A1/2 The German Alphabet - silde show


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A1/2 The German Alphabet - silde show

  1. 1. Das Alphabet The Alphabet Like most European languages, the German alphabet is based on Latin letters with minor exceptions. Each letter or letter-combination in a word is pronounced separately. Go to http://www.languageguide.org/im/alpha/de/ to listen to the pronunciation of each letter.
  2. 2. A a aa [like a in cl a ss] Ampel (f.), die [traffic light]
  3. 3. B b beh [like b in b us] Baum (m.), der [tree]
  4. 4. C c tseh [ts] Celsius (no article) [degree Celsius]
  5. 5. D d deh [like d in d ance] Daum (m.), der [thumb]
  6. 6. E e eh [like e in e lephant] Esel (m.), der [donkey]
  7. 7. F f ef [like f in f riend] Freund/in (m./ f.) der/ die [friend]
  8. 8. G g geh [like g in g o] Grund (m.), der [reason, ground]
  9. 9. H h haa [like h in h otel] Haus (n.), das [house]
  10. 10. I i ee [like i in I ndia] immer [always]
  11. 11. J j yott [like y in Y ork] jeder [everyone]
  12. 12. K k kaa [like c in c ar] Kino (n.), das [cinema]
  13. 13. L l el [like l in l ike] Lust (f.), die [enjoyment]
  14. 14. M m em [like m in m other] Mutter (f.), die [mother]
  15. 15. N n en [like n in n o] November (m.), der [November]
  16. 16. O o o [like o in o ven] Opa (m.), der [granddad]
  17. 17. P p peh [like p in p encil] Pause (f.), die [break]
  18. 18. Q q kuh [cw as in c ar + w ool] Quark (m.), der [curd/ curd cheese]
  19. 19. R r er [rolling or Scottish r ] Raum (m.), der [room, space]
  20. 20. S s ess [soft s like English z ] Sonne (f.), die [sun]
  21. 21. T t teh [like t in t ea] Tee (m.), der [tea]
  22. 22. U u uh [like oo in ball oo n] Uhr (f.), die [clock]
  23. 23. V v not wow but fow [like f in f riend] Vogel, Vater (m.), der [bird, father]
  24. 24. W w veh [like v in v essel] Wort (n.), das [word]
  25. 25. X x ix [like x in x ylophone] Xylophon (n.), das [xylophone]
  26. 26. Y y upsilon [like i in I ndia] Yoga (n.), das [yoga]
  27. 27. Z z set [like s in s nake] Zitrone (f.), die [lemon]
  28. 28. Umlauts – Umlaute an Umlaut is a composition of vowels that has, over time, evolved into a separate letter; the composition is still widely used in international communication and can often be found in anglicised German surnames such as: Schröder – Schroeder, Müller – Mueller
  29. 29. Ä, ä {ae} aeh Ärmel {Aermel} (m.), der [sleeve] Ö, ö {oe} pronounce o and pull lower lip back to form oee Löffel {Loeffel} (m.), der [spoon] Ü, ü {ue} pronounce u and pull upper lip back to form uee über {ueber} [above, over] ß {ss} eszet Straße {Strasse}, (f.), die [street]
  30. 30. A composition of vowels and letters ie ee example: s ie gen [to win] ei i example: Ei [egg] ai i example: Rainer [a name] eu oi example: Leute [people] au w ow example: Haus [house] ch (soft) Lo ch Ness example: I ch [I] ch (hard) example: ma ch en [to make, to do] sch shoe example: Schuh [shoe]
  31. 31. Contact me on [email_address] ?