Diamond Vertical Marketing Presentation For Microsoft Dynamics Partners, 061912


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This is a presentation we did for the East Region Microsoft Dynamics partners on June 19. DIAMOND Strategic Marketing specializes in helping companies of all kinds formulate, execute, and manage vertical marketing programs.

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Diamond Vertical Marketing Presentation For Microsoft Dynamics Partners, 061912

  1. 1. Vertical Marketing Best Practices Fred Diamond DIAMOND Strategic Marketing Tyson’s Corner, VA www.diamondstrategicmarketing.com 703.628.6910
  2. 2. Focus on Vertical Development,Management, and Growth
  3. 3. The Intention of this Discussion for the Partners on the Call  How to optimize vertical market efforts  Key considerations for vertical market growth  Elements of successful vertical marketing effort  Roadblocks to avoid  Example how multiple partners came together3
  4. 4. Growing Vertical Markets for Small-to-Midsized Service Providers
  5. 5. A Smart, Sound, Committed Vertical Marketing Effort Can Spur GrowthTruly understand and provide value added services to the customerCustomers want solutions providers that understand their problemsPartners focusing on the vertical provide leadsGives telesales something relevant to saySay what value we offer in client’s language
  6. 6. Tight Vertical Marketing & Sales Moves Deals Thru the FunnelThe World Suspect Prospect Proposal Customer$$$ General Target Entity that should Wants to take Ready to Buy take action and action within 4 we have their info months
  7. 7. DIAMOND Marketing’s 6 Main Factors for Vertical Success A Market with Real Buying Entities Understand The Right Customer Product Reqs Commitment Marketing Market and Sales Intelligence Execution Process Plan7
  8. 8. Determining if the Market’s Viable Who will buy? What is the market made up of? How big is it? Are there gaps? What is our true addressable market? Who’s tracking the market? Who specifically will we be talking to? What’s unique about our target audiences?
  9. 9. Sample Search of Four Verticals Within 130 Miles of Son’s DormHealthcare (583 companies)Professional Services (430 companies)Financial Services (517 companies)Private Education (409 institutions)
  10. 10. Where are the Competitive Holes? Cost Per Relative Roadmap Open WW Service Performance Performance Architecture and SupportAncillerary Good Fair Good Good FairSystems, Inc.Dellwin, Inc. Excellent Fair Poor Excellent ExcellentNetwork Fair Good Excellent Fair FairEnablement,Inc.Quartran, Excellent Fair Fair Poor FairInc.PUJ, Inc. Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
  11. 11. It Comes Down to Knowing What’sGoing On at the Account Level
  12. 12. New Marketing Comm Plan Reflects How the Customer Actually Buys seminars Public demos speaking PR sponsorships incentives trade shows banners behind planes billboards SEO radio NPR sponsorships Social Media promotions kiosksstadium advertising telemarketing e-newslettersemail campaigns Direct mail catalogs Print advertising Social media webinars Thought leadership
  13. 13. Marketing Execution Plan Emerges Oct. 1 Oct. 15 Nov. 1 Nov. 15 Dec. 1 Dec. 15Clear, crisp productdifferentiation Produce product Agree on product Schedule meeting offering delineation description content with ABC NW to for web and refine working datasheets relationshipVertical market Agree on 2 Produce Produceagreement verticals to marketing Refine lists on vertical focus materials for focused each vertical’ start building web and print Webinar database to support verticalsCustomerrequirements Develop CRD Publish CRDdefinition (CRD) for 2 verticals for 2 verticals
  14. 14. Message Timing to Audiences is Critical in Vertical MarketingType of Message Q1 (Jan.-Mar.) Q2 (Apr.-Jun.) Q3 (Jul.-Sep.)Corporate We are a leading and We are is a leading and We are a leading and innovative manufacturer innovative manufacturer innovative manufacturer and provider of high quality, and provider of high and provider of high quality, affordable converged … quality, affordable … affordable …Technology We are the premier We offer the most scalable We are at the forefront of ..provider for NFS and open NAS technology NAS technology and the environments including Sun for UNIX and Windows leader in NAS/SAN Solaris, HP-UX, AIX,. environments. integration.IT Buyer We offer the best We offer an affordable We offer an extremely integrated NAS/SAN feature-rich NAS/SAN affordable NAS SAN system. system. We also supply system. We also supply We also supply HDS with NAS technology to HDS for HDS with NAS technology NAS technology for all of its all of their storage systems. for all storage systems. storage systems.Enterprise Buyers We offer the most scalable We offer the most scalable We are the most open and and open NAS system. and open Enterprise NAS. scalable enterprise NAS.Internal Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx XxxxxxxPartners YYYYYY YYYYYY YYYYYYInvestors ZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZ ZZZZZZ
  15. 15. An Example of a Microsoft Partner- Driven Vertical Strategy15
  16. 16. Home Page16
  17. 17. Sample Page with Latest Blogs17
  18. 18. All in…or All Out? All In All Out More prospects than you are  Don’t have the patience reaching today  Little interest in growing Moving prospects through market understanding the funnel easier  Not looking to grow Easier to educate company  Looking for quick exit on customer needs  Not willing to travel Partners available  Once bitten twice shy Many resources available Maximizing budget and time Resources