundamental: • A positive attitude and a determination to understand the work, not merely rote learn it. • Be prepared for lessons. • Plan study time from the start and seek support. • Complete all homework to a high standard to help consolidate class work. The potential for technology aiding students in their understanding of mathematics increases each year as staff add to online resources. These are particularly suited to helping with homework and review. 26 Mrs Ann Marie Turner Head of Mathematics The Mathematics Teams Challenge was held at Indooroopilly High on 24 May. Our Junior team of Cooper Nunn, Nicholas Verrenkamp, Nicholas Piper, Oliver Pye and Ben Carter performed exceptionally well to finish second, just four points behind the winners. A second Teams Challenge was held on 13 August at Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School, where 15 boys from Years 6-9 attended. Congratulations to the Secondary Team A of William Eberhardt, Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community complete engine teardown and rebuild. Graphics and technology studies continue to be strong subject choices. In these courses students have the opportunity to showcase their design flare and creativity by producing graphical solutions and practical products that solve real-world problems. Congratulations to Adam Smith, Jacob Nugent, James Addison and Ben McLary, whose projects were prize winners in a Mitre 10 sponsored student competition at the Ipswich Home & Lifestyle Expo. The great outcomes that have been produced this year are only possible due to the commitment and enthusiasm of our ITAD staff. I would like to thank our staff for their professionalism and look forward to another productive year in 2014. Jared Dowling, Cooper Nunn, Paul Godfrey and Nicholas Verrenkamp, who won the competition with a score of 57/60 in the pairs section. This was one of the highest scores ever attained in this section. Finally, 413 students from Years 7-12 took part in the Australian Mathematics Competition on 1 August. IGS received 10 High Distinctions, 45 Distinctions, 149 Credits and 156 Proficiencies. The winner of the Prudence Award for the most correct answers in a row went to Brendan Richardson, who answered 14 questions. In addition to the usual teacher tutorials, a group of seniors headed by David Marcolin continued the peer tutoring that started in 2012. It is hoped that this initiative will be continued by future senior classes. In conclusion, I would like to thank all members of the Mathematics Department who work very hard as a team to provide the best learning environment possible.
  • VISUAL ART ENGLISH author and artist Neil Gaiman said: “Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.” Ipswich Grammar School visual art students are encouraged to follow this philosophy. Every artwork may start with a common theme. However, there are a number of solutions to the same problem. During this year of celebration many of the artworks have looked at our great history, with Year 9s creating canvas paintings of the school and Year 10s researching IGS Old Boys to create biographical portraits. Year 9 students Ricardo Cabrera, Paul Godfrey, Callum Wilton, Frank Kuresa and Connor Armstrong won gold in the Student section of the Ipswich City Mrs BETH BARRETT Head of Visual Art Council Awards for Excellence, while Year 10 students Alistair Snow, Oscar Park, William Hodgkinson and Braden Schiller won silver in the same section. Our major work for the year saw 150 students each paint one section of a large collaborative work of the original school buildings inspired by Richard Bell and Imants Tiller. This work was the overall winner in the Student section of the Awards for Excellence, and is on permanent display in the Clive Wyman GERMAN DRESSED in their traditional German finery, students were bussed to the RNA Showgrounds for a wonderful cultural experience of singing, dancing and eating the culinary delights of Bavaria at the 2013 Oktoberfest. More than 100 students attended the festival and a great day was shared by one and all. Year 10 students Oliver Pye, Hayden Randall and Matthew Haspels were shortlisted for the Love the Lyrics Song Competition. These boys were given the privilege of performing their song live with German band Buam in front of 1,700 students from across Queensland. Wunderbar, this was a great achievement for Ipswich Grammar German students! This year we explored a range of topics including the environment, holidays and Frau MEGAN BARRETT Teacher - German celebrations, fairy-tales, hobbies, school, history, animals, restaurants and food. Our exploration in the sphere of food led to sampling traditional German delights such a bienenstich, bratwurst, black forest cake and sauerkraut. The highlight of the food unit was the Year 10 kaffeeklatsch, or café, where students set up, prepared and served staff. Students Resource Centre. Year 6C students participated in the Ipswich Festival’s annual Unmasked competition, winning second place. Visual art studies was introduced to give Year 11 students hands-on experience in all aspects of art practice, as well as workplace and safety training. The senior classes attended a life drawing workshop which they later used as inspiration for their works. Year 12 students again combined with Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School to showcase their works at UQ Ipswich. Throughout the year we had rotating exhibits of student work in Admin to showcase their talents. Art staff have again worked tirelessly throughout the year to create interesting and inspiring activities to engage the boys. My thanks must go to Mrs Brown, Mr Amos, Mrs Stenzel and Mrs Isaacs, without whom we would not be able to achieve all that we do. were rewarded by attending the Black Forest Restaurant in Highgate Hill, where they dined in true German fashion. Students made great advancements and overall marks improved exponentially as the year progressed. Many achieved excellent results in the Australian Language Certificate, with a number of students placing in the top 5% of the country and earning either a Certificate I or Certificate II in German. It has been another fantastic year, and I have enjoyed sharing my classroom with a lovely group of young men. I have immensely appreciated the opportunity to teach German to such a wonderful group of students and look forward to sharing new experiences in 2014. In closing, I would like to thank parents for supporting their sons with their German studies. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 27
  • DRAMA THE Drama Department continues to thrive at IGS. Captains for 2013, John Massey and Daryan Butler, represented the department admirably with their effective leadership and high standards of dramatic ability. An absolute highlight was the Ipswich Grammar and Ipswich Girls’ Grammar musical production of ‘The Russian Lieutenant’. The home-grown production, written by Head of English John Acutt with music by former IGS teacher Stewart Riddle, was performed on 16, 17 and 18 May at Ipswich Civic Centre. In September this year, as a culmination of their studies in senior drama, the Year 12 cohort performed a play titled ‘Invincible’ written and directed by IGS drama teacher Michael Wellings. ‘Invincible’ followed the story of a teenage boy, Walt, who had lived a sheltered and indulged life. This play delved into personal responsibility, parental relationships and the consequences of underage drinking. Students performed the show for an audience of their parents and friends, who Miss ROSE ISBELL Head of Drama were entertained and impressed with the confidence, focus and expertise of the boys. For the second year running the department worked in conjunction with Markwell Presents to fuse live performances with filmed sequences. The boys were filmed in character, in and around the school, and this footage was edited into the show to link scenes. This was a very successful addition to the senior production, rendering the show even more engaging and professional. Year 10 students spent Term 4 devising, rehearsing and polishing a performance titled ‘You’ve Got Male’, which they performed at a special event in November. This presentation was a combination of powerful and entertaining scenes from HPE 2013 saw our first group of Year 12 Certificate III in Fitness students undertake their final year of training. Mr Charles was responsible for taking the boys through a variety of strength and conditioning activities that will allow them to work as group fitness instructors and in gyms. Mr Hardy added to his HPE responsibilities by capably teaching senior physical education this year. In junior physical education we undertook a range of new activities that 28 Mr MIKE MURRAY Head of HPE were well received by students, including boxing and wrestling, with a new circuit training section used in the weights room. Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community contemporary Australian plays such as ‘Two Weeks with the Queen’ by Moris Gleitzman and ‘Blurred’ by Stephen Davis. Students in Years 8 and 9 were involved in various units such as improvisation, voice and comedy. The Year 9s performed their annual Clowning Show for the Prep students as a culmination of their study of comedy. Again, it was wonderful to see the older boys enjoying the opportunity to communicate with, perform to, and take responsibility for the younger students. Year 11 and 12 students attended productions at the Queensland Theatre Company and the Powerhouse Theatre. These included a performance of ‘The Pitch and the China Incident’ and a production of Bertolt Brecht’s political play ‘Mother Courage and her Children’. Year 11 students also attended a performance of the comedy ‘School Dance’, while senior students enjoyed in-school workshops on Greek theatre and political theatre. The younger grades were exposed to a fantastic in-school performance from Zeal Theatre. Thanks to Michael Wellings for his support, dedication and sense of humour this year, and best wishes for a rewarding and happy life for our graduating seniors. The HPE subject area continues to be a popular choice in the senior years, with students undertaking studies in senior health education, senior physical education, Cert III in Sport and Recreation and Cert III in Fitness. The major renovation to the gym that was undertaken by IGS and the P&F was greatly appreciated by HPE staff and students alike. The new sprung floor is superb and the inside painting has the facility looking great. Many thanks to all the HPE staff for their contribution to another excellent year.
  • ENGLISH THE English Department has contributed to the celebrations of Ipswich Grammar School’s 150th year in a number of literary ways. Central to this celebration was the annual Vance Palmer, Tom Shapcott and B. Harris Writing Competitions. Each year we celebrate famous Old Boy writers, Vance Palmer and Thomas Shapcott, with awards given in their names. The Vance Palmer Literary Awards are for students in Years 7-9, while the Tom Shapcott Prizes are for Years 10-12. In both categories there are separate awards for prose and for poetry. In the senior section there is also an extra award, the B. Harris Poetry Prize, which traditionally is for work that deals with Mr JOHN ACUTT Head of English an Australian theme. This year it was awarded to an entry that specifically dealt with an historical aspect of the school. Stories and poems featured tales and reflections of famous Old Boys who served in war, our architecture, sport, classroom memories, past teachers and Headmasters and the school’s place in the community. LEGAL STUDIES SENIOR legal studies students studied a variety of topics including the legal system, contract law, family law, criminal law, tort law and sport and the law. Year 12 students completed their major inquiry study on topics such as the legality of the Iraq invasion, a Bill of Rights for Australia, legalising euthanasia, discrimination in sport, capital punishment, WikiLeaks, identity theft, and more. Students also investigated and evaluated a multitude of legal scenarios, principles and outcomes. IGS participated in the Bond University High School Mooting Competition, which involved hundreds of students from across Australia. Three Year 12s travelled to the Brisbane Administrative Appeals Tribunal in the Commonwealth Law Courts to compete in the preliminary round. Congratulations to Jacob Butcher, who attained an Advocacy Merit Award. IGS made it to the finals at Bond University, Mr MICHAEL DIXON Teacher - Legal Studies where the standard of advocacy work executed by legal teams in the ‘Penelope v David’ case was exceptionally high and the IGS representatives performed commendably. Thank you to Mr Ian Berry MP and Mr Alexander Horneman-Wren DCJ for their help in preparing the boys. Year 12s travelled to USQ Springfield to participate in a workshop where prominent speakers delivered an array of legal topics. A visit to Parliament House gave Year 11 students the opportunity to experience the history and workings of A central pillar to the 150 celebrations was the wonderful history of the school written by Sophie Church. Important contributions were made by English/ art teacher Craig Amos in the form of a beautifully designed cover to the history, and by English teacher Brett Dionysius, who wrote a reflective suite of sonnets that feature in the book’s opening pages. I also wrote a commemorative song titled ‘Voices in the Halls’ that has been sung at various functions this year. WRITING COMPETITION WINNERS Vance Palmer Prize: Matthew Bristow (Prose), Isaac Irons (Golden Pen Award). Tom Shapcott Prize: Jacob Butcher (Prose), Mitchell Michael (Poetry). B. Harris Prize: Sean Adcock. Parliament. Students explored the campus, observed a live sitting of Parliament and learned why the Queensland Legislative Council was abolished. Students traced the legislative process and conducted a mock electoral vote. Several Year 11 students had the opportunity to occupy the seats of State Members of Parliament during Youth Parliament. Acting as Opposition Leader, Dean Patterson delivered a short speech outlining his vision for Queensland. With Madam Speaker, Honourable Fiona Simpson MP presiding, students debated the proposed Bill that ‘Students should undergo random drug testing in schools’. The Bill was considered in detail before divisions were called and voting ensued. The sitting continued with the adjournment debate, where students spoke on an issue of their choosing. Congratulations to the 2013 cohort of Year 11 and 12 students who have worked very hard over the past year. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 29
  • MUSIC MUSIC at Ipswich Grammar School has continued to thrive throughout 2013, with the enthusiasm of our musicians and singers fuelling our ensembles programs with great energy and drive. We had a couple of staff movements during the year as Mr Neil Wickham left IGS for a position at Brisbane Grammar School. Neil was our Instrumental Coordinator and a Junior and Middle School classroom teacher. His passion and encouragement for all things musical made him a valued member of the department, and he will be greatly missed by his colleagues and the students. His move to BGS enabled him to spend more time with his young family. We wish him well for the future. The role of Instrumental Co-ordinator is now with Mr Ian Feltham, who takes over from Mr Wickham and will attend to any inquiries regarding instrumental instruction, fees and timetabling. We welcomed two new music staff to IGS at the start of Term 3. Firstly, Mrs Lissa Mr GARY NEAVES Teacher in Charge of Music Sullivan-Ward has taken over the role of classroom music teacher for Year 7 and Year 8. Lissa is known to many woodwind students as she was a flute and woodwind tutor at IGS and conducted the flute choir and string groups earlier in the year. She will continue to take her woodwind students in instrumental instruction, and has also taken over the leadership of the Intermediate Concert Band and the Year 5 Band. Mr Leon Wensley joined us as an instrumental tutor in saxophone and clarinet and has played a key role in preparing our Year 12 music extension boys. Leon comes from a very SCIENCE 2013 has been another year of success for science students at IGS. The following is a synopsis of the year. SPARQed: Conducted at former Australian of the Year Professor Ian Fraser’s UQ Diamantina Institute, SPARQed offers Year 11 and 12 students the chance to be immersed in cutting edge research and medical science. Andrew Whittering, Jack Burrows, Matthew Cook, James Moroney and Kristoffer Hua all participated in this fantastic opportunity. Here is Kristoffer’s 30 Mr JOHN MARTIN Head of Science overview of Program 68: “A group of students from multiple schools undertook an investigation at the Princess Alexandra Hospital’s Translational Research Institute. We Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community experienced background and has a close association with the Conservatorium of Music at Southbank. He will be of value for our senior boys and was fast in supporting the teachers’ band at the Pink Concert. Our new strings tutor, Laura Thomson, has provided a new dimension to the program. This year IGS combined with Ipswich Girls’ Grammar to form a string orchestra and expand opportunities for the string players to perform. Success came when they entered the Ipswich Eisteddfod and won first in the string section. Cello tutor David Sue-Yek joined us in Term 3, bringing much experience as a performer and teacher. We welcome all our new staff and wish them every success in their musical ventures at Ipswich Grammar. Thank you to the dedicated instrumental music staff of Mrs Bronwyn French, Mr Laurie Keating, Mr David Stephens, Mr David Sue-Yek, Mrs Lissa Sullivan-Ward, Miss Laura Thomson and Mr Leon Wensley, who have enabled us to enjoy the continued improvement of the music program. were provided with samples of DNA that had been retrieved from a family diagnosed with a case of anauxetic dysplasia, a skeletal disorder that restricts bone growth. We worked in a scientific environment using modern genetic assays to evaluate the nature of the mutation. Students also joined multiple seminars and were taught how to use advanced lab equipment. Also included were library tutorials encompassing how to write and reference a scientific report and how to search for useful resources online and in a university library. At the conclusion of the week students finalised and presented their results.
  • SPARQed immersed students in the research experience as we became more familiar with how to work in a research laboratory. All lab procedures were explained and guided by the director of the program. Interested Ipswich Grammar students are strongly recommended to nominate for this amazing opportunity in the future.” QUT STEM CAMP: Year 11 student Jack Burrows participated in the inaugural STEM Camp at QUT. The four-day program covered the latest issues and research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Here is Jack’s report: “The camp involved working in teams to solve a challenge. I worked in a team of six to design and test a virtual rocket to place a payload into orbit using a 3D space flight simulator. This required applying physics concepts and planning that would be used in a real rocket launch. We presented our results to other students as well as a number of industry professionals including the Chief Scientist of Queensland and the QUT Vice-Chancellor. Overall, the camp was a fantastic experience. A number of presentations helped to inform me of the many STEM career opportunities available. I encourage anyone interested in science, technology, engineering or mathematics to apply for this camp.” RIO TINTO BIG SCIENCE COMPETITION: Jack Burrows (High Distinction), Sean Adcock (Distinction), Lachlan Ross, Jordan Ross, Matthew White, Ben Boehm, James Moroney, William Russell (Credit). SCIENCE OLYMPIAD EXAMS: Jack Burrows participated in the qualifying exams for the National Science Olympiad teams in biology, chemistry and physics. RACI AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHEMISTRY QUIZ: Hugo Briec, Isaac Brown, Jack Burrows, Matthew Cook, William Trezise, Matthew White, Lucas Sippel (High Distinction), Nicholas Allum, Hamish Kirton, William Lavery, Thomas Michel, Julien Barrett, Justin Dawes, James Moroney, Nicholas Muir, Matthew Owen (Distinction), Benjamin Burton, Patrick Croker, Jordan Ross, Caelan Rafferty, Matthew Roetteler, Christopher Goode, Zachary Hunter (Credit). ICAS AUSTRALIAN SCIENCE COMPETITION: Joel Rosenberg, Sebastien Carvolth, Tristan Fraser-Preston, Chase Cawood, Patrick Wilson, Jack Burrows (High Distinction), Thomas Chappel (Distinction). EXPERIENCE SCIENCE PROGRAM: Jack Burrows, James Moroney, William Russell, Vincent Wen, Daniel Spithill, Ben Boehm and Sean Adcock attended this program at the start of Term 3. Students attended lectures, participated in hands-on workshops and obtained information about tertiary options. FIELD TRIPS: Year 11 Earth science students undertook field trips to Noosa and the Bremer River, while Year 12 biology students visited the Adventure Education Centre at Hastings Point. Conducting field trips is a significant undertaking. My sincere thanks to all staff for their contributions on these trips. Year 10, 11 and 12 agriculture and horticulture students continued construction of an IGS community garden at a school residence on Woodend Road. Students continued to produce wonderful lettuce varieties and broccoli that they proudly distributed around the school. They also utilised the hydroponics and aquaculture facilities in the science block. The school this year entered into a partnership with Ipswich City Council as part of the Habitats Connections program. The program involves the restoration and reconnection of degraded urban bushland corridors. Students continued revegetating areas in and around Brassall Sporting Complex, as well as a nature corridor near the school. Agriculture and horticulture students exhibited their produce and investigated value, producing rosella jam and sauce. Students were awarded first and second place for their rosellas and first for their table pumpkins at the Ipswich Show. They also won awards at the Rosewood Show and finished third in the UQ Largest Sunflower Competition. STAFF: Mr Darren Brown was a finalist in the People’s Choice Awards at the Queensland Healthy Waterways Awards for his outstanding work with the Habitat Connections program. The hardworking science staff of 2013 were Dr Carol Browne, Mr David King, Mr Phil Trezise, Mr Darren Brown, Mr Alex Mcardle, Mrs Lyn Dance, Mr John Cronin, Mr Adam French, Mrs Sally Chalvatzis, Mr Mark Fancourt and Mrs Julie Swinton. All staff have made a most valuable contribution to the teaching of science at IGS. I must make special mention of Year 7 teachers, and in particular Mr Len Reidlinger, for their efforts. Mrs Jay Bean and Mrs Gay Reu provide the tremendous support we need for our science lessons. We are so fortunate to have Jay and Gay with us. Best wishes to the students who are leaving us. Thank you for the time we have spent with you. We hope you use the opportunities you have had here to help build safe, happy and successful lives. Thank you to all students, staff and parents for their support. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 31
  • Student work & excursions ITAD - Adam Smith (hand winch) ITAD - Harry Wilton (skateboard deck design) rtboard cabinet) ITAD - Jacob Nugent (da ITAD - Ben McLary (vice) ITAD - Kalum McKenzie (fishing tackl e storage) 32 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • ITAD - James Addison (bowl) ITAD - Adam Smith (jew ellery box piano) n) ITAD - Lachlan Ross (skateboard truck desig ITAD - Jason Newdick (living room) ITAD - Gerrard Marsh (toolbox) Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 33
  • Visual art - Year 7 mask art Visual art - Year 6 Unmasked entry y (IGS campus) Visual art - Paul Godfre it) Visual art - Oscar Park (biographical portra Visual art - Year 7 mask art 34 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • ESL students using laptop technology Students showing cattle at the Boonah Show HPE students work on their basketball skills Year 12 waterways studies Middle School Hail IGS interviews Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 35
  • Engine rebuild in automotive studies Senior drama rehersals dies ers from ag and hort stu Award-winning sunflow Year 12 chemistry experiments Year 8 Viking studies 36 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Art excursion to Goma Smith Park revegetation program lin, Thomas Cochran, Legal studies - John Massey, David Marco Itrat Memon, Benjamin Arka Basu, Jack Lorton, William Russell, Stanford Kawale Russell, Sebastian Fox, Matthew Waters and represented IGS at the USQ conference. Students celebrate the annual visit from Gifu Daiichi High School and Jacob Butcher Legal studies - Thomas Cochran, Matthew Waters the Bond University Mooting Competition. were finalists in Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 37
  • ‘The Boarder (an old ghost story)’ recoiled suddenly from the shot. It drove into his shoulder, and Will had to bite his tongue to keep shooting. He It was the first day of school. After The year was 1939. The room was shot the dummy once in the chest, two saying goodbyes to his parents at the shrouded in darkness. Shadows more times in its right leg and the final airport, William was finally going back flickered down the hall from the candle one in its head. “Good work Will,” to his boarding school. He got onto the light. William Jenkins rolled over, He was bus which was filled with students from training instructor Lewis said. groaning loudly, unable to fall asleep. the biggest Will had ever a huge man, Year 12, all the way down to one boy in His movement made the bed creak seen, with a bushy moustache and a s’s best Year 7. George Cooper, William noisily and he heard George tell him never ending frown. The target Will friend, motioned over to him. “Will!” to stop moving. The boy next to him, more than He said eagerly. “How have you been?” had been shooting at was no Sam, was trying not to cry. Everyone s. He sat down on a a pile of splinter “I have been alright,” Will replied knew how scared he was of the dark, nearby chair for a break. He noticed trouble with a grin. “How much but he was a new boy and was two that the new boy, Sam, was next in have you been in over the holidays?” grades younger than anyone else. He line to fire. Sam cautiously picked up “Well, besides the incident with old was in Year 7, just travelled from Perth the rifle, barely able to lift it. “Alright, lady down the street, I wasn’t that bad two weeks earlier. He was the odd one now load your ammo into it,” Lewis actually. Here let me tell you all about out, preferring not to talk to anyone and instructed. After a bit of fumbling it.” Although he found some parts mainly reading. Will’s thoughts were around, Sam finally put the magazine interesting, Will’s attention wandered suddenly interrupted by the boarding in the rifle. He raised it up, hands off. He kept looking at the boy in the house mother who was walking back r it seat beside him. He had never seen such trembling. Will couldn’t tell whethe down the corridor for the last time, or from the weight. He was from fear a young boarder, and he could making sure everybody was asleep. aimed, and slowly squeezed the trigger. Suddenly, tell that the boy was scared. Will ducked his head in the pillows, The gun recoiled back suddenly and the bus went quiet, as the driver turned doing his best to pretend that he was Sam tripped back, landing in the mud up the rusty old radio at the front of the asleep. He could see George was doing behind. His whole uniform was a mess, bus. “World War II has begun!” said a the same. Sam however, still had and Will could tell he was about to start gravelly voice from the other end of the his eyes open. The boarding mother crying. A few boys sniggered beside radio. “The Germans have taken spotted him straight away and walked him, and Lewis turned and scowled Poland and are now moving towards briskly over to him. When she got close, at them, “Training dismissed. I hope Paris at remarkable speed. All of she became more relaxed and gently none of you will need it.” Will warily England is preparing, and so should kneeled next to Sam’s bed. Her candle stepped towards Sam and held his you. Join now and fight for your shone off his face, it was clear he had hand out for him. Sam grasped it and country!” For the rest of the trip been crying. “Let me get you a tissue,” muttered a thank you under his breath, there was silence. she said in a gentle voice. She fumbled before hurrying off. Little did Will around in her pocket, not paying much know, the young boarder would not Monday, 10 August attention to the candle she was holding. survive the night… Will could only watch in terror as it The students were crowded on the slipped from her grasp and landed – Isaac Irons, school oval. Thick smoke rose high onto the bed sheets, setting Sam’s whole the Golden Pen Award winner of into the air. The rifle Will was holding bed ablaze… Monday, 10 August 38 One week earlier Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • ‘Doctor Roderick Albert Perry, One of Ipswich Grammar School’s Untold Stories’ Ipswich Grammar School has had many famous people pass through its gates. Some of them have gone on to become famous sportsmen, writers, politicians and entertainers, but some have gone on to be quiet achievers, helping people while living their lives as ordinary people. Take for example, Doctor Roderick Albert Perry, one of Ipswich Grammar School’s untold stories. In 1936, Albert and Maisie Perry were awaiting the arrival of their first child, Roderick. His birth would come at a time of great joy but also great sadness, due to the death of Roderick’s paternal grandfather in a mining explosion on 16 May ,1936; one month before Rod’s birth on 20 June. Rod is the elder brother of three sisters. Having been born into a family of coal miners, Rod’s family did not have much money or get paid much, but Rod’s parents still managed to make family life happy and worthwhile. Rod began his education at the early age of four at Silkstone State School. Unfortunately his schooling was interrupted by the beginning of World War II, so he had to stay at home for a few months. When school resumed, he enjoyed it immensely. Seven years later in 1949, Rod sat the State Scholarship Exam. A good mark would mean getting a scholarship to one of the best secondary schools. After the exam, Rod finally went on school holidays. Six weeks later, Rod’s exam marks were posted to him. He was worried about his result, took a deep breath and opened the envelope. His mark was 89%, which meant Rod could go to the school of his choice. The other options at the time were to go straight into the workforce or to the Ipswich Technical College. Rod did not want to go to the college because he was not much of a ‘tech head’ since he had been reading books for most of his life and did not interact with technology much. Finally, his choice was made; he decided to go to Ipswich Grammar School. After reading Tom Brown’s ‘School Days’ about a boy’s school years at grammar school in England, Rod soon found out IGS was quite different to the school in his book. Rod began at IGS in Year 8. Back then Year 8 was IGS’ lowest grade. All Year 8 boys were called ‘newies’ because they had only just come to IGS. The ‘newies’ were usually bossed around by the Year 12 boys who gave them many chores to do. Although Rod had a scholarship, there were still other fees to be paid. Rod’s parents could not afford fees, so every afternoon Rod would go to his local chemist and wash medicine bottles to earn money to pay for his school fees. Even though Rod’s wage helped, he had to keep getting good grades to keep his scholarship. Rod loved learning Latin and when he was not allowed to study the subject during school hours his teacher, Mr Foggon, taught Rod outside school hours, which was a good thing because Latin was required to study medicine. In 1953 Rod became School Captain and Dux of IGS and won a scholarship to study medicine at the University of Queensland. During his break before starting university, Rod worked at the Ipswich Woollen Mills to earn some money, which he would need for books since the scholarship only paid for fees. Working there was hard as Rod was handling all types of coloured dyes that rubbed onto his skin and took at least a month to wash off. Rod thought it was worth it, since he got good pay. Rod studied medicine for six years. He called this “the six years of anxiety” because if he failed one exam, he would lose his scholarship. While on a visit to see his family, Rod was cutting the grass using a reaping hook and he cut a frog’s leg. He decided to sew the wound closed. Two of his sisters refused to hold the frog as they were scared of them. His youngest sister Betty held the frog on an upside down kerosene tin while Rod stitched the wound with a needle and cotton. Fortunately, Rod passed his exams and achieved his goal of becoming a doctor. Through his years as a doctor, Rod has cared for many people and even helped deliver babies. Now retired, Rod still spends time helping others, visiting the elderly and the ill. In his spare time Rod still studies Latin. Rod has not only been a very good doctor, he has been a very good great uncle, my great uncle. – Matthew Bristow, winner of the Vance Palmer Award for Prose Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 39
  • ‘The 27th of August, 1861 (based on a true story)’ ‘Twas a brisk August morning. And like a dinner plate, the frost licked the windows clean of all view and the sills had begun to ice over. Yet dozens, hundreds of Basques, Cutaways, Sack Coats and Smoking Jackets filed into the new courthouse – on the backs of men and women, all but unperturbed by the cold. Before long, disgruntled men and women, wrapped warmly in garbs of earthy tones, shrouded every available inch of the pristine courthouse floor; a dark film of dissent. The townsfolk were matted together so tightly that they would have been the envy of sardine canneries across the country, had any such enterprises witnessed the events of the day. A throng of latecomers, still weary from their early awakenings, fed well out of the courthouse and into the junction of Roderick and East Street. A few of the town’s braver youths attempted to scale the hand-carved pine of the bench at the forefront of the courtroom to attain a better view of the scene, but hastily returned to the masses below after the presiding magistrate, Judge John Parton, waved them down wildly with several violent flicks of his gavel. Under other circumstances, the elderly judge would have held such a lurid bunch deemed in contempt of court and thrown them out on their behinds, but somehow he seemed to be of the belief that aggravating more than half the town was not in the best interests of his personal welfare. In the early hours of the morning, Judge Parton had prayed – as many Catholics such as he often did – for a quiet morning in court, followed by a leisurely lunch at Claremont House with 40 some of his colleagues. Colleagues who in fact could be seen to be amidst the mass protest before him. But although the townsfolk had packed the courthouse far beyond its natural capacity, Parton had not even begun to anticipate the gravity of the fireworks which were yet to come. After several tiring minutes of beating his gavel and demanding for order, the courtroom quieted down just enough so that the magistrate could begin the hearing. He took a moment to catch his breath and then adopted the most reassuring of his available tones. “Good people! We have gathered to bear witness to Bishop Quigley from the Roman Catholic Church who has designed a proposition that is most worthy of our consideration, in my learned opinion. Now let’s give a hand to the good Bishop and share some of the hospitality that makes our humble town one of the finest in all the state!” Parton led an applause that was only reciprocated by the Catholic portion of the crowd – the rest remained silent. At this, a most slender figure rose from his seat. Despite the large crowd, his narrow features and dark suit were easily identifiable and, likewise, his wellenunciated voice projected cleanly about the courtroom. This city slicker was as smooth as he was distinguished. The Bishop first thanked Judge Parton for the introduction, and then extended his appreciation to the township for its warm welcome. He explained that he was acting as an appendage of the Roman Catholic Church and he had assumed the duty to bring this proposal before various colonies across the state. Upon elaboration, it was Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community revealed that the church offered to provide the £1000 fee required under the Grammar Schools Act to build the first house of learning in Queensland. However, the only condition that the church required of the townsfolk was that the school which was to be built needed to be a Roman Catholic school. The tolerance of other religions could not be assured. Quigley caught many of the disapproving glances that shot wildly about the courtroom. In such a small town, run by people of so many different faiths, how could only one be recognised in the classroom over all others? Sparks. The townsfolk were growing restless at pace, uttering a range of profanities both under and – increasingly so – over their breaths. But of course Quigley never doubted his powers of persuasion for a moment. After all, no one refuses a free £1000. For the building of a school no less! Right? Content with his logic, the Bishop continued his pitch. “Now now, you mustn’t all jump to conclusions quite so foolishly. The Roman Catholic Church has offered this town a wonderful opportunity from the goodness of their own hearts. We offer the chance to educate the children of tomorrow, on a steady foundation consistent with firm Catholic values. But, if you do not agree with our more than generous proposal… feel free to raise the £1000 fee required to build a school under the Grammar Schools Act, with funds from your own coffers of course.” A smug grin crept across Quigley’s thin lips. There was no way that this small mining community could ever raise £1000.
