Oies M2M - IoT Business Development and Advisory Services for 2014


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Updated presentation: Business Development and Advisory Services in Machine to Machine and IoT for Technology vendors, Telcos, Industry customers and Smart Cities.

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Oies M2M - IoT Business Development and Advisory Services for 2014

  1. 1. © Copyright OIES Consulting All rights reserved.1 Consulting Francisco Maroto March 2014 Industrial M2M & Internet of the Things Services
  2. 2. © Copyright OIES Consulting All rights reserved.2 Consulting Why Should you care ?
  3. 3. © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.3 Why should you care ? Do you know what is M2M and what is the difference with Internet of Things ? What can the Internet of Things do for your business ? 1 2 3 4 What Internet of Things means for you ? How can you select the right vendors in this complex, fragmented and changing ecosystem ?
  4. 4. © Copyright OIES Consulting All rights reserved.4 Consulting M2M / IoT Business Development Services
  5. 5. © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.5 Business Development Services for M2M / IoT Vendors M2M / IoT Partner and Channel Development M2M / IoT Market Entry Market Growth M2M / IoT Lead Generation and Opportunity Management • Local or Industry Market Intelligence • Customer Profiling and Targeted List Creation • Sales Collateral Design / Message Refinement • Define & Design new Business Models Key deliverables : • Reports : M2M market analysis and recommendation; Partner, Channel analysis and recommendation • Status reports: Activities (phone calls, visits, presentation, emails); Lead and Opportunity weekly status report • Lead and Opportunity Qualification report • Support to pilot, PoC • Partner & Channel Assessment • Channel Management Training and Coaching • Sales Discovery • Partner Profiling • Sales Generation with partners • Customer base Development • Account Acquisition • Lead Generation and Lead Qualification • Opportunity Management
  6. 6. © Copyright OIES Consulting All rights reserved.6 Consulting M2M / IoT Advisory Services
  7. 7. © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.7 M2M / IoT Advisory Services Advisory Services For Telco Operators Advisory Services For Technology Vendors Advisory Services For Industries PortfolioPortfolio • M2M / IOT Strategy • M2M / IoT Business Model • M2M/IoT Partnership and Strategic Alliances • M2M /IoT Product Service Roadmap • Go To Market Strategy Key deliverables : • Specific presentation and workshop material.. • M2M Analysis • Strategic and operational business action plan development • Impact assessment on how to tackle any challenges and problems • A rough schedule for a projects and a initial investment plan and execution for implementing M2M / IOT solutions • M2M Strategy Report : Including external and company-specific information : Quick market review, Preliminary Business Planning & Development and recommendation to decide preliminary studies in specific areas based on new business models & Partnerships. • M2M / IoT sector Market opportunity forecast • M2M / IoT Partner and Alliances opportunities • M2M / IoT Product and Service Definition and development • M2M / IoT Product, Service • M2M Architecture review • Inspiration workshop • M2M / IOT Strategy: Analysis of your business drivers, needs requirements and processes. • M2M Analysis of business potential from using M2M / IoT • Evaluation and selection of vendors and partners • M2M / IoT industry solution Project Support Advisory Services For Smart Cities • M2M / IoT Innovative Solutions and Services for Smart Cities (with local Partners)
  8. 8. © Copyright OIES Consulting All rights reserved.8 Consulting Value Proposition
  9. 9. © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.9 Outsourcing Entrepreneur Intelligence Services (*) There are many other start-ups who are spin off of Universities or entering in the IoT / M2M sector SPANISH M2M/ IOT ECOSYSTEM (PARTIAL LIST *) Partners Local Global Alliances
  10. 10. © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.10 Why OIES Consulting Hands on Experience in Business Development and Enterprise solutions selling for Technology and Professional services firms M2M /IoT Advisory services based on our deep knowledge of the Telco, M2M and Big Data market and technology. Best Partner ecosystem to cover all of our services exceeding customer expectations Francisco Maroto, CEO OIES Consulting francisco.maroto@oies.es For Further information Worldwide Customer references