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The act of experiencing a picture book is a thinly veiled, but nonetheless awesome,
incredibly exciting and rewarding way to encourage early literacy in young children...for a child who can see, that is. To a Blind or Vision Impaired child, a mainstream printed, bound picture book is pretty useless. It's a rectangle with flappy bits inside. A Librarian in Western Australia came up with an idea to make picture books multi-sensory, interactive and still fully share-able by 3D printing tactile illustrations, which has been adopted as a project at her Library. This is the journey.

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  1. 1. TOUCHYFEELYAUDIREADING3D printing illustrations for blind/VI children -Frances Flintoff
  2. 2. ABOUT MEFrank FlintoffCataloguer and AlternativeMedia Producer - Associationfor the Blind of WesternAustraliaStudent - Masters ofInformation Management(Library and InformationStudents + Records andArchives)Grad DipLibInfoStud, B Comms.Mum and all-round nerd.
  3. 3. PICTURE BOOKSA thinly veiled but awesome, incredibly excitingand rewarding way to encourage early literacy inyoung childrenBUTWhat about Blind/VI children? To them, a picturebook is a rectangle with flappy bits inside.???
  4. 4. THE HEAD SCRATCHERHow can I make picture books aneffective - but still fun, interactive andmulti-sensory - early literacy tool forBlind/VI children?“...and then he had to stop and think.” - Winnie the Pooh.
  5. 5. BACKGROUNDThink back to when you were a kid...What do you remember first about yourfavourite picture book? The words or therich, lustrous, emotive illustrations?If, as a child, you could only have the storyOR the pictures, would the experience be asenjoyable?
  6. 6. LIGHTBULB MOMENTS“But my Mum used to tell me stories without abook when I was a kid and I could stillcomprehend them!She told me stories to help me sleep, about a fieldof Poppies swaying in the breeze...”BUT did you see those Poppies in your head?Were they red with a black middle?
  7. 7. LIGHTBULB MOMENTSEarly literacy is not just about learning toread and write, and to look a pretty pictures;it is about linking concept with real, physicalthings, about making meaning and to extendand refine our knowledge of the world.
  8. 8. MARINATING SOME IDEASI don’t see any reason why blind/VI kids can’thave the same ecstatic experience readingpicture books as my own sighted children doThere is no reason why blind/VI childrencannot be part of an inclusive classroom atany level
  9. 9. LOOKING BACK TO MOVEFORWARDEvery person with a disability is entitled to“the full and equal enjoyment of all humanrights and fundamental freedoms”...Brownell, Mary T.; Smith, Sean J.. Inclusive Instruction : Evidence-Based Practices for Teaching Students with Disabilities. New York:Guilford Publications, 2012....One of those rights is EducationArticle 26, UN Declaration of Human Rights
  10. 10. LOOKING BACK TO MOVEFORWARDHow can we say we are partaking instudent-centred learning if we do notprovide students with useful resources?How can we expect children to beexcited about learning if they do nothave exciting tools?
  11. 11. EARLY EXAMPLES1 x Large format monograph[“The Happy Hedgehog Band”]1 x Soft plastic toy, related to booktheme/characters[An Echidna]Hedgehog Echidna≠
  12. 12. MINOR HURDLESDesign of 3D printed objectsCopyright issuesFunding opportunitiesLogistics
  13. 13. DESIGNMany 3D printed objects:Highly stylised art, sculpture, jewellery, toysetc.What we need:Items which genuinely represent the RLcounterpart, as closely as possible - but arestill exciting to touch.
  14. 14. COPYRIGHTThe Dr. Geoff Gallop Braille and Talking BookLibrary works with the Australian 1986 CopyrightActFunnily enough, this doesn’t mention muchabout the copyright of reproducing illustrationsin a tactile, 3D form.But it does let us reproduce works in anaccessible format for use by the print disabled.
  15. 15. FUNDINGThe Association for the Blind is a NFP charityorganisation and receives no Governmentfunding.Everything else is easy compared to obtaininghardware and supplies - we can’t build a housewithout first laying down foundations!
  16. 16. LOGISTICSGamified Learning...for kids who cannot see!?This project could still be really boring if wedon’t do it right!You cannot sit a child down and force them tobecome literate - learning should be fun andexciting.
  17. 17. CHALLENGEThis will be a great challenge and I lookforward to sharing the results with you!
  18. 18. CONTACT ME@frankflintoffFrank Flintoff+61 (0) 417 946 6679frankellenflintoff@gmail.comDesk army of 3D printed cats
  19. 19. THANK YOU