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Ace Group


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Company Introduction

Company Introduction

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  • 1. Experts Automated Customs
  • 2.
    • Automated Customs Experts Group is one of the fastest growing Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders in San Diego/Otay Mesa.
    • Established in 2001, ACE Group has more than fifty years of combined experience in the Import/Export field, specializing in the Maquiladora industry.
    • We offer a complete range of services for importers and exporters including U.S. Customs entry, export documentation, compliance consultation, training, warehousing, distribution, freight forwarding and more.
    ACE Group, Inc.
  • 3.
    • At Ace Group we automated your Import/Export
    • process by integrating your inventory software with our
    • customs software linking EDI technology on our secure
    • platform.
    • With our data interface, we reduce your data input,
    • minimize error rate and make editing easier.
    • In Real time we reduce your costs, improve employee
    • productivity and profitability is increase.
  • 4.
    • Since the beginning of our company in 2001 , we set our
    • commitment and goals in developing policies and
    • procedures to become a cost effective and efficient
    • alternative for our clients.
    • In 2002 we were granted our National Customs Brokers
    • Permit, which allows us to clear shipments thru 152
    • ports in the USA.
    • In 2003 we became C-TPAT certified member.
    • In 2006 we were granted our Customs Corporate
    • License, Bonded Warehouse & Bonded Carrier permits
    • as well as licensed Freight Forwarder authority.
    • In 2010 will be certified as IATA Cargo Agents and Non
    • Vessel Operated Common Carrier.
    ACE Group Chronology
  • 5.
    • At ACE GROUP, INC. has been concentrating all our efforts and energy in assisting our clients in all aspects of import/export operations, as well as all services related to the outsourcing of logistics, warehousing and distribution activities.
    • With this in mind we have successfully implemented procedures and systems that allow us to provide web tracking reports and information to our clients in real time and the same time it is flexible enough to interface data information that can be uploaded onto your system.
  • 6.
    • We approach compliance with U.S. Customs from YOUR perspective, so that your import records can withstand a Customs Audit should the need arise.
    • Our method of record keeping is unparalleled in the Brokerage industry.
    • We don’t simply process your importations/exportations and bill you. We analyze the shipping information that you provide, and report back to you on a regular basis.
    • We strive to understand your products and processes as well as you do, in order to better serve your compliance requirements.
    How is ACE Group different from the Competition???
  • 7. Basic Import Compliance Issues that ACE Group assesses for you.
    • Classification
    • Product Identification
    • Special tariff treatment
    • (Nafta, CH98,.)
    • Valuation
    • Transaction relationship
    • Valuation Identification
    • Assist
    • Reconciliation
    • Origin
    • Country of Manufacture
    • Country of Origination
    • (For Nafta)
    • Marking
    • Record Keeping
    • A1 (a) list
  • 8.
    • We believe that no other broker in the border region has a Team of professionals with the range of specific hands on experiences from the perspective of YOU THE IMPORTER.
    Why Should You Choose ACE Group ???
  • 9.
    • Internal Compliance Monitoring Program (ICMP) Cutting Edge Experience.
    • Members of our executive staff participated directly with U.S. Customs in Washington D.C. in the development of this voluntary and co-participatory program of which very few importers are aware.
    • The basis of the program establishes internal audit controls of an importer’s compliance activities, with annual reporting to U.S. Customs. The benefits of such a program can be tremendous for an importer.
    How will ACE Group protect your Compliance Interests???
  • 10.
    • Record Keeping Second To None.
    • As former importers, we truly understand what type of
    • records, and specific detail are required to sustain and
    • prove compliance at the 95% level mandated by the
    • Customs Modernization Act.
    How will ACE Group protect your Compliance Interests???
  • 11.
    • NAFTA Compliance Review
    • Once again our staff is uniquely experienced from inside
    • the importers perspective at pulling together the
    • purchasing and accounting factions of your company to
    • properly compile supporting vendor Certificates which
    • facilitate the creation of your own NAFTA Certificates, as
    • well as understanding the construction and analysis of
    • standard costs to verify NAFTA qualification when
    • necessary.
    How will ACE Group protect your Compliance Interests???
  • 12.
    • ACS Reconciliation Prototype
    • This recently introduced program has its roots planted in the border region where “Cost Submissions” have been familiar to Maquiladora Operators for years.
    • We can expertly review your cost components from standard costs, to assists and royalties. If you have a doubt that your products qualify for NAFTA based upon frequent fluctuations in standard costs, we can guide you on how to flag your entries for this very helpful program.
    How will ACE Group protect your Compliance Interests???
  • 13.
    • Our System is unparallel to any in the market, we offer
    • our clients Web tracking reports which interface data
    • that can be uploaded onto your system as ASCI or PDF
    • file, So you can perform you own Post –Entry Audit.
    • We are experts at overcoming and
    • anticipating these challenges.
    How will ACE Group protect your Compliance Interests???