  • These bushy bumpkins’d never even come cloQuigley’s most audacious thought would never be finished, for a bystander particularly disgruntled by the Bishop’s comments swept Quigley’s smugness from his face and his feet from the floor in a single, foul slog to the cheekbone. There was no doubt that bones had been broken. “Don’t you dare think that you can come in here, wave about your wads of cash, and declare the youngin’s of your religion more deserving than my own – mate,” threatened the stranger, as he stood defiantly over a horrified Bishop. Fire. It was as if the punch chimed a bell within the hearts and minds of the townsfolk, calling for unspeakable violence. Catholic turned on Protestant, Jew turned on Catholic, and within moments the courthouse was not rife with men or women, but with beasts. At a fever pitch, punches were thrown and blood was liberally splattered across the freshly painted courtroom and its newly purchased décor. As the conflict unfolded around him, a journalist for the town’s ‘Herald and Daily Advertiser’ scrawled notes as aggressively as the brawl’s combatant’s, forcefully circling the quote the largest and noisiest court hearing ever before being promptly knocked unconscious. When he would interview Mayor Jack Murphy on the topic of ‘The Courthouse Calamity’ a number of days later, the mayor would omit from his recollections of the day’s events the moment when he mistook the young writer for a Catholic Cardinal of a similar description. In a word, no more aptly could the town’s in-court revolt be described than simply chaotic. After some time, Parton called on the aid of town’s constabulary, but the current volume of the court greatly superseded his own – and thus his request remained unanswered. Parton attempted a second plea, but paused as he spotted the majority of the police force, off-duty, passionately fighting for one side or another. But after a minute more, Parton caught sight of something that summoned a tone of voice so incredibly thunderous that the still-conscious brawlers were, quite literally, shouted into silence. The magistrate’s eldest son, John Parton Jr. had broken the jaw of a fellow Catholic with a single, swift hook. “BOY?! He is Catholic! YOU DARE betray your faith!?” Those who were still able stumbled urgently out of the magistrate’s piercing line of sight which now lay upon his son. Yet, unlike the others, his son did not shy away. And after swelling to full height, it was obvious that Jr. was no boy either. In fact, Jr. stood well over six feet with a crop of greying, dark hair that had been skewed riotously from its normally well-combed state. He was unanimously respected throughout the town and not whimper of objection could be heard within the courtroom as John Parton Jr. stood to speak. “Father, I am a devout Catholic and I will always hold my beliefs dear to my heart. But in saying that, I am also of the belief that to privilege one faith over another is not in the best interests of this town. Yes, as a boarding school graduate, I am thoroughly excited by the prospect that mightn’t need to send away my beloved children far for their education. But alas, I cannot bear to allow my children to attend such a place of learning that considers my children and I any more worthy or any more deserving than my Jewish brothers or Protestant sisters, on the basis that they do not believe in our God as I do. The parents of this great town only wish for their children better lives than that which they have lived … and who might we be to deprive them of this?! I have not betrayed my faith in this decision father; however you have certainly betrayed this town in yours. While raising £1000 ourselves could prove troublesome, perhaps impossible even! Raising our town’s future is truly invaluable.” Light. With that, the aggression once held by the town’s Catholic population simply fell away. And suffice to say, Bishop Quigley, who offered no rebuttal, promptly rescinded his church’s financial support. Shortly afterwards, he and his constituents, battered and bloodied, were most indignantly jeered from the courthouse by all. As the chilling August wind howled wildly around them, the townsfolk forged the proposal of a new, non-denominational school from the smouldering ashes of what had been a most passionate conflict. And ever so quietly, on the 27th of August 1861, a most remarkable little grammar school was born. Labore et Honore. – Jacob Butcher, of the Shapcott Prize for Prose winner Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 41
  • ‘Henley’ For all that life gives today will be taken tomorrow, however do not let this burden your sleep, nor weigh your heart. Believe you can alter your destiny and you will fail. Accept that the only power is choice and you will succeed. ‘Old Portraits’ Looking out with curious eyes, catching the breezes and the winter chillness. Covered up in layers of expected behaviours, with masks of familiarity, and disguises of confidentiality. No one else can know of a school life lived beyond our memories. All noticed and experienced. Yet these unapproachable, painted faces watching over our comings and goings. Weathered faces in these old Portraits, hanging perfectly capturing frozen spirits. With wide smiles, humble pride and gallant points of view, they keep the world from seeing their own indifferences. They hang fretting, troubled and pleased, From their walls they are judge and jury and slowly now I understand what they tried to say to me, as I watch them each and every day. For blemishes I cannot conceal away, Weathered faces in these old Portraits, whose stories we know and can’t forget. They achieved perfection, layer upon layer of years, like 150 - brush strokes. – Sean Adcock, winner of the B. Harris Prize for Poetry – Mitchell Michael, winner of the Shapcott Prize for Poetry ‘Shades of Red, Whi te and Grey’ Shades of red, white and grey runs through my veins, colour was once but no t in this instant. To inner gibber jabbe rs annoyances, pacing the orbiting ch ange. What and why meanin g, when there are only sh ades of red, white and grey. Where the seeing from behind my eyes, takes place with enthu siasm and becomes of no importance to an optimist. To dream in tones of light and dark, to visualise all shades of red, white and grey . To envisage all shades in between. This is my certainty, living being an IGS red , white and grey lad. – Sean Adcock, 12A 42 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Junior School Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 43
  • CHARLIE JONES Junior School Captain M Y FAVOURITE part of the year was definitely Emu Gully and the Kokoda Track, where we learnt to never leave a mate behind. A lot of us enjoyed Think Pink Week, especially the water balloon throwing after Head of Junior School Mr Macknish volunteered his head to be pelted. We are lucky to have a variety of extra-curricular activities like swimming, cross country and athletics at Ipswich Grammar. All students can find the perfect activity for them. The teachers always give us a chance to sit with mates, since they can be trusted to help if we are stuck with class work. In debating, we really enjoyed testing our wits against the opposition. In Year 6 we all love having Prep buddies because we can play with them at lunch time and mentor them in the IGS way. For all the academic boys at IGS, there is chess, which lets students challenge each other or compete against other schools. I like these words to live by, spoken by Nelson Mandela: “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. “You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” 44 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • T HE Junior School was once again a thriving hub of activity in 2013. Staff, students and parents were active in a host of initiatives all designed to reinforce the school’s core values of Excellence, Integrity, Community and Leadership. Assemblies this year, divided into Prep-Year 2 and Years 3-6 groupings, were led by Year 6 leaders with reports from captains, special guests and musical performances. Visits from seniors to talk about academics and extracurricular pursuits were a highlight, as was the multitude Mr DAVID MACKNISH Head of Junior School of awards presented each week. It is timely at the end of each week to recognise the efforts and achievements of the many hard workers and students who have shown initiative over the previous seven days. Academic pursuits formed the greatest focus in the Junior School throughout the year. Further avenues for student assistance and the development of proactive practices by students enabled great progress. Report tracking, pastoral tracking, parent-studentteacher interviews, regular communication and the further development of access to the MyIGS learning platform in the older years have all resourced teachers and parents with the information and data required to mentor students towards excellent progress. The Year 3 and 5 NAPLAN results reinforced the fabulous gains made by students over recent years. Additionally, the high level of participation in academically-natured activities has been pleasing. The Inter-house Chess Competition, Inter-class Reading Competition, Inter-school Readers’ Cup Competition, Inter-house Public Speaking Competition, Queensland Debating Union Debating, Chess Club, Art Club and CreARTive Club all encouraged high enjoyment but also the development of great academic skills in our students. As an example, with two teams in each of Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 45
  • the Year 5, 6 and 7 debating competitions this year, Ipswich Grammar School fielded a 100% increase in participation. The development of debating and writing skills was obvious as students, even those Year 4 students who joined the Year 5 teams to gain valuable experience, began to improve confidence and independence in the writing of their own debate arguments. The inclusion of extension opportunities for students who meet the core English outcomes and require broader experiences was another significant development. With a class of 30 students, literature 46 study, analysis of texts and the improvement of writing using figurative language were major focal points, resulting in excellent and mature texts. 2013 saw significant progress on the academic front. With the Junior School pushing ahead with the implementation of the draft Australian Curriculum in history and forging towards the commencement of the arts, civics and citizenship, health and physical education, geography, and economics and business, all staff have been busy determining how to meet the needs of the various syllabuses while making learning meaningful and enjoyable. Not a week goes by without a teacher excitedly telling me about the enormous progress of a student from their class. The school’s NAPLAN results showed significant development with both Year 3 and Year 5 cohorts out performing expectations across all categories of testing. Both year levels far exceeded the state averages in all domains – the exception being Year 3 spelling which was marginally below the average – and were on par with the national averages. We continue to work towards excellence in our Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community literacy and numeracy teaching and are very pleased to see the benefits of these efforts from the past two years. A further focus already had been placed upon our teaching and learning of spelling prior to receiving these pleasing results, with Year 1 teacher Miss Alice Marsh taking up a position within the Independent Schools Queensland project, the Literacy and Numeracy Coaching Academy, with a focus on raising spelling standards within the Junior School. We look forward to the impact that this will have across our school.
  • Next year sees the commencement of Years 5, 6 and 7 within the GPS competition. Students already are excited about competing in cricket, volleyball (Year 7 only), football, rugby, tennis, basketball, debating and chess. While some negotiation may take place to hold some fixtures and events mid-week to take pressure off weekend facilities, final arrangements have not yet been confirmed. However, it is likely that the Junior School students in Year 3 to Year 6 will participate in an afternoon of sport each week, during which those students committed to team sports will complete their training and others including Years 3 and 4 will participate in skill clinics. This will also give us the flexibility of arranging afternoon games and travelling to any game venues in the final lesson of the day. Additionally, it will enable the school to maximise use of facilities and specialists in what will be a busy year of activities across the entire school. We also look forward to the continuation of the Day of Academic Excellence and the Day of Music Excellence events. The commencement of the STEM Club in the latter stages of the year proved to be popular as students showed their interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities. Support from parents helped to drive this initiative and provided another academic opportunity for boys. I pay tribute to the tireless efforts and support of parents in their many and varied roles within the Junior School. From participation in the Junior School Parent Support Group to assisting in the classroom, our parents provide a wealth of experience and energy to support the school. Thank you to all staff for their devotion to the students throughout the year. Without this commitment, enthusiasm and desire to see each student achieve to his optimum in every activity undertaken, Ipswich Grammar would be just another school. However, Ipswich Grammar is one of the best schools around, thanks to the many participants and partners whose efforts combine for the benefit of our students. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 47
  • Prep L Once upon a time in the far away land of Prep, Was 20 little Prep boys taking one great big step… Into the world of IGS our little men were so brave, The IGS way was learnt so as IGS men we would be behave. First, we made new friends and learnt about our school, We were so excited to commence PE in our big IGS pool. Library and music were special times; our teachers we got to know, Miss Lindenmayer and Ms Hardgrove were there wherever we would go. They taught us our sounds and letters and we learnt numbers too, Hard work and trying our best in Prep is what they asked us to do. Rosie and Posie became our much loved classroom pets, With Mr Brown’s assistance our science investigation was set! Many special events were had sharing learning with our dads and mums, Reading programs, maths groups and showcase nights were merely just some! Our Prep Play Production was amongst our favourites as a story was written by us, We turned the story into a drama and to be in our audience was a must! Excursions to a performance and a farm were highlights of our year, Santa Clause and the Wishing Tree helped spread the Christmas cheer. Our year of Prep was a journey that we will remember when we’re grown, Our love of learning, friendships and school spirit has now been sown. Miss Alyce Lindenmayer 48 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Year 1A & 1M citing elves and learning lots of ex rific year challenging ours Year 1 had a ter elves. We take read and write all by ours is the ills and ideas. We learnt to new sk sometimes because that mind getting things wrong risks and do not way we learn best. investigated ay healthy and happy. We s and Term 1 we learnt how to st In foods were healthy choice senses work, decided what how our five bodies can grow well. We ise so that our minds and hy practised how to exerc Park after planning a healt dies on a picnic to Queens ting too! even took our ted our teddies enjoyed the ou are. It was great fun and lunch to sh rning all about bugs and creepy crawly experts, lea tion In Term 2 we became tched all sorts of informa d about, listened to and wa insects. We rea cursion to the achnids. We went on an ex d d out about insects and ar to fin hop. It was very exciting an leted the Living Things works CSIRO and comp way. wledge in a fun, hands-on reinforced all our new kno nment where explored the marine enviro World m 3 was a lot of fun as we Ter our oceans. We went to Sea out creatures that live in we learnt ab important it up close and realised how We w some marine creatures and sa they will not be in danger. help get rid of pollution so do to spoil was for us to on Bay to see what people ochiemudlo Island in Moret visited Co think carefully about the astlines when they do not the beaches and co environment. osaurs unit. ontologists during our din and m 4 we morphed into palae In Ter sting reptiles of the past rning all about these intere at time We enjoyed lea land Museum. We had a gre an excursion to The Queens went on ating in the talk and tour. ferent exhibits and particip exploring all the dif we are rnt many new things. Now d a wonderful year and lea to Year 2. We have ha d challenges as we move on to enjoy new experiences an ready Mrs Nicole McGrath Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 49
  • Year 2C & 2M As a 2C student I have… The best thing about Year 2M was… “Enjoyed art because it’s fun making pictures” – Lee Beckett “Book Week, because we dressed up as our favourite characters” – Noah “Enjoyed reward time because I earned it and I got to go on the computer” – Jacob Blackmore “Science experiments, especially finding out the ingredients of different black inks” – Angus “Enjoyed science” – Xavier Brimecombe “Loved science, writing and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary” – Charlie Burke “Gotten better at maths” – Alex Chalvatzis “Enjoyed going on excursions” – Ben Chalvatzis “Loved science because we learned some black inks aren’t the same” – Benny Cooper “Gotten better at writing neater” – Ted Fish “Achieved in art” – Jacob Hines “Liked learning multiplication and division in maths. It was lots of fun” – Isaac McAuliffe “Liked science because we got to mix things” – Xavier O’Donnell “Liked science because we discovered new things” – Charlie Pennington “Loved writing stories and poems” – Harrison Rapmund “Enjoyed writing in our books” – Matthew Schoeman “Loved art. It’s the best because it is fun” – Hanley Scott “Loved art because Miss Caton did wonderful art with us” – Shaman Shan “Enjoyed writing a lot” – Ben Stevers “Learning how we can shade our drawings effectively in art” – Tom “Handwriting using entries and exits” – Harry “Having fun with the maths concepts we have learnt in our iMaths investigations” – Oliver “Our excursion to Wolston House when we learnt how to wash clothes in the olden days” – Henry “Speaking on a microphone and leading the Parent Showcase all by ourselves” – Jack “Using cross-hatching in our line drawings” – Alex “Working on fun activities like word shapes and turning words into sentences to make our spelling better” – Ben “The excursion to Lone Pine to learn more about Australian animals” – Nathan “Learning different information during sharing time and getting better at voice projection” – Tane “Examining and learning about ‘olden day’ objects and how they were used in history” – Kyran “Doing harder maths operations using three-digit numbers in addition and subtraction” – Sebastian “Being able to construct a narrative using the grid to act as our guide” – Caelan “Fast facts and take-aways in maths” – Harrison “Gotten better at maths” – Kaiden Wendt “Writing a description and then drawing our ‘Wild Thing’” – Thomas “Loved doing art because it makes me relaxed” – Bradley Worboys “Getting better at reading and handwriting” – Bailey Miss Jane Caton “Doing scientific experiments and mixing ingredients together to make something new” – Charlie “Getting better at being helpful and thoughtful, and practising our IGS values” – Rex Mrs Catherine McGrath 50 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Year 3C & 3E What a wonderful and productive year we have had. The young men of Year 3 enjoyed units on space, living things, the history of Ipswich Grammar School and the history of Aboriginal people. The cohort also participated in Junior Spartans’ Day and Pink Week and helped to raise hatchling chickens. Our year culminated in the annual sleepover. Here are some highlights: “Computers because they are fun and exciting” – Thomas Abel “Learning about narratives and writing one about animals” – Mackinlay Sturges “Adding and subtracting three-digit numbers is what I like to do” – Joshua Coman “Doing maths operations” – Liam Stewart “Maths lessons are great and I like multiplying” – Noah Clark “Drawing and painting a volcano in art” – Alexander Laing-Short “I really enjoy maths and writing narratives” – Jack Cridland “Division operations in maths” – Harry Sammut “Art lessons are fantastic” – Bayden Goodwin “Learning about natural disasters” – Braden Gibb “I enjoyed the chocolate experiment in science” – Oscar Giess “Doing lots of sums in maths” – Michael Barnham “I liked drawing and painting the leopard in art lessons” – Thomas Jervis-Tracey “Going to the school house and learning about science” – Zachary Shegog “I love art and writing stories” – Angus McBain “Drawing in art. My favourite was the leopard” – Lachie Tucker “I have enjoyed sprinting races in PE lessons” – Kuda Mutambi “Writing on the computers” – Sam Starbuck “PE with Mr Morgan is a lot of fun” – Sheldon Moore “When we went on a little science excursion” – Joshua Scrooby “I enjoy sports lessons” – Hayden O’Mara “All the maths sums that were on the board” – Isaac Kuppens “When we were melting the honey, chocolate and spoon in science” – Tom Hurd “I enjoyed the science activities the most” – Sam Roberts “Maths sums on the board and problem-solving” – Travis Brown “Doing maths rotations and working in groups” – Zac Farmer “I enjoyed PE lessons” – David Araba “Maths and art lessons are fun” – Ethan Pendlebury “Science lessons are great and I enjoyed looking after the chickens” – Zephan Behan-Howell “The history assignment about Aboriginal culture was interesting” – Harrison Batzloff “Playing rugby during half-time at Junior Spartans’ Day” – Thomas Stancy “Attending the Excellence in Science workshops” – Joel Rosenberg Mrs Sandra Corry & Mrs Shelley Ede “Mr Parkes giving us lots of work at school” – Luke Burton Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 51
  • Year 4B & 4S The fine qualities of 4B… The personalities of 4S… The 4S classroom was filled with many personalities this year. We had one new student join the ranks in Jaika, who quickly made friends and settled in well. Our resident scientist, Sebastien, was always hard at work explaining the ways of the world, while our debating members Solomon, Jack F. and William were giving us great topics to discuss. Oskar Arbuckle is keen to work and likes to skateboard. Jack Charman is smart and a handballspecialist. Baxta Dickson is caring and very good at football. Angus Diehm is hilarious and likes playing Minecraft. Matthew Dresselhaus is great at art and likes sapphires. Phi-Vu Duong is another handball-specialist. Our quiet achievers, Euan, Oshadha, Connor and Campbell, were never shying away from their work, showing great leadership by always being on task. Sebastian Dutton likes squeezing lemons and is very good at rugby. James Eddington is great at magic and a nice friend. Caden Goh is a Minecraft guru and good at rapping. Quinn Hardy is athletic and loves maths. Lachlan Hood is great at rugby and triathlons. Cooper Jenner runs fast and loves blueberry muffins. Campbell Macaulay is a cool kid and a big fan of Mario. Kadec MacKinney is fast, nice and loves playing rugby. Lushen Moodley is smart, and epic at playing Minecraft. Hunter Osborne loves playing AFL and is funny. Macauley Rapmund has a great sense of humour and loves playing sport. Jake Stjepcevic is a proven magician and a good friend. Mason Storer loves AFL and is a great friend. Austin Trevanion is a passionate Collingwood supporter. Brian Wakista loves Skulduggery Pleasant. Ryan Wallace is a very nice friend who loves computers. Oliver Watson is a kind lad who loves James Bond films. Jesse Whiteman tells funny jokes and loves music. Jack Williams likes Captain Underpants and custard tarts. Mr Kristian Brock There was never a dull moment in the classroom, with Jasper and Saxon keeping us smiling through their lighthearted humour. Our football-mad friend, Isaiah, was a member of the IGS regional champions. Lachlan S, aka Mulder, was someone you could rely on for anything. If consistency was money, Hamish and Abdul would be millionaires, as everyday they would be putting in a tremendous effort to achieve great results. Our computer whiz kids would be Harrisson and Jack S. The ever-bright Lochlan and Tim would always have smiles on their faces no matter what the day brought. Our kings of questions would have to be Ryan and Blake. Never did they let an opportunity go by where they wouldn’t have a deep and meaningful question to ask. Oliver was Mr Improvement, making massive gains this year. Eldar and Chris would be the fellowship of 4S, being able to be trusted with any task. And last but not least Brandon, who always had two cents to throw into any conversation, making sure there was always something to talk about. Mr Peter Smith 52 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Year 5C & 5T 5C will remember… 5T will remember… Noah (Auldy) for his unique sense of humour. Allan (Big Al) Chivanga for his love of chicken. Jacob (Belly) for his impersonation of Fatty Vautin. Devesh Dayal for his silent but deadly serious attitude. Fergus (Ferg) for being the first to encourage his peers. Aidan Cusworth for his drawing talents. Jameson (Jamo ) D’Castro for finding his way back to us, eventually. Declan (Biggsy) for his photographic skills. Reece (Ned) Flanderka for being the biggest Minecraft nut on the planet. Isaac for being the next Usain Bolt. Andrew (Goughie) Gough for his excellent Simpsons voices. Darcy for his Jonathon Thurston laugh. Zenden (Zenny) Greenhill-Brown for keeping Band-Aid, Panadol and Elastoplast in business. Caeb for his survival advice. Harry (Dobbo) for his great team spirit. Rhyce (Greivsey) Greive for his love of Smiggle. EJ for his passion for the Cowboys. Archie Horneman-Wren for imitating a professor, a doctor (he has the handwriting) and a thespian all in one year. Bailey (Jacko) for his superb goalkeeping skills. Jonas Hughes for making us laugh at inappropriate times. Tudor for his expressive voice in oral presentations. Alex (JJ) Jacobson-Jones for his dislike of all left pages. Tarran ( Taz) for his competitiveness during handball. Thomas (TK ) Kempster for always being competitive. Lachlan for his love of the bilby. Kevin (Kevie) Lin for his unique dance and fitness moves. Alex (Big Marn) for his great fly-half skills. Mitchell (Mitchie) Litzow for always caring about everyone. Cooper (Nico) for always hitting Mrs Carseldine with any form of round missile. Sean Machin for the great mystery of the missing rubber. Noah (Pratty) for his love of the shimmy and TNTs. Ryan Phillips for loving rugby and football equally. Angus for his persistence in all that he does. Campbell for always quietly helping his mates. George for doing a ‘Dory’ but on second attempt, with focussed concentration, getting his next answer on track. Noah (Stevo) for his Kevin Rudd fringe adjustments. Ryan for his perfect work ethic. Will (Willis) for being a ‘funny goose’ anywhere, anytime. Jared (Jazza) for his Irish accent in his excellent oral presentation on Jack Donohue. Mrs Carseldine for her love of bananas and Kerr, cricket skills, and ability to find stuff. Also for her word “yeahNO”. Hunter Mills for being the new ironman. Angus (Gus) Quince for his air bass guitar playing. Levi Rosevear for his colourful shoes and love of animals. Charlie Shears for his excellent Minion costume. Bailey (Bails) Tottle for being the class gossip. Jayden (JT) Tucker for demonstrating the Grinja code each day. Matty (The Dude) Van Eden for his knowledge of golf. Gabe Wolvetang for being the ultimate IGS rugby man. Ms Thompson – according to 5T – for teaching us to love rugby, and for pretending to love cricket and football. Ms Harlie Thompson Mrs Karen Carseldine Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 53
  • Year 6C & 6S Year 6 is a pivotal time for the boys who have developed their leadership skills as the eldest members of the Junior School. They have developed as young men with the necessary responsibility for their own learning before entering the Middle School. Looking after belongings, making good decisions and planning for assessment and assignments are vital to success in coming years. As always, Year 6 is full of excitement in activities both academic and co-curricular. The weeks are full of hard work in maths, English, science, history, art, music and LOTE, not to mention the extra-curricular learnings that are offered. Combine this with the many events which now punctuate the school year and we have had a particularly busy year. The weeks fly by quickly and very soon the young boys who began the year have grown and are ready to accept that next step in life. We wish them all well in their future journey. Here are some quotes from the men of Year 6… “The greatest thing about Year 6 is learning a lot of different strategies in all the subjects.” “I loved the Year 6 camp. We went to Emu Gully with the boys and teachers. The atmosphere was incredible. I loved it when we went into the mud pit.” “The best thing is education. I think learning in Year 6 is the best!” “The best time in Year 6 was when I made lots of friends.” “The best thing about Year 6 is the balance of fun and hard gruelling work created by all the teachers.” “I loved boxing and grappling in the gymnasium.” “I will remember Emu Gully, our excursions and Mr Simmonds, who tells jokes and is funny most of the time.” “We were able to all have the chance of being a leader and we all worked together to achieve good work and goals!” Mr Greg Simmonds & Ms Jodie Carnell 54 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • PREP L BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: 1A Benjamin Lattimore, Tate Naish, Nathanael Bailey, Carter Brampton Rhys Berderow, Callum Hood, Dean Pratt, Din Cirkic, Ari Gnech, Xavier Tucker, Isaac Sandaver, Miss A. Lindenmanyer (Teacher) Mrs L. Hardgrove (Teacher Aide), Sam Pitty, Dylan Smith, Harry Black, Liam Lane, Jamie Adams, Edward Roberts, Alex Fraser, Mrs L. Dixon (Teacher Aide) James Fowler 1M BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: William Pamenter, Cody Wood, Lachlan Denton Samuel Kuppens, Sean Charman, Griffin Woodruffe, Harrison Memory, Winston Wells, Jamie Norris Mrs L. Dixon (Teacher Aide), Samuel Taylor, Julian Moore, Xavier James, Mason Gilchrist, Bailey McPherson, William Patterson, Rhys Jensen, Miss A. Marsh (Teacher) 2C Thomas Tozer, Henric Stoessel, Lucas Burke, William Fanshawe, Thomas Stephens, Oliver Carter, Dean Lausberg Mrs N. McGrath (Teacher), Alex Leonida, Theo Dionysius, Michael Figg, Declan Hoffensetz, Fredrik Brock, Thomas Lake, Mrs P. Morrow (Teacher Aide) Mertcan Pekin, Lachlan Veivers, Aaron Gray 2M BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: Jacob Blackmore, Bradley Worboys, Xavier O’Donnell, Edward Fish, Shaman Shan, Hanley Scott Miss J. Caton (Teacher), Alexander Chalvatzis, Jacob Hines, Isaac McAuliffe, Lee Beckett, Kaiden Wendt Xavier Brimecombe, Ben Stevers, Harrison Rapmund, Thomas Donnelly, Matthew Schoeman, Benjamin Chalvatzis, Charlie Burke, Benjamin Cooper 3C Ben Naish, Henry Blackledge, Rex Quince, Kyran Williams, Thomas Branigan Ms K. Harvey (Teacher Aide), Bailey Matthew, Nathan Fraser, Noah Balfe, Alexander Gorman, Caelan Macaulay, Harry Osborne, Mrs C. McGrath (Teacher) Oliver Jenner, Thomas Michie, Sebastian Lacey, Harrison Woodruffe, Charlie Rowcliffe, Tane Gregory, Jack Pitty, Angus Skull, Dylan Stone BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: Lachlan Tucker, Alexander Laing-Short, Mackinlay Sturges, Zachary Shegog, Isaac Kuppens Mrs S. Corry (Teacher), Joshua Scrooby, Liam Stewart, Samuel Roberts, Michael Barnham, Ms K. Harvey (Teacher Aide) Harry Sammut, Braden Gibb, Zacharie Farmer, Travis Brown, Thomas Hurd, Thomas Abel, Samuel Starbuck Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 55
  • 3E BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: 4B Thomas Jervis-Tracey, Zephaniah Behan-Howell, Joel Rosenberg, Bayden Goodwin Mrs S. Ede (Teacher), Cameron Lake, Harrison Batzloff, Ethan Pendlebury, Hayden O’Mara, Thomas Stancy, Kudakwashe Mutambi, Mr N. Ladd (Teacher Aide) Jack Cridland, Noah Clark, Luke Burton, Sheldon Moore, David Araba, Oscar Giess, Joshua Coman Angus McBain BACK ROW: Liam Donnelly, Sebastian Dutton, Kadec MacKinney, Ryan Wallace, Oliver Watson THIRD ROW: Macauley Rapmund, Lachlan Hood, Matthew Dresselhaus, Quinn Hardy, Brian Wakist SECOND ROW: Mr K. Brock (Teacher), Jack Charman, Jake Stjepcevic, Lushen Moodley, Angus Diehm, Campbell Macaulay, Baxta Dickson, Mrs A. Krause (Teacher Aide) FRONT ROW: Mason Storer, Austin Trevanion, James Eddington, Hunter Osborne, Phi-Vu Duong, Jesse Whiteman, Caden Goh, Jack Williams, Cooper Jenner 4S 5C BACK ROW: Lachlan Skull, Brandon Beckett, Blake Palmer, Jack Fanshawe, Sebastien Carvolth THIRD ROW: Abdul Arshad, Eldar Cirkic, Connor McBride, Campbell Moore, Euan Brown, Jack Starbuck SECOND ROW: Mr P. Smith (Teacher), Saxon Rawson, William Burke, Christopher Branch, Jaika Thompson, Harrisson Brampton, Mrs A. Krause (Teacher Aide) FRONT ROW: Hamish Cassidy, Jasper Macqueen Wetzel, Isaiah Creed, Lochlan Gale, Solomon Dixon, Oliver Veivers, Ryan Wakista, Oshadha Edirisinghe ABSENT: Timothy Fitzgerald BACK ROW: Noah Pratt, George Rowcliffe, Alexander Maynard, Caeb Cross THIRD ROW: Jared Wales, Jacob Bell, Ryan Stieler, Declan Biggs, Noah Stevens SECOND ROW: Mrs K. Carseldine (Teacher), Cooper Nichols, Lachlan Malcolm, Campbell Ross, EJ Horsey, Harry Dobson, Darcy Cardinal FRONT ROW: Noah Auld, Tudor Leonida, Tarran Llewellyn, Angus Preston, Fergus Berry, Isaac Bracker, William Stoddart, Bailey Jackson 5T 6C BACK ROW: Reece Flanderka, Gabriel Wolvetang, Thomas Kempster THIRD ROW: Devesh Dayal, Levi Rosevear, Alexander Jacobson-Jones, Ryan Phillips, Hunter Mills, Rhyce Greive SECOND ROW: Ms H. Thompson (Teacher), Zenden Greenhill-Brown, Andrew Gough, Kevin Lin, Charles Shears, Aidan Cusworth, Jonas Hughes FRONT ROW: Allan Chivanga, Bailey Tottle, Sean Machin, Angus Quince, Matthew Van Eden, Archibald Horneman-Wren, Jayden Tucker, Mitchell Litzow BACK ROW: Blair Keily, Hussan Al-Hashemy, Jeremy Herron, Andrew Leathem, Bailey Ittensohn THIRD ROW: Mitchell Ward, Charlie Jones, Luke Usher, Matt Van De Weyer, Mitchell Wood, Kyle Palmer SECOND ROW: Ms J. Carnell (Teacher), Kris Kong, Nicholas Meek, Blaine Goodbun, Dominic Stevenson, Jamie Edols, Ms T. Kahl (Teacher Aide) FRONT ROW: William Rosemond, Samuel Davis, Cooper Brown, Konrad Wallace, Christian Krause, Maximus Schulz, Julian Hay, James Sammut 56 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • 6S JUNIOR SCHOOL LEADERS BACK ROW: Daniel Raleigh, Jackson Webber, Dillon Stone, Lochlann Heers Acworth, James Brabrook THIRD ROW: Timothy Pallett, Timothy Gibb, Jackson Cooper, Ethan Entwisle, Hayden Keily, Sean Kearney SECOND ROW: Mr G. Simmonds (Teacher), William Robinson, James Tully, Brodie Seccombe, Harrison Rule, Theodore Baker, Finlay Rush FRONT ROW: Lachlan Eggins, Matthew Gallagher, James Yates, Thomas Wigg, Jack Denton, Henry Dixon, Ethan Amos, Nicholas Tabe BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Jack Denton, James Brabrook, Mr D. Macknish (Head of Junior School), Sean Kearney, Jackson Cooper Brodie Seccombe, Jeremy Herron, Henry Dixon, Charlie Jones, Jackson Webber, Dillon Stone Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 57
  • Extra-curricular BASKETBALL THE halls, corridors and playgrounds were alive with the thud of bouncing basketballs as places in the Junior School teams were up for grabs. Forty Year 4 and 5 and more than 70 Year 6 and 7 lads were keen for a contest. With such large numbers trialling it would be a shame to leave more than half at school on Fridays when we played in the Ipswich competition. A hasty change of tack saw a new tournament arranged, allowing all the boys to play at school on Friday afternoons. With the Junior School set to join the GPS system in 2014, eight junior teams and eight senior teams were selected and the games began in earnest. The courts at school were abuzz with dribbling, passing, shooting and a myriad of other skills that had little feet running to and fro attempting to score that elusive basket for the team. Games were not high-scoring, but FENCING WITH the clinking of foils accompanying the thrust, lunge, parry and reposte of every bout, fencing was an enormous hit in 2013. For boys who enjoy analysis and individual competition, this sport is readymade for the energy, competitive nature and discipline of the students of Ipswich Grammar School. As an alternative activity during Friday afternoon sports, fencing continued to grow in popularity. It was pleasing to see students prepared to try something new and to judge the activity on its merits. Students who participated in fencing for a number of semesters showed great promise and skill as they developed the required deft touches to fool their opponent and score the elusive touché. – Mr David Macknish 58 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community much energy was spent developing individual and team skills necessary for next year’s competitions. Best of all, they had fun. – Mr Greg Simmonds
  • CHESS CLUB THERE was such an overwhelming response by students wishing to participate in Chess Club this year that two coaches were required. Students in Years 3 and 4 were coached by Frank Zvonar, while boys in Years 5 to 7 were taught by Debbie Jenkins. The boys benefited from the new strategies taught each week and they loved the friendly tournaments which enabled them to strengthen their problemsolving skills. A significant improvement in the boys’ abilities to think logically and efficiently became obvious, and it was a pleasure to see them learn how to make difficult and abstract decisions. These skills were then put into practice at the Somerville House Chess Tournaments. – Mr David Macknish & Mrs Kelly Lewis COOL CONNECTIONS THIS program for boys in Years 4 and 5 reinforces basic number facts and sight words combined with the fundamentals of the Learning Connections program. Learning Connections is based on sensory motor therapy and is designed to enhance the building blocks that precede learning. Boys are referred by their form teacher to participate in this program. The boys complete a circuit of specific movements each session while practising their number facts and sight words in a fun, relaxed environment. Each boy is given a take-home laminated copy of these movements which he can do at home before he commences his homework routine. Consistent use of these movements has been shown to enhance learning skills across the curriculum. – Mrs Karen Carseldine Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 59
  • CREARTIVE ‘A NIGHT at the Museum’ by Milan Trenc created our drama in the arts… So many Preps and Year 1 boys filled our CreARTive class! We were set to work as palaeontologists; fossils were made for our dinosaur dig. We learnt the names and facts of dinosaurs both small and very big. Captain Larry led the way with his torch and navy blue hat, He made the dinosaurs seem so real that they jumped out for us to pat! Our visual art box project was a collaborative effort; we’re a team, We created our very own dinosaur with imagination and creativity at the seam. Drawing, painting and construction found us busy each Thursday afternoon, And a visit to the museum we hope to have at Ipswich Grammar School very soon! – Miss Alyce Lindenmayer YEARS 2 & 3 ART CLUB THIS year boys focussed on colour, pattern and animals. The Year 2 boys created a warm or cool coloured pattern, a painted and patterned koala, and a black, white and coloured geometric design. The Year 3 boys focussed on colour and pattern with an African twist. They created a patterned African mask, a painted and patterned African fabric design, and a ‘hidden’ African animal. All the boys thoroughly enjoyed Art Club and displayed a high level of enthusiasm and skill to produce beautiful and meaningful works. Year 2 Art Clubbers: Bailey Matthew, Harrison Woodruffe, Nathan Fraser, Isaac McAuliffe, Xavier Brimecombe, Lee Beckett, Matthew Schoeman, Ben 60 Chalvatzis, Alex Chalvatzis, Kaiden Wendt, Shaman Shan, Angus Skull, Bradley Worboys, Hanley Scott, Rex Quince. Year 3 Art Clubbers: Oscar Giess, Tom Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community Hurd, Thomas Abel, Mackinlay Sturges, Alexander Laing-Short, Zachary Shegog, Lachlan Tucker. – Miss Jane Caton
  • TEAM IGS BACK ROW: Alexander Dobson, Haedyn Rawson, Harrison Jarrard, James Runnegar, Archie Owen, Timothy Pallett THIRD ROW: Noah Stevens, Kadec MacKinney, Timothy Gibb, Thomas Kempster, William Kraschnefski, Jack Fanshawe, Brodie Seccombe, Quinn Hardy SECOND ROW: Cooper Jenner, Isaac Bracker, Campbell Moore, Harry Dobson, Sam Stevens, Jacob Bell, Ryan Phillips, Sebastien Carvolth, Fergus Berry, Ethan Amos FRONT ROW: Jaika Thompson, Isaiah Creed, Hunter Osborne, Mason Storer, Mr J. Morgan (Coach), Jack Williams, William Burke, Nicholas Taber, William Stoddart ABSENT: Mr B. Hardy (Coach) CROSS COUNTRY THE annual Inter-house Cross Country Carnival was held at Brassall Sporting Complex on 28 April. It was a great success with all competitors doing their best in representing their houses, the eventual champions being Cameron and Lawrance. IGS took a team of 22 boys to the annual Ipswich District Primary School Cross Country Carnival on 24 April. Congratulations to Isaac Bracker (first), Isaiah Creed (fifth), Alex Dobson (first), Archie Owen (second), Mitchell Fearon (first) and Hayden Rawson (third) for placing in their respective age groups and qualifying to run at the regionals. IGS then hosted Toowoomba Grammar School for a warm up meet on 10 May prior to travelling up the range for the Junior Schools’ Invitational Carnival on 17 May. Our runners sacrificed the fun of the Ipswich Show to represent IGS in Toowoomba. This showed the team’s great commitment and spirit, which was evident on the day. Well done to all involved. Special thanks to Mr Bruce Hardy for his hard work in leading the team. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 61
  • YEAR 7 BACK ROW: Alexander Barnham, Callum Downes FRONT ROW: Thomas Malcolm, Isaac Irons, Ms K. Lewis (Teacher), Alexander Rixon, William Macknish ABSENT: Liam Cassidy, Cale Lewis YEAR 6 BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: YEAR 5 Dominic Stevenson, George Rowcliffe, Jackson Cooper, Charlie Jones Tudor Leonida, Kris Kong, Mr D. Macknish (Teacher), Thomas Wigg, Henry Dixon DEBATING THE strength of Junior School debating continues to develop, as does interest in the discipline. With double the participants of previous years we fielded six teams in the Queensland Debating Union Junior Round 62 BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Archibald Horneman-Wren, Matthew Van Eden, Jack Fanshawe, Ryan Phillips, Andrew Gough Mr D. Macknish (Teacher), Oshadha Edirisinghe, Allan Chivanga, Solomon Dixon, William Burke Robin Competition. Boys progressed significantly, not only in their speaking and presentation skills but also their abilities to formulate points, justify them and prepare rebuttal. The skills developed through debating were noticed permeating the classroom and creating stronger speakers, thinkers and writers. Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community Congratulations to all speakers, and special thanks to coaches Ms Kelly Lewis, Mr Michael Fanshawe and Mr David Macknish. It is hoped that the expansion and interest in debating will continue for years to come, with membership of the debating community attaining the prestige it deserves.
