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  • 1. TDC 1Pedagogical GrammarClass 11
  • 2. Adjective Clauses - Reduction1. (Clause) – The girl who is sitting next to me is Mai.2. (Phrase) – The girl sitting next to me is Mai.3. (Clause) – Thegirl who(m) I saw is Mai.4. (Phrase) – NOT POSSIBLEWhat can we conclude?Only adjective clauses that have a subjectpronoun – who, which or that – are possible to bereduced into adjective phrases.
  • 3. Adjective Clauses - Reduction1. (Clause - Phrase) –The girl who is sitting next to me is Mai.2. (Clause - Phrase) –The man that was responsible for the error is here.What can we conclude?If the adjective clause contains the be form of averb, omit the relative pronoun – who, which orthat – and the be form.
  • 4. Adjective Clauses - Reduction1. (Clause - Phrase) –Anyone who wanted to come with us was wantingwelcome.2. (Clause - Phrase) –English has an alphabet that consists of 26 letters. consisting What can we conclude? If there is no be form of a verb in the adjective clause, omit the relative pronoun and change the verb to its present participle form.
  • 5. Adjective Clauses - Reduction1. (Clause - Phrase) –The English alphabet, which consists of 26 letters, consitingis really easy for ELLs to learn.2. (Clause - Phrase) –Paris, which is the capital of France, is anexciting city. What can we conclude? If the adjective clause requires commas, the adjective phrase also requires commas. Which one is called na appositive? The one which is a noun phrase.
  • 6. Adjective Clauses - Reduction1. Do you know the man who is coming toward us?2. We visited Barcelona, which is a city in northern Spain.3. The photographs which were published in the newspaper were extraordinary.4. A myth is a story that expresses traditional beliefs.5. Johnson’s ideas, which refuted the principle we are studying, were presented in his first book.
  • 7. Homework• Verb Project – Moodle (Deadline – Tomorrow)