TDC 1 Class 10


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TDC 1 Class 10

  1. 1. TDC 1Pedagogical GrammarClass 10
  2. 2. Review1. The word grammar has two meanings. What are they?2. Why is it difficult to study grammar?3. How does an ELL grammar differ from a traditional one?4. What should an ELL grammar focus?5. What does a traditional grammar focus?
  3. 3. Review6. What’s sentence diagramming? Is it useful?7. What does ‘instinctual knowledge of grammar’ mean? Exemplify it.8. What’s the difference between inductive and deductive teaching?9. What is the difference between a clause and a phrase?10. What’s an independent (main) clause?11. What’s a dependent (subordinate) clause?
  4. 4. Review12. What’s the most common way to teach someone about a given part of speech?13. Explain the “slot and filler’ approach. Why is it sometimes problematic?14. What are possible slots for a noun?15. What’s the difference between common nouns and proper nouns?16. What’s the difference between concrete nouns and abstract nouns?17. What’s the difference between count and non-count nouns?
  5. 5. Review18. What’s a verb?19. What are the principal parts of verbs?20. What are verb tenses?21. What’s the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs?22. What’s a linking verb?23. What are auxiliary verbs or helping verbs?24. What are modal verbs? .25. What are possible slots for a verb?
  6. 6. Review26. What is a pronoun?27. What are the possible slots for a pronoun?28. What are the different kinds of pronouns?29. What is an adjective?30. What are possible slots for an adjective?31. What makes adjectives difficult for ELLs? Discuss just a few aspects about it.
  7. 7. Review32. What is an adverb?33. What questions does an adverb answer?34. What are possible slots for an adverb?35. Describe adverbs of manner, frequency, and degree.36. What do conjunctions link?37. What are coordinating conjunctions?38. What are subordinating conjunctions?
  8. 8. Review39. What are conjunctive adverbs/transition words?40. What are correlative conjunctions?41. What’s a preposition? Are prepositions usually one short word?42. Why is teaching prepositions perhaps one of the most difficult grammatical points in English?43. What are the different kinds of prepositions?
  9. 9. ReviewWrite L, T, or M above each preposition toindicate if it is a preposition of location (L), time(T), or movement (M).1. I wonder why we decided to meet at Jim’s house at 8 PM on Saturday. It is so early.2. Yesterday I did a bit of driving at night. After dinner, we had to drop Jane at her house. From her house, I drove five miles to Rick’s apartment and then finally home.
  10. 10. Review3. I do not like going to movie theaters. Sometimes if you miss the beginning of a movie you want to see by 20 minutes, you have to wait for two hours. Renting movies is my thing.4. After the reception, Chris invited us to go to his house to celebrate the end of the project he has been working on for the past three months.5. I got a gift on Valentine’s Day with a little note attached, which read: With all my love, from my heart to yours.
  11. 11. Homework• Study for the Quiz:- Red Book (Pages 16-73)- + Acronyms + Inductive X Deductive Teaching + Phrases