  • RED RUGBY BACK ROW: Blair Keily, Matt Van De Weyer, Andrew Leathem, Dillon Stone, George Rowcliffe, Keagan Hunter , Hayden Keily, Noah Pratt MIDDLE ROW: Ms H. Thompson (Coach), Konrad Wallace, Finlay Rush, Gabriel Wolvetang, Timothy Gibb, Charlie Jones, Cooper Brown, Mr T. Krause (Coach) FRONT ROW: Nicholas Taber, Fergus Berry, Maximus Schulz, Christian Krause, William Robinson, Ethan Whiteside, James Sammut ABSENT: Mr G. Wallace (Coach), Mr W. Brown (Coach), Jackson Webber WHITE RUGBY BACK ROW: Jacob Bell, Mitchell Ward, James Brabrook, Alexander Maynard, Caeb Cross, Timothy Pallett, Noah Stevens MIDDLE ROW: Ms H. Thompson (Coach), Andrew Gough, Charles Shears, Reece Flanderka, Ryan Phillips, Theodore Baker, Aidan Cusworth, Mr A. Berry (Coach) FRONT ROW: Ethan Amos, William Rosemond, Sean Machin, Darcy Cardinal, Cooper Nichols, Noah Auld, William Stoddart ABSENT: Rhyce Greive, Mr M. Cross (Coach) RUGBY JUNIOR rugby continued to grow in both enthusiasm and numbers this year. Years 5, 6 and 7 boys enjoyed preseason fitness sessions with Mr Nance in Term 2. Boxing on the oval soon became the talk of the playground, with junior boys outnumbering the senior boys at some sessions. The Year 6 boys also joined the CIC competition on a wildcard entry in Term 2, recording excellent wins over Padua College, Brisbane Grammar School and St Laurence’s College, with narrow defeats against Nudgee and Southport. The experience gave the boys the confidence needed to enter the GPS competition in 2014. Term 3 was the start of the GPS Rugby season. Our Years 5 and 6 teams continued to develop their skills in training and had the opportunity to experience big game atmosphere by hosting teams during our home fixtures and acting as water and ball boys for the First XV. For the first time, IGS participated in the Festival of RugbySevens Competition hosted by Ipswich Rangers in early August. Many thanks to our volunteer coaches for assisting during training, fitness and game days. – Ms Harlie Thompson Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 63
  • JUNIOR A BACK ROW: Mason Storer, Levi Rosevear, Mr P. Smith (Coach), Zenden Greenhill-Brown, Baxta Dickson FRONT ROW: Isaiah Creed, Isaac Bracker, Ryan Stieler, Campbell Ross, Harry Dobson, Cooper Nichols ABSENT: EJ Horsey, Bailey Jackson JUNIOR B BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: FRONT ROW: JUNIOR C Thomas Kempster, Abdul Arshad Allan Chivanga, Andrew Gough, Ms J. Carnell (Coach), William Stoddart, Cooper Jenner Hamish Cassidy, Eldar Cirkic, Lachlan Skull, Hunter Osborne, Ryan Phillips, Macauley Rapmund, Noah Auld FOOTBALL FOOTBALL has an exceptionally strong following at Ipswich Grammar and 2013 brought a record level of interest and participation amongst the boys of the Junior School. IGS fielded seven teams across three divisions of the Ipswich 64 BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Ms T. Kahl (Coach), Oliver Watson, Kadec MacKinney, Jacob Bell, Angus Diehm, Jack Williams Jared Wales, Brian Wakista, Yo Duong, Austin Trevanion, Caden Goh, Mathew Van Eden, Ryan Wallace Primary District Schools competition. After a lengthy trial of many weeks the boys were graded into Senior and Junior White, Red and Grey squads before the season proper under the guidance of coaches Mr Brock, Mr Smith, Mr Simmonds, Ms Carnell, Mr Hines, Ms Kahl, Mr Reidlinger and Mr Morgan. Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community These teams performed very well in their respective competitions, with several achieving second or third place, and two teams winning their respective division. The Senior White team went on to achieve runners-up in the Met West Regional Championship, and the Junior White team progressed even further to represent
  • SENIOR A SENIOR B BACK ROW: Mr K. Brock (Coach), Sancak Durmaz, Flynn Ford, James Runnegar, Harrison Jarrard, Khalli Tomachy FRONT ROW: Liam Davidson, Alexander Dobson, Haedyn Rawson, Charlton Utz, Dylan Yeomans, William Kraschnefski, Joshua Cridland ABSENT: Mitchell Clow BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: SENIOR C SENIOR D BACK ROW: William Macknish, Liam Andrews, Mr D. Hines (Coach), Calum Livingstone, Javier Nguyen FRONT ROW: Matthew Goodwin, Isaac Irons, Connor Bilzon, Mason Trevanion, Cameron Rafferty, Visun Wijeyewickrema, Tristan Gelderblom BACK ROW: Mr L. Reidlinger (Coach), Dillon Stone, Lochlann Heers-Acworth, Nicholas Meek, Matt Van De Weyer FRONT ROW: Cooper Brown, Theodore Baker, Daniel Raleigh, Harrison Rule, Sean Kearney, Nicholas Taber, Konrad Wallace Met West at the South-East Queensland finals. The team contested very well at the tournament, winning one of two matches and finishing in third place. Across all teams the boys showed great motivation and commitment to improving their football skills and performance throughout the season. Mr G. Simmonds (Coach), Charlie Jones, Finlay Rush, Brodie Seccombe, Bailey Ittensohn, Matthew Gallagher, James Brabrook James Sammut, Ethan Amos, Timothy Gibb, Hayden Keily, Timothy Pallett, Henry Dixon, Maximus Schulz From attending extra training sessions to playing their hearts out in each and every game, the lads impressed their coaches and spectators alike with their excellent team spirit and passion for the game. Many thanks to all the parents who assisted teams each week and also to Mr Morgan for his tireless efforts in the coordination of the competition, coaching and refereeing when needed. The coaches wish the boys every success with their football in the coming years and we all look forward to their future contribution to IGS Football. – Ms Harlie Thompson Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 65
  • MUSIC THE first two weeks of May were very busy with 44 boys from the Junior School Choir rehearsing daily – and sometimes even twice a day – in preparation for the Ipswich Eisteddfod. The boys performed ‘A song from the heart’ and ‘A-sailing for to go’ at Ipswich Civic Centre in front of an audience of about 500 people. The choir was up against some tough competition and even though they didn’t take out one of the top three positions, the adjudicator commended the boys on their “lovely unison sound” and their “energetic performance”. 66 Sixteen singers from Years 5, 6 and 7 were selected to be a part of the GPS Junior Music Day of Excellence Choir. Together with boys from the other GPS schools the 101-strong ensemble rehearsed at Brisbane Grammar School in July before travelling to Churchie for final rehearsals and a gala concert in front of a packed audience. They learned music as diverse as ‘Oye’ – a Spanish language song – and Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘With Cat-like Tread’. A big thank you to our wonderful mentor Mrs Bronwyn French and also to Mrs Diana Maynard, mother of Alex in Year 5, for accompanying us when Mrs French was not available. Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community A special thank you to those boys who never missed a rehearsal and to those who always applied themselves whole-heartedly. Meanwhile, Year 5 students began their group instrumental lessons at the end of Term 1. Band and String Orchestra commenced at the start of Term 3, giving students their very first opportunity to play in an ensemble and to learn the basics of ensemble playing. Students began by playing from their tutor book, working on ‘Mickey Mouse March’ and ‘Old MacDonald had a Band’ in preparation for performances. – Mrs Robyn Tank
  • TENNIS MRS Carseldine and Ms Thompson accompanied a record number of aspiring champions to the worldclass facilities at Brassall Sporting Complex in Term 2. Each week our young tennis players were inspired by the globally-recognised Coach Glinster. Drills and skills always preceded serious game play. All tennis men benefited from small group coaching with Ms T, a former Macdonald’s junior star. Mrs Carseldine acted as the tournament referee each week to ensure fair and competitive play. Tennis Australia heard about our facilities and came to visit the Brassall courts, bringing with them men and women professional players who competed in an ATP tournament for the week. Ipswich Grammar players had the opportunity to watch the men’s semi-final and were in awe of the speed and accuracy of the shots played. Later the boys participated in mini coaching clinics with Tennis Australia coaches to further improve their skills. An invitational tournament with Toowoomba Grammar School was planned, but had to be cancelled at the last moment because news had reached the range of how fantastic our tennis stars were. Mrs C and Ms T concur that the TGS teams may have been intimidated. Many thanks to Coach Dave Glinster for his expertise and sense of humour during the season. – Mrs Karen Carseldine & Ms Harlie Thompson Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 67
  • TRACK & FIELD THE Inter-house Track & Field Carnival was held on 19 June at the IGS and Blair ovals. The day was highly competitive with many great performances recorded. It also gave students the chance to gain selection in the IGS rep teams. The carnival was eventually won by Cameron. The Ipswich District Track & Field 68 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • TEAM IGS BACK ROW: Cameron Rafferty, Blake Palmer, Haedyn Rawson, James Runnegar, Jeremy Herron, Sancak Durmaz, Charlton Utz, Timothy Pallett, Konrad Wallace THIRD ROW: Sebastian Dutton, Nicholas Meek, William Kraschnefski, Timothy Gibb, Archie Owen, Alexander Dobson, Charlie Jones, Cooper Brown, Kadec MacKinney SECOND ROW: Baxta Dickson, Jack Williams, Lachlan Hood, Campbell Moore, Finlay Rush, Harry Dobson, Harry Pennington, Aidan Cusworth, Isaac Bracker, Hunter Osborne FRONT ROW: Cooper Jenner, Hamish Cassidy, Isaiah Creed, Nicholas Taber, Ethan Whiteside, Mr J. Morgan (Coach), Mason Storer, James Sammut, Saxon Rawson, Caden Goh, Mitchell Litzow ABSENT: Mr B. Hardy (Coach) Carnival was held on 31 July and 1 August at Limestone Park. IGS fielded a team of 22 boys, all of whom represented the red and white with great enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Congratulations to all boys involved, particularly those who went on and represented the district at regionals. The Junior Schools’ Invitational Athletics Carnival was held at the Queensland Sports and Activities Centre at Nathan on 31 August. The day consisted of 800m, 100m, 200m, hurdles, relays, long jump, high jump and shotput. The IGS men all did an outstanding job and performed to the best of their abilities. Special thanks must go to Miss Di Sheppard, Mr Darren Grose, Mr Fabian Horridge and Mr Bruce Hardy for including the junior athletes in their training programs. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 69
  • TEAM IGS BACK ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: Haedyn Rawson, James Brabrook, Yusuf Memon, Flynn Ford, James Runnegar, Mason Trevanion, George Rowcliffe, Cameron Gough Timothy Pallett, Sean Kearney, Gabriel Wolvetang, Noah Pratt, Connor Bilzon, Archie Owen, Ryan Stieler, Charlie Jones Ms T. Kahl (Coach), Noah Stevens, Sam Stevens, Jacob Bell, Mr J. Morgan (Coach), Charles Shears, Cooper Brown, Ryan Phillips, Miss J. Chandler (Coach) Mason Storer, Oliver Veivers, Austin Trevanion, Matthew Gallagher, Sebastien Carvolth, Andrew Gough, Harry Dobson, Jack Williams, Timothy Fitzgerald, Hunter Osborne SWIMMING THE swimming season concluded after a short and sharp number of weeks. Due to the nature of the season swimmers were selected from our annual carnivals towards the end of 2012. This year’s squad included 36 swimmers from Years 4 to 7. The Ipswich District Swimming Carnival at Bundamba was the first opportunity for our squad to swim together. After a very successful day in the pool IGS was awarded the District Swimming Trophy for the first time in a number of years. Congratulations to all boys involved. 70 Further congratulations to the boys selected to represent Ipswich at the regionals – Mason Storer, Sebastien Carvolth, Rhyce Greive, EJ Horsey, Liam Donnelly, Sean Kearney, Ryan Stieler, Cameron Gough, Connor Bilzon, Archie Owen, Cooper Brown, Hayden Rawson, Mason Trevanion, Ben McKay, Flynn Ford and James Runegar. Mason Storer and Sebastien Carvolth also qualified for the state carnival. Our squad travelled to Toowoomba Grammar School to lock horns with our western neighbour in a warm up meet prior to the Junior Schools’ Invitational Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community Carnival. With the day conducted in great spirit, we look forward to continuing to develop ties with Toowoomba Grammar. The swimming season ended with the Junior Schools’ Invitational Swimming Carnival at The Southport School. Disappointingly, the carnival format had been altered from previous years to only include relays. Despite this set-back, and the poor weather, our swimmers performed admirably. Special thanks to Mr Greg Fasala, Miss Jess Chandler, Ms Sonia Watts and Ms Tracey Kahl for their assistance with the swimming squad this year.
  • Middle School Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 71
  • T HE International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC) conference was held during the year at the St Christopher’s School in Richmond, Virginia, USA where more than 200 schools from around the globe sent representatives. A growing number of new schools joined the IBSC, in particular Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore and China. I had the privilege of representing Ipswich Grammar and showcased our Life Skills programs and boy-friendly model to an international audience. 72 Mr JOHN CHALVATZIS Head of Middle School I am pleased to announce our programs have been adopted by some schools around the globe. LIFE SKILLS OUR Life Skills programs have continued to evolve in topics that we believe are relevant to adolescent men. Below is a sample of our programs: • Year 7: Mental Health, Primary Health Values. • Year 8: Transition to High School, Food Science, Home Duties, Cyber Bullying, Adolescent Loss and Grief, Real Man Project. • Year 9: Financial Literacy, Goal Setting, Resilience, Conflict Avoidance, Boys to Men Program. CAMP WEEK OUR three cohorts of Middle School men travelled to various camping locations to Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community experience, for many, new ventures. Year 7 experienced a coastal camp at Mudjimba, Year 8 went to traditional Lake Moogarah, while Year 9 adventured off to the wilderness of Emu Gully. Each camp was designed to gradually increase independence and skills. Twenty-five teachers including Mr Henderson volunteered their time to give our boys an opportunity to experience activities that for many have never trialled. Some of these activities included surfing, mountain biking, sleeping in a tent, hiking, ropes courses,
  • HONOUR ROLL FORM CAPTAINS: Callum Downes & Antonio Onate (7A), William Macknish (7B), Alexander Dobson (7D), Alex Auschra (8A), Thomas Keller (8B), Mitchell Biggs (8C), Cooper Orrock (8D), Wolfgang Wallace (8E), Karl Rosenberg (8F), Kyle Bilzon (9A), Paul Godfrey (9B), Suri Maniam (9C), Nathaniel Seip (9D), Zac Teevan (9E). FORM VICE-CAPTAINS: Joshua Dalton-Peacock (7A), Liam Cassidy (7B), Flynn Ford & Mitchell Clow (7D), Nicholas Mate (8A), Nicholas Raine (8B), Aiden Pocock (8C), Vishesh Mathur (8D), Ben Maynard (8E), Aaron Herbst (8F), Wyatt Cook (9A), Patrick Denny (9B), Liam Martin (9C), Sai Pabbati (9D), Dylan Van Der Merwe (9E). YEAR 7: Mason Trevanion (Activities Captain), Archie Owen (Sports Captain), Rohan Purkiss, William Kraschnefski, Isaac Irons & Thomas Malcolm (School Counsellors). YEAR 8: Declan Johnston (Year 8 Captain), Tarick Cirkic, Brendan Richardson, Zane Steel & Zac Wendt (School Counsellors). YEAR 9: Harrison Gregory (Middle School Captain), Nick Verrenkamp, Luke Self, Riley Wilton, Callum Hicks & Alexander Aurisch (School Counsellors), Brayden Thorogood, Callum Wilton, Jackson Matkovic, Jack McKay, Angus Mival, Brendan Warren, Cooper Nunn & Mihir Chipalkatty (Year 9 Mentors). canoeing, buggy driving and initiative exercises. I thank all staff, teachers, parents and our young men for this wonderful week. NEW PROGRAMS TWO new programs were implemented as a continuation of our innovations. The first program was the Socrates Award, designed for boys who wished to academically challenge themselves against fellow Middle School classmates. Twenty Year 7, 8 and 9 students volunteered for this competition and were tested in fields such as Greek philosophy, science, the history of IGS and geography. After five gruelling rounds the final five of Cooper Nunn, Aditya Hebbani, Harrison Gregory, Sai Pabbati and Brendan Richardson were tested to the limits in a national style spelling bee. The grand final was between Cooper Nunn, Harrison Gregory, Aditya Hebbani of Year 9 and Brendan Richardson of Year 8. The final round consisted of an oral presentation. Harrison Gregory took the gold medal, Cooper Nunn the silver and Brendan Richardson and Aditya Hebbani shared bronze. The second program was the John Edmondson Medal, which awarded boys for their contributions to the school values of Community, Excellence, Integrity and Leadership. Designed along the lines of a Duke of Edinburgh program, the John Edmondson Medal offers bronze, silver and gold medal opportunities for all students. It encourages boys to develop an understanding of the community, themselves and the world around them. It will also help to empower them for the future. LITERACY TWO additional literacy programs were run in the Middle School. The first was the Reading Champions Club, which was started in 2010 by a group of budding readers who met weekly to share books, read, discuss ideas on how to promote literacy amongst other boys and more importantly, to have fun. Boys had to meet certain criteria to qualify for bronze, silver and gold awards. The following boys have been wonderful ambassadors for the club: Thomas Chapple, Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 73
  • Brendan Richardson, James Forrest, Tiernan Laracy, Patrick Denny, Brayden Thorogood, Thomas Malcolm, Adam Ross, Joshua Jervis-Tracey, Joshua Dalton-Peacock, Kye Burton, Alex Barnham, Alex Rixon, Callum Downes, Stefan Thottunkal and Massimo Dell’Amunziata. The second literacy program was the Accelerated Readers Program. Boys read selected books and did an online quiz to test their level of understanding. A special congratulations to Year 9 student Christopher Fox, who is the first Middle School student to receive the gold award two years in a row! PASTORAL CARE TRACKING & GPAs TWO new initiatives throughout the school have been the introduction of Pastoral Care Tracking and calculating GPAs for all students. Both of these were implemented to give boys an indication on how they are progressing. By the end of Semester 1 the following boys received 100% positive indicators: • Year 7: Oscar Turner, Connor Gard, Sancak Durmaz, Stefan Thottunkal, Alex Rixon, William Kraschnefski, William Noakes, Archie Owen, Visun Wijeyewickrema, Liam Cassidy, Joshua DaltonPeacock, Mason Trevanion. • Year 8: Jack Walters, 74 Middle School parents for supporting our numerous community programs such as Year 7 Father and Son Night, Grandparents’ Morning, Middle School Mums’ Afternoon Tea, Year 7/8 Pool Party, information evenings, induction ceremonies, caring for sons presentations and the Year 9 Night of Celebration. STAFF Lowell Villarosa, Karl Rosenberg, Brendan Richardson, Campbell Harrys, Jack Greive, Jared Dowling, Tarik Cirkic, Alec Auschra, Michael Krause, Nicholas Schostakowski, Aidan Paull, Mitchell Keily, Dom Alzate, Oliver Reid, Munashe Mutambi, Ben Barratt, Lawrence Danaher, Villiami Lea, Zac Steflicek, Ben Button, Cooper Orrock, Ross Whyte, Tom Fanshawe, Harrison Maynard, Zane Steel, Harrison Bouckley, Bradyn Cawood, Ben Stieler, Julian Fodor. • Year 9: Luke Warnick, Nick Verrenkamp, Jonathan Turner, Callum Hicks, Tom Wheeler, Brayden Thorogood, John Paul Tully, Jack McKay, Zac Teevan, Jack Trace. The following Middle School boys received the highest Semester 1 GPAs for their respective year groups: • Year 7: Visun Wijeyewickrema, Alex Dobson, Keanan Barthelme, Isaac Irons, Archie Owen, Ben Oldham, Alex Barnham, Calum Livingstone, Joshua Dalton-Peacock, Liam Cassidy, Tom Malcolm, William Kraschnefski. • Year 8: Aaron Herbst, Karl Rosenberg, Jared Dowling, Alex Auschra, William Smith, Lowell Villarosa, Brendan Richardson, Maniv Naras, Murray Thistlethwaite, Tom Chapple, Sam Weir, Blake Smallwood, Vishesh Mathur, Declan Johnston, Connor Clark, Jack McCleary. • Year 9: Nick Verrenkamp, Cooper Nunn, Jack Trace, Liam Martin, Harrison Gregory, Bailey Parsonage, Angus Mival, Zac Teevan, Christopher Fox, Jonathan Turner, Jasper Ford, Aditya Hebbani, Luke Self. COMMUNITY I WOULD like to thank the Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community MY THANKS to Mr Hines, Mrs Pitty, Mr Horridge, Mr Reidlinger, Mr Campbell, Mr Strathdee, Mr Cronin, Mr Amos, Mr Grose, Mrs Chalvatzis, Mrs Swinton, Mr Ehm, Mr Craig, Mrs Barrett, Mr Dixon, Mr Schroeder, Mr Hardy and Ms Robbs for being form teachers for all or part of the year, and for the hard work they put in to best prepare our young men for the day-to-day routines. The boys certainly have benefitted being under their care. THANK YOU FINALLY, I would like to thank fellow Senior Management Team staff Mr Henderson, Mr Connors, Mr Snow, Mr Buckley and Mr Macknish for their support, and the Middle School Department of Assistant Head Mr McArdle and Student Services Officer Mrs HallSmith for their tireless work throughout the year.
