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The HIV Prevention And Educational Needs Of Trans Youth


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Cette brochure présente les résultats de l'enquête menée par Lydia Sausa, de San Francisco, dans le cadre de sa thèse de doctorat. Elle a été publiée en 2004.

Il s'agit d'une étude qualitative menée auprès de jeunes trans (16-21 ans) sur quelques thèmes de leur parcours et de leur situation : expériences en milieu scolaire, santé mentale et bien-être, modifications corporelles, usage d'alcool et de produits psychoactifs, VIH et autres IST.

Elle fournit également une synthèse des souhaits et recommandations adressées par ces jeunes trans quant à ces différents domaines de la santé.

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The HIV Prevention And Educational Needs Of Trans Youth

  1. 1. Future Research: Do not categorize participants into only Acknowledgements FTM & MTF categories. It is insufficient First and foremost, I would like to The HIV Prevention and and negates other trans identities. acknowledge all of the amazing, brilliant, and Educational Needs of Work collaboratively with trans youth at innovative trans youth who collaborated and each stage of research from development participated in this study. Your tenacity in Trans Youth to dissemination of the project combating social barriers, advocating for your Increase questions on gender identity and rights, and living with pride and self-respect gender expression in national studies to are an inspiration. Thank you for your gather comprehensive information Trans Youth Give Their extraordinary generosity in sharing with me In LGBT studies, identify trans youth and your illuminating insights and powerful Recommendations for Improving highlight their specific concerns and experiences. Health Care Services! findings, which may differ from the needs of LGB youth A special thank you to my committee These are the results of a study conducted in Develop research interventions that result members, Dr. Konnie McCaffree, Dr. Bill Philadelphia with trans youth ages 16-21 in services for trans youth Stayton, and Dr. Peter Kurlioff, for your (mean age was 19.8 years, and 58% self- invaluable guidance and encouragement. identified as a person of color). The study was Closing Comments: published as part of a Ph.D. dissertation in • Many trans youth in the study highlighted Funding for the study was a combination of 2003 through the Graduate School of that what they wanted most was a health small grants from the Gay and Lesbian Education at the University of Pennsylvania. professional that was knowledgeable Latino AIDS Education Initiative Trans youth included transgender and about their health care needs and was (GALAEI) Project, the Attic Youth Center, transsexual youth who reassigned the sex or able to advocate on their behalf. and the Transgender Fund, and my school gender they were labeled at birth, and/or whose federal student loans. gender expression is considered nontraditional • It is imperative that health professionals for their sex. Additional funds for the distribution of the educate themselves about the health care study results, including this brochure, came Trans youth self-identified their gender as: needs of trans youth and challenge their from two awards. The first was from the Butch Queen, Butch, Transgender, Trans, Drag own assumptions and stereotypes about International Foundation of Gender Education Queen, Freak, Drag King, Girl, Gender sex, gender, gender expression, age, and – Transgender Scholarship and Education Bender, Androgynous, Gender Fuck, Cunt, youth abilities. Providers are encouraged FTM, Woman, Boy, MTF, Trannyboy, Man, Legacy Fund’s HIV/AIDS Prevention and to work with trans youth through a harm and a male with female qualities. Treatment Award, and the second was from the reduction philosophy and be client- Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality centered in their approach. This was a qualitative study that included: Award. • A pilot study with trans youth and Jaden, who identifies as a Butch Queen eloquently For further information about the study trans community leaders to develop stated: “I don’t want to be judged by all that please contact: the interview questions negativity that happened in my life. In spite Lydia A. Sausa, Ph.D., M.S. Ed., C.S.E. • Twenty-four 90-minute face-to-face of everything, I’m a beautiful person and I 224 Douglass Street, Suite #1 interviews with trans youth just was misplaced, mishandled and misused San Francisco, CA 94114 and abused…I’m a person who wants to • Member check interviews with 6 trans Phone: (415) 554-0130 explore different things and live a better life, E-mail: lydiasausa@hotmail.com youth (25%) of the original sample and not to be judged by those things…That Web site: www.lydiasausa.com for feedback and data analysis doesn’t make me, that’s what I’ve been through, you know? I’m just a person who © COPYRIGHTED 2004 LYDIA A. SAUSA * Please note that names of trans youth have wants to learn and be better, that’s all.” (Please feel free to photocopy this brochure as been changed to protect confidentiality. created and distribute it widely)
  2. 2. Body Modifications: Engaged in body modification 88% WHAT DID TRANS YOUTH Engaged in hormone therapy 25% RECOMMENDATIONS HAVE TO SAY? Received silicone injections 8% Intend to acquire hormones and/or FROM TRANS YOUTH undergo surgery in the future 33% Trans Youth Experiences of School: The most important recommendation reflects Verbally harassed in school because of their Anwar, who identifies as a male living a female Maslow’s Theory of the Hierarchy of Human Needs. gender identity and/or gender expression 96% lifestyle, reported: “I started taking hormones Health Professionals must first address the Physically harassed in school because of their when I was 13. I know plenty of stories primary needs of trans youth – food, gender identity and/or gender expression 83% about people just over-moning until their shelter, and safety – before addressing Did not feel safe in school 75% liver just wasn’t functioning.” other health care and educational needs. Dropped out of school 75% Health Service Providers: Provide comprehensive sensitivity training Phoenix, who identifies as a Drag Queen reported: “I Keisha, who identifies as MTF, discussed silicone for staff on every level periodically was constantly running from people, because injections: “I was really scared. The risk I everybody wanted to fight me for some Hire trans youth as staff members might be taking to my body. How bad it Establish trans-specific health services reason. I’d get off the school bus and was going to hurt. It did hurt…It’s like you somebody would come after me, and I would Collaborate with trans youth to develop feel your muscle and your bone separate. programs, services, and interventions run. I can never remember a time where And that hurts. The first time you just feel someone actually stopped someone from it and it feels icky. But then as it begins to doing things, or took me aside and hugged me press, and the muscle beings to press on to Creating New Health Care Services: or nothing. No one ever, ever gave me the epidermis, it’s agony. But it’s worth it, Establish a free trans youth health clinic support or nurturing…I loved school…I was because – especially if you know what you Create a trans youth shelter a straight A student…I dropped out.” want. You know how you want to Provide safe spaces for trans youth, such look…So I’ll be fine.” as a trans youth center, trans youth specific support groups, and educational Mental Health & Well-Being Concerns: workshops Compile and develop trans-specific Thoughts of suicide 83% Alcohol and Substance Use: resources that include local health and Attempted suicide 54% social services, hormone information, and Alcohol use 75% Sexually assaulted or raped 71% Binge drinking 21% health education Engaged in sex work 46% Illegal drug use 79% Self-mutilation 21% Sold drugs 21% Policy and Organizational Environments: In recovery programs for substance use 8% Update your organization’s anti- Sex under the influence of alcohol 96% discrimination policy to include gender Keene, who identifies as Genderqueer, noted: “It’s Sex under the influence of illegal drugs 75% identity and gender expression like over a dozen times that I’ve been in and out of hosptitals for suicidal thoughts. HIV & STDs: Interrupt and address any incidence of And it’s like a cry for help. A lot of times verbal and physical harassment Reported being HIV positive 13% immediately, and officially report it it’s like I want to be closer to my family Reported an STD 17% Provide gender-neutral or unisex because I’m not, they don’t accept me Reported not being at risk for HIV 63% bathrooms because of who I am.” Engaged in unsafe behaviors in the past year Update intake and health service forms to that placed them at risk for HIV/STDs 96% include trans people