Working on a show as a group case study


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Working on a show as a group case study

  1. 1. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comA Presentation on Final Exhibition PreparationCreated by Daniel FreakerBased on the work by Mary Clough a student at Chichester College
  2. 2. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comOverview:•One of the things the student discovered during this process was how many different aspectstheir were to putting up a show, how emotional it can become, how to work as a team andhow to maximise exposure.•Most of all, they learnt that it was so much more than simply producing a piece of artworkand then sticking it against a white wall.•Showing this presentation to your students and then discussing their upcoming show, maybring some things that were originally at the bottom of the priorities list to the fore.
  3. 3. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comThis is a case study on how a student has documented the experience of holding anexhibition.The process starts with a meeting of the whole studio group to discuss initial details like:dates, the space and how to make it inviting.
  4. 4. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comResearch on exhibiting:There is plenty of material out there to help students present their work more effectively.
  5. 5. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comAdvertising:Some of the group are allocated the role of managing the publicity for the event and somebrainstorming goes into what methods they could use.
  6. 6. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comAdvertising:Some thought goes into the size of the publicity material and how to distribute it.
  7. 7. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comTitle of Show:The whole group presents ideas for the title of the show and there is a vote on which is themost successful title to use on all publicity materials.
  8. 8. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comPublicity:Posters and invites are created by different members of the group and the best are selectedfor use.
  9. 9. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comAmbiance and feedback:Many of the group would like there to be an ambiance at the exhibition and consider usingaudio. It is important that they consider anyone with audio in their work and how it will beaffected. They also want to record feedback from the audience.
  10. 10. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comPersonal Publicity:In some exhibitions, everyone will make individual business cards and publicity. However,there is potential for the group to agree on a standard format like postcards that may meancheaper costs and a more unified look.
  11. 11. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comPostcards:The group decides as a whole what information a card should contain for maximum exposure.
  12. 12. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comPostcards:They consider whether their should be a uniform format for the postcards and decide againstit, but look at examples of postcards that they have collected from other shows and analysethem.
  13. 13. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comBusiness cards:They also analyse examples of business cards and how effective they can be.
  14. 14. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comBusiness cards:There is further individual analysis and reflection on different kinds of visual presentation ofbusiness cards.
  15. 15. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comBusiness cards:There is further individual analysis and reflection on different kinds of visual presentation ofbusiness cards.
  16. 16. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comArtists statements: In an exhibition there is potential to consider the audience and whetherthey should be provided with further information on the artist, where they are progressing toand details about the work. This can take many forms, not only a written text next to theartwork. This group choose to have numbered work and a central place for information.
  17. 17. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comPersonal marketing:Including ideas for own publicity enables discussions with tutors and peers about theeffectiveness.
  18. 18. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comPersonal marketing:Having just a detail of the work on the postcard, rather than the whole piece of work madethis student think they could entice the audience to want to find out more. It also meant thatthey could print the postcard in advance of actually completing the work.
  19. 19. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comPersonal marketing:The student explores creating their own logo to represent them on the publicity material.
  20. 20. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comPersonal marketing:She then compares and contrasts this with other designs and compositions.
  21. 21. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comPersonal marketing:Taking the idea of drawing the audience in with signs and symbols, she considers having justthe logo on one side of the postcard.
  22. 22. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comThe space:To make things fair when hanging the show, the students take charge of the process, but itcould be done by the course leader. Each student gives an outline of what they will presentand what they will need.
  23. 23. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comThe space:Preliminary drawings can be done to help organise and arrange the work before finalisingwho gets what space. This reduces the chance of students feeling demotivated later.
  24. 24. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comThe space:Some students want to present work in unusual spaces and ways. The whole group looks atwhether this could be possible and consults the health and safety officer on all aspects of theexhibition.
  25. 25. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comRequirements:Students may have access to plinths or shelving that the need, but frequently they want aspecialist piece of equipment building.
  26. 26. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comRequirements:There can be research into how to actually construct these kinds of materials, whether it is ashelf…
  27. 27. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comRequirements:…or a plinth. Access to this kind of learning resource can significantly reduce the timelecturers will have to spend explaining issues with the construction and may mean thatstudents think more deeply about how they present work.
  28. 28. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comRequirements:Even simple information on how to hang a painting is valuable as some students may neverhave done this before.
  29. 29. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comRefreshments:There is a discussion about the refreshments and how it can be organised. Should there be arota of who looks after the bar or can they get a frend to look after it?
  30. 30. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comRefreshments:Some consideration of how to actually purchase the refreshments and economise on cost.
  31. 31. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comRefreshments:There is thought put in to where the refreshments should be placed.
  32. 32. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comFinal production:Documentation of the production process allows the student to reflect on the creativedecisions taken.
  33. 33. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comPreparation:Ensuring that the whole studio group contributes means that each member feels they havebeen treated fairly. Requiring documentation of this process also makes it seem a relevantpart of the production process.
  34. 34. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comCurating:Working together as a group on the presentation of the artwork necessitates that the work isactually complete before curating takes place.
  35. 35. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comCurating:It also means that the evaluation of the work will include consideration of how it is presentedin the exhibition.
  36. 36. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comEvidence:Photographing it in situ means that the portfolio of evidence is comprehensive.
  37. 37. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comSummary:Considering the process of exhibiting pulls the group together and ensures fairness andcollaboration through discussion of:•Dates and times of show and private view•Researching material on how to put a show up•Considering advertising media and methods•Discussing a branding or cohesive visual approach to artist and exhibition information•Agreeing on a title and visual for the exhibition•How valuable is feedback from the audience and how to collect it
  38. 38. Edexcelcreativenewmedia.ning.comSummary:It can also help find better solutions for:•How to create an ambience or feel at the exhibition•Health and safety issues in the whole groups’ work•Possibilities for personal promotion and marketing•Refreshments and hospitality•Equality in maintenance and preparation of space•How to construct presentation and materials for exhibition•Allocation of space