Oies Ousorced Business Development Services in Spain Summary offer 2013


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OIES Outsourced Business Development Services in Spain

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Oies Ousorced Business Development Services in Spain Summary offer 2013

  1. 1. © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.1 www.oies.es Business Development Services for [Company] in Spain/WE/EMEA region Francisco Maroto OIES Consulting October 2013 Observation Innovation Execution Satisfaction Say my Name
  2. 2. © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.2 Executive Summary Your Company wants to accelerate its business development process in Spain or the EMEA, or WE region. Currently your company do not have office in Spain or has an office maybe in UK and because of its location, there are customers in the country/region that "escape" OIES Consulting, knows this and therefore proposes your Company commercial business development services to facilitate outsourcing touchdown in Spain or EMEA region before making investments stable and increased funding. Business Need Objectives Knowing 1st hand the state of your target market (Potential customers and partners) To identify real business opportunities in end customers and partners. Facilitate your Company eventually landing in Spain, in form and substance. OIES Functions Prepare the commercial approach. Contact target people in Enterprises, Operators and potential partners. Streamline and accompanying opportunities detected. Recommend a development strategy business based in Madrid, and in his case, facilitate the transition to a team of your Company own sales.
  3. 3. © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.3 The Project • Qualifyandfostering new partnerships. • Leadgenerationinpreviously qualified potentialcustomers. • Concreteopportunitiesarisenot onlyfrom a firstcontact,but the abilityto buildtrust byproximity, attention,andperseverance commercial. Alliances Lead Generation Opportunity Management Objectives • Telefonica,Vodafone, Orange,…. Target Market Operators Industry • Finance,Utilities, Insurance,… Partners • SI, OEMs,… Scope Rapid Access. Planning Landing Sales Plan. Phase 2 Phase 3Phase 1 Assumptions Deliverables
  4. 4. © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.4 The Project : Estimated Timeline Activity / Task Responsible W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 W10 W11 W12 W13 W14 W15 W16 W17 W18 W19 W20 W21 W22 W23 Start Project Kickoff Project Meeting OIES & Your company PHASE I - Rapid Access Collection and analysis of information OIES & Your company Presentation of Aeris to customers , partners. OIES Detection and qualification of sales leads OIES & Your company PHASE II - Planning Updating Value Proposition OIES & Your company Updated comercial documents Your company Develop Sales Plan OIES PHASE III - Landing SalesPlan Formal Calls for company presentation and follow up calls OIES Sending relevant information to contact of potential customers and partners. OIES Dispatch of invitations to events organized by Aeris: webinars, conferences. OIES & Your company Commercial visits to the target accounts. OIES Close Project Close Project Meeting OIES & Your company WEEKS
  5. 5. © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.5 The Project : Estimated Cost Budget Detail: • Cost / day: The cost per day for this project is reduced to your company to X € / day. For subsequent phases, if it is proven the economic viability of the business of your company in Spain, EMEA , WE , regular rates will apply. • Variable remuneration: In the first stage is not set pay based on results. Once we know the concrete reality of the market, OIES will offer to your company the possibility of reducing fixed costs by establishing a fee variable that will be agreed between the parties. Rapid Access Phase Planning Planning 4 weeks TBD journeys Duration 1 week TBD journeys 17 weeks (4 months) TBD journeys X € Cost X € X € / month
  6. 6. © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.6 Why OIES Consulting Hands on Experience in Business Development for Technology and Professional services firms Advisory services based on our deep knowledge of the Telco, M2M and Big Data market, technology and solutions Worldwide Customer references Francisco Maroto, CEO OIES Consulting francisco.maroto@oies.es For Further information