  • Year 7 & 8 Camp Week Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 75
  • 7A 7B BACK ROW: Liam Andrews, Theo Parrott, Bayley George THIRD ROW: William Kraschnefski, Allan Cooper, Rohan Purkiss, Callum Gill, Adam Baradel, Yusuf Memon, Thomas Malcolm SECOND ROW: Mr D. Hines (Teacher), Keanan Barthelme, Harrison Neville, Kieran Ryall, Michael Holmes, Ben McKay, Angus Moody-Stone, Alexander Barnham, Hamish Thomson FRONT ROW: Cale Lewis, Cameron Rafferty, Antonio Onate, Joshua Dalton-Peacock, Callum Downes, Mitchell Fearon, Riley Bichel BACK ROW: Harrison Jarrard, Sancak Durmaz, Connor Street, Javier Nguyen THIRD ROW: Kye Burton, Harrison Campbell, Erik Pountain, Adam Ross, Archie Owen, Charlton Utz SECOND ROW: Mrs K. Pitty (Teacher), Tristan Gelderblom, Ethan Hardy, Calum Livingstone, Calais Parsonage, Matthew Goodwin, Harry Fisher, Brydon Moore FRONT ROW: Joshua Cridland, Sam Stevens, Liam Cassidy, William Macknish, Connor Bilzon, Liam Davidson, Walter Lausberg 7D 8A BACK ROW: Auguste Bowman, Massimo Dell’Annunziata, Tristan Seeto, Harry Taylor THIRD ROW: James Runnegar, Dylan Yeomans, Mason Trevanion, Oscar Turner, William Noakes, Mark Holme, Connor Gard, Cameron Gough SECOND ROW: Mr L. Reidlinger (Teacher), Stefan Thottunkal, Joshua Jervis-Tracey, Khalu Tomachy, Haedyn Rawson, Nicholas Iselin, Conor Weir, Gerald Wong FRONT ROW: Isaac Irons, Visun Wijeyewickrema, Alexander Dobson, Mitchell Clow, Flynn Ford, Akira Fukushima, Alexander Rixon BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: 8B 8C BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: 76 Steven Grayson, Ryan Maskelyne, Emmitt Keepa, Rhys Gibson, Jarrah Charles, Declan Johnston, Malachi Campbell Mr A. Campbell (Teacher), Thomas Young, Jackson Bray, Blake Reid, Craig Beater, Gerard Massey, Louis Tonel, Matthew Stjepcevic Matthew Bristow, Lachlan Fearon, Nicholas Raine, Thomas Keller, Pierce Knoblanche, Patrick Munnings, Leon Miller Brandon Gee BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: Quayden Collins-Cobbo, Alexander Parsons, Manawa Te Awhe, Domenic Alzate, Lowell Villarosa, Xavier Michael Mr J. Chalvatzis (Head of Middle School), Viliami Lea, Jack Walters, Benjamin Barratt, Eugene Koorts, Bradyn Cawood, Giuliano Marconato, Ross Whyte Nicholas Schostakowski, Michael Krause, Zakary Walker, Nicholas Mate, Lawrence Danaher, Jack Greive, Robert Scott Alex Auschra, Jamie Cameron, Ryan Ekert-Kelly, Aidan Paull, Ezekial Vandermolen, Mr J. Cronin (Teacher) Thomas Phillips-Kirchner, Raymond Ho, Harrison Maynard, Jack Scheuerle, Sinilau Wolske, William Smith, Jared Dowling, Benjamin Button Mr D. Grose (Teacher), Tarik Cirkic, Zane Steel, Callum Marning, Liam Scheuerle, Ju-Ho Lee, Armand Kouakou, Thomas Harrys Connor Clark, Dhareese Bowen, Aiden Pocock, Mitchell Biggs, Ryley Page, Louis Graham, John Sabijon Jack Hansen, Mackenzie O’Donnell Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • 8D BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: 8E Harrison Bouckley, Samuel Weir, Griffin Hardy, Christopher Norton, Ryan Clark, Oliver Reid Mr C. Amos (Teacher), Reuben Seccombe, Benjamin Stieler, Julian Fodor, Dylan Boettcher, Thomas Simon, Joshua Stewart, Thomas Fanshawe Brendan Richardson, Flyn Park, Vishesh Mathur, Cooper Orrock, Oliver Laidlaw, Munashe Mutambi, Mitchell Keily Thomas Chapple, William Eberhardt BACK ROW: Harrison Juillerat, James Forrest THIRD ROW: Tallis Mowles, Douglas Hoffensetz, Mitchell Byrnes, Jacob Busch, Liam Brown, Tiernan Laracy SECOND ROW: Mr J. Strathdee (Teacher), Richard Murray, Nicholas Merlehan, Billy Harsant, Jack Purdy, Finley Smart, Bryn Llewellyn, Zachary Wendt FRONT ROW: Jackson Wallace, Maniv Naras, Benjamin Maynard, Wolfgang Wallace, Nicholas Swain, Murray Thistlethwaite, Mitchell Summerville ABSENT: Jason Hussey, Connor Wakefield 8F 9A BACK ROW: James Huen, Aditya Solanki, Spencer Zanner, Jordan Bailey THIRD ROW: Samuel Peck, Joel Tinney, Kegan Lansdown, Jeremiah Mooka, Jack McCleary SECOND ROW: Mrs S. Chalvatzis (Teacher), Seran Deva-Ashoknath, Noelan Do, Lachlan Goodbun, Bradley Orton, Simon Rosenthal, Zachary Steflicek, Harrison Kerle-Taylor FRONT ROW: Harrison Hardgrove, Blake Smallwood, Aaron Herbst, Karl Rosenberg, James Smith, Bradley Carlton, Kieran Boyle ABSENT: Morgan Whitehouse BACK ROW: Liam Arndt, Nathan Clements THIRD ROW: Alexander Aurisch, Barry Bobongie, Folau Matangi, Taha Al-Hashemy, Conor Bailey, Damien Brandley, Thomas Barnett SECOND ROW: Mr P. Craig (Teacher), Enrique Cabrera, Quinlan Barthelme, Charles Christensen, Connor Armstrong, Waleed Arshad, Tristian Brand, Tavis Sharpe-Jones FRONT ROW: William Clements, Mihir Chipalkatty, Wyatt Cook, Kyle Bilzon, William Cochran, Samuel Corby, Darcy Clark ABSENT: Lewis Ainslie, Lachlan Coxsedge 9B 9C BACK ROW: Joseph Deng, Clancy Enchelmaier, Blake Ellis, Christopher Fox, Jacob Day THIRD ROW: Brendan Dalgliesh, Max Fullarton, Liam Galloway, Nicholas Hall, Tristan Fraser-Preston, Sulakshana Fernando, Harrison Gregory SECOND ROW: Mrs M. Barrett (Teacher), Charlie Ellis, Ricardo Cabrera, Luke Rose, Jasper Ford, Cameron Grice FRONT ROW: Aaron Dodds, Jackson Matkovic, Jonathan Elshaw, Paul Godfrey, Harry Duckworth, Mitchell Forrest, Zachary Eckert ABSENT: Patrick Denny, Matthew Haddad BACK ROW: Niel Hamman, Coen Van Dugteren, Nicholas Holmes, Charles Kimmorley THIRD ROW: Mitchel Klein, Vincent Hardy, Joshua McEvoy, Frank Kuresa, Lonyal Luafutu, Aditya Hebbani, Joshua Inglis SECOND ROW: Mr M. Dixon (Teacher), Ryan Kitzelmann, Benjamin Hall, Walter Lauenstein, Enrique Nguyen, Callum Hicks, Lachlan Mathews, Akash Iyer FRONT ROW: Finnigan McEwan-Watson, Jack McKay, Liam Martin, Suriyarajan Maniam, Daniel Hall, Austin Jennings, Pranavan Kantharajah ABSENT: Monson Lang-Siu, Sebastian Olver Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 77
  • 9D 9E BACK ROW: Julien Smith, Kolio Peterson-Timu, Aidan Saarman, Hamish Taylor THIRD ROW: Thomas Pratt, Harrison Sippel, Cooper Nunn, Bailey Parsonage, Isaac Rushton, Rhyen Kennedy, Liam Nickerson SECOND ROW: Mr G. Schroeder (Teacher), Domonic Molloy, Daniel Quinn, Logan Mulheron, Thomas Oldham, Dennison Pick, Byron Read, Luke Self FRONT ROW: Timothy Nance, Aditya Sharma, Sai Pabbati, Nathaniel Seip, Jack Schefe, Ryan Schossow, Angus Mival ABSENT: Liam Ollier BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: 78 Luke Warnick, Riley Wilton, Clayton Wharekura, Noah van de Werken, James Walker, Brendon Warren, Joshua Zarb, Callum Wilton Mr B. Hardy (Teacher), Harrison Wood, Fredric Walker, Jacob Tappin, Jaye Thompson, Thomas Summerville, Brayden Thorogood, Thomas Wheeler Tim Szallasi, John Tully, Dylan Van Der Merwe, Zac Teevan, Tyrell Thompson, James Whittering, Jack Trace George Thurston, Jonathan Turner, Nicholas Verrenkamp Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Senior School Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 79
  • W HEN asked to write a report on my time as an Ipswich Grammar student and School Captain in our 150th year, my immediate thoughts were: “How is it possible to write about my experiences when every day becomes a new chapter, an exciting new challenge and a revered memory?” At my first school assembly I sat in the Auditorium as a Year 6 student in awe of the young men smartly dressed in their maroon and white blazers. I remember noticing the pride each took with their immaculate uniform and the honour they exhibited with the IGS crest on their hearts. I remember going home and expressing to mum how “awesome” my day was. It is my earliest memory as an IGS student. The assembly began with former Headmaster Mr Frederiksen announcing: “Good morning, Men of Grammar.” This was one of the most important moments of my IGS schooling. I felt like I was part 80 JARRED HANCOCK School Captain of something special. It was a feeling of great pride to wear my blazer, a feeling to support my fellow students. Most importantly, it filled me with selfconfidence and a belief that IGS offered students every chance to succeed. Ipswich Grammar has offered me something impossible to describe with words. The boys I share the classroom with, the staff, and the men with whom I pull on a football jersey to represent the school on the sporting field are the reason why IGS is such sacred ground. Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community I can honestly look someone in the eye and tell them I bleed red and white. There has never been a moment when I wished I wasn’t part of Ipswich Grammar, never a moment when I didn’t want others to succeed. I have always loved the school and idolised not only the Old Boys who come back to visit, but also the cohort of 2013 who wore the white shirt with pride. I thank the senior men of 2013 for putting their trust in me to lead them in their final year. Mr Henderson showed faith in me by offering me this prestigious position. It was an act which I will be forever grateful for, and an opportunity which has changed my life. My cohort and Headmaster trusted me; they showed great support in my time as School Captain and have been behind me every step of the way. In return for your excellent trust, all I wish is that I served you to your expectations. 2013 has been a tremendous year, a year of celebration, and I sincerely thank you for the honour.
  • 10A 10B BACK ROW: Samuel Barrett, Jack Burns, Jake Anderson, Brody Baeumler, Matthew Berlin, Oscar Crisp THIRD ROW: Sean Connell, Benjamin Carter, Nathan Andrews, Chase Cawood, Kiemarli Blair, Garrett Bargewell, Mitchell Binns SECOND ROW: Mr K. Lightbody (Teacher), Oliver Bond, Liam Clark, James Bulgarelli, Michael Canham, Jack Austin, Mathew Atkins, Brayden Hilton, Thomas Butcher FRONT ROW: Aiden Bichel, William Cole, Callum Chandler, Nathan Burge, Nicholas Andrews, Bailey Clarke, Levi Cathcart BACK ROW: Michael Freeman, Mattison Gibson, Van Dorreboom, Dean Dreyer, Cooper Barnes, Samuel Greive THIRD ROW: Trenton Dunstan, Harrison Douglas, Cooper Fritz, Harrison Davis, Benjamin Hussey, Joshua Hooton, Harrison Gibb SECOND ROW: Mr A. French (Teacher), Baxter Hill, James Foddy, Sebastian Hall, Luke Cronan, Riley Herbst, Nicholas de Jong, Alexander Gradin FRONT ROW: Remington Greenhill-Brown, Matthew Hayes, Nathan Harvey, Matthew Haspels, Daniel David, Juaun Garrett, Julio Escobar ABSENT: Jeremy Foo 10C 10D BACK ROW: Padraig McDowell, Lachlan King, Harry Macfarlane, Dylan Manson, Egan Keepa, Efitusi Maafu THIRD ROW: Aidan Maniti, Lachlan McKerracher, Tommy Jarrard, Alexander Leathem, Brayden Klimmer, Benjamin Laidlaw SECOND ROW: Mrs L. Dance (Teacher), Daniel Blinks, Christopher Jackson, Jamie Livingstone, Benjamin Kemp, Sebastian Kuylaars, Sebastian McCullough, Aaron Langdale FRONT ROW: Alexander Jounquay, Jack Marning, Martin Koorts, Benjamin Mate, Pierce Jones, Jayden Marrott, Samuel Logan ABSENT: Jonty Martin, Nicholas Mascord BACK ROW: Liam McMonagle, Patrick Moroney, Riley Mulheron, Harrison Passeri THIRD ROW: Sebastian Norris, Nicholas Piper, Brendan Noble, Jake Morris, Brodie Nickson, Matthew Nelson, Matt Nickerson SECOND ROW: Mrs M. Brown (Teacher), Oliver Neville, Tom Pearson, Reuben Mitchell, Kye O’Sullivan, Christopher Patten, Jarrod Norfolk, Tyler Morton FRONT ROW: Oscar Park, Ricky Nguyen, Jarrod Noe, Charlie Morton, Brady Morton, Matthew Parkes, Kelvin Nguyen ABSENT: Connor Olsen, Miles Peric 10E 10F BACK ROW: Cooper Smith, Jack Purkiss, Jacob Sanderson, Jesse Stevens, Lachlan Ritchie THIRD ROW: Jamie Stephen, Marcus Poniewierski, Ryan Plummer, Connor Storck, Jack Scully, Benjamin Rathbone, Jack Searle SECOND ROW: Mr T. Ragdale (Teacher), Thomas Searle, Michael Streeting, William Hodgkinson, Hayden Randall, Alistair Snow, Bradley Teasdale, Braden Schiller FRONT ROW: Anthony Post, Jackson Rohl, Matthew Stower, Oliver Pye, Nikhil Ramu, Daniel Taber, James Ploetz ABSENT: Navdeep Singh BACK ROW: Eric Walsh-Santouritzis, Jakob Walker, Lachlan Webster, Justin Wise, Ryan Whyte, Jackson Weir THIRD ROW: Christopher Vedelago, Samuel Wallace, Joshua Williams, Fan Zhang, Rhett Williams, Alec Walter SECOND ROW: Mr M. Wellings (Teacher), WeiHang Wang, Darcy Wilson, Bradyn Yeates, Hayden Tompkins, Tevita Wolske, James Wootton FRONT ROW: Patrick Wilson, Matthew Thomas, Declan Turner, Jeremiah Villarosa, Tony Liu, Verle Williams, Tong Zheng, Cassady Wetherall ABSENT: Travis Waters, Angus Whitburn Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 81
  • 11A 11B BACK ROW: Jack Burrows, Kane Bishop THIRD ROW: Nicholas Allum, Benjamin Burton, Matthew Adcock, Lauchlan Campbell, Daniel Busch, Ian Beater, Glen Beazley SECOND ROW: Mr M. Johansen (Teacher), Jordan Anderson, Jordan Black, Mark Broadhead, Aaron Bachmann, Jai Baas-Becking, Jarrod Bravin, Isaac Brown FRONT ROW: Henry Bange, Yan Cheng, Travis Brown, Warwick Absolon, Hugo Briec, Krystofer Braysher, Madhu Borra ABSENT: Cameron Boyle, Jabez Castray BACK ROW: Haiden Clark, David Earley, Dallas Flanagan, Matthew Cook, Alex Finlayson THIRD ROW: Wai Cheuk, Joseph Duckworth, Lachlan Dalgliesh, Beau Finlayson, Patrick Croker, Jaden Donnelly, Jack Chivers SECOND ROW: Dr C. Browne (Teacher), Gary De Muelenaere, Joshua del Castillo, Jack Dennis, Kaelum Fairhurst, Matthew Gibbins, Shaun Cooper, Nicholas Ede FRONT ROW: Phi Duong, Manning Field, David Esteban, Jye Cornwell, Dylan Gale, Tyrone Cubby-Tighe, Bryce Edwards ABSENT: Jaidan Fa’anana-Schultz 11C 11D BACK ROW: Alec Godinet, Brailey Kugel, Andrew Kolesnik THIRD ROW: Caeleb Grosser, Dominic Jones, Liam Johnston, William Herzig, Matthew Kavanagh, Jeremy Gillett, Brock Hammond SECOND ROW: Mr M. Head (Teacher), Harrison Harms, Samuel Kelly, Thomas Juillerat, Thomas Knowles, Allan Huen, Weiming He, Keegan Hall-Smith FRONT ROW: Dexter Johnson, Nicholas Hawkes, Travis John, Maclay Kenman, Hamish Kirton, Jess Guenther, Vishan Illankoon ABSENT: Lachlan Hardy, Johann Koorts BACK ROW: Keldon Ladd, Thomas Michel, Matineng Leahy, Joseph McFerran THIRD ROW: Kyle Lewendon, Declan McDonald, Andrew Love, William Lavery, Nicolas Lewty, Callum Lott, Julian Lam SECOND ROW: Mr P. Trezise (Teacher), Samuel McClelland, Joshua Logan, Jamie Maynard, Gerrard Marsh, Stuart Laidlaw, Mitchell Michael, Jonah Lui FRONT ROW: Brannon Murray, Jarrod Montoro, Matthew McPherson, Charles Mayne, Isaac Lee, Hsin-Chieh Liao, Jesse Morgan ABSENT: Jackson McQuilty 11E 11F BACK ROW: Eugene Ofori, Parker Robinson, Matthew Preen THIRD ROW: Caelan Rafferty, Joshua Otto, Jordan Ross, Izack Rodda, Lachlan Ross, Matthew Roetteler, Patrick Norris SECOND ROW: Mr A. Beruldsen (Teacher), Jordan Schooth, Anthony Poljak, Maranatha Raeli, Connor Renwick, Levi Samuela, Dean Patterson, Andrew Pengelly FRONT ROW: Marcus Schrader, Brock Plumb, Mark Pearson, Ethan Page, Harry Parcell, Samuel Oldershaw, Axel Rice ABSENT: Tyson Nash, Thomas Preston, Isaac Reis BACK ROW: Conor Tarpey, Matthew White, Jacob Street THIRD ROW: Dion Thornton, James Troeger, Josvyn Sokimi, Brady Young, Jonathon Smith, Glen Vogel, Raphael Vargas SECOND ROW: Mrs C. Stoddart (Teacher), William Trezise, Jordan Wendt, Joshua Webber, Brandon Stone, Damien Schumacher, Robert Woodbridge, Lachlan Van De Weyer FRONT ROW: Benjamin Wheatley, Hu You, Andrew Whittering, Shambeckler Vui, Jacob Teevan, Blake Stuart, Benjamin Walsh ABSENT: Nicholas Spencer, Connor Veraart, Harrison Wilton 82 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • 12A 12B BACK ROW: Jack Batho, Liam Davenport, James Addison, Joel Berry, Brennan Cross, James Allardyce THIRD ROW: Glen Brown, Daniel Bailey, Samuel Beckman, Thomas Cochran, Rhys Carter, Hayden Clarke, Savag’e Christian SECOND ROW: Mrs M. Chay (Teacher), Zachary Bryant, Indiana Anderson, Mitchell Cahill, Scott Cronan, Julien Barrett, Sean Adcock, Jacob Butcher FRONT ROW: Daryan Butler, Carlin Anderson, Benjamin Boehm, Joshua Cheadle, Cameron Bargewell, Niall Blair, Arka Basu BACK ROW: Cade Fasala, Jayden Grice, Liam Harris, Liam Fedrick THIRD ROW: Justin Dawes, Tyson Haniotis, Jui Hsu, Carlton Fritz, Joseph Guymer, Thomas Furminger, Jarred Hancock, Spencer Hamson SECOND ROW: Mrs F. Davey (Teacher), Sebastian Fox, Cheng-Lung Hsieh, Marcellus Hinds-Meyer, Isaac Hansen, John Freeman, Edward Davidson, Tarlon Fynn FRONT ROW: Daniel Goodbun, Brian Fan, Christopher Goode, Jamason Fa’anana-Schultz, Prescott Fraser, Landon Hayes, Todd Gorringe ABSENT: Michael Griffin, Alex Grissell 12C 12D BACK ROW: Aaron Montoro, Jack Lorton, Riley Mellor, Joel McLean, Itrat Memon, Thomas McDonald THIRD ROW: Nicholas Lee, Jason Newdick, Zachary Hunter, James Moroney, Daniel Jennings, Stanford Kawale SECOND ROW: Mr A. Walsh (Teacher), David Marcolin, John Massey, Corey Lucas, Kalum McKenzie, Billy Jackwitz, Jack McNeill, Ryan Maddison FRONT ROW: Kristoffer Hua, Joshua Murphy, Andrew Jarrett, Nicholas Muir, Sean Marsh, Benjamin McLary, Alan Le ABSENT: Brayden Leisemann, David Neumann BACK ROW: Nicholas Payne, James Snewin, Liam Roberts, Jack Pope, Johnathon Roberts, Mitchell Raine THIRD ROW: Lucas Sippel, Jack Rixon, Matthew Sanderson, Charles Percy, Jackson Oldfield, Gerald Phineasa, Grant O’Connor SECOND ROW: Mr D. Brown (Teacher), Callum Otto, William Russell, Benjamin Russell, Jack Skeates, Elliot Randall, Adam Smith, Angus Payne FRONT ROW: Grant Snodgrass, Matthew Owen, Anthony Remmelt, Logan Pocock, Connor O’Neill, Ryan Robinson, Kenny Nguyen ABSENT: Jacob Nugent 12E SCHOOL LEADERS BACK ROW: Joel Van Gunst, Joshua Taylor, Alex Thomson, Daniel Spithill THIRD ROW: Lachlan Thomas, Michael Stower, Joshua Williamson, Matthew Waters, David Whittle, Thomas Webster, Brenton Sullivan SECOND ROW: Mr B. Dionysius (Teacher), Zachary Swain, Sani Tasi, Lachlan Yeates, Rohan Treadwell, Adam Wilson, Jack Wood, Isaac van de Werken FRONT ROW: Hsuan-Yao Wen, Brent Thomlinson, Jae Woo Song, Michael Wilson, James Todd, Lian Xue, Brendan Van Der Merwe ABSENT: Samuela Vanatabutala, Brooke Walters, Levi Whyte BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: Corey Lucas, John Massey, Benjamin Russell, William Russell, Justin Dawes, David Marcolin Itrat Memon, Jacob Butcher, Stanford Kawale, Jack Pope, James Moroney, Lucas Sippel, Matthew Sanderson, Brayden Leisemann Grant O’Connor, Sean Adcock (School Vice-Captain), Jarred Hancock (School Captain), Mr N. Lucas (Year 12 Master), Brennan Cross (Boarding Captain), Vincent Wen (Boarding Vice-Captain), Joshua Cheadle Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 83
  • Year 12 Formal 84 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Hillstone, St Lucia Thursday, May 16, 2013 Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 85
  • Extra-curricular 86 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • CAPTAINS OF SPORTS & ACTIVITIES BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: J. Dawes (Cricket), M. Leahy (Basketball), A. Wilson (Cross Country) A. Remmelt (Cross Country), S. Beckman (Track & Field), B. Cross (Volleyball), T. Massey (Drama), C. Fasala (Swimming), L. Davenport (Tennis), T. Cochran (Debating), L. Hayes (Rugby) M. Stower (Chess), B. Boehm (Music), J. Hancock (Football), Mr N. Greive (Director of Sports & Activities), S. Adcock (Debating), J. Butcher (Chess), D. Butler (Music) STATE & NATIONAL REPS BACK ROW: FOURTH ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: K. Bishop (Basketball), T. Wheeler (Volleyball), I. Rodda (Rugby) C. Lucas (Cricket), J. Fa’anana-Schultz (Rugby), L. Davenport (Tennis), M. White (Music), J. Dawes (Cricket), M. Roetteler (Basketball), J. Cornwell (Swimming), B. Leisemann (Touch Football) J. Scully (Swimming), C. Cawood (Swimming), J. McQuilty (Cricket), D. Jennings (Rugby), B. Boehm (Music), G. Phineasa (Rugby), H. Taylor (Rowing), M. Canham (Swimming), N. Verrenkamp (Basketball) J. Marrott (Rugby), V. Lea (Rugby), S. Kelly (Athletics), E. Keepa (Rugby), F. Ford (Swimming), J. Ford (Swimming), E. Koorts (Rugby), A. Parsons (Football & Futsal), L. Luafutu (Rugby), T. Seeto (Rugby) M. Koorts (Rugby), V. Williams (Basketball), S. Adcock (Duke of Edinburgh), J. Todd (Rugby), C. Fasala (Swimming), Mr N. Greive (Director of Sports & Activities), M. Leahy (Basketball), L. Hayes (Rugby), C. Anderson (Rugby), S. Kawale (PNG Swimming), C. Wetherall (AFL) Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 87
  • Music & Musical 88 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • HONOUR ROLL FULL COLOURS: Matthew White, Ben Boehm, Daryan Butler, Isaac Brown. HALF COLOURS: Angus Mival, Nicholas Andrews, Patrick Moroney, Sean Connell, Julian Lam, Aaron Dodds, Akash Iyer, Alex Jonquay, Trenton Dunstan, Josh Inglis, Lachlan Ritchie, Riley Wilton, Warwick Absolon, Brian Fan, Quinlan Barthelme. POCKETS: Thomas Chapple, Visun Wijeyewickrema, Nicholas Hawkes, Brayden Thorogood, Ben Steiler, Mitchell Clow, Ben Oldham, Brendan Noble, Theo Parrott, Connor Armstrong, Alec Walter, Nathan Clements, Clancy Enchelmaier, Jack Purkiss, Jeremiah Villarosa, Patrick Denny, Charlie Utz, Tom Oldham, Bryn Llewellyn, Nicholas Hall, Lowell Villarosa, Jared Dowling, David Whittle, Elliot Randall, Isaac van de Werken, Nathaniel Seip, Miles Peric, Raphael Vargas. T HE year has once again been filled with many events for our music students. One of the first was the musical production of ‘The Russian Lieutenant’. Students from IGS and IGGS, along with Mr Wickham, Mr Feltham and Mrs Sullivan-Ward, spent many hours outside of their normal school and work commitments to rehearse and perfect their skills to present a high quality performance for the three shows. The school hosted the annual Pink Concert to raise funds for the Kim Walters Choices Program on 6 August. Talented singer/guitarists, solo singers, instrumentalists and a variety of bands performed to a full house of delighted supporters. A special mention to the teachers who gave their best to entertain the audience. Mr Gary Neaves Teacher in Charge of Music There were too many people involved to thank everyone, but without the drive and enthusiasm of Mrs Kate Pity and Music Captain Ben Boehm this event would not have been the success it was. The Brass Ensemble and IGS Senior Singers performed for the Governor of Queensland, Her Excellency Ms Penelope Wensley AC, who presided over the school’s First Day Commemoration on 7 October. The groups performed in The Great Hall, which produced a unique and pleasing acoustical sound for those who were present. IGS 150 celebrations continued with a performance of ‘Voices in the Halls’, a song penned by Mr John Acutt, by a large group of present and past students and their siblings, family members and friends of IGS. The choir was conducted by Old Boy Mr Peter Ingram, with a special accompaniment played by the Senior Concert Band. A big thank you to Mrs Robyn Tank for her tireless enthusiasm and passion in seeing this wonderful event through from start to finish. Looking back and reflecting over the year, it is evident that we have much energy, enthusiasm and talent in our Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 89
  • midst. The growth and development of the Stage Band was truly a significant achievement for the students, and this was no more evident than at the Jazz, Wine & Cheese Evening held at Brassall in October. Thank you, Mr Feltham, for your leadership and dedication to excellence. All the ensembles can be proud of their accomplishments during the course of the year and the way in which they presented themselves at concerts, assemblies and special events. I would like to thank the music staff for their dedication and passion for excellence, and also the music students who worked hard to improve their knowledge and skills. All the best to the graduates of 2013 for the future and the endeavours they wish to pursue. Thank you to the parents and guardians who transported their sons to and from rehearsals and performances, and who at times suffered the practice at home. Finally, I’d like to thank Headmaster Mr Henderson and the Senior Management Team for their support. I look forward to the continued development and progress in all areas of the Music Department. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC INSTRUMENTAL Music continued to develop in size and quality throughout 2013. Numbers in our Junior School program were very encouraging, with 90 most students choosing to continue their studies into Year 6. With the departure of Miss Zoe Brecht at the end of 2012, Miss Laura Thomson joined us, injecting a great deal of enthusiasm into the strings program. Another intake of string players at the beginning of 2014 will see us looking forward to the continued growth of the program. Thanks must go to Head of Junior School Mr David Macknish for his support and enthusiasm for the growth of music in the Junior School. The program has also enjoyed a great deal of success in the completion of Australian Music Examination Board exams. More than 40 students completed the exams in 2013, giving them a musical achievement that is recognised throughout the country. This not only gave students a goal for the year, but contributed to the overall proficiency of the music groups at Ipswich Grammar School. We also enjoyed a large representation of students at the Junior and Senior Music Days of Excellence. Students had the opportunity to perform in large ensembles alongside the best musicians from other GPS schools. One of Ipswich Grammar’s finest musicians, Matthew White, was once again selected to participate in the Queensland Conservatorium’s State Honours Ensemble Program along with Benjamin Boehm. Matthew also participated in the Australian Schools Band Festival held at Brisbane Grammar School. Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community THE RUSSIAN LIEUTENANT IN OUR 150th year we saw the world premiere of ‘The Russian Lieutenant’. The show was written by Head of English Mr John Acutt, with music penned by former IGS teacher Dr Stewart Riddle. ‘The Russian Lieutenant’ was set in Melbourne in 1963 during the Cold War. The fictitious Victorian State Theatre played host to the Leningrad Theatre Company from the Soviet Union, which brought their brand of stirring Soviet theatre to the west in the form of ‘The Russian Lieutenant’. Soviet heavies John Massey, Joel McLean, Oscar Crisp and Jayden Grice kept a tight rein over lead Soviet performer Josef Ivanov, played by Daryan Butler. They feared he may have been tempted to defect to the west, lured by fame and the love of Hannah, a young Australian actress played by Brittney Kahl. Hannah was thrust into the role after Soviet starlet Nadia Michalova, played by Erin Fodor, was arrested in the lead-up to the tour. The Australian press proved to be everready to feed on a good story about the “touring commies”, and the cunning Max Barkov, played by Mars Hinds-Meyer, and his loyal offsider Freddy, played by Ben Russell, were no exception. Patrick Moroney was another favourite in his role as the eccentric patron of the arts, Sir Roger Thompson.
  • MUSICAL HONOUR ROLL FULL COLOURS: Daryan Butler, John Massey, Joel McLean, Marcellus Hinds-Meyer, Ben Russell, Patrick Moroney, Oscar Crisp, Jayden Grice, David Esteban, Connor Veraart, Trenton Dunstan, Brian Fan, Joshua Inglis, Benjamin Oldham. HALF COLOURS: Alec Walter, Nate Seip, Ben Maynard, Isaac Brown, Nicholas Hawke, Brendan Noble, Benjamin Boehm, Kieran Boyle. POCKETS: Mitch Klein, Thomas Oldham, William Cochran, Chris Vedelago, Miles Peric, Sean Connell. Watching the drama unfold from the wings were ancillary staff Fitzy and Robbo, played by David Esteban and Connor Veraart, who were always listening and providing some titbits to the press. The boys of IGS and the girls of IGGS made up a passionate chorus of Siberian farmers, Russian soldiers and Petrograd factory workers who got caught up in the political turmoil of 1917. I would like to congratulate our combined cast whose talent and commitment was most impressive. I hope this production was memorable and rewarding for all of those involved, and that students developed an appreciation of the rich history at the heart of this musical. I would like to extend my congratulations and gratitude to my colleagues Mr Acutt, Mr Michael Wellings, Dr Riddle, Mr Neil Wickham, and our set constructor Mr Ken Lightbody for their knowledge, expertise, dedication and humour. Mrs Shelley Elshaw, our costume co-ordinator, was an incredible asset to our musical. Mrs Elshaw’s pool room was transformed into a costume shop as she sourced, bought, made and collated our extensive costume demands. Some of the items were bought online and sent direct from the USSR. Mrs Elshaw also received wonderful assistance from a committed troupe of mothers who were extremely generous with their time and talents. We also had the opportunity to work with Mr Brad Jennings from Markwell Presents, a company that specialises in digital backdrops and cinematics. This was an exciting collaboration and one that greatly assisted in the sophistication and professionalism of the show. – Miss Rose Isbell Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 91
  • Combined Senior Concert Band Junior GPS Music Day of Excellence BACK ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: B. Thorogood, R. Vargas, T. Dunstan, W. Absolon, T. Knowles, J. Lam, J. Purkiss M. Clow, J. Inglis, Q. Barthelme, N. Clements, A. Walter, C. Armstrong Mr I. Feltham (Teacher), A. Mival, C. Herron, A. Barns, S. Pallett, S. Barns, E. Pallett, A. Bond, B. Maynard M. White, B. Oldham, J. Villarosa, D. Butler, B. Boehm, A. Iyer, C. Utz, T. Oldham S. Connell, P. Moroney, M. Peric, B. Stieler, C. Enchelmaier, T. Parrott, C. Cawood, B. Costin Mr I. Feltham (Teacher), L. Heers-Acworth, Y. Memon, M. Trevanion, T. Parrott, J. Herron, B. Oldham, A. Maynard Mrs R. Tank (Teacher), G. Wolvetang, K. Barthelme, C. Utz, M. Onate, R. Purkiss, J. Cooper, A. Dobson, Mrs L. Sullivan-Ward (Teacher) H. Dixon, J. Tucker, A. Jacobson-Jones, W. Kraschnefski, D. Stevenson, B. Goodbun, D. Biggs, A. Horneman-Wren, T. Leonida A. Preston, M. Clow GPS Music Day of Excellence Stage Band BACK ROW: Thomas Chapple, Mr G. Neaves (Teacher), Matthew White FRONT ROW: Isaac Brown, Benjamin Boehm, Brian Fan, Benjamin Maynard ABSENT: Patrick Moroney BACK ROW: Benjamin Oldham, Trenton Dunstan, Matthew White, Nathan Clements MIDDLE ROW: Mr I. Feltham (Teacher), Mitchell Clow, Joshua Inglis, Quinlan Barthelme, Angus Mival FRONT ROW: Zane Steel, Bryn Llewellyn, Benjamin Maynard, Benjamin Boehm, Connor Armstrong, Charlton Utz ABSENT: Jared Dowling, Theo Parrott, Thomas Keller Musical ORCHESTRA Junior Choir BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: BACK ROW: B. Goodbun, K. Barthelme, G. Wolvetang, M. Onate, A. Maynard, J. Herron, L. Heers-Acworth, J. Cooper, D. Stevenson, T. Kempster, C. Jones, A. Jacobson-Jones THIRD ROW: S. Dixon, R. Wallace, B. Beckett, J. Tucker, A. Quince, J. D’Castro, A. Horneman-Wren, T. Leonida, H. Dixon, K. MacKinney, C. Moore, Z. Shegog, N. Balfe SECOND ROW: J. Rosenberg, L. Beckett, K. Mutambi, J. Scrooby, K. Williams, R. Quince, A. McBain, M. Sturges, S. Roberts, I. Kuppens, L. Tucker, T. Stancy, H. Batzloff, B. Gibb, A. Chalvatzis, Mrs R. Tank (Teacher) FRONT ROW: T. Michie, B. Cooper, T. Fitzgerald, O. Veivers, H. Brampton, M. Rapmund, H. Osborne, L. Hood, J. Starbuck, M. Storer, B. Dickson, J. Whiteman, J. Charman, I. Creed, A. Skull, B. Stevers ABSENT: Mrs B. French (Teacher), J. Hughes, A. Preston, B. Tottle, C. Shears, Z. Behan-Howell 92 Benjamin Oldham, Trenton Dunstan, Nicholas Hawkes Mr I. Feltham (Teacher), Joshua Inglis, Benjamin Boehm, Mrs L. Sullivan-Ward (Teacher), Brian Fan Sean Connell, Miles Peric, Kieran Boyle, Brendan Noble, Mai Lien Hanson, Sophie Witherspoon Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • IGS Singers SAXOPHONE ENSEMBLE BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: ABSENT: Mrs B. French (Teacher), Thomas Chapple, Isaac van de Werken, Daryan Butler, Mr A. French (Teacher) Sai Pabbati, Nathaniel Seip, Joel Van Gunst, Isaac Brown, Benjamin Maynard, Angus Mival William Kraschnefski, Migule Onate, Mrs L. Sullivan-Ward (Teacher), Hamish Thomson Sean Kearney, William Macknish, Jeremy Herron Brass Ensemble Flute Ensemble BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: ABSENT: Quinlan Barthelme, Joshua Inglis Mr I. Feltham (Teacher), Benjamin Oldham, Charlton Utz, Matthew Waters Akash Iyer, Samantha Barns, Mrs L. Sullivan-Ward (Teacher), Emma Pallett, Jeremiah Villarosa Sean Connell Guitar Ensemble String Orchestra LEFT TO RIGHT: ABSENT: LEFT TO RIGHT: ABSENT: Lowell Villarosa, Alexander Jounquay, Lachlan Ross Kegan Lansdown, Chloe Walsh, Mr D. Stephens (Teacher) William Smith, Visun Wijeyewickrema, Nicholas Andrews, Brian Fan, Nicholas Hawkes Patrick Denny, Spencer Zanner, Antonio Onate, Ms L. Thomson (Teacher) Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 93
  • Swimming 94 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • HONOUR ROLL FULL COLOURS: Cade Fasala, Liam Roberts, Jye Cornwell, Jasper Ford. HALF COLOURS: Stanford Kawale, Brayden Leisemann, Aaron Bachmann, Daniel Busch, Joseph McFerran, Michael Canham. POCKETS: Joel Berry, Brennan Cross, Liam Fedrick, David Marcolin, James Moroney, Jacob Nugent, Nicholas Payne, Angus Payne, Johnathon Roberts, Matthew Sanderson, James Snewin, Levi Whyte, Travis Brown, Garry deMuelenaure, Johann Koorts, Charlie Mayne, Calean Rafferty, Matthew Roetteler, Levi Samuela, Matthew White, Chase Cawood, Dean Dryer, Cooper Fritz, Alexander Gradin, Martin Koorts, Aaron Langdale, Brendan Nobel, Anthony Post, Oliver Pye, Jack Scully, Tom Searle, Jack Searle, Darcy Wilson, Thomas Barnett, Kyle Bilzon, William Cochran, Jacob Day, Charlie Kimmorley, Jacob McKay, Tom Oldham, Bailey Parsonage, Thomas Pratt, Dominic Alzate, Jacob Busch, Malachai Cambell, Jamie Cameron, Bradyn Cawood, Jarrah Charles, Tarik Curcik, Lawerence Danaher, Declan Johnston, Eugene Koorts, Michael Krause, Ju-Ho Lee, Ryan Maskelyn, Cooper Orrock, Samuel Peck, Finley Smart, William Smith. O UR 150th year was always going to be an important milestone for Ipswich Grammar School and its participation in GPS Swimming. After a solid performance in 2012 our boys were keen to make this year a special one for the history books. At our annual swim camp at Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre our boys were led by 2013 Swimming Captains Cade Fasala and Liam Roberts. All boys had an enjoyable time, but it was obvious that their level of commitment to each training session was at a higher level than in previous years. This commitment was reflected in the busy competition schedule that always falls prior to the GPS Swimming Championships in Term 1. GPS CHAMPIONSHIPS Mrs Lyn Dance MIC Swimming INTER-HOUSE CARNIVAL THE Inter-house Swimming Carnival was once again supported by many of our hard working teachers who help make the day run smoothly, along with our enthusiastic Ipswich Grammar students all looking to gain points for their house. The end result saw Henderson win. AFTER a successful run of Friday meets where our boys did consecutive personal bests, the team was looking forward to the final event on 8 March at Chandler Aquatic Centre. The centre was once again full of excitement and high tension for this elitelevel competition. The strength of our individual swimmers played a major part in the IGS plan of attack, but with strong teams from other schools our men had to work hard for points. Standout performances included Jye Cornwell’s win in the 16-years 50m backstroke and second in the 50m butterfly, and Michael Canham’s second in the 15-years 50m backstroke. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 95
  • TEAM IGS BACK ROW: Charles Mayne, Jacob Day, Thomas Searle, Chase Cawood, Bailey Parsonage, Matthew Roetteler, Caelan Rafferty, Aaron Bachmann, Joseph McFerran, Darcy Wilson, Jye Cornwell, Daniel Busch, Matthew White, Dean Dreyer, Brendan Noble, Cooper Fritz, Jack Scully THIRD ROW: Eugene Koorts, Ryan Maskelyne, Michael Canham, Travis Brown, Thomas Barnett, Thomas Oldham, Thomas Pratt, Charles Kimmorley, Levi Samuela, Johann Koorts, Domenic Alzate, Alexander Gradin, Jasper Ford, Oliver Pye, Jack Searle, Declan Johnston, Bradyn Cawood, Aaron Langdale SECOND ROW: Dr. Carol Brown (Assistant Coach), Cooper Orrock, Anthony Post, Samuel Peck, William Cochran, Kyle Bilzon, Malachi Campbell, William Smith, Jarrah Charles, Matthew Sanderson, Gary De Muelenaere, Martin Koorts, Ju-Ho Lee, Jamie Cameron, Jacob Busch, Michael Krause, Tarik Cirkic, Finley Smart, Mrs Lyn Dance (MIC) FRONT ROW: Stanford Kawale, James Snewin, Johnathon Roberts, David Marcolin, Levi Whyte, Joel Berry, Mr Greg Fasala (Coach), Cade Fasala, Liam Roberts, Ms Jess Chandler (Assistant Coach), Liam Fedrick, Brayden Leisemann, Brennan Cross, Angus Payne, James Moroney, Nicholas Payne A focused Jasper Ford produced some remarkable swimming just six weeks after surgery with appendicitis, claiming three wins from three swims. Captain Cade Fasala finished his fiveyear commitment to IGS Swimming by winning another three individual events. This historic achievement positioned Cade in the record books as winning all three individual events five years in a row. IGS was in second place after the individual swims, and with solid relays and 82 events in total our men recorded personal bests on 79 occasions. Our final position in the competition was a creditable sixth, with 17 points separating IGS from second place. Congratulations to Coach Greg Fasala 96 and Assistant Coach Jess Chandler for their tireless efforts over the past 12 months. Our swimming program would not AWARDS Cade Fasala (I.R. McQueen Trophy for Open Champion), Liam Roberts (M.S. Shapcott Memorial Trophy for 100m breaststroke), Jye Cornwell (The Rawlings Award for Under-16 Champion), Cade Fasala (V.N. Walker Trophy for Open 100m freestyle), Oliver Pye (A. Thompson Trophy for All-Age 400m freestyle), Michael Canham (H.I. Walker Award for Under-15 Champion), Cade Fasala (Aquatic Supporters Trophy for Best GPS Performance), Jasper Ford (K.H. Currie Trophy for Under-14 Champion), Ju-Ho Lee (Ipswich Grammar Trophy for Under-13 Champion), Flynn Ford (Ipswich Grammar Trophy for Year 7 Under-13 Champion), Connor Bilzon (Ipswich Grammar Trophy for Year 7 Under-12 Champion). Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community have run as smoothly without ongoing support of staff – including James Strathdee, Fran Davey, Mick Murray and Carol Brown – parents and sponsors. A special thank you to Liz Payne in her role as Treasurer of the Swimming Support Group over many years. I would also like to thank the hundreds of students who attended the GPS Championships and cheered for their team, along with Director of Sport and Activities Nigel Greive, Headmaster Robert Henderson and the IGS Board of Trustees for their continued support. We look forward to the growth and development of Ipswich Grammar Swimming and enjoying more successful moments in 2014.
  • Cricket Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 97
  • I GS Cricket fielded 15 teams in the 2013 GPS competition. The program enjoyed another solid season with a 40% success rate, while the 9As and 10As finished in the top three of their respective competitions. The First XI had another competitive season, winning three games and losing four. IGS was the only team to defeat the eventual premiers, Brisbane Grammar School. The 2013 season started in September 2012 with the First XI squad trials. Term 4 saw the introduction of morning specialist sessions, which proved very beneficial, and 98 Mr Aaron Moore MIC Cricket the annual Southern Skies tournament where IGS won four of its five games. A good cricket program is only as strong as the passion of the people who drive it. IGS is blessed to have so many generous and passionate people who continue to give without any thought of reward. Thank you to Headmaster Robert Henderson and the school executive for your continued support of IGS Cricket, it is much appreciated. Mr Nigel Greive and Mr Peter Craig, your support and guidance is tremendous. The ground staff, Dennis and the team at IGS and James and the Brassall team, thank you for the fantastic job you do preparing our fields. IGS coaches, thank you for your time, enthusiasm and expertise. Thank you also to the 160 boys who committed to training, their coaches, their teammates and Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community representing IGS. Mr Michael Dawes, Mrs Jenny Dawes, Mr Ray O’Sullivan, Mr David Wilson and all members of the Cricket Support Group, thank you for your hard work and dedication. To our sponsors, Llewellyn Motors, Blue Dog Sports and Greg Chappell Cricket Centre, your support has been fantastic and I hope you continue your association with IGS Cricket. Last but not least, thanks to our parents for their continued support with scoring, umpiring, canteen duties and for organising your boys and getting them to games on time each and every week.
  • HONOUR ROLL MET WEST REPS: William Kraschnefski, Patrick Munnings, Mathew Atkins, Vishan Illankoon, Jackson McQuilty, Brodie Nickson, Kye O’Sullivan, Brayden Hilton, Carlin Anderson, Justin Dawes, Jack Wood. STATE REPS: Carlin Anderson, Jack Wood, Jackson McQuilty, Brodie Nickson. COMBINED GPS REPS: Mikey Wilson, Corey Lucas. FULL COLOURS: Justin Dawes (Captain), Jack Wood (Vice-Captain), Michael Wilson, Carlin Anderson, Corey Lucas, Mitchell Raine, Todd Gorringe, Adam Smith. HALF COLOURS: Kye O’Sullivan, Brodie Nickson, Jackson McQuilty, Lucas Sippel, Joshua Tyalor, Lucas Sippel, Connor O’Neil, Andrew Jarrett, Joshua Taylor, Jackson Oldfield, Jarrod Noe, Ryan Plummer, Mathew Atkins, Nathan Burge, Callum Chandler, Brayden Hilton, Aiden Bichel, Matthew Haspels, Michael Freeman, Matthew Parkes, Connor Olsen, Trenton Dustan, Harry Wood, Nicholas Verrenkamp, Sula Fernando, Noah van de Werken, Damian Brandley, Harry Gregory, Angus Mival, Sebastian Olver, Dylan Van Der Merwe, Jonathon Turner, Jack Trace, Pranavan Kantharagah. POCKETS: Kalum McKenzie, Jack Lawton, Daniel Srithill, Lachlan Yeates, Isaac Van De Werken, Jack McNeil, Joshua Cheadle, Zachary Bryant, Liam Harris, Joel McLean, Vishan Illankoon, Marcus Shader, Brailey Kugel, Will Lavery, Kealum Fairhurst, Matthew Preen, Harry Wilton, Parker Robinson, Mark Pearson, Maclay Kenman, Jamie Maynard, Jordan Wendt, Bryn Llewellyn, Rhys Gibson, Vishesh Mathur, Seran Deva-Ashoknath, Patrick Munnings, Billy Harsant, Nick Raine, Steven Grayson, Tom Fanshawe, Will Eberhardt, Chris Norton, Ben Maynard. OPEN I WAS given the honour of captaining the 2013 First XI. It was a challenge that I looked forward to and I enjoyed every minute of it. Finishing with three wins and four losses probably didn’t highlight the fact that we had plenty of potential and talent, but just didn’t execute in the game. We had the bowling attack to defend any total, especially with our spinners. However, it was our batting that let us down, with countless people getting a start but not going on with it. This was frustrating as I know many of our batsmen were good enough to make a big score. There were still a number of good performances and highlights during the season. One of these was our first game against TSS, where they made 234 and we lost early wickets. However, Mikey Wilson set the tone along with Corey Lucas and Carlin Anderson, who scored a well-deserved 90 to see IGS home. We all agree that the BGS game was the highlight of our season. The history behind the match, the 150th year heritage round, and the atmosphere was amazing. After good innings from Mikey Wilson (79) and Carlin Anderson (55) we set BGS 200 to chase. Our opening bowlers Adam Smith and Todd AWARDS MVPs: Carlin Anderson (A.E. Burrow Award for Batsmanship in First XI), Adam Smith & Jack Wood (K. Heiner Memorial Trophy for Bowling Performance in First XI), Connor O’Neill (Second XI MVP), Liam Harris (Third XI MVP). SPECIAL AWARDS: Josh Taylor (Five for eight v BSHS), Jack Wood (Six for 28 v BBC), Carlin Anderson (114 v ACGS). Gorringe set the tone early before spinners Carlin Anderson, Corey Lucas and Jack Wood finished the job and BGS were bowled out for 180. This was followed by a passionate war cry on the pitch which I will never forget. This stands out as the best team effort I have ever been a part of. I would like to thank our coaches, Mr David King and Mr Aaron Moore, for their hard work with the team. Also the Cricket Support Group, led by Mr and Mrs Dawes, for their work behind the scenes; everyone who worked in the kitchen, continuing Ipswich Grammar’s legacy in serving the famous ‘Brass Burger’, and who helped prepare afternoon tea; the parents who supported the team; and finally, Headmaster Robert Henderson for his continued support of IGS Cricket. – Justin Dawes Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 99
  • THE Second XI had a challenging season. Beginning with the opening fixture against TSS we went to the coast with no preparation due to the rain and performed accordingly. This team then transformed itself with convincing wins over GT and BSHS. However, more consistent rain interrupted our training and reversed our momentum. Despite chasing well against a big total at BGS we went down mainly because we could not dismiss their opening bat. Overall, the team had a very good attitude. Positive leadership was shown by Captain Connor O’Neil and Vice-Captain Andy Jarrett. – Mr Stewart Wells THE Headmaster’s XI (Third XI), which came together as a motley crew of past players and those new to the game, enjoyed a most successful season with many highlights and some extremely funny occurrences. As a team we molded well and developed our skills throughout the season. Unfortunately we were only able to combine all our developing facets of the game on a few occasions, but it was these times that provided many fond and lasting memories. This wonderful group of young men enjoyed not only their cricket but also the camaraderie of their teammates. – Mr John Beaumont YEAR 11 AWARDS: Parker Robinson (Alan C. Campbell Trophy 11A MVP), Jordon Ross (11B MVP). THE 11As experienced all the highs and lows that cricket is renowned for. Narrow wins were followed by last-ball losses, thumping defeats and even a tie. The most impressive aspect of the team was the way the boys conducted themselves on and off the field. They should be commended for showing excellent sportsmanship and attitude. With a team full of all-rounders it is impossible to single out star performers as several people 100 stood up to ensure a solid team performance. However, special mention must go to Captain Parker Robinson, who showed great leadership in the field and with the bat. – Mr Stuart Campbell THE 11Bs weren’t the best team in the school, but they probably had the most fun. We started the season by getting absolutely belted by TSS, getting bowled out for 23 runs, and then beating Nudgee by six wickets. We were on track to beat BSHS when the rain came down. Although losing narrowly, we scored our season best of 140 against BBC. Highlights were Lachlan Ross’ 52 against BGS and Jordan Ross’ 67 against BBC. The Ross twins would often bat together and more often than not they provided a valuable 50-run partnership. – Mr Andrew Campbell YEAR 10 AWARDS: Matthew Haspels (A. Knauer Memorial Trophy 10A MVP), Trenton Dunstan (10B MVP), James Ploetz (10C MVP). SPECIAL AWARDS: Levi Cathcart (Five for 13 v NC), James Bugeralli (Six for 0 v GT). AFTER a wet start to the season and a loss to TSS, the 10As worked hard to be title contenders. Although the team had a number of excellent individuals, all players worked to support each other and create pressure on the opposition through consistent performances. Our batting was the highlight and although we began our innings slowly, we quickly upped the run rate to build competitive totals. The team was not bowled out in any match throughout the season and this was a real positive. Our bowling and fielding were generally consistent, with massive improvements. – Mr Michael Abbott & Mr Kabe Cicolini THE 10Bs finished the season with three wins, three losses and one very narrow loss. They played with a lot of grit, having Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community twice had to battle with only 10 men. This team was a pleasure to coach. They were complimented by opposition coaches for their manners and playing spirit and had a good approach to training. They responded well to intensive coaching on their batting, which transformed them from a side that made 50 or 60 runs into a competent, powerful unit by season’s end. They were very capably led by Mat Nickerson, who pushed the boys to give their best. – Mr Bob Lutherborrow THIS group of lively and talkative boys was always willing to train, especially with the Old Boys who provided activities that were not only fun, but also helped to develop the basic skills necessary for cricket. Our opening pair, Mitchell Binns and Cooper Smith, showed they could defend their stumps from often savage bowling attacks. The wicketkeeping skill of James Ploetz was called upon on numerous occasions to stop the ball racing off to the boundary. Other highlights were when we played the Marist Ashgrove Sevenths in a very jovial Twenty20 match and when James Bugarelli got 6-0 against Gregory Terrace. – Mr John Cronin YEAR 9 AWARDS: Harry Wood (Stewart M. Wells Trophy 9A MVP), Callum Wilton (9B MVP), Nathaniel Siep (9C MVP). SPECIAL AWARD: Harry Wood (Five for 14 v BBC). THE 9As again finished top of their division. Harry Wood dominated with bat and ball and has become not only a leading player, but also a very astute captain. This year featured continued emphasis on running between the wickets, with smaller players accelerating the scoring by playing inventive shots. The bowling group also improved, with the emergence of some new spin options and a notable lack of wide deliveries. – Mr Andrew Walsh
  • resulted in the team being selected only two days before our first game. The boys put in good efforts in the first few games but were narrowly beaten. The BSHS game was when the boys started coming together as a team and victory was in sight, however rain set in and the game was drawn. The boys racked up wins against Nudgee and BBC. – Mr Tony Potbury & Mr David St Clair THE 8Bs started slowly, with the team struggling for consistency. The bowlers began to bowl to the game plan after a couple of outings and the fielding helped restrict opposition teams to scores of less than 100. Unfortunately, batting took longer to improve. In some matches we looked like winning easily, only to fall short as good starts with the bat were not converted. All in all, a solid start to GPS Cricket. – Mr Darren Brown THE 9Bs started the season with a heavy loss to TSS, but improved. While the results show only two wins, our losses were only by small margins. We worked hard at training and stuck to the match plans of keeping it simple, preserving our wickets and playing to the basics. Captains Angus Mival and Callum Wilton led by example, with Callum scoring 100 runs and taking 10 wickets. James Whittering helped inspire the team with some daredevil fielding. – Mr Paul Cocker THE 9Cs began the season with plenty of optimism and were always very enthusiastic at training and on game days. Coen Van Dugteren got us off to a good start with 45 and 51 in his first two innings, while Barry Bobongie scored 44 in our second game. We worked on all aspects of the game and had a lot of fun in the nets. Soon we began to bowl straighter, while our fielding and catching also improved. Even though results did not often go our way, we really enjoyed the competition, although some players were challenged by the early morning starts. – Mr Jack Spithill YEAR 8 AWARDS: Bryn Llewellyn (David J. St Clair Trophy 8A MVP), Harry Bouckley (8B MVP), Tallis Mowles (8C MVP), Angus Moody-Stone (8D MVP). THE 8As should be congratulated on their first season of cricket at IGS. The competition is of a very high standard and all boys held their own. Rain interrupted our preseason preparation and trial matches, which THE 8Cs came together with very little experience, but the boys demonstrated their desire to improve all aspects of their game. They played with pride, building skill, team spirit and growing a collective love for the game. This team’s approach to cricket was exemplified by the numerous batting partnerships that were crafted when the team was in trouble. Pleasingly, we improved our scoring rate and upped the tempo in the field each week as the team became more competitive. – Mr Len Reidlinger THE 8D team was comprised of Year 7 boys, many accomplished cricketers. Opposition teams from TSS, BGS, BBC and Churchie seemed completely unprepared for the small, but talented and enthusiastic, all-stars. It is pleasing as a coach to be able to tap boys on the shoulder to open the batting, to retire after only a short innings or to ask them to score runs quickly. – Mr Len Reidlinger Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 101
  • FIRST XI BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: Brodie Nickson, Joshua Taylor, Mitchell Raine Mr A. Moore (Coach), Adam Smith, Corey Lucas, Michael Wilson, Mr D. King (Coach) Kye O’Sullivan, Lucas Sippel, Justin Dawes (Captain), Jake Wood (Vice-Captain), Carlin Anderson, Todd Gorringe SECOND XI THIRD XI BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: BACK ROW: Scott Cronan, Hayden Clarke, Nicholas Spencer MIDDLE ROW: Mr J. Beaumont (Coach), Alex Thomson, Liam Harris, Dallas Flanagan, Matthew Adcock, Julien Barrett, Joshua Cheadle FRONT ROW: Brannon Murray, Bryce Edwards, Gerrard Marsh, Connor Storck, Brock Hammond, Dylan Gale 102 Jack McNeill, Kalum McKenzie, Lachlan Yeates, Joel McLean, Mr S. Wells (Coach) Daniel Spithill, Andrew Jarrett, Connor O’Neill, Zachary Bryant, Lucas Sippel Jake Lawton, Jackson Oldfield, Isaac van de Werken Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • 11A BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: 11B Maclay Kenman, Jamie Maynard Matthew Preen, Brailey Kugel, Harrison Wilton, Mark Pearson, William Lavery Marcus Schrader, Kaelum Fairhurst, Mr A. Campbell (Coach), Parker Robinson, Jordan Wendt, Vishan Illankoon Mr S. Campbell (Coach) 10A BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: Lachlan Ross, Brailey Kugel, Jordan Ross, Jordan Wendt, Mr A. Campbell (Coach) Charles Mayne, Thomas Juillerat, Andrew Whittering, Benjamin Walsh Mr S. Campbell (Coach) 10B Brayden Hilton, Ryan Plummer, Nathan Burge, Benjamin Mate, Mathew Atkins, Michael Freeman Aiden Bichel, Callum Chandler, Jarrod Noe, Connor Olsen, Matthew Haspels, Matthew Parkes Mr M. Abbott (Coach), Mr K. Cicolini (Coach) 10C BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Mr B. Lutherborrow (Coach), Harrison Passeri, Trenton Dunstan, Jack Burns, Riley Herbst, Brayden Klimmer Jarrod Norfolk, Connor Olsen, Erin Walsh-Santourtzis, Matt Nickerson, Nicholas de Jong, Levi Cathcart 9A James Ploetz, Alexander Jounquay, Tyler Morton Jakob Walker, Tom Pearson, Jack Austin, James Bulgarelli, Benjamin Rathbone, Cooper Smith Harrison Douglas, Matthew Hayes, Mitchell Binns, Brady Morton, Mr J. Cronin (Coach) BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Harrison Gregory, Sulakshana Fernando, Noah van de Werken, Damien Brandley, Nicholas Verrenkamp, Mr A. Walsh (Coach) Jonathan Turner, Jack Trace, Angus Mival, Harrison Wood, Dylan Van Der Merwe, Pranavan Kantharajah Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 103
  • 9B 9C BACK ROW: Abdul Arshad, Liam Nickerson, Sebastian Olver, Coen Van Dugteren, Rhyen Kennedy, Riley Wilton, Aditya Hebbani FRONT ROW: Angus Mival, Daniel Quinn, Callum Wilton, James Whittering, Ryan Kitzelmann, Aditya Sharma ABSENT: Mr P. Coker (Coach) BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: 8A 8B BACK ROW: Mr D. St Clair (Coach), Rhys Gibson, Christopher Norton, Benjamin Maynard, Steven Grayson, Billy Harsant FRONT ROW: Nicholas Raine, Vishesh Mathur, William Eberhardt, Bryn Llewellyn, Patrick Munnings, Seran Deva-Ashoknath, Thomas Fanshawe ABSENT: Mr T. Potbury (Coach) BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: 8C 8D BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: 104 James Smith, Mark Holme, Connor Wakefield, Gerard Massey, Tallis Mowles, Mr L. Reidlinger (Coach) Khalli Tomachy, Benjamin Stieler, Joshua Stewart, Liam Andrews, Tristan Gelderblom, Sam Stevens BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: Liam Martin, Walter Lauenstein Mr J. Spithill (Coach), Nathaniel Seip, Brendon Warren, Nathan Clements, Brayden Thorogood Sai Pabbati, Tavis Sharpe-Jones, Akash Iyer, Austin Jennings Jack Schefe Mr D. Brown (Coach), Nicholas Mate, Armand Kouakou, Harrison Bouckley, Blake Reid, Liam Brown Mitchell Keily, Thomas Fanshawe, Aaron Herbst, Thomas Young, Reuben Seccombe, Blake Smallwood, Zachary Wendt Mr L. Reidlinger (Coach), Angus Moody-Stone, Charlton Utz, Mitchell Clow, Mason Trevanion, William Kraschnefski Riley Bichel, Alexander Dobson, James Runnegar, Dylan Yeomans, Joshua Cridland Liam Cassidy Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Volleyball Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 105
  • team, while Tom Wheeler made the Under-15 Met West team and was also named as a QAS development player. To our Year 12 students who graduated this year, I would like to thank you for your commitment to IGS Volleyball over the past five years. HONOUR ROLL MVPs: Jack Pope (First VI), Josh del Castillo (16A), Brodie Baeumler (15A), Charlie Kimmorley (14A), Alex Auschra (13A). HALF COLOURS: Brennan Cross, Jack Pope, Joel Berry, Anthony Remmelt, Julian Cam, Nicholas Muir, Kane Bishop, Daniel Busch, Alec Godinet, Thomas Wheeler, Thomas Furminger, Brody Beaumler, Alister Snow, Hayden Randall , Matthew Berlin, Sebastian Kuylaars, Oliver Bond, Jacob Sanderson, Bradley Teasdale, Daniel David, Thomas Wheeler, Thomas Pratt, Jonathan Elshaw, Charlie Christensen, Charlie Kimmorley, Callum Hicks, Tim Szallasi, Bailey Parsonage, William Cochran. NATIONAL CUP POCKETS: Jameison Schultz, Sean Adcock, Ryan Robinson, Tom Cochran, Itrat Memon, Jarred Hancock, Jack Skeates, James Todd, Nick Payne, Isaac Rodda, Josh Del Castillo, Jaidan Shultz, Lachlan Campbell, Matt Gibbins, Eugene Koorts, Tom Phillip-Kershner, Alex Auschra, Jarrah Charles, Brad Orton, Bradyn Cawood, Callum Marning, Lewis Graham, Jack Greive. SERVICE AWARDS: Jack Mckay, Will Cochran, Wyatt Cook. I PSWICH Grammar Volleyball fielded 14 teams in the 2013 GPS competition. An enthusiastic Third VI team joined the ranks for the Round 7 match against BBC. The overall performance as a group was pleasing, with the efforts and attitudes of all players being very good. We had five teams finish in the top three of their respective age groups, and Ipswich Grammar finished in an aggregate fifth place overall. Congratulations to Miss Weightman and her 10A team for finishing equal first, as well as Mrs Pitty and her 9A boys for finishing undefeated. 106 FIRSTS Mr DARREN GROSE MIC Volleyball Thank you to Joanne and Eric Remmelt and the many canteen helpers for running the canteen during our home games. Your assistance and organisation was greatly appreciated. Lastly, thank you IGS Volleyball players for your efforts over the season. THE First VI had a challenging season with just two players experiencing this level of competition in previous years. We showed class at times, in particular in defeating Brisbane State High School and taking sets off Toowoomba Grammar, Nudgee and Gregory Terrace. There were several inspiring performances with players such as Joel Berry, Jack Pope and Nicholas Muir stepping up. The boys finished in equal seventh place for the season. In representative news, Captain Joel Berry made the Under-19 Metropolitan West Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community TWO Ipswich Grammar School teams attended the National Volleyball Schools Cup in Melbourne in December 2012. Our Year 8 team competed in the Boys Under-15 Division 2, a large division consisting of 24 teams. This team was comprised of Jon Elshaw, Charlie Kimmorley, Jack McKay, Bailey Parsonage, Tom Pratt, William Cochran, Tom Wheeler, Tim Szallasi and Charlie Christiansen. These boys did very well in Melbourne, finishing in eighth place. Thanks to the Pratt family for sponsoring the team. Our senior team competed in the Boys Senior Division 3. This team included Sebastian Kuylaars, Bradley Teasdale, Matt Berlin, Julian Lam, Harrison Harms, Daniel Busch, Anthony Remmelt, Brennan Cross and Joel Berry. The bronze medal match was an all Queensland affair as we played Nudgee College, who did not lose a set until the cross over matches. A loss left IGS in fourth place to round out the tournament.
  • FIRST VI BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Mr D. Grose (Coach), Anthony Remmelt, Joel Berry, Thomas Wheeler, Kane Bishop, Daniel Busch, Mrs K. Pitty (Manager) Julian Lam, Alec Godinet, Nicholas Muir, Brennan Cross, Thomas Furminger, Jack Pope SECOND VI BACK ROW: Mr J. Strathdee (Coach), Jack Skeates, Jamason Fa’anana-Schultz, Sean Adcock FRONT ROW: Brayden Leisemann, Itrat Memon, Nicholas Payne, Ryan Robinson Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 107
  • 11A 11B BACK ROW: Lauchlan Campbell, Izack Rodda, Mr A. Harrison (Coach) FRONT ROW: Joshua del Castillo, Julian Lam, Daniel Busch, Matthew Gibbins BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: 10A 10B BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: Sebastian Kuylaars, Hayden Randall, Brody Baeumler, Mr D. Grose (Coach) Oliver Bond, Jacob Sanderson, Matthew Berlin, Bradley Teasdale, Daniel David Mr P. Weighton (Coach), Alistair Snow 10C BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: 108 Glen Beazley, Mr P. Tresize (Coach), Warwick Absolon Thomas Preston, Robert Woodbridge, Stuart Laidlaw BACK ROW: Mr D. Grose (Coach), Samuel Greive, Bradyn Yeates, Jamie Stephen FRONT ROW: Jayden Marrott, Jack Searle, Thomas Searle, Samuel Wallace, Jack Marning ABSENT: Mr M. Morrissy (Coach) 9A Dean Dreyer, Harrison Gibb, Patrick Moroney, Mr K. Lightbody (Coach) Samuel Barrett, Egan Keepa, James Wootton, Benjamin Hussey, Liam McMonagle Lachlan King BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Mr W. Cook (Manager), Charles Christensen, Thomas Pratt, Thomas Wheeler, Bailey Parsonage, Mrs K. Pitty (Coach) Callum Hicks, Charles Kimmorley, Jonathan Elshaw, Tim Szallasi, William Cochran Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • 9B 9C BACK ROW: Harrison Sippel, Alexander Aurisch, Isaac Rushton, Cooper Nunn FRONT ROW: Thomas Summerville, Brendan Dalgliesh, Mr Z. Logan (Coach), Jack McKay, Luke Self BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: 8A 8B BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Mr F. Horridge (Coach), Bradyn Cawood, Alex Auschra, Jarrah Charles, Eugene Koorts Jack Greive, Louis Graham, Callum Marning, Thomas Phillips-Kirchner, Bradley Orton 8C BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: Luke Rose, Quinlan Barthelme, Nicholas Hall, Luke Warnick, Jaye Thompson, Mr C. Amos (Coach) Matthew Haddad, Vincent Hardy, Fredric Walker, Patrick Denny, Darcy Clark Mr F. Horridge (Coach), Jacob Busch, Liam Scheuerle, Jack Scheuerle, Benjamin Button, Michael Krause Richard Murray, Jack Greive, Jack Purdy, Oliver Laidlaw Mr C. Minnis (Coach) 8D Karl Rosenberg, Mr D. Grose (Coach), Ezekial Vandermolen Jason Hussey, Lachlan Fearon, Matthew Stjepcevic, Mitchell Summerville Jackson Wallace, Mr J. Vandermolen (Coach) BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Jeremiah Mooka, Mackenzie O’Donnell, Lowell Villarosa, Mr M. Johansen (Coach) James Huen, Tarik Cirkic, Nicholas Schostakowski, Kudakwashe Mutambi, Brendan Richardson Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 109
  • Debating 110 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • HONOUR ROLL HALF COLOURS: Jacob Butcher, Matthew Waters, Sean Adcock, Prescott Fraser, Michael Stower, Sebastian Fox, Thomas Cochran. FIRSTS POCKETS: Charles Mayne, Alexander Leathem, Glen Beazley, Alec Walter, Jack Trace, Clancy Enchelmaier. T HIS year marked a very successful season for the students of Ipswich Grammar School. The school enters GPS Debating each year beginning in Term 1 and running throughout Term 2. Each team is made up of four members, with every student playing an integral role. More than 40 students participated, with at least two teams in each year level. Special mention to the Senior Bs of Mike Stower, Sebastian Fox, Tom Cochran and Sean Adcock for placing third this season. From a junior Sean Adcock Debating Captain perspective, the Year 8 to 10 teams worked collegially and will be a force to be reckoned with in coming years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Co-Captain Tom, Vice-Captain Jacob and all the seniors for their help during the season. THE Firsts prospered with a clean sweep throughout the season. This group of students has represented Ipswich Grammar School for the past four to five years and have significantly improved in this time. Jacob Butcher was the team’s first speaker, Matthew Waters was second speaker, and the third speaker role was shared between Captains Sean Adcock and Thomas Cochran. Prescott Fraser filled in as fourth speaker. The Premier team formed a strong bond, with numerous workshops held across the year. Preseason began during the summer holidays as the Firsts helped improve the skills of the Year 8s. A memorable final home debate took place in The Great Hall, where the support from the school was appreciated. Sincere thanks must be given to all coaches for their help. Your hard work and generous acts of encouragement made this debating season very enjoyable. Debating 2013 was a success primarily because you were there instructing your teams. Special thanks must also go to Master in Charge Miss Horrobin, who at times was coaching three year levels on top of organising everything. We would also like to acknowledge the debating men who performed during the season. – Sean Adcock (Captain), Thomas Cochran (Captain) and Jacob Butcher (Vice-Captain) Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 111
  • YEAR 12.1 BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Sean Adcock, Jacob Butcher Prescott Fraser, Matthew Waters, Miss N. Horrobin (Teacher), Thomas Cochran YEAR 12.2 LEFT TO RIGHT: 112 YEAR 11 Sean Adcock, Michael Stower, Miss N. Horrobin (Teacher), Sebastian Fox, Prescott Fraser LEFT TO RIGHT: Glen Beazley, Miss E. Clayton (Teacher), Charles Mayne, Conor Tarpey Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • YEAR 10 BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: YEAR 9.1 Alec Walter, Mr A. French (Teacher), Sean Connell Remington Greenhill-Brown, Patrick Moroney, Patrick Wilson, Charlie Morton LEFT TO RIGHT: YEAR 9.2 YEAR 8.1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Wyatt Cook, Mr T. Ragdale (Teacher), Sai Pabbati, Jack Trace LEFT TO RIGHT: YEAR 8.2 Niel Hamman, Clancy Enchelmaier, Mr T. Ragdale (Teacher), Patrick Denny, Cooper Nunn YEAR 8.3 BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Thomas Fanshawe, Tiernan Laracy, Zachary Wendt Aaron Herbst, Miss N. Horrobin (Teacher), Liam Brown Thomas Simon, Matthew Bristow, Mrs M. Barrett (Teacher), Jesse Henderson, Brendan Richardson LEFT TO RIGHT: Maniv Naras, Mrs M. Barrett (Teacher), Cooper Orrock, Aiden Pocock Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 113
  • Cross Country 114 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • HONOUR ROLL FULL COLOURS: Adam Wilson, Anthony Remmelt, Harrison Maynard, Joseph Deng, Matt Roetteler. HALF COLOURS: Blake Ellis, Chris Fox, Corey Lucas, Finley Smart, Gerrard Marsh, Grant O’Connor, Jack Pope, Jack Scheuerle, Jarred Hancock, Jayden Marrott, Jonty Martin, Jordan Black, Liam Nickerson, Oliver Pye, Padraig McDowell, Tommy Jarrard, Zachary Bryant. POCKETS: Aaron Montoro, Alex Gradin, Alexander Parsons, Alistair Snow, Benjamin Button, Brandon Stone, Brayden Leisman, Brennan Cross, Callum Marning, Callum Otto, Campbell Harrys, Cassady Wetherall, Damiel Brandley, Daniel Hall, Enrique Cabrera, Hamish Taylor, Harrison Gregory, Harry Parcell, Ian Beater, Jack Batho, Jack Chivers, Jack Trace, Jackson Bray, Jacob Teevan, Jaiden Fa’anana-Schultz, Jamason Schultz, Jamie Livingstone, Jordan Anderson, Jordan Schooth, Josh Hooton, Josh Webber, Juan Garrett, Ju-Ho Lee, Lachlan Fearon, Lachlan Goodbun, Liam Brown, Luke Self, Matthew Haspels, Matthew Nickerson, Matthew Parkes, Mclay Kenman, Mitchel Raine, Murray Thistlethwaite, Nicholas Raine, Nicholas Verrenkamp, Nick Lewty, Nick Payne, Oscar Crisp, Patrick Munnings, Paul Godffey, Reuben Seccombe, Richard Murray, Riley Mellor, Riley Wilton, Sam Beckman, Sam Wallace, Steven Grayson, Thomas Barnett, Thomas Pratt, Tom Fanshawe, Tom Furminger, Tom Summerville, Tyrell Thompson, Verle Williams, Wilfred Kouakou. I PSWICH Grammar School Cross Country enjoyed another successful season in 2013, commencing with our annual camp, followed by the Caboolture Historical Village Dusk to Dawn and the Ipswich Independent District Cross Country Carnival. The IGS contingent amassed 686.741km during the 12-hour event at Caboolture on 9 February, with the boys acquitting themselves well with their conduct and competitiveness. Seventy-six Ipswich Grammar competitors took part in the district cross country carnival and they all ran well, with 33 making it through to the Metropolitan West regional trials. From these, 10 boys qualified for the Met West team and six were named as reserves. Mr BRUCE HARDY MIC Cross country The IGS Cross Country team would like to thank the Sports Department staff including Mr Aaron Moore and Mr Nigel Greive for their efforts and support throughout the season, and the grounds staff who set up many of our events during the year. I would like to thank all the boys who made up our team in 2013. Also, an enormous thanks to coaches Mrs Hardy, Mr Chivers, Mrs Stoddart, Mr Trezise, Mitchel Fullelove and Andrew O’Connor for their efforts and commitment. We must also thank the parents involved in the Cross Country Support Group for their efforts in helping the team to be as successful as possible. We now look forward to 2014. INTER-HOUSE CARNIVAL RESULTS: A. Owen, A. Dobson, M.Fearon (Under 12), H. Maynard, B. Button, W. Kouakou (Under 13), J. Trace, T. Barnett, C. Fox (Under 14), J. Deng, P. McDowell, O. Pye (Under 15), M. Roetteler, J. Anderson, J. Black (Under 16), A. Remmelt, J. Hancock, T. Furminger (Open). FOR most, the season started in April with the annual Inter-house Cross Country Carnival. Participation was excellent, with Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 115
  • TEAM IGS BACK ROW: FOURTH ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: R. Wilson, T. Jarrard, M. Nickerson, G. Marsh, M. Kenman, I. Beater, A. Snow, B. Ellis, J. Chivers, J. Black, J. Hooton, D. Brandley, L. Nickerson, T. Summerville, N. Verrenkamp J. Teevan, J. Zarb, T. Pratt, M. Parkes, S. Grayson, H. Maynard, T. Thompson, J. Marrott, J. Anderson, A. Parsons, L. Self, L. Brown, J. Bray, D. Hall, B. Stone, J. Schooth M. Roetteler, F. Smart, L. Fearon, P. Godfrey, N. Lewty, M. Haspels, O. Pye, J. Martin, S. Wallace, C. Wetherall, P. Munnings, R. Seccombe, C. Otto M. Thistlethwaite, A. Mival, W. Kouakou, B. Button, E. Cabrera, J. Scheurele, C. Fox, T. Fanshawe, C. Harrys, N. Raine, J. Trace, H. Taylor, J. Deng, H. Gregory, A. Gradin, J. Lee, C. Marning, J. Matkovic M. Raine, A. Montoro, J. Batho, T. Furminger, J. Hancock, J. Schultz, C. Lucas, Mrs C. Stoddart (Coach), A. Remmelt, Mr B. Hardy (MIC), A. Wilson, Mr P. Trezise (Coach), B. Cross, B. Leisman, J. Pope, R. Mellor, Z. Bryant, G. O’Connor, S. Fox many unlikely athletes recording great results. Henderson house won the day. GPS CHAMPIONSHIPS THE highlight of our season is the GPS Cross Country Championships, held this year on 5 June at Limestone Park. Ipswich Grammar finished the day in sixth place overall, with solid performances by the Year 8 and Year 10 runners. Anglican Church Grammar School won the event ahead of Brisbane Boys’ College and Brisbane Grammar School. Congratulations to all runners for giving their best efforts in 2013, and thank you to the senior men who gave five years of service to the IGS Cross Country program. 116 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Tennis Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 117
  • HONOUR ROLL FULL COLOURS: Liam Davenport. HALF COLOURS: Blake Ellis, Nicholas Allum, David Earley, Jordan Wendt, Jack Marning, Cooper Barnes, Michael Freeman, Reuben Mitchell, Lachlan Coxsedge, Nick Verrenkamp, Mihir Chipalkatty, Tyrell Thompson. POCKETS: Matthew Waters, Justin Dawes, Lucas Sippel, Connor O’Neill, Jordan Black, Brady Young, Charles Mayne, Lewis Ainslie, Jack McKay, Callum Marning, Thomas Fanshawe, Zachary Wendt, Bryn Llewellyn, Jack Scheuerle. I PSWICH Grammar fielded 17 teams in the 2013 GPS competition. Preseason training commenced in Term 1, and teams and players were established well before the start of the competition. A first round bye allowed coaches to conduct a full training session, culminating in a BBQ and parent/son tournament in the afternoon. Shirts were presented to the Firsts squad by IGS Old Boy Michael Fanshawe, Coach Dave Glinster and major sponsor Wade Llewellyn. Liam Davenport and Blake Ellis gained selection in the 118 Mr MICHAEL DIXON MIC Tennis Metropolitan West team, with Liam continuing on as captain of the Queensland team and attaining an age-group ranking of 11 in Australia. Congratulations also to Blake, who is currently ranked number four in his age group in Queensland and number 12 in Australia. The Firsts fielded only one Year 12 player – a credit to Blake, Nicholas Allum, David Earley and Jordan Wendt who stepped up. Thank you to the age group coaching team of Ms Sindy Perrem, Mr Alan Campbell, Mr Zach Baulch and Mr Stuart Campbell, who gave up so much of their time training and supervising the players. Congratulations to our own Zach Baulch, who was awarded a tennis scholarship to Kentucky in the USA. A note of thanks to Wade Llewellyn for his ongoing support; Michael Fanshawe for his time and wonderful Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community account of the history of IGS Tennis; the outgoing Parent Support Group of Pauline Baulch, Jane Marning, Sharon Ellis and Elaine Earle; the incoming group of Roxanne Allum, Jenny Purkiss and Liz Stower; parents; Nigel Grieve and Aaron Moore; Simon Manchee and the IGS bus drivers; and Brad Weier, Danny Breen and Ana Oertel for writing reports, creating certificates and supplying assistance. Thank you to all the players who demonstrated outstanding performance, commitment and sportsmanship and made the 2013 season truly memorable.
  • OPEN AWARDS: Justin Dawes (Most Valuable), Matthew Waters (Most Dedicated), Connor O’Neill (Most Improved). THE season was not as successful for the Firsts as we had hoped, with the team finishing in seventh position. For our first encounter we faced TSS, which we lost in a close deciding match. In the following weeks we were put to the test against Gregory Terrace and Brisbane State High, narrowly losing both matches. Toowoomba Grammar School culminated in our first win of the season. We lost against Nudgee, followed by another close loss against BCC. Our final opponents were Churchie, where we hosted our Heritage Round and played an enjoyable day of tennis, but again went down. A number of close losses taught us not only how to be humble in defeat, but also demonstrated that we weren’t far away from being a top team. – Liam Davenport WHILE there were insufficient players to field Thirds and Fourths teams in 2013, IGS assembled a field of four players for its Seconds team. Although match wins were elusive throughout the season, the dedication and commitment demonstrated by Matthew Waters, Justin Dawes, Lucas Sippel and Connor O’Neill was exceptional. The boys combined to exhibit some fine rounds of doubles rubbers against formidable opponents, coupled with occasional singles wins which were decided in nail-biting circumstances. The Seconds can all be commended on the humour, dedication and spirit they demonstrated each and every week. – Mr Michael Dixon hard and persisting in some of the hardest matches and conditions. Results may not have gone our way, but there was some great tennis played, good team spirit and great sportsmanship. Throughout the boys showed commitment and enthusiasm and are commended for their efforts. I wish all the boys the best of luck in their sporting and academic endeavours. – Ms Sindy Perrem YEAR 10 AWARDS: Jack Marning (Most Valuable), Matt Thomas (Most Dedicated), Matt Stower and Sebastian McCullough (Most Improved). YEAR 11 SEVENTEEN boys represented IGS in Year 10 tennis in 2013. The cohort demonstrated strength and depth, evident from the results attained throughout the season. The A team won five of eight matches. The B, C and D teams all won two matches each, with a number of matches going down to the wire. Special mention to Jack Marning and Cooper Barnes, who won more than 70% of their matches. Matt Stower and Sebastian McCullough also performed well, winning more than 60% of their doubles. All Year 10s demonstrated great sportsmanship. – Mr Alan Campbell AWARDS: Caelen Rafferty (Most Valuable), Jordan Wendt (Most Dedicated), Axel Rice (Most Improved). YEAR 9 IT WAS a pleasure to train with and watch the Year 11 teams compete this season. Congratulations to all the players for trying AWARDS: Tyrell Thompson (Most Valuable), Alex Aurisch (Most Dedicated), Riley Wilton (Most Improved). THE tennis season for the men of Year 9 was a very successful and enjoyable one. It all started with a win for the As against TSS. The next round against Gregory Terrace turned out to be a tougher day than we thought, with the Bs, Cs and Ds all going down. BGS proved to be one of the toughest opponents of the season after a washout against BSHS. The round against TGS saw most boys rewarded with wins. The Bs walked away with a win against Nudgee, while BBC were too strong on the day. The As had a final round win against Churchie to finish a season of ups and downs. – Mr Zach Baulch YEAR 8 AWARDS: Callum Marning (Most Valuable), Douglas Hoffensetz (Most Dedicated), Harrison Juillerat (Most Improved). THE Year 8 tennis season was a tough initiation for the boys. Although the results didn’t go our way, every boy should be congratulated on his persistence and dedication. Week after week the boys displayed true IGS sportsmanship in victory or defeat. The degree of improvement exhibited by all players was very impressive and it is an encouraging sign for next year. Callum Marning, Aidan Pocock and Ben Maynard all performed very well and ended the season with the most wins out of the group. Special thanks to Mr Mike Dixon for his tireless work behind the scenes. – Mr Stuart Campbell Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 119
  • FIRST IV BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Jordan Wendt, Jordan Black, Nicholas Allum David Earley, Liam Davenport, Blake Ellis SECOND IV 11A LEFT TO RIGHT: LEFT TO RIGHT: 120 Lucas Sippel, Justin Dawes, Mr M. Dixon (Coach), Connor O’Neill, Matthew Waters Jordan Wendt, Brady Young, Ms S. Perrem (Coach), Charles Mayne, Jordan Black Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • 11B & 11C 10A BACK ROW: Ms S. Perrem (Coach), Thomas Michel, Conor Tarpey, Thomas Juillerat FRONT ROW: David Esteban, Axel Rice, Caelan Rafferty LEFT TO RIGHT: 10B 10C & 10D LEFT TO RIGHT: James Ploetz, Eric Walsh-Santouritzis, Mr A. Campbell (Coach), Matthew Thomas, Jack Purkiss BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: 9A LEFT TO RIGHT: ABSENT: Mr A. Campbell (Coach), Jeremiah Villarosa, Lachlan Ritchie, William Cole Alexander Leathem, Bradley Teasdale, Sebastian McCullough, Garrett Bargewell 9B LEFT TO RIGHT: Mihir Chipalkatty, Lachlan Coxsedge, Tyrell Thompson, Mr Z. Baulch (Coach), Nicholas Verrenkamp, Lewis Ainslie Reuben Mitchell, Cooper Barnes, Mr A. Campbell (Coach), Matthew Thomas, Jack Marning Jack McKay, Alexander Aurisch, Mr Z. Baulch (Coach), Lewis Ainslie, William Cochran Riley Wilton Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 121
  • 9C LEFT TO RIGHT: 9D Sai Pabbati, James Whittering, Thomas Oldham, Mr Z. Baulch (Coach), John Tully, William Cochran 8A LEFT TO RIGHT: LEFT TO RIGHT: Samuel Corby, Timothy Nance, Tavis Sharpe-Jones, Mr Z. Baulch (Coach), Joshua Inglis, Suriyarajan Maniam 8B Zachary Wendt, Callum Marning, Jack Scheuerle, Thomas Fanshawe, Bryn Llewellyn LEFT TO RIGHT: 8C 8D LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Scott, Samuel Peck, Harrison Juillerat, James Smith LEFT TO RIGHT: Nicholas Raine, Benjamin Maynard, Aiden Pocock, Douglas Hoffensetz 122 Brendan Richardson, Matthew Bristow, Jared Dowling, Maniv Naras Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Tournament of Minds TEAM IGS BACK ROW: Tiernan Laracy, Patrick Moroney, Mr A. Beruldsen (Teacher), Ben Mate, Alexander Aurisch FRONT ROW: Sean Connell, Cooper Nunn, Kyle Bilzon ABSENT: Miss N. Horrobin (Teacher) HONOUR ROLL FULL COLOURS: Patrick Moroney, Benjamin Mate, Sean Connell, Kyle Bilzon, Alexander Aurisch, Cooper Nunn, Tiernan Laracy. T OURNAMENT of Minds once again went from strength to strength in 2013. Our senior social science team of Patrick Moroney, Ben Mate, Sean Connell, Kyle Bilzon, Cooper Nunn, Alexander Aurisch and Tiernan Laracy competed at the regional Tournament of Minds finals at Villanova College on Saturday, 24 August. It was an exciting time, as for the past six weeks the team had dedicated their afternoons, lunch times and weekends to solving a long-term challenge in the most creative way possible. The team also had Miss NATALIE HORROBIN MIC Tournament of Minds to design props and costumes and write a script to act out the challenge while meeting their $50 and $75 budgets. On the day they were given 10 minutes to solve a short-term spontaneous problem. Winning the regionals meant IGS had to compete against the best teams in the state for an invitation to the Australasian Pacific finals. So on Sunday, 8 September the team took part in the state final at Griffith University. Again, the title of social science state champions went to IGS for a fifth year in a row. The Queensland champions boarded a plane for Canberra on Thursday, 17 October. The finals included teams from Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, so it was quite an accomplishment just to be part of this elite group. With Cooper Nunn and Ben Mate writing the script, Alexander Aurisch, Kyle Bilzon, Sean Connell and Tiernan Laracy doing props, costumes and masks and Patrick Moroney doubling as part of the props and costumes team and creative director, the students formed a sensational team. The social science division was the largest of the competition, with 10 teams competing for the title. In the end Team IGS was awarded second place in all of Australasia! I would like to extend a big thanks to assistant MIC Mr Ashley Beruldsen, parents and our ever committed team who conducted themselves with great integrity. I look forward to working with you next year. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 123
  • Football 124 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • I PSWICH Grammar Football had another outstanding season on and off the field in 2013. This year IGS fielded 18 teams, with four finishing on top of the table and 16 finishing in the top half of their respective competitions. This statistic clearly indicates that IGS is one of the strongest footballing schools in the GPS competition. IGS Football joined the school’s 150 celebrations by hosting a Heritage Day against BBC. The day included a special luncheon to reflect on the great battles between Ipswich Grammar School and Mr MARK FANCOURT MIC Football BBC over the past 25 years on the football pitch. It was wonderful to welcome back 14 Old Boy First XI Captains, especially brothers Andrew, Phil and Scott Lowe who were all First XI Captains in their senior years. Special mention to the Junior School men of IGS who thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the day and were very much a part of the festivities. Sponsorship is an integral part of Ipswich Grammar Football and without the support of Leighton’s Construction, Exact Radiology and Tonel Holdings we would not be where we are today. I would like to thank Exact Radiology and Leighton’s Construction for their ongoing support and welcome Tonel Holdings to our football community. I would also like to thank the Football Support Group for all their hard work throughout the year. These wonderful people work tirelessly for IGS Football and without a doubt are the backbone of the successful home games that people enjoy at Brassall. I would like to acknowledge Sue O’Connor (President), Terry Mellor (Secretary) and Narelle Spithill (Treasurer), who leave us this year as their sons graduate from Year 12. Another group of people that must be acknowledged is the entire coaching staff and age co-ordinators for their time and efforts. Their hard work and dedication is instrumental in the continued success of our football program. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 125
  • HONOUR ROLL FULL COLOURS: Michael Wilson, Joshua Murphy, Corey Lucas, Andrew Jarrett, Jarred Hancock, Aaron Montoro, Carlton Fritz, Thomas Webster, Lachlan Dalgleish, Kyle Lewendon, Joseph Duckworth. HALF COLOURS: Damien Schumacher, Nicholas Muir, Alex Finlayson, Jordan Anderson, Matthew Owen, Matt Nickerson, Cameron Boyle, Charles Percy, Alex Parsons, Mark Pearson, Adam Wilson, Jackson Bray, Tommy Jarrard, David Marcolin, Mitchell Byrnes, Andrew Pengelly, Jack Pope, Finley Smart, Lachlan Yeates, Itrat Memon, Alex Auschra, Grant O’Connor, Isaac Van de Werken, Flyn Park, Ryan Robinson, James Todd, Padraig McDowell, Riley Mellor, Jamie Cameron, Mathew Haspels, James Addison, Ju-Ho Lee, Jamie Stephen, Mitchell Biggs, Wilfred Kouakou, Hayden Randall, Harrison Maynard, Giuliano Marconato, Nicholas Piper, Murray Thistlethwaite, Benjamin Barratt, Marcus Poniewierski, Enrique Cabrera, Ricardo Cabrera, Matthew Parkes, Brendan Dalgleish, Charlie Ellis, Oscar Park, Daniel Hall, Jackson Matkovic, Kye O’Sullivan, Joshua McEvoy, Angus Mival, Sebastian Norris, Liam Nickerson, Nathaniel Seip, Jarrod Norfolk, Jack Trace, Noah Van de Werken, Jarrod Noe, Jacob Tappin, Joseph Deng, Ryan Whyte, Ben Button, Oliver Bond, Lachlan Webster, Julio Escobar, James Foddy, Alex Finlayson, Beau Finlayson, Jarrod Bravin, Parker Robinson, Jordan Ross, Jonathon Smith, Maclay Kenman, Samuel Oldershaw, Jamie Maynard, James Troeger, Marcus Schrader, Nicholas Ede. POCKETS: Logan Pocock, Jackson Oldfield, Julian Fodor, Harrison Harms, Daniel Spithill, Liam Fedrick, Brandon Gee, Warwick Absolon, Ned Davidson, Joshua Cheadle, Will Smith, Aaron Bachmann, Liam Harris, Matthew Sanderson, Xavier Michael, Caeleb Grosser, Nick Lee, Scott Cronan, Louis Tonel, Keegan Hall-Smith, Zac Bryant, Benjamin Russell, Oliver Read, Gerrard Marsh, Nick Payne, James Moroney, Tom Phillips Kirchner, Patrick Norris, Sean Adcock, Jack Batho, Jacob Busch, Lachlan Ross, Jacob Butcher, Joel McLean, Jack Purdy, Benjamin Walsh, Anthony Remmelt, Brenton Sullivan, Ryan Clark, Andrew Whittering, Tarlon Flynn, Joseph Guymer, Connor Wakefield, Mitchell Michael, Chris Goode, Niall Blair, Kieran Boyle, Jayden Marrott, Todd Gorringe, Rhys Carter, Mitchell Keily, Oliver Neville, Brennan Cross, Angus Payne, Matthew Stjepcevic, Harrison Gibb, Adam Smith, Daniel Bailey, Harry Bouckley, Sean Connell, Riley Herbst, Jack McCleary, Craig Beater, Bradyn Yeates, Blake Smallwood, Steven Grayson, Thomas Keller, Baxter Hill, Joel Tinney, Ross Whyte, Declan Johnston, Rhett Williams, Wolfgang Wallace, Jack Greive, Munashe Mutambi, Christopher Patten, Alex Dobson, Mitchell Clow, Dylan Yeomans, Van Dorreboom, Tallis Mowles, Khalu Tomachy, James Runnegar, Benjamin Rathbone, Rhys Gibson, Jeremiah Mooka, Liam Andrews, Michael Streeting, Dylan Boettcher, Richard Murray, William Krashcnefski, Brodie Nickson, James Forrest, Thomas Wheeler, Kyle Bilzon, Aaron Langdale, Waleed Arshad, Enrique Nguyen, Aditya Sharma, Tom Butcher, Harry Duckworth, Paul Godfrey, Rhyen Kennedy, Levi Cathcart, Fredric Walker, Zack Eckert, Chris Vedelago, Matthew Hayes, Mikhil Ramu, Lachlan King, Declan Turner, Jack Burns, Ben Carter, Brayden Klimmer, Jamie Livingstone, James Wootton, Alex Jounquay, Brendan Noble, Alex Gradin, Sam Barrett. AWARDS: Alexander Parsons & Wilfred Kouakou (Craig & Stjepcevic Shield), Josh McEvoy (Slater & Thompson Trophy), Matthew Haspels (Moss & Keane Shield), Jarrod Bravin (Prasser & Lowe Trophy), Joseph Duckworth (Robbie Young Memorial Trophy). FIRSTS THE 2013 season was a tense and tight battle. A bye to start the season saw the Firsts face a fired up TSS in Round 2. The boys were shocked with Southport’s intensity and lost a tough game 2-1. The mental toughness of the boys was demonstrated when they bounced back to secure strong victories against GT (4-0), BSHS (5-1), BGS (1-0) and TGS (3-0). 126 These wins saw IGS quickly climb the ladder and give them a shot at securing a premiership. However, in Round 7 IGS travelled to Nudgee College to take on the team sitting on top of the ladder. A win to NC would secure them either a joint or outright premiership with a game in hand, while a loss would give IGS a shot at winning the flag. Unfortunately the IGS men were unable to capitalise on the chances they Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community created, and although they fought for the entire game they went down 3-0. They bounced back to win 3-2 against BBC and draw 1-1 with Churchie in the final two rounds of the season. The final table saw IGS sitting in equal second with TGS. Nudgee and TSS shared the top spot in a joint premiership. Every player in the squad is to be congratulated for their effort and commitment throughout a very challenging
  • SCOREBOARD TEAM TSS GT BSHS BGS TGS NC BBC AGGS Firsts 1-2 4-0 5-1 1-0 3-0 0-3 3-2 1-1 Seconds 1-1 2-0 0-1 3-2 1-0 1-0 0-2 3-0 Thirds 1-3 4-1 12-1 3-2 0-3 4-0 0-2 1-1 Fourths 2-5 2-1 2-1 2-1 0-3 2-2 2-2 5-3 11A 5-1 4-0 3-0 2-1 2-1 6-0 3-0 5-0 11B 0-6 0-0 2-3 1-2 2-0 1-1 4-0 2-2 11C 1-4 0-3 0-2 1-2 0-2 3-2 7-3 0-3 10A 6-1 3-0 5-2 0-1 1-4 2-2 1-0 2-1 10B 5-1 7-0 7-0 2-4 2-2 8-1 2-0 2-0 10C 0-1 3-1 8-0 2-0 2-0 3-2 0-2 0-1 10D 5-2 2-0 7-0 2-0 1-3 8-1 4-1 3-0 9A 1-2 3-1 2-5 2-0 1-0 3-0 2-2 9-0 9B 0-1 3-0 1-3 0-0 1-2 3-2 0-6 2-2 9C 2-2 2-4 1-1 2-2 3-2 5-0 0-2 2-2 8A 4-1 6-0 4-2 7-0 5-0 5-2 9-1 10-2 8B 6-0 1-2 1-0 3-1 0-2 3-2 4-0 4-0 8C 5-1 1-1 4-2 1-4 5-3 3-0 2-2 3-2 8D 2-1 8-1 6-0 6-1 3-1 6-3 1-2 7-1 TOTAL season. To the Year 12 men who have played their last game for IGS I say thank you, congratulations and good luck. – Mr Nigel Lucas OPEN CONGRATULATIONS to the senior boys in their final year for their outstanding results in football. Preseason training showed a large number of boys were willing to represent the school. The Seconds finished in second place while the Thirds placed third. The Fourths also had some good wins. Congratulations to the Firsts on a very successful season, finishing equal second in a tight competition. The standard of football continues to rise every year and most games seem to be very evenly matched. Thank you to all the boys for their commitment to training and matches. It is wonderful to see young men who do not normally play football come and have a game in their final year at school. I hope all the boys who played continue to enjoy the game for many years to come. – Mr Michael Stjepcevic YEAR 11 WITH so many boys from this age group playing Firsts football depth was always going to be tested. Happily, a number of boys made the jump to the As and an undefeated season ensued. The As dominated all opponents, playing an expansive brand of 4-3-3 football and scoring 30 goals while conceding just three. Scoring so many goals led to some very interesting celebrations, especially in the vital game against Toowoomba. What ever happened to a handshake and a pat on the back? The Bs struggled to account for the player drain in the early part of the season and took some time to adjust. However, like the Cs they rallied in the second half of the season, playing open and attractive football and netting some spectacular goals. Best wishes for continued success in your senior year. – Mr Andrew Walsh YEAR 10 THE 2013 Year 10 football season was very successful. Thanks to Gary Barnes, Matt Johansen and Adam Pengelly for their enthusiasm and professionalism in their approach to coaching. The turnout for team selection was very well attended, allowing us to run four teams in this age group. Their attendance to training and meetings as well as sportsmanship was exceptional. The level of skill and teamwork demonstrated at the beginning of the season improved, as well as their maturity when interacting with other schools. The enthusiasm the boys displayed at training was brought to their games. – Mrs Beth Barrett YEAR 9 THE 2013 Year 9 football season was reasonably successful and very competitive. Wins 5 5 4 4 8 3 2 5 6 5 7 5 2 0 8 6 5 7 Draws Losses Position 1 2 3rd 1 2 2nd 1 3 2nd 2 2 2nd 0 0 1st 2 3 4th 0 6 8th 1 2 2nd 1 1 2nd 0 3 3rd 0 1 8th 1 2 3rd 2 4 4th 4 4 8th 0 0 1st 0 2 2nd 1 2 2nd 0 1 1st 87 17 40 The cohort wishes to thank their coaches Mr Butterfield, Mr Schroeder, and Old Boys Sam Mahaffey and Harry Cole for their enthusiasm and professionalism throughout the season. The turnout for team selection was very well attended, allowing us to run three teams in this age group. The level of skill and teamwork demonstrated at the beginning of the season improved and strengthened with players operating more as teams towards the end of the season. They encapsulate the core values of Ipswich Grammar School and deserve to be commended on their enthusiasm and professionalism. The As finished the season in third position, with the Bs coming fourth and the Cs sitting in eighth. – Mr Gordon Schroder YEAR 8 THE Year 8 cohort enjoyed a very successful season. With plenty of boys wanting to play the world game we were able to field four teams. The As and Ds won their respective competitions, with the Bs and Cs finishing second. Congratulations to all boys on this fine achievement. Many thanks to the coaching staff of Mr John Robinson (8A), Mr Derek Hughes (8B), Mr Dylan Maddison (8C) and Mr Richard Fancourt (8D) for their dedication and hard work throughout the season. Thank you to all boys for your efforts in 2013. I wish you the best of luck for the 2014 season. – Mr Mark Fancourt Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 127
  • FIRST XI BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: Aaron Montoro, Thomas Webster, Corey Lucas, Carlton Fritz, Lachlan Dalgliesh, Joseph Duckworth Mr J. Morgan (Coach), Jordan Anderson, Kyle Lewendon, Damien Schumacher, Jarrod Bravin, Mr N.Lucas (Manager) Andrew Jarrett, Joshua Murphy, Michael Wilson, Jarred Hancock (Captain), Mark Pearson, Andrew Pengelly, Tommy Jarrard SECOND XI BACK ROW: Riley Mellor, Jack Pope, James Addison, Adam Wilson, David Marcolin, Mr M. Stjepcevie (Coach) FRONT ROW: Matthew Owen, Nicholas Muir, Isaac van de Werken, Grant O’Connor, Charles Percy, James Todd, Ryan Robinson ABSENT: Itrat Memon, Lachlan Yeates 128 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • THIRD XI BACK ROW: Mr T. Wood (Coach), Nicholas Payne, Logan Pocock, Liam Harris, Sean Adcock, Edward Davidson FRONT ROW: Todd Gorringe, Daniel Spithill, Brennan Cross, Zachary Bryant, Anthony Remmelt, Jacob Butcher, Christopher Goode FOURTH XI BACK ROW: Johnathon Roberts, Hayden Clarke, Angus Payne MIDDLE ROW: Scott Cronan, Brennan Cross, Benjamin Fuller, William Russell, Adam Smith, Mr J. Beaumont (Coach) FRONT ROW: Rhys Carter, Daniel Bailey, Matthew Sanderson, Jackson Oldfield, Joshua Cheadle, James Moroney, Isaac Hansen ABSENT: Liam Fedrick, Jack Batho, Tarlon Fynn, Marcellus Hinds-Meyer, Juaun Garrett, Niall Blair, Joseph Guymer 11A 11B BACK ROW: Beau Finlayson, Jordan Ross, Parker Robinson, Cameron Boyle, Mr A. Walsh (Coach) FRONT ROW: Andrew Pengelly, Maclay Kenman, Jarrod Bravin, Alex Finlayson, Jonathon Smith, Nicholas Ede, Jordan Anderson BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Marcus Schrader, Patrick Norris, Aaron Bachmann, Warwick Absolon, Harrison Harms, Mr L. Rule (Coach) Benjamin Walsh, Andrew Whittering, Mark Pearson, Lachlan Ross, Jamie Maynard, Caeleb Grosser, Keegan Hall-Smith Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 129
  • 11C BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: 10A Andrew Whittering, Henry Bange, Gerrard Marsh, Mr L. Timberlake (Coach) Gary De Muelenaere, Jacob Street, Glen Beazley, Lauchlan Campbell, Joshua del Castillo BACK ROW: Marcus Poniewierski, Nicholas Piper, Lachlan Webster MIDDLE ROW: Mr G. Barnes (Coach), Oscar Park, Oliver Bond, Kye O’Sullivan, Jarrod Norfolk, Hayden Randall FRONT ROW: Jarrod Noe, Tommy Jarrard, James Foddy, Jamie Stephen, Matthew Haspels, Matthew Parkes, Julio Escobar 10B 10C BACK ROW: Mr A. Pengelly (Coach), Nikhil Ramu, Jamie Livingstone, Brendan Noble, Benjamin Carter, Ryan Whyte FRONT ROW: Declan Turner, Lachlan King, Christopher Vedelago, Sebastian Norris, Padraig McDowell BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: 10D 9A BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: 130 Connor Olsen, Christopher Patten, Bradyn Yeates, Harrison Passeri, Baxter Hill, Mrs B. Barrett (Coach) Benjamin Rathbone, Van Dorreboom, Jayden Marrott, Michael Streeting, Rhett Williams BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: Aaron Langdale, Jack Burns, Mr M. Johansen (Coach), Samuel Barrett, James Wootton Matthew Hayes, Brayden Klimmer, Thomas Butcher, Levi Cathcart, Riley Herbst, Alexander Gradin, Alexander Jounquay Joshua McEvoy, Joseph Deng, Noah van de Werken, Liam Nickerson, Nathaniel Seip, Mr S. Butterfield (Coach) Angus Mival, Brendan Dalgliesh, Jack Trace, Ricardo Cabrera, Enrique Cabrera, Benjamin Button, Jackson Matkovic Daniel Hall, Jacob Tappin Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • 9B 9C BACK ROW: Aditya Sharma, Cooper Nunn, Mr G. Schroeder (Coach), Waleed Arshad FRONT ROW: Paul Godfrey, Harry Duckworth, Thomas Wheeler, Kyle Bilzon, Zachary Eckert BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: 8A 8B BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Mr J. Robinson (Coach), Wilfred Kouakou, Benjamin Barratt, Alexander Aurisch, Alexander Parsons, Giuliano Marconato, Ryan Clark, Ryan Robinson (Manager) Finley Smart, Jackson Bray, Harrison Maynard, Murray Thistlethwaite, Mitchell Biggs, Jamie Cameron, Ju-Ho Lee, Mitchell Byrnes, Flyn Park BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: 8C BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Mr D. Hughes (Coach), Oliver Reid, Louis Tonel, Connor Wakefield, Harrison Bouckley, Jacob Busch, Thomas Phillips-Kirchner Kieran Boyle, Matthew Stjepcevic, William Smith, Julian Fodor, Jack Purdy, Brandon Gee, Mitchell Keily 8D BACK ROW: Craig Beater, Steven Grayson, Mr D. Maddison (Coach), Declan Johnston, Jack McCleary FRONT ROW: Jack Greive, Wolfgang Wallace, Joel Tinney, Richard Murray, Aaron Herbst, Blake Smallwood, Munashe Mutambi Jack Schefe, Rhyen Kennedy, Mr H. Cole (Coach), Brendon Warren, Byron Read Matthew Haddad, Walter Lauenstein, Thomas Pratt, Cameron Grice, Harrison Sippel Mitchell Clow, Mr R. Fancourt (Coach), James Runnegar Connor Bilzon, Dylan Yeomans, Tallis Mowles, Liam Andrews, Khalli Tomachy Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 131
  • Rugby 132 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • staying on at IGS will use the experience and disappointment of 2013 as motivation for next season, and I firmly believe they will be much better because of it. Maioha Gregory, Darren Neumann and Craig Harsant, thank you for giving up your Saturdays to assist the First XV. Rickie Dodd, thank you for giving up your Tuesday and Thursday mornings to help us with strength and conditioning. Mr McArdle, thank you for the organising you did for us, whether it was setting up the ice baths or the team kit. Mr Hines, we didn’t make this the most memorable debut year for you, but your dedication, enthusiasm and commitment will ensure great success at this level. And lastly Mr Charles, thank you for everything you did for us. You do an amazing job. – Landon Hayes A NOTHER season has come and gone at the usual frantic pace. Though not reflected on the scoreboard at times, IGS Rugby showed its ability to compete and develop. Strong seasons were had by the 13As, 14As, 15As, Third XV and Second XV. Special mention to the 14As, who finished on top of their division as joint premiers. Congratulations and thank you to all the senior players for their years of service. A big thanks to everyone involved in IGS Rugby this year. To the ground staff, OPEN AWARDS: Landon Hayes (W.L. Haenke Award), Jamason Fa’anana-Schultz (Scotchie Cullen Memorial Trophy for Best & Fairest), Jamason Fa’anana-Schultz (Berrick Barnes Cup Players’ Player), Daniel Jennings (W. Phillips Memorial Award for Most Improved Player in Open Grade). Mr Aaron Moore MIC Rugby coaches, Rugby Support Group and parents, thank you for your continued support. Thank you also to the 250 boys who committed to training, their coaches, their team and representing Ipswich Grammar School on and off the field with pride. 2013 was a hard season for the Firsts, with the team’s many disappointments and frustrations partially balanced by a few individual successes. We suffered three floggings, two of which were close until the last 10-15 minutes. Games against Terrace, State High and BBC could have gone either way. Only five members of the squad had prior First XV experience Those who are AWARDS: William Russell (Most Valuable), Sean Adcock (Most Consistent), Jack Skeates (Most Improved). THE Seconds were a force to be reckoned with. From humble beginnings this group forged strong bonds and will have lasting memories of a season of mixed success but one of selfdiscipline and the knowledge that all goals are achievable. The boys listened and adapted their play accordingly each week and their skill level and desire for success became finely honed. Congratulations to the team on a most enjoyable and memorable time together. – Mr John Beaumont & Mr Malcom Head Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 133
  • SCOREBOARD TEAM Firsts Seconds Thirds Fourths 16A 15A 15B 14A 14B 14C 13A 13B 13C 13D AWARDS: Adam Smith (Most Valuable), Todd Gorringe (Most Consistent), Stuart Laidlaw (Most Improved). THE Thirds were a combination of Year 11 and Open players who came together to become one of Ipswich Grammar’s most successful teams. The team played with spirit and passion and recorded great wins against State High, Nudgee and BBC along with a draw against TGS. – Mr Aaron Moore AWARDS: Charles Percy (Most Valuable), Jarred Hancock (Most Consistent), Indiana Anderson (Most Improved). WHAT a great pleasure it was to have a Fourths team – the first in many years. The team was just starting to gel as a unit when the season ended. Maybe this says something about our starting fitness levels and on-going training habits – most of our training and learning was done each weekend during the game. I liked the enthusiasm the boys showed in turning up each week even though we met with little success. – Mr Geoff Dieckmann YEAR 11 AWARDS: Connor Veraart (Most Valuable), Mark Broadhead (Most Consistent), Maclay Kenman (Most Improved). THE season was a tough one for the As, but some great rugby was played in stages. Players were constantly brought into the First XV squad and were always accommodating to respond to their requirements. This and TAFE commitments hindered our preparation for games, but the boys always participated well at training. Our play improved throughout the season and was highlighted in our win against GT. – Mr Brendan Underwood & Mr Ben Adams 134 TSS GT BSHS BGS TGS NC BBC AGGS Win/Loss 17-51 26-32 31-36 26-22 28-20 17-71 34-45 0-53 2-6 3-48 15-17 27-5 29-10 8-17 10-36 0-12 14-12 3-5 7-54 21-32 34-15 7-31 12-12 35-25 24-20 5-29 3-4 0-69 21-22 DNP 0-72 7-22 12-31 0-29 0-32 0-7 0-52 25-7 17-21 7-40 7-35 0-44 14-26 0-29 1-7 10-12 19-12 20-7 21-10 DNP 8-10 5-28 5-36 3-4 19-19 14-19 43-14 5-27 36-26 12-43 24-24 5-27 2-4 17-10 14-15 17-7 12-7 41-19 24-17 31-12 33-15 7-1 7-46 5-31 19-14 10-29 12-36 0-46 19-57 5-29 2-6 0-46 15-44 26-24 19-10 19-5 14-15 DNP DNP 3-3 29-17 5-31 5-31 31-5 31-5 12-46 22-21 5-10 4-4 12-22 0-53 10-31 12-14 19-27 7-77 15-24 5-38 0-8 5-50 0-90 17-10 10-17 0-80 5-34 7-49 5-36 1-7 0-20 0-60 0-66 0-34 31-12 0-44 12-53 0-37 1-7 YEAR 10 AWARDS: Sam Wallace (Most Valuable), Teuita Wolske (Most Consistent), James Bulgarelli (Most Improved). THE As experienced a successful season in 2013 with coaches focussing on skill development. As a result we were able to match the opposition in offensive and defensive skills, thereby producing games that were competitive. Strategies to play direct in attack and to enhance defence laid the foundation for inspiring performances. – Mr Rickie Dodd & Mr Rob Sadler AWARDS: Daniel David (Most Valuable), Harry Macfarlane (Most Consistent), Matt Nickerson (Most Improved). THE Bs were notable for the competitive matches they produced. Most were evenly poised until the final stages, when the opposition was able to score out wide. Highlights were the 43-14 victory over BSHS and the magnificent win over TGS. Players generally applied themselves well at training and worked at improving their skills and teamwork. Defensive and attacking structures were a regular focus at training and the improvements made were incredible. Congratulations and thanks to all the players. – Mr John Martin, Mr Tom McKitrick & Mr Jake Stephan YEAR 9 AWARDS: Callum Hicks (Most Valuable), Kolio Peterson-Timu (Most Consistent), Fredric Walker (Most Improved). THE As were joint premiers, winning seven games and losing one – a one-point heartbreaker right on full time in Round 3. Our communication, rugby knowledge and belief in the structures we were playing all Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community improved as the season progressed. There were patches in games that displayed the team’s true potential. Our ability to scramble in defence and attack from anywhere resulted in some great rugby. We look forward to seeing you play rugby next year. – Mr Jeff Nicholson, Mr Maioha Gregory & Mr Peter Lee AWARDS: Nicholas Holmes (Most Valuable), Harrison Sippel (Most Consistent), Thomas Wheeler (Most Improved). THE Bs had a tough season but still managed to make considerable improvements throughout the year. Our strength was our ability to move forward and score tries when we had the ball in hand. Although we struggled to hold the ball in the breakdown we made considerable improvements in our body height and technique. Our defence was gallant and technique improved. The B team achieved the goal of having fun while playing competitive rugby. – Mr Michael Abbott & Mr Alex Hazenberg AWARDS: Logan Mulheron (Most Valuable), Liam Martin (Most Consistent), Mitchell Forrest (Most Improved). THE 14s had less than 50 players to cover three teams. Injury and illness severely affected numbers, which left the Cs struggling to field a team each week. Such is the character of this group of young men that several players from the Bs and even a few basketball players rallied to ensure the team competed. Our team consisted of a number of first time rugby players who learnt the game quickly and were very impressive and enthusiastic. We kept our strategies simple and placed our emphasis on enjoyment. – Mr Len Reidlinger & Mr John Wilton
  • HONOUR ROLL MET WEST UNDER-15 REPS: Sam Wallace, Martin Koorts, Harry Douglas, James Bulgarelli, Daniel Taber, Cooper Smith, Efi Maafu, Teuita Wolske, Jackson Weir, Egan Keepa. QUEENSLAND UNDER-16 REPS: Josvyn Sokimi, Harry Parcell, AJ Raeli, Sham Vui, Johann Koorts. QUEENSLAND SCHOOLBOYS REPS: Carlin Anderson, James Todd, Sham Vui, Jamason Fa’anana-Schultz, Landon Hayes, Izack Rodda. AUSTRALIAN SCHOOLBOYS REPS: Carlin Anderson, James Todd, Landon Hayes. FULL COLOURS: Landon Hayes, James Todd. HALF COLOURS: Josvyn Sokimi, Daniel Goodbun, Sham Vui, Jamason Fa’anana-Schultz, Izack Rodda, Braden Schiller, Jaidan Fa’anana-Schultz, Daniel Jennings, Harry Parcell, Carlin Anderson, Marantha Raeli, Ethan Page, Billy Jackwitz, Tarlon Fynn, James Bulgarelli, Harrison Douglas, Will Hodgkinson, Egan Keepa, Martin Koorts, Aaron Langdale, Efi Maafu, Aidan Maniti, Brady Morton, Tyler Morton, Harrison Passeri, Cooper Smith, Alistair Snow, Coen Van Dugteren, Sam Wallace, Jackson Weir, Tevita Wolske, Brodic Nickson, Lonyal Luafutu, Thomas Pratt, Monson LangSiu, Thomas Summerville, Harrison Gregory, Charles Christensen, Kolio Peterson-Timu, Waylon Manuel, Dylan Van Der Merwe, Luke Self, Barry Bobongie, Callum Hicks, Brandon Russell, Clayton Wharekura, Fredric Walker, Folau Matangi, Charles Kimmorley, Jarrah Charles, Quayden Collins-Cobbo, Jack Greive, Emmitt Keepa, Eugene Koorts, Walter Lauenstein, Viliami Lea, Benjamin Maynard, Richard Murray, Tristan Seeto, Manawa Te Awhe, Wolfgang Wallace, Cooper Whiteside, Sinilau Wolske, Nicholas Raine, Michael Krause, Thomas Young, Jason Hussey. POCKETS: William Russell, Ben Boehm, Dallas Flanagan, Jack Skeates, Callum Otto, Joshua Williamson, Sean Adcock, Gerrard Marsh, Tarlon Fynn, David Neumann, Brock Hammond, Brannon Murray, Dylan Gale, Jackson Oldfield, Glen Brown, Brayden Leisemann, Thomas Furminger, Samuela Vanatabutala, Levi Samuela, Harrison Harms, Parker Robinson, Matthew Adcock, Matthew Preen, Joshua del Castillo, William Lavery, Lachlan Van De Weyer, Jacob Teevan, Nicholas Spencer, Connor Storck, Oswald Niksch, Kaelum Fairhurst, Mark Broadhead, Maclay Kenman, Johann Koorts, Travis Brown, Jacob Street, Tobias Gillanders, Daniel Taber, Connor Veraart, Isaac Reis. YEAR 8 AWARDS: Sinilau Wolske (Most Valuable), Eugene Koorts (Most Consistent), Jarrah Charles (Most Improved). THE As played good, hard Spartan rugby. The forward confrontations were fiercely contested and this was backed up by some good skills and quick transfer of ball to our backline. We scored a lot of tries on quick turnover ball and players supporting the ball carrier. One of our main weapons was our lineouts in the opposition 22. It was very pleasing to see these boys secure the lineout cleanly and maul the ball over for a try. We would like to thank these boys for the effort they put in throughout the season. – Mr Eddie Keppa, Mr Ben O’Connell & Mr Greg Wallace AWARDS: Michael Krause (Most Valuable), Thomas Young (Most Consistent), Blake Reid (Most Improved). THE Bs had a tough initiation into the world of rugby. Week in and week out they came up against some very strong opponents. However, it was a great opportunity for the boys to grow and develop as players. Every boy showed remarkable improvement throughout the year. The forward pack in particular was hard working and always put up a fight. There is no doubt that this time next year the team will be rewarded with a great season on the back of 2013. – Mr Stuart Campbell AWARDS: William Eberhardt (Most Valuable), Jack Purdy (Most Consistent), Gerard Massey (Most Improved). IT WAS a tough first year of rugby for the Cs. Regardless of the results the boys turned up to training eager to learn and develop as players. The improvement from week to week was impressive, ending with our best performance in the final fixture against Churchie. The players will be looking to keep improving for next season. – Mr Alan Campbell AWARDS: Adam Baradel (Most Valuable), Cameron Gough (Most Consistent), Nicholas Iselin (Most Improved). THE Ds might not have set the world on fire, but they never gave up. Many of these boys had their first game of rugby this year and it was great to see how they improved. They were all willing and determined to do what was asked of them. The highlight was definitely our first win, against Toowoomba Grammar School. I would like to thank all the boys and their parents for a great season. Everybody has to start somewhere. This year we started at the bottom, next year we are going to finish at the top! – Mr Oloff Boshoff Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 135
  • FIRST XV BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: Daniel Jennings, Ethan Page, Izack Rodda, Billy Jackwitz, Carlin Anderson Harry Parcell, Jaiden Fa’anana-Schultz, Sham Vui, Josvyn Sokimi, Braden Schiller, Daniel Goodbun Mr D. Hines (Assistant Coach), Jamason Fa’anana-Schultz (Vice-Captain), Landon Hayes (Captain), Mr R. Charles (Coach), James Todd (Vice-Captain), Tarlon Fynn, Mr A. McArdle (Manager) SECOND XV BACK ROW: Dallas Flanagan, Jack Skeates, Brayden Leisemann, Spencer Hamson THIRD ROW: Sean Adcock, Joshua Williams, Thomas Furminger, Brock Hammond, Patrick Moroney SECOND ROW: Mr M. Head (Coach), Jackson Oldfield, Benjamin Boehm, James Moroney, Gerrard Marsh, Mr J. Beaumont (Coach) FRONT ROW: Brannon Murray, Dylan Gale, Samuela Vanatabutala, William Russell, Glen Brown, Bryce Edwards, David Neumann 136 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • THIRD XV BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: FOURTH XV Haiden Clark, Zachary Swain, Kalum McKenzie, Lindsy Mudu, Scott Cronan Mr A. Moore (Coach), Todd Gorringe, Joel McLean, Jacob Street, Niall Blair, Tobias Gillanders Brannon Murray, Gerald Phineasa, Jackson McQuilty, Adam Smith, Jamie Maynard, Stuart Laidlaw, Jonah Lui 16A BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: 15A Connor Storck, Matthew Adcock, Matthew Preen, Parker Robinson, Rickus Niksch Mr B. Adams (Coach), Levi Samuela, William Lavery, Nicholas Spencer, Maclay Kenman, Johann Koorts Travis Brown, Harrison Harms, Mark Broadhead, Jacob Teevan, Connor Veraart, Lachlan Van De Weyer, Joshua del Castillo 15B BACK ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: BACK ROW: Rhys Carter, Thomas Cochran, Angus Payne, James Snewin THIRD ROW: Jack Lorton, Jarred Hancock, Johnathon Roberts, Julien Barrett, Isaac van de Werken SECOND ROW: Mr G. Dieckmann (Coach), Charles Percy, Ryan Robinson, Nicholas Lee, Indiana Anderson, Nicholas Payne, Edward Davidson FRONT ROW: Brendan Van Der Merwe, Jason Newdick, Zachary Bryant, Joseph Guymer, Daniel Bailey, Marcellus Hinds-Meyer, Matthew Sanderson BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: Egan Keepa, Jackson Weir Mr R. Dodd (Coach), Aaron Langdale, Alistair Snow, Tevita Wolske, Efi Maafu, Mr R. Sadlier (Assistant Coach) Harrison Douglas, Samuel Wallace, Brady Morten, Marten Koorts, Tyler Morten, Cooper Smith, James Bulgarelli Brodie Nickson, Coen Van Dugteren, Aidan Maniti, William Hodgkinson 14A Aaron Langdale, Jonty Martin, James Wootton, Dean Dreyer, Isaac Rushton Benjamin Laidlaw, Benjamin Rathbone, Benjamin Hussey, Mitchell Binns, Jakob Walker, Riley Mulheron, Matt Nickerson, Coen Van Dugteren Brayden Klimmer, Jesse Stevens, Mr J. Stephen (Coach), Mr J. Martin (Coach), Mr T. McKitrick (Coach), Reuben Mitchell, Jack Austin Alexander Jounquay, Jayden Marrott, Tom Pearson, Harry Macfarlane, Daniel David, Christopher Patten, James Ploetz BACK ROW: Monson Lang-Siu, Waylen Manuel-Bartlett, Brandon Russell THIRD ROW: Barry Bobongie, Charles Kimmorley, Rhyen Kennedy, Clayton Wharekura, Folau Matangi SECOND ROW: Mr M. Gregory (Coach), Harrison Gregory, Harrison Sippel, Thomas Pratt, Kolio Peterson-Timu, Mr J. Nicholson (Coach) FRONT ROW: Lonyal Luafutu, Luke Self, Charles Christensen, Dylan Van Der Merwe, Fredric Walker, Thomas Summerville, Callum Hicks Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 137
  • 14B BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: 14C Nicholas Hall, Christopher Fox, Thomas Wheeler, Nicholas Holmes, Rhyen Kennedy Mr A. Hazenberg (Coach), Tristan Fraser-Preston, Harrison Sippel, Riley Wilton, Logan Mulheron, Mr M. Abbott (Coach) Jack McKay, Dylan Boettcher, Tyrell Thompson, Folau Matangi, Vincent Hardy, Lachlan Mathews, Austin Jennings BACK ROW: Thomas Oldham, Callum Wilton, Jaye Thompson, James Walker, Max Fullarton MIDDLE ROW: Jacob Tappin, Mr P. Lee (Coach), Mr J. Wilton (Coach), Mr L. Reidlinger (Coach), Liam Martin FRONT ROW: Mitchell Forrest, Jeremiah Mooka, Xavier Michael, Austin Jennings, Logan Mulheron, Tyrell Thompson, William Cochran 13A 13B BACK ROW: Benjamin Maynard, Manawa Te Awhe, Jarrah Charles MIDDLE ROW: Mr E. Keepa (Coach), Tristan Seeto, Sinilau Wolske, Viliami Lea, Quaydon Collins-Cobbo, Mr B. O’Connell (Coach) FRONT ROW: Jack Greive, Jason Hussey, Walter Lauenstein, Emmitt Keepa, Cooper Whiteside, Wolfgang Wallace, Richard Murray BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: 13C 13D BACK ROW: Lawrence Danaher, Christopher Norton, Karl Rosenberg MIDDLE ROW: Mr A. Campbell (Coach), Jack Purdy, Pierce Knoblanche, Samuel Peck, Thomas Keller FRONT ROW: Munashe Mutambi, Zachary Steflicek, Matthew Stjepcevic, William Eberhardt, Thomas Harrys, Thomas Fanshawe, Allan Cooper ABSENT: Dhareese Bowen BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: 138 Gerard Massey, Connor Wakefield, Domenic Alzate, Jeremiah Mooka, Blake Reid Mr S. Campbell (Coach), Michael Krause, Liam Scheuerle, Connor Street, Patrick Munnings, Thomas Young, Mr S. Kelly (Coach) Nicholas Raine, Tallis Mowles, Erik Pountain, Jackson Wallace, Billy Harsant, Oliver Laidlaw, Khalli Tomachy Mr O. Boshoff (Coach), Cameron Gough, Adam Baradel, Massimo Dell’Annunziata, Mackenzie O’Donnell, Yusuf Memon, James Smith Akira Fukushima, Mitchell Fearon, Ben McKay, Keanan Barthelme, Robert Scott, Nicholas Iselin, Connor Clark Harry Fisher Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Basketball Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 139
  • HONOUR ROLL FULL COLOURS: Martineng Leahy, Alec Godinet, Kane Bishop, Brennan Cross, Joel Berry, Verle Williams, Lauchlan Campbell, Matthew Roetteler, Travis Waters. FIRSTS HALF COLOURS: Brody Bauemler, Jack Pope, Ben Kemp, Allan Huen, Jaden Donnelly, Brennan Cross, Joel Berry, Prescott Fraser, Logan Pocock, Andrew Jarrett, Stanford Kawale, Lachlan Yeates, Connor O’Neill, Hayden Randall, Travis Waters, Samuel Greive, Marcus Poniewierski, Jake Morris, Bradyn Yeates, Harrison Davis, Nicholas Allum, Keegan Hall-Smith, William Herzig, Dexter Johnson, Brailey Kugel, Matthew Roetteler, David Esteban. AWARDS: Matineng Leahy (Most Valuable), Lauchlan Campbell and Verle Williams (Most Improved). POCKETS: Daryan Butler, Anthony Remmelt, Nicholas Muir, Aaron Montoro, Grant O’Connor, Kristoffer Hua, Isaac Hansen, Corey Lucas, Riley Mellor, Lian Xue, James Addison, Scott Cronan, Cheng-Lung Hsieh, Matthew Atkins, Chase Cawood, Pierce Jones, Lachlan King, Nikhil Ramu, Justin Wise, Brayden Hilton, Sebastian Kulyaars, Tony Zheng, Padraig McDowell, Nicholas Piper, Jacob Sanderson, Jamie Stephen, Jeremiah Villarosa, Jarrod Norfolk, Bailey Clarke, Matthew Nelson, Matthew Parkes, Liam McMonagle, Thomas Butcher, Christopher Vedelago, Kye O’Sullivan, Riley Herbst, Ben Carter, Lachlan Coxsedge, Jonathan Elshaw, Thomas Oldham, Nathaniel Seip, Nicholas Verrenkamp, Tim Szallasi, James Walker, Brendon Warren, Thomas Wheeler, Ricardo Cabrera, Enrique Cabrera, Alexander Auschra, Jamie Cameron, Rhys Gibson, Louis Graham, Page Ryley, John Sabijon, Zakary Walker, Lowell Villarosa. I PSWICH Grammar School entered 15 teams in this year’s GPS competition, with the majority being very competitive. All boys displayed outstanding commitment and enthusiasm to the program. Congratulations to all players, coaches and administrators for your efforts. Congratulations also to Mr Michael Wellings, Mr Michael Murray and the First V for their exceptional performance. The Firsts finished the GPS season in third place and won a bronze medal at the Champion Schools Basketball 140 Mr MARK FANCOURT MIC Basketball Tournament. Thanks to Briston Training and Development, the official sponsor of the 2013 First V. To our departing seniors, I wish you the very best with your future endeavours. I would like to make special mention of the Basketball Support Group, which worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of home fixtures and the canteen and post-match functions. Thank you also to Mrs Carmen Roetteler and the other volunteers who helped with the score bench. Finally, I would like to thank all the players who were part of IGS Basketball this year. Without your dedication and professionalism during training and fixtures the program would not be where it is today. I could not be more proud of the attitude and values displayed by our players. I look forward to another great season in 2014. Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community THE Firsts enjoyed another fruitful season in 2013. They finished third in GPS with a 6-2 record, only dropping games to BBC and Churchie. The boys had a chance to rectify this disappointment at the Champion Schools Basketball Tournament, where we finished with the bronze medal and Ipswich Grammar’s best ever result. Our season had so many memorable moments, but Round 1 against TSS would have to be the pick. With one minute and 21 seconds remaining the team trailed by seven. To most this would appear to be an unsurmountable obstacle, but not for this team. Starting point guard Verle Williams reeled off nine points in 35 seconds, including a rare four-point play, to snatch victory. The season came down to the last game against Churchie, where a win would get us a joint premiership. The team threw everything at our opposition, eventually going down by 14 points. The Champion Schools Basketball Tournament was again held on the weekend after the GPS season. This year we won five games and lost two, finishing in third place. Special mention must again go to Verle Williams, who
  • SCOREBOARD was named team MVP of the tournament. This year I only had three Year 12 players in the squad: Brennan Cross, Joel Berry and Jack Pope. I would like to thank each of them for their contribution. I know some of them will continue to play and be successful with their basketball, and I am certain all will be successful in life. There are a number of people who need to be thanked as this program could not function without them. Firstly to MIC Mr Mark Fancourt, who works tirelessly every Saturday. His professionalism and dedication to the program is greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank Mrs Maggie Chay for again taking on the managerial duties, as well as Mr Michael Murray and Mr Jason Ralph for their support as assistant coaches. Thanks to my wife Shannon, who did the statistics for each GPS game. Special thanks to our young leadership team of Captain Matineng Leahy and his deputies Kane Bishop and Alec Godinet. You have been wonderful contributors to the team and I look forward to you leading the way again next season. This year we had a very young team, which bodes well for the future. The entire starting five, as well as some key bench players, are all returning for a tilt at next year’s GPS and state championships. – Mr Michael Wellings TEAM Firsts Seconds Thirds 11A 11B 10A 10B 10C 9A 9B 9C 8A 8B 8C 8D OPEN AWARDS: Brennan Cross (Seconds Most Valuable), Andrew Jarrett (Seconds Most Improved), Daryan Butler (Thirds Most Valuable), Andy Hsieh (Thirds Most Improved). 2013 was one of the most successful GPS seasons on record for our Open teams. The Seconds enjoyed a perfect season, going 8-0 and winning the premiership in their division. The team played at a high tempo with twin towers Brennan Cross and Joel Berry leading the way. Congratulations also to the Thirds, who secured second place in their division. The boys played with passion and determination. Thanks to Mrs Maggie Chay and Mr Richard Fancourt for coaching. YEAR 11 AWARDS: Matthew Roetteler (11A Most Valuable), Brailey Kugel (11A Most Improved), Vincent Cheuk (11B Most Valuable), Joshua Otto (11B Most Improved). THE 11s were coached by Mr Jason Ralph and Mr Cameron Mackinnon. The As worked hard for their points and won four of their eight games. The most memorable outing was against BBC, when IGS won in the final second after trailing for the entire game. Jaden Donnelly TSS GT BSHS BGS TGS NC BBC AGGS Win/Loss 93-90 96-47 92-69 99-47 100-47 81-73 53-57 76-90 6-2 42-40 49-37 41-39 46-27 90-19 42-16 35-20 40-37 8-0 34-24 22-8 26-21 22-33 48-17 36-18 32-28 16-35 6-2 41-41 55-43 41-54 46-33 48-17 36-51 45-43 42-73 4-3 13-15 31-26 4-52 8-26 DNP 28-23 11-34 13-70 2-5 49-25 54-29 34-23 34-29 47-24 57-42 48-46 40-43 7-1 37-11 39-22 32-41 47-28 39-23 14-32 18-41 23-38 4-4 DNP 24-10 38-28 35-14 15-8 25-17 18-19 22-22 5-1 18-62 12-55 12-116 19-75 15-66 44-36 20-41 19-49 1-7 14-42 23-52 8-40 26-35 16-12 23-23 35-61 24-33 0-7 31-42 14-30 14-51 8-37 DNP DNP 18-44 26-47 0-6 9-67 11-45 6-117 26-35 27-19 14-39 17-66 14-80 1-7 15-33 24-9 7-47 28-48 38-28 26-29 29-33 15-45 2-6 4-34 33-20 7-40 19-39 14-19 12-41 6-40 11-92 1-7 DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP 26-36 0-1 and Matthew Roetteler were exceptional for the As and should be commended for their leadership. The Bs always gave 100% at training and on the weekend. The team was talented but at times lacked conviction. However, all boys enjoyed the season. YEAR 10 AWARDS: Brody Baeumler (10A Most Valuable), Bradyn Yeates (10A Most Improved), Sebastian Kuylaars (10B Most Valuable), Nikhil Ramu (10B Most Improved), Nicholas Piper (10C Most Valuable), Padraig McDowell (10C Most Improved). THE Year 10 season was very successful. Thanks must go to the coaching staff of Mrs Shannon Wellings, Mr Zac Logan and Mr Craig Amos for their time and efforts. Congratulations to the As and Cs, who secured a premiership and runnerup title in their respective divisions. The boys’ enthusiasm was instrumental in their success. YEAR 9 AWARDS: Ricardo Cabrera (9A Most Valuable), Nathaniel Seip (9A Most Improved), Waleed Arshad (9B Most Valuable), Daniel Hall (9B Most Improved), George Thurston (9C Most Valuable), James Huen (9C Most Improved). THE Year 9 cohort was able to field competitive teams in the A, B and C divisions. The boys would like to thank coaches Mr Greg Simmonds, Mrs Lyn Dance and Old Boy James Vedelago for their efforts and professionalism throughout the season. The level of skill shown by the players continued to improve on a weekly basis. Although wins were hard to come by, the boys never gave up and they played to the last seconds of each and every game. YEAR 8 AWARDS: Alex Auschra (8A Most Valuable), Louis Graham (8A Most Improved), Murray Thistlewaite (8B Most Valuable), Leon Miller (8B Most Improved), Douglas Hoffensetz (8C Most Valuable), Liam Brown (8C Most Improved), Harrison Campbell (8D Most Valuable), William Noakes (8D Most Improved). FOUR Year 8 teams took the court in 2013. All boys played with determination and worked hard all season. A big thanks to the coaching staff of Mr Rodney Coxsedge, Mr Ruan Booyens and Mr Mitchell Brennan for their enthusiasm and professionalism. Congratulations to all boys on your first season of IGS Basketball. We look forward to seeing you again next year. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 141
  • FIRST V BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: Lauchlan Campbell, Joel Berry, Brennan Cross, Brody Baeumler Mrs M. Chay (Manager), Stanford Kawale, Jaden Donnelly, Benjamin Kemp, Jack Pope, Mr M. Wellings (Coach) Matthew Roetteler, Kane Bishop (Vice-Captain), Matineng Leahy, Alec Godinet (Vice-Captain), Verle Williams SECOND V BACK ROW: Connor O’Neill, Lachlan Yeates, Logan Pocock, Jack Pope, Mrs M. Chay (Coach) FRONT ROW: Stanford Kawale, Prescott Fraser, Brennan Cross, Joel Berry, Andrew Jarrett 142 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • THIRD V BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: 11A James Addison, Mr R. Fancourt (Coach), Cheng-Lung Hsieh Aaron Montoro, Nicholas Muir, Daryan Butler, Isaac Hansen, Grant O’Connor Scott Cronan, Jui Hsu, Kristoffer Hua, Corey Lucas, Anthony Remmelt, Lian Xue 11B BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Mr M. Fancourt (MIC), Matthew Roetteler, Brailey Kugel, William Herzig Dexter Johnson, Jaden Donnelly, Nicholas Allum, Keegan Hall-Smith 10A Mr C. Mackinnon (Coach), Joshua Otto, Wai Cheuk, Sze Yuen Chan Hsin-Chieh Liao, Kai-Hsiang Chen, Weiming He, Yan Kit Cheng, Hu You Fan Zhang, Mitchell Michael, Jonah Lui BACK ROW: Mr M. Fancourt (MIC), Jake Morris, Bradyn Yeates, Benjamin Kemp FRONT ROW: Samuel Greive, Brodie Baeumler, Harrison Davis, Marcus Poniewierski 10B 10C BACK ROW: Mr Z. Logan (Coach), Sebastian Kuylaars, Chase Cawood, Lachlan King FRONT ROW: Nikhil Ramu, Pierce Jones, Justin Wise, Mathew Atkins, Brayden Hilton ABSENT: Tong Zheng BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Mr C. Amos (Coach), Matthew Nelson, Nicholas Piper, Liam McMonagle, Jeremiah Villarosa Padraig McDowell, Riley Herbst, Jacob Sanderson, Christopher Vedelago, Jamie Stephen, Matthew Parkes Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 143
  • 9A 9B BACK ROW: Mr G. Simmonds (Coach), Nathaniel Seip, Jakob Walker, Nicholas Verrenkamp FRONT ROW: Ricardo Cabrera, Thomas Oldham, Enrique Cabrera, Jonathan Elshaw ABSENT: Lachlan Coxsedge, Tim Szallasi, Thomas Wheeler BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: 9C 8A BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: Noah van de Werken, Mrs L. Dance (Coach), George Thurston Jack Schefe, James Huen, Niel Hamman, Quinlan Barthelme, Sai Pabbati Conor Bailey, Tavis Sharpe-Jones BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: 8B BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Rhys Gibson, Alex Auschra, Lowell Villarosa John Sabijon, Jamie Cameron, Zakary Walker, Ryley Page Seran Deva-Ashoknath, Louis Graham, Mr R. Coxsedge (Coach) 8C BACK ROW: Mr R. Booyens (Coach), Mitchell Biggs, Malachi Campbell, Benjamin Barratt FRONT ROW: Louis Tonel, Leon Miller, Benjamin Oldham, Murray Thistlethwaite Mr J. Vedelago (Coach), Alex Auschra, Cooper Nunn, Jacob Tappin, Brayden Thorogood Daniel Hall, Aditya Sharma, Waleed Arshad, Charlie Ellis, Suriyarajan Maniam, Angus Mival 144 Jared Dowling, Mr M. Brennan (Coach), Samuel Weir Nicholas Swain, Douglas Hoffensetz, Liam Brown, Matthew Bristow, Brendan Richardson Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Human Powered Vehicles Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 145
  • HONOUR ROLL POCKETS: Anthony Remmelt, Adam Wilson, Stuart Laidlaw, William Trezise, Matthew Berlin, Bailey Clarke, Van Dorreboom, Alexander Gradin, Jayden Marrott, Patrick Moroney, Patrick Wilson, Aaron Dodds, Mitch Klein, Finnigan McEwan-Watson, Aidan Saarman, Hamish Taylor, Lachlan Fearon, Zac Wendt, Ethan Hardy. HALF COLOURS: Lachlan Hardy, Callum Lott, Matthew Hayes, Josh Hooton, Griffin Hardy. B EING our 150th year we wanted to do something special. What could be better than entering a new category and building a hybrid recumbent bike? A good part of 11 months later, and I can honestly say that we achieved all but one of our goals. Building on past knowledge and experience, along with some initial scrutinising of the competition, we decided on the specifications and design and went about building the bike. Nine months on we took to the track for a test race at the RACQ All Schools Challenge. 146 Mr KEN LIGHTBODY MIC HPV The performance of the riders and the bike surpassed our expectations as everyone stood up and took note of the new standard of hybrids. Backing up the hybrid was our first team on our most trusted bike to date – a build with some eight races behind it and still going strong. The team consisted mostly of senior students, many of whom would be competing in their last race for IGS. We also fielded two junior teams. With Willowbank behind us it was time to prepare for Maryborough. The hybrid needed a full shell, but the rest of the bikes proved they were still up to the task – as long as the riders improved their fitness. Three junior teams and one hybrid team made their way to Maryborough. As the majority of the seniors were no longer racing we moved the teams around Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community to ensure that only junior students from Years 7-10 made up the first, second and third teams. The teams did very well, with Josh Hooten recording the third fastest lap in Junior Boys. Three seniors – Stuart Laidlaw, Lachlan Hardy and Callum Lott – joined the hybrid team alongside Griffin Hardy, Matthew Hayes and Thomas Butcher. The boys had a fantastic race, even though they spent at least four hours off the track dealing with unexpected repairs from wear and tear. When on the track our lap times were 20 to 30 seconds
  • TEAM IGS BACK ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: J. Wooton, M. Berlin, V. Dooreboom, A. Saarman T. Butcher, S. Laidlaw, J. Hooton (Captain), A. Wilson, L. Hardy (Captain), H. Taylor, T. Oldham Mr J. Cronin (Teacher), J. Marrott, B. Read, M. Hayes, T. Thompson, M. Klein, P. Wilson, Mr K. Lightbody (MIC) B. Llewellyn, F. McEwan-Watson, B. Clarke, A. Dodds, T. Fanshawe, Z. Wendt, B. Richardson Mr B. Hardy, T. Cirkic, M. Clow, L. Fearon, M. Fullarton, A. Gradin, E. Hardy, G. Hardy, C. Lott, P. Moroney, L. Nickerson, S. Thottunkal, W. Trezise faster than any other bike, with the previous lap record being bettered an incredible 69 times. In the end we finished second by just 16 seconds in the hybrid class – and sixth overall. The team rode well and are to be congratulated on their efforts. I would like to thank the build team of Mr Cronin, Mr Hardy, Lachlan Hardy and Callum Lott. Without your assistance with bike construction and race preparation things would not run smoothly. I would also like to thank Mr Nigel Lott for his willing efforts and expertise in the production of the fiberglass nose cones, as well as his assistance at Maryborough. To Mr Hasan Cirkic – your unexpected and forthcoming assistance and enthusiasm at Maryborough was very much appreciated and we hope to see you again next year. To Mr Peter Hayes and Mr Wade Llewellyn, thank you for your assistance in the pits. To all parents of the students involved – your support behind the scenes and up at Maryborough helped bring out the best in them – you can be very proud. Lastly, the boys themselves – I hope you enjoyed the season as much as we enjoyed watching you realise new heights and create racing memories. I look forward to seeing the same determination and character next year. Well done to you all, and continue training hard. STATISTICS ’SWICH 1: Fastest lap 2.37.3 minutes; overall position 11th in Junior Boys; laps completed 358; distance covered 537km. ’SWICH 2: Fastest lap 3.44.8 minutes; overall position 109th in Junior Boys; laps completed 235; distance covered 352.5km. ’SWICH 3: Fastest lap 3.49.0 minutes; overall position 105th in Junior Boys; laps completed 255; distance covered 382.5km. ’SWICHED ON (hybrid team): Broke previous lap record 69 times; set the 35 fastest laps ever recorded at Maryborough (with Matthew Hayes riding the 26 fastest); four of the six riders went faster than any other bike ever ridden at Maryborough; caught up 19 laps on the winning hybrid in the last 4 hours and 22 minutes of the race; fastest lap 2.06.1 minutes; overall position second in class, sixth overall; laps completed 456; distance covered 684km. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 147
  • Chess 148 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • HONOUR ROLL POCKETS: Jacob Butcher, Michael Stower, Matthew Waters, Sebastian McCullough, Cameron Bargewell, Ryan Maddison, Kristoffer Hua, John Freeman, Brayden Klimmer, Chris Vedelago, Charlie Morton, Domonic Molloy, Ryan Kitzelmann, Cooper Nunn, Aditya Sharma, Samuel Barrett, Chase Cawood, Jack Purkiss, Matthew Stower, Aditya Hebbani, Bradley Teasdale, Vishesh Mathur, Akash Iyer. T HE Ipswich Grammar Chess cohort once again performed as an effective and competitive outfit in 2013. The season began with the Opening Moves Tournament, which enabled players to be placed into teams for the season. This event was followed by the inaugural boys versus girls chess match against the students from Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School. IGS displayed a commendable sense of spirit and sportsmanship that was evident throughout the GPS season to follow. This was certainly an event JACOB BUTCHER Chess Captain Michael Stower Chess Vice-Captain that we hope to continue in years to come. With teams from Premier to Open D and two Year 7 teams, IGS was set to enjoy another good year. We earned a single top three ranking – this being the second place achieved by the tireless efforts of the Open As of Ryan Kitzelmann, Cooper Nunn, Samuel Barrett and Aditya Sharma. However, this result is not truly indicative of the IGS Chess community’s steadfast resolve, with all members dedicating many hours to the cause. The Senior team was constantly short on players and required volunteers to step up, but Cameron Bargewell, Ryan Maddison, Kris Hua and the ever-reliable John Freeman and Scott Cronan still managed to secure fifth place. The Junior team of Brayden Klimmer, Chris Vedelago, Charlie Morton and Domonic Molloy exemplified their potential by taking home fourth place. The Open Bs and Cs continued the good work, also finishing fourth. The Open Ds came sixth, but showed plenty of promise for years to come. This year saw the first ever IGS Year 7 team enter the GPS competition. While results against TGS and BSHS showed the cohort was very strong, many schools failed to field a team. However, congratulations to Mason Trevanion, Charlie Utz, Keanan Bartheleme, Alex Barnham, Haedyn Rawson, Alex Dobson, Liam Andrews, William Krashnevski, Rohan Purkiss and Visun Wijeyewickrema for representing IGS Chess. It was a pleasure to spend so much time with a wonderful group of young men. It is to the absolute credit of the boys that win, lose or draw they maintained a positive outlook and enjoyed their games. One of the greatest joys of IGS Chess is the community of people who welcome new faces every year. Without the support of parents and teachers IGS Chess would not be possible. Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 149
  • Thanks to those who give up their time to make everything happen. Thank you to Miss Horrobin and Mr Beruldsen, who dedicated many hours to the IGS Chess program. Chess is a fantastic game and a great opportunity to make new friends. We can only hope that future years are as fun and successful as this one. PREMIER THE First IV team consisted primarily of Sebastian McCullough on Board 4, Matthew Waters and Rohan Treadwell on Board 3, Michael Stower on Board 2 and Jacob Butcher on Board 1. Overall, the First IV placed ninth in the GPS competition, but there were many standout performances throughout the season. Our team’s highest scorer, Michael, secured an exhilarating victory over his ACGS opponent in the final round of the GPS season. This was a great result, given ACGS placed second overall. Matthew, Rohan and Sebastian must be commended on their fantastic efforts in their first year of Premier chess. Your ability and sportsmanship will not be forgotten. This year’s Premier outfit was a capable and reputable fighting force that led the rest of the chess fraternity through yet another memorable season. It was an honour and a privilege to play alongside these IGS gentlemen. 150 PREMIER LEFT TO RIGHT: Matthew Waters, Jacob Butcher (Captain), Michael Stower (Vice-Captain), Sebastian McCullough TEAM IGS BACK ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: B. Teasdale, S. McCullough, C. Cawood, S. Barrett C. Utz, C. Morton, J. Butcher (Captain), C. Bargewell, A. Iyer, R. Kitzelman M. Waters, M. Stower, S. Weir, A. Walter, B. Klimmer, J. Purkiss, D. Molloy, M. Stower (Vice-Captain) V. Wijeyewickrema, H. Rawson, R. Purkiss, M. Trevanion, L. Andrews, A. Barnham, A. Dobson Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Track & Field Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 151
  • HONOUR ROLL FULL COLOURS: Fred Walker, Frank Kuresa, Damien Brandley, Callum Hicks, Joseph Deng, Liam Johnston, Mitchell Michael, Maranatha Raeli, Matthew Roetteler, Sam Beckman, Joel Berry, Savag’e Christian, Brayden Leisemann, Anthony Remmelt. HALF COLOURS: Viliami Lea, Sinilau Wolske, Wilfred Kouakou, Alex Parsons, Giuliano Marconato, Harrison Maynard, Bailey Parsonage, Matthew Berlin, Kiemarli Blair, Julio Escobar, Jackson Weir, Lachlan Dalgliesh, Jacob Teevan, Sham Vui, Jordan Anderson, Carlton Fritz, Aaron Montoro, Jacob Nugent, Jack Pope, Thomas Webster, Brennan Cross. POCKETS: Matthew Stjepcevic, Richard Murray, Jeremiah Mooka, Tallis Mowles, Ju-Ho Lee, Jack Scheuerle, Lachlan Coxsedge, Blake Ellis, Christopher Fox, Jake Anderson, Alexander Gradin, Efitusi Maafu, Christopher Patten, Oliver Pye, Tevita Wolske, Jai Baas-Becking, Jordan Black, Izack Rodda, Jordan Schooth, Josvyn Sokimi, Damien Schumacher, Joseph Duckworth, Tobias Gillanders, Cade Fasala, Daniel Jennings. T HE 2013 season represents yet another very successful and satisfying chapter in IGS Athletics history. It was particularly pleasing to see an improved level of dedication and commitment from all athletes to both training and competition. I would like to acknowledge the coaches that IGS is lucky enough to have on board. Thanks to Miss D. Sheppard, Mr A. McArdle, Mrs M. Watkins, Mr D. Grose, Mr F. Horridge, Mr B. Hardy, Mr B. Markey and Mr T. Rogers. I would also like to thank the team seniors and captains. The Year 12s were very helpful both on and off the track. In particular, congratulations to Captains Sam Beckman, Anthony Remmelt, Carlton Fritz and Toa Christian. 152 DISTRICTS & REGIONALS EIGHTY-ONE students were nominated for the district trials, with more than 60 then selected to attend regionals. Ipswich Grammar School secured 49 medals across all events at the regionals and 30 athletes went on to the state titles. Mr Nigel Greive MIC Track & Field INTER-HOUSE CARNIVAL THE season started with the annual Inter-house Track & Field Carnival, which was a very positive day. More than 600 students participated in fun activities and championship events. Congratulations to Hawthorne, who won the carnival for the first time in more than 20 years. Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community STATES THE four days of competition produced some very positive results for the team. IGS athletes secured nine medals including gold to B. Cross (high jump), J. Deng (800m) and F. Kuresa (hurdles), silver to J. Berry (high jump) and L. Johnston (400m), and bronze to F. Kuresa (100m), W. Kouakou (400m) and H. Maynard (1,500m).
  • KNOCKOUTS CONGRATULATIONS to all involved in the Queensland Knockout Titles. IGS entered five teams, with Junior Division A (first), Junior Division B (sixth), Intermediate A (second), Intermediate B (seventh) and Senior A (third) all being very competitive. GPS CHAMPIONSHIPS THIS year’s GPS Track & Field Championships was again closely contested. The Ipswich Grammar athletes performed admirably, recording personal bests in 49 of the 69 events and top-five finishes in 58 events. The team finished the carnival on 438 points, 28 behind Nudgee College who were just too strong in the field events. The team and greater school community should be very proud of its achievements in such a competitive area. I would like to thank the Sports Department, and in particular Mr Aaron Moore for his hard work behind the scenes, the Senior Management Team for their ongoing support, the students and our supporters. I would also like to acknowledge the team’s reserves. The manner in which they managed the personal disappointment of missing out was a credit to their strength of character. Congratulations must go to the following students who are now GPS champions in their individual events; Frank Kuresa (Under-14 100m, 200m, hurdles, 4 x 100m relay), Fred Walker, Damien Brandley and Callum Hicks (4 x 100m relay), Joseph Deng (Under-15 800m), Liam Johnston (Under-16 200m), Joel Berry (Open high jump) and Brayden Leisemann (Open triple jump). Congratulations to all involved in another very successful season. GPS CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS EVENT UNDER-13 UNDER-14 UNDER-15 UNDER-16 OPEN 100m W. Kouakou (4th) 12.45 sec F. Kuresa (1st) 11.41 sec K. Blair (3rd) 11.43 sec J. Teevan (7th) 11.56 sec T. Christian (5th) 11.29 sec 200m G. Marconato (3rd) 24.21 sec F. Kuresa (1st) 23.54 sec K. Blair (5th) 23.06 sec L. Johnston (1st) 22.28 sec T. Webster (5th) 22.41 sec 400m W. Kouakou (2nd) 55.48 sec T. Jarrard (2nd) 53.91 sec J. Deng (2nd) 51.85 sec L. Johnston (2nd) 51.28 sec J. Pope (5th) 51.45 sec 800m H. Maynard (4th) 2.13.05 min T. Jarrard (2nd) 2.06.36 min J. Deng (1st) 1.57.38 min M. Roetteler (2nd) 1.57.92 min A. Remmelt (3rd) 1.56.27 min 1,500m H. Maynard (6th) 4.41.51 min C. Fox (7th) 4.35.21 min J. Deng (8th) 4.40.79 min M. Roetteler (2nd) 4.14.11 min O. Pye (6th) 4.25.69 min Hurdles R. Murray (5th) 14.16 sec F. Kuresa (1st) 14.04 sec M. Berlin (4th) 14.18 sec M. Michael (3rd) 15.67 sec J. Nugent (5th) 15.57 sec 4 x 400m relay G. Marconato, C. Hicks, A. Remmelt, T. Christian, M. Berlin, L. Dalgleish A. Montoro, B. Baeumler (3rd) 3.44.61 min (4th) 3.26.63 min 3,000m J. Smith (8th) 9.28.23 min 400m hurdles J. Anderson (4th) 58.66 sec 4 x 100m relay G. Marconato, A. Parsons, F. Walker, F. Kuresa, M. Berlin, K. Blair, L. Dalgleish, J. Teevan, T. Webster, T. Christian, A. Kouakou, J. Lee C. Hicks, D. Brandley J. Weir, J. Escobar L. Johnston, M. Michael C. Fritz, J. Nugent (6th) 49.77 sec (1st) 45.97 sec (3rd) 45.09 sec (3rd) 44.41 sec (3rd) 43.46 sec Long jump A. Kouakou (5th) 5.30m F. Walker (3rd) 5.70m M. Berlin (5th) 6.16m M. Michael (2nd) 6.45m C. Fritz (7th) 5.89m High jump M. Stjepcevic (6th) 1.45m C. Hicks (2nd) 1.67m M. Berlin (3rd) 1.83m J. Anderson (4th) 1.81m J. Berry (1st) 2.01m Triple jump A. Parsons (3rd) 10.70m F. Walker (3rd) 11.92m M. Berlin (7th) 11.53m M. Michael (3rd) 12.80m B. Leisemann (1st) 13.44m Shot put S. Wolske (2nd) 14.58m B. Ellis (5th) 12.52m T. Wolske (8th) 12.50m S. Vui (5th) 13.48m I. Rodda (6th) 13.72m Javelin J. Mooka (6th) 31.74m B. Parsonage (2nd) 41.10m J. Anderson (3rd) 48.17m M. Michael (5th) 46.82m S. Beckman (3rd) 58.13m Discus V. Lea (2nd) 43.70m D. Brandley (4th) 41.12m T. Pearson (4th) 46.50m M. Raeli (2nd) 48.50m J. Sokimi (6th) 40.53m Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 153
  • TEAM IGS BACK ROW: FIFTH ROW: FOURTH ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: B. Leisemann, B. Cross, J. Berry, I. Rodda, M. Leahy, G. Beasley, J. Anderson J. Nugent, J. Batho, L. Johnston, J. Pope, M. Berlin, T. Wolske, M. Roetteler, B. Ellis, B. Parsonage, D. Jennings, T. Webster, L. Dalgleish, R. Gibson, F. Kuresa K. Blair, A. Montoro, N. Spithill, J. Baas-Becking, D. Schumacher, S. Kelly, C. Norton, M. Michael, J. Deng, X. Michael, A. Parsons, J. Scheuerle, G. Marconato, V. Lea, F. Walker T. Morton, C. Patten, J. Schooth, J. Anderson, H. Maynard, J. Teevan, E. Maafu, T. Pearson, L. Coxsedge B. Morton, J. Escobar, R. Murray, S. Wolske, J. Weir, J. Duckworth, J. Sokimi, J. Black, J. Mooka, D. Brandley, J. Marrott, M. Stjepcevic, J. Trace, J. Lee Miss D. Sheppard (Coach), Mr F. Horridge (Coach), Mr D. Grose (Coach), T. Flynn, J. Hancock, S. Christian (Vice-Captain), C. Fritz (Vice-Captain), S. Beckman (Captain), A. Remmelt, W. Kouakou, Ms M. Watkins (Coach), Mr A. McArdle (Coach), Mr N. Greive (MIC) SENIOR KNOCKOUTS BACK ROW: Sam Beckman, Jacob Nugent, Izack Rodda, Brennan Cross, Jack Pope FRONT ROW: Mr A. McArdle (Coach), Tom Webster, Savag’e Christian, Anthony Remmelt, Miss D. Sheppard (Coach) INTERMEDIATE KNOCKOUTS JUNIOR KNOCKOUTS BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr A. McArdle (Coach), Fredric Walker, Frank Kuresa, Bailey Parsonage, Jack Scheuerle, Miss D. Sheppard (Coach) 154 Kiemarli Blair, Matthew Roetteler, Jake Anderson, Tevita Wolske, Lachlan Dalgleish Mr A. McArdle (Coach), Jordan Anderson, Joseph Deng, Mitchell Michael, Miss D. Sheppard (Coach) Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Overseas tours EUROPE AFRICA EIGHTEEN people including nine students, three teachers and three parents departed Brisbane International Airport for Kenya on 27 December, 2012. On arrival we were greeted by our guides and the torrential rains of Africa. Nervous excitement mixed with jet lag as we boarded the truck that would be our transport for the next 14 days. On our way around Kenya we worked on our bartering and haggling skills. It was often Kalum Mackenzie and his father Brett who came away with the most as a father-son team. We then departed for the Maasai Mara, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. When we finished game driving we set off for our final destination in Kenya, a small village north of Kilimanjaro where we built a lion-proof fence to protect local livestock. We crossed the border into Tanzania and made it to our hotel. Many of us were reluctant to start our eightday trek, but the thought of summiting the tallest free standing mountain in the world was more than enough motivation to leave the lodge. Unfortunately by the sixth day five people had been forced to retreat to the lodge or stay at base camp while the rest of us attempted to reach the summit. We left for the final climb, a six-and-a-half-hour trek, at midnight. The climb was dark, windy and cold, but those of us who reached the summit were rewarded with a magnificent sunrise viewed from nearly 6,000m above sea level. On behalf of the boys I’d like to thank Mr Church, Mr Campbell and Mrs Dance for caring for us. To Mr and Mrs Townsley, Mrs Gallinaro, Mr Freeman, Mr McKenzie, Dr Moroney and Brendan Dance, thank you for your friendship. – Ben Russell A GROUP of IGS staff, parents and students departed Brisbane for a three-week European football tour on 1 December, 2012. On our first night in London we headed to Big Ben, the London Eye, London Bridge and many other historical monuments. We had the chance to train at English Premier League clubs such as Fulham, Everton, Liverpool and Chelsea. The matches we played were unforgettable. The senior team had a 2-2 draw in their second match, while the juniors had two wins from two games. We then jetted off to sunny Spain where we stayed in Barcelona for five nights. Many landmarks were seen as we wandered around the architecture and visited the largest stadium in Europe, Camp Nou. However, our days in Spain quickly came to an end as we flew to Italy for the last leg of the tour. A training session was held in snowy conditions at Juventus, where club coaches supplied players with scarfs for training. The final matches we played ended in defeat for both teams, but we held our heads high and sang the school war cry with passion as we left for home. A special mention must go to Mr Stjepcevic, Mr Acutt, Mr Walsh and Mr Lucas for putting together such an unforgettable tour. – Jarred Hancock Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 155
  • Class 150 Sean Adcock James Addison James Allardyce Carlin Anderson Indiana Anderson Daniel Bailey Cameron Bargewell Julien Barrett Arka Basu Jack Batho Samuel Beckman Joel Berry Niall Blair Benjamin Boehm Glen Brown Zachary Bryant Jacob Butcher Daryan Butler Mitchell Cahill 156 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Rhys Carter Joshua Cheadle Savag’e Christian Hayden Clarke Thomas Cochran Scott Cronan Brennan Cross Liam Davenport Edward Davidson Justin Dawes Jamason Fa’anana-Schultz Brian Fan Cade Fasala Liam Fedrick Sebastian Fox Prescott Fraser John Freeman Carlton Fritz Thomas Furminger Tarlon Fynn Daniel Goodbun Christopher Goode Todd Gorringe Jayden Grice Michael Griffin Alex Grissell Joseph Guymer Spencer Hamson Jarred Hancock Tyson Haniotis Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 157
  • Isaac Hansen Liam Harris Landon Hayes Marcellus Hinds-Meyer Cheng-Lung Hsieh Jui Hsu Kristoffer Hua Zachary Hunter Billy Jackwitz Andrew Jarrett Daniel Jennings Standord Kawale Alan Le Nicholas Lee Brayden Leisemann Jack Lorton Corey Lucas Ryan Maddison David Marcolin Sean Marsh John Massey Thomas McDonald Kalum McKenzie Benjamin McLary Joel McLean Jack McNeill Riley Mellor Itrat Memon Aaron Montoro James Moroney 158 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community
  • Nicholas Muir Joshua Murphy David Neumann Jason Newdick Kenny Nguyen Jacob Nugent Grant O’Connor Jackson Oldfield Connor O’Neill Callum Otto Matthew Owen Angus Payne Nicholas Payne Charles Percy Gerald Phineasa Logan Pocock Jack Pope Mitchell Raine Elliott Randall Anthony Remmelt Jack Rixon Johnathon Roberts Liam Roberts Ryan Robinson Benjamin Russell William Russell Matthew Sanderson Lucas Sippel Jack Skeates Adam Smith Proudly celebrating 150 years of Ipswich Grammar School 159
  • James Snewin Grant Snodgrass Jae Song Daniel Spithill Michael Stower Brenton Sullivan Zachary Swain Sani Tasi Joshua Taylor Lachlan Thomas Brent Thomlinson Alex Thomson James Todd Rohan Treadwell Isaac van de Werken Brendan Van Der Merwe Joel Van Gunst Samuela Vanatabutala Brooke Walters Matthew Waters Thomas Webster Hsuan-Yao Wen David Whittle Levi Whyte Joshua Williamson Adam Wilson Michael Wilson Jack Wood Lian Xue Lachlan Yeates 160 Excellence - Leadership - Integrity